"Darling, it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!"
- Sebastian the Crab

Little Mermaid: Little Mermaid In Bondage Part 1 - Prince Eric's Amusements
by Dark Horseman (MF,M-dom,BDSM)

"Come with me, Ariel." Eric's voice was far different than it had been in
the three days since they had been married. Ariel wondered if she had done
something to upset him. She hadn't meant to do anything, and found herself
filled with doubt. Was he angry because she had slipped and almost fallen
during their first dance? She had pleaded for more time -- after all, she
had only had legs for three days.

"Where are we going?" she asked, as Eric led her down into the lower depths
of the castle. She could smell the sea air and it made her think of her
family, below. Although the castle was directly on the ocean, the lower
depths of the castle were not dank.

"I want to show you something."

"Are you mad at me?" She could hear far different tones in his voice.

"No, not at all. But I want to show you something that humans do. Just
please, be quiet and follow me. I'm kind of nervous as it is."

Something human! Ariel was delighted. She knew Eric wanted her to be quiet
but couldn't resist. She loved human things.

"A human thing? Really? What's it like?"

"Well, not all humans do it. You'll see." He spun and speared her with his
blue eyes, the same eyes that she had seen from the deck of the ship not a
week ago.

Ariel was silent. But she did not have to remain silent long. Eric led her
down the steps through a short hall, and then through a locked door. Ariel
noticed he kept the key on a solitary ring. He opened the door and ushered
her in.

The room was large, and relatively airy. Torches burned on all sides of the
room, but they were recessed into the wall and unobtrusive. There were large
things in the room. A cross of some sort. A table. A thing which looked like
a large wooden X. A post with chains hanging from it. One entire wall was
covered by a mirror. Ariel had never seen a mirror this large, not in the
room Eric had put her in and certainly not in the shipwrecks she had prowled

"Eric...what is this?"

Eric smiled. "This is what I do, Ariel. I want to share this with you."

"But what is it?"

"Ariel...," he cleared his throat. "Have you ever wondered what it would be
like not to be a princess?"

"Like a...merchant?" Ariel wondered whatever these devices could have to do
with buying and selling.

"No. Not a merchant. A slave."

"A slave?" Triton's kingdom did not have slavery. "Eric, you can't enslave
me, I'm your wife!"

"Not quite. I mean...would you want to be my slave?" He reached for something
behind his back and pulled out a leather strap.

"To be your slave...." Ariel tipped her head and let her long red hair fall
over her shoulder. A smile crept onto her face.

"Is this a permanent thing?"

"No." Eric fiddled with the leather strap. "For now, it'll just be for
tonight. Maybe in the future, you will want to be my slave for longer
periods. But not yet."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You'll see. If you don't want me to do something, then call me by my first

Ariel smiled again. "What should I call you otherwise?"

Eric unlocked a tiny lock at the end of the leather strap and motioned for
her to come to him. "You should call me Master. Now come over here."

Ariel walked over to him obediently.

"Take off your clothes," commanded Eric. Ariel was not expecting this
command. She froze for a moment and looked at him dumbly.

"Do it!"

Ariel undressed quickly, afraid she had angered him. When she was naked, he
smiled at her in a way he never had before.

"Now kneel before me."

She did, noticing that the stone was quite smooth under her calves. Only a
prince could have made such a chamber; no one else would have people actually
smooth out stone.

Eric locked the leather strap around her neck and went to get some other
things. Ariel took the opportunity to touch her new collar. It was wide,
made of black leather, and had several rings on it. She couldn't turn her
head very far to either side with it on.

When he came back, he grinned broadly at her; he had seen her playing with
the collar. Automatically, Ariel's hands shot away from the collar and behind
her back. He didn't seem angry; on the contrary he seemed amused.

"Like it, do you?"

Ariel blushed and did not reply. She felt the first twinges in that thing
which had appeared between her legs when she had gotten them. She had
wondered what it was up until the wedding; the deal with Ursula had only
been for legs. As she had discovered in the honeymoon suite on the boat,
it was quite a bonus.

'What's happening to me,' she thought. She had discovered that that thing was
well designed for romping in the bed with Eric, but had never imagined that
it would react to being collared and naked kneeling on a stone floor! Was she
ill? Scuttle had never mentioned anything like this about humans.

He handed her a small pile of things. The first things she saw were a very
strange pair of shoes. These were somewhat like the shoes she had worn at
the wedding. They had a higher heel than those shoes did, a higher heel than
Ariel thought would be even wearable. They were extremely shiny. The next
was a pair of black silk stockings, which Ariel had learned about at the
wedding, from the helpful old maid who had bathed her before she met Eric.
Once the problem of voicelessness had been solved, it was much easier for
Ariel to learn peculiar human customs. And this was the most peculiar of
all. But Ariel was admittedly enjoying this. She could feel that thing
between her legs growing slightly wetter as she examined the toys.

Ariel dressed in the stockings and shoes. She was careful with them, because
only royalty could afford silk stockings; Ariel had seen more pairs in her
six days as a human than most of the peasantry of Eric's kingdom saw in a
lifetime. There was also a strange thing which had metal and laces; Ariel
did not know what it was nor where it went until Eric placed it on her
midsection. It stretched from below her breasts to her hips. Eric tightened
the laces at her back. Suddenly it was hard to breathe.

"Argh. Eric-Master-what are you doing?"

"Look at yourself, slave." He pointed her towards the mirror.

It was hard to stand up in the shoes, and the corset squeezed worse than
Ursula's tentacles had. Yet Ariel could not believe the image in the mirror
was hers. No more purple shells, that was for sure! Her waist was much
smaller, and the high heels made her legs -- her lovely, smooth legs for
which she had sacrificed so much -- look wonderful. She ran her hands over
them, enjoying the feel of the silk.

"Very well." Eric sounded satisfied.

Now Eric placed two small sets of chains onto the shoes. Each chain was made
in a figure-eight, and one slid onto her toe and went up to the instep, the
other circling her ankle and locking shut. Now she could not remove the

While Ariel was admiring herself in the mirror, Eric took her wrists and
locked leather cuffs onto them. Then he locked them together, pinning Ariel's
hands behind her back.

"Now, slave, turn around." Ariel did, shakily, for it was hard to turn with
the heels, especially without her hands for balance.

"Undress me."

"But how-"

Eric was holding a short riding crop, which he used viciously on her bare
buttocks. "With your teeth, slave! Now do it!"

Ariel took a deep breath, the three welts on her buttocks burning and feeling
gloriously sensitive. She undid the catch on Eric's cloak and let it flutter
to the floor. Then she carefully worked each fancy button on his shirt
through the loop and pushed it through with her tongue. For his pants she had
to go on her knees again. She was feeling marvelously wet again, wondering if
Eric could tell. Eric's manhood jutted out from his pants, as wonderfully
erect as it had been after the wedding in the honeymoon suite when Ariel had
learned of the ways of human physical love.

Ah, but that was nothing compared to this. Her skin felt wonderfully hot
and flushed, the welts on her buttocks tingling more than the unwhipped
bare parts of her body. She wanted Eric to whip her again.

She reached out for Eric's penis and took it into her mouth lovingly,
caressing it with her tongue.

"Not yet," said Eric.

He lowered a leather blindfold down onto Ariel's face. He locked this on, and
now Ariel could not even open her eyes. The blindfold was padded and seemed
to be custom-made to her eyes. She waited nervously, on her knees.

"Grimsby, bring in what I asked you."

Grimsby was there? Great Triton, no! Surely he wasn't going to let Grimsby
see the Princess of the Kingdom bound and naked on her knees! "Yes, sir,"
came the reply, and Ariel's face flushed as deep a red as her hair. "The
princess looks very attractive, sir."

Grimsby would never look at her the same way again. How could he?

But another part of Ariel wanted Grimsby to see her like this, Eric's
pleasure slave, bound and kneeling, ready to be used as Eric's will dictated.
Was that thing between her legs going to drip? Being a mermaid had never been
like this.

While Ariel grappled with herself, Eric came back.

"I brought you a friend, Ariel."

Suddenly there was a sharp pain in her nipples. Ariel screamed.

Something was crushing them, and Ariel threw her blindfolded head back and
howled in pain, her entire body concentrating on the two spots of white fire
that her nipples had become.

"Leetle missy, I dot dat was dee only way to geit you to listen!" The new
voice was a familiar one, laced with a strong Caribbean accent.

No! It couldn't be!

Eric took off the blindfold only to let Ariel see what she already knew;
dangling between her breasts, clutching onto each nipple with a death grip,
was her old friend Sebastian the crab. He was glaring up at her from his
little crab googly eyes.

"Sebastian...please..." To speak was an effort that she could barely handle.

"Leesten up, chile, ofter what you put me troo..." Sebastian tightened
his grip, causing tears to flow from Ariel's eyes.

Eric grinned. "You have caused Sebastian a lot of trouble these past few
days, slave. I thought you did deserve some punishment."

Suddenly his hand was between her legs. "Seems like you're enjoying this
more than you think."

As Sebastian continued to grip, Ariel felt an odd sensation coming over her.
It began to hurt less, and her body seemed to feel almost as if she was
floating. Her vision faded, although Eric had not put the blindfold back on.
She could feel it as Sebastian abandoned her nipples, could feel the dull
ache of sensation coming back into them, but it was a muted feeling, almost
as if she was feeling through a curtain. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the
crest of feeling as the crab crawled around behind her to pinch her naked
buttocks for a bit, and then left those to pinch her labia.

She was no longer in Eric's dungeon. She was floating somewhere, perhaps in
the sea where she had spent the first sixteen years of her life, perhaps in
the air, perhaps only in her mind. Wherever it was, Ariel simply allowed
herself to enjoy the sensations. When the crab squeezed her with his strong
claws, when Eric whipped her naked body, she did not feel that as pain,
instead as a new boost higher into herself.

She came back on the floor. The cold stone felt good against her hot,
tortured flesh. Her ass was up in the air, burning from its whipping. She
could barely feel Sebastian's claws above the tightly laced corset. Eric's
blessedly cool hand massaged her buttocks.

"Leave us, Sebastian," he said. He lifted Ariel up gently, and carried her
over to a wooden chair in the dungeon. Then he sat her down backwards on the
chair, binding her ankles to the back legs of it and her wrists, in front of
her, to the bottom of the seat. The top of the chairback had a cutout which
was perfect for her chin.

Ariel's body jutted forward at a forty-five degree angle and her legs were
spread and bound. He gave her a few minutes to get back into herself. She
wondered what was next.

She discovered. Eric was rock hard; he crouched down and slipped into her
wet, engorged depths. Ariel's bonds were immovable; she was a spectator to
the very act of sex she was engaged in. She could not move, instead she
could only stare at the wall while he enjoyed himself within her.

"Tell me when you're going to come, slave," he grunted while he was

Ariel thought at first that she would never be able to come after her ordeal
with Sebastian. But Eric was her Master, and she wanted to please him, so
she lay on the chair and let him enjoy herself.

Eric's hand stole around and began to play with the nub of flesh he had
played with once before, in the honeymoon suite on the ship. Ariel felt her
body respond, slowly at first. But Eric was insistent, teasing her until she
began to moan and fight her bonds.

"Master--I'm-going-to-come," she gasped out. Eric slowed at once, with both
cock and finger. Ariel moaned and began to thrust her hips back as far as
her bound hands would allow.

"Please, Master...oh, great Triton, please..."

"Not yet, slave. Your begging is too pretty to end yet."

"Master please...if you don't let me come I will die...I will do anything..."

After similar incoherent pleas, Eric decided it was sufficient and allowed
her to come. Eric was a skillful Master, and was able to make her come three
or four times. Then he came in her himself, and she felt the warmth slowly
trickling out of her.

Eric unlocked her restraints, and carried her slowly across the room to a
hidden door she had not seen before. Opening it, he carried her up the
stairs, to the royal bedroom. He put her gently down on the bed and removed
her corset, shoes and stockings. She was naked except for her collar, and
completely exhausted.

"That's enough for now, my love," he said, stroking her sweaty red hair back
from her forehead. He moved to remove her collar.

She stopped him, placing both hands on his and tenderly kissing his hands,
closing her eyes and preparing to sleep. "No, Master. I would rather be your
slave on land than a princess of the sea."

The End


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