All characters appearing in this story are owned by Walt Disney Inc. and are
used without permssion or compensation. This is a parody and not to be taken

This is the movie Little Mermaid done Tyval style. What if Arista, the pretty
blonde sister, had aided Ariel? What if Triton's anger had caused differant
results? Note, the story starts on the end of the second day as Ursela barely
stops Eric from kissing Ariel by having her eels turn over the boat.

Little Mermaid: Part 1 (ff, F-mast, inc)
by Tyval ([email protected])

All of Atlantica was in an uproar. Princess Ariel had been missing for almost
2 days now ever since her bitter fight with her father King Triton. Everyone
was looking for her including her sisters. A couple of the older sisters
weren't looking as hard. Sure, they liked their youngest sister well enough,
but they also felt like she was a trouble-making brat who was always getting
into trouble and who deserved whatever fate her unnatural curiousity about
humans got her into.

But Arista, only 11 months older than Ariel, loved her sister deeply.
Sometimes Arista wished that she was as bold and brave as Ariel was. Arista
was probably the closest to Ariel, and on a few rare occassions had also
gotten into trouble with her. Arista was the only one of her sisters that
Ariel could talk to, and confide in. They were friends as well as sisters.

Just as Ariel had Flounder for a companion Arista had a young bottle nosed
dolphin named Donnie. Donnie had told Arista about Ariel's now ruined
treasure cave. It was a long shot, but Arista was now checking it out.

"Boy, daddy sure did a good job wiping this place out," Arsta said as she
picked through the rubble.

"I'll say," Donnie agreed, "He must have really been mad."

Arista was about to give up when her hand touched a rock that moved and
revealed a small undamaged chamber that held a small chest inside. There
was no water in this little alcove making Arista curious as to what could
be so valuable for Ariel to hide it where it wouldn't get wet.

"Huh? I wonder what's in here?" Arista said, "It must have been important."

Arista swam into the small chamber, her body half out of the water. The air
was stale and musty, but mermaids could spend short periods of time out of
water. Arista opened the chest. There were several things that Ariel called
books inside as well as restraints for hands and what the human's called
ankles. Arista didn't know what whips were, but there was a cat, a flogger,
a riding crop, and a tawse inside as well.

"I wonder what this stuff is for?," Arista asked as Donnie had squeezed in.

"We could ask Scuttle," Donnie said,

Everyone knew Scuttle, and like Ariel, thought he was smarter than he really
was. Arista opened the books. Since the Merfolk had no written language she
of course couldn't read, but all the books in the chest had lots of pictures.
One or 2 were nothing but pictures. The pictures all showed nude women in
various poses, tied up and whipped, or fucked in bondage.

The variety of whips and restraining devices were many. Like Ariel, Arista
found herself growing strangely aroused as the pictures showed men whipping
women, women whipping women, men fucking women, and women having sex with
women in odd ways.

"Wow! I don't know what they are doing, but it sure looks like fun," Arista

"Do you think maybe that Ariel got herself 2 tails like those human creatures
have?" Donnie asked.

"That's it!" Arista shouted, "That's why we can't find her! Ariel is living
with the humans!"

"But only your father could do magic like that with his trident," Donnie

"You're forgetting the Sea Witch," Arista said, "Ariel was mad at father and
probably went to her. C'mon, we've got to find out. If Ariel did go to see
that-that creature, she could be in grave danger."

"I was afraid you were going to say that," Donnie said.

Sneaking past the guards and alarms Ursela had set up was not easy.
Fortunately her pet eels were elsewhere. At that moment they had just
overturned the small boat that Prince Eric and Ariel were in and were
hours away.

"The little tramp, she's better than I thought," Ursela said watching the
scene play out on her scrying mirror, "Time to take matters into my own

Not knowing that she was being watched Ursela began a complex spell. Arista
and Donnie watched horrified as the hideous Ursela changed into an attractive
dark haired beauty. A small wisp of light then flowed from a seashell around
the neck of Ursela into her mouth.

"Yes, this is perfect," Ursela said, her cackle gone replaced by a pleasent

Even though it was differant Arista knew that the new voice belonged to

"Yes, as soon as Flotsam and Jetsom return I'll put Eric under my spell,"
Ursela gloated, "I need a new name. Hmmmm, Felicia, that sounds like the kind
of name Eric will like. When he marries me, Ariel will be under my thumb.
I'll then use her to force that softhearted Triton to give up his trident and
then I will rule over all!! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Somehow Arista and Donnie made it back out without being seen. As fast as
they could they swam back to Atlantica.

"We've got a head start Donnie, but it may still be close," Arista said as
they made it back home an hour later, "We're a lot faster swimmers than she
is. That may be the differance."

But Triton wasn't anywhere. Their father had gone with still another party
to look for Ariel. His trident sat on his bed in, left behind. No one in
Atlantica would touch it, and even with the uproar going on it would be
impossible to sneak in and steal it. Arista was the only one of Triton's
daughters who even knew how it worked well enough to control it. Others had
tried, and usually ended up destroying something, but Arista had studied it
and how her father mastered the wild magic it contained.

Being the daughter of the king Arista was one of the few merpeople even
allowed in Triton's bedroom. Arista poured all of her concentration into
the trident.

'Trident of Triton, hear my plea,' Arista thought as she held the weapon,
'I am daughter of Triton and I beg for the means to help my sister. Turn me
human as soon as I reach the surface.'

Arista felt the power flow into her. Already she could feel the change.

"Donnie, stay here and tell father what's going on," Arista ordered as she
swam for the surface as fast as she could swim.

Arista was indeed faster, but she was tiring after her fast swim from
Ursela's cave. In order to lighten herself she discarded her sea shell top.
All mermaids usually went topless anyway.

* * *

Arista spotted Flounder as she neared the surface. Quickly she explained what
was going on to him even as she began turning human. Fortnately she was only
in 3 foot deep water when she changed.

"We've got to save Ariel," Flounder shouted as Arista's gulped in air and
crawled to the shore.

After standing on shaky legs, falling a few times as she tried to walk,
Arista got the hang of her new legs.

"Hey, this isn't too bad," Arista said after making some steadier steps.

"Arista!" Flounder franticlly said.

"Sorry Flounder. Quick, you've got to take me to where Ariel is," Arista
said, "I think I'm still ahead of Ursela, but I can't be sure. And I'm really

Fortunately Ariel wasn't too far away. But Ursela was close too. Arista
heard the beginning of singing that sounded like Ariel's as she stood under
the window to Ariel's room. If she was more experianced with her legs Arista
could have easily climbed to Ariel's room. She settled for throwing a rock
though the window. A sleepy Ariel came to the window as Arista looked down
the beach and saw the disguised Sea Witch coming closer to the castle.
Tendrils of light were already snaking towards the battlement where Eric
stood, as he heard the familar haunting song.

Ariel rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looking down her eyes opened with
both wonder and joy as she saw her sister. Ariel tired to ask her sister how
she had also gotten human legs, but of course couldn't.

"Ariel! There's no time," Arista yelled up, "Ursela is trying to cast on Eric
to reject you. She's disguised herself as a pretty girl named Felicia! I'll
try to hold her off, but I'm exhausted, get to the beach as quick as you can.
If we're lucky we may be able to take her or at least stop her long enough
for father to get here!"

Ariel was angry that she had been narced on, but also happy that Arista cared
that deeply for her. And she was really pissed at Ursela for trying to screw
her. Ariel was dressed only in a thin nightgown, but knew that it would slow
her down. Pulling it off she ran naked down the halls, passing a startled
Grimsby on the way.

Ursela rather liked her human body. She had never been attractive even
before her journey into black magic had warped her mer form into the hideous
semi-octopus form she normally had. 'Hmmmm, while I look and feel like this
I may as well have some fun,' Ursela/Felicia thought. Ursela was barefoot,
her purple dress was thin and sheer to show off the knockout body she now
had. Eric's eyes were glazing over as Arista tackled Ursela/Felicia from

"What?," Ursela/Felicia cried out as she went down with Arista on top of her.
Rolling over Ursela/Feicia saw who it was that had attacked her, "You! Well,
I'll take 2 daughters of Triton for the price of 1 then!"

Ursela/Felicia kicked Arista off of her, but Arista had grabbed her flimsy
dress by the shoulder straps. Riiiiiipppppp!! Ursela/Felicia was now as naked
as Arista and Ariel, who was just running out the castle front door. But
Ariel was still several minutes away. Arista knew that she had to keep the
Sea Witch occupied phyically so that she couldn't use her magic.

Arista yanked her legs out from under her and jumped on top of the witch. By
luck her hands found the now beautiful shapely tits of Ursela/Felicia. Arista
squeezed the other woman's tits as hard as she could.

"Aaaaaaaaa!" Ursela/Felicia cried out.

But despite the pain the Felicia side of her liked it. Ursela/Felicia tried
and failed to get Arista's hands off of her tits, but she did manage to roll
them both over so that she was now on top. Ursela tried again, and failing
began to slap Arista's pretty face. Slap after slap rocked the tired mermaid.
Her grip loosened then failed.

"Now you stupid cunt, let's see how you like it," Ursela/Feicia grinned
evilly as she began to roughly squeeze and knead Arista's beautiful breasts.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!," Arista screamed.

But Arista's nipples got harder as a part of her liked the pain too.
Vainly she tried to free her tits from the witch. Fortunately Ariel tackled
Ursela/Felicia from behind.

"Noooooo," Ursela/Felicia cried out as the amulet containing Ariel's voice
flew off and shattered.

Light and music flowed back to it's rightful owner all save a small amount
still in the Sea Witch. Ariel sang as the fog cleared from Eric's eyes.

"Guards! Guards!" the 3 women all heard Eric shout as he bounded down
from the parapet. Long hours aboard ships had made him as nimble as a cat.
Ursela's eyes blazed with anger as she looked at ariel helping Arista to
her feet.

"Thank's sis," Ariel smiled pecking Arista on the cheek.

"What are sisters for," Arista smiled back.

"You little cunts are ruining everything," Ursela/Felicia screamed.

Ursela stil retained enough of Ariel's voice to retain a pleasent speaking
voice if she so wished, but Ariel had the pipes. Using magic was the last
thing on Ursela's mind right now. Ursela/Felicia charged the sisters knocking
them both down. Eric, joined by a dozen well armed guards were closing when
suddenly the water boiled and King Triton roared out of the water, four times
his normal size, a fully activated trident glowing. Sebastion, Flounder, and
Donnie right behind him.

"You can't interfere Triton," Ursela/Felicia cried out, "See, I have a
contract! You can't hurt me as long as I have this."

"Father! She's not Ursela!," Arista shouted out, thinking quickly, "In that
body she's Felicia!"

"And I still have almost a full day for Eric to kiss me before it can go into
effect," Ariel called out.

Ursela/Felicia had been holding the contract out like a shield. But since she
was Felicia King Triton knocked it out of her hand. It was a technicallity,
but Ursela knew now that her plan had had one fatal flaw. Eric swept Ariel up
in his arms and kissed her with true love shattering the contract.

"Noooooooo!," Ursela/Felicia screamed.

"Oh Eric, I tried to tell you," Ariel said.

"It's all right," Eric said kissing her again.

"Enough!" Triton roared, a small wave seperated Eric and Ariel by force.

"Father," Arista called out.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" Ariel asked, "It's over."

"Silence!" Triton shouted, "You have broken my laws Ariel, and you as well
Arista! I am the law! No one, not even my own daughters can willfully break
my laws and escape punishment!"

"Father!" Ariel and Arista cried out together.

"You! Ursela! You have attempted to murder my daughters and usurp me as
ruler of the ocean! Your punishmet is first! You will remain trapped in
that pleasing body and voice and become truly Felicia. Do not think that
that is a reward! For by my command you will henceforth be a bi-sexual
pain slut and will serve as Prince Eric commands! Your magic is forever
gone! Ariel! Arista! You are both exiled from the sea and will remain as
humans," Triton boomed, "Since you have sisterly love it is by my decree
that you will both also be bi-sexual pain sluts even to the point of
incest. Prince Eric! You will now be a sadistic master who will search
the world for still more Princesses to torture and rape. You will sire
only daughters and take them as well. I have spoken!"

And with that his trident flashed bathing then in light. As the light faded
Triton vanished leaving them as he had commanded. Ursela was now 100% Felicia
and sank to her knees sobbing at losing everything.

"Shall we arrest that one sire," the captain of the guards spoke as he
pointed his spear at Felicia.

"No, arrest all 3 of them," Eric ordered, "Take them to the north tower,
seperate room for Felicia. Tomorrow I would like to see them continue this
little catfight."

The north tower room were actually quite nice, with soft beds, a bathtub,
and a toilet. But the windows were too small for anything human to escape.
Felicia tried, but her magic was truly gone, her memory's of being Ursela
were fading to be replaced by those of a submissive little slave. A warm
bath was prepared for her. Felicia relaxed in the tub, her hands straying
to nipples that were now permanantly hard and erect, and to her tight
lightly brown furred pussy which was always going to be wet and excited.

Ariel and Arista were to share the other room. No sooner had the door closed
behind them when the 2 sisters flew into each others arms.

"Oh Ariel," Arista moaned.

"Arista," Ariel said.

The 2 sisters kissed deeply, tongue's seeking each other hungrily. Ariel was
the aggressor as she pushed her squeeling sister back onto the bed. Their
mouths greedily sought each other as their hands stroked each other. Ariel
broke the kiss and lowered her mouth to her sister's ripe tits. There were
slight bruises that were already fading as Ariel kissed around her sisters
nipples, then took each one in her mouth and sucked.

"Mmmmmmm," Arista moaned.

"Do they hurt?," Ariel asked.

"To be honest I would love more pain," Arista smiled, "A lot more pain. I
saw those books of those."

"Father may think he's punishing us, but these body's are far more sensative,
more sexually arousing," Ariel said, "I had prayed that Eric would be a
sadist. He was instead kind and gentle. Now he's exactly the way I want him.
I want to be kept naked and in chains, always covered in whip marks, take
cocks in all my holes and suck sweet pussy."

"You are such a slut," Arista giggled, "And now I am too."

"I'm glad you chose to be my sister in chains," Ariel whispered kissing her
sister again.

* * *

Prince Eric was surprised to see an ornate mirror in his room and a golden
lamp. Somehow he knew that the mirror had been Ursela's magic scrying mirror,
and that the lamp contained a blue genie.

"Magic mirror, show me the women worthy to be my slaves," Eric commanded.

Across time and space he saw them. Belle, Pocahantas, Mulan, Megaera,
Esmerelda, Jane, Jasmine, and perhaps others in the future. Rubbing the lamp
a friendly genie came out. Eric only needed one wish that magiclly popped
into his head. Eric now had a wide variety of super-powers that could never
be taken away from him. Basicly he had the genie's power without any of the

* * *

In her room Felicia lay on th bed roughly kneading her tits with one hand
while she rubbed her pussy in frustration with the other. The more she
masturbated the hornier she got. Felicia knew that if Eric made her fight
both sisters at once, as it seemed like he was going to, that she was going
to lose. The thought of what Ariel and Arista might do to her in revenge
was inflamming her even more.

"Ooooooo, a whip," Felicia moaned, "I need a whip! Ooooooooo! Please,
someone, anyone come in and lash me! Ohhhhhhh, a whip, a cock, a pussy,

* * *

Ariel and Arista were better off as they were now in a 69 position and
sucking each others pussys. They came in each others mouths and lapped up
each others tasty juice. Ariel's pretty pink asshole was too inviting as
Arista pointd her tongue and stabbed into Ariel's asshole.

"Ahhhhh! That's soooo hot," Ariel moaned as her sister started rimming her.
Ariel returned the favor as she licked all around her sisters asshole before
plunging it into her ass. The sisters ate each others ass for several minutes
until they both shuddered with a girl cum.

Eagerly they kissed, tasting their assholes on each other's tongues. This
depraved act made them even hornier.

"Ummmmmm, I love the taste of asshole," Arista whispered.

"So do I," Ariel smiled.

"Maybe we'll try scat and piss games too," Arista grinned.

"Sounds delicious and naughty," Ariel grinned.

The sister kissed until they fell sleep in each others arms. Exhausted,
Felicia finally fell asleep as well.

end of chapter 1


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