Lizzie McGuire: 13 Brides Of Queen Lizzie Part 1
by Hamster

Lizzie was sleeping comfortably with a very light snore. The sex-demoness
Ajani stared at the pretty blonde girl appreciatively.

"This one will do nicely." The demoness said quietly.

Ajani was naked as was her custom. In addition to two huge boobs and a lovely
cunt, she had a very large cock where her clit should be. The demons pulled
away the covers from Lizzie. This caused the girl to stir and waken. Lizzie
looked at Ajani and wasn't scared. Actually she was horny at the site of the
demoness. Something in the air was arousing her greatly.

"What are you?" Lizzie said in awe of the beautiful white haired woman.

"I am your liberator." The Demoness said.

The demoness pulled off Lizzie's pajama bottoms and then slowly slid
Lizzie's panties off. She climbed atop Lizzie and kissed her passionately
while mauling the girls bouncy tits. Ajani guided her cock to the entrance
of Lizzie sweet pussy. The domoness drove her cock in until it reached Lizzie
virginity. She pulled out a bit then slammed straight through her delicate
hymen. Lizzie cried out in pain but the cries of pain gave way to moans of
pleasure pleasure as the demoness stroked her with a strong steady pace.
Lizzie was soon coming to her first orgasm and it was a very powerful one.
But the demon did not stop there she kept pounding the previously virgin
pussy over and over until she finally flooded Lizzie's inside with what
seemed like gallons of demon semen.

But this was only the beginning. Lizzie felt all of the sperm rush out of her
and towards her clitoris in a warm wave. It was all absorbed into her clit
which began to swell and warp. Her clit, twisted and grew as Lizzie screamed
until it was a very large cock.

Lizzie stared up at her demonic lover as she panted and gasped.

"You are very special Lizzie McGwire. You are the caretaker of a great
prophecy, you are destined to rule a brave new world." The demoness

Lizzie feinted.

Ajani kissed her on the forehead. "Sleep for now. You may begin your quest


Willow woke up in a cold sweat and screaming bloody murder. Her eyes had
turned black and she had a look of fear and anger on her face. Her lover,
Kennedy the Vampire Slayer, awoke next to her and did not know what to say.
Willow turned to her and her eyes slowly returned to normal.

"Willow what's wrong?"

"Something is coming after me. Something evil…it wants me." Willow said.

"Hey Will, don't worry your pretty red head. I have you and I'm not going to
let anything happen to you." Kennedy assured her.

She leaned in and kissed Willow.

Willow was still worried but those worries soon melted away in Kennedy's
loving kiss. The two women's hands roamed all over each other's bodies. As
they kissed they began to grind together their pussy as hard as they could.
The two humped each other for several minutes as the fondled each other's
bodies with raw naked desire. Soon they were coming and their cunts were
sloshing against each other, coated in cum.

"Mmm I love you Willow" Kennedy said.

"I love you too Kennedy." Willow replied.


Lizzie got dressed as usual the next morning, she selected some tight purple
jeans and a black top. She thought a little about what Ajani had said the
night before but did not know what to think. The demoness clearly had some
plan for her but Lizzie did not know what it could be. The thought of the
demoness gave Lizzie's cock a little led. She bounced down the stairs and to
the kitchen for breakfast.

"Good morning honey." Jo said to her daughter.

Lizzie nodded to her mom and poured herself some orange juice. He brother was
also there and for some reason his presence filled her with greater disdain
and loathing than usual.

She couldn't figure out what Ajani wanted from her but she knew that she was
supposed to use her cock to fuck women. That much was painfully obviose. The
blonde considered going to see Miranda first, the thought of burying her cock
in the latina girl's cunt had tremendous appeal. Thinking of Miranda got
Lizzie's cock stiff, resulting in a slight bulge in her jeans. As her cock
hardened, Lizzie released a wave of magically charged sexual energy, a charge
that struck her mother full force.

Jo's cunt began to dampen. Jo leaned against the kitchen counter, a soft
smile on her face as she became more and more aroused with every passing
second. She had to stop herself from fingering her pussy in front of her
children several times. The blonde haired woman couldn't remember the last
time she was this turned on.

"Umnnn.." she moaned softly as she again had to stop her hands from touching

"Mom, you okay?" Matt asked when he noticed his mother's strange behavior.

"Matt you need to leave us alone a minute." Lizzie said.

"Hey no way I." Matt started to protest.

"NOW!" Lizzie commanded in a scary voice.

"Uh ok." Matt said as he vacated the kitchen.

Her cock made a sizable rise in her jeans. Taking off her top, Lizzie smiled
as her mom stared lustfully at her breasts. The blonde went over and placed
her nipple inside her mouth. Jo smiled and closed her eyes as she began to
suckle at her tit. She moaned softly and let her mother suck her nipple for
several minutes before pulling away and taking her jeans off. She smiled as
her nine-inch cock freed itself from the confines of her pants. Jo's eyes
went wide at the sight but she said nothing as Lizzie walked behind their
mother and got onto her knees.

"Get on all fours." Lizzie ordered.

Jo obeyed quickly.

Lizzie placed her cockhead at her mother's pussy and slowly eased it into
her. She was amazed at how tight her mom's cunt was after having two
children. And in no time Lizzie was fucking her mom's pussy hard and making
Jo moan with pleasure. Jo felt Lizzie's hands on her sides. Her daughter
began fucking her even harder with the demonic cock.

"Oh yes, yes Lizzie it feels so good!!!" Jo screamed.

"OOOOOHHHH..." Lizzie moaned, "OhohohohhhhaaaAAHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed
as her mother's pussy drive her over the edge and she came like a geyser.
Her pussy gushed juices all over the floor as her cock spurted cum into
Jo's womb.

Jo screamed in pleasure as she came herself, her entire body shuddering in
orgasm. The pair then fell to the floor in a heap of sweaty flesh. Lizzie
pulled her cock from her mother's cunt. Smiling, Lizzie went to sit in front
of her mother, letting her see her sizable cock.

"How?" Jo asked while moaning in pleasure.

"A secret," Lizzie answered while masturbating herself back to full erection.
"I'll tell you maybe after you've given me a blowjob."

Jo brightened at the thought and quickly took her daughters cock into her
mouth and sucked it hungrily. Her sensual lips wrapped around her daughters
shaft and slid the entire length down her throat. Lizzie groaned in pleasure
and leaned her head back in ecstasy. This only encouraged her mother and Jo
began sucking even harder, saliva glistened on the blonde's dick, making it
shine in the light of the kitchen. Jo sucked and sucked as hard as she could
on the organ.

"YES MOMMY, SUCK MY COCK!!!" Lizzie screamed in total ecstasy as she came.

Her cock spurted cum like a geyser and Jo struggled to swallow it all, the
sticky white fluid dribbled from her lips as it overwhelmed her and gushed
all over Lizzie and the floor. Lizzie laid back on the floor, panting hard
as her body quickly recovered.

"Mmm, that was great mommy. You really know how to suck cock," she said when
her voice returned to her.

After wiping the cum off her face, Jo smiled and rubbed her pussy gently,
"Ahh, thank you honey."

Lizzie concentrated a bit and her cock shrank back down to a normal clit.
Lizzie stood and walked over to her mother. Lizzie took her mom's hands.

"A demoness made love to me last night, mom. And after that she gave me
strange sexual powers. Mom, I know why Ajani gave me this gift now. I know
what my purpose and destiny is. But I need help. I am to create a new race
of half-demon women who can impregnate other women and thus make men
optional. But the women who bare my young must be special. I have to find
13 worthy women. I think you are one of them." Lizzie got on one knee. "Jo
McGwire, mom, will you marry me? Will you be the first of my 13 brides?"

"Yes Lizie! Yes I will." Jo said happily.

After making love again Lizzie got dressed and made her way to Miranda's

To be continued...

Lizzie's Brides

First: Jo McGwire













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