Lizzie McGuire: A Sweet Sexy Sleepover! (ff)
by Bones Malone

Lizzie got out of her car and pecked her dad on the cheek, thanking him for
dropping her off at her best friend's house for a sleepover.

"You have fun, sweetie!" He told her and smiled.

"I will, Daddy." Lizzie, feeling childish, headed towards her best friend's
door. She hesitated for a second, feeling nervous. Still, she proceeded and
rang the doorbell.

"Hey, Lizzie!" Miranda answered, already dressed in her pink pj's. She gave
Lizzie a quick hug and got her bags, letting her come in. Lizzie followed
Miranda up the stairs to her room, smiling because she loved spending time
at her friend's house. Sure, sleepovers might have seemed childish at the
age of 18, but not with Miranda. It would always start with junkfood eating
and prank-calling, and end in watching dirty movies and laughing at the ugly
playboy models.

She was pleased to see Miranda's room the way it always was, with posters
and cd cases all over the place. There were a lot of framed pictures with
Lizzie and Miranda on them. Lizzie just smiled.

"Are you going to change or what?" Miranda plopped down on her bed and zipped
Lizzie's bag open. Lizzie took her pajamas out and waited for Miranda to
leave. Realizing that she wouldn't, she just started to change in front of

First, Lizzie slid off her green peasant top and blue jeans, revealing her
black bra and matching thong. She pulled a baby blue cotton tank top over her
head and stepped into matching pants. She also put her hair down and tucked
it behind her ears, and smiled.

"You sleep in you bra and underwear? Isn't that uncomfortable?" Miranda
wondered. At home, she liked to sleep in the nude but she didn't feel
comfortable doing so with Lizzie around.

"I'm fine with it. I always sleep like that." Lizzie was always taught that
it was the proper thing to do, and sometimes when her bra would cut into her
shoulder in the middle of the night or her underwear would be too tight, she
still did what she was told to.

"Well, try something new. Take 'em off!" They both giggled as Lizzie took off
her pajamas and started unhooking her bra. As soon as she did, she exposed
her firm, round breasts to Miranda. Next, she pulled down her thong, with her
soft shaven pussy towards Miranda. Then she just stood there, not putting her
clothes back on.

"Your turn to take everything off, Miranda." She told her friend. Lizzie was
a bit nervous being naked in front of her best friend, but hey, it's not like
she had anything that Miranda didn't.

Miranda smirked, but at the same time felt tense as her own nipples grew
hard. She was attracted to Lizzie's naked body. Lizzie's round breasts, her
womanhood, every curve was calling out Miranda's name. She shook those
thoughts away and started taking her own clothes off. She let them fall to
the floor as soon as she could, standing naked along with Lizzie.

"So, ummm... were we going straight to sleep? Or do you want to play truth
or dare?" Miranda asked Lizzie who was still naked, now with her nipples
slightly erect. Miranda pretended not to notice, because hers were probably
the same. There was no mistake that there was some kind of chemistry going
on between them. Or, it might have just been because Miranda never saw
another girl completely naked before.

"I pick truth." Lizzie answered and sat down cross legged on the floor,
looking at Miranda's naked body hungrily.

"Ok...I got to make this a good one..." Miranda wanted to ask something
interesting, so that they could talk about whatever for a while. She had
one in mind... but dare she ask it? "Do you ever masturbate? Like, finger
yourself?" She watched Lizzie's face closely for a reaction. Lizzie

"N-n-no! I- I mean, I've felt really... um, horny sometimes, but- I never
really... did..." Lizzie answered. It was the truth. Although, she didn't
want to tell Miranda exactly what made her horny. Like watching Britney
Spears dance in concert, on in her music videos. Or... now that she thought
about it- her own best friend!

"But you wanted to, right?" Miranda saw Lizzie nod, blushing from the
question. "Why didn't you?" Miranda asked.

"I guess I was- I dunno- scared. It made me feel- kinda like- dirty. Did you
ever--?" Lizzie looked back at her best friend.

"Yeah," Miranda let out a laugh. " Many times, actually. I'm not a pervert
or anything, it just feels good."

"What do you think about when you do it?" Lizzie felt curious. It was weird
how they were sitting beside each other naked and talking about really
private things that they wouldn't want anyone else to know.

"Sex, what else?... Well, a lot of things turn me on." Miranda glanced away
from Lizzie, cuz her best friend being one of them.

"Me, too, I guess... Sometimes I think I should try it... but..." Lizzie felt
embarrassed, but still smiled.

"Did you ever think... about doing it with a girl?" Miranda blurted, thinking
of all her wild sexual fantasies. Suddenly, she felt really turned on. At a
time like this, she would already be sticking fingers up her tight wet hole.
But she didn't want to masturbate in front of Lizzie...

"Wellll... A few times, I have... Not that I'm gay, but never say never, you
know? It's always good to experiment... Isn't it?" Lizzie wondered where her
friend was leading this convo.

"Seems like you'd be interested if the offer came up... Are you- horny,
right now, Lizzie?" Miranda moved her naked body closer to Lizzie, breathing
hot air on her neck.

"Um... I guess, talking about all this- this- sex stuff...Yeah, I think I
am..." Lizzie inched a little away from Miranda's advancements.

"So, go ahead, do what you wanted to try- I dare you." She winked at Lizzie,
insisting on seeing her masturbate.

"Uh... I've never done it before. Um, Miranda, I wouldn't really know what
to do." Lizzie looked into Miranda's eyes, almost asking her for guidance.
Lizzie decided it'd be ok to be close to her best friend, even in that close
a way, becuz she did love her. And it seemed that Miranda loved her, too- in
that way.

Miranda leaned over and laid Lizzie down, spreading her friend's legs.
Lizzie's lower lips were very swollen, waiting in impatience for the pleasure
Lizzie had only imagined before.

"Ok, you start with one finger. Put it into your vagina slowly. It might hurt
at first." Lizzie did as she was told. At first she felt pain, as her finger
went inside of her, but then- then she experienced tremendous amounts of
pleasure shudder through her body.

"Is it wet? Good, now take the finger out and put two in." Miranda told her,
and Lizzie repeated the action, stretching her skin as the fingers went in.
She plunged them in harder and harder each time, feeling sticky fluids
splatter every time she went at it.

"Oooooooohhhhh..." With her eyes closed, she kept fingering herself and
moaning with pleasure. Lizzie felt her inner walls tighten each time until
she moaned loudly and reached a point of ecstasy. An orgasm.

"How was it?" Miranda asked, seeing Lizzie's eyes roll back with pleasure.
Watching Lizzie masturbate made her even more horny than she had gotten
before, and she wanted to get on Lizzie as soon as she had begun. Lizze was
now breathless.

"It was- oh, it was amazing...! I can't- imagine how good it would feel to
get a blow job. Or to have real sex." Lizzie spread her arms and sighed of
pleasure again, as it was wearing away.

"Glad you liked it. Now you see what all the big deal is about!" Miranda

"Ok, Miranda." Lizzie was now completely horny.

"I pick truth." Miranda winked and stared at Lizzie's breasts.

"Are you a... virgin?" Lizzie asked. She always wondered...

"Yeah, I am." Miranda admitted, although she didn't want to be. She was
always fantasizing about the one, the person that would take her virginity...
And she always dreamed that it would be Lizzie. Yes, she was aware that she
was lesbian. She had had a few boyfriends before, but she got bored with them
so easily and girls aroused her much more. They just had a certain appeal to
them, unlike guys whose breath always smelled and their armpits were hairy.
Miranda wanted to be with a woman, a girl, Lizzie, rather.

"Ok, dare me." Lizzie spread her legs, revealing her wet pussy to Miranda,
like she was seducing her in the most delicious way.

"I dare you... to shove a dildo up!" She walked over to get a dildo from her
bedstand and handed it to Lizzie, who was a tad confused about what was
going on. For sure, she had never seen one before. It was very large, round,
and thick- with two penis heads on each end of it.

"Oh, gosh, Miranda! Where in the world did you get th- th- that thing?! Does
your mom know about it?!" Lizzie couldn't help feeling in shock.

"Nevermind bout that- just forget the details. Concentrate on this. Ok, you
just put one end in first." Miranda held the toy near Lizzie's pussy, as
Lizzie spread her legs even further, feeling a bit nervous. Miranda pushed
away Lizzie's folds with a few fingers and started to insert the object
slowly. It hurt Lizzie a lot because it was very large, but Miranda kept
pushing it in. Lizzie's inner walls were clamping and unclamping around the
object, and Miranda had let it go, so Lizzie was thrusting it in harder as
she moaned from pain... but a sort of forbidden pleasure, too.

Lizzie couldn't push it in anymore, so she just kept it in as Miranda stared
and licked her lips, thinking that Lizzie didn't notice. Then, Lizzie pulled
it out slowly, noticing that the dildo was covered in a sticky liquid. Her
pussy was burning for something else.

Miranda approached her suddenly and kissed Lizzie passionately. They roamed
each other's mouths with their tongues, pulling each other closer and
moaning. Then, Miranda's lips made their way down Lizzie's neck and towards
her breasts, circling Lizzie's now-numb nipples with her hungry tongue.
Miranda was touching Lizzie all over, and wanting her so bad, that she just
couldn't hold back.

With newfound confidence, Lizzie pushed Miranda down to the floor and moved
her way down to her best friend's privates. Lizzie used her own fingers to
push away Miranda's folds as her tongue entered Miranda's pussy, tasting
juices so sweet and sticky, Lizzie lapped away at them. Miranda moaned loudly
as Lizzie sucked at her, Lizzie's tongue playing around inside Miranda.

Then, Lizzie moved up and pressed her own wet pussy against Miranda's. They
rubbed, smearing each other's sticky fluids on each other, moaning and
groaning of pleasure. With each other's heat flowing all over their bodies,
they pulled each other closer and kissed again and again.

Lizzie still tasted Miranda as her lover picked up the wet dildo, bending
over towards Lizzie and inserting it slowly into Lizzie's small opening.

"Oh... Oh God!" Lizzie exlaimed as Miranda kept ramming it into her. It was
unbelievably painful, but Lizzie wanted nothing else but that. When Miranda
couldn't push the dildo into Lizzie any further, she stuck the other end of
it into her own vagina and groaned as it slid inside.

Miranda then climbed onto Lizzie, pumping at the dildo as it grinded into
her. Lizzie felt her inner walls tighter around the object- she was screaming
now. But Miranda wouldn't stop, and kept going harder and harder each time,
screaming herself. As Miranda rose one more time, Lizzie felt herself cum,
with juices flowing out of her. Miranda had cum, too. Lizzie could feel their
heat mixing. Many orgasms- one night. This was so much more than amazing.

Next, Lizzie moved, facing Miranda's pussy and her friend did the same,
forming a 69 position. Miranda was the first, tho, to enter her tongue into
Lizzie. Then Miranda blew hot air in and out, making Lizzie so aroused, she
couldn't move. At first Lizzie didn't know what to do, but then it came
naturally to her. She took 3 fingers and put them into Miranda, shoving them
in really hard and sliding them out. They kept exploring each other's bodies,
tickling & moaning until Lizzie pulled away, breathing heavily.

"I love you, Miranda." She looked into her eyes and kissed her.

Miranda embraced Lizzie and whispered, "I love you, too. Don't fall asleep
though, baby- we still have to wait for Gordo."

Lizzie's eyes went wide. "What?!?!"


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