Lizzie McGuire: Camcestdotcom - Mother's Day Edition (Ff,ff,F-mast,inc,voy)
by Hamster

Jo McGwire had a big secret. She had been looking at porn on the computer.
At first she had been curious, now it was a full time obsession. She had read
many online fics and seen a ton of amateur videos and nude photos. She didn't
want to admit it at first but she especially liked anything with lesbians.
Eventually she had stumbled across Camcest.

Camcest featured family member's having sex with each other on web cam. Jo
new it was wrong and perverted but it made her so wet and horny she couldn't
believe it. She frequently masturbated while looking at the videos on
Camcest. She was always careful to make sure she was alone since she
certainly didn't want her husband or children to know that she was looking
at such things. She had fingered herself into a coma on several occasions
watching hot mother/daughter action and felt satisfied but guilty every time.
One day while everyone was out she had fingered herself into unconscious

Little did Jo realize that her daughter Lizzie had returned early. She walked
in and saw her mom quietly napping by the computer with her panties around
her ankles. Lizzie approached her mom then saw what was on screen. She was
momentarily stunned. She took note of the website's address then bolted
before her mother could wake up.

Next Day...

Lizzie had gone to her room the previous night, after catching her mom, and
checked out the site on the computer in her room. She had become undeniably
aroused after watching the images of various women in different stages of sex
with different family members. She decided right away she wanted to see her
mom looking at the site again, so she quickly formed a plan.

She told her mom she was leaving, then waited. After what seemed to be an
eternity she snuck back into the house. She wanted to catch her mom using the
computer to see if she frequented the sight regularly. Sure enough almost as
soon as she began her little spy campaign she saw her mother looking at
Camcest. Jo was wearing her pants and panties around her ankles and she had
two fingers buried in her cunt.

"Mmmmm oh, oh yes Lizzie, oh you are so fucking good." Jo moaned softly.

This was startling and exciting to the teenaged blonde who watched in
amazement. Her mom fucked herself for several minutes as she cried her
mother's name and watched the video on the computer. Lizzie was getting
very excited as she watched her mom masturbating and apparently inspired
by Lizzie herself.

Quietly Lizzie unzipped her pants and let her fingers dive to her own wet
pussy. Lizzie began to masturbate as she watched her mom masturbate. This
went on for several minutes until she felt her orgasm rising. She bit her
lip to keep from uttering a sound as she climaxed. She panted as she looked
and saw her mom had cum at the same time.


Lizzie was in her friend Miranda's bedroom. The two shared everything and
Lizzie told her best friend everything that she had seen and done. Miranda
listened intently and was very turned on by everything she heard. Miranda
had always been attracted to Lizzie and was very pleased to here that she
was interested in lesbian pleasure.

"Look Lizzie you both apparently want to try this. I think you should do it."
Miranda said.

"But Miranda it's so dirty and wrong." Lizzie protested, but without much

"Its not wrong, tomorrow is Mother's Day and what she really, really wants
is your body. I say let her have it. It would be the best gift of all."
Miranda argued.

"I don't know about all this..." Lizzie said.

At this point Miranda decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Look Lizzie maybe you'd feel a little more comfortable if you had a little
bit of practice with a another girl." Miranda said.

"What do you mean?" Lizzie asked.

For a response Miranda leaned in and kissed her deeply. Lizzie was surprised
but did not resist as Miranda's tongue gently massaged her own. The soft,
sweet kiss lasted for several minutes. Miranda's hand traveled to Lizzie's
breast. She gently squeezed it. It was firm and nicely rounded. Miranda loved
the touch of the boob between her fingers.

"Wow that was really nice." Lizzie said as their lips parted.

"Now you can do that with your mom." Miranda said as she continued to massage
her friend's boobs.

"Hmmm," Lizzie breathed. "I think that I need a bit more practice."

"Oh," Miranda said as she leaned forward and licked Lizzie's lower lip, "I
think that can be arranged."

Miranda pushed her friend back onto the bed and removed her t-shirt and bra.
She sucked on Lizzie's hard nipple like a lolli-pop. Miranda's free hand slid
down to her friend's jeans and unbuttoned them then unzipped them. She licked
Lizzie's cunt through her panties and made Lizzie shiver with delight.

"Oooooooo that feels so good." Lizzie moaned.

"It's about to feel a whole lot better." Miranda promised.

She pulled off Lizzie's panties and dove into her pussy like a starving
beast. Lizzie writhed and twisted beneath her as she enjoyed her first time
having her cunt eaten out. Lizzie clasped her thighs to the side of Miranda's
head in the intensity of her pleasure. She cried out as she came to an
orgasm. She was panting as she recovered. Miranda lifted her cum-covered face
from her friend's pussy.

"Now you just have to do that for your mom." Miranda said as she licked the
cum from her lips.

"I don't know," Lizzie said with a wicked smile. "I've never done it myself,
maybe I should practice on a friend first."

"I thought you'd never ask." Miranda said.

Miranda stripped off her cloths and laid down on the bed spread-eagle. Lizzie
dove into the offered pussy and lashed the sopping wet cunt with her tongue
with enthusiasm driven by lust. Miranda's hand went to her friend's hair and
pushed her face deeper her pussy.

"Oh, oh yes Lizzie that's good, oh shit you're a natural!" Miranda cried.

Actually her friend was getting so loud that Lizzie feared they'd draw
Miranda's mom's attention. It was not long before her mouth was filled with
Miranda's sweet juices. Lizzie lapped up every single sweet delicious drop.

"Shit." Miranda sighed. "I think that you are going to make your mom very,
very happy."

Lizzie gave her friend an evil smile. "Oh I don't know. I think I might need
a whole lot more practice."

Mother's Day...

Jo McGwire came home after do a little light grocery shopping. The guys had
gone to do some last minute mother's day shopping of their own which meant
that she'd be alone with her daughter for awhile. Little did she know her
daughter had ensured that they'd have a lot of 'quality' time by telling her
dad and brother that Jo wanted a very specific bracelet, one that was only
sold at a mall that was an hours drive away and that didn't actually exist.

After putting the groceries away Jo sat down on the couch to relax a bit.
That's when she noticed the webcam set up across from her facing the couch.

"What the..." She murmured in confusion.

Suddenly her daughter came down the stairs with a devious smile on her pretty

"Lizzie what's going on here?" Jo demanded.

"Well mom, you see I caught you looking at that lesbian incest site."

"W-what?!?" Jo was now completely horrified.

"...and I caught you calling out my name while you were masturbating." Lizzie

"L-Lizzie I can explain I..."

"Don't worry mom, I liked that." Jo could only stare at her daughter in
complete bafflement after that comment. "Now that I know what you really want
for mother's day I really want to give it you."

Lizzie leaned in and lightly kissed her mother full on the lips. Their lips
parted and Lizzie's tongue slipped into Jo's mouth.

"Guess what mom? That web cam behind us is set up so that we will transmit
our lovemaking to Camcest." Lizzie said as she removed her pink shirt and
exposed her bouncy young tits.

Jo was still too surprised to say anything. Lizzie brought her chest right
up to her mother's face and let her mom suck on her nipple.

"MMMMM yes mommy, I like that."

Jo reached forward and unbuckled her daughter's belt. She reached around and
squeezed Lizzie's lovely firm ass. She then unzipped her daughter's skirt and
dropped it down to her ankles. In return Lizzie relieved Jo of her shirt and
then her bra. They kissed very passionately for several minutes, their hands
exploring each other's bodies, enjoying the feel of each other's smooth bare
skin. Soon enough they were both bare naked for the benefit of the web cam.
Jo lay back on the couch with her legs spread very wide. Lizzie got on the
ground and crawled toward her mom on her hands and knees. She brought her
face to her mom's pussy and breathed in the sweet aroma of her mom's pussy.

"Ooooooo yes." she sighed in pleasure as her daughter's tongue raked her

Jo was very surprised at how talented Lizzie's tongue was at dishing out
the lesbian pleasure. The pleasure was heightened by the sheer nastiness of
getting tongue fucked by her own daughter. J o fingers ran through Lizzie's
hair encouragingly as Jo came to a mighty orgasm at the hands of her
daughter. After Lizzie lapped up the last of her mom's girl-cum Jo pushed
her onto her back and dove into her pussy like a hungry tigress.


Jo was more than happy to accommodate, eventually bringing her to a hard
panting orgasm.

"Oh sweetie that was the most wonderful mother's day present ever." Jo said
as she lifted her face from Lizzie's cunt.

"Oh mom it's not over yet." Lizzie announced.

"What?" Jo asked.

Lizzie got up and went upstairs then came back with a neatly wrapped gift.
Jo took it from her daughter and gave it a shake before tearing the wrapping
off. Once the wrapping was removed Jo got a huge smile on her face. Inside
the box was a very large 'V'-shaped double-headed strap-on dildo.

Jo knew exactly what to do. She slid one end into her own cunt then strapped
it in nice and tight. Jo sighed as she got used to the stimulation of the rod
deep in her honey-hole. Lizzie once again got on her hands and knees and
looked back at her mom and chewed her lower lip as she prepared to be royally
fucked. Jo approached Lizzie from behind and grabbed hold of her hips. She
guided the head of the strap-on to her daughter's waiting cunt. She slammed
it in hard breaking straight through her daughter's virginity.

"EEOOOOOW it hurts!" Lizzie cried as the shaft got buried to the hilt in her

"Don't worry baby, it will feel a whole lot better soon." Jo said.

And to Lizzie's delight it did. She bucked and moaned in pleasure as the
fake cock slid in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Jo herself could feel the
vibrations through the end that was lodged in her own cunt. She thrust in and
out as hard as possible. She felt like a guy fucking away at the girl of his


As the girl came so did her mother and half the people who were masturbating
as they watched over web cam, including Miranda.
_ _ _

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