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Lizzie McGuire: Consequences Of Miranda's First Kiss
by DCForever

Jo McGuire walked across the kitchen floor, on her way to answer the knocking
on the front door to their house. When she opened the door she found one of
her daughter's two best friends lurking about on the other side of the

"Miranda, what a pleasant surprise to see you. I wasn't expecting to see you
or Gordo over this weekend. Lizzie did remember to tell you that she would be
out of town with Sam, her dad, for the weekend?" The teenage girl wasn't sure
if Jo's words had been meant as a question or a statement. She remained quiet
and respected her elder to finish up. "I wouldn't be surprised if she had
forgotten to tell you. She was so excited about being with her dad for the
weekend, which was very strange in itself, but hey, they deserve to spend
some quality father-daughter time together. Those two are alike in many ways

"Yes I know they are Mrs. McGuire, in more ways than you could possibly ever
know." thought Miranda as other words flowed from her mouth.

"No Mrs. McGuire, Lizzie did tell me she wouldn't be around, but I didn't
come over to see her...I came to see you."


"Yeah. Do you have a few minutes of your time to spare? I really could use
some of that motherly advice that you seem to bestow upon Lizzie all the

"I'm honored that you would come to me, Miranda, but you have a mom...doesn't
she ever give you motherly advice?"

"Not really. We aren't as close as you and Lizzie, plus she isn't as
understanding with the teen phase as you seem to be."

"Well, come on inside. I was just preparing to fix me a bite to eat, but this
sounds a lot more important than my stomach's rumbling."

Miranda Sanchez passed the older woman, heading toward the kitchen. She
pulled out a stool from under the edge of the island bar and sat down. Jo
McGuire, mother to 14-year old Lizzie McGuire, mimicked her actions,
following behind her and pulling out her own stool to sit in as well. She
sat down, facing the 14-year old, Latino, her brunette hair cut short on
her neck.

"Well Mrs. McGuire, see it's like this...I could kind of, sort of, use your

"Go on. You know I'm here for you sweetie. You can open up to me with
whatever it is you need to say. I won't tell a sole, unless you want me to."

"Thanks, that's reassuring. I knew you would be the one to talk to, after
Lizzie of course."

"But of course." Jo understood the close bond between her daughter and her

"Sorry." She knew she would mess something up...she always has in the past.

"That's okay. Go on." Jo patted the girl's leg, reassuring her everything
would be okay.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, talking to you. Anyway, I figure if I could live
through the bra buying incident with Lizzie and you, then this should be
really easy. You've always looked out for us girls, even when we didn't
want you to." Again, the thoughts were there, but the words came out all

Minutes went by and Jo waited patiently as Miranda talked on and on about
every little thing she could come up with to talk about. Jo knew she was
nervous about something, but what she figured would come a little later.

Finally, the girl gathered the strength needed to confine in the woman. "I
kissed someone. No correctly, someone kissed me and I really, really liked
it. My cheeks got all flushed and know, like in the movies."

"Good for you. Sounds like it was a great kiss...special person perhaps? So
who was the lucky guy? He had to be lucky to kiss a looker as yourself."

"Why thank you. It was Gordo."

"Wow. You and Gordo? So would that make, no, let's would
Lizzie say this...hmmm, so are you two a thing now?"

"Close Mrs. McGuire, but definitely not Lizzie like. Her shoes are hard to
following in, so don't think much of it. I can't even do her...not even a

"That's nice to know. So are you?"

"Oh, I don't know. I mean I like the guy...a lot. We are best friends after
all, but I don't know. I really thought he was into Lizzie. You did say we
could be open right?"

"Of course, sweetie. My lips are sealed to anyone not present at this moment.
But are you serious? Gordo has a thing for Lizzie? Looks like Sam owes me a
week of washing the dishes. Wait, but if he has a thing for my daughter then
what about..."

"That is what I was getting at. Maybe I've been wrong about Gordo. Maybe I
took his actions for more than they were. I mean, he did kiss me and not
Lizzie. So maybe you owe your husband a week of washing dishes."

"No, that wasn't part of the deal. I would have to do another task instead."


"No, this conversation stays on young teenager talk, not talks exceeding
PG-13 rating. Sorry."

"Can't blame a girl for trying."

"Nope, I guess I can't. I'm still waiting to here more about this kiss."

"It was my first real kiss. I really liked it, a lot, but I'm not sure what
I was feeling. I mean I reacted, but I'm not sure if I was reacting to the
sudden system shock or if there was more to what I was feeling. Are you

"Did your stomach feel like someone twisted it in a knot? Were you short of
breath? Tongue numb? Palms sweaty? Any signs such as those maybe?"

"Maybe. Not all at once, but definitely a few of those, yeah, I'm quite
sure...I think."

"Well sounds like major case of confusion to me. If you ask me, I think you
really like him and in that one very special moment, everything just came
together, including your lips."

"Yeah, I guess. I just don't get it. I've never thought of Gordo in a
boyfriend kind of way before. Yes, I've always liked him, but I always
thought he had his sights set on Lizzie...not me. It was definitely new
to me...the kiss, him, him and the kiss. I just think it was too much
for my body and mind to process. Am I making any since?"

"Yes Miranda, you are making perfect since. All girls...guys too, go through
a similar ordeal at one point or another. You aren't alone. It's nature. To
me, it's one of a person's finest hours in their lives. Imagine what Gordo
is going through right now? Have you thought about him? Looks like he has
made his choice, have you, or is the couple issue still up in the air?"

"He wants to be a couple, but I'm not sure. I still have a few things I need
to figure out first."

"Like what? We can figure them out together."

"I want to tryout something. I need to be shocked again. The shock factor has
to be as much as when Gordo kissed me. I need to relive the experience to
figure out if it was the kiss I was reacting to or was it him. I thought long
and hard about this the last day or so and that is the main reason I'm
sitting here right now. My plan originally had Lizzie in it, but on my way
over I remembered that she wouldn't be around so then I started thinking of
who else I could console in. That's when I saw your car out front and your
name came to the forefront. I knew you would be perfect. You've always told
Lizzie and myself that you were one of the cool moms and just liked being one
of the girls. So I'm here today to ask one girl friend to another if you will
help me with my experiment. I need to figure out my feelings for Gordo and
this is the best way to do just that."

"First off, it is nice to be counted on and to be just one of the girls. Girl
friend, I like that. When you get my age, don't ask, you don't have many girl
friends. So thanks. So if I can help you out in anyway, then I'm in. So what
is it you need help with?"

"I can't believe I'm asking this of my best friend's mother."

"No, no, no. As we speak, I'm not a mother, just one of the girls. Right now
I'm not Lizzie's over protective mom, I'm really just your friend."

"Fine then, girl friend. Here it goes. I can do this. I mean, you are a
friend and a girl and you did say you were willing to help me out. Okay, here
it goes. I want you to kiss me! Wow, I actually said it. It wasn't as hard as
I thought it would be."

Jo reached up with her fingers and cleaned out each of her ears, knowing that
she couldn't have heard what she thought she had heard coming from the girl
before her. She was stunned, loss for words. She stood up off her stool for a
moment before sitting back down; brief amount of time passed before looking
back into the Latino's eyes. The girl wasn't wavering, but she was waiting
for a response.

"I know this has come as a shock to you, but I'm serious. I really want you
to kiss me. Like I said, I've thought long and hard about this, so this isn't
just some spur of the moment decision. And I don't mean some small peck on
the cheek or lips either. I'm talking a heated kiss. Pretend I'm Mr. McGuire
and go from there. What do you say? I know this is a weird request, but
please say something."

"What on earth can I say? This, me kissing you, was your grand idea, your
major experiment? Do you have any idea what you are asking of me?"

"Yes, I do know what I'm asking and what I think I need. I've already been
kissed by one best friend, Gordo; not Lizzie...didn't want you to think this
was something I like to do on a regular basis or anything. Seriously though,
what could be more shocking to my body than to be kissed by an older, more
mature, very attractive woman that happens to be my other best friend's
loving and totally supportive mother?"

Jo didn't know what to think.

"Why don't we play a little 'what if' here. Let's hypothesize this for a
moment, going out on a limb of sorts, and say that I do go along with this
crazy idea and you do start having the same reactions Gordo's kiss gave you.
Do you then just break Gordo's heart and pass it off, as you just like to be general? I'm not sure you've really thought this through. Again,
have you considered Gordo at all in your decision making process? Do you
really think that it is fair to Gordo, to be treated as nothing more than a
test dummy? Because that is just what he will have been if your reactions to
another kiss, a kiss from me, is as close as they were before."

"I've thought it through. Speaking of fair, no it isn't fair for me to treat
him as such, but fairness hasn't played much into my situation either. You
said your lips were sealed so there is no way of Gordo ever knowing of my...
our experiment. Come on what do you say? Please. Is there anything I can say
that might persuade you?"

"Miranda, you know we shouldn't. We can't. I can't." Jo put her head down
trying to let everything soak in. With her head still down, "So this is
what you were going to ask my daughter to help you with, to kiss you for
experimental purpose only?"


"Do you think if she had been here that she would have agreed to the kiss?"

"She isn't here so I really don't know. She's always been there for me. She's
a great friend. Yeah, I think she would have. We've talked about it before,
but hey, what girl hasn't wondered what it would be like to kiss another

Jo raised her head up from her arms. "Okay then. I'll kiss you, but I can't
promise you anything. What Sam and I have is very special. I won't promise."

"Understood, Mrs. McGuire. And thanks."

"If we are going to do this, then please drop the Mrs. McGuire and call me
Jo. It makes my decision sound even worse."

"Jo, shall we?"

"What, now?" Miranda nodded her head. "Okay then, turn around in the stool so
you're facing me more." She turned and faced the older woman. "That's good."

Miranda wasn't comfortable. "Don't you think it might be better if we were

"Maybe you're right." Each female stepped down from their stools and stood
facing each other. "Let's just get this over with quick like. It's not right
for us to be doing this and dragging it out makes it seem that much worse."


Jo felt like getting the kiss over with so she decided that it was best if
she made the first move. She closed the distance between the young teenager;
their heights just right for each other.

"So what, would you like to kiss on the count of three?"

"Let's just let our instincts take over."

"I can't honestly say I like the sound of that, being that I'm supposed to
pretend you're my husband." Miranda was destruct and saddened by Jo's words.

Jo took the moment in hand, leaning forwards and kissing her daughter's
friend, full on the lips. Her initial thought was to step back, but she
remembered what she had agreed to do and she was a woman that was good
to her word. There wasn't anything intimate about the kiss. Jo just saw
the act as just that, an act of friendship. The kiss lasted close to a
minute, Jo pulling back to break contact.

"How was it?" Jo leaned over and checked the girl's pulse and looked for
other close signs. Miranda Sanchez was blushing and speechless.

"It was...umm...I don't know...hard to explain."

"So I guess the experiment worked. It indeed was the kiss itself and not
Gordo that gave you those reactions."

"I'm not so sure." Jo stared the girl in the eyes; not believing the girl was
still using those same words. "Can we try it one more time. I promise this
will be the last kiss."

The older woman didn't say a word, and against her better judgement, reached
out and grabbed the back of Miranda's head and pulled her lips back into
contact with her own lips. The kiss was vigorous and full of heat, pushing
its shock value through the roof. Miranda parted her lips and felt Jo's
tongue trace its edges. The kiss lasted well over two minutes; again Jo
stepped back, breaking contact. Neither female spoke for an additional minute
or two.

"Wow, Mrs. McGuire...I mean, Jo. Whoa, you really are a great kisser."

"Thanks, Miranda, you aren't to bad yourself. Gets better with time and
experience. I believe it's obvious that you just like being kissed. Poor
Gordo, he will be heart broken when you break him the bad news."

"No Jo, I don't think it was the kiss at all. Just the person behind the

"Why do you say that?"

"Because when Gordo kissed me...he didn'ttt...cause me wet myself,
buttt you diddd." Miranda quickly reached down between her legs, feeling the
moistness building beneath her clothes.

Jo was stunned at the admission and the open self-fondling the girl was doing
to herself.

"You didn't..."

"Oh, but I did, Jo, I really, really did. Don't believe me? Want to feel for
yourself?" Miranda reached out and grasped Jo's hand and led it to the wet
material of her turquoise colored shorts. Jo relentlessly allowed the girl to
control her hand as she moved it over the moistness that was already seeping
through the shorts. Jo was once again speechless.

Miranda's actions didn't go unnoticed as she gently applied greater pressure
upon Jo's hand while it still rested against her moist, covered mound. She
moved Jo's hand up and down, driving the older woman's digits further between
her thighs. Miranda released her hand and Jo shocked her own self, leaving
her in place upon her own free will. Jo was running solo as she applied her
own pressure and started a gliding motion, covering her fingers with more of
the young girl's seeping juices.

The Latino's eyes rolled back in her head as she welcomed the close
attention. As her eyes settled, she stared at the size of the size B breasts
hidden behind paint covered, oversized shirt. The outline of Jo's bra pressed
against the thin, faded material.

"May I?" Asked Miranda, laying her hands against the base of the shirt, ready
to remove it from the older woman's body at a moment's notice.

Jo suddenly snapped back, her hand retreating just as quickly. She didn't
know what she had been thinking.

"No Miranda, this can't happen. It won't happen. I think it would be best if
you went on home now. Yeah, I really believe that would be the best thing to
do." She repeated herself, sounding as if she had to convince herself of her
decision. She stared daggers in the young girl's eyes.

Miranda knew the horrified look she was receiving. It was the same look
Lizzie and her younger brother, Matt, got when they had overstepped their
boundaries within the household. She nodded her head, accepting her fate,
and quickly left the McGuire residence. She wasn't sure how her relationship
with the McGuire's would hold up now. All the way home, she wondered why she
had done what she had done. Throwing caution to the wind, she wondered why
she even wanted to take the older woman's shirt off.

Meanwhile, Jo McGuire had her head bent down, resting her hands against the
sides of her face, in total disbelief at what she had allowed to happen
between her and Miranda. She didn't know how to feel. The only other time she
had let herself kiss another female was many years ago when she had kissed
her sister on the lips, showing her the compassion and love her date didn't
show to her as he dumped her in front of the entire school body. It had been
a traumatic time in the girl's life and she needed someone to be there with
her. It had been a moment of weakness, nothing serious, just a loving kiss
between sisters that led to a brief romp in her sister's bed. Jo knew the
moment had once again arrived in a weakened state. What started out as
innocence soon turned to seriousness and regret, yet sexually appealing.

'Why did I let things go that far? It was as if I was reliving that glorious
night, with my sister, all over again. If we had continued, how far would it
have gone? Would it have gotten as far as it had before? I'm terrible. I'm
nothing more than a pedophile. I kissed and almost seduced a 14-year old
innocent girl and disbelieving, as it seems, enjoyed it to no end. Why did I
do it? If I needed a girl, why was it Miranda and not someone older or
someone I cared less for?"

Jo moved from the kitchen to the living room where she laid down across the
couch, still fighting with herself to get her emotions under control. She was
no longer thinking why, but why not. 'Why did she have to ruin it by asking
permission? Why couldn't she just act instinctively and rip off my shirt and
then go crazy trying to release by breasts? Why am I even asking why? I
should be ashamed of myself. I am ashamed...that I stopped her.'

* * *

Later that night in bed, after hours of thinking, Miranda's questioning had
taken a different path. She lay in her bed, covered in sheets, naked from the
waist down, working her fingers wildly over her clit, wondering where she had
gone wrong. She knew everything was confusing, then and now, but she
remembered everything was going smoothly up to the point when she asked to
remove Jo's shirt. Unsure why, the teenager still wondered how Jo's breasts
would have looked if she had uncovered them. The image of Jo's shirt-pressing
bra was the lasting image as the girl soaked her bed sheets and fell into a
soft, barely audible moan. "Oh, Jo."

* * *

Miranda didn't find sleep to appeasing during the night and her restless
energy was evident as she kneeled down beside a car's tire, feeling water
splashing all around her. She lazily brushed over the dirty rubber with suds
filled wire brush. Miranda's middle school homeroom class was joining efforts
with some of the local middle and high schools to raise money for the lapse
in school funds. If the school district wasn't going to help them out, then
they were going to help themselves out. The multitude of teenagers had
already put in a half-day's work as lunch vastly approached.

Miranda had agreed to wash tires, meaning a day's worth of constant bending
and kneeling, torture of the knees, all so she could stay close and
concentrate on a few of the interesting high school girls. Three very playful
girls were stationed opposite Miranda, cleaning the tires on another vehicle.
The girls' behavior is what attracted the Latino's attention in the first
play. The girls double and triple teamed the tires, briskly cleaning the
tires, amongst each other as well. Miranda slowly rubbed her brush in circles
as she witnessed quick hand gropes, kisses, and even brief moments of nudity
as the girls knew they had attracted Miranda's full undivided attention.

As lunch rolled around, all the workers were pretty much soaked from head to
toe due mainly to reoccurring water and soap fights, the fun of a car wash.
After picking up her free bag lunch, Miranda slowly walked toward a small oak
tree, approaching the same three girls, she had earlier watched, sitting on
the grass. The girls had shed their soaked through clothes and sat cross
legged, wearing matching bikinis that barely covered any of their assets.
Miranda was caught staring at the girl closest to her with her back turned,
enjoying the view her ass gave off with the material of the bikini bottoms
stuck up her ass. If it had been any further up or even a bit tighter, it
would have passed for a thong, one particular article of clothing that wasn't
permissible on a school outing. The other two girls motioned to their friend
and before Miranda could shift her view, the girl turned her head and looked
over her shoulder, squinting to see through the sun's bright glare. She
smiled at Miranda before reaching back for the top of her bottoms and pulled
them as far down as the grass would permit, showing off the upper portion of
her ass crack, straight out mooning the girl in public.

By the time Miranda stood over the small group, catching eyefuls of deep,
attractive, tanned cleavage, her face was red from her deep blushing.

"Hi." She managed to get out as all three girls looked up at her. "Would you
mind if I joined you?" She asked.

"By all means, sit down and join us." spoke out one of the two blonde haired

"But first you have to take off your wet clothes and show us what you're
trying to hide underneath." Added the sole brunette and resent mooner. The
brunette reached up and grabbed Miranda's bag lunch from her hands "Wouldn't
want this silly thing to get in your way of showing off your goods."

Finally the oldest and prettiest of the three girls spoke up. "We know you
were looking. We wanted you to. You kept staring. You obviously liked what
you saw...and honestly, even with your clothes still on, I like what I
already see. Now, if you wouldn't mind, my friend said you could join us if
you got rid of those wet clothes. So...strip already. That is...if you still
want to join us."

Miranda gasped hard, unsure why she was willing to go through all this just
to sit by three girls that she had no idea who they were or where they lived.
They were complete strangers to the girl, yet she was drawn to them. She
dropped her hands to the drawstrings on her shorts. Seconds later, her
shorts were lying on the ground and her shirt was being dropped on top of
the shorts.

She now stood amongst the three teenagers, wearing a blue and green plaid
bathing suit that only slightly revealed a hint of a flat stomach and belly
button. Her top pushed up and emphasized the size and shape of her youthful,
voluptuous breasts, covering up inches below her breasts, while her bottom
resembled small thin shorts.

"Wow. Guess older bikini styles are back in fashion. Looks great on you. Name
is Samantha" offered the brunette as she stood up in place and laid her left
hand on Miranda's right shoulder. Miranda welcomed the contact, though she
wasn't sure why she had.

"I'm Miranda."

"Nice to meet you, Miranda. This is Marisa and her sister Kelly." Samantha
introduced her girlfriends from left to right. "As you can see they're both
blonde bombshells."

"That they are," agreed Miranda as she was pushed to sit beside the girls.

Miranda swiped the ground and cleared away a pinecone before setting her butt
on the ground. She watched as Samantha sat back down beside her. Sitting and
looking at the girls, Miranda watched the flatter chested Marisa lean over
and pull her bikini top to the side, exposing first her pink nipple and then
her full round breast. Samantha leaned over and pulled the bikini material
back over the magnificent looking globes.

"Just having a little fun with the new girl."

"I know you were, just don't over do it." Samantha said.


"Yes you," shot out her sister, Kelly, before reaching over and tweaking her
sister's left breast, causing Marisa to squeal out.

"You seem a little flushed. Are we embarrassing you?" asked Marisa as she
rubbed over her chest where her sister had grabbed her.

"No, not really. Just taking everything in. Do you mind if I ask a rather
personal question?"

"Nah, fire away. We're all open books." Marisa responded.

"So are you three just wild, voyeuristic, fun loving girl or are you like...
partners or something?"

"Partners. Definitely."

"I prefer to call us lovers than partners." Answered Kelly as she made googly
eyes at her lovers."

"Hell no. Sex slaves is more like it." Kelly smiled before making the group
chuckle at her response.

"Yeah, I would have to agree with Kelly. We are pretty much slaves to our
love for each other" clarified Samantha as she gave her lovers a knowing,
loving smile.

"I was hoping I was right. But isn't it kind of strange to have sex with your
own sister?"

"Not at all. In fact there is nothing quite like an incestuous fling in the
sack. We've been lovers since we were old enough to take breast feeding to a
whole other level."

"I agree with Marisa. Now, may we ask you a question?"

"Sure why only fair."

"I think I already know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask it anyway.
Are you bisexual or just curious? It's obvious you aren't a lesbian."

"I'm not sure what you would consider me as. I like guys, but something
happened recently that has me questioning myself. That is why I wanted to
talk to you girls. I would like to run an scenario by you and see what you

"We're listening," spoke Samantha as the sisters nodded their heads in

"See it all started out..."

"Oh my!" exclaimed Samantha, concealing her hand as it danced inside her
bikini bottom, rubbing against her mound. "You really made out with your best
friend's mother? How cool is that?"

"That's nice and all, but I want to get back to the fact at
really want all three of us to kiss you to determine if you are into girls
in general or just your friend's mom?"

"Yes Kelly, that is what I'm asking."

"Come on Kelly, a kiss is just a kiss. I can't get over the fact that your
first lesbian kiss was with a much older woman...your best friend's mom at
that. Seems a little risky if you ask me." Samantha thumped away at her
mound, biting down on her bottom lip, grimacing in pain from her fingers'

She quickly pulled her hand out of her bottoms and stood up, reaching out and
pulling Miranda up along with her. "We'll be right back girls. I think our
new friend needs to use the ladies room." They walked off together, leaving
the sisters to watch their swaying asses as they hurried off to the ladies

In the ladies room, the taller brunette took the more aggressive approach,
pinning Miranda against the much dirty ceramic tiled wall. The wall's grim
mixed with the Latino's hair as her head rested against the wall, waiting
for Samantha's first move. Samantha grabbed the back of Miranda's head and
drove her tongue ferociously into the younger girl's mouth, drinking in her
saliva. Miranda was getting a bit more than she had bargained for, but wasn't
backing down.

Samantha pried open her legs with her right knee and quickly pushed her hand
down Miranda's bathing suit bottoms and cupped her mound. Second later, she
found two of her fingers embedded in the Latino's slick, wet confines of her
core. She drove her fingers in hard; each of their lengths disappearing and
reappearing as she harshly finger fucked Miranda.

Miranda tried to fight against the attack, but she had no leverage, no
control of the situation, and no will to fight back. She allowed the
deflowering assault to continue; taking in all the pleasure her body
was receiving. Samantha was attacking like a tiger and Miranda was her
defenseless prey. Miranda could taste her own blood as Samantha nibbled
on her tongue all while continuing to suckle on her lips. Her chest was
collapsing as the larger chested girl smashed her now exposed breasts
against her own. She was at the mercy of the domineering lesbian. Miranda
was force-fed her own juices as Samantha was close to embedding her
entire fist in the Latino's mouth.

Never had Miranda Sanchez been treated like she was currently being treated,
but never had she had so much fun and multiple orgasms from a skilled tongue
dancing in and out of her sensitive and frequently ignored pussy. Samantha
had her face buried between the girl's naked thighs, munching on her honey
goodness while she stretched her long arms upwards, continuing to be consumed
by the mouth that was feeding her.

Minutes later, the two girls returned to the hot sunny outside weather, where
the sister had been patiently waiting for their return.

Before Miranda could start to sit down on the prickly grass, Marisa and Kelly
both shot to their feet, surprising each other.

"Sorry girls, but I'm not so sure she could accommodate you both. She's
probably still a little sore." Samantha winked.

"No probably about it, Sam. Soreness is a definite at this time. She's right.
One at a time would be best." Marisa graciously bent her legs outward and
descended back to the grass below her.

"My sister will more than do I'm sure." Kelly thanked her sister, grabbed
Miranda's hand, and rushed off together.

Once out of fight, the two girls stopped beside the local restaurant that
was supplying the water and parking lot for the multi-school car wash. Kelly
turned and leaned her body against the brick wall, pulling Miranda closer
until their bodies were touching. Miranda felt Kelly's hand slide down her
sides, stopping at her hips.

"Are you sure you're just interested in kissing or maybe I could lean your
interests in a more enjoyable direction?"

"I would prefer just kissing. Hope you're not mad or anything. I mean
Samantha has already taught be quite a bit already."

"Interesting. I figured her slow antics would drive a newby away...weird.
She's a firecracker that one."

"More like a beast if you ask me."

"A beast? You sure we're talking about the same girl here?" Miranda gleamed
from ear-to-ear. "Wow. You must have really hit a nerve with her. She's
usually just a pussycat, whereas Marisa and myself like to take on the
wilder, rougher roles."

"If you need proof, I can show you the tongue she bit, the claw marks, and
my sore, red vagina. Oh yeah, she was something else."

"She really did do a number on you. But if a kiss is all you want from me
then who am I to complain. Come here sweet looking thing." Kelly was taken
back by the girl's dark, sexy complexion.

Miranda slowly brought her lips in contact with Kelly's lips and allowed
their saliva laden tongues to find each other. The kiss was sensual and much
to both of their liking. Miranda allowed the older girl to drop her hands
from her hips to the firm roundness of her rear end. Kelly dug her hands in
and pulled up on her ass cheek, causing Miranda's body to rise up in her
arms and against her chest. Kelly's slightly larger breasts grinded against
Miranda's smaller chest. Their friction filled contact pushed Miranda's
bikini top down, exposing both of her breasts to the other girl. Kelly
stopped for a moment, marveling at their naked, excited glory, but resumed
with the kissing and only the kissing, hands resting firmly on her ass, not
moving an inch.

* * *

As the two girls started back toward the others, Miranda felt she had done
the girl wrong in not letting things progress as far as she had allowed with
Samantha, plus she was curious to see what Kelly was hiding beneath her
bikini outfit. She made up her mind and stopped in her tracks, allowing the
other girl to walk ahead for a few steps. Miranda quickly fell back into step
on Kelly's heels, reached out and pulled Kelly's backside tightly against her
own body. She moved her hands around the girl's body and unsheathed her
breasts from the red bikini top.

"They feel nice, Kelly."

"Mmmm...your hands feel nice. Ohhhh."

Miranda smiled knowing that she was bringing pleasure to the other girl. She
dropped her left hand from the breast she was clutching and pulled it back
around to her backside. She pulled the girl's bottoms to the side and
clutched a hold of one of her exposed ass cheeks.


"Oh that feels so nice" stated the older girl as she rested her head back
against Miranda's shoulder, allowing the moment to take its toll on her body.
"You sure you haven't done this before?" The question went unanswered by the

For the first time, Miranda knew she shouldn't be enjoying herself as she was
unless she was indeed into girls. She came to terms with the fact that she
was indeed a budding lesbian. As she continued feeling up the older blonde,
her thoughts drifted to a shorter haired, even older blonde. She suddenly
just stopped her actions cold and spanked the other girl's ass before
starting back toward the group.

Kelly quickly pulled her top back over her breasts and fixed her bottoms
before catching up to Miranda.

"Did I do something wrong? I thought we both were enjoying ourselves."
Miranda only had one thing on her mind and hadn't realized how rude she had
been to Kelly.

"I'm sorry, Kelly. I did have fun. It all felt great, but I now know."

"You mean, you've..."

Interrupting the girl, "Yep, I'm a lesbian...and I already have my eyes set
on a certain blonde haired mother."

"Good for her."

"Oh don't sound so disappointed. It was you and your friends that made me
fully understand what I've been feeling. I owe you girls." Kelly brightened

"Oh I'm sure we can find some kind of settlement deal."

"Yeah, I bet we can." The girl started laughing as they neared Samantha and

Samantha motioned to Marisa of their return. She started to get up when she
felt her sister's hand on her shoulder pushing her back to the ground.

"The experiments are over. Sorry sis." Marisa looked disappointed as she
glanced over her shoulder at Miranda and back to the others.

Miranda walked up behind the disappointed blonde and leaned down over her
body, bringing her lips to the other girl's lips. All three girls were
shocked at the newby's sudden openness to her new lifestyle. They were sure
some of the other students saw the brief exhibition act.

The kiss lasted for a short while before they parted. Miranda stayed in her
bent over position, now staring into Marisa's eyes. Marisa welcomed the
attention, but couldn't hold the eye contact as her gaze drifted up to
Miranda's hovering breasts.

The Latino knew what the girl wanted and shocked even herself when she
reached up and pulled her own bikini top down, giving Marisa an unobstructed
look at her glorious melons. Marisa licked her tongue over her lips before
leaning upwards and kissing each of the exposed mounds of flesh and their
nipples. The girl's cool breathe felt so great against Miranda's flesh that
she reached down and pulled Marisa's bikini top to the side and leaned down
for her own nipple kiss. Samantha and Kelly both jumped at the girls and
enveloped them in a hug, trying desperately to shield Miranda and Marisa's
actions from on seekers.

When they all broke from the group hug, all the girls' bikini outfits were
back in their rightful positions. Samantha, Kelly, and Marisa each gave
Miranda a lasting hug before they had to return to their car washing duties.
They all knew the long, hot, water-filled, soapy day would provide much time
for further adventures into the newby's lesbian studies.

As the students packed into their cars at the end of the day, Miranda waited
on her new friends as they were talking to one of the female teachers from
their school. Whatever they had been discussing with their teacher, led to
Kelly pointing over towards Miranda's direction and they all smiling at the
confused girl, including the short, attractive, thin redhead teacher who was
milking in the Latino's bikini top, jean shorts covered body.

Marisa ran over from the group, smiling as she approached Miranda.

"Miranda, just wanted to tell you that I had a good time today. I can't
believe you actually mooned one of the car owners."

"Yeah, that was kind of fun. Until this day, I don't think I would have ever
had the nerve to do such a thing. You know what I can't believe...that you
actually stuck your finger in Samantha's ass when she mooned me for the
second time."

"Oh, she really likes a good fingering in the ass. That girl is the ass queen
in our little group. That's her mother over there by the car. She's just one
of the girls, always hanging around doing as we do...if you know what I

"I think I might just know what you do mean. Samantha's mom huh? I can see
where Samantha gets her looks from."

"Oh she is a doll and lot of fun to be around. You know...she was checking
you out when Samantha was telling her everything that went on today."

"Everything? No she didn't?"

"There is nothing our group does that Samantha doesn't tell her mom about.
We all are just that close knit of a group."

"Seems you are. So she knows about me fucking her daughter with the water

"That is the story Sam was telling her about when she wanted us to pick you
out of the crowd so she could see what the fuss was all about. Trust me, she
liked what she did I...all of it...every last inch."

"Ah, you're going to make me blush and trust me, it isn't a pretty sight."

"I bet there isn't anything about you that isn't a pretty sight...and I've
about seen it all."

"Stop it!" Miranda nudged the girl on the shoulder. "I think your friends are
ready to go."

Marisa looked over her shoulder, seeing her friends motioning for her to come

"Well it looks like you're right. Take care of yourself Miranda and don't be
a stranger. You can find mine and Kelly's number under Ben Knotts. Samantha
and her mom's number are unlisted, but we can get you in touch with them as
well. No pen. Easier this way."

"Hey thanks. Really...for everything." She leaned in to hug Marisa, but got
her ass groped in the process. "Hey!" Miranda playfully shouted out, making
sure her new friends could hear her voice.

Marisa whispered something into the Latino's ear before they broke apart and
Marisa rejoined her group.

"Ms. Turner, Miranda wanted me to give you something. Just turn and look over
there." Samantha's mom turned in the direction of Marisa's pointing finger
and saw Miranda flash the older woman her right breast, before turning and
running away, skipping in her burst of excitement.

Ms. Turner turned toward the girls. "And you're sure you 'just' turned her
toward girls? I think you girls might have created a monster...a very
confident, exhibitionist monster at that." She smiled and shooed the girls
into her car.

"Miranda? Such a beautiful name for such a Latin Goddess," thought Ms. Turner
as she looked into her rearview mirror, watching her daughter and friends
giggling amongst themselves, having good, clean fun.

* * *

A more confident and determined Miranda Sanchez walked up the brick walkway
of the McGuire's faintly lit house. She was wearing a pair of faded black
jeans, a multi-colored shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes, nothing sexy,
tight, or revealing...just clothing for comfort. Her hair was short for the
most part, sporting yet a few small braids, topped off with a small butterfly

The McGuire's front door was inches away from her hovering, still hand...
waiting for the final bit of courage to complete the knock against the white,
wood grained door. She shuffled her feet and brought her hand back to her
side. She walked over to the living room window and looked in only to find a
single lamp on in the corner, but a heavy dose of light was coming from the
kitchen and from the stairwell, leading up to the second story where Lizzie
and Matt's rooms were located. She quickly looked over her shoulder to make
sure that Lizzie and her dad hadn't arrived home early, but the second car,
as she hoped, wasn't in the drive.

"That was nerve rattling," she thought as she walked back to the front door
and let her hand hit against its surface over and over again.

Moments later, the door opened. Miranda looked like she had seen a ghost as
her best friend stood on the other side of the doorway.

Lizzie greeted her friend, "Oh hey, Miranda. I wasn't expecting you tonight.
Who told you we came home early?"

"Uhmmm, I saw you and your dad drive up earlier."

"Oh I see. Cool. I would invite you in, but mom and dad made it very clear to
me that I wasn't allowed to have any friends over tonight while they went out
to eat. Dad didn't think mom was feeling all that good so he felt that a
night out would do her some good."

"I see. Well I guess there is no reason for me to stay around here then. See
ya around, Lizzie."

"Bye, Miranda." Miranda walked back down the walkway as Lizzie closed the
door behind her.

"Is she gone?" whispered a voice from the dark shadows.

"Yeah dad, she's gone."

"Great!" stated Sam McGuire as he walked over and threw his arms around his
daughter, lifting her into his embracing arms. "You did good, sweetheart...
real good."

"Thanks dad. Now, where were we?"

"I think I was bent over your bed, pleading for you to spank me again."

"Ah yes...well, what are we waiting for? Back up the stairs already." Lizzie
said as she had an evil-like grin on her face.

Halfway up the stairs, "Where do you think mom could be?"

"I was wondering that earlier since she didn't pick up on her cellphone, but
right now, I have the sexiest McGuire in my arms and I don't won't to ruin
the moment talking about your mom."

"Fine. Let's just fuck."

"You read my mind."

* * *

Across town, Jo McGuire was sitting in a large booth at McDonalds, eating a
messy cheeseburger meal, and contemplating what she had already decided to
do, but was now having second and third thoughts against. The older blonde
couldn't get Miranda's image out of her mind, drifting back yet again to the
kiss between her and the teenage girl.

She chewed on another French fry as she wondered what she should do. The meal
didn't last as long as she had hoped, already back in her car driving around
again. She pulled up in the parking lot adjoining the apartment building
Miranda and her mother lived in.

The courage was there as was another sip from her brown bagged, hidden
Tequila bottle. She got out of her car, locked it and started for the front
door to the apartment complex. As she reached for the door, she heard a
familiar voice call out to her.

Miranda was walking across the parking lot when she saw Jo standing by the

"Mrs. McGuire, is that you?"

"Oh hi ya doing, Miranda."

"Fine I guess. Did you need something?"

"Oh no, I'm quite fine...thanks for asking though."

"Are you alright, Mrs. McGuire? You seem a little..."

"Drunk? Nope, I'm not drunk...maybe a little tipsy though. I'm quickly
remembering how bad I was at holding my liquor."

"Liquor? I didn't know you drunk."

"Yeah, well neither did I.'s weird you know."

"What's weird? You lost me."

"No I didn't lose're right here." Jo stuck her hand out and touched
the girl's face, feeling around it as if she was sightless. "I was speaking
about the,, I'm feeling pretty good
right now."

"Yeah, I can see that. Maybe we should get you inside." Miranda moved passed
the out stretched arm and wrapped an arm around her waist, supporting Jo's
tipsy, heavier than she ever imagined, body.

"You don't have to do that." Jo said, moving away from the girl's helping
arm. "Really, I'm fine. See, I can stand on my own." Miranda quickly grabbed
Jo before she fell to the concrete walkway.

"Yeah, I do see...that is why I'm going to help you up to my apartment and
see if we can't get some good old coffee in your system. What do you say to

"Doesn't sound so bad to me...I like coffee."

* * *

Many tiresome minutes later, Miranda sat Jo's deadweight body on the couch
before looking for her mom.

"Mom, are you home?" She yelled out a few times throughout the apartment.
Hearing no response, she headed for the kitchen to start up a pot of coffee
for the mother of her best friend.

Miranda returned to the living room where Jo McGuire was still sitting
quietly on the couch. The teenager found herself looking through the older
woman's drunkenness and into the woman's true beauty. Miranda approached the
couch, stopping short, just in front of Jo.

Jo looked up at the girl and smiled. Scooting to the edge of the couch, Jo
reached out her hands and grabbed a hold of the girl's belt and started
releasing the strap. Miranda was shocked and didn't know how to react.

The blonde haired woman dropped hard to her knees, but ignored the new found
pain in her knees and continued working the teenager's belt loose from her
pants. She finally loosened the strap enough to pull it from the belt loops.
The belt fell to the ground as Jo started in on the girl's pant's button and

Miranda's hands were hovering just above Jo's hands, unsure if she should
stop the woman's, drunken advances, knowing Jo would regret her actions in
the morning. Jo released the button and pulled her zipper down, allowing
her a clear view of the teenager's purple, lace panties. Miranda had yet
to try and stop her advances.

Jo had a hungry look in her eyes as she stared at the girl's panties, moving
her tongue over her upper and bottom lips. Both of her hands grabbed a
handful of jean material and started shimming the article of clothing down
the girl's legs. Miranda stepped out of them and kicked the jeans to the
side. She knew she shouldn't allow things to progress as Jo had done to her
a day earlier, stopping things before they really got started, but Miranda
couldn't find it in herself to fight off her urges.

She reached her hands out to her panties and pulled them down to the ground
herself, and kicked them over to rest on her jeans. Miranda looked down at
her slightly fuzzed bush and then over to Jo's succulent red lips; her tongue
washing over the very lips.

"Is this what you wanted Mrs. McGuire? Is my pussy to your liking?" Miranda
waited for a response.

"I don't know just yet, let me have a taste first and I'll get back to you."
Miranda jumped for joy, leaving the ground for a split second as Jo's tongue
found her sensitive nubbin. She immediately started sucking on the excited
flesh, causing ripples of excitement to thread throughout Miranda's young,
teenage, partially nude body. Her knees were going weak as Jo used her
fingers to open up the girl's folds, more to her dinning pleasure.

Over the years, Jo had grown to enjoy her own body and now she was passing
on her years' worth of knowledge to the young Latino. Her fingers slid along
her nerve filled folds as she paid all her oral attention to the girl's
unhooded clit. She sucked and licked at the hardening nubbin, trying her best
to give the girl as much pleasure as she could without crossing the threshold
of pain by focusing her ministrations solely on the small exposed flesh.

"Oh Jo!" screamed out Miranda as she entwined her fingers in the older
woman's short, blonde curly hair. "Oh fuck, this is too good. Where did you
learn...ahhh...ohhh." The girl was panting for breath, mouth wide-open,
taking in the excessive unknown pleasures the Jo's tongue was unleashing on
her womanhood.

Miranda fell forward, crushing Jo's head between her legs and the edge of the
couch. "Shit!" The hard hit and sudden pressure was too much for the teenage
girl to handle. Jo knew she had Miranda on the ropes and decided to drive
herself home. She pulled her lips and tongue away, changing her focus, and
started lapping at the girl's pink inner core, drinking in the fine amount of
juice secreting out along the edges. Jo buried her face as deep and as hard
as she could, one moment fucking the girl's pussy with her stiff, curled
tongue, the other sensually licking along her inner and older folds. Each
method had its own advantages.

Jo loved the girl's musky scent of arousal and drunk in her juice and honey,
unable to get enough of the limitless nectar flowing from the girl's body.
Miranda felt Jo's hands push up along her body, pushing hard against her
flesh, travelling under her shirt and over her bra covered breasts. Her hands
didn't linger as they roamed and pushed their way back down her body in the
same fashion it had pushed up. Jo repeated her actions, pushing up the girl's
body and pulling back down, loving the feel of the Latino's soft, delicate

Miranda just stood upright and leaned her head back, feeling the woman's
hands roam over her, excited from their soft, hard touches and caresses.
Miranda reached down and pulled her own shirt over her head and discarded
it with the rest of her clothes. Her bra soon followed. Jo, still blind
from her current position, didn't realize what the girl had done until
her hands roamed upwards again, this time coming in contact with only the
hardness of the girl's naked, heaving breasts. Her hands continuously
brushed over her breasts, causing her nipples to harden even more than
they already had. Jo kneaded the flesh surrounding the nipples and
frequently gave them both firm, hard squeezes, eliciting deeper moans of
pleasure and dirty talk.

"Oh you fucking bitch! Shit. Ohhhh...this can't be happennniinnggg." Miranda
sprayed Jo's face with her juices for the second time on the night. Jo
lapped up what she could, the rest falling on her face; the woman loving the
teenager's taste even more with each climax...and for the first time, wetting
her own panties in the process.

Miranda was all too consumed in her pleasure-filled climaxes to realize she
had started repeatedly slamming her lover's face against her pussy. Jo
retreated and quickly got the girl's attention as she started off nibbling
on the girl's flesh each time her face was forced against the girl's pussy,
but as the slams got harder, as did her biting, each time directing more
attention toward the girl's very sensitive nubbin. Miranda quickly learned
that she was in no position to play games with the more experienced, mature
woman currently taking up residence between her naked thighs, feasting on
her previously much over looked pussy.

The Latino finally released the woman's hair and unclenched her legs around
Jo's head, allowing Jo's head to finally get its necessary blood flowing
again. Her headache slowly eased itself as she rested against the couch's
edge. Miranda tried to stand up, but found it much more difficult than she
had thought, so she just toppled over onto the couch, letting her hands
quickly find her sore pussy. Jo smiled and laughed inwardly at the girl's
sudden reaction.

Jo pulled her body up to a more seated position and tried working out the
tension and cricks in her neck. She soon felt Miranda's youthful hands
massaging her neck muscles.

"Does that feel better, Mrs. McGuire?"

"Does it ever. And after what we just did I think you've earned the right
to call me Jo." The woman seemed to be over her drunkenness.

"I guess you were weren't drunk."

"That's right...just a bit tipsy. Though I believe I've drunken more
from you tonight than I did from the Tequila bottle in my car." They both
chuckled. Miranda reached her arms out around the woman's neck and gave her
an affectionate hug.

"I love you, Jo!" She exclaimed as she squeezed tighter. Jo was caught off

"I know you do, sweetie. I know you do."

"Aren't you going to say you love me too?" asked Miranda as she pulled her
arms away from the woman's neck and supported her own head on the couch

"I'm sorry, Miranda, but I can't say what I don't feel. This was great and
all...loved every minute of it, but this wasn't about was about
making two lonely depressed females feel good about themselves. Or at least
that is what I thought it was. If I had known that you felt more then I
would have never come over tonight. I should have gone with my gut feeling."

"Why, what was your gut feeling?" asked a disappointed Miranda Sanchez.

"I felt you wanted more, even the other day as we were kissing. I sensed you
wanted things to progress...more for pleasure than for experimenting."

"I don't see how you knew, when I just figured it out earlier today. I
experimented a bit with a few girls and yes they turned me on and got me off,
but I realized...they weren't you. I didn't know what I was after the other
day. Maybe these feelings have been building up for some time now. I don't
know. I just know my intentions the other day were honorable and only for
experimental reasons. I really wanted to know why I had reacted the way I did
when Gordo kissed me. It's like I've come full circle from that
here and now, resting as a full fledged lesbian after having the woman of my
dreams fulfill ever desire I've ever wanted to feel."

"I respect you, Miranda. You are a great girl and some day you will find the
right mate for you, whether it be another girl or a guy. When the time is
right you will know true love. What you think is love is more than likely
nothing more than infatuation...teenage crush. But come to think of it...I
doubt many people get to actually have sex with their middle school crushes
or any crushes for that matter."

"You're probably right, Jo...about the crushes I mean, but what I'm feeling
isn't just a crush, I don't think."

"If you aren't sure...then I know right there that I'm nothing but a crush.
There is nothing wrong with being someone's crush; it's very nice to hear.
I'll be happier if you accept your feelings you have for me as nothing more
than a fleeting crush. Can you do that? Will you do that?"

"Yes, I can. You're right, what I'm feeling for you is but a crush and not
love. Wow, I actually got myself to admit it. Does that mean that we can't
have sex anymore with each other?"

"Heaven forbid such a thing. Girl you feel too good in my hands and taste
even better for us not to do this again...or even continue on into the
night." Miranda picked up on Jo's hint and smiled as she leaned into another
hug from the older woman."

"Since we aren't done and all, can I ask you's about something
I saw two girls doing earlier today."

"Sure you can ask me a question...ask as many as you would like."

"This is hard for me to talk about. It seems really, really gross just
thinking about it, but the girls looked like they were really enjoying
themselves. Have you ever had a finger stuck up your ass?"

"Actually I have, but not very often. Sam got me to try it a few times, but
it was never anything that I really wanted for myself, he on the other hand
got off on it, so I went along with him being the loving and supportive wife
that I am."

"Wasn't that sweet of you."

"I like to think so. Why, did you want to finger mine, get fingered yourself,
or were you just curious?" Jo had turned around and was sitting Indian style,
facing the curious teenager. She still had all her clothes on, though
underneath her outer apparel, she wore no underclothes, bra, or panties.

"Samantha looked like she really loved having one in her ass. Marisa told me
that she was the ass queen in their little love triangle. So I think I would
like to get fingered...just to say that I at least tried it."

"Okay, if you're sure that is what you want. Get up, but stay on the couch...
it will be better for us both. Support yourself on your knees and rest your
head on your folded under arms. That's a good girl. I believe my Sam would
say this was the perfect ass fucking position. I bet you didn't know that
this was a great position for a guy to fuck you. See this way, his cock hits
your g-spot earlier and once that spot is hit, all rules or inhibitions are
thrown out the window. Any and everything goes at that point."

"Wow! I never knew I had anything like that interesting on my body. Can you
show me that spot?"

"Well...give me a cock and I would love to...maybe we can work on that the
next time."

"I like that...the next time. This time isn't even over and I already can't
wait for the next time."

"Youthful, energetic child...whatever will I do with you?" Jo answered her
own question as she ran a finger over Miranda's wet folds, gathering enough
juices to allow for easier entry into the girl's virginally, tight ass. She
positioned her hands between the girl's cheeks and pried them apart the best
she could so she could see what she was aiming at. Jo found it hard holding
the girl's cheeks open as she continued fighting with her skin.

She really had no idea what she was doing or why, but she was willing to give
it a try nonetheless. She pointed her wet finger at the girl's rear orifice
and started pushing her digit past the entry point. Miranda pulled her body
away from Jo's finger upon instinct.

"Sorry. I'll try and be more still."

"It's okay, Miranda. Just relax. I did the exact same thing when Sam first
tried to penetrate me back there...with something other than a finger. It is
something you have to get used to."

Jo watched Miranda put her body back in position and again Jo attempted to
push her finger into the girl's rear hole. Surprisingly, her finger
experienced tight resistance, but soon after, her finger was given an easy

"Oh shit. Oh fuck. It feels someone's cramming my ass to
compaction. Damn. Oh shit. Uhmmmm."

"Are you ready to try two fingers?" asked Jo while concealing a hidden smile.

"Two? No, please don't. One is enough. No, is tooo muucchhh. Get
it out please. Damn, that hurts." Miranda reached back, trying to pull Jo's
finger out herself, but Jo wouldn't have any of that. She knew if she didn't
extract it herself, just right, that the girl could be damaged. She didn't
want to risk it. Jo swatted away the girl's hand before trying to push her
ass cheeks apart, enabling her anus to release some of the built up pressure
holding in her finger. Once the pressure and tension was released, her finger
came right out, smelling of a different scent than when it entered the girl.

Never had Jo had the opportunity to stare at another female's naked ass,
Sam's either, so she just stared at Miranda's puckered hole.

"Hey Miranda, in the spirit of experimenting, tell me if this feels okay or
not." Jo instructed before sticking her extended tongue against the tight
confines of the girl's hole. She curled and tightened her tongue as it roamed
over the hole, seeking entrance.

Miranda knew the finger hurt, but she was finding that she liked the feelings
that she got as Jo's tongue licked around her hole and attempted to penetrate
it. Her nerves were kicking as her juices began flowing again.

Jo sensed the wetness and moved her right hand between the girl's legs and
pushed two fingers against her folds, parting them, giving her the internal
entrance she so desired. She continued trying to push her tongue into the
Latino's ass, but it wasn't mean to be so she decided to just poke and prod
her finger around the girl's ass to see if indeed she could get to like
having her ass played with or even fucked.

Miranda was close, on the throws of another orgasm when she heard keys
rattling around in the hallway. She immediately jumped up and started trying
to put her clothes back on. Jo, still completely dressed, played dangerously
as she continued touching and feeling up the girl as she fought to get

As she was pulling her last article of clothing back into place, her mother
opened the door. Jo was sitting on the couch, directly behind Miranda's ass,
taking in the nice view of things.

"Hi momma."

"Hey, Miranda...Jo."

"Hello" called out Jo, refusing to leave her perfect view behind. Miranda
bent forward and picked up a cup from the coffee table in front of her and
looked over her shoulder at Jo's grinning features.

"Mrs. McGuire, would you care for some more coffee?" asked Miranda.

"Sure, sweetie, I would love some more of whatever it was you gave me
earlier." Miranda immediately began blushing, unable to control her emotions.
She quickly fled to the kitchen.

"So Jo, what brings you over?"

"Nothing much. I just wanted to get some input from your daughter. She was
great. We had a wonderful time together. You know she is very insightful and
loud. Have you ever noticed that before?"

"Oh yes, she can be quite loud when the moment presents itself."

"You don't have to tell me twice. It's almost like an explosion of sorts."

Miranda found herself leaning against the kitchen wall, listening to Jo and
her mother talk about her, picking up on Jo's subtle uses of certain words,
describing their night together as being loud, enjoyable, and time well

A minute or so later, Miranda reappeared with Jo's coffee, setting the cup
back on the coffee table, resuming her previous stance. Jo got up and
squeezed Miranda's ass without her mother seeing.

"Well Ms. Sanchez, I guess I should be going. It's been a pleasure to see you
again. And thank you Miranda for what you've given think about that
is." Jo grabbed the girl's attention and then quickly flashed her the bra and
panties she had earlier grabbed from the floor. "I must be going."

"Yes, it was nice seeing you again, Jo. You should stop by more often. Looks
like you and my daughter get along pretty well."

"I would say we interconnect quite nicely."

"I'll let Miranda see you out. I'm tired and going to go to bed now. Have a
nice night." Ms. Sanchez walked down the hall toward her bedroom. Miranda
quickly shot Jo a knowing glare.


"You know what."

"I was just having a little fun...clean fun...unlike all the fun we had."

"I get the point. Now go home before we get in trouble for something."

"Not before you drop those pants of yours again and lean against the door.
I'm fancying another lick of that delectable ass of yours."

"No. Not with my mom in the other room."

"Well then I guess I'm staying the night. That means your mom and I could
talk lots more about things."

"Fine! You win."

"No actually, we both win." Jo grinned as Miranda looked around before
pulling her pants back down to the floor. With her undergarments in Jo's
possession, her ass came into view quickly. "Now support yourself against
the door and bend over." Jo instructed Miranda and she followed through
with the instructions.


"Miranda, did I hear something?" Her mom yelled from her bedroom.

"No mom. That was just Mrs. McGuire leaving."

"Okay dear. Make sure to lock up behind yourself before you go to bed."

"I will, mom."

Jo just shook her head and kneeled down behind the girl, running her tongue
over her ass cheeks and finally the puckered hole itself. She stood back up,
but couldn't resist the temptation before her. Knowing she could be busted
at any moment just raised her level of excitement. Jo reached her hand back
between the girl's legs and cupped her pussy. Miranda turned and looked at
Jo wondering what she was doing, but her head immediately hit the closed door
as Jo's hands vibrated over her mound. Her actions were rougher than they had
been and the pleasure was that much more pleasurable. Jo caught her sensitive
nubbin between her fingers and frantically shook her hand back and forth,
causing her hand to continue vibrating across the girl's exposed mound. She
quickly pulled back and licked her fingers and in one fail swoop, penetrated
the girl's ass with two fingers. Knowing Miranda would probably scream out,
she readied her other hand close to the girl's mouth so she could easily mute
her screams. Miranda screamed wildly into Jo's hand as her fingers quickly
pushed and pulled at the entrance to her ass. Miranda relaxed when Jo finally
pulled her fingers free, but wasn't expecting to have to lick Jo's fingers
clean afterwards. It happened. She did it. She dealt with it. Didn't like it,
but didn't hate it either. Jo left her with a parting kiss on the forehead.

"Until next time," were her last words before leaving the apartment building.

* * *

Jo returned home to find her husband lying on top of the covers next to their
daughter, Lizzie, as she was snuggled and sleeping in her bed. Jo looked at
the two members of her family and wondered what they would think of her if
they knew what she had done earlier in the evening. She didn't think about it
any more that night. She walked over and awakened her husband, as sleepy as
he was; he immediately headed for the door and eventually the comforts of his
own bed.

Jo leaned down to pull Lizzie's covers up around her when she noticed
Lizzie's nightshirt had risen enough to expose her left breast. Upon closer
examination, she noticed the breast was wet...with saliva.

"Sam you dirty, dirty man" thought Jo as she lightly ran a finger over her
daughter's nipple. "Still hard too. I wonder if they or if he...doesn't
matter, no body is perfect I guess." The puzzle pieces all fit together. "If
he can do it, why shouldn't I be allowed," she thought as she leaned down and
sucked her daughter's nipple into he mouth.

"Ummm...sweet. If you only knew, Lizzie...if you only knew" whispered Jo
McGuire before she stood back up and walked over to turn the lights off. She
reached out and closed the door.

Moments later.

"Ummm, dad."

"No sweetie."

"Oh oh ohhh mom!"

The End


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