This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 1 (fff,inter,viol,spank,fist,ws,rape)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With the sudden transfer of one of Hillridge's cheerleaders Lizzie quickly
jumped on the opportunity to up her social status and decided to try out.
While she certainly was in shape and wasn't fat by any stretch of the
imagination Lizzie wasn't in athletic enough shape to be a cheerleader. She
was out of breath and wheezing hard by the time she finished the routine
Miranda helped her create for the tryout. Lizzie's other big problem was
that she just wasn't coordinated enough to be a cheerleader. She stumbled
several times over her feet and actually fell down once. She wasn't too
concerned though because none of the other girls were any better than she

None of the other girls except Kate Sanders. It wasn't that Kate was some
sort of uber-cheerleader to be, but she was definitely more coordinated
than Lizzie and looked more the part too. As Lizzie watched Kate finish her
tryout she couldn't help but think that something was different about her.
Then she suddenly figured out what it was. Where Kate had previously had a
flat chest she now had large protruding teenage breasts. Lizzie hadn't seen
her at all over summer break so Kate could have grown them then, but Lizzie
certainly was suspicious. That and she was self-conscious too. While
Lizzie wasn't flat-chested and there were other girls in school with smaller
breasts than her, she didn't exactly have the giant breasts that Kate had.

Regardless of chest size though, Lizzie was still hopeful that she could
make the squad. There was one girl left to try out after Kate. Lizzie had
seen her around school before, but didn't know her name. There was only one
person she needed to beat and that was Kate. Lizzie absolutely hated and
thought how unfair it was that so much of what happened in her life revolved
around Kate. She hated it even more when Claire Miller announced that Kate
was the new cheerleader. Lizzie should have known better. Claire was Kate's
best friend and nobody stood a chance of making the squad other than Kate.
Lizzie got up to get her things to go home when Kate stopped her before she
could take a single step.

"Hey McGuire."

"What do you want Kate?"

"Nothing important. I'm just curious to know how it feels to still be a
loser? You've always been a loser and you'll always be a loser."

"Whatever. I'm going home. I've got a test to study for," Lizzie replied
walking away from Kate.

"LOSER!" Kate shouted.

"Yeah well it certainly helps when your best friend is on the squad," Lizzie
mumbled in frustration.

After a dinner which consisted of meatloaf and mashed potatoes Lizzie went
to her room without saying much of anything to anyone. She had a big American
History test tomorrow and as she looked over the chapters that the test was
on she realized that for once she was prepared ahead of time and knew the
material. Lizzie closed her history book and threw it back into her bag.

She decided to get on the internet to check her e-mail and chat with Miranda
if she was on. There were a few forwarded jokes and other odd e-mails that
Gordo had sent her and the obligatory pieces of spam which she deleted.
Lizzie was about to log out of her e-mail when it suddenly chimed indicating
she had new mail. She checked to see what it was and grumbled when she saw
it was from Kate. Double-clicking the message it simply read "LOSER!" in big
bold letters. Lizzie deleted the e-mail and logged onto instant messenger.

"Great!" She thought when she saw Miranda was on. Lizzie started to type out
a message to send her when Miranda beat her to the punch and sent one first.

"So how'd it go?"

"It went ok I guess. I didn't make it, Kate did of course."

"You forgot that Claire was on the squad didn't you? I didn't think of it
until I got home today."

"That's not the only reason Kate made it," Lizzie typed. She turned around
for a moment to get a Diet Coke she had been sipping on while studying.

"What do you mean?"

"All the girls on the cheerleading squad have big boobs and suddenly now so
does Kate."

"So? You haven't seen her all summer. Maybe she grew them then. This one girl
Shelby in my art class who didn't have them last year has them this year."

"Crap!" Lizzie said to herself knocking her drink over spilling it all over
her desk and partially onto her keyboard. She ran to the kitchen to get some
paper towels and she moistened some of them before returning to her room.
Lizzie cleaned the soda off the table and took her time carefully cleaning
the buttons on her keyboard. When she was satisfied with the clean-up job
she returned to her chat with Miranda.

"Sorry about the wait. I just spilled some Coke. Anyways, the only reason
Kate has big boobs now is because she stuffs her bra."

"Maybe so," Miranda typed, "but even if she didn't have a big chest she still
would have made the squad because of Claire."

"I know, it was dumb of me to think I stood a chance."

"Oh well, at least you tried though, even if it was futile."

"At least Kate's still calling me a loser ever chance she gets. It's good to
know things are still normal between us."

"Don't listen to Kate, nobody does except her stuck up friends."

"That's true I guess..."

"Hey Lizzie I would love to stay and chat, but I've got to go study for the
history test tomorrow. I only really meant to get online long enough to check
my e-mail."

"No problem Miranda, I could use some refreshing on the material myself. I'll
see you at school tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow Lizzie."

The messenger indicator turned off and Miranda was now offline. Lizzie sighed
and turned off her computer. She changed into her pajamas and climbed into
bed. Lizzie laid there watching t.v. until she fell asleep.

The next morning Lizzie found Miranda and Gordo in the school cafeteria as
usual and sat down with them to wait for the first bell to ring.

"So Lizzie how did the tryouts go? Are you now part of Hillridge's upper
elite all set to bring cheer and school spirit to meaningless junior high
sports games?" Gordo asked closing his math book.

"Of course not, who else but Kate would get the spot?"

"Claire's already on the squad. Lizzie had no chance," Miranda commented.

"Hey thanks for the pep talk Miranda!"

"You know what I mean. They could have had professional cheerleaders try out
and Kate still would have made the squad."

"Yeah I thought about saying something about that, but I figured why ruin it
for Lizzie? At least she knows she's better than Kate. Speaking of the devil,
what's going on with Kate over there?" Gordo asked spotting Kate on the other
side of the cafeteria being followed by a group of kids.

"I don't know," Lizzie said, "looks like they're doing something to upset
her. Who cares though? She'll ignore them like she does everyone else.

"MCGUIRE!" Kate shouted spotting Lizzie.

"Here she comes. What did you do this time Lizzie?" Miranda asked.

"Nothing that I know of. Hey Kate what's up?" Lizzie asked trying to act
cheerful when Kate walked up.

"Ok, which one of you dweebs sent messages to everyone in the school saying
I stuffed my bra?"

"Sorry, I don't know anything about your bra," Gordo replied.

"Shut up, I know it wasn't you!" Kate snapped. "It was one of these two,"
she said staring down Lizzie and Miranda, "but who?"

"It wasn't us Kate, why would we do that? We don't want to have to deal with
you anymore than we have to," Miranda said.

"You and Gordon don't have reasons right now, but Lizzie does. Might you be
jealous that I made the squad and you didn't," Kate scowled at Lizzie. "Or
perhaps you're jealous because I have boobs and you don't? You just watch
yourself McGuire. It'll be coming and you won't like it at all."

"What is? What's coming?" Lizzie half-shouted after Kate. "What do you think
she's going to do Miranda?"

"She probably won't do much of anything. Knock your lunch tray out of your
hand, pour milk in your hair, something like that I'd guess."

"Or she could do what she did to Ricky Miller yesterday," Gordo added.

"What did she do to Ricky? I thought he went home sick yesterday?" Lizzie

"He did, but the reason he did was because Kate put Ex-Lax in his lunch.
That's what I hear anyways."

"Eeew! Gross! Why would she do that?" Miranda asked disgusted.

"Because she only got a ninety-five on some homework he did for her."

"Are you serious?" Lizzie asked shocked.

"Yeah. This is Kate we're talking about here, remember?"

Just then the morning bell rang for class.

"That's just nasty and mean. Looks like I won't be eating lunch for awhile,"
Lizzie said picking up her bag. "I'll see you later Gordo. Miranda and I have
a test first period."

"Cya Gordo."

"Okay, I'll see you two at lunch."

As Lizzie and Miranda walked to their class they started to talk.

"What do you think happened? You didn't message everyone telling them Kate
stuffed her bra did you?" Miranda asked.

"Not intentionally. Not unless..."

"Unless what Lizzie?"

"Well I was drinking Diet Coke last night while I was chatting with you and
I spilled it on my table and keyboard. Maybe I accidentally did something
then while I was cleaning it."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it. You'll do something else to upset Kate
and she'll forget all about this."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Lizzie studied all night long the night before the test and did all of her
homework. She knew the material inside and out, yet when test time rolled
around she had become too worried about Kate and couldn't concentrate. The
tests were graded there in class and Lizzie still managed to get a B- despite
her distractions.

The day went by ever so slowly for Lizzie and when lunch arrived she refused
to eat even after Miranda and Gordo volunteered to buy lunch for her. Lizzie
and Kate made eye contact several times during lunch and Kate shot her an
evil look each time. Lizzie was more than happy when lunch was over and she
took off for her next class which was math.

While the class worked on an in-class assignment Lizzie got permission from
the teacher to use the bathroom. As Lizzie sat down on the toilet to pee she
heard the bathroom door open and shut.

"Please don't let it be Kate, please don't let it be Kate!" Lizzie prayed in
her head. One by one each of the stall doors were slammed opened.

"Oh my god! It is Kate!" Lizzie panicked pulling her pants up while
considering crawling under the stall's wall to the one next to her after
Kate checked it.

Lizzie had no time to make a decision. Her stall door swung open and Kate
stood on the other smiling maniacally at her. Kate grabbed Lizzie by the hair
and swung her into wall across from the door. Lizzie slammed into the wall
and cried out in pain sliding down to the floor. Before she could get up Kate
planted a foot to her chest pinning her to the floor.

"I told you it was coming!" Kate laughed.

"Kate! Please! It was an accident! I swear!"

"Accident or not it doesn't matter McGuire. You're going to get yours. Not
here and not now, but consider this a warning."

Kate lifted her foot and Lizzie started to get up. She was quickly kicked
back down and hit her head against the floor. Lizzie grunted in pain and Kate
laughed at her as she walked out.

Lizzie returned to class and for the rest of the day was afraid of running
into Kate. She seemed even more pissed off and hateful than usual. Lizzie was
worried that Kate might try to pick a fight with her and she definitely was
no fighter. So after each class Lizzie was careful in looking into the hall
for Kate before going to her next class. She wasted no time in the halls and
didn't go into anymore bathrooms. Lizzie quickly went from one class to
another and luckily didn't run into Kate at all.

Lizzie and Miranda were supposed to go shopping for supplies for their
history project after school. When the last bell rang Lizzie was more than
happy for the day to be over. She raced towards the cafeteria where she was
going to meet Miranda but as she got closer she realized she still needed to
go to the bathroom since she had been interrupted by Kate. Lizzie was still
paranoid about Kate walking in on her, but she was on the verge of peeing on

Lizzie decided that she could use the bathroom and still play it safe by
using the restroom nearest to the cafeteria. She quickly ducked into the
bathroom and hurriedly emptied her bladder. Kate hadn't shown up and Lizzie
was relieved, but she wasn't about to spend anymore time in the bathroom
than she had too. Lizzie pulled her pants back up fastening them and moved
the switch over unlocking the door. Just as she was about to pull the door
open Lizzie heard a sound that made her freeze; the bathroom door had open
and closed again.

"Lizzie are you in here?" It was Claire, but that didn't make it any easier
for her to respond. "Lizzie are you here?"

Lizzie stood still petrified in silence.


"Kate calm down. Everyone outside will here you," Claire said soothing voice.

One by one all of the stall doors were flung open with force just like
earlier in the day. Claire and Kate quickly got to Lizzie's stall and no
sooner had the door swung open than Kate was wrapping duct tape around
Lizzie's mouth. Despite the tape Lizzie started screaming at the top of her
lungs and even though the tape muffled her screams some Lizzie was still
letting out a loud noise. Kate brought her bare palm across Lizzie's face
once and when the screaming didn't stop, Kate slapped her again. Lizzie
stopped screaming the second time.

"Now is the time, but this isn't the place," Kate said staring hard at

"Just so we can walk through the school easier, we're going to take the tape
off your mouth, but if you so much as make a sound you'll regret it!" Claire
warned coldly. "Do you understand?"

Lizzie quietly shook her head yes.

"Good now let's go," Kate ordered harshly ripping the tape from Lizzie's

The three girls quickly walked through the school without making a sound to
anyone or anything. Claire was in front, Lizzie was in the middle, and Kate
brought up the rear. When they stopped in front of the sports equipment room
near the gym, Claire removed a key from her pocket and opened the door. She
slipped the key back into her pocket and pushed Lizzie inside.

While Claire ripped Lizzie's shirt and bra from her body, Kate found the box
that the jumpropes were kept in. She pulled out an old-fashioned one that
had the two wooden handles with rope between them. Kate bound Lizzie's hands
together with one end and threw the other end over some low rise rafters.
Kate pulled down the other end until Lizzie's arms were raised in the air
above her head then she tied the second end around Lizzie's wrists as well.

Kate then took Lizzie's bra from Claire and told her to remove the rest of
Lizzie's clothing. Kate shoved the Lizzie's own bra into her mouth and gagged
her with another piece of tape. As Claire removed Lizzie's pants, the last of
her clothing, Lizzie's eyes widened and a look of terror and panic took over
her face.

"You know what the great thing about the beginning of the school year is
McGuire?" Kate taunted. "There are no sports to make use of all of this
wonderful equipment. Should we give her an example Claire?"

"I think we should Kate," Claire replied handing Kate a red rubber playground

"While dodgeball is normally something the guys like the play, I think us
girls can get something out of it too."

Kate threw the ball as hard as she could at Lizzie pelting her in the
stomach. Lizzie wheezed loudly as the air was knocked out of her and she
desperately tried suck some in through her nose. Claire picked up the ball
Kate had just thrown and handed it back to her. She then got a ball for
herself from a nearby basket. Kate and Claire threw their balls at Lizzie.
Kate's ball hit Lizzie in the hip and Claire's struck her in the face.
Lizzie's head snapped back at the impact and when it came back forward
blood was trickling from her nose.

The two girls laughed at Lizzie without remorse and Kate decided to play
nurse and check on Lizzie's bleeding nose. She placed her thumb and index
finger on the sides of Lizzie's noise and squeezed hard. Lizzie screamed
hysterically as pain shot from her nose through her body. Kate then started
to twist Lizzie's nose to the left and tape or not Lizzie's screams got
louder and more hysterical. Tears started to run down Lizzie's face and
Kate let go of her nose seemingly getting pleasure from Lizzie's pain. Kate
grinned wickedly and licked the tears from Lizzie's face.

"Here you go," Claire said.

Kate turned and took another jumprope from her. This time it was one of those
jumpropes that had the plastic handles and the alternating red and white
plastic noodles that covered the rope. Kate folded the rope in half holding
both handles in one hand. Claire blew Kate a kiss as she turned Lizzie's
backside towards Kate.

Lizzie cried again and her tears reappeared as Kate struck her across the ass
with the jumprope. Lizzie then felt the stinging slap of plastic against her
back and against her legs. She screamed and cried as Kate continued to whip
her. Then when Kate was happy with the size and color of welts spread across
Lizzie's body she stopped and dropped the jumprope to the floor.

"Now while dodgeball is a sport that girls should be getting into, one sport
that's already popular is softball," Claire whispered in Lizzie's ear licking

Scared of where this was leading Lizzie started to thrash around and trying
to free herself from the rope. It did little good and she started screaming
again as she continued trying to free herself.

Kate handed a bat to Claire who took position behind Lizzie and Kate took
position in front of her with a bat of her own. Kate began to lick the barrel
of the bat up and down batting her eyes at Lizzie.

"So have you ever had a cock this big?" Kate teased. "Let me guess, you
probably haven't even seen a dick before have you? Well there's only one
way to find out."

Kate stuck her index and middle fingers into her mouth sucking and wetting
them, before spreading Lizzie's cuntal lips with them. She keep pushing and
pushing deep into Lizzie's twat until she found what she was looking for.
Kate pressed up hard and deep breaking Lizzie's hymen and pulled her fingers
out. They were covered in Lizzie's blood and soon it was dripping from
Lizzie's cunt and falling to the floor.

"Don't worry Lizzie, the first time always hurts the worst but you can't get
better without practice."

"You know Kate Lizzie's anus is reacting well to everything I put into it;
my tongue, my fingers, and now the knobby bottom of the bat."

"I alwasy knew Lizzie was a cheap dirty slut. So tell me McGuire does Gordo
have a large dick?"

Lizzie made no attempt to answer, but kept whining as she felt her ass and
pussy slowly get penetrated by the softball bats. She couldn't tell how big
the bats were, but they were big enough to split her wide. Lizzie's asshole
and cunt stretched and tore as Claire and Kate continued to push the bats
further into her body. She finally felt some relief as the items were slowly
pulled out, but the relief was short lived and the bats were shoved right
back into her holes. The pain was excruciating and Lizzie writhed as the
instruments invaded her body. She screamed when the girls started to twist
the bats around.

Kate and Claire laughed maniacally as Lizzie's body thrashed around and her
muffled screams filled the room. Kate then had another idea and removed the
bats from Lizzie's love holes. She lowered Lizzie to the ground although
Lizzie's hands remained bound while Claire found two tennis rackets and a
tennis ball. With Lizzie on her hands and knees Kate took the rackets and
with the handles side by side shoved them in Lizzie's pussy. Plunging the
racket handles in and out while Lizzie screamed Kate told Claire where to
place the ball. Placing it at Lizzie's sphincter Claire slowly but surely
pushed the ball into Lizzie's asshole. Lizzie's body swirled with the
sensation of pain, pleasure, and a complete mindfuck that left her body in
a defeated state.

Kate and Claire stood next to each other watching smiling with delight as
Lizzie lay on the floor struggling with her congested holes. They turned
and looked at each other, a twinkle seeming to appear in each other's eyes.
Without a word their lips pressed and they kissed passionately their tongues
fighting one another. When their faces separated Kate discovered her panties
to be wet. She left to find something.

Claire then came up with a wicked idea of her own. She forcefully tore the
rackets from Lizzie's cunt and the ball from her ass. Lizzie screamed only
temporarily at the pain. She knew more was coming and it was. Claire found
the golf bag she wanted and removed the putting iron and five golf balls.
Lizzie had fallen on her side, but Claire kicked her telling her to get back
on her hands and knees. Claire took the five golf balls inserting them into
Lizzie's pussy one at a time. As Claire put each ball in, the area between
Lizzie's legs began to swell. When all the balls were inserted Claire lightly
slapped the sensitive area and Lizzie groaned. Claire then stood up and with
the head of the putter in hand she inserted the rubber handle of the club
into Lizzie's butt. Lizzie cringed as the club went deeper and deeper into
her. Claire gave her no mind and when she seemingly bottomed out she pulled
the club out long enough to forcefully jam it back in. As Lizzie's screams
and cries filled the air Claire began thrusting the club into Lizzie's anus
harder and deeper. Claire's body burned as she watched the pained look on
Lizzie's face. Her panties started to soak as well, and Claire began to pull
the club out so she could whack the balls in Lizzie's twat with it, but Kate
stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

Claire turned and the two girls' eyes meet. A gym mat used by the gymnastics
team to practice on was laid out on the floor. Kate's clothes were on the
floor as well and as Claire looked Kate's body up and down the burning
sensation in her body intensified. Claire stripped of her clothing and for
the second time her lips meet Kate's. Kate then did something that surprised
Claire. Kate bit her lip and gnawed her teeth down until the skin was broken
and Claire's lip was bleeding ever so lightly.

Sitting down on the mat crossing her legs Kate motioned Claire to bend over
her lap. When Claire was in place Kate reached way back and spanked her.
Claire grunted and Kate spanked her again and again. Claire's moans got
louder with each spank. Running her hand down between Claire's legs Kate
found the incredibly wet cunt she was looking for. She flipped Claire onto
her back and plunged her face into her pussy. Kate's tongue licked Claire's
slit, licked her legs, and even licked the very bottom of Claire's butt
crack. The girl was insatiable and enjoying every moment of it.

With pussy juice on her tongue Kate picked up one of the tennis rackets and
ordered Claire onto all fours like Lizzie. With a two-hand swing Kate struck
Claire's buttocks with the racket. Claire squealed in delight and love juices
trickled down her legs. Kate saw this and struck her bottom again. Again
Claire moaned loudly and her juices continued to flow. Kate struck Claire's
ass several more times until a bright shiny sheen glistened on Claire's dark
legs. Rolling Claire back onto her back Kate took her time sipping and
sucking the girl cum from Claire's legs.

Satisfied with getting Claire off and tasting her, Kate decided it was her
turn. She faced a wall and placed her hands on it. Kate cried as the jumprope
with the plastic noodles came crashing down against her backside. She told
Claire to keep going and again she was struck in the back.

With the golf balls filling her pussy and the club still stuck in her Lizzie
watched on incredulously as Claire continued to whip Kate over and over. The
girl's body had welts and bruises just like she was sure she had, but Kate
was getting off on being whipped. Lizzie's jaw dropped figuratively speaking
when Kate started to bleed from one of the welts as she moaned loudly in
orgasm and her girl juice started sliming it's way down her leg.

"I'll be right back with the towels," Claire said as she started to dress.
Kate slid her hands down her legs and between her thighs covering her hands
in her cum.

"You know Claire don't dress just yet," Kate said squatting next to Lizzie
and wiping her hands in Lizzie's hair.

"You have something else in mind?" Claire asked smiling wickedly and knowing
well what the answer was.

"Just one more thing," Kate replied pulling the club from Lizzie's ass and
the balls from her twat. "Now stand up you filthy whore and I swear to god
we'll beat you senseless if you try and fight this."

Scared and now fearing for her life, Lizzie quietly did as she was told
sniffling as tears still swelled in her eyes. Her eyes blew wide open when
Kate started to insert two fingers into her ass. Lizzie jumped at the touch.

"I see your ass is still sensitive McGuire. Good, then you'll feel this."

Lizzie started to hyperventilate when Kate inserted a third, then a fourth
finger into her ass. With the baseball bat and golf club having just filled
Lizzie's anus, it was still lose and readily accomodated Kate's entire hand.
To have just Kate fisting her ass would be one thing, but when Claire started
to fist Lizzie's pussy the whole ordeal almost became too much for her.

Kate and Claire laughed and taunted Lizzie calling her names and threatening
to exact their wrath on her friends and family. Lizzie was humiliated and in
pain as the two girls continued to rape her with their fists. She screamed
loudly through the tape and started to cry hysterically when Claire grabbed
Lizzie's left breast with her free hand and squeeze it hard driving her nails
deep into the flesh.

"We should probably quit now," Claire said suddenly. "Lizzie's hurt and your
hand is covered in her shit."

"Hmm..." Kate said aloud deep in pretend thought with her hand still stuck
up Lizzie's ass. "You do have a point..."

Lizzie's eyes widened and she breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of
all of this ending.

"Nah, I'll put up with Lizzie's shit for a little while longer," Kate
replied, "No pun intended. Now double time."

Lizzie's eyes nearly bugged out like they do in cartoons when Claire and Kate
both squeezed their other hand into their respective orifices. Slowly and
painfully the girls began to double-fist Lizzie's pussy and ass. Lizzie knew
there was something wrong with Kate, but despite everything that Kate had
done to her, even despite the fact that Kate put Ex-Lax in Ricky Miller's
lunch, Lizzie had no idea how diabolical Kate truly was.

Over and over the four fists pushed and pulled into Lizzie's ass and twat.
Over and over Claire and Kate humiliated Lizzie calling her a slut, a whore,
and countless other degrading things. Tears ran down her face as Lizzie
silently cried to herself. The pain was overwhelming and Lizzie was stuck in
a pit of misery void of all self-respect.

Then just as suddenly as the day's ordeal began, it ended. Claire and Kate
pulled their hands out of Lizzie and the gaping holes they left behind were
a sight to behold. Kate ordered Lizzie to lay on her back for one final act.
Straddling Lizzie's face Kate pressed her pussy to Lizzie's mouth forcing
it open. Lizzie gagged at the sudden spray of Kate's urine that filled her
mouth. Not wanting to induce Kate's wrath any further Lizzie swallowed the
yellow liquid quickly trying not to spill any. When Kate finished she got
up sighing melodramatically and Claire took her place. Lizzie swallowed the
second helping of piss and layed still as Claire got up smiling staring her

Being in the best condition to do so, Claire redressed and left the equipment
room. She returned fifteen minutes later with three towels. She gave one to
Kate, kept one for herself, and threw the third one at Lizzie. The rusty
abused sink in the room creaked to life as Claire turned the handles to wash
her hands. Kate followed behind her and when the solid of the shit was gone
from her hands she redressed and walked over to where Lizzie had curled into
a fetal position.

"Get up," She ordered Lizzie. It took some time but Lizzie did manage to sit
up though her knees were against her chest and her arms were wrapped around

"Listen to me carefully McGuire. We're done for now and I'm going to untie
your hands. As far as the bra incident goes we're even and it's over. However
if you tell anyone about what happened today, what we'll do to you will make
today look like a picnic. Do you understand me?"

Lizzie shook her head yes and Kate untied her hands and removed the gag from
her mouth.

"Good, though next time we might just skip you and go straight for friends
and family."

The next morning Lizzie sat in the cafeteria with Miranda and Gordo as usual
as they waited for the bell to ring. Lizzie was very withdrawn and hardly
spoke a word. She didn't even give Miranda an answer as to what happened to
her after school.

"Hey Lizzie?" Gordo asked as he stared past her.


"What did you do to Kate to piss her off?"

"No!" Lizzie cried her eyes widening in fear as she swung around spotting
Kate and Claire walking towards her.

"What do you want Kate?" Miranda asked angrily, "We don't know who told the
school you stuff your bra!"

"Shut up Miranda, We're not here to talk to you," Claire sneered.

"What do you want then?" Gordo asked irritated.

"We're here to officially anoint Lizzie as a Hillridge Junior High
cheerleader," Kate answered pulling a box from behind her back handing it
to Lizzie. Lizzie's eyes widened though for a different reason this time.

"What's this?"

"Open it McGuire," Claire replied. Lizzie's jaw dropped as she opened the
box and found a cheerleading uniform inside.

"The next meeting is on Friday though with your shortness of ability you may
want to start practicing before then. See you then," Kate said walking away
with Claire.

"I thought you didn't make it?" Gordo asked.

"Me too..."

"Damn Lizzie, you're one of the cool girls now!" Miranda said shocked.

Lizzie went through the day unsure if what Kate said was real or another
cruel joke of hers. At lunch she ran into Kate in the lunchline and decided
to confront her.

"What's going on Kate?"

"What are you talking about McGuire?"

"This morning with Claire saying I was a cheerleader. What? Did you two
suddenly forget what you did to me yesterday???"

"Look as far as we go, I meant what I said at the tryouts and I have no
second thoughts about what I've ever said or done to you. To be honest I
still don't like you and couldn't give a shit about you either way."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Then shut up and listen. Shortly after lunch yesterday I found out that Kim
was caught with weed in her locker and expelled from school. Needless to say
she's also off the squad and while I don't like you I am willing to admit
that you were the best of who showed up at the tryouts second to me of
course. Now if you were anybody else Claire and I probably wouldn't have done
anything, but with our lack of feeling towards you we had to initiate you so
we decided to run with the whole revenge for your bra comment idea."

"How noble of you."

"Look McGuire every year the squad goes out to competitions and while you're
used to it I don't want to be a loser. You were the best of what was left
and we'll just have to work with it. Don't fuck up and there won't be any
problems. Oh and just so you know, my breasts are real, though you may want
to stuff your bra to help fill out your uniform."


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