This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 2
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Now that Lizzie was a cheerleader she was one of the cool kids and didn't
get picked on anymore. She didn't get picked on by anyone, but Kate and
Claire anyway and Lizzie didn't do or say anything when they did mess with
her because she was afraid of what they would do to her if she did. She was
taking Kate's threat very seriously.

As such her relationship with Kate and Claire often forced Lizzie to sit
idly by and do nothing whenever they picked on Miranda and treated her like
crap. The day after each incident Miranda always said something to Lizzie
about getting Kate and Claire to stop, but all Lizzie could do was say that
she would try, but that they were going to do whatever it was they wanted

Perhaps out of the three Gordo was the luckiest of the bunch. Kate and
Claire rarely said anything to him and spent most of their time torturing
Miranda at school. He would get upset at their treatment of Miranda and
whenever he said anything to them they just ignored him. Like Miranda, Gordo
always said something to Lizzie after each encounter and she gave him the
same lame excuse.

Kate had her reasons for ignoring Gordo, but she didn't let anyone know them
not even Claire. Everything would become clear in time to Claire and Gordo,
but for now Kate watched and waited for the most opportune time.

That time would come nearly two weeks after Lizzie had been initiated as a
cheerleader. It was Friday afternoon and Kate was drinking from a water
fountain near Ethan Craft's locker. With her back to Ethan's locker Gordo
didn't recognize the person at the fountain as being Kate. If he had,
perhaps he would have been chosen another time to speak to Ethan.

"Hey thanks again Gordo for helping me with my chemistry project. If I don't
get a good grade on it then I could fail chemistry and if I do that I have
to quit dirt biking until my grade gets back up."

"No problem Ethan, I really don't have much to do on Fridays anymore."

"Since Lizzie joined the cheerleaders right?"

"Yeah. As much as I like her, I don't care for football at all."

"What about Miranda?"

"She follows Lizzie everywhere. Those two are inseparable. Lizzie's got a
big crush on you you know."

"Everyone in the school knows that. It's just that I don't feel the same way
about her. Hey would you mind coming over a bit early like at 6:30 to meet
my dad? My parents are going out tonight and I want to show him I really am
trying to pass chemistry so just in case I do fail I might be able to talk
him into letting me keep biking."

"Sure thing, anything you want me to say to him?"

"Not really, just make me sound good."

"Ok then, see you tonight Ethan."

"Cya Gordo."

Gordo looked back at Ethan as he walked away and the two boys looked at each
other almost staring. Kate turned her head a bit and caught a glimpse of the
two out of the corner of her eye. She stood up and started walking down the

"Science project my ass," Kate thought as she walked the halls looking for
Claire. Even if Ethan didn't have any feelings for Lizzie there were plenty
of other girls who wanted to date him Kate thought and it's not like this
was the first time Ethan almost failed a class either. This was the first
time though that he was acting serious about improving his grade. The other
handful of times Ethan found a smart girl who had a crush on him and got her
to do all of his work.

Kate didn't find Claire until her last class of the day which they had
together. As they sat in adjacent desks in class waiting for the teacher to
arrive Kate leaned over and whispered in Claire's ear.

"Psst! Hey Claire I'm not going to be at the football game tonight so you
have to lead all the cheering and I need to borrow your camcorder."

"Why? What's going on?"

"Just trust me. You remember how much you loved humiliating Lizzie? I've got
a side project I'm working on and this is going to be ten times better!"

"Oh really?" Claire asked facing Kate with a wicked smile on her face.

"Yes really. Just bring the camcorder to my house right after school. I need
it by 4:00."

"You're an evil bitch Kate." Claire said still smiling.

"I know."

* * *

"Just out of morbid curiosity what are you planning to film?" Claire asked
as she handed her parents' camcorder to Kate.

"You know how I've said that I thought Gordo and Ethan were messing around
with each other behind Lizzie's back?"

"You're not going to do what I think you are are you?" Claire asked starting
to smile wildly.

"Yes I am. I'll show you the tape on Monday."

"When are you going to punish Gordo? I want to be there!"

"I've got to do everything tonight. My parents are coming back from their
trip tomorrow and tonight's the only free time in the house I have, but
trust me. You'll get to do everything you want with Gordo after the tape is
made. When's Ricky getting here?"
"In a few minutes. We're going to go to the "Hill" and make out after we
drop you off at Ethan's. I always cheer better afterwards."

"Speaking of which, don't say a word to Lizzie. I don't want her or Gordo to
know what's going on with each other."

"Like I'm going to reveal your darkside to anyone else. You have plans for
getting Miranda also?"

"You're just as disturbed as me Claire. I'll get Miranda eventually. Tonight
is Gordo's turn."

"Just be sure to bring me a copy of the tape on Monday," Claire said as her
boyfriend and head quarterback Ricky pulled into Kate's driveway in his Jeep

"So is Ricky going to last longer than the others?"

"Yeah, as long as he fucks good."

"What high school does he go to? I need to get me one of those too."

"Good afternoon ladies, how are we today?"

"Just fine," Claire said as she kissed Ricky climbing into the s.u.v. "Kate
says she wants an older guy too. Can you hook her up?"

"That right Kate?"

"Not to hook up with. Just to mess around with on the weekends really," Kate
answered as she climbed into the back of the Vehicle.

"I'm sure I can find a guy or two willing to grant you that. So where are we
off to?"

"A friend's house. I've got a project to finish."

* * *

Kate had Ricky drop her off down the road a bit from Ethan's house. She had
emptied her purse out at home and the camcorder was small enough to fit
inside. Staying close to the front of people's houses Kate cut across their
lawns quickly making her way to Ethan's. When she got to his house she
expected to see cars in the driveway or some sort of activity. It was almost
like the house was deserted.

She rang the front door and ran around the side of the house to hide and
watch if anybody answered. Nobody did and after waiting several minutes she
rang the doorbell again. Still no answer. Perhaps Gordo and Ethan knew it
was her at the water fountain and suspected something and deliberately
mislead her. Kate reached inside her purse to grab her cell phone, the only
other item in her purse besides the video recorder. As she flipped it on the
front door to Ethan's opened unexpectedly. Ethan stepped outside wearing
only his shorts and bearing his chest to the world.

"I fucking knew it!" Kate cheered silently as she peered around the edge of
the house. Ethan looked around a bit without saying a word and walked back

Kate decided to try the back door of the house so as not to walk in on Ethan
if he was still near the front door. She carefully turned the doorknob, but
it wouldn't budge. It was locked. However the lock on the door was a simple
one and long ago Kate had learned to pick these types of locks when she
first met Claire. Using nothing more than a couple of hair pins she pulled
from her pocket Kate easily unlocked the door and quietly snuck in locking
the door behind her.

She carefully and silently walked around the lower level of the house
finding nothing out of the ordinary or unusual. As Kate reached the bottom
of the staircase leading to the second floor she could make out a faint
conversation. Slowly and carefully she made her way up the stairs to the
second floor trying not to make any squeaky stairs groan. Kate walked around
to the opposite side of the floor and down a short hallway following the

Kate found the room she was looking for and much to her relief the door was
open enough for her to peak inside and watch everything unfold. Her eyes
nearly bugged out as she watched a nude Gordo and Ethan talking as they sat
on his bed.

"This is what great films are made of," Kate said to herself as she removed
the camcorder from her purse and started recording the two boys.

"You know I'm going to have to tell Lizzie that you have no feelings for her
and are just playing with her. She's my best friend," Gordo said.

"And what exactly are you going to tell her? That I have no feelings for her
because I like getting it in the ass from you? That'll go over well with
her. Her best friend screwing her big crush. Look it's not that I don't like
Lizzie, it's just that I like her as a friend only. I don't want to date
her. Really I'm after Miranda. I just need some time to figure out how to
get this to work as smoothly as possible."

"So why am I here then?"

"Because I like messing around with you too. The same reason why you showed

"This is going to have to end Ethan. This is not the person I want to be. If
you're happy having sex with people and not having any meaningful
relationships then great, but that's just not me. Besides I don't think
Hillridge is ready for two bi-sexual males to be attending the school."

"No hard feelings then Gordo," Ethan sighed heavily. "Tonight will be the
last for us then."

"What about your parents won't they be home soon?"

"No, they're out of town until Sunday. I made that and the chemistry project
up, because Kate was at the water fountain listening to us."

"I thought that was her. Now that I think about it, have you noticed Lizzie
acting strange ever sense she became a cheerleader?"

"Gordo? We'll talk about Lizzie later, for now..." Ethan whispered as he
pressed his lips to Gordo's kissing him.

"Come on guys, just because I'm mean doesn't mean I'm stupid," Kate gleed to
herself as the recorder keep going catching all the action.

Gordo was laying back on Ethan's bed as Ethan slowly and softly kissed his
way down Gordo's body first by planting kisses on his chest, then his
abdomen, then every so gently licking his tongue across Gordo's groin.

Gordo let out as soft groan as Ethan took his balls into his hands softly
pushing his tongue into his scrotum. Gordo was already feeling good and his
body felt great as Ethan's tongue ran the length of the underside of his
shaft. He was starting to be tempted not to break off his relationship with
Ethan, but Gordo held his ground on his decision. Barely.

Gordo's prick sprung to life as Ethan's lips pranced around the head
gingerly sucking on it as he stroked it expertly. The bedsheets on Ethan's
bed bunched into two balls as Gordo's hand tightly clenched them. Ethan's
wet lips had just wrapped themselves around Gordo's prick and he was now
paying lip service bobbing his head up and down.

"This isn't fair Ethan," Gordo groaned as his dick continued to slide in and
out of Ethan's mouth between his lips. Ethan smacked his lips as he brought
his head up.

"What isn't fair? That you're quitting on us? I promise I'll tell Lizzie the
truth the next time I see her and break up with her. You just need to help
me get to Miranda."

"We can talk about that later," Gordo replied. "Now come here."

"Oh all right," Ethan groaned as he got into a sixty-nine with Gordo.

Kate nearly came in her panties as she watched the two boys suck each other
off. She didn't know if it was because she was getting some great footage to
blackmail Gordo with or if she was excited watching two guys make out. Not
one to dwell on insignificant issues Kate unbuttoned her pants and reached
down inside her panties with her left hand as she continued to watch Gordo
and Ethan recording every action with the camera in the right hand.

With his hands tightly gripping Ethan's ass Gordo was sucking and slurping
on Ethan's dick like a new born calf sucking on the nipples of its mother's
udders. Kate was starting to wet herself watching Gordo inadvertently spread
Ethan's ass apart even as she was barely sliding a finger through her slit
and not into it. Then just as suddenly as it began it ended. Gordo and Ethan
removed their lips from each other's cock as drool and precum drip down
their faces.

Kate suddenly felt her body's energy surge and she had to bite her lip to
keep from making any noise as she suddenly came at the sight she was now
taping. Gordo climbed off the bed and let Ethan lay down on his stomach
spreading his legs apart. Ethan's asscheeks spread wide as Gordo's hands
pulled them apart allowing his tongue access to the anus. Kate's panties
soaked quickly and her fingers began to dive deep into her cunt as Gordo
began lapping enthusiastically at Ethan's asshole. Ethan's moans certainly
helped Kate too.

With his prick still wet from Ethan's saliva Gordo stood up when he felt
that he had moistened up Ethan's ass nice and good. Then guiding his cock
with one hand Gordo carefully pushed his way into Ethan's backside. Like the
tortoise Gordo kept his pace slow waiting for Ethan's signal. Like the hare
Ethan was comfortable now and desiring more speed. Gordo obliged and
methodically increased his pace as he continued to push his penis into
Ethan's sphincter.

"I'm fine Gordo, give it to me hard," Ethan groaned begging for more

Gordo obliged that as well and soon Ethan's ass and body were shaking with
each hard thrust. What she and Claire had done to Lizzie turned on Kate
immensely, but that was more her sense of control that it fed. There was
something purely sexual about what Gordo and Ethan were doing to each other
that turned Kate on. There was not a dry spot on her panties and Kate's legs
were starting to feel the trickle down effect.

Kate had all but given up fingering herself as she watched the two boys
instead opting to lick her fingers clean and just watch. That's all she
needed to do. Then suddenly Gordo started moaning loudly. Kate quickly
zoomed in on Ethan's ass as Gordo rammed his dick harder and deeper into it.
She then switched to his face as it contorted into all kinds of looks. Gordo
pulled his prick out and started jerking it off. Kate pulled back to film
the entire scene as Gordo came on Ethan's ass. Barely visible Kate could see
a puddle of cum underneath Ethan where he had came on the bed.

As both boys sat down on the edge of the bed composing themselves Kate shut
off the camera and stuffed it into her purse. She ran out of the house
almost tripping over herself. Several minutes later she found herself back
at the spot that Ricky had dropped her off at. Kate's panties were soaked
and she desperately wanted to finger herself, but she had nowhere to do it.
But tonight she would have her way with Gordo and humiliate him to no end.
Then her plan would be two-thirds over.

Kate smiled as she watched the playback on the camcorder LCD screen. She
couldn't have asked for a better video. She pulled her cell phone out of her
purse and started to call Ricky to come pick her up, but then she saw Gordo
riding his bike down the street towards her and had a change of plan.

Gordo slowed as Kate came into view. It certainly looked like her, but if it
was what was she doing in this neighborhood? Gordo stopped his bike and set
his feet on the ground. They stared at each other for a few minutes before
he broke the silence.

"What're you doing here Kate?"

"I'm visiting a friend."

"Who? None of your friends live in this neighborhood, besides I've never
seen you walk anywhere."

"I just wanted to see how the chemistry project was going."

"It's fine. Why do you ask?"

"I have a proposition for you."

"I'm not interested."

"But I think you are."

"You're wrong about that Kate."

"Well here take a look. Just watch this and I'll answer any questions you
have at the end."

Gordo watched expressionlessly as Kate's video of him and Ethan played back
in the camera. He didn't show it, but Kate could feel Gordo getting very
uncomfortable. When the movie ended Kate shut off the recorder and stuck it
back into her purse. Gordo just sat there on his bike quiet for several

"Well?" Kate asked.

"What's wrong with you Kate? What did you do to Lizzie? She's been acting
very strange since she's become a cheerleader."

"That's none of your business Gordo. The video is. If you want to keep this
between you and me be at my house at nine. I have some things I want to
prepare to show you."

Gordo stared hard a Kate.

"Try me Gordo. I'm sure Lizzie will be happy to know you're butt fucking the
guy she has a crush on and I'd take into consideration the effects releasing
this tape would have not only your life, but on Ethan's as well."

"You're a bitch Kate," Gordo calmly said. He was not one to curse much, but
right now he was full of anger and fear knowing full well that Kate
currently had control.

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Fine I'll be there."

"Good, now nobody has to know a thing about this."

Kate smiled devilishly as Gordo biked off. When he disappeared into the
horizon she called Ricky to come pick her up.


Gordo stood at the front door to Kate's house. He was concerned with what
Kate possibly had in mind, but he wasn't too concerned. What could she
possibly do to him that would be so bad he thought? Reluctantly he pushed
the doorbell and within seconds the door was creaking open. Kate was
standing on the other side of the door wearing tight black pants and a black
wife beater shirt to match.

"Nice outfit, now what the hell am I doing here?" Gordo asked glaring.

"My my Gordo such an attitude already. Like I said do as I say and nobody
finds out about the tape with Ethan or about what's fixing to happen.
Please come in." With much chagrin Gordo entered Kate's house and she shut
the door behind him.

"Before we begin, nobody knows you're here right? That would be a bad

"No Kate, nobody knows I'm here."

"Good, so what did you tell your parents about tonight?"

"That I was helping you finish a history project that your parents said had
to be done tonight if you wanted to go out this weekend."

"Good, now follow me," Kate said leading Gordo into the basement.

"What are we doing down here?"

"Take off your clothes."


"Take off your clothes Gordo. Now."

This was starting to get a little too weird for Gordo as he undressed and he
could only imagine what Kate had done to Lizzie to turn her into a shell of
her former self. When Gordo stood naked before Kate she picked his clothes
off the floor and threw them into a corner. Then she walked over to a shelf
Gordo hadn't paid much attention to when he walked into the basement. On it
were candles, straps, paddles, and dildos among other things. Gordo's eyes
widened when he saw the dildos; hand-held and strap-on.

"Holy shit Kate, you're crazy! What did you do to Lizzie?"

"Stop worrying about McGuire. Just worry about yourself for the time being.
Now raise your arms above your head.

Gordo did as he was told and Kate grabbed a long leather strap from the
shelf. She bound Gordo's wrists together with it and using a chair to stand
on she used the slack of the strap and ran it through some rafters in the

"Give that a nice tug," Kate said climbing off the chair. Gordo tried to
pull his arms down, but the strap held. "Good." Kate walked back to the
shelf and took a candle and some matches. She struck a match then lit the

"What the hell are you doing Kate?"

"Spread your legs Gordo."


"We've already had this discussion. Now spread your legs."

Gordo did as he was told the second time he was told to do it. With the lit
candle in hand Kate walked towards Gordo and crouched in front of him.

"If you so much as move a muscle let alone kick me you'll regret it," Kate

With Gordo's dick at eye level Kate started to raise the burning candle
towards it. Gordo clinched his eyes shut as the candle drew nearer and he
could feel the searing heat of the flame on his cock.

"Can you feel that Gordo? Is your cock starting to burn?" Closer and closer
Kate drew the candle to his dick coming within inches of it. Gordo was
biting his lip hard and he had to try his hardest to not move as his prick
pained him greatly.

"Well? I'm not going to move the candle until you answer me."

"Yes I can feel it!" Gordo panted fighting hard to keep back the pain.

"Good," Kate said drawing away the candle. "If at any point you disobey me
tonight, the pain will be much worse than that. Understand?"

"Yes," Gordo answered breathing heavily in relief at the absence of the

Suddenly Kate grabbed the head of his penis and pulled it out with one hand.
With the other hand she tipped over the candle dripping a tiny bit of melted
wax onto it.

"Shit Kate, that hurt! God damn!"

"Good. It'll hurt much worse if you disobey me. Now just to make sure there
aren't any interruptions while we work," Kate said grabbing a glass from the
shelf. "Piss in this."


Kate slapped Gordo hard on the face.

"God damn it Kate!"

"Oh Gordo, such foul language is so out of character for you. Just do as I
say and everything will be fine. Now piss in the glass."

Kate placed the tip of Gordo's dick inside the glass and held it there while
she waited for him to urinate. With a twinge of pain in his balls from a
slight burn Gordo forced himself to pee.

"Good good, that's a good boy Gordo," Kate teased as his yellow fluid
started to fill up the drinking utensil. "Is that all?" She asked as Gordo's
pee dripped to a stop.

"Yeah that's it. I can't give you anymore you sick fuck!"

"I'm a sick fuck huh? What about this then?" Kate brought the glass to her
lips and started to let the urine flow into her mouth.

Gordo's eyes bugged wide open in disgust. When the glass was nearly empty
Kate set it back on the shelf and looked at Gordo smiling. Then suddenly she
spit the mouthful of urine into Gordo's face.

"Sick fuck? Maybe I am, but I'm not going to drink your piss. You have
anything else you want to say?"


"Good you're smarter than McGuire then. I didn't even need to beat you into
submission. However..." Kate suddenly reared her leg back and kicked Gordo's
exposed cock hard.

"Oh god!" Gordo groaned as pain jolted through his body and his face
contorted accordingly.

"It just wouldn't be the same if I didn't get one good kick in. Are you ok?"

Gordo didn't answer Kate, but just stared her down as he tried to free
himself of the last bit of pain that was running through his body. Kate then
decided to strip down to her panties and shirt. The chair she had used to
stand on and tie Gordo to the rafters with she now placed in front of him
and sat down in.

"Tell me Gordo, have you ever fucked McGuire?" Gordo was silent and didn't
answer. "You can answer me. I want to hear what you have to say."

"No I haven't."

"What about Miranda then?"


"So neither has let you fuck them, so you decided to screw around with Ethan


"Well tell me something then, do I turn you on?" Kate asked as she moved her
panties to the side and started sliding a finger up and down her slit. "Do
you want to fuck me Gordo. Oh yeah..." Kate moaned as she slipped a finger
into her pussy.

Kate dropped her panties to the floor and walked over to the shelf grabbing
a dildo. She removed her shirt as well and sat back down in the chair. Kate
slowly licked the dildo up and down ravishing it with her tongue.

"Do you like this Gordo? Would like to stick your cock into my mouth? Or
perhaps into Ethan's?" Kate wrapped her lips around the dildo and began to
furiously suck on it sliding it in and out of her mouth between her lips.
"I'm sure you have a tasty cock. Or perhaps you would like something else."

Kate got out of the chair and raised one of her longs onto it. Using the
back of it to lean on she leaned forward and stuck her ass out.

"Tell me Gordo, who has the better ass? Ethan or me? Tell me the truth."

"You do Kate."

"That's what I thought, perhaps you'll like this as well." Kate took the
dildo and slid it between her ass cheeks penetrating her ass. She then
turned and looked back at Gordo and saw his penis now standing at attention.
"See Gordo? My ass is just loose enough that you can fuck it with very
little lube," Kate teased pushing the dildo farther into her ass. "You like
it dry and rough don't you?"

"Yes Kate."

"Do you want to fuck me in the ass?"


"Come on Gordo, you can tell me truth."


"Tell me god damn it!"

"Yes I do Kate."

"Good, that's all I wanted to hear. First though I need to clean all of
Ethan's dirty butt germs off of your dick."

Kate walked over to where Gordo still stood with his arms bound above his
head. Taking her place in front of him she crouched to the floor and took
his erect penis into her hand.

"This feels good doesn't it?" Kate asked as she gently and softly began to
jerk off Gordo. She could feel his dick throb with each pass her hand made.

"Yes Kate."

"How about this?" Kate took Gordo's prick into her mouth slowly wrapping her
tongue up and down the shaft. She pressed her lips tighter around it as her
head began to move back and forth.

"It feels good Kate," Gordo groaned.

With those words Kate began to firmly press into Gordo's dick and began to
slowly grind her teeth into it. Whatever pleasure Gordo had started to get
from Kate's blowjob quickly vanished as she began to bite into his penis. He
could only imagine what she had done to Lizzie as intense pain seared
through his body. Gordo was starting to panic and he was just waiting for
Kate to bite of his dick. He could feel skin breaking at the base of his

Suddenly Kate's lips released and her teeth retreated. Gordo let out a huge
sigh of relief when Kate's head moved away and she stood up. First the
candle flame and now Kate's teeth, Gordo's sensitive region was now nagging
at him with a constant irritation that flowed in his body.

"Jesus Kate! What do you want from me? Please just stop this already," Gordo

"I'm not here for your pleasure Gordo. You're my bitch now, just like
McGuire is. However I think our fun for the night is almost over."

Kate pushed the chair back near Gordo and climbed up on it to free the strap
from the rafters. She then climbed down and pushed the chair to the side.

"You hungry Gordo?"

"Not really."

"Come on and eat. I have some really good leftover Chinese upstairs."

"I'm not hungry Kate."

"I DON'T CARE," Kate replied in a stern voice. "Let's go eat, and put this
on." Kate grabbed a studded dog collar from the shelf and threw it to Gordo.

Having nearly lost his dick Gordo was no longer in the mood to question
Kate's actions. He put the collar around his neck and started to walk

"Where are you going?" Kate yelled.

"Upstairs to eat."

"Not like that you are. On your knees like a fucking dog!" Gordo barely
looked at Kate this time immediately doing as she demanded. Nude and now
being treated like an animal Gordo slowly climbed his way up the stairs on
all fours. Kate watched him for a few seconds laughing, before taking one
more item from the shelf.

Gordo waited patiently upstairs for his new master to arrive. Master he
thought in disgust, but that's what she was he realized unless he was
willing to let her show the tape to who knows who. That and he had Ethan to
think about. It wasn't just his life that could would get ruined from this
tape being shown. So in hopes to appease Kate, Gordo stayed on his hands and
knees while he waited.

"Oh my god," Gordo silently muttered catching a glimpse of Kate as she
walked into the upstairs wearing a strap-on dildo. He stayed hudled on all
fours near the kitchen table as Kate went about her business. Within a few
minutes Kate dropped a bowl of cold Chinese food on the floor with a bowl of

"Eat," was all she commanded.

Gordo did so, but very timidly as he waited for what Kate was going to do
next. He ate as slowly and methodically as he could, but Kate seemed to know
what he was doing and waited patiently until his food bowl was empty.

"Are you finished?"

"Yes Kate."

"Good, take a few drinks of water and stand up." With water dripping down
his face Gordo stood up after quenching his thirst. With trepidation he
turned and faced Kate.

"You like fucking guys in the ass don't you?"


"And you'd fuck me in the ass if I'd let you wouldn't you?"


"Have you ever taken dick up the ass?"


"You're going to have to if you want to be with me. You like it dry so
you're going to get it dry. Turn and place your hands on the table."

Who the pitcher was and who the catcher was was never an issue with Ethan so
Gordo never had to take it up the butt. Now Kate who's control he was
falling more and more into wanted Gordo to take it.

There was anguish and slight pain as Gordo felt Kate push the fake cock into
his asshole. Farther and farther Kate kept pushing. Gordo had never let
anything penetrate his behind and it was painful and slow going at first.
With heavy controlled breathing he waited for Kate to finish inserting. When
she did Gordo's rectum was filled to the brink with little room for anything
to pass including air. He felt like he just had a ketchup bottle shoved up
his butt, but he knew the dildo was much smaller.

"How's that feel Gordo? I bet it's what Ethan felt like every time you
plugged up his ass."

"It's really tight... Hurts a little..."

"What about this then?" Kate almost completely pulled out of Gordo's ass,
then shoved the dildo hard right back in.

"Kate!" Gordo gasped in pain.

"I'm sorry Gordo, was that too hard? Let's try that again then." Kate pulled
out again and forcefully thrust right back in.

"Oh god!"

This time Kate didn't say a word, but instead became relentless as she
started to roughly fuck Gordo in the butt. The pain was intense, but it was
more from Kate's not caring enough to take things gently. Gordo was
practically lying on top of the table as Kate violated him. His face as
lying on the top on its side and Kate could make out the beginnings of

"Does this hurt Gordo? Am I being too rough?"

"No... Kate..."

"I'm serious."

"No, you're not."

"Good then, I can do one more thing. Don't move," Kate said withdrawing from
Gordo's rear. She squat down for a moment examining his butthole. It had
certainly enlarged to accommodate the dildo. It was still pulsing acting
like it was waiting for something to enter into it.

Kate certainly didn't have small hands but the hole had enlarged enough for
her to insert three fingers into it. Gordo couldn't think clearly at the
moment, but whatever Kate was now pushing into his butt was gentler than the
fake cock she had just used. Surprisingly Gordo's anus seemed to widen
easily almost on it's own acting like it wanted Kate to fit her entire hand

"You know Gordo, you really are an anal slut. I'm sure Ethan would have
loved to have known that you can fit things this easily inside," Kate
sneered happy at the little effort it took to fit her entire hand into
Gordo's backside. With her free hand Kate began to finger herself sliding
her thumb over her clit as she continued to fist Gordo.


"What Gordo? I'm busy at the moment. My hands are full," Kate moaned as she
continued to work double duty on herself and Gordo.



"That's your fist isn't it?"


"Fist my ass harder."

Perhaps Kate would have to finish pleasuring herself later she thought as
she pulled her finger out of her cunt and concentrated on Gordo's rear. She
didn't know how she could do it any harder, she was already doing the best
she could, but whatever she was doing was getting Gordo off. Kate watched
was his prick hung free and danced around with excitement.
Grabbing the arm that was doing the fisting Kate used her free arm to put
some force behind every thrust.

"Oh my god Kate... Oh my god..." Gordo moaned

Kate continued to pump her hand hard and deep into his ass watching his dick
with excitement. It continued to bulge and dance around, but Kate knew it
wasn't far off.

"Gordo you'd love to have Lizzie fist your butthole wouldn't you? Maybe
you'd like Miranda's hand up your butt better. Come for me Gordo. Pretend
I'm one of them and shoot your load."

Fisting was nothing Gordo had ever considered, especially concerning his own
butt, before tonight. At this very moment though he was experiencing
something that was better than anything he had ever done before even if it
was under the control of Kate. It wasn't Kate though that was fisting his
rear end, at least not in his mind. This new found act of excitement had led
Gordo to a whole new fantasy which now involved Miranda fisting him while he
fisted Lizzie. No, he decided to change his fantasy to him fisting both of
them simultaneously.

Whatever it was Gordo was fantasizing about Kate was loving it watching his
cock twitch uncontrollably as he came. Nevermind the fact that Gordo's cum
was squirting all over the kitchen floor, but that he was getting off on
something so nasty and decadent. Perhaps with the proper training Kate could
bring Gordo into a threesome with Claire.

Perhaps with the proper training, but that wouldn't be tonight. Without
saying much Kate removed her hand and acted nice for the time being giving
Gordo the time to clean up unlike she didn't do for Lizzie. All she had on
tape to show Claire was the video of Gordo and Ethan. Kate meant to record
tonight's activities for her, but things just didn't work out. She'd make it
up to Claire some other time she figured.

* * *

Now that she was a cheerleader Lizzie was required by Kate to seat with her
and Claire at lunch. A look of surprise and confusion crossed her face when
she saw Gordo walking towards their table. At least it looked like Gordo.

His hair was no longer curly, but now was slicked back. He was wearing
clothes that Lizzie immediately recognized as being bought from The Limited
and The Gap. Things way out of style for Gordo. Lizzie was sitting next to
Claire who was sitting next to Kate. Gordo sat down next to Kate and began
to eat his lunch.

"Just out of curiosity, why is Gordo sitting at our table?" Lizzie asked.

"Because I want him to, and it's none of your business," Kate responded.

Lizzie looked across the cafeteria at Miranda who sat at another table. She
had the same look of surprise and confusion that Lizzie did, and all Lizzie
could do was shrug her shoulders and shake her head.


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