This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 3
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Lizzie was troubled to say the least. The events she went through with Kate
and Claire were still very vivid and easily recalled. Now suddenly Gordo was
acting and dressing a lot differently. He even sat at the same table as the
cheerleaders and ate lunch with them. All because Kate wanted him to. What
had she done to him Lizzie wondered.

Gordo didn't speak a word and Lizzie knew that had to have had something to
do with Kate. It was the same gag order so to speak that Kate had on her.
She was obviously up to something devious and Lizzie was genuinely concerned
especially since she hadn't a clue to Kate's plans.

Wrapped up in her thoughts Lizzie barely heard the bell ring indicating that
lunch was over. As Lizzie dumped her scraps into a trashcan and threw her
tray onto the used tray counter she was stopped by Claire as they left the

"Hey Lizzie!"

"Hi Claire, what's up?"

"We should have done this about a week and a half ago, but we forgot. You
need to officially be initiated as one of Hillridge's cheerleaders."

"Initiated?!? What are you talking about??? You and Kate already did that to
me and I've kept my side of the deal and haven't told anyone!"

"That was mine and Kate's initiation. That's not the official one. We just
did that to you because we hated you and you becoming a cheerleader gave us
an excuse to do it."

"This is not fair!"

"Fair or not you have to do it McGuire if you want to stay a cheerleader. I
don't think you want lose your privileges do you? Kate and I have been
pretty nice to you lately I think."

"Yeah, but you've treated Miranda like crap and what the hell have you two
done to Gordo?"

"I haven't done anything to him, Kate may have though. You'll need to talk
to her if you want to find out. As far as Miranda goes we're not treating
her any worse than we did before. Look though, instead of wasting my time
because I've got things to do, are you or are you not going to accept the
initiation? Remember, if you drop off the squad our deal is off and we may
come after you again."

"Jesus Christ this isn't fair," Lizzie mumbled.

"Life rarely is."

"What is it that I have to do?"

"It's different each year for each new girl and for you the squad has
decided to go easy, because they suspect Kate and I already did something to

"You have."

"Shut up Lizzie. All you have to do to make your position on the squad
official is either fuck Bartleby or fuck Matt."

"Which Matt?"


Lizzie's face turned a pale white as she weighed her two options.

"You want me to fuck Kate's dog or my brother?"

"Not me, the squad does. Trust me, much worse initiations have been handed
out. Look, I'm even going to be really nice to you, and say that you just
need get either to come. You can just jerk them off if you want."

"I really hope you two are fucking happy. You've succeeded in turning my
life into shit," Lizzie said suddenly scowling.

"It's all what you make of it McGuire. So what's it going to be?"

"You said I can just jerk them off right?"


"Fine then. I'll take my brother. There's no way in hell I'm touching dog

"Why? You've drank piss before."

"That was when I thought you were going to kill me."

"We were never planing to kill you. If it happened then it would be on

"That's reassuring to know. So when do I have to do this?"

"Do what?"

"My initiation."

"Your initiation for what?"

"To 'officially' become a cheerleader."

"What're you doing?"

"God damn it Claire! You know what I'm doing!"

"Which is?"

"I'm going to get Matt off ok?"

"Ok then, I'll let the others know. You just have to get Matt off whenever.
Have him tell one of us once it's done. Oh, and Lizzie have a nice day,"
Claire said smugly walking off.

"Bitch," Lizzie mumbled.

"I know," Claire called back.

* * *

Nervously Lizzie stood in front of her brother's closed door. She wasn't
sure how she was going to explain to Matt that she needed him to let her
jerk him off and tell Kate she did so she could stay a cheerleader and stay
on Kate and Claire's good side. Hesitantly Lizzie reached up with her hand
knocking on the door so softly it barely made sound.

"Who is it?" Matt shouted.

"It's me," Lizzie answered.

"Come in, I've been expecting you."

"You have?" Lizzie asked as she entered his room and shut the door behind

"Yes I have Lizzie. Kate called before you got home and told me what was
going on. As much as I'd normally relish taking pleasure from your misery I
really don't want you in my room any longer than you have to be."

"Good, let's just get this over with then. Hurry up and pull down your

"You first. Take off your clothes."

"Why? I'm just going to jerk you off."

"I don't like being around you, but I'm going to take advantage of the
situation. Now take off your clothes."


"I guess you can go jerk off Bartleby then."

"Matt don't do this to me."

"Why not? Remember when you tied all my shoes together, or when you broke
the lamp and blamed me, or when you told mom and dad that I was hiding the
Playboys Lanny gave me under my bed? You know how mom and dad always say
treat others as you want to be treated? It's not such a dumb saying after
all. Now for the last time take off your clothes or I'll call Kate and tell
her you didn't go through with it."

"I hate you Matt! I'm going to get you back for this!" Lizzie grumbled as
she slowly stripped off her shirt and pants and stood in her underwear.

"Kate was right, you do have small boobs. Take off everything Lizzie."

Humiliated and pissed at her brother Lizzie removed her bra and panties and
dropped them to the floor. Her face started to turn red as she tried to hide
her private parts with her hands.

"Move your hands," Matt commanded as he sat down on the edge of his bed.
Lizzie became disgusted at Matt as he dropped his shorts and underwear and
freed his cock. His small prick jumped and grew, as Matt looked Lizzie's
body up and down. "Now dance."

Lizzie had seen a few movies that had strip clubs in them and she tried
remembering how the strippers in them danced so she could emulate them. Her
body slowly rocked back and forth her pert breasts springing into the air as
she arched her back. Lizzie's hands seductively found their way up and down
sides and belly as she slowly turned showing off her ass.

"Not too bad Lizzie," Matt said smiling with a fully erect penis between his
legs. "Kate said you'd be a bit clutzy, but you were ok. Gordo ever tell you
you have a nice butt?"

"No," Lizzie calmly and softly answered her backside still facing Matt as
she continued to dance gyrating her body.

"What about Ethan?"


"That's right, he's too busy with Gordo telling each other what great butts
they have."


"Nothing, now turn around and face me."

"Matt please," Lizzie pleaded her anger giving way to complete humiliation
as she stood nude in front of her brother under his control. She realized
now that no matter what she'd always be under Kate and Claire's control.

"Shut up Lizzie. If I have to hear you whine, I'm going to call Kate and
give her the bad news. Now what about Miranda?"

"What about her?"

"Did she ever tell you that you have a nice butt?"


"Jeez calm down. Is it true that you drank Kate and Claire's pee?"

"Who told you that?"

"Kate did. She told me a lot of things about you. Well did you?" Lizzie just
stood there staring at Matt in quiet defeat. "I'll take that as a yes then.
Anyway, now I want you to push your breasts together and squeeze your
nipples." Silently Lizzie did as she was told taking her breasts in her
hands and squeezing them together as her fingers rolled her nipples between

"Very nice. Maybe I can get Kate to help me get to Miranda. Watching a girl
play with her tits is exciting. Now lick them."

"I can't."

"You haven't even tried."

"Matt I can't lick them."

"How do you know?"

"Because... Because I've tried before."

"So you are a dirty little slut. Everyone knows the Hillridge cheerleaders
are whores, but if you can't lick your nipples then I can. Lay down on the
bed," Matt said standing up.

Slowly Lizzie walked to his bed and laid down on it on her back. Matt
climbed onto the bed and crawled up his sister's body. His smile widened as
Lizzie's breasts got closer and closer to his face. Ignoring the fact that
they were his sister's tits, Matt was happy to say the least to be so close
to a set. His hands slowly circled around Lizzie's chest, squeezing them,
staring at them intently as he examined them.

Matt finally cupped Lizzie's breasts in his hands giving them a gently
squeeze as his tongue touched down on her right nipple. Lizzie accidentally
moaned as the wet appendage touched her sensitive spot. Matt liked hearing
his sister moan and licked her nipple again. This time Lizzie let out no
sound as her brother stimulated her chest, but she had to bite her lip hard
to do so. Matt noticed this and began to lick the nip's again and again.
Lizzie was finding it harder and harder to hold back and she gave out
groaning loudly.

"Good thing mom and dad aren't home Lizzie," Matt laughed as he sat up
straddling his sister's stomach. He then moved up Lizzie's body stopping
near her face. With his hard cock hanging loose Matt poked it at Lizzie's
lips. "Now suck my dick."

Lizzie reluctantly opened her mouth and Matt quickly shoved his member all
the way inside. She was taken aback and humiliated at her brother's
eagerness to violate her for Kate's amusement. Lizzie was required to do
little though as Matt did all the work of thrusting his cock in and out of
her mouth. All she had to do was bare with the grossness of having Matt's
dick touch her lips as it went into her mouth.

"Hey Lizzie have you ever sucked a guy's dick before me?" Lizzie just stared
at her brother as he continued to penetrate her mouth. "Tell me or I'll call

Lizzie slowly shook her head yes disgusted with the taste of Matt's precum.
At least the ordeal would be over soon or so she thought.

"Did he come?" Lizzie shook her head yes again.

"Did he come in your mouth?" Lizzie shook her head a third time.

"Good!" Matt laughed as his cum started to squirt into Lizzie's mouth.

She nearly gagged at the salty taste of his semen, but held her own until he
was finished coming. Lizzie waited for Matt to get off of her after he
pulled his sloppy wet and sticky prick from her mouth. After he got off of
the bed Lizzie started to get up to go to the bathroom.

"Not so fast Lizzie. First I'm not done with you yet, and if you think I'm
playing try me. Second, Kate told me to make sure you swallow." Lizzie
stared heart-broken at Matt as he looked back at her with little remorse.
With one quick gulp she swallowed his cum and wiped her lips as she coughed
in disgust. "You ok?"


"Good. Now take this G.I. Joe," Matt said tossing the toy to Lizzie, "and
stick it up your butt." Lizzie's eyes shot open as if to say "Do what?" "You
had a golf club stuck up your ass didn't you?"

"Jesus Christ what all did she tell you?" Lizzie mumbled as she raised one
leg up on the bed and slowly started to push the head of the action figure
into her butt.

"She told me plenty and get on the bed on all fours while you shove Joe up
your butt."

Lizzie crawled onto the bed and reached back to continue pushing the toy
into her ass. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her body and she screamed
in pain as Matt's hand slammed hard into hers sending the G.I. Joe
completely into her anus. Lizzie's body twitched and she reached back to
pull the item out, but Matt slapped her hand away.

"You can take it out when we're done. Now turn over onto your back."

Every so slightly Lizzie began having flashbacks to her ordeal with Kate and
Claire and it showed as tears began to stream down her face as she turned
onto her back. Her ass hurt now with any pressure against so Lizzie tried to
lay there with her butt raised enough to alleviate the pain. Matt saw this
and pushed her body down causing Lizzie to cry out in hurt.

"Kate was right Lizzie, you're a big cry baby," Matt shouted slapping her
across the face.

"Matt no... Please..." Lizzie begged near the brink of crying.

"You're almost in high school and yet you act like the girls my age. I'm
disappointed in you Lizzie," Matt said calmly as he dug his fingernails into
her breasts.

What once started as a perverse sibling humiliation quickly turned into a
perverse terror for Lizzie. First Gordo started acting weird, now Matt was
too. Lizzie for the life of her couldn't figure out what was going on. All
she knew was that it had to do with Kate. As was usual with him Matt hadn't
cut his nails recently and let them grow out. Now they were the cause of the
spots of blood that circled around each of Lizzie's breasts.

As Matt pushed his cock into Lizzie's cunt she let her mind wonder to
another place to take herself away from the stress of her current
predicament. Kate was the reason that Lizzie was no longer a virgin and so
she had Matt pinch and pull hard on Lizzie's clit as he fucked her. Lizzie's
trip into fantasyland was cut short and the McGuire house was filled with a
shrieking scream as Matt continued to punish her body. The only possible
good thing to come out of this was that since Matt was so young his penis
wasn't fully developed yet and didn't fill Lizzie up as he continued to
roughly fuck her pussy.

Then as suddenly as it started it stopped. The pain was now gone from
Lizzie's body except for the action figure stuck in her butt. Lizzie had
unknowingly closed her eyes and started to open them when she felt something
hit her cheek. Then she felt another hit and another and she knew what this
was. Being so young and fertile Matt was coming a second time painting
Lizzie's face with white drops.

"Are we done yet?" Lizzie asked cautiously and quietly as she opened her

"Almost. There's just one more thing."

Lizzie's heart shrank to beyond small and she quickly shut her eyes as a
yellow stream of liquid sailed across the bed pelting her in the face.
Defeated she laid still as Matt sprayed her with his urine until he was

"Now we're done. Wash my G.I. Joe and change my bedsheets before you leave.
You had a little accident on them."

Lizzie removed the action figure from her ass which was now covered in shit
and a small trace of blood and got up heading for the bathroom as she wiped
the piss from her face with her hand. As Lizzie cleaned herself up down the
hall, the open closet door in Matt's bedroom opened all the way and Kate
stepped out grinning widely with a camera in her hand.

"Good work, McGuire," Kate thanked Matt as she handed him a hundred dollar
bill. "Just remember, stay on my good side or I'll do something like this to

"No problem about that Kate," Matt agreed.

"Good, now don't mention this to ANYONE ok? When she gets out of the
bathroom tell your sister to be at my house on Sunday at 9 a.m. sharp or

Kate ducked out of Matt's room and left the house as Lizzie finished
washing. Dry and cleaner Lizzie quietly made her way back to her room.

"Hey Lizzie," Matt shouted, "before I forget Kate also said be at her house
on Sunday at 9 a.m. sharp or else."

* * *

During the past week at school Lizzie was even less of herself than she had
been previously. She had become withdrawn and quiet and the only time she
showed any signs of life was during cheerleading practice. That coupled with
Gordo's sudden change in attitude and manner had Miranda very concerned. She
wasn't quite sure how, but she just knew Kate was involved. Miranda was
determined to get to the bottom of it.

Hillridge's football game for the week was being played on Saturday instead
of Friday because it was against the cross-town rivals so Miranda decided
that Friday night just she and Lizzie would go out and it would be then
she'd figure out what was going on. Kate was gone Friday so each squad
member went their own ways at lunch. Although she sat down with Miranda and
Gordo, Lizzie didn't say much. Neither did Gordo.

"Hey Lizzie," Miranda began, "Since the game's tomorrow night how about just
the two of us go out tonight?"

"I don't know, maybe..." Lizzie mumbled.

"Gordo you wouldn't mind if just Lizzie and I went out would you?"

"What you two do is your own business."

"What does that mean?"

Gordo briefly looked up and saw Claire sitting across the cafeteria staring
hard at them. "Nothing. You two do whatever you want to. I've got something
to do tonight."

"Well how about it then Lizzie?"

Lizzie also spotted Claire staring at them and mouthed the words, "I'm not
saying anything."

"What's going on with you two?" Miranda asked as she turned and looked in
the same direction Gordo and Lizzie had just looked. Her eyes furrowed and
she scowled when she saw what they saw.

"Fuck Claire. We're going out tonight Lizzie," Miranda said firmly.

"I guess it's ok as long as I don't say anything stupid..."

Miranda growled and turned back around staring hard at Claire.

"How dare you???" Claire thought as she spied Miranda looking at her. "It's
time I call Kate." Claire got up from the table she was sitting at and put
her lunch tray away. As she walked into the hallway she pulled out her cell
phone and dialed Kate's number.

* * *

Lizzie was anxious and a bit relieved to finally be able to spend a night
out alone with her best friend. The past couple of weeks were filled with
cheerleading duties and keeping to herself due to a fear of Kate. It was
Friday night seven o'clock when the doorbell rang.

"Good, Miranda's here," She thought as she left her room and hurried
downstairs to answer the door. What she saw when she answered stopped her in
her tracks. "Uh... Hi Kate, Gordo."

"Don't speak to him!" Kate snapped.

"Sorry. What... why are you here?"

"Plans have changed and things have been moved from Sunday to tonight."

"What's going on?" Lizzie asked already getting a sinking feeling about the
night to come.

"Hurry and change into something you don't mind throwing away."

"Kate what are we going to do?"

"Shut the fuck up McGuire and just do as I say! You have five minutes to

Lizzie was starting to panic and hyperventilate as one wild scenario after
another raced through her head. She found an old Mickey Mouse t-shirt she
only used to sleep in and a beat up pair of shorts she did the same with and
changed into them. Changed and back outside Kate, Lizzie, Gordo started
walking towards Ricky's Jeep Cherokee.

"What's Ricky doing here?" Lizzie asked.

"I borrowed his truck."

"You know how to drive?"

"Yes, now stop asking questions. Be like Gordo and shut up until I talk to
you again."

The three teens climbed into the s.u.v. and with Kate behind the wheel drove
off to destinations known only to her. Lizzie's heart dropped to her stomach
when she recognized the neighborhood that they were driving into. First it
was her, then Gordo, now she realized in horror that Miranda was about to
get a taste of Kate's wrath for whatever she had done. Parking in the street
the three of them got out and walked to Miranda's front door pressing the

"Hey Lizzie, I'm ready to go..." Miranda said answering the door. "What're
they doing here, especially Kate? It's just the two of us."

"Not tonight," Kate answered. Lizzie stayed quiet following Kate's order not
to speak until spoken to. "Let's go Miranda. I hear you've been looking at
Claire the wrong way."

"I'm not going anywhere with you Kate," Miranda said sternly.

"GORDO NO!" Lizzie shouted as she watched him punch Miranda in the stomach
knocking the wind out of her. She fell to the ground wheezing and coughing
hysterically trying to get air back into her lungs.

"What did I say McGuire?!?" Kate screamed as she slapped Lizzie across the
face leaving a handprint.

"I'm sorry Lizzie, I have no choice like you," Gordo said quietly as he
picked up a still wheezing Miranda and carried her back to the vehicle.

"So you did have something to do with Gordo's sudden change!" Lizzie
grumbled at Kate.

"McGuire, you're wearing my patience thin. This is your last warning. You
got me?" Lizzie helplessly shook her head yes. "Good, now swallow this."
Kate pulled a small baggy from her pocket containing two capsules. "Don't
worry they're harmless. They're just laxatives. You only need to take one."

Lizzie had only a vague inkling of what Kate was up to as she swallowed the
pill. Gordo met them outside of the Cherokee when they returned to the

"Claire just called your cell Kate and said that Bartleby was ready to go.
Her parents will return home at nine which means you have an hour and a half
before then and it'll take twenty minutes to drive to her house."

"Good, everything's right on schedule then. Let's go."

Kate handed Gordo the remaining pill and the three piled into the truck.
Miranda was bound and gagged in the back and Lizzie couldn't bring herself
to make eye contact with her as they drove off. She could hear Miranda
groans and cries though and that brought immediate tears to her eyes. Lizzie
did look over at Gordo who just stared blankly ahead as if in another world.

The twenty-minute ride to Claire's house couldn't have been shorter for
Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda, and couldn't have been longer for Kate. Kate had
Gordo remove Miranda's restraints except for the duct tape around her mouth.
The foursome walked around to the back of the house and entered through the
backdoor where Claire waited for them in the living room.

"Everything ready?" Kate asked.

"Everything is," Claire replied.

"You take the pill?"

"Yes, and the camera's ready again for you to record it all."

"Where's Bartleby?"

"In the bathroom waiting."

"Good, now bring him here." As Claire left to get the dog Kate turned her
attention to the three friends. "Gordo, McGuire, you two sit down on the
couch and watch. If either of you so much as make a sound you'll be joining
Miranda. As for you Sanchez, I'm going to remove the tape from your mouth.
Do not, and I repeat, do not make a sound or move a muscle until I say so or
else you'll regret it. Just ask your friends."

Miranda looked over at Lizzie and Gordo who were sitting on the couch
expressionless. They looked at her and simply shook their heads yes. Miranda
was scared and could only guess what Kate had done to them.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes," Miranda shook her head.

"Good, now after I remove the tape take off your clothes and toss them to

Kate removed the tape covering Miranda's mouth and Miranda slowly removed
her clothing as she pouted quietly. Naked and embarrassed she threw her
clothes to Lizzie. It was then that Claire returned to the living room with
Kate's Golden Retriever, Bartleby attached to his leash. Kate turned the
camcorder on and watched as Claire removed the leash from the dog's collar
and it sat down in the middle of the living room.

"Sit down on the floor next to Bartleby," Kate ordered. Miranda looked at
Kate as if to protest, but she got no sympathy from her. "Do it Miranda!"

Miranda sat down next to the dog and held her legs close to her body
covering up. She started to whine as Bartleby walked over and licked her on
the face. Kate and Claire smiled like the sick twisted girls they were
thought to be as Lizzie and Miranda frowned in horror as they saw Bartleby's
penis peeking out of it's sheath. Gordo remained expressionless and unfazed
as usual. Everyone in the room knew what was coming next.

"Suck Bartleby's dick Miranda. Make it come all the way out."

Miranda's jaw dropped and she looked as if she was about to cry at the
request. Lizzie's mouth opened to protest, but Gordo quickly covered it with
one hand and shook his head as he held the index finger on his other hand up
to his lips to say "Shh."

"You can thank Gordo later for keeping you quiet McGuire," Kate said taking
notice of Gordo's actions. "And Miranda for the second and last time suck
Bartleby's cock."

"Suck the dog cock! Suck it you dumb slut!" Claire jeered watching Miranda.

Indeed Miranda felt very dirty and disgusted as she got Bartleby to lay down
on his side giving her easier access to his cock. She took the still small
penis into her hand and slowly began to massage it licking the tip of it as
it grew and escaped it's housing. Within just a few minutes Miranda had a
fully erect Golden Retriever cock in her hand that she was stroking back and
forth only occasionally licking.

"The dirty whore likes to get off animals," Claire laughed watching the
degradation of Miranda. "We should've gotten Lizzie to do this too."

"Perhaps we will if Miranda doesn't take the entire dick into her mouth,"
Kate not so indirectly hinted at.

If not for Lizzie's sake, then doing it just so she could survive the night,
because she truly feared for her life, Miranda wrapped her lips around
Bartleby's prick and began to bob her head back and forth.

Ashamed for herself, for Gordo, for Miranda, and for everything that
happened because she screwed up and accidentally instant messaged everybody
on her buddy list her comments about Kate's breasts Lizzie began to silently
cry with tears trickling down her face as she watched Miranda continue to
suck off Bartleby.

Those two bastards Kate and Claire were getting off and enjoying degrading
Miranda like this. If only she could get those two back Lizzie would, but at
the moment she was in no position to. And if she did go after them then
she'd have to punish her brother as well for taking advantage of the
situation and for what he knew. Lizzie sighed and relegated herself to being
a dirty slave for Kate.

Kate's panties were getting wet. She was getting Miranda on video giving a
blowjob to her dog and both Miranda and Lizzie had tears on their faces.
Kate was ready for the show to go to the second act and acted every part the

"Ok Miranda, that's enough for now. You can stop sucking Bartleby's dick,
but the fun isn't over yet. Get on all fours now with your ass facing
towards him."

Sucking dog penis was one thing, but still being a virgin Miranda definitely
didn't want to lose it to a dog. "Kate please no," Miranda begged her tears
flowing with ease now.

"Do it Sanchez!"

Even Gordo who had remained stone-faced since his incident with Kate was now
starting to let the situation get to him. He wasn't crying like Lizzie and
Miranda were, but his bottom lip was shaking and quivering violently. Kate
smiled widely as she watched Claire strip off her pants and panties and sit
down next to Lizzie as she fingered herself watching Miranda.

On all fours Miranda let out a child like cry as Bartleby walked to her and
she felt his breath and wet nose poke at her pussy as he sniffed it. Kate
smiled even bigger as she watched the knot on her dog's cock start to swell.
Not wanting to see Bartleby's growing enthusiasm go to waste Kate put Lizzie
to work.

"McGuire help Bartleby out and insert him into Miranda's cunt before the
knot gets too big."

Lizzie slowly got up whimpering and crying walking to Miranda and Bartleby.
She lifted the Golden Retriever's front paws and placed them on Miranda's
back. Then taking Bartleby's dick in her left hand Lizzie reached back and
pushed him on his butt towards Miranda with her right hand. Lizzie nearly
went crazy screaming inside her head as Bartleby's penis made contact with
Miranda's pussy and pushed inside.

"I'm so sorry," Lizzie whispered as she got up and returned to the couch
where Gordo was now looking at the ground and Claire continued to dive her
fingers deep into her vagina. She gave Claire the dirtiest look she could
muster before sitting back down. Claire immediately pulled out her sticky
wet fingers and wiped them all over Lizzie's face.

"Don't do that again bitch," Claire warned.

Miranda cried desperately wanting to disappear as she felt Bartleby's dick
push against her hymen. The pain she felt as Kate's dog busted her cherry
was only short lived and nothing compared to that of having Bartleby's knot
swell locking them together. Having the grossly large dog cock excitedly
thrust into her pussy was painful for Miranda and she let it be known as she
cried out with each push.

Kate was smiling, and Claire was smiling as both began creaming themselves
as they watched Miranda lose her virginity to a smelly dirty beast.
Miranda's torture lasted for another forty-five minutes, as she had to wait
for Bartleby's knot to shrink down enough for him to release himself from
her. Miranda began to heave and convulse and Kate quickly ordered Lizzie and
Gordo to take her outside to the backyard. There Miranda threw up all over
the grass ridding her belly of the nasty dog semen.

It was but a few minutes later that Gordo and Lizzie felt their stomach turn
and their body felt funny. Claire and Kate nodded to each other knowing what
was about to happen. Claire pushed Miranda down the ground with little
resistance and placed her ass right above Miranda's face. A few seconds
later a creamy almost liquidy mass of brown shot from Claire's butt like a

"Oh my god no..." Lizzie mumbled as she watched Miranda's face cover in
Claire's shit. That's why Kate had her and Gordo take the laxative pills.

"Oh my god yes," Kate said standing next to Lizzie still filming. "It's your
turn McGuire, unless of course you want Gordo to shit on your face. You and
Gordo drop your pants and go."

Sick and nearly ready to throw up herself Lizzie stood over Miranda's chest
as a second case of explosive diarrhea struck the poor girl. When Lizzie
felt empty of crap she stumbled away not even looking back at Miranda, but
instead fell to her hands and knees and threw up.

Gordo was about ready to shit on Miranda's stomach when Kate stopped him and
ordered a second layer to Miranda's face. Just finished from upchucking and
with bile oozing from her mouth Lizzie watched in anguish as Gordo blew his
load of brown all over Miranda's face. Kate and Claire were just standing
there laughing and filming as Miranda coughed and cried in humiliation. Kate
then turned her camera to Lizzie and smiled.

"So tell me McGuire how does it feel knowing you caused all of this? Had you
been able to use instant messenger like a normal person can, then none of
this would have happened." True or not Lizzie took that to be gospel and
personal demons took over as she contemplated the last couple of weeks and
the weeks to come.


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