This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 4
(bbf, mf, m-best, inc, oral, anal, inter, fist, drugs, rape)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"So tell me McGuire how does it feel knowing you caused all of this? Had you
been able to use instant messenger like a normal person can, then none of
this would have happened." True or not Lizzie took that to be gospel and
personal demons took over as she contemplated the last couple of weeks and
the weeks to come.

Lizzie's hands began to tremble. Her stomach started to turn again and she
felt as if she was about to throw up. She, Gordo, and Claire all had dirty
sloppy brown asses. Only Lizzie and Miranda showed signs of discomfort.
Gordo was back to being void of expression as he stared at Miranda, and Kate
and Claire were taking sick glee out of Miranda's shitty humiliation.

"McGuire. MCGUIRE!" Kate shouted.

"Aah! I'm sorry Kate what is it?"

"You didn't answer my question. How does it feel knowing you're the one
responsible for all of this by being a retard and not knowing how to use
instant messenger?"

"Kate I said I was sorry. I swear it was accident! Everyone knows your boobs
are bigger than mine are, they probably just thought I was jealous. Why bring
Gordo and Miranda into this?"

"If only it were about my tits, but I'm afraid it's not that simple. As for
your friends, they're involved to help teach you a lesson. Watch yourself and
don't fuck up."

"But I..."

"Shut up Lizzie!" Claire scowled. "Here's the thing you three. Tonight's fun
is over, However, you're shit covered asses aren't getting in Ricky's truck
so we're going to let you take a shower. You each have five minutes and
that's it. Go past that and you'll regret it. We don't need to tell you that
any more now do we?" Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda shook their head in

"Good now hurry up. I've still got things to do tonight," Kate said.

Lizzie was the first clean herself stepping into the shower only long enough
to wash off her backside. Dressing and waiting in the living room Lizzie
slouched on the couch as Gordo and Miranda took their turns. Granted she
wasn't the one who had just been shit on by three people, but Lizzie's life
was spiraling out of control out of her hands and into Kate's.

"What am I going to do?" Lizzie wondered. "I can't do anything for myself
anymore. None of us can. Our lives are in the hands of Kate and Claire and
we've no choice, but to do anything they say. The only way out is to... No
I can't do that! I would have to do it to both of them so neither could get
revenge, but then I'd end up in jail! Oh god! What am I going to do?"

"Stop crying McGuire," Kate jeered as tears began to slowly leak from
Lizzie's eyes.

"I hate you. I FUCKING HATE YOU KATE!" Lizzie suddenly screamed.

"My dear Lizzie, if Miranda got shit for looking at Claire the wrong way,
then screaming and cussing at me can't be good. I'll let it go this time,
but next time watch yourself... Stupid bitch."

* * *

"Well class," Mr. Jacobs began as he stood up from his desk with a pile of
papers in his hands, "I have your math tests graded. Everyone did fine on
them, so more so than others. Tell me Matt how did you manage to do so well
this time? An A- that's impressive."

"I studied for it Mr. Jacobs. Now Lanny and I get to go to Raging Mountain
Water Park on Saturday and we're going to ride the Waterfall of Death all
day long. They just opened it and it's the biggest baddest waterslide ever
created isn't it Lanny?" Lanny smiled broadly nodding his head yes

"Whatever you did Mr. McGuire keep doing it and you may pull your grade past
a C+."

As Mr. Jacobs finished passing out the math tests the bell rang indicating
the end of day. Matt and Lanny stuffed their tests into their notebooks and
raced out of the classroom. With everything in their backpacks they ripped
their bikes from the bike rack and tore down the street heading for Matt's

The two boys had a three-day weekend coming up because there was a teacher
in-service on Friday. Friday was also the day that Raging Mountain was
finally opening for the summer. Matt and Lanny would have preferred to go
then, but both of their parents had to work. Lizzie had it off too, but Matt
figured she'd go to Miranda's house or do something with her and Gordo.

Grabbing two Pepsi's Matt and Lanny ran into the backyard where they
continued their game for survival from the previous night. Matt's bedroom
had been possessed by spirits for the last two weeks and they had even seen
him have sex with Lizzie. Using a strange ritual Lanny saw online they
cleansed Matt's room of the spirits. However they went into the backyard
where they possessed a tree and Mr. McGuire's bar-b-que pit.

"You find a new ritual Lanny? The old one didn't work. It's only used on
bedrooms." Lanny shook his head yes and handed Matt a piece of paper. "Good
good, this looks like it might work." As Matt began the ritual he was
interrupted by someone entering the backyard through the fence gate.

"Hey McGuire!" Matt turned around and saw Kate shutting the gate behind her.

"Oh hi Kate, Lizzie's not home yet."

"It's not her I want to talk to."

"I didn't say anything to anyone about the tape or Lizzie. I swear!"

"Geez Matt calm down. I'm not here about that. What're you so worried about?"

"I don't know what's going on or what you did to Lizzie, but stories are
starting to reach my class and they're not good at all. The less I know the
less I can get in trouble for."

"Is this true?" Kate asked Lanny. He carefully shook his head yes. "Does he
ever speak?"


"He's a strange one, but so are you. The reason I'm here Matt is because
Lizzie's been having some trouble sleeping lately." Kate removed an eyedrop
bottle filled with a clear liquid from her purse and handed it Matt.

"What is this?"

"It'll help Lizzie sleep for a couple of hours. Put two drops in something
she's drinking tomorrow and she'll sleep like a baby. How would you like to
make a hundred bucks?"

"What do I have to do?"

"You don't have to do nothing. The two of you do. Lanny how would you like
to make a hundred dollars too?" Lanny shook his head yes excitedly. "All you
two have to do is make a video with her. Matt you've done this before. It'll
be just like last time except she'll be sleeping and won't be bugging you."

"How do we know that you have two hundred dollars?" Matt asked.

"Because I do," Kate pulled two one hundred-dollar bills from her pants
pocket and showed it to the boys. "I won't be here tomorrow to videotape
everything, because I've got other things to do so set up Claire's camera
and record it for me." Kate removed the video recorder from her purse and
handed it to Matt. "Don't break it or you'll regret it. Same warning as last
time Matt, got it?"

"Got it Kate."

"Lanny?" He shook his head yes.

After Kate left the yard Lanny looked at Matt.

"Lizzie did something or said something to upset Kate and now she's getting
her back. Kate paid me a hundred dollars before to make a sex video with
Lizzie. It was easy work and it's not like I shot my sperm into her vagina.
Kate just uses the videos to teach Lizzie a lesson. Do you still want to do
this?" Lanny shook his head yes.

"Good, you're spending the night right?"

Lanny shook his head yes again.

"Excellent, we'll figure out something later then. Now let's get the spirits
out of here cause I don't want them to come into the house and watch us
tomorrow. That's creepy." Lanny shook his head in agreement and the two boys
returned to their work.

* * *

"What're you two boys doing up so early?" Jo McGuire asked as she finished
making breakfast for Matt and Lanny.

"One of the trees and dad's bar-b-que pit are possessed by spirits and we
need to get them free before noon. We tried doing it yesterday, but that
ritual didn't work. Lanny thinks this one will."

"Well good luck then boys. I'm sure you two will do fine. Now before I leave
are you two going to be able to get along with Lizzie all day?"

"I don't know. I thought she was going to Miranda's house or something."

"Your sister's been acting strange lately, but in any case you two better
behave or you won't be going to Raging Mountain tomorrow with your father."

"Where is dad anyway? I thought he was supposed to be back today."

"He is but not until late tonight. Lanny you're more than welcome to spend
the night again if you want."

"Thanks mom!" Matt thanked her. Lanny shook his head yes with a big a smile.

"Ok, I'll be home by six. We are getting a break halfway through the seminar
so I'll call then. Bye you two, and remember behave."

"We will mom, you don't have to worry about us." Matt smiled.

"Good. Oh, and don't forget to put the dishes in the sink when you're done."

Matt and Lanny watched through the kitchen window as Jo got into her car and
drove off.

"Good she's finally gone, and we have the house to ourselves all day," Matt
said as the two sat down and started eating their breakfast. "We'll get the
spirits out of the backyard, and then make a hundred bucks. Oh what I could
do with the money."

Lanny took a bite of his eggs and gave Matt a look.

"Look Lanny like I said it's not like I shot my sperm into Lizzie's privates.
You know what a dork she can be and I'm sure she did something to deserve it.
How many times you have you been over when Lizzie came home complaining that
Kate was picking on her? I'm sure she deserved some of it. Besides all the
stories we've been hearing are probably not true. And what about Miranda and
Gordo? Why hasn't Kate done anything to them? She hates them just as much as
she hates Lizzie. This is one of the few times I get to get Lizzie back
without getting into trouble. If you want you can leave, just don't say
anything to anyone or I won't be your friend."

Lanny shrugged his shoulders and acted like he was just asking out of
curiosity. As the two finished eating they dumped their dishes in the sink
and went into the backyard to finish their work. Minutes turned to hours as
Matt and Lanny danced and chanted in the McGuire backyard stopping from time
to time to start small ceremonial fires. With the blazing afternoon sun
shining overhead and their bodies starting to perspire the two boys slumped
down in the shade of the once possessed tree content that their work was

"Well our work here is done," Matt said as he and Lanny stood up. "Time to
go inside and watch some t.v. and wait for Lizzie to get up." Lanny tugged
on Matt's shirt and pointed at the sun.

"What Lanny? What about the sun?" Lanny pointed to his wrist and made a
waking up gesture. "Oh crap! What time is it? Kate's gonna kill us if we
screw his up!"

Lanny shrugged and the two boys ran inside the house. Inside they looked at
the kitchen clock, which read 11:30.

"Lizzie! Lizzie! You still here," Matt shouted as the two ran upstairs to
her room.

"Matt! Stay out!" Lizzie screamed as the two boys barged in on her as she
was undressing.

"Sorry!" Matt shouted as the door slammed shut as they left her room. "Let's
go back to my room and wait. I think she's fixing to take a shower and I saw
a Diet Pepsi bottle in her room."

With the door cracked just enough Matt and Lanny peeked across the hall at
Lizzie's door. Sure enough after about five minutes of waiting Lizzie emerged
from her bedroom with a robed fastened around her. When the bathroom door
shut Matt and Lanny crept to Lizzie's room where Lanny played guard as Matt
put two drops of the clear liquid Kate had given him the day before into
Lizzie's soda. The two boys then went back to Matt's room and waited
patiently as Lizzie showered.

Finally after at least twenty minutes Lizzie emerged from the bathroom with
a towel around her head and the robe around her body. She slipped back into
her bedroom and shut the door. Matt had no idea what the stuff Kate gave him
was or how long it would take until Lizzie fell asleep so he and Lanny waited
for nearly forty-five minutes. After not hearing a peep from Lizzie Matt
instructed Lanny to stay while he went to check on Lizzie. He knocked once on
her door and got no answer. He knocked again and was still met with silence.
Slowly Matt opened the door and peered inside where he found Lizzie passed
out on the floor.

"Lizzie! Hey Lizzie you awake?" Matt asked as he shook his sister. She
mumbled incoherently and Matt shook her some more with the same result. He
stuck his head into the hall and shouted. "Lanny come on and bring the

A few seconds later Lanny walked into Lizzie's room where Matt was struggling
to lift his sister up onto her bed. Lanny set the camera down on Lizzie's
desk and helped Matt finally lift her onto the bed. In the process her robe
had become loose and one of her tits was now hanging out. Lanny and Matt
looked at each other momentarily then looked at Lizzie's bare breast.

"Ok ok one more time," Matt said as he started shaking Lizzie quite violently
to see if she'd wake up. "Lizzie! Lizzie! You awake?"

The unconscious girl did not respond and Matt and Lanny turned to each other
and smiled. Lanny quickly started to disrobe Lizzie, but Matt temporarily
stopped him.

"What about the camera? Kate wants some good video."

Lanny looked around the room a bit before deciding on a bookcase that got
just the right side angle of Lizzie's body and everything that would be done
to it. He set up the camera and started recording giving Matt the thumbs up.
Both boys worked together to get Lizzie's arms out of the robe and then
tossed it to the floor where it was soon joined by the towel around her head.

Quick to strip of their clothing Matt and Lanny stood at the foot of the bed
as they looked Lizzie's nude body up and down. As if agreeing telepathically
Lanny spread Lizzie's legs as he rode his tongue up and down her slit. Matt
was sitting on his sister's stomach as he roughly groped and squeezed her
chest while he smiled and laughed.

"Oh Matt please stop that hurts!" He mocked Lizzie as he pinched her nipples
pulling them hard and stretching them. Then as he did last time Matt dug his
sharp uncut nails into Lizzie's flesh breaking the skin and causing a very
minute amount of blood to trickle out. He climbed off Lizzie onto the
non-camera side and began to slide his tongue over her breasts licking up the

With his tongue digging deep into Lizzie's cunt Lanny lapped up the taste
of her sweet vaginal girl juice. Able to stick as much of his tongue into
Lizzie's pussy as his mouth allow Lanny noticed how big Lizzie's hole was
and decided to try something else. Pulling his tongue out Lanny inserted one
of his fingers into Lizzie and saw all the extra room that was left. He
inserted a second and third finger and still had room to spare.

"Hey Lanny," Matt called back straddling Lizzie's stomach once more as he
squeezed her tits together and fucked them, "I saw these pictures on the
internet one time where this guy stuck his whole hand into this girl's
pussy. Try it on Lizzie."

With a smile Lanny removed his hand balling it into a fist and pushed it into
Lizzie's cunt. It easily slipped inside and Lanny began to thrust it deep and
hard into Lizzie. With his balls slapping against his sister's chest, Matt
continued to excitedly titfuck her. He loved the feel of her breasts in his
hands and the friction between her skin and his absolutely turned him on.
Feeling his balls swell Matt climbed off of Lizzie not wanting to come just
yet. As a quick precautionary he shook Lizzie again calling her name, but she
didn't respond. Satisfied he joined Lanny at the entrance of his sister's

Pulling his hand out Lanny revealed Lizzie could get excited and wet even in
a state of unconsciousness. Thirsty for a taste of Lizzie the two boys licked
Lanny's hand clean of her cream. Then both boys shot a glance at Lizzie's ass
and they both seemingly came to an unsaid agreement. Lanny and Matt turned
Lizzie onto her stomach exposing her butt.

Matt was the first pulling her asscheeks apart and diving his tongue deep
inside her anus. Lanny's hard prick was growing still as he waited patiently
for his turn. Matt let go of Lizzie's right cheek and began to jerk himself
off as hungrily licked at Lizzie's asshole. Growing inpatient after several
minutes Lanny began to tug on Matt's shoulder who seemingly ignored him and
kept eating out Lizzie's sphincter.

Not able to hold himself anymore Lanny climbed the bed and got in front of
Lizzie's face. He lifted it up and spread her lips apart enough to allow him
to slide his cock into her mouth. Holding Lizzie's face steady in his hands
Lanny began to thrust his meat into her mouth. While it would have felt
better if she was conscious and able to use it, having Lizzie's tongue
striking the bottom of his shaft pushed Lanny into a frenzy.

Seeing his friend's state Matt relieved himself of Lizzie's behind and
invited Lanny to it. Instead of eating it out Lanny shoved his burning cock
deep into Lizzie's asshole. Matt watched standing to the side and stroking
himself as Lanny passionately fucked Lizzie in the ass. Watching Lizzie's
butt shake with each thrust caused Matt to stroke a little harder each time.

Suddenly Lanny's face scrunched up and he grunted as his dick's pleasure
swelled over and he began coming into Lizzie's backside. Matt watched with
glee as his friend pulled his dripping cock from his sister's sphincter and
wiped it on her ass. Lanny laid down on the bed next to Lizzie as Matt
followed up behind him penetrating Lizzie's ass as well. He didn't care if
his sister's ass was already filled with Lanny's cum, nor did he care if any
of it touched his dick. All Matt wanted right now was to fuck Lizzie hard in
the butthole.

"I may have said something about it last time, but now I truly understand
what an ass slut you are Lizzie," Matt jeered as he continued thrusting into
Lizzie's back side. "First it was my G.I. Joe figure, then Lanny, and now
me. Is there anything you won't do you little whore?"

Still unconscious Lizzie's body was doing little except reacting to each of
Matt's pushes inside. With a spasming and gusto much greater than his first
time with Lizzie Matt's orgasm raced through his body with force. His balls
quaked and his cockhead spewed forth a white hot sticky shower as his cum
drenched his sister's anus. Pulling out Matt still dripped cum from his
peehole. He crawled around the front side Lizzie where he pried her mouth
open and slid his prick inside to clean it off. His dick now covered in just
his sister's saliva he and Lanny got off the bed and looked at their work.

"We should probably clean her up a bit and redress her and put her back on
the floor," Matt said as he shut of the camera. "We'll just say we were
downstairs the whole time."

Lanny shook his head in agreement and he and Matt went about covering up
their handy work.

* * *

Kate was bored. She laid leisurely on her living room couch watching reruns
of The Young and The Restless. It was nearly two in the afternoon and Claire
was at cheerleading practice and Lizzie was most likely at it too. This lazy
Friday afternoon Kate had decided not to go to practice. Even though
Hillridge had the day off they still had a football game later in the night.
As previews for the upcoming Jerry Springer played Kate suddenly had an idea.
She picked up the phone and dialed Miranda's number. The phone rang several
times and Kate was starting to think she wasn't home.


"Good," Kate thought as she hung up at the sound of Miranda's voice. She
then dialed Gordo's number.


"Hi Gordon, you're not busy at the moment are you?"


"Good, I'll be over shortly." Kate hung up on Gordo and made one last phone
call to make sure everything was a go.


"Hey Matt, it's Kate. You get the video made?"

"Yes, we did. You have our money?"

"Yes, I do. I'll be over in a bit and give it to you and Lanny. I need the
camera back. C'ya in a little while."

"Alright then, see you later Kate."

"Now to get me some transportation," Kate said to herself as she called


"Hey Ricky it's Kate. I need your car again."

"It's an s.u.v. not some crappy car."

"Ok, ok, fine. I need to use your sport utility vehicle again."

"What for?"

"It's none of your business."

"Are you making another video?"

"How do you know about that?"

"Claire told me about it."

"God damn it, the bitch."

"Hey, don't worry about it's all good. Just one thing though."

"What's that?"

"I've got a few buddies in college that would really dig Miranda. Hook us up
why don't you?"

"Hmm... You and a bunch of college guys doing Miranda? Not too bad an idea,
but isn't she a bit young for you?"

"Nah Kate. We had a gangbang with Claire and they didn't care. Set something
up ok?"

"Claire gangbanging college guys... That a girl. Anyway just bring over your
s.u.v. and it's as good as done."

"You've got yourself a deal then kiddo, see you soon," Ricky said before
hanging up.

"You've got yourself a couple of dates Miranda, now what should I do with
Lizzie and Gordo next?"

* * *

"So when's our group meeting with Miranda?" Ricky asked as Kate climbed into
his vehicle.

"God damn it Ricky, give me time to set it up. We barely talked fifteen
minutes ago. Fucking horndog. Anyway tell me something Ricky," Kate said as
they started down the road.

"What's that?"

"Do black guys really have as big a dick as they're supposed to?"

"Damn straight Kate! At least I do. I don't go around looking at other guys'
cocks as much fun as that may be to you. Why do you ask?"

"No reason really," Kate answered as she leaned over the seat tugging at
Ricky's pants.

"Very nice. A little white girl want's to suck on my big cock. You know
Claire would be pissed if she knew what you were up to," Ricky said as Kate
unbuttoned his pants and freed his cock.

"Like she has any room to complain. She's been in a gangbang," Kate said
in-between licks of Ricky's shaft.

"Yeah, but that was her idea. Oh yeah..." Ricky moaned as Kate wrapped her
lips the head of his prick. "Just don't make it too good a bj or I might
crash and this would be hard to explain to Claire."

"Don't worry about her," Kate replied opening her mouth long enough to talk,
"I'll take care of her if anything happens."

"You better, so what about you and I hooking up sometime and really going at

"Mmm hmm..." Kate moaned as her lips moved up and down Ricky's thick shaft.

"Oh god Kate... You know... I've met a lot of cool white girls and I like
you the best. You suck dick just like Claire does."

With Ricky's balls in hand Kate removed her mouth and started to flick her
tongue across his scrotum. Ricky felt Kate's tongue slickly race from the
top of his shaft all the way down to the bottom where it split his testicles
sending a surge of energy through his prick.

"God damn girl you're really good," Ricky moaned as Kate started to suck on
his balls. "But we're here."

"Anyone around?" Kate asked.


"Alright then," She said before taking him into her mouth.

Ricky had a large prick. Claire once told her it was nine inches long and
taking into consideration he was only a sophmore in high school he wasn't
quite finished growing yet. Kate was a bit surprised at first when she could
only get half of it in before the head started pushing against her throat
almost causing her to gag.

This being the first large black guy she sucked off Kate went about it slowly
carefully working Ricky's dick into her mouth. Since he offered she very much
wanted to ride this mammoth cock, but she knew that'd be more of a challenge
than just sucking it. Ricky watched smiling as Kate tried to deepthroat him
and it was a bit slow going at first, but eventually he started to feel his
penis slide into the back of her mouth and down her throat.

Ricky was more than impressed when Kate deepthroated his entire shaft. That
was something not even Claire had done yet. Kate energetically worked her
tongue up and down the part of his shaft she could reach and hungrily tongued
and sucked every inch of Claire's boyfriend. Perhaps it would have been
better if he had given her a warning, but Ricky wanted to see how Kate would
truly react.

Without any kind of warning or signal Ricky forced himself to come in Kate's
mouth. His massive dickhead squirted out much more cum than Kate was used to,
but she did her best to contain it all. Even being a third smaller than it
normally would be since it was forced Ricky's load was still very large and
he was again impressed when Kate managed to swallow down every drop without a
spilling a bit. Smiling Kate lifted her head and licked her lips.

"Next time don't force it Ricky. I want the full load."

"Next time you've got it Kate."

"God damn that thing is big, I so want to find out what it feels like inside
of me."

"You will soon enough," Ricky replied as he put his tool away. "But don't
you have something to take care of today? That and setting up me and my buds
with Miranda."

"In time we'll both get what we want," Kate said as Ricky exited the vehicle
and she scooted over to the driver's side.

"I'm looking forward to it."

"I know, so am I."

* * *

"Hello Matt," Kate said as he opened the door.

"Hi Kate."

"So making the video went ok? No problems huh?"

"No, no problems."

"Lizzie say anything when she woke up."

"Not really. Lanny and I've been downstairs since we made the video and we
didn't say Lizzie until she left for her practice. She didn't say anything

"Good, now where's the camera?"

"Here," Matt said taking the camera from Lanny who was standing behind him.

"Excellent, and here you go," Kate replied handing a hundred dollar bill to
Matt and Lanny while taking the video recorder back. "Don't spend it all in
one place."

* * *

As Gordon sat in the s.u.v. as Kate drove to Miranda's house he began to
question himself. Lizzie and Miranda were his best friends and had been since
they were born. But now he found himself agreeing to rape Miranda because
Kate wanted him too and this was right after he had just shit on Miranda's
face not too long ago.

Gordo didn't want to go through with it, but the more time he spent with Kate
and the more she dominated everyone and treated them like crap including
himself, the more he wanted to be with her. He didn't know why he was taking
such a liking to Kate, but it all started the day she fucked and fisted him
in the ass.

Getting out of the vehicle and moving up the walkway to the front door of
Miranda's house followed by Kate with the camcorder rolling Gordo readied
himself for what he was about to do as he rang Miranda's doorbell.

"Gordo, Kate... What're you doing he--" Miranda didn't even have the chance
to finish her question before Gordo punched her in stomach knocking the wind
out of her. "Gordo... Why..." Miranda wheezed looking at him still trying to
catch her breath.

Gordo reached back and punched Miranda in the face sending her sprawling
backwards into her house. He stalked her inside and Kate shut the door
laughing deviously as Miranda crawled backwards trying to get away.

"Gordo stop! Please stop! Why are you doing this?" Miranda shouted on the
verge of tears as Gordo lifted her up by the hair and dragged her towards
the Sanchez parents bedroom.

"Because he's under my control now Sanchez and will do anything I ask. Isn't
that right Gordon?"

Gordo didn't answer but continued his actions as he threw Miranda onto the
bed before reaching for her clothes. He grabbed Miranda's shirt and tore it
from her body followed by her bra.

"Gordo stop! Please!" Miranda cried hysterically.

"Gordon, punch her again and get her to shut up."

Without hesitation Gordo did as he was told and punched Miranda in the
stomach. Miranda's face turned blue and she instantly quieted as all the air
in her body left in a hurry. In a motionless state as she tried to regain her
breath Gordo quickly tore Miranda's pants and underwear from her leaving her
breathless and nude on the bed.

"Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how much cooler it is, but Gordon
is not as dorky a name as Gordo is. Gordo sounds really gay which is probably
why you like buttfucking Ethan."

In a moment of forgotten pain Miranda looked up at Gordo in surprise, almost

"By the look on your face I take it you had absolutely no clue, or perhaps
you're surprised by the fact that Gordo is getting action from the one guy
Lizzie wanted. Gordon was anyway. You two decided to call it quits because
the school wasn't ready for a bisexual couple isn't that right Gordon?"

Naked Gordo dropped his clothes to the floor and climbed onto the bed moving
towards a trembling Miranda. His cock right above her pussy, his face right
above hers, Gordo got a good deep look into Miranda's eyes and saw the fear
that permeated through them.

"Oh my god... What have I done? I've allowed Kate to take me as her slave
and hurt the ones I love," Gordo said to himself. "I'm sorry Miranda," he
whispered to her before climbing off her body.

"Gordon what are you doing?" Kate sternly demanded.

"I won't do it, I won't rape Miranda for your pleasure."

"Do it Gordon."



"No Kate I won't."

"This is your last warning. Do it or else Gordon."


"Alright fine. You don't want to rape Miranda, it's duly noted. Miranda count
your blessings. Today's fun has just been postponed. You've got something
much bigger and worthwhile coming up. As for your Gordon, unless you want the
tapes of yourself, McGuire, and Sanchez floating all over the school and the
internet come with me."

"Do to me what you will Kate, but you'll never make me hurt my friends

"We'll see about that."

* * *

Gordo laid nude on the ground with a collar around his neck and a chainlink
leash that was bound to a spike in the ground used to keep Bartleby from
running loose at night. It was almost 3:30 in the afternoon and Gordo only
knew that because he caught a glimpse of a clock as Kate pushed him through
her house.

The sun was still high and hot and beating down on his body. Gordo had
decided to take a stand not long ago and while he far from regretted it he
now had a sickly feeling of what was about to happen. Kate had disappeared
into the house several minutes ago to get some things she said. Gordo's
fears were affirmed when Bartleby came bounding out the back door followed
by Kate with Claire's video recorder.

Bartleby circled around Gordo almost as if sizing him up to see what he had.
Suddenly Bartleby's tongue lashed out licking the bottom of Gordo's balls
and up his backside. Kate chuckled as she watched her dog continue to lick
Gordo's ass.

"Kate you're sick and you need help!" Gordo shouted in disgust.

"No, my dear Gordon, you're the one who needs help, just like Miranda did
when she got fucked by Bartleby. You didn't help her then, hell you took a
shit on her face. Why help now?"

"Because you're a sick twisted fuck who I let take control of me!"

"Sick twisted fuck? So you didn't enjoy it when I rammed my strap-on up your
ass or when I fisted you? You didn't enjoy it either when you fucked Ethan
knowing full well that Lizzie liked him? That was all make believe pleasure

Gordo didn't answer, but just shot Kate an evil look.

"That's what I thought. You're just confused right now Gordon. You still have
a small ounce of your conscience left and once that's gone you're going back
to Miranda's and raping her like I want you to. I'm a patient girl and I can
wait as long as it takes for you to come around. That' doesn't mean of course
that I won't have fun with you in the mean time. Bartleby lie down. Don't let
the poor animal do all the work. He's old and needs some love too."

"Fuck you Kate! I'll scream and the neighbors will hear me."

"No fuck you Gordon! You scream and I release all the tapes I have editing
them as needed right after I drive that stake through your heart. You don't
believe me then try me. Try me! I'd love to do it bitch!"

Gordo thought for a moment about Kate's current state of mind and all that
had transpired so far since Lizzie had become a cheerleader. At this point
he wasn't too sure that Kate wasn't bluffing about driving the stake through
his heart. Kate watched Gordo as he contemplated his situation. She would
most definitely release the tapes if he did anything, but now she was waiting
to see if Gordo would call her on her bluff.

Kate was releaved when Gordo decided not to take the chance and instead
turned himself around to where the lying dog waited. Recorder in hand Kate
jubilantly recorded Gordo as he took Bartleby's sheath in his hand and
started stroking it back and forth. With each stroking pass the dog's prick
withdrew from hiding more and more. Gordo could feel himself start to get
sick as Kate glared at him giving a silent command. He slowly touched his
tongue to the tip of Bartleby's cock.

Kate felt on top of the world as she watched Gordo wrap his lips around her
dog's growing prick and start to suck him off. The dirtiness and outright
crudeness of the act tremendously excited Kate and there was only one other
person who enjoyed these kinds of things as much as she did. Kate would call
her later and give all the gruesome details.

"You like dog dick Gordon? How's it taste? I've never tried it myself so I'm
curious. Does it taste better than Ethan's asshole?" Kate mocked as Bartleby
was now humping Gordo's mouth even as he still laid on his side. "Let's get
a nice action shot now, get on all fours."

Kate set down the camera and walked to where Bartleby was now circling
behind Gordo. Grabbing his front paws Kate set them down on Gordo's back and
directed Bartleby towards Gordo's ass by pushing him from behind. It took
several tries to get the dog to enter the boy's backside and several more to
get him to stay inside.

Gordo had taken Ethan's cock in the ass every once in awhile and gotten used
to it, and even got pleasure from getting purged by Kate's strap-on, but
having a large dog cock fill his ass was a bit much. Bartleby stretched and
tore at Gordo's anus with each thrust and even though he was able to
accommodate the dog's cock after several minutes Gordo knew the knot was
coming soon.

Kate laughed and smiled getting every moment on tape as her Golden Retriever
violated Gordo. Gordo suddenly knew exactly how it felt to have Bartleby's
penis locked into place as his knot exploded expanding wide. Gordo loved
Miranda as a friend and now they had one experience they could talk about as
dog cum spilled into his ass quickly filling it.

Gordo could not hear Kate as she laughed and taunted him, he could not hear
the dog bark as he came. He was too busy staring at a rock on the ground
waiting for the swelled knot to go down. Much like Miranda it deflated
almost forty-five minutes later. He got to his feet minutes after Bartleby
dismounted him. Looking at Kate Gordo could see she was all too happy with

"Let's go inside Gordon and get you cleaned up before you go home. We can't
have you eating dinner with the folks with them knowing you fuck dogs now
can we?"

* **

As Kate pulled into Ricky's driveway he and Claire met her.

"So how'd it go?" Claire asked. "Ricky says you got some good footage."

"I did. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it's still good. Hey
you don't mind if him and his buddies have a go round with Miranda do you?"

"No, we're good like that as long we ask each other first. You could fuck
him or give him a blowjob yourself if you wanted. Just say something ahead
of time. Ricky doesn't have one and not that I would let it loose on you,
but I have a temper about these things."

"Well I might take you up on that offer one day then. So what about it Ricky?
You think you and your boys will be ready by next weekend?"


"Good then. I've got a few details to work out, but it'll be a go. I'll let
you know what's happening on Thursday."


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