This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 5
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Ricky wasn't one to normally date outside of his race. He didn't have any
problems it, he had dated a number of white and Hispanic girls before, but
it was just the way things had worked out for him in life. Now it was time
to step outside of the box once again. Ricky had found a new girl, a young
Caucasian named Kate Sanders, that he wanted to get his hands on and his
dick in. Kate was someone Ricky wanted bad, but right now he had other
concerns. Once a month he and three of his buddies in college got together
to find a young teen to gang up on. This month it was his turn and he had
chosen Miranda.

It was a hot Thursday afternoon and Ricky had decided to ditch school for
the day. Bored and with nothing on tv he got up to get the newspaper and
check the movie listings. Not even a foot from the couch he saw Claire's
yearbook from the year before sitting on the coffee table in the living
room. Ricky opened it up and started thumbing through the pages. Soon he
found the tiny head shot of Kate and stared at it. From the moment Claire
showed him a picture of her he knew he wanted her even without speaking a
word or spending any time with her.

Excited by next weekend's prospects Ricky's mind started to wander. It
slowly settled on his daydream with Kate. One day in the future the two of
them would be lying in Ricky's bed. They'd be in a sixty-nine position and
Kate would be fondling his cock. With this vision in mind Ricky unbuttoned
his pants and pulled them down enough to pull his cock free.

As his hand wrapped around the base of his shaft he began to slowly move
it up and down jerking himself off. In his mind he could see Kate taking
his throbbing manhood into her hand masturbating him, while with his eyes
he stared at her tiny picture in the yearbook. Ricky slowly increased his
pace matching that of Kate in his fantasy. Now though she pushed his prick
against his belly and frantically began tonguing his balls.

"Oh fuck yeah Kate you cock sucking little ho," Ricky moaned as he continued
to play with himself

Kate's tongue ran up and down his shaft. She stopped from time to time to
suck on his prick head like a lollypop. Ricky's fantasy grew and grew his
hand's frantic pace up and down increasing with each pass. Then suddenly
Kate gobbled down his thick black cock and Ricky nearly lost it. Precum
started to dribble out and drip on the yearbook as he stood over it while
it still sat on the coffee table.

"Fuck yeah Kate! I'm going to fuck you hard!" Ricky groaned talking to the
lifeless small picture. Tighter he squeezed his penis pretending it was
Kate's cunt. Ricky's hand jerked back and forth tirelessly and soon his cock
was starting to tremble. "Fuck it I'll just tell Claire the book is lost,"
Ricky said to himself as he busted a load into Kate's twat and she screamed
in orgasm at the top of her lungs.

Ricky's head jerked back as the cell phone in his pocket started to ring.
His break in fantasy caused his hand to push his penis away from the yearbook
as semen started to leap out. He quickly pointed himself back at the yearbook
and managed to get several solid shots on it, but none on Kate's picture
since it was so small. As his orgasm slowly subsided his cell phone kept

"Mother fucker!" Ricky shouted irritated as he buttoned his pants back up
and reached into his pocket for the phone. "Yeah who is it? It better be

"I kinda think this is important."

"Oh shit, sorry Kate. What's up?"

"Am I interrupting something? I can call back later if you need time to

"Shouldn't you be in school?"

"I am, we're in-between periods. Shouldn't you be in school? I was just going
to leave you a voice mail."

"I decided to take the day off. Anyway you called because you have some news
for me I assume?"

"Indeed I do. You and Claire will pick me and then Miranda up on Saturday and
well it's a good thing Claire's parents are almost never home on the weekend
since we have no other options."

"Yeah tell me about it. Sex once a week is just about killing me, but when
it's Claire god damn it's more than worth it."

"Yeah well I haven't fucked Claire in awhile so I wouldn't really know, but
how about me and you not this Friday but next have a get together?"

"What about school?"

"Since when were you ever worried about academics? You're going to college
on a football scholarship. We'll just skip school and meet up over at my
place. Oh, how many of your buddies are coming?"

"Just three, why?"

"Tell them to all come in one vehicle. I don't want it to look like a parking
lot in front of Claire's house."

"Sure thing. Anyway, who's going to talk to Claire and get her permission

"You can. It doesn't matter to me either way."

"How about you since you see her at school everyday?"

"Sure thing. I'll say something next time I see her today."

"Cool then. I gotta go and clean up something so I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah the bell just rang here so I've got to go and Ricky?"

"Yeah Kate?"

"Don't wear yourself out before Saturday."

* * *

Nervously Lizzie paced back and forth at Miranda's locker at the end of the
school day as she waited for her. Not that they hadn't already, but things
were starting to get way out of hand with Kate and Claire. Lizzie wanted to
warn Miranda about what was fixing to happen, but she knew it wouldn't do
any good. Maybe though Miranda would be able to find a way to cope herself
through the ordeal. Who knew, but Lizzie was nervous to say the least.

Then further down the hall standing at her own locker Lizzie saw Kate
putting some books in her backpack. Lizzie knew it was going to be futile,
but she had to say something to Kate. This wasn't right, none of it was.

"Hey Kate I need to talk to you," Lizzie said nervously approaching her.

"What is it McGuire, we've got practice in thirty."

"I know I know, I'm waiting for Miranda to give something to her, but while
I do I wanted to talk to you."


"This weekend and what you're going to have her do with Ricky and his

"How'd you find out about it?"

"I was in one of the bathroom stalls when you and Claire talked about it."

"Ok, so?"

"Don't you think this is getting out of hand?"

"No, why would I?"

"Everyone's already stopped talking about my bra stuffing comment. Why do
you want to keep torturing us? You don't have to do it anymore."

"Listen McGuire if I wanted to torture you I would and no I don't have to
do what I do, but I don't like you or Miranda and let me tell you something
about your friend Gordon. He's a butt fucking bi-sexual who likes giving it
to Ethan so unless Ethan's bi and likes you, which I've got it on good word
he doesn't, then Ethan is out of your league."

"I hate you Kate, I really fucking hate you."

"Spare me McGuire. Tell me something new."

"Fine I quit then. You and Claire can take your cheerleading squad and go to

"Tell me Elizabeth, do you mean that?"

"My name's Lizzie Kate and as I do. I hope you fucking die."

The look on Kate's face suddenly changed from bemused irritation to an icy
cold stare. Perhaps she didn't mean the die part, but Lizzie was tired of
Kate's shit and decided to take a stand no matter what. The two girls
exchanged looks and glared hard at each other for almost a minute before
Kate spoke.

"Ok fine. You've said what you had to say and I acknowledge your statement,
but know this Lizzie McGuire you haven't seen the worst from me yet."

There was a chill and eerie silence to the air as Kate slowly and calmly
walked away. Lizzie stared directly at the back of her head boring holes
into it with her eyes. Yet as soon as Kate disappeared from Lizzie's line
of view a cold shiver went down her back.

* * *

Ricky honked his horn once as he and Claire pulled into Kate's driveway.
Several minutes later Kate walked out of the front door and down the driveway
towards the s.u.v. As Kate got closer Claire noticed and felt something
different about her. She didn't have the wicked smile she did the last few
times the girls had gotten together to teach the trio something. Nor did she
seem to be feeling friendly or excited about tonight. Instead Kate's face was
emotionless and there was air of extreme hostility about her.

"Something wrong Kate?" Claire asked as Kate motioned for her to roll down
the window.

"Not really." Kate responded void of emotion.

"What's going you? You don't seem yourself."

"I won't be joining you two tonight. I've got something to deal with. I
wish I could be thee, but this is more important."

"Well take care of your business whatever it is and Claire will get some
good video won't you?"

"Yeah yeah of course."

"Good then. Record everything; the before, the after, the during. Everything.
I'm going to have some video editing to do in the near future. I'll talk to
you on Monday Claire."

This was odd behavior even for Kate as she turned her back and started
towards the house, but Claire just shrugged it off for the time being and
would deal with it later. For now she had someone else to mess with.

Every since her encounter on Thursday afternoon Kate had the wheels in motion
and was planning something devious that required finding a way to run her
parents out of house. She had been able to convince them to spend the night
out at a dinner and a movie. She would have the house to herself for several
hours and it was more than enough time for her.

She grabbed the keys to her mom's car and pulled out of the garage. Her first
stop was at Gordo's who reluctantly got into the car with her only after Kate
threatened to release the tape of him with Ethan to the school. Kate handed
Gordo four large white pills and told him to swallow them after assuring him
they weren't laxatives. Almost immediately he felt a brief sharp pain in his
groin followed by a sleeping feeling one feels when they lay on their arm for
too long.

Kate's next stop was Lizzie's house where she found it empty. It wasn't until
twenty minutes later that she decided to try Miranda's house. When she pulled
up what she saw royally pissed off Kate. Ricky, Claire, Lizzie, and Miranda
were in the driveway. Ricky and Claire were arguing with Lizzie as Miranda
stood behind her several feet away looking at the ground in a defeated

"You stay here," Kate ordered Gordo barely looking into the backseat at him.

She then pulled a bottle of chloroform and rag from the glove compartment box
which she had stashed in there figuring something like this would happen.
Kate drenched the rag in the liquid and got out of the car silently stalking
towards Lizzie.

"This is it! You can show everyone the videos, but I don't care! This has
gone far enough!" Lizzie screamed at the approaching Kate.

Without a word Kate put Lizzie in a headlock and smothered her with the
soaked rag. Lizzie's arms and legs flailed about for several minutes before
she lost consciousness. Claire helped carry Lizzie back to the car and Ricky
smiled as he looked Miranda up and down and gave his nod of approval.

"Has anyone ever told you how good you look Miranda?" She barely looked up
from the ground and gave Ricky a nervous look. "Come on girl, there's nothing
to be afraid of. Claire likes gangbangs too and while yes the cocks of many
black men are large they're easy to handle. Just ask Kate. She sucks dick
like a pro."

"Come on let's go," Claire shouted getting into Ricky's s.u.v. "We don't have
time for twenty questions over there. The more talk the less fuck for you

"Yeah Claire's right," He conceded. "Let's get going then Miranda. I promise
it won't be any worse than Kate making you fuck her dog." Miranda's eyes
suddenly shot up in horror at the idea that more than just the people
involved knew about the incident. "Claire showed me the video. Don't worry
I won't tell anyone."

With a barely assured look on her face Miranda started towards the s.u.v.
Time slowed down real fast for Miranda as she got into the vehicle and it
took off for Claire's house. Once at the house Miranda was led to the master
bedroom where she was ordered to strip off her clothes and wait quietly. She
laid down on the bed and curled into a fetus position when she saw Claire
bring in a tripod and set up her video recorder.

By herself and with the door to the room closed Miranda could only wait for
Ricky's friends to show which seemed to be hours when in fact it was only
fifteen minutes. Outside Miranda could hear a lot jubilant talk and foul
language. A variety of degrading words such as slut, cunt, whore, and trash
were thrown around mixed in with a few others. Miranda started to cry to
herself as the bedroom door swung.

"Miranda my good friend our time together has finally come to pass and we
shall now make you a woman as we did to Claire," Ricky sauntered in with a
wide grin on his face. Behind him were two black guys, a white guy, and
Claire. "But before we began let me introduce you to my friends. First we
have Tiny, you'll find out why we call him that soon enough. Next to him
is Junior, and finally we have Fred (The white guy). I am of course you're
grateful host for tonight and Claire's loving boyfriend, Ricky. Now aren't
you excited to be here tonight?"

Miranda didn't know what to say so she barely shook her head yes.

"Hold it a sec Ricardo. We don't do videos remember? Not with them this
young," Tiny interrupted noticing the camera.

"Tiny, guys, just calm down. We'll black out everyone's faces later. It's a
long story, but the video is a vendetta thing with Claire and her friend
against Miranda and hers. Trust me ok?"

"I still don't like this," Tiny remarked.

"Do you want to fucking leave then?"


"Then shut up and fuck her."

"Tiny's right," Junior chipped in.

"Oh god you guys. Fred what do you think?"

"I'm going to have to agree with them."

"Ok fine you big fucking crybabies. Claire turn the camera off," Ricky said
motioning with his finger. "You guys happen now?"

"Yeah that's better," Tiny replied smiling as he dropped his clothes the
floor. Ricky winked at Claire who then secretly turned the camera back on.
"You know Ricky's had his moments when he's told us he's found these good
looking girls and they've been absolute dogs, but he was right about you

Tiny smiled at Miranda as he climbed onto the bed next to her and kissed
her softly on the lips. He slid his hands along her legs and up her smooth
stomach stopping at her budding breasts. He cupped them in his hands
squeezing them pinching the nipples. Miranda bit her lip to keep from
moaning. That was the last thing she wanted to do, but she couldn't help
herself as Fred got onto the bed in front of her and pushed his face
between her legs.

Miranda let out small muffled moan as Fred's tongue moved smoothly up and
down her slit. Junior then climbed onto the bed on Miranda's free side and
sat on his knees stroking his dark seven-inch cock. He pushed it close to
Miranda's lips and she hesitated despite knowing what he wanted. Miranda
had never seen a dick that big in real life and the only people she ever
saw get the whole thing in their mouths were pornstars.

"Come on Miranda, just try it," Ricky encouraged her as he and Claire watched
from against the wall. They were both becoming aroused watching Miranda with
three men and Ricky's hand had found its way up Claire's shirt and into her

Miranda hesitantly opened her mouth and Junior's prick slid in-between her
lips. Tiny then squatted on his knees next to Miranda and that's when she saw
why they called him Tiny. His penis was even larger than Junior's and it had
to have been at least ten inches long. Miranda saw Tiny stroking himself and
as Junior continued to pump his dick in and out of her mouth she reached out
for Tiny's massive black dick and squeezed it softly at it's base.

"That's a good girl Miranda. Squeeze me tight like your pussy," Tiny grinned.

Fred continued to suck on Miranda's pussy darting his tongue in and out of
the folds of her moist cavern. Perhaps if her mouth wasn't full with Junior
then Miranda might have let out more than a muffled almost inaudible moan as
her body betrayed her and heated up. Audible moan or not Junior certainly
felt the effects of Miranda's excitement as her lips squeezed down as his
shaft continued to push into her mouth.

Miranda nearly freaked out when she looked up and saw Fred spreading her legs
with his hardon swaying in air. She gasped and had a micro-orgasm from the
very touch of Fred's penis as it spread her vaginal walls and slid inside.
Then for reasons unknown to her Miranda suddenly decided to switch and jack
off Junior as she sucked of Tiny. Miranda's first sexual experiences had
brought to her by Kate, but even still she was still an amateur and struggled
as Tiny tried to deepthroat her.

"Good girl Miranda. Show how much you enjoy this! Show them what a slut you
can be," Claire said to herself with her hand down Ricky's pants around his
dick as she led him from the master bedroom and into her own room. The couple
stripped of their clothing dropping it on the floor as they headed for
Claire's bed.

Inside Claire waited on her bed with bated breath on all fours spreading her
ass open. Ricky smiled carefree as he got behind his girlfriend and started
to eat her butt out. Soft moans escaped Claire's mouth and her hand slid down
her body between her legs searching for her clit. She methodically began to
thumb it upon touch down and her desire began to burn more.

Ricky turned Claire onto her back and slowly slid a finger into her twat. His
tongue splashed all around it leaving a trail of saliva on her cuntal lips.
Claire's hips began to buck as Ricky started to pump his fingers in and out
of her. With all the time she had spent hanging with Kate and with all the
indecent inhuman things they had done to Lizzie and her friends Claire still
had feelings in her. She enjoyed the simple things in life like the current
moment in time. Even though she knew Miranda was in the room next door
getting felt up and fucked by three guys and being recorded so Kate could use
it against her, Claire felt happy in Rick's grasp. She felt great as he
whispered the words "I love you" and penetrated her pussy with his prick.

Miranda grimaced and moaned pathetically as she tried to lower her ass onto
Tiny's dick. Taking the ten-inch monster into her anus wouldn't be easy and
it would get any easier as she tried to do it with Fred face-fucking her. Her
tiny asshole stretch and tore and Tiny continued to push and Miranda even
thought she felt blood trickling in her anus, but after ten or so minutes of
struggling it finally slipped in. It wasn't even a second later as Junior
plunged his penis hard into Miranda's cunt.

Miranda felt dirty. She felt like a cheap slut, but it had less to do with
having sex with three at once than it did with her starting to enjoy it. At
the start of the night, Miranda was scared, nervous, and even wanted to cry.
Now though, now she was enjoying herself, having as good a time as one in her
position could. Miranda didn't dare tell Lizzie she liked tonight's events
because Lizzie had put herself on the line to defend her and god knew what
Kate was doing to her. Which brought up another issue in that Miranda didn't
dare let anyone at Claire's know she had had a good time because it would get
back to Kate and Miranda was deathly afraid of her.

Harder and faster the three men rocked Miranda's body her tiny holes like
heaven on their pricks. Miranda moaned continuously in a low key for almost
five minutes as her body heated up and she relished every thrust the three
cocks made into her body. It was Fred who was the first to let Miranda in
on the finale of their show. Precum dribbled freely out of his cock head as
Miranda's wet lips and tongue wrestled with the shaft. Fred pulled out
moments before orgasm struck and he aimed for the small girl's face. Shot
after shot of his creamy white jizz pelted Miranda's face and dark hair. She
was even struck once in the left eye.

Junior slipped his penis out as Miranda's pussy quaked and squirted. He
jerked himself off for several seconds before he blew his load. Miranda
was surprised at the sheer volume of Junior's white geyser and she took
quite a bit of it in her mouth as a river of cum started near her eyes and
flowed south to her lips. Perhaps Miranda was too caught up with the pain
shooting through her engorged overstretched ass that she didn't pay much
attention to Tiny when he pulled her off of him and he stood up in front of
her. It was like a firehose to her getting smacked in the face the way she
did with Tiny's semen shower. All she knew was that when it was said and
done her bangs, face, and chest were now white instead of tan.

"Oh fuck me Ricky, fuck me!" Claire moaned as he continued to pummel her

Ricky's balls slapped against her ass; her pussy squeezed his prick tight
with every thrust. But as he continued to ride Claire his thoughts were
elsewhere with another girl. Ricky closed his eyes as he rammed his dick
hard into Claire one last time and when he opened them it was Kate who his
cum was raining down upon. As they both laid in bed they snuggled each
happy with two different things and two different people. Where it felt
good to Claire to have a normal healthy relationship with someone, Ricky
laid in bed with Kate at his side even if she wasn't there.

* * *

Lizzie's eyes fluttered a bit and slowly she opened them. Dazed and confused
she tried to sit up but found she was being restrained to a table by leather
straps. Lizzie panicked as she realized one that she was nude and two Kate
wasn't sitting five feet away nude in a chair with an evil smile on her face
and Gordo stood naked next to her.

"What... What's going on?" Lizzie stammered.

"What's going on you ask? I had to fucking miss Miranda's party tonight
because of you. Remember earlier when I said you hadn't seen my worse yet?
After tonight you'll be wishing you had kept your mouth shut and I'll be
taking it easy on you compared to some other people I know. I just found
out my cousin Amy is in town next week and I learned everything I know from
her. And she's a lot meaner too. You and Miranda will have a good time
with her. As for tonight with me I've got a little something planned for
you. I like putting together parties."

"What... What're you doing this Kate? Why are you doing this? Where am I?"

"You ask too many questions McGuire, but I'll be a gracious host and answer
them. I'm doing this because I can. As for Gordon, yours, and my party I'm
doing this because you pissed me and made me miss Miranda's party. As for
your last question, Gordo's pretty familiar with this place. Aren't you

"Yes Mistress Kate."

"Welcome to my domain Lizzie McGuire."

"Mistress Kate?"

"Gordon was once rebellious like you sticking up for his friends, but I
broke him of that habit. Watch this. Gordon punch Lizzie in the stomach."

"Yes Kate."

"Gordo please don't!" Lizzie begged as her best friend walked towards her
and unflinchingly punched her in the stomach knocking the wind out of her.

"See McGuire? The sooner you fall in line the better. And now without further
ado, and you'd be wise to shut up for the rest of the night, let's get the
party started."

Kate walked to the shelf in her basement and removed a small black box with
five long leads with clamps attached to them. Smiling Kate sauntered over to
Lizzie and attached a clamp to each of Lizzie's nipples, two to her pussy
lips, and one to her clit.

"Oh don't let me forget," Kate said setting the black box down next to
Lizzie's head. She went back to the shelf and took the duct tape and tore
a piece from the roll. She then returned to Lizzie's side placing the tape
over her mouth. "Normally McGuire I'd love to hear you scream, but you're
all talk and no play. You're a bigger pussy than the bitch you turned
Gordon into."

Kate picked the black box up which had on it a single switched and a
variable knob. She turned it all the way to the left to it's lowest point.
Kate then flipped on the switch and a small dosage of electricity pulsed
through Lizzie's body at the five entry points. Lizzie squirmed about as
the electricity heated up her body.

"You like that McGuire?" Kate taunted, "This is something I picked up from
Amy and I like watching you squirming."

Slowly Kate began to turn the knob to the right and the voltage being shot
into Lizzie's body increased. Her nipples, clit, and pussy burned as the
power of the box went up. Suddenly Kate jerked the dial all the way to the
right and quickly back left. The electric box was at it highest voltage for
only a split second, but it was long enough for Lizzie to feel the full
effects and start screaming. Lizzie's five spots felt like they were on fire
and the excess heat caused her body to sweat as well.

Again Kate quickly swung the knob to maximum power and quickly turned it
back down. Again Lizzie screamed hysterically into the tape as her strapped
body violently thrashed on the table. Kate smiled demonstratively as Lizzie
started to cry. For a third and final time Kate turned the voltage all the
way up, but let it sit there for a few seconds. Lizzie began to shake and
convulse so violently that her right arm broke the strap and became free.

With a heinous look to her face Kate removed the five clamps from Lizzie's
body. There was a faint smell of burning flesh in the air and dark burn marks
were left on her nipples, clit, and cuntal lips. Lizzie's body had turned a
light red as the electricity caused her body to excessively heat up quickly.
Kate then motioned for Gordo to come over. Lizzie continued to pout and moan
and her eyes bugged briefly as she caught a glimpse of Gordon's crotch.

"I see you've noticed Gordon's new improved package," Kate said noticing
Lizzie's look. "It's only temporary and it's from some quick acting penal
enhancing pills that are only supposed to be used by adults an hour before
they have sex. Obviously Gordon's not an adult and the pill is still not
FDA approved so who really knows the side effects yet. His penis you won't
have to worry about for a bit yet."

Quiet and under Kate's control once again Gordo stopped at the foot of
the table in front of his best friend. Then as Kate instructed him earlier
in the night he slipped two fingers into Lizzie's twat. She grimaced and
moaned as her sensitive area was prodded and pushed around by the fingers.
An even higher level of pain shot through Lizzie's body as Gordo forced two
more fingers into her snatch. Lizzie's pussy was tender and burnt and hurt
a great deal as Gordo forcefully worked his hand into it.

She became so focused on the pain between her legs that Lizzie didn't
see Kate get next to her. She felt the pain though when Kate pinched and
yanked on her crispy nipples. Even with the tape covering her mouth
Lizzie's hysterical cry of misery penetrated the basement walls as her free
hand pounded the table in agony. Lizzie's fist slammed into the tabletop
so hard that she quickly began to bruise. Kate pulled and pulled Lizzie's
fried nipples listening to her scream and holler for nearly five minutes
the cries of pain turning her on.

Kate then let go when she was struck with an idea. She took off
upstairs leaving Lizzie to continue to cry as Gordo's fist pounded her
burnt dry twat. Kate returned a few minutes later with a diabolical look
that scared Lizzie even more. She came to a rest next to Lizzie's face and
Kate bent over her literally inches away as she smiled sweetly at Lizzie.
Then her mouth opened and her tongue rolled out with two diaper pins on

Lizzie's face became extremely pale and she began to quickly shake her
head back and forth and try to push Kate away with her free hand. Kate
picked up Lizzie's head once and slammed it into the table. Lizzie grabbed
the back of her head as pain now shot through her body from all points.
Kate took the diaper pins off of her tongue and opened up one.

"Go two Gordon," Kate instructed as she pinched Lizzie's right nipple
between her fingers. She waited until Gordo squeezed his second hand into
Lizzie's toasted cunt and began to double fist her. Kate then removed the
tape from Lizzie's mouth.

"I want to hear you scream now McGuire. You knew better than to piss me
off," Kate sneered.

"Kate please no! Stop! Stop!"

Ignoring Lizzie's pleas for amnesty it was then that Kate took the open
pin and pushed the sharp pointed end into Lizzie's nipple. A near
eardrum-shattering shriek filled the basement as the clothespin was pushed
in one side of the nipple and out the other. Kate closed the pin and licked
up the blood now trickling from the amateur piercing. She then pierced
Lizzie's left nipple with the other clothespin and shut it. The same
ear-shattering scream resulted from the second piercing and Kate felt her
pussy squirt and an orgasm pass through her body as the screams of pain
filled her ears. She slid her finger down her leg wiping up some of her
girl cum and licking it off.

"Mmm... Tasty," Kate giggled taking notice of Lizzie's now flush face and
the near state of shock she was in. "You remember seeing Gordon's bloated
cock awhile ago? Now you get to worry about it."

Kate walked back to the shelf one last time as Gordo released Lizzie from
the straps and walked her to Kate's room. There he laid back on her bed his
drug enduced extremely engorged 7-inch cock sticking straight up like a pole.
Lizzie tentatively sat down on the bed next to him and looked at him with
her tear soaked face.

"Gordo... Please stop it. Can't you stop her?" Lizzie begged.

"Lizzie I want to, but I can't. I... I... Kate's a monster you know that.
She made me fuck Bartleby last week when I wouldn't rape Miranda. I'm sorry
for what I've done and will do, but I don't know what else to do. I need
your help as much as you need mine."

"So are you two love birds playing yet?" Kate called out as she neared her
bedroom. Lizzie quickly got up and stood by herself near the wall. "So how
do you like it?" She asked entering her bedroom. Lizzie's heart dropped the
moment she saw the twelve-inch spiked strap-on.

"Kate please no... For god's sake please..." Lizzie pouted starting to cry.

"Lizzie this is your fault. You know that and I know that. Now go sit down
on Gordon's prick so I can tear up your insides."

A state of shock and insanity shot through Lizzie's head as she climbed onto
the bed next to Gordo. He could only give a sympathetic nod and hope for
Lizzie's best as her ass was split by his grossly enlarged penis. Kate smiled
watching her adversary in pain and a new line of juice trickled down her
legs. With Gordo's seven inches embedded into her sphincter Lizzie bit her
lip hard enough to the point it started bleeding and she closed her eyes
waiting for Kate's evil dildo of doom.

The trauma Lizzie had endured already with the shock therapy, fisting, and
nipple piercing was taking it's toll on her body. The intense sensation the
prickly dildo worn by Kate caused nearly pushed Lizzie into unconsciousness.
Unfortunately for Lizzie it didn't. She was very awake and conscious as Gordo
bottomed out in her sphincter with every thrust of his dick and she more than
felt the pain as Kate forced more and more of the spiked strap-on into her
pussy in attempt to bottom out as well.

Lizzie quickly pushed the pain in her ass to back of her mind as the sharp
prickly toy of Kate's surged farther in tearing away the flesh of her vaginal
walls. Blood was soon visible on the dildo and Kate smiled as she continued
to fuck Lizzie hard. Gordo's pace had slowed dramatically as his stomach
turned at Lizzie's continual screams of desperation. He closed his eyes and
waited for it all to end, but the cries of agony from Lizzie, the constant up
and down motion, and the little splatter of his best friend's blood he saw
land on his thigh when he briefly opened his eyes told him it wasn't over

"Open your fucking eyes Gordon and increase your pace if you don't want to
be next," Kate warned.

"Sorry Kate," Gordo apologized as his hands squeezed tight into Lizzie's hips
and he started bucking hard into her backside.

"Oh God no! Please stop!" Lizzie cried hysterically tears flowing freely down
her face. The pain was too much for her and she wished that she'd just pass
out so she wouldn't have to feel it.

Gordo felt extremely bad wanting nothing more than to end this now, but
he was afraid of Kate of what she'd do to him. He continued to force his
bulbous pill induced seven-inch cock into Lizzie's ass. He knew he was
nearing orgasm, but didn't want to do what he knew he'd have to.

"I'm fixing to come Kate, where should I-" He began before being abruptly
interrupted by her.

"In her ass Gordon," She replied humping Lizzie's twat harder and harder with
her spiked twelve-inch strap-on. Kate had managed to bottom out in Lizzie
though comfort was never an issue. First with the electrical clamps and now
with her evil toy Kate was starting to cream herself.

She felt Gordo rocking Lizzie's body from below and the loud grunt he let off
as he came signaled Kate's next step that would start in a few minutes. Kate
continued to thrust into Lizzie's pussy her pussy now drenched.

"Oh my god! Oh shit!" Kate moaned as she orgasmed with one final thrust into
Lizzie's cunt. She could feel herself cum as it splashed out her privates and
rolled down her legs. With the dildo still buried deep inside Lizzie Kate
looked at her and smiled.

"Please Kate, I'm sorry. Can we stop now? PLEASE!" Lizzie begged.

"In a moment McGuire. You have Gordon's sticky hot cum in your ass don't

"Y- Yes."

"Follow me then and don't let any of it out."

Kate, Lizzie, and Gordo left the bedroom and walked to the kitchen. There
Kate instructed Lizzie to poop out Gordo's cum onto the linoleum floor.
Lizzie squatted for a bit straining to push her sphincter muscles. After a
minute or two of trying a dirty white fluid dropped out of her ass.

"My, my, my, what do we have here?" Kate asked squatting to inspect the
brownish/white mixture on the floor. She bent over a little closer and took
a whiff of it. "Hmm... Smells like shit McGuire. Your ass is dirty isn't it?"

"I don't know."

"Well do you wipe it every time you take a shit?"


"Do you wash it when you take a shower?"


"Well then you're going to have to do a better job cleaning next time then,
because- Hold on. Let take a look at your ass McGuire." Lizzie placed her
backside in front of Kate and jumped a tiny bit as she felt Kate's hands
grab her ass and spread her cheeks apart. "Yeah it's definitely dirty inside.
I haven't looked at your cock yet Gordon. How does it look?" Kate asked as
she stood it up.

"It's dirty too. Brownish white from Lizzie's anus."

"That it is," Kate replied taking notice of his dirty dick. "Since this
too is your fault McGuire the first thing you're going to do is lick Gordo

Lizzie followed Kate's orders without hesitation taking Gordo's darkened
prick into her mouth. She nearly gagged at the salty taste of Gordo's cum
mixed in with the nasty grotesque tasted of fecal matter. Lizzie held
steadfast though and was able to get him clean.

"Good work Elizabeth. A slight gag reflex, but nice work none the less." Kate
looked up at a kitchen clock and made note of the time. "I've got things to
do and I'm running out time. Hurry and lick the mess off the floor."

Lizzie slowly bent over the browinsh/white puddle and began to lap at it with
her tongue. It tasted as putrid as Gordo's dick did and there was even few
tiny balls of shit in it that made Lizzie gag violently. Kate was excited as
she watched, but was disappointed when Lizzie refused to vomit and make a
bigger mess to humiliate her with.

"Can we go now?" Lizzie asked pouting as she tried to stand up. A quick kick
to the shoulder by Kate pushed her back down.

"Sit down!" Kate growled. "Who told you you could stand up?"




"Kate please," Gordo butted in.

"Gordon this is your last warning. Shut up if you know what is good for you.
Now tell me again McGuire, who told you to stand up?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought. Now lay on the god damn floor and open your
mouth before you really piss me off." Lizzie did as she was told with a look
of trepidation on her face. "Good," Kate said straddling Lizzie's chest
fronting her twat near her mouth. "Now listen to me carefully McGuire. You
drop even a single drop and this all ends on Monday and you'll never go to
Hillridge again ok?" Lizzie silently nodded her head yes. "Good.

Kate let loose with a torrent of urine spraying it directly into Lizzie's
mouth. Lizzie laid there breathing through her nose letting the foul liquid
pool in her mouth rather than drinking it, but as Kate kept peeing looking
as if she was never going to stop Lizzie started to panic as it started to
reach her lips. Lizzie coughed violently as she swallowed the first load of
Kate's urine. She started to panic as the yellow stream suddenly disappeared
after it hit her in the face.

"Kate please... I didn't mean to... I had to swallow to make room for more,"
Lizzie blubbered. Kate gave her a sickly sweet smile and bent over to kiss
her on the forehead.

"That's ok McGuire," She said sitting back up. "I wasn't meaning for you to
swallow it all."

Kate opened up her pussy again and the piss gushed out again covering
Lizzie's face and soaking her hair. Lizzie instinctively brought her arm to
shield her face and Kate stood up as the urine continued to flow out. Within
minutes Lizzie's whole body was covered in the golden liquid and smelled

"Gordon," Kate said staring at him.

"Yes, Mistress Kate," Gordo said as he beckoned Lizzie to sit up.

When she was up Gordo pushed his dick into Lizzie's mouth and held her head
firmly in place. A second yellow stream filled Lizzie's mouth and this one
seemed even more relentless and never ending than Kate's did.

"I almost forgot McGuire there is one known side effect of the pills Gordon
took earlier; increased urination."

The news didn't help Lizzie much as she struggled to swallow Gordo's ever
increasing golden geyser to keep from choking. Try as she may though Lizzie
lost the battle not because she couldn't down the pee fast enough, but
because she was becoming sick from it and couldn't handle much more. Lizzie's
body suddenly shook violently and Gordo let go of her head as she fell
backwards onto the floor coughing harshly. Gordo continued to piss all over
Lizzie until he drained himself dry. Lizzie was soaked and there was a
definite pool of urine on the floor beneath her.

"Get dressed Gordon," Kate ordered. She squatted down next to Lizzie after
he left. "I've got some good news and some bad news McGuire. The good news is
soon this will be all over with. I'll leave you and your friends alone until
the next time one of you does something to piss me off. The bad news is you
probably won't at Hillridge much longer for it to really matter. There are
paper towels on the counter. Dry yourself off and clean up the mess and don't
even think about throwing the towels away in my trash can."

* * *

Miranda and Gordo sat alone at lunchtime eating their food quietly. Kate and
Claire sat at the cheerleaders' table with the others, but far away enough
that they could talk alone. Lizzie had stayed home all day Saturday and
Sunday and she was called in sick on Monday.

"So how'd it go with Ricky and Miranda?" Kate asked.

"Well... It didn't really go as we had planned. Ricky and I just sort went on
our own to my bedroom and left Miranda with his friends. I've got the tape
hidden at my house whenever you want to come by to get it. And you? How did
things go with Lizzie and Gordo?"

"She's not here today is she?"

"No she's not you vile horrible bitch," Claire laughed.

"That I am, and I also got some good news over the weekend too. My cousin Amy
is going to be in town this weekend and I decided to show her a good time."

"By giving Lizzie and Miranda to her?"

"Yep, and she taught me everything I know. She's worse than me! I think I
might just take this weekend off myself and get some R & R."

"So how much longer are you going to torture them?"

"Actually it's getting kinda boring now. The three of them have completely
given up and they don't fight back anymore. I might end it after this
weekend, then release all of the video to the school and the internet. I
still haven't decided what I'm going to do as a grand finale."


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