This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire of Kate Part 6 (mf,fff,oral,anal,inter,tort,ws,scat)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

It had been nearly a year since Amy had been able to see her cousin. It was
at that time that she taught Kate the pleasures of dominating another female
and making her her slave. Kate though had taken a keen interest in both
being the slave and the master. It was during Thanksgiving that they two had
last been together and while Kate's and Amy's parents were busy entertaining
each other the two girls kept busy in Kate's basement beating and inflicting
pain on each other and coming from their twisted pleasure.

This weekend trip that Amy was making to her cousin's would be solo. Her dad
was out of town on business and her mother was currently in a fight with
Kate's parents over money. Amy's mother didn't even want her to go, but she
gave in after Amy continuously pounded in the idea of her four-day weekend
from school and not having seen Kate in nearly a year.

As Amy laid back as best she could in the airplane seat she smiled as fond
memories of her teachings to Kate came back. The wax, the shock box, and the
piercings to name a few were just some of the fun things Amy taught Kate.
The thought of placing the clamps on her cousin's nipples and shocking the
hell out of her then letting her do the same to her excited Amy and turned
her on. The flight was surprisingly empty and making sure no one nearby was
watching Amy pulled a blanket over her before unzipping her leather pants
and reaching down inside.

Amy's hand slid between her cotton panties and skin and she smiled slyly as
her finger caressed her clit. She filled with pleasure as her middle finger
slid down between her pussy lips and slipped inside. Amy had become bored
with sex with guys and had experimented with fooling around with females.
Even that had become too routine and boring. Amy's problem was that she just
couldn't get off on "normal" sex anymore. Amy had become desperate enough
that she began looking online for others that were into the kind of rough
painful sex she was into. She had found a handful of others interested in
bondage, but none could fulfill her desire like she wanted. Nobody could get
as worked up and into it as Kate did.

No it wasn't the masturbation that got Amy wet as she fingered herself on
the plane, it was the giant strap-on that Kate would wearing as she pounded
her that did. It was the strap-on that Amy would be wearing as she fucked
Kate in the ass. It was any number of things like the candles and the
electric shock that was turning on Amy. She bit her lip and grunted through
her nose as the walls of her opening moistened her fingers. Amy pulled her
finger from her pussy and began to suck on it savoring the flavor of her
insides. She glanced towards the aisle as she pushed the entirety of her
sticky finger into her mouth and saw one of the flight attendants looking at
her. Slowly Amy slid her middle finger from her mouth and flipped the woman
off. The flight attendant huffed and walked off towards the back of the

Oh yeah this was definitely going to be a weekend Amy would enjoy. She knew
Kate wouldn't mind if this was purely a sexual call. Amy just knew that Kate
would be in the same need for some good old-fashioned pain and humiliation.
Who in middle school would be willing to go through those sorts of things
with Kate?

* * *

Jo watched her daughter with concern as Lizzie became more withdrawn and
disinterested. She had become overly quiet and too obedient. Lizzie was
always vocal and procrastinated when her mother asked her to do something,
but now she had started to reply with a simple "O.k." and did whatever it
was she had been asked to do. Even at dinner Lizzie was rather quiet and
looked down at her plate as she ate. Perhaps most unusual of all and the
cause of most of the concern was the relationship between Lizzie and Matt.
It wasn't so much a new relationship as it was Lizzie's not reacting at all
to anything Matt did to her anymore. Before whenever Matt would put hot
sauce in Lizzie's soda she would get angry and scream at him chasing him
around the house. Now Lizzie barely said a word simply throwing away the old
soda and getting a new one.

Before when Lizzie replied with "Nothing" whenever Jo asked her what was
wrong Jo took it as Lizzie being a teenager and thinking it's not cool to
talk to her parents. Now whenever she got that answer Jo knew it to be a lie
and Matt was of no use in figuring out Lizzie's problems. All Jo knew was
that Lizzie didn't start acting this way until after she became a
cheerleader to which Lizzie then promptly quit.

If Lizzie had become withdrawn and quiet, then Miranda had become a bigger
mess emotional. She wasn't suicidal, but the thought had started to creep
into her mind. It was one thing to be forced into a gang bang with Ricky's
college friends and get bukkaked. At least with that Miranda could write it
off as something new she tried even if she didn't have a say in the matter.
Gang bangs were a little less taboo than say fucking animals and partaking
in a scat fetish. It was those two things that had eaten at Miranda since
she experienced them and she was starting to hate life. It seemed as if she,
Lizzie, and Gordo would be under Kate's thumb indefinitely.

* * *

When this all started Kate had originally only planned on she and Claire
kidnapping and working over Lizzie as they did. But as things went on and
opportunities presented themselves Kate couldn't help but take advantage and
treat Lizzie and friends as badly as she had. She still had fond memories of
the time she spent with Amy and everything she taught her and Kate craved
that experience. She couldn't help but humiliate and torture the three

However with Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo at her disposal Kate had the ability
to fulfill those needs whenever she needed. What she needed too was Ricky
and his big black dick. She had tasted it once already and now she wanted to
fill it on the inside. Kate might still play with Amy before she left this
weekend, but until then Amy could play with her toys.

* * *

Amy sat on a bench near baggage claim with her luggage as she patiently
waited for Kate and her friend to pick her up. Kate was normally promiscuous,
but from the way it sounded to Amy on the phone it sounded like she had found
herself a high school boy toy. Twenty-five minutes after she arrived Amy
finally saw Kate walking through the lobby towards her with her arms wrapped
around a black man. The two girls shrieked and hugged when they got close and
Kate immediately started with the apologies.

"Sorry we're so late Amy but there was this big fucking accident on the
freeway and we got slowed down by it."

"Not a problem I was just going over some things for this weekend. Hi I'm
Amy," Amy replied waving slightly in Ricky's direction. "You must be the guy
Kate told me about over the phone. She told me your name, but I've forgotten
it. I'm bad with names."

"Hey I'm Ricky. Kate told you all good things I hope."

"There were all good. Actually it was about what a big cock you had mostly,"
Amy grinned.

"I didn't know Kate was that impressed with my penis."

"Amy! That was private girl talk!"

"Oh please, don't act so embarrassed. Ricky you okay with us talking about
your dick?"

"As long as it's all good."

"See? He doesn't care. Stop being a baby."

"God Amy, you haven't changed!"

"And neither have you I hope. Ricky would you be a dear and carry these bags
for me? You may be handsomely tipped for your service before I leave," Amy
said winking her eye.

"Not a problem," Ricky gladly replied picking Amy's suitcases.

"When did you get into the regular sex? I thought you were all about the
hardcore," Kate commented as she and Amy followed behind Ricky.

"Oh please. I'm not going to fuck him. Just look at him. He's one of those
black guys who's into white chicks and you're one those white girls who
loves big black cocks. You two make a good couple."

"Oh please yourself, I just love big cocks. Race doesn't have anything to do
with it. Anyway on Saturday Mom's going to some cheerleader function for all
the mothers and dad's having a poker night at one of his buddy's houses so
we can get together then if you want, but you can have your fun tomorrow too
if you want with some fresh meat."

"What do you mean?"

"A couple of friends of mine at school have gotten into what we like. Ricky
and I had planned to skip school tomorrow and mess around before you even
called. He has a car-"

"S.U.V.!" Ricky shouted from fifteen feet ahead of them.

"How'd he hear that?" Amy asked.

"He's particular about his vehicle. Don't call it a car or truck or anything
else besides a s.u.v. or he'll correct you. Anyway though, Like I was saying
he has a s.u.v. so we'll pick up Lizzie and Miranda at school and drop you
three off at home to play in the basement. Ricky and I will go back to his
place to screw around for a bit."

"Lizzie and Miranda huh? How into this are they?"

"They were hesitant at first, but they came around. Don't worry about giving
it too hard to them. The worse the better."

"So when do I get my tip?" Ricky asked when the three of them stopped at the
back of his vehicle and he loaded Amy's luggage inside.

"Tomorrow night maybe after you and Kate are done."

"Well we'll need to talk to Claire but it shouldn't be a problem. You talked
to her about us didn't you Kate?"

"Yes I did... I think."

"You think? Did you or didn't you? Claire doesn't mind this kind of stuff as
long as she's asked first."

"Yes I asked her. Don't worry about Claire," Kate firmly said still unsure
if she indeed did ask Claire. She wasn't too worried if she didn't. What
Claire didn't know didn't hurt either of them and even if she did find out
Claire and her were pretty good friends and Kate was sure she could talk
Claire into being ok with it.

"Who's Claire?" Amy asked.

"My girlfriend," Ricky answered making quote marks with his fingers. "She
doesn't mind me sleeping with other girls or even if we get into a gang bang
as long as she's talked to about it ahead of time."

"Interesting sounding girl," Amy remarked.

"That she is," Kate said, "once you get to know her."

* * *

Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo sat at a table in the cafeteria as they waited for
the first morning bell to ring which wouldn't be for another fifteen minutes.
Lizzie had some math homework she was trying to finish up while Miranda and
Gordo had tests they were trying to study for. Their mental distractions were
too many and nobody got much done.

"I can't do this anymore," Miranda announced slamming her history book shut.
"I just can't."

"You don't need to study for history," Lizzie replied, "you've got it down

"I'm not talking about the history test."

"What're you- Oh..."

"Lizzie I don't care if she releases the tapes or threatens us anymore...
I've been shit on, I've been beaten, I've been forced to fuck her dog, I
don't fucking care anymore..." Miranda sputtered out as her eyes started to
reddened and tears started to fill them up.

"Miranda this hasn't been easy for any of us," Lizzie said trying to comfort

"Shut up Lizzie! Shut up! Kate forced me to fuck her dog! You don't know
anything about how humiliating that is. That added to the fact that three
people shit on me!"

"Miranda please not so loud. Besides you didn't get fucked by your own
brother and his best friend!"

"Lizzie, Miranda please, this isn't helping any of us," Gordo said finally
breaking his silence. "But Kate did force me to take her dog in the ass after
I refused to rape Miranda. That and I have to do what she says because she's
blackmailing me to save Ethan's character."

"What do you mean save Ethan's character?" Lizzie asked.

"Ethan and Gordo are buttfuck buddies, though they both dig girls and
actually Ethan is more into Miranda than he is you McGuire," Kate said
joining them at the table. "But that's neither here nor there."

"What do you want Kate?" Lizzie growled.

"Hey watch your tone McGuire," Kate growled back. "I'm here for one last
adventure and then our time together is done, until you're next dumb move."

"Kate what more do you want from us?" Gordo asked.

"Actually Gordon you're off the hook. I'm through with you. It's Lizzie and
Miranda I want. Actually it's for my cousin Amy. She's in town for a few
days and needs to be shown a good time. So it looks like you two get a free
pass from school today."

"What if we say no?" Lizzie asked.

"I think you know the answer to that. Do you have any objections Miranda?"
Miranda slowly shook her head no and proceeded to get up without being asked.
"And it goes without saying Gordon keep quiet. Let's go you two."

Reluctantly Lizzie got up from the table and followed behind Miranda and
Kate. She stopped momentarily and looked back at Gordo. He could see despair
and hopelessness seep into her eyes.

Amy watched was Kate appeared with Lizzie and Miranda and was introduced.
She could definitely see why Kate would take a "liking" to Lizzie. Both
girls had budding bodies, which Amy liked and would enjoy playing with and
both girls were rather quiet and obedient which Amy liked. As the s.u.v.
sped away from the school Kate left Lizzie and Miranda with specific

"Like I said once this little adventure is over we're through messing with
each other until Lizzie provokes me again. I have other things to attend to
so you're under Amy's control and will do whatever she asks. Is that
understood?" Lizzie and Miranda mumbled a yes. "Good we can all have a good
time then."

* * *

Lizzie shuddered as she and Miranda followed Amy in Kate's basement. If Amy
was anything like Kate then Lizzie knew she was in for a world of hurt and
humiliation. What scared Lizzie even more was that the basement was decked
out for full on torture and play. Kate's parents must not really pay too
much attention to their daughter's whereabouts or actions or else they would
have noticed the setup long ago Lizzie thought. Both girls jumped as Amy
slammed the basement door shut and locked it.

"Ok girls," Amy smiled as she looked Lizzie and Miranda up and down. "Time
to see if you're as fun as Kate says you are. First things first. Take off
your clothes."

Amy grinned excitedly as they did as they were told. As Lizzie and Miranda
dropped the last bit of their clothing to the floor Amy stripped of hers as
well. The two friends' jaws dropped as they took site of Amy's piercings.
She had a bar in each nipple and three rings piercing each pussy lip as

"I take it you see something you don't see too often," Amy smirked. "Don't
worry we'll get to that later. We're going to start off with something
simple. Who wants to go first?" Neither girl answered and instead looked at
each other.

"I... I will..." Lizzie answered worrying about Miranda's mental condition
after her rant earlier in the morning.

"Good I have a volunteer. I hate having to pick people and make them do
things. Miranda stand against the wall," Amy said as she removed a small
whip from a shelf. The same shelf Lizzie was all too familiar with Kate
getting her toys from. Lizzie's eyes widened as Amy handed her the whip.

"No I said I'd go first!" Lizzie protested.

"And you will. You'll whip Miranda first. Now do you want it in the front or
back?" Miranda began to silently cry with tears wetting her cheeks and Amy
became annoyed. "Alright fine the front." Lizzie relunctantly reach back and
slapped the whip across Miranda's chest. She cried out as the leather stung
her body. "God damn it McGuire I didn't say go yet!"


"You damn well better be. Don't let it happen again. Wait two fucking
minutes then you can have at it." Amy then took two candles from the shelf
and ordered Miranda's hands into the air. She lit the candles and place one
in each of Miranda's hands. "Don't let go of the candles until I say so or
you'll be punished."

Miranda faintly shook her head in acknowledgement and Amy gave Lizzie the
signal to continue. Miranda let out another cry at the stinging sensation
and nearly dropped the candles on the second whip. As Lizzie continued to
whip Miranda's body red marks and small droplets of blood appeared all over
her. At the same time the hot wax from the candles began to trickle down the
candle shafts. Miranda doubly cried as she was stung by the whip and the
first drops of hot wax touched her hands. Amy took the whip from Lizzie and
hit Miranda right in the privates with it. She screamed out as the leather
tip dug into her clit and she dropped both candles to the floor.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You so disappoint me Miranda," Amy said walking to a bag on
the floor.

"No, no, please stop..." Miranda begged as Amy removed a piercing gun from
the bag.

Miranda bit so hard into her lip as Amy pierced each of her nipples that it
started to bleed. After Amy inserted the rings into Miranda's nipples she
took a look at the two girls. Lizzie was scared, but not suffering or crying
yet like Miranda was so Amy decided to fix that.

Amy had Lizzie bend over and place her hands on the floor. She forcefully
twisted a candle down into Lizzie's anus then lit it. Lizzie could feel the
heat searing her skin then felt the sting of the whip as Amy made Miranda
whip her. Lizzie cried out as each new welt formed on her butt, but did her
best to hold her ground not wanting any piercings from Amy considering the
way Kate had done it before. She felt six hits of the whip on her ass before
it stopped. Lizzie cried out as the hot candle wax fell to her ass before
she had the chance to look back and see what was going.

Miranda was shaking her head crying as the whip lay on the floor. Amy
screamed at her to continue whipping Lizzie, but she refused continuing to
cry. Upset with Miranda Amy slapped her face sending her stumbling. She then
ordered Miranda to a chair and picked up the piercing gun. Amy took several
minutes to shoot the needle gun through Miranda's cuntal lips. She cried out
as the needle pierced her skin each time. By the time the piercing was done
Miranda had rings not only in her nipples but she also had five rings in
each pussy lip and one in her clit.

Lizzie gasped in horror as Amy took the same electric box off the shelf that
Kate had used on her and attached the clips to Miranda's pussy rings.
Miranda screamed out like a banshee as electricity shot through the rings
and into her body. Her body writhed and twitched on the floor as Amy turned
the box all the way up. Miranda screamed and cried out as her body was
shocked unmercifully.

Then in a sudden move of anger Lizzie yanked the candle out of her butt
ignoring the pain from the hot and the heat of the flame and threw it to the
ground. Then she charged at Amy tackling her to the floor and causing her to
drop the box. As Amy recomposed herself Lizzie grabbed the box and turned
it off. She gasped and looked on Miranda in sadness at the redness and burn
marks surrounding her friend's twat. Miranda continued to shake and twitch
as after effects of the shock treatment still ravaged her body. The last
thing Lizzie remembered was a sharp pain to her head Amy lifted it up and
slammed it on the floor.

Lizzie woke up a few minutes later groggy and with her hands bound together.
When she regain her bearings she noticed her arms were outstretched above
her head by rope leading to a hook on the ceiling. Not four feet away Amy
sat on the floor next to Miranda who had curled up into a fetal position
mumbling to herself.

"What did you do to Miranda?" Lizzie demanded flaring with anger again.

"I didn't do anything," Amy laughed as she stood up to squat over Miranda's
face. "She's been like this since you turned the box off. Miranda's good to
practice on, but she's weak. She's not strong like you." Amy grunted and her
face twitched. "Good, it's fixing to come."

"What is? What're you doing to her?" Lizzie shouted.

"Nothing that hasn't been done before," Amy moaned as a goopy brown
substance exploded from her ass covering Miranda's face.

"NO! God damn it why are you doing this to her?!?"

"My my, it seems I have a fighter," Amy smiled delightfully as the last of
the liquid shit smothered Miranda's face. "From talking to Kate last night I
got the impression you had all but given up and didn't fight back."

"Fuck you Amy! Fuck you!" Lizzie screamed enraged. "This has gone on for too
long. I don't care what Kate does anymore. This has to stop now!"

"You know, you may have a point. I don't even really know you or your
friends so I'm going to let you go and I'm going to help first by cleaning
Miranda up."

Lizzie started to burn with an anger she had never known before as Amy
started to urinate on Miranda's face. The piss and shit only mixed to make a
bigger mess on Miranda. Then Amy took one of the three burning candles and
tipped it over dropping hot wax onto Miranda's body. She finally cried out
and shot up into a sitting position as she swatted at that hot wax.

"You want to see something else that's cool?" Amy asked sneering. "Miranda
clean my ass up. Lick all of the shit off."

Amy smiled widely as Miranda's tongue licked up and down her buttcrack.
Lizzie looked on horror as the brown mess disappeared into her Miranda's

"Just as fighters as yourself are nice to tame so is having a weak defeated
slave like Miranda who'll do whatever I ask. Won't you Miranda?" Miranda
very very weakly shook her head yes. "Good. Use Lizzie's hair to wipe off
your face."

Lizzie gagged at the smell of feces and urine as Miranda walked to her side
and grabbed a handful of her hair to clean off. When it was all said and
done Miranda's face was relatively clean and could be seen. Lizzie's hair
though was a clumpy smelly mess of brown.

"See Lizzie you could have had Miranda doing all sorts of things for you
since she was so dedicated and eager to follow you."

"Go to hell Amy!" Lizzie growled. "I'd never treat my friends like that!"

"But she's willing to treat you like that," Amy laughed handing Miranda the
piercing gun and a bag of piercing rings. "Miranda pierce Lizzie's pussy
with rings until you can't see it anymore."

Amy grinned as Miranda began Lizzie's long agonizing process of pussy
piercing. After nearly twenty minutes of needle piercing skin nearly all of
Lizzie's pussy lips were covering in silver. Amy picked up the whip and
struck Lizzie. The leather tip struck Miranda's cheek before it hit Lizzie
and Miranda grabbed at her face falling to the floor as it started to bleed.

Amy ignored Miranda as she started to cry and continued to strike Lizzie
with the whip. Lizzie was able to hold out at first screaming curses at her
tormentor, but the intense barrage of pain was too much and she became busy
with trying not to pass out and surrender her body to Amy. Lizzie's chest
and abdomen began to burn with pain with each stinging whip. Then as she
felt she was about to pass out Lizzie felt sharp deep pain as as the leather
tip of the whip brushed against slit and did black out.

Lizzie came screaming back into consciousness as the burning rings in her
pussy brought her back to life. With two candles in each hand Amy tormented
Lizzie torturing her cuntal lips with not only the heated rings but the open
flame as of the candles as well. When Lizzie's skin started to sizzle and
smoke Amy moved the candles away. She handed one to Miranda who was now
sitting behind Lizzie and on Amy's signal they pushed the burning candles
into Lizzie's respected orifices. Amy's candle went into Lizzie's pussy and
Miranda's candle went into Lizzie's ass. The flames and hot melted wax on
the candles burning her insides became too much for Lizzie and she shrieked
horrifically until she passed out again.

When Lizzie regained consciousness she found herself and Miranda laying nude
in an abandoned construction site. Only a few feet away she found their
clothes which were now tattered and torn. Lizzie got Miranda up who was now
a babbling mess of fear and cowardice and helped her dressed. Then she
dressed herself. Still hurting from the candles and whipping and with the
pussy rings still inside Lizzie painstakingly got herself and Miranda
walking as they stumbled from the construction site and started for home
which from the area they were in Lizzie knew was at least a two mile walk.
The stench of shit and piss on Miranda's head and in Lizzie's hair followed
closely behind.

* * *

As Gordo walked into the cafeteria for lunch he worried about Lizzie and
Miranda. He had been asked about them by the teachers in the classes that
they shared and he told them he didn't know where they were which was the
truth. He knew who they were with and that frightened him considering who
she was a relative of.

Gordo started eating the hamburger he bought and got halfway through it
before being joined at the table by Claire.

"Hey Gordo have you seen Kate?"

"No I haven't. Why would I?"

"Don't get snippy with me."

"Why not? You could have stopped all of this. You just follow Kate around
and does whatever she says."

"Just like you and Miranda do with Lizzie. Look I think things may have
gotten a bit out of hand, but I'm not going to turn Kate in or try and stop
her. You don't rat out your best friends."

"Yeah you just let her treat everybody else like complete and utter shit.
Get the fuck away from me Claire, I don't know where Kate is. Maybe she's
fucking your boyfriend."

Gordo's offhand remark struck a cord within Claire. The fact that neither
Kate nor Ricky were answering their cell phones wasn't all that suspicious.
Before when Ricky told Claire that he didn't know where her yearbook was and
she later found it at the bottom of his trashcan with several pages stuck
together she didn't think anything of it. Now Claire was growing upset as
one certain vision of Kate and Ricky formed in her head.

* * *

Kate giggled and she and Ricky made out as they stumbled into his bedroom in
only their underwear. Kate climbed onto Ricky's bed swinging her ass in the
air as she crawled towards the pillows. Ricky smiled watching the thong clad
rear dance before his eyes.

"Hey baby, you like what you see?" Kate grinned as Ricky slid his hands up
and down her butt hooking his finger underneath the side of her thong.

"For sure," Ricky replied as he slid Kate's underwear off and took view of
her luscious round backside.

Kate unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor as Ricky continued to feel
up her ass. She then let out a muffled giggled as he spread her butt apart
and his tongue darted up and down her crack.

"Come on baby, you like giving rim jobs don't you?" Kate teased as Ricky
started to push his tongue into her anus.

"Only to cute white girls like you," Ricky replied moving his tongue back a
bit so the tip of his index finger could push into the puckered entrance.

Kate yelped in delighted surprise as the finger punched into her sphincter.
Back and forth Ricky penetrated Kate's behind all the while still licking at
her butthole touching down on the area around the entrance and his finger.
Soon Kate started to leak from excitement. Her pussy became wet and sticky
as her girl juice started to dribble out due to her anal stimulation. As
Kate's twat and inner thighs began to glisten Ricky's tongue began to
concentrate more on cleaning up her private area as she continued to wet
herself. Ricky pulled his finger from Kate's butt and dropped his under wear
to the floor. He grabbed Kate by the hips and began to push his knob between
her cuntal lips.

"Not yet baby, it's my turn," Kate cooed as she climbed off the bed.

Ricky laid down first followed by Kate who got into a sixty-nine position
with him. As his nine inches entered her mouth Kate eagerly took to sucking
off Ricky as he ate her out. Much like the first time Kate gave Ricky a
blowjob it took time to get all of him into her mouth and down her throat as
needed. One thing Kate liked about Ricky was his large scrotum. She enjoyed
immensely from time to time taking her lips off of his cock so she could
suck on his nut sack. Ricky rather enjoyed it too Kate's eagerness to lick
and stimulate all parts of his dick.

He continued to suck on her pussy as she freely wet herself. If not for
Ricky then a good part of Kate's legs and the bed underneath her would be
drenched in her cream. Suddenly Kate gasped and her cunt squirted a large
pool of girl cum all over Ricky's face. He smiled delighted with the new
treat and cleaned up her thighs and his face the best he could with his
tongue. Holding his own Ricky was able to keep from coming wanting to unload

Kate was ready as well taking quick cleaning of Ricky's cockhead mopping up
his precum with her tongue. Smacking her lips with a smile Kate turned
around and slowly lowered herself letting Ricky's thick black cock engulf
her pussy. When all nine inches was finally in both boy and girl where
thrilled with the tight fit and began the up and down motion of Kate riding
Ricky. Kate's body tingled and she ground herself down hard onto Ricky's
crouch each chance she got. It felt good to have the massive rod thrusting
in and out of her, her walls stretching with every push her cunt burning to
orgasm again.

Ricky smile continuing to push hard into Kate every time she came back down
on him. Her perky teen breasts bounced in the air as her body rocked back
and forth. Ricky leaned forward as best he could to suck on her supple tits
and Kate leaned forward as well making his effort a lot easier. Even as he
nibbled on Kate's nipples Ricky could feel her start to gush his shaft
covering in her cum. Then as if knowing what Ricky wanted Kate climbed off
of him and waited for him to get off the bed.

She climbed back on the bed onto all fours and stuck her ass in the air.
Ricky grinned widely following behind once again running his hands up and
down her butt cheeks occasionally pushing his thumb to her asshole. Then
with his sticky wet dick in hand he pushed his knob into Kate's backside
entrance. She gasped at the initial intrusion, but was able to calm herself
within seconds as Ricky's lubricated shaft buried itself deep into her anal
cavity. Kate moaned at Ricky's first real heave into her backside and a
large smile crossed her face as a smooth easy pattern of thrusts and
withdrawals worked itself out.

* * *

Thanking the sister of one of the other Hillridge cheerleaders Claire walked
to Ricky's front door as the vehicle sped off. She found his key on her
keyring and reached to unlock the door. She was disappointed to find it
unlocked and quietly crept inside. Off in another room she could hear the
sounds of a couple grunting and groaning as they had sex. Agitated, Claire
walked directly to Ricky's room where the door was wide open.

Claire watched as Ricky fucked Kate from behind pumping his prick in and out
deep into her anus. She watched for several more minutes as the couple
continued to screw oblivious to her presence. Then Ricky's cock slipped out
of Kate's ass and she turned onto her butt her face directly below his
genitals. Claire left the room as semen battered Kate's smiling face after
which she took Ricky into her mouth and cleaned his dick off.

Claire spent the weekend alone staying to herself if she went anywhere. She
was in no mood to talk to Kate, but really couldn't find room to fault her.
Ricky indeed was well endowed and as tough as Claire tried to be in keeping
a sexually open relationship with her own rules she knew something like what
happened Friday was bound to happen. She was curious as to what happened
with Amy, Lizzie, and Miranda, but that would involve talking to Kate which
she didn't want to do.

* * *

As Sunday night's episode of the Simpson's went to commercial break Miranda
walked into her kitchen and went to the medicine cabinet. As flashbacks of
her day of hell with Amy and her numerous experiences with Kate played
through her head Miranda kept looking until she found what she was looking
for; her mother's sleeping pills.

She set the bottle of pills down on the counter and got a glass from the
cupboard and filled it with water. Miranda then opened the bottle and took a
large handful of pills stuffing them into her mouth. It took her a couple of
swallows to get all the pills down, but when she finally did she returned
the bottle to the medicine cabinet and placed the glass in the dishwasher
before returning to bed.

* * *

Monday morning Claire found herself getting to school early due to not
stopping at Kate's before school. She decided to head to cafeteria to buy
herself a bottle of orange juice. As she made her purchase and sat down at
an empty table she was joined by Lizzie who had a pale look on her face.

"Good morning Lizzie. Might I say you look sick today? What can I help your
sorry ass with this morning?" Claire asked sipping on her orange juice.

"Look Claire, Gordo told me what you said the other day how you thought Kate
had gone a little overboard, but that you weren't going to stop or rat out
your best friend."

"Yeah so? You repeat any of that to anybody and I'll hurt you."

"Claire stop with the act for a second why don't you!?! Kate said this
weekend would be the last get together, but you and I both know that isn't
true! You have got to stop her and turn her in or something! This has gotten
way out of hand!"

"What's gotten out of hand? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Something happened to Miranda last night."


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