This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Much thanks goes to Dr. Blasphemy who came up with the original concept that
developed into the seven part series it is and put his two cents in along the
way as well.

Lizzie McGuire: Empire Of Kate Part 7
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"What do you mean something happened to Miranda?"

"She tried to kill herself by taking a handful of her mother's sleeping

"Oh my god..." Claire mumbled dropping her orange juice to the table spilling
it. "When did this happen?"

"Last night. Miranda's parents found her this morning and they were barely
able to get her to the hospital in time to have her stomach pumped. Miranda's
in pretty bad shape and she hasn't woken up yet. I found out before I got

"Holy shit... Miranda's in a coma? Do the doctors think she'll come out of
it?" Claire asked concern starting to really sink into her psyche.

"I don't know if she's in a coma or not. My mother said they think she just
might be in a deep sleep from the medication and are waiting for it to wear
off. They can't really say for sure yet, but they think eventually she'll be
ok physically."

"Do they know why she overdosed on her mother's pills?"

"No, but I have a pretty good idea."

"What's that?"

"Because of you and Kate! Do you know why Miranda and I weren't at school on
Friday? Because we had to leave to go entertain Kate's cousin Amy! Have you
ever had your pussy or clit pierced?"


"Yeah well why don't you try it, then have some electrified clamps hooked to
the rings and used to electrocute the shit out of you! Oh and it seems that
everyone in the Sanders family likes shitting and pissing on people! And when
we finally left you should have seen the looks we got because of the rotten
stench while we walked two miles home!"

"Lizzie I'm sorry! I only went along because Kate's my friend and the
opportunity to humiliate you and Miranda was too good to pass up. I didn't
mean for it to go this far and for Miranda to try and kill herself."

"Well it did Claire and I hope you and Kate have a conscious so it'll eat at
you to no end. If not then you two are the biggest and most vile pieces of
shit I've ever met. I said it out of anger a few days ago to Kate, but if
this is an act of yours acting like you care I can honestly say I hope the
both of you die and go to hell." Angry, but scared for Miranda's condition
Lizzie hastily got up from the table as tears started to bead in the corners
of her eyes. She walked three steps before stopping and turning around to
face Claire again. "Tell me something Claire."

"What?" Claire replied starting to choke with guilt and forcing back tears
of her own.

"I know my friends and I aren't as cool as you and Kate, but what did we ever
do to deserve the hell you two have given us?" Claire's lower lip quivered
and moisture was definitely visible in her eyes. She shrugged her shoulders
as she weakened up enough to let a single tear from each eye roll down her
cheeks. "That's what I thought."

As Lizzie scurried across the cafeteria falling into the arms of a just
arriving Gordo, Claire picked up her things and hurried to the bathroom right
outside the cafeteria. Finding herself alone she locked the bathroom door and
leaned against the wall sliding down to the floor as she started to silently
cry full-blown streams of tears covering her face.

News of Miranda's attempted suicide spread through the school like wildfire.
Rumors of her reason spread quickly as well ranging from losing Ethan to
Lizzie, to being a lesbian and being a rejected by Lizzie, and even
overdosing on ecstasy.

Kate was late getting to school not showing up until right before lunchtime.
Claire sat at the table with the other cheerleaders nibbling quietly at her
food riddled with guilt. Claire looked up at Kate as she sat down at the

"So I guess you've heard by now?"

"Heard what?"

"That Miranda tried to kill herself."

"Yeah you and fifty other people have told me that already."


"And what? She was probably depressed because she isn't as cool as us and
just couldn't take it anymore. She follows McGuire around for Christ's Sake."

"Yeah you're right, the bitch deserved what she got. It's not our fault she's
a big crybaby," Claire said monotonously.

"Damn straight, it's survival of the fittest in the real world. We know what
we want and we take it. It's people like Lizzie and Miranda that are always
asking and being nice about it. They're the ones who don't get anywhere in

"So what are you going to do with the tapes?"

"I'm going to record all of the videos onto one tape and I talked to Ricky
about it and he has a friend who can do all the necessary editing before we
release it to the school and internet."

"Oh... So you are going to release the tape?"

"Please, haven't you heard the big rumor? Everyone believes that my running
feud with McGuire is the reason Miranda tried to kill herself. Forget
everything else. Once I plant copies of the tape in certain well trafficked
areas of the school, people will know for sure it was me and they'll know
once and for all never to cross me. I'll own this fucking school and the
next one I go to. Besides how much gratification can you get knowing that
perverts all over the world will be downloading the video their computers
and jacking off?"

"Damn Kate, you're more ambitious than I could ever be with this."

"Don't worry about it Claire, not everyone can be as great as me. Actually
you know what, I just thought of something. I'm supposed to have dinner with
my mother and one of her friends tonight so I won't be done copying until
late. I'll bring to school tomorrow ok?"

"Yeah no problem. I'll let Ricky know that I'll be bringing it over tomorrow
night then."

"You know Claire we'll go down in history for this."

"I'm sure we will," Claire replied coming to a decision.

The next morning at school before the bell rang Kate gave Claire the only
copy of the tape she said she had. As Kate rambled on about the dinner and
previous night's events Claire wrestled in her head as to what to do with
the tape. She had decided the night before that she was going to turn over
the tape to Lizzie and her parents and explain what had been going on. Now
Claire wasn't so sure. Perhaps she could just lose it and that way the tape
would never get out, but that idea was quickly rebuffed when Claire realized
that Kate would just do this all over again and make another tape.

As the morning rolled on Claire firmly decided that she would turn the tape
over to the McGuire's and explain everything even if that meant indicting
herself in the process. At lunch she found Lizzie and Gordo sitting at their
usual table sans Miranda again. Claire removed her backpack and sat it on
the floor next to the table as she took a seat next to Gordo and across from

"What do you want Claire?" Lizzie asked emotionlessly as she and Gordo looked
the other way.

"I'm not going to argue that I don't deserve the anger and hatred you two
have towards me right now, nor am I even going to try and ask for

"Good, you're not going to get it," Gordo interrupted.

"I can't speak for Kate, but I didn't mean for this to get out of hand. The
first day when Kate and I took you in to the gym equipment room I didn't even
want to participate, but Kate nagged me until I gave in. I know that's not-"

"Claire shut up and listen to me!" Lizzie scowled jerking her head around to
face Claire. "I don't care what you did or did not intend to do. I don't care
about anything you may have to say. One of my best friends tried to kill
herself because of what you and Kate did to her. You two can release the tape
to the school or internet or wherever else you want to, but you will never
ever be forgiven for this!"

"Leave now before you really piss her off," Gordo said.

"I am, I am, but I just wanted to give you this first," Claire replied
pulling the tape from her backpack.

"What's this?" Lizzie asked taking the tape.

"I know what I did is inexcusable, but maybe this will make up some what for
it. That's a tape of all the video that Kate had recorded. She put it all on
one tape so it'd be easier to release and gave me that copy to give to Ricky
to give to one of his friends to edit out everyone's faces and voices except
for yours."

"But you're on this tape too right? Why are you doing this?"

"Because I'm not Kate. I actually feel guilty and bad about what happened to
Miranda. I let myself get sucked into all of this and now it's time you got
your revenge." Claire started to get up from the table to leave then stopped.
"Is Miranda ok? Has she woken up yet?"

"Yeah, she woke up early this morning, but she hasn't said a word. She
wouldn't even tell her parents where the piercings came from. One of the
doctors saw them when they removed her clothes to pump her stomach and said
something to her parents. I'm sure they'll figure out where they came from
once they see this tape. Are there copies of the original tapes or of this

"I don't know."

"What about Matt and Lanny? Did they drug and rape me because Kate asked
them to?"

"She paid them to do it. I don't know how much though."

"We'll never be friends Claire, but stop by my house after school. I want
you to be the one to explain everything to my mother and show her the tape."

'Sure thing Lizzie. I'll ride your bus, and have my parents pick me up later.
I know this won't mean much, but Ricky's cheating on me with Kate."

"You're right, it doesn't mean much."

"Alright, see you after school then."

Gordo and Lizzie watched Claire as she walked off and exited the cafeteria.
Then they looked down at the tape that Lizzie still held.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to have Claire come over and explain what's
been going on?" Gordo asked.

"I don't know. All that matters now is that this is over."

* * *

"Perfect," Lizzie thought as she, Claire, and Gordo walked into the McGuire
house and found that Lanny had decided to come over and play with Matt.

"Matt, Lanny, please come with me," Lizzie said as the others left the
kitchen and walked into the living room.

"Why's Claire here?" Matt asked whining, "I thought you hated her and Kate."

"Matt shut up," Lizzie said firmly. "I don't know how much you know about
what's been going on between Kate and I, but here's how it's going to be.
This tape," Lizzie said pulling it from her backpack and showing it to Matt,
"Has everything on it that was ever recorded including the first time you
took advantage of me. It also has when you and Lanny drugged me and raped me
after being paid by Kate. You two could be in so much shit right now if I
wanted you to be." Matt and Lanny's faces immediately turned pale. "That's
right you two the rest of your lives are in my hands, but don't worry I'm
not as hateful and mean as you and Kate are. Anyway, when mom gets home
later tonight Claire's going to show her the tape and explain everything
that happened. I'll do my best to keep you two from getting into trouble as
best I can. Dad left for a seminar yesterday so if he and mom decide to
punish you, then there's nothing I can do. I don't want you to be my best
friend, but from now on you will treat me and my friends with respect and be
nice to us ok?"

"Ok," Matt stammered as he and Lanny shook their heads.

"Good, now get out of here. As for you Claire I'm going to be very generous
and cut you some slack since you at least have shown some remorse and
decided to give me this tape. If Miranda is angry with you though and wants
you punished then again there's nothing I can do. All I want from you is you
don't even have to talk to us, but when our paths cross in the future be
fucking civil. Understood?"

"Yeah, of course..."

"Lizzie are you sure this is a good idea letting them off the hook?" Gordo

"I'll make a copy of Ricky and his college buddies forcing themselves onto
Miranda and they'll go to jail for it, but Kate's the one who started this.
Claire and Matt know they've fucked up and how much shit they'll be in if I
say the word, but Kate doesn't care. She's the cruelest, most cold-hearted
bitch I've ever met. If she doesn't start any of this then Claire and Matt
don't get talked into doing what they did and Ricky isn't given the
opportunity to rape Miranda. Trust me on this Gordon Kate's getting hers."

"I trust you Lizzie. As long as Kate gets hers I'm okay I guess."

The afternoon went by slowly as Lizzie, Claire, and Gordo waited for Jo to
get home from work. Lanny went home for dinner before Mrs. McGuire arrived,
but Matt joined his mother and the others in the living room when she did.

"Hey Lizzie how was school?" Jo asked as she thumbed through the mail in the

"It was fine mom, same ol' stuff as usual. Can you come into the living room
for a few minutes?"

"Yeah honey what's up?" Jo asked putting the mail down and walking into the
living noticing Claire. "Hey Claire how've you been? I can't keep up with
Lizzie's relationships, but last I heard she wasn't getting along too well
with you and Kate. I take it you two are ok now? Hey Gordo how're you

"Doing fine Mrs. McGuire."

"Hey mom the reason we're all here is because Claire has something she wants
to say to you and something to show you as well."

"You do? What's going?"

"Mrs. McGuire," Claire started half stuttering, "I've noticed it at school
so I know you must have noticed something in the way Lizzie's been acting

"Yes as a matter of fact I have."

"Lizzie's behavoir, Miranda's suicide attempt, that all ties in with what I'm
about to say," Claire said. Jo's eyebrows flaired in anticipation of what she
was about to hear. "Well there's been a number of things happen over the past
few weeks involving various people, but Kate is the central figure in
everything. It started awhile back when Lizzie tried out for the cheerleading
squad. Kate also tried out and won the position. Lizzie and Miranda were
messaging each other over the internet and Lizzie accidentally messaged
everyone on her list when she said that Kate stuffs her bra. This is middle
school so the rumor spread like wildfire. Needless to say Kate was upset with
Lizzie and wanted revenge and talked me into helping her. We were successful
in getting back at Lizzie, but it wasn't the way you think. We sexually
molested Lizzie inserting baseball bats and golfballs among other things into
her vagina and anus. And Kate broke Lizzie's hymen with her fingers."

Over the next half-hour Claire showed Jo pieces of the tape explaining that
happened and telling her about the things that didn't get recorded. Lizzie
then told about her and Miranda's encounter on Friday with Amy explaining how
it led to Miranda's suicide attempt. Lizzie even took her mother into another
room to show her the piercing holes in her pussy. For the most part Jo took
watching the video and hearing the stories pretty good keeping a straight
face revealing little emotion even when the scat or Miranda losing her
virginity to Kate's dog came up. Jo took the tape from the vcr and stood
there for a moment looking at everyone as she thought.

"I've got to fix dinner now and I'm only feeding my kids. Everyone else go
home. Lizzie I want to talk to you after we eat."

An hour and a half later after everyone was gone and dinner had been made and
eaten Jo loaded the dishwasher and started it. She walked upstairs to her
daughter's room and knocked on the door.


"It's me Lizzie."

"Oh, come in mom."

Jo entered Lizzie's room shutting the door behind her then sat down on the

"Elizabeth honey we need to talk."

"Did you just call me Elizabeth?"

"Yes I did. I know you don't like being called that, but right now we must
be absolutely sure about a few things. First I want to ask you about your
brother. I don't have a clue why'd he'd choose to do what he did, but I need
to know how involved is he in this?"

"I've talked to Matt and Claire and he had to really be talked into doing
this and paid some good money on top of that. Same with Lanny. I know Matt
and I fight a lot and don't get along, but he wouldn't do this to me on his
own. Kate had to really work him to do this. I've already talked to him about
what happened and we've got everything straightened out more or less. It's
going to be a lot more peaceful around the house soon."

"What about Claire?"

"Well..." Lizzie began not sure what to say.

"Lizzie I don't want you covering for Claire or Matt. Even if they didn't get
as vicious as Kate, I want to know if they were involved. Everyone who was
involved is going to get punished."

"What do mean by that?"

"Mean by what?"

"That you would see that everyone who was involved would get punished."

"Look Lizzie, you are my one and only daughter and I love you more than
anything. In the past I've been able to write off your and Kate's rivalry as
two middle school teenagers not getting along, but this has gone too far. I
just want to know who's responsible and who's involved."

"I know mom, like I said Matt and I have straightened things out. As far as
Claire goes she was involved a bit in the beginning but that was before
things got out of hand and Kate took it too far. She and I have talked and
gotten some things straightened out. Let me deal with her please?"

"Ok fine. I don't like the idea of letting Claire off the hook having
molested you with a baseball bat, but I'm going to trust you on this on.
Something needs to be done with Kate though."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm trusting you with Claire and Matt so trust me on this Lizzie. I'm going
to talk to Kate and her mother about all of this. I'm sure they're going to
want to keep this matter as quiet as possible, but don't worry Kate will get
hers," Jo smirked as she turned to leave Lizzie's room.

"Where are you going?"

"To watch tv."

* * *

Tuesday couldn't have ended sooner for Lizzie as she waited for the last
bell to ring at school. She was surprised the night before, by a late night
phone call from Miranda. They spoke briefly for a few minutes with Miranda
saying that she wanted to talk to Lizzie after school. Jo picked up her
daughter and they went to the hospital as soon as school let out.

"Hey Lizzie," Miranda smiled as her best friend and her mother walked into
her room.

"Hey Miranda, how're you feeling?"

"I'm doing alright. I feel kind of stupid now for trying to kill myself."

"Who can say for sure how anyone would have reacted with the way Kate had us

"I'll leave you two alone to talk for awhile. I'll be right outside if you
need anything," Jo said turning to leave the room.

"Please stay Mrs. McGuire and shut the door."

"Sure Miranda," Jo replied shutting the door. "Something wrong?"

"Not really. Lizzie said Claire's the one who turned the tape over right?"

"We're going to make a copy of Ricky and his friends raping you and turn it
over to the police," Lizzie replied.

"Lizzie, Mrs. McGuire please don't do anything for me. If you want to take
Kate into the backroom and beat her I don't care, but I don't want anybody
to know what happened. Kate knows we have the tape and she'll leave us
alone now. I'll think of something to tell my parents about the piercings
and everything else, but please don't make this into a big deal."

"Lizzie and I had a talk last night and I'm going to trust whatever it is
you two decide to do about Claire, but I'm going to have a discussion with
Kate and her mother soon and I'm sure they'll want to keep this under wraps
as well. Don't worry Kate will get hers."

"What do you mean?" Miranda asked a slight look of confusion on her face.

"Don't worry about it. That's between Kate, her mother, and I. Now when do
you get out of here?"

* * *

Claire had been avoiding Kate since she was given the tape on Monday. She
knew by now that Kate must have figured out that she never gave Ricky the
tape. As she walked through the cafeteria Wednesday afternoon during lunch
Claire did something she thought she'd never do.

"You mind if I sit here?" Claire asked Lizzie and Gordo.

"Why?" Lizzie asked. "Go sit with Kate and the rest of your cheerleader

"Kate's been looking for me all morning long, and I don't know. I just don't
feel comfortable around any of them anymore. Other than Kate it's not like I
was friends with any of them. It was more like everyone acknowledged everyone
else because we were cool and that's about it. We really weren't friends with
each other, not like you and Gordo and... Miranda."

"And you'd feel comfortable around us?"

"Kate still doesn't know you handed the tape over to Lizzie does she?" Gordo
asked smiling.

"Not yet..."

"Take a seat then and here's your chance to tell her," Gordo replied eyeing
Kate walking towards them from across the cafeteria.

"Claire what are you doing over here?" Kate asked annoyed at having to be in
Lizzie's presence.

"Eating lunch."

"I can see that, but why are you eating with these two losers?"

"Because you're not going to like me after you ask what happened to the tape
and I know you're going to turn the rest of the squad against me so let me
say I quit now."

"Yeah speaking of which, what the hell did happen to the tape? Ricky says
you never gave it to him."

"I gave it to Lizzie and we showed it to Mrs. McGuire and explained what

"You did what?" Kate asked shocked as her face turned a pale white.

"The McGuire's now have the tape. I gave it to them."

"Why'd you do that? You're also on that tape and as guilty as I am!"

"I know and I'm ready to accept whatever consequences come about."

"You dumb fucking bitch, you've ruined us both!"

"Fuck you Kate, fuck you. I actively participated in some of the activities,
that I'm not going to deny and Lizzie and Miranda have every right to be
pissed off at me for the rest of my life, but I'm not going to go through
life knowing I almost killed someone. Now you may not have cared if Miranda
had actually died, but god damn Kate I do!" Claire snarled tossing her
half-empty milk container at Kate.

Kate huffed and turned red as Claire's milk spilled all over her. She
reached onto a nearby table picking up somebody's open Pepsi can and poured
it over Claire's head. Claire leapt from her chair tackling Kate to the
ground. The cafeteria quickly erupted into chants of "Fight! Fight!" as the
two girls rolled around on the floor scratching and hitting each other. As
several school administrators quickly rushed in to break up the fight Lizzie
and Gordo got up and left the table.

"You know I still don't like Claire," Gordo remarked as they walked into the
hallway. "This could all be a con job."

"Could be, but she knows she's got to be under our good graces for quite
awhile longer so let's let her play make believe if that's the case."

"So what're we going to do about Kate?"

"Nothing. My mom says she's going to talk to Kate and her mom and work
something out."

* * *

Following Claire's admission of handing over the tape to Lizzie and her
mother Kate kept quiet and kept a low profile at school. She was just waiting
for the principal to walk into one of her classes one day and pull her out.
She was waiting to get home one day and find her parents ready to ground her
for the rest of her life. Kate was waiting for a million things to happen,
but nothing did happen. Two and a half weeks of anxiety and fear apparently
all for naught. With her birthday being on a Friday Kate decided to skip
school and spend the day with Ricky before her party started.

On Thursday Kate had talked to Ricky over the phone and the plan was that she
was going to be dropped off at school by her parents and once they were gone
Ricky would pick her up and they'd go to his place. Jo watched in Hillridge's
parking lot as one of the Sanders' vehicles pulled up and Kate got out. Once
that vehicle was gone Jo pulled up next to where Kate stood and rolled down
the passenger side window.

"Hello Kate."

"Oh... Hi, Mrs. McGuire," Kate said nervously.

"Get in the car Kate, we have some things to talk about."

"Oh, so Claire did give you the tape after all?"

"Yes she did, and Lizzie's dealing with her accordingly. I know today's your
birthday so I know you have no plans to stick around school. Get into the
car. Come with me and we can get the issue of you and my daughter settled."

"Alright..." Kate mumbled as she climbed into the passenger seat next to Jo.
She knew she didn't have any choice in the matter with the threat of the tape
still looming she decided to go along. Kate reached into her purse and found
her cell phone before dialing a number.

"Who are you calling?"

"A friend. We were supposed to do something today so I'm going let him know
something came up. Hey Ricky it's Kate. Look something came up so I can't
spend the day with you, but tonight after the party ok? Thanks, you're a

"Are you finished?"


"Good, now turn it off and put it away. You won't be needing it for a few

"What do you mean?"

"We're going to make a stop by my house and then we're going to go on a
little trip."

"I thought we were going to settle the problem between Lizzie and me."

"We are, we're just going to go on a trip to do that."

Kate didn't like what Jo was saying or the unnerved look on her face. The two
and a half weeks of anxiety she had were now returning. A few minutes after
leaving Hillridge Jo and Kate arrived at the McGuire household. As they
pulled in front of the house Jo hit the garage door opener, but instead of
pulling in she drove past the house before putting the car in reverse and
backing into the garage. Once the vehicle was inside she hit the garage door
opener again. Jo and Kate got out of the car and Kate started towards the
door that led into the house.

"Where are you going Kate?"

"I thought you said we were making a stop here?"

"We are, I have a few things to get, but you're staying out here."

"Oh," Kate mumbled getting back into the car.

"Not in there, in here," Jo said popping the trunk.

"You want me to get into there?"

"Yes!" Jo growled furrowing her eyes.

The look that flashed across Jo's face Kate had never seen on her before.
She had never seen Jo really angry over anything, but this Mrs. McGuire now
scared her. Kate climbed into the trunk and no sooner had her hands and feet
cleared then the trunk was slammed shut pitching her into blackness. Kate
laid inside the trunk for at least twenty or thirty minutes before she heard
any movement and the first sound she heard was the garage door opening again
and the car roaring to life. The car ride was another twenty-five minutes
part of which was rather bumpy causing Kate's body to bounce and hit her head
on the bottom of the trunk lid. Suddenly the care screeched to a halt and
Kate's heart started racing.

A few minutes after the car stopped the trunk swung open and Jo glared at
Kate motioning her to get out. Looking around as she got to her feet Kate's
heart sank. She was standing inside an abandoned warehouse next to the car.
Kate jumped as Jo lowered the open dock door she drove through to get inside.

"Where--- Where are we?" Kate stuttered. She quickly turned around when she
heard barking. A dark colored Mastiff came bounding towards her from one of
the nearby rooms.

"Charlie back to your room," Jo commanded. On her voice the dog obeyed and
returned to the room he had just left.

"Oh my god, oh my god! What is that thing doing here???"

"Who, Charlie? I borrowed him from a friend who runs a kennel. Now shut up
Kate. Let me ask you something. How are you feeling right now?"

"Right now... Uh... Nervous, scared. I don't know. I've never seen you like
this before. I don't really know what's going on."

"Ok, let me ask you something else. When you and Claire kidnapped my daughter
and forced her into the gym equipment room and raped her do you think she was
scared or nervous?"

"Ye- yes."

"And when you forced Miranda to fuck your dog and then had everyone shit on
her do you think she felt scared or nervous?"

"Please Mrs. McGuire! I'm sorry I did any of that! I was angry and hurt!
That'll never happen again! I swear!"

"You know Kate the problem with people like you is that you're only sorry for
things when you get caught. What in your right mind made you decide to record
everything? You set yourself up to get caught and now you're going to get
what you deserve."

"What're you going to do?" Kate wailed tears already coming from her eyes.

"Oh god Kate! I haven't even given you anything to cry about yet, but don't
worry you'll have plenty of reason soon. First things first though. Take off
your clothing."

"What? Why?" Without a word Jo walked to the back of her car and rummaged
around a bit before emerging with a whip. "What, what's that for?" Kate
screamed out as Jo lashed her across the front of the chest with the whip
tearing a hole in her shirt.

"Now do as I fucking say!" Jo yelled her face flaring with anger.

Kate quickly got the message and stripped off all of her clothing letting it
lay on the floor. She pouted weakly and cried as she tried to cover her nude
body with her arms. Jo closed the trunk of her car and set the whip on top
of it. She then returned to the backseat and took out a ball gag with leather
straps attached to it.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Kate cried as Jo walked towards her with the

"Why did you do the things you did to Lizzie, and Miranda, and Gordo?"

"I'm don't know, I'm sorry!" she wailed.

"I know you are Kate," Jo replied coldly as she placed the gag into Kate's
mouth tightening the straps. "Miranda nearly killed herself. Are you too much
of a cold heartless bitch to recognize the seriousness of it? Jesus Kate you
have no moral conscience and everything's a big game to you. Since you like
games we're going to play one so we can even out the score. Now let's go."

Kate's muffled screams barely passed through the warehouse as Jo grabbed a
handful of her hair and pulled her along. They stopped in front of some lose
cabling hanging from the ceiling. Jo grabbed Kate's wrists and placed them
together raising her arms above her head. She then took the cabling and tied
Kate's hands together.

Jo returned to her car and came out with three non-descript brown boxes. She
walked back to where Kate stood and placed two of the boxes on the ground.
From the first box she took a out a handful of clothespins. Jo clamped a pin
on both of Kate's nipples. Kate bit her lip as the first darts of pain
started to travel through her body.

"The nipples are very sensitive for some women. Some even consider them
erogenous zones. Are your nipples sensitive Kate?" Kate half-shrugged not
sure how to respond. "You mean that rapist boyfriend of yours never played
with your nipples? YOU never played with them when you were alone? It
doesn't really matter much, they'll be sensitive enough by the time we're
through. I just want to make sure that the clothespins hurt. They do hurt
right? I mean with the unrelenting pinching and squeezing of your flesh.
Would you like me to take them off?"

Kate weakly shook her head yes.

"Too bad. I'm not going to pierce your nipples, not yet anyway, but they
deserve to be played with. You didn't let any part of my daughter or
Miranda's bodies go untouched did you?" Kate barely shook her head. "I
didn't think so!" Kate bit the gag screaming hysterically as Jo grabbed
Kate's tits and dug her nails into the flesh. Jo then raked her nails
across the teen's breasts breaking the skin. "This will be the least of
your pain bitch!" Jo screamed back as she began to pinch Kate's chest
with the clothespins she had taken out earlier.

When all of those pins had been clamped onto the blonde's tits Jo reached
into the box and grabbed some more. One by one the pins latched onto Kate.
Her rack was soon cloaked by the wooden objects. Jo kept clamping the pins
onto Kate's tit flesh oblivious to the girl's moans or her body's twitching
as each bolt of pain shot through her body. Satisfied when no more flesh was
bare Jo threw the box of leftover pins on the ground and picked up another

In the second box Jo opened she removed a black piece of tubing that had a
ball at one end that was five inches around and had a small hand pump at the
other end. There was a foot long cord between the pump and the ball.

"Tell me Kate do you know what this is?" Jo asked. Kate slowly shook her head
no. "I've heard the stories about you liking large things shoved inside your
pussy so I thought you might like this. This is what's called the Trailer
Hitch Inflatable. Right now the ball is about five inches around which for
most girls your age might be too big, but not you. I'll insert the ball as
so," Jo said squatting in front Kate and pushing the ball into her cunt. She
forced more of her hand into Kate's twat as she pushed the ball further into
her. When she felt she had pushed the ball far enough in to land in Kate's
womb Jo removed her hand. Kate whimpered as she felt the ball come to rest
inside of her. "You like that don't you Kate?"

Kate shook her head no, but Jo continued on as if not noticing and started
pumping the toy.

"Now as I work the pump the ball will continue to grow and will fill you
quite nicely. My oh my I can't wait to see how much you're enjoying this once
the ball is at it's max of nearly eleven inches around."

Kate's eyes bulged at the number and tears started to well up in her eyes
again as she bit her lip. She could definitely feel the large rubber ball
growing inside of her as Jo continued to work the pump. When the black rubber
ball came to capacity Kate cried as the pain shot through her lower body. She
had never been stretched that wide before, even Ricky's prick pushing inside
of her for the first time didn't feel half as bad as this. Jo smiled watching
Kate twist and moan then grabbed both sides of Kate's ass with her hands.

"Now I'd rather do this in the bathroom since this could get messy, but
there's so much more room out here to do what I want," Jo said from behind
Kate as she slipped her tongue up and down Kate's ass crack. Kate started to
scream again thrashing about as Jo licked her anus and fingered the outer
edges of it. "To be honest I must admit you have a rather cute ass, but then
again you're fifteen and who wouldn't kill to be that age again? Anyway as
cute as your butt is it is rather dirty and needs a good cleansing."

Jo took one last long taste of Kate's behind burying her tongue deep into her
sphincter before pulling her face away. Jo then opened the third and final
box and pulled out it's contents; sixteen inch long yellow silicone tubing
with two balloons on one end and two black squeeze pumps on the other end
with a nozzle in-between for an enema bag to hook onto. Jo found the bag and
walked to a nearby room that had a sink and after a few minutes she returned
with a full bag of water and hooked it to the nozzle on the tubing.

Kate bite down hard on the gag as the first balloon tore her anus open and
slipped into her rectum. She began to squirm and groan as Jo started
squeezing one of the pumps and the inserted balloon grew. Jo then began to
pump up the external balloon. Once both balloons were inflated to the max
they sat at two and a half inches in diameter forming a tight seal around
Kate's asshole.

"Actually Kate you don't really need to worry about making a mess because the
inflated balloons will allow the water in, but the seal won't let anything
out," Jo commented as she began to squeeze the bag squirting the water into
Kate's rectum. When the bag was empty Jo decided she wanted to hear Kate
scream so she removed the gag from her mouth.

"Mrs. McGuire please stop! I'm so sorry!" Kate pleaded. "The ball is hurting
my insides!" Jo ignored Kate and retrieved the whip from the trunk of her
car. "Oh god no! Please stop!"

With a merciless passion Jo began to whip Kate's nude body. Kate cried out
as each lash cut into her bruising her body and turning it purple. The images
from the video played through Jo's head driving her madder as the imagery
went on. Kate's body screamed with pain as the whipping became quicker and
harder. Clothespins flew off with a painful pinch each time the whip struck
Kate's breasts and small bleeding cuts began to appear on her body. Kate
passed out as the whip smashed into her left check bludgeoning it. Jo stopped
lashing Kate momentarily taking the whip in her left hand. She walked towards
Kate and slapped her twice across her injured cheek. Kate jerked back to life
and began tearfully pleading for mercy.

"Mrs. McGuire please... I'm begging you. Stop... I'm so sorry. I'll never do
anything to Lizzie or anyone else again."

"You didn't stop for Lizzie." Jo coldly replied before punching Kate in the
stomach. "And you made Gordo beat Miranda." Then for good measure Jo punched
Kate in the stomach again. As Kate gasped for air Jo walked back to where
she had previously stood and raised the whip in her right hand. She started
to mercilessly whip Kate again. Jo could only imagine what Kate's feelings
were and what the expression on her face was as she beat and tortured Lizzie.
She became enraged at Kate's callousness and began to whip her with a new
ferocity. Jo ignored Kate's screams of agony as the tail of the whip dug into
the girl's skin. The welts' on Kate became larger, darker, and bloodier as
they formed on her breasts and legs. Kate stopped crying temporary relief as
Jo stopped whipping her, but that didn't last long.

"Turn around you stuck up little whore!" Jo growled. Kate did as she was
told and began to cry uncontrollably as the whip lashed into her backside.
The same large bloody welts that were on Kate's front soon began to appear
on her back, ass, and legs. Kate hurt tremendously and couldn't stop crying
as the leather continued to break open her skin. After nearly ten minutes
of calculated and painful whipping Jo was happy with the ugly red mess that
Kate's body had become. She walked behind the girl hugging her tightly
agitating her wounds. She kissed Kate lightly on the neck as she whimpered
and cried.

"Say Kate do you think you've held the water in long enough? You ready to
fill the bag?" Jo whispered into her ear.

"Yes, please take it out. I'm starting to cramp and it hurts!"

"Good. Just a moment."

Jo kneeled down behind Kate and loosened the air valve for the external
balloon. As she did so the dark mixture filled the bag to the near top. When
it was full Jo removed the bag from the nozzle and set it on the ground to
the side. She loosened the valve and deflated the internal balloon and tossed
the kit off the side with the full bag. Water still seeped from Kate's
asshole as Jo spread her butt apart and inserted two fingers inside. She
wiggled them around for a few minutes then pulled them out.

"The kit works great," Jo commented examining her fingers.

"Please are we done now?"

"Not by a long shot."

Jo worked the same two fingers back into Kate's sphincter and began to
push them in and out. Kate bit her lip and scrunched her eyes shut. The
eleven-inch ball plugging up her womb still hurt as it forced her body to
stretch itself around it. Jo's two fingers were a bit easier to disguise
as she imagined they were Ricky's cock riding her ass. The escape was
short lived for Kate as a sharp pain raced through her body as Jo forced
four fingers into her ass stretching the opening even wider.

"If I can be honest with you for a moment Kate, I must admit that I'd have
a problem having one finger penetrate my ass let alone four. I grew up in a
different era so sticking things into your butthole was more or less frowned
upon not like now though. Now days you can stick fingers, and dildos, and
even dog dicks into your ass. Let me ask you something Kate who's the bigger
anal whore; you or Gordo?"

"Please stooooop," Kate whined as Jo continued to thrust her four fingers
into Kate's behind. "What more do you want from me?"

"Who's the bigger anal whore, you or Gordo? That's all I want to know."

Jo continued to finger Kate's anus working her hand deeper and deeper inside
until her thumb was the only thing left to insert. Kate's whimpers were nice
and loud in the desolate warehouse and as Jo finally worked her entire hand
into Kate's ass going all the way down the wrist she smiled wickedly. Then
she became agitated.

punched her hand hard and deep into Kate's anus with a quick thrust of her

"I am! I'm the whore!" Kate screamed. She shrieked like a banshee as the
pain from the punch tore through her.

"You'd have to be for me to be able to get my entire hand into your ass this
easily. God you're so fucking loose that I could probably get both hands
inside if I wanted," Jo remarked as she pressed the index finger of her free
hand in between her other hand and Kate's skin.

"NO! Please don't! STOP IT! STOP IT!" Kate screamed wildly her body thrashing
about trying to get away from Jo."

"Stop moving bitch! You're only going to make this hurt worse."

Kate's body shuddered and a new thick wave of fear washed through her body
as she felt Jo start to slip more fingers from the second hand into her anus.
There was a slow lingering pain that grew and grew as Kate's sphincter was
torn and stretched wider than it ever had before.

"It's a shame to know that such a lovely round ass like yours has gone as
under-appreciated as it has," Jo mocked smiling with glee as more and more
of her second hand penetrated Kate's ass.

Kate's face turned red from the tears that were streaking across it, the pain
so intense and unbearable that she couldn't cry out. She could only bite down
on her lip from the tremendous pain she was experiencing and she bite it so
hard that it started to bleed.

When her second hand filled inside Kate's ass Jo began to thrust both fists
as hard as she could into Kate's backside. It took her a moment or two to get
a nice rhythm going, but once she did she reveled in Kate's silent cries and
how her sphincter quickly turned an irritated pinkish/red color. After
several minutes of timed in and out fisting Jo slowly removed her hands from
Kate's behind relishing the pained body language she was giving off. She
noticed too that there were now drops of crimson on her hands.

"You feel better now?" Jo asked feigning concern licking Kate's butt crack up
and down several times.

"No..." Kate pouted.

"Well don't worry then," Jo replied moving around to the front of the girl
while still kneeling. "I'm fixing to pull the Trailer Hitch from your womb
and while it was painful going it, it's going to be a lot more painful coming
out. It'll be just like giving birth. One day you'll get to push a thing or
two the size of a watermellon through a hole the size of a lemon."

She took hold of the cord not bothering to deflate the ball and began to tug
on it. Kate started to grimace as the rubber object inside of her pushed
against her body trying to get out. Jo could only smile at Kate's whimpering
that would soon turn to painful screeches. The girl's young vaginal cavity
began to give way and stretch beyond it's known limits as the rubber ball
pushed and tore it's way from her womb, through her cervical canal, and into
the cervix, before coming to rest against the small opening that was Kate's
vagina. Kate felt an intense mind numbing pain as Jo kept pulling on the
cord. The near eleven inch around ball was pushing and forcing Kate's pussy
to stretch and make way for it's exit. Kate screamed bloody murder as her
vagina tore like she was giving birth. Jo could fell herself get wet as the
Trailer Hitch crowned before finally popping out. Jo got up smiling and held
up the toy for Kate to see.

"Congratulations Ms. Sanders, you just gave birth to healthy inflatable
dildo." Jo smacked Kate in the head with the toy then tossed it next to the
discarded enema kit. She then looked her up and down for a moment. Kate
looked back at her sniffling and crying hoping that the end was near, but
there was no hope for that.

"It'll be over soon, I promise," Jo said soothingly. "You won't hurt or pick
on anyone else ever again will you?"

"No.. NO! I promise."

"That's good girl, but I want you to do something for me before I let you
down." Jo went to her car and rummaged around in the back seat for a few
moments before returning with a large plastic cup. "I did a little research
on the internet and you know what I found out Kate?"


"That the average female only takes advantage of the three major orifices;
you know the pussy, ass, and mouth. You're good at using those aren't you?
But there's a fourth hole that not many people take advantage of," Jo said
as she started playing with Kate's pussy moving it around. "It's their
peehole... Ah... Here it is. How does this feel?" Jo asked slipping the tip
of her pinky finger into Kate's peehole.

"Stop please stop! I didn't treat Lizzie this badly!" Kate bucked wildly as
Jo jammed her finger deep into her pisshole.

"You didn't treat Lizzie this badly?!? Says who??? You??? That's all a matter
of opinion Kate. I think you did treat my daughter this badly and you treated
Miranda and Gordo this badly too! You reap what you sow Ms. Sanders and I
won't finish until I'm happy you've gotten what you deserved!" Jo continued
to work her finger in and out of Kate's pisshole as the girl's body shook.
Kate cried as she felt herself began to lose control of her bodily functions.
"Thank your lucky stars that I'm not completely psychotic right now, because
I'd be trying to jam a dildo into your hole if I was. But don't fret if the
information I read is right you should start uncontrollably pissing in a few
minutes. I want to take advantage of that when you do so you're going to have
to finger your peehole yourself."

Jo untied the cabling from around Kate's hands and she fell to the floor.
She then grabbed Kate by the hair and stood her up. Jo took the girl's index
finger and place it into her pisshole. "Now start fingering yourself," She

Kate did as she was told her body hurting badly and her mind in a fragile
state. Jo grinned with the cup in hand as more and more of Kate's finger
pushed inside the very tiny opening. Kate could feel the opening stretching
sending shots of pain through her body. She could also feel as she started
to lose control of that region of her body again. Urine suddenly shot out
squirting in all directions as it forced it's way around Kate's finger. It
quickly turned to a normal flow when Kate removed her finger. Jo collected
the yellow liquid into the cup as it squirted out. When Kate finished and
the piss stopped flowing Jo set the half filled cup to the side and got up.

"I'm starting to get hungry so I'm going to take a break and get something
to eat. You want me to bring you something back?" Kate shook her head no.
"Suit yourself then, but I can't leave you here unsupervised so let me get
those off of you first." Jo grabbed two handfuls of the clothespins that
were still pinching Kate's breasts and tore them away. Kate hollered when
she did and then hollered again when Jo yanked off the second handfuls. When
all of the pins had been painful removed Kate's tits were an assortment of
colors; red, pink, white, purple. They looked anything, but normal. "Now
follow me."

Kate followed behind Jo as they walked through a set of double doors to the
other side of the warehouse. Kate stopped dead in her tracks when her eyes
became fixated on a contraption sitting on a table. It had a motor, some
rods, several others parts, and was wired to a car battery. The thing that
bugged Kate out though were the two giant dildos attached to the rods.

"Oh my god, please don't tell me," Kate stuttered her mouth open with shock.

"Get on the table Kate."

"Please no..."

"Get on the table now Kate!" Jo screamed. She grabbed a large chunk of
Kate's golden hair and forcibly dragged her to the table throwing her onto
it. "Don't fucking move!" Jo growled before leaving to go back to her car.
She returned a few minutes later with two leather straps and a tube of K-Y
Jelly. "Don't even make me tell you what to do." she glared.

Anxiously Kate positioned her butt in front of the contraption. Jo took one
of the straps and bound her hands together and then took the other strap and
bound her feet.

"This machine cost me a pretty penny to get customized, but the screams
coming out of your mouth as the Twinserter starts pumping the fat Giant Hunk
Dildos in and out of your pussy and ass will be well worth it. The dildos
are nine and one quarter inches around and fourteen inches long." Jo opened
the tube of KY and squirted a large glob of it into her hand. She mixed the
goop around a bit before sliding her hands up and down Kate's asshole and
pussy. "Oh yes, even with the jelly it's going to hurt like hell and is
going to be a pain you'll never forget."

Kate cringed and she bit her lip again as Jo made her inch her way back
until she felt the tips of the giant latex dongs start to push against her
openings. Jo walked to the back of the contraption and an evil wicked smile
crossed her lips as she flipped the power switch. Screams of unbearable
agony and pain filled the warehouse as the Twinserter starting forcing the
giant cocks into Kate's orifices. The pain was excruciating and Kate just
knew it was beyond anything she had ever inflicted on Lizzie. Kate cried
out as her pussy and ass stretched further than they ever had before. The
sensation of her lower body being ripped and torn ate away at Kate.

Jo watched and smiled, laughing even, as the dildos took nice painful foot
long strokes in Kate's anus and twat slowly turning them inside out as Kate's
screaming continued. Jo was pleasantly surprise that Kate was still conscious
as the giant fake cocks eventually started to inch their way inside. She
could see tiny smears of blood on the Giant Hunk Dildos every time they came

Jo continued to smile as she left the room to return to her car. She opened
the dock door up so she could drive out and as she returned to the car she
could hear the faint humming of the machine running and Kate's cries of pain.
Jo checked on Charlie who was sleeping in the room she had put him in
earlier. She closed the door to his room before closing the dock behind her
and driving down the road.

Stranded and alone Kate balled her eyes out as the Giant Hunk dildos
continued to push further and further in her body. She felt as if she was
going mad from the pain as she swore she felt muscles starting to tear. The
pain was becoming excruciating for Kate and she was biting her lip so hard
that it began to bleed again. Almost twenty minutes after the Twinserter
was turned on the agony became too much for Kate and she passed out.

* * *

Jo returned to the warehouse an hour after she left to find Kate passed out
on the table her body being pushed and dragged by the dildos attached to
the still running machine. Jo turned the machine off and dragged Kate's
unconscious body away from it. She turned Kate onto her side and giggled in
delight at the gapping holes her pussy and asshole had become. Things worked
out nicely like she had hoped.

Jo walked to her car and removed a large duffel bag. She sat the bag down
next to the table Kate was laying on and removed a piercing gun and two body
jewelry barbells. After she had finished eating and was retrieving a few
items Jo had temporarily thought about getting alcohol for the piercing but
decided not to. Kate had shown her daughter and friends no mercy and she
would show Kate none. Jo pinched a bit of Kate's ass and pierced it with the
gun. She then pushed one of the barbells through the holes. She pinched the
other asscheek and pierced it as well. As Jo squeezed Kate's ass together to
get the barbell through the other side the pain in Kate's backside slowly
woke her up. As Jo screwed the end onto the first barbell clamping Kate's
asscheeks together Kate began to moan and cry about the pain.

"Mrs. McGuire please it hurts! My whole body hurts!"

"That's whole point you dumb cunt! This isn't a pleasure cruise! Shit girl
figure it out!" Jo started to laugh hysterically and as she did so Kate could
smell an odor she knew well.

Kate cringed in fear as she recognized the smell of alcohol on Jo. Jo was
drunk and still very pissed off. Kate then began to cry again this time
louder as Jo punched a third set of holes into Kate's butt and slipped the
second barbell in. Kate was starting to feel like she was in hell as Mrs.
McGuire finished the second piercing. She now had two barbells piercing her
ass shut which was already feeling raw and painful from the Twinserter and

"Please take the piercings out of my butt!" Kate cried as the pain from the
piercings and the anal barrage she took from the giant dildos combined

Jo removed the straps from Kate's hands and feet and pulled her off the table
letting her fall to the floor. Kate moaned loudly as she landed on her tender
ass. Jo went back to the other side of the warehouse and returned walking
Charlie by a leash. Kate felt like shit and could only groan to herself as
she realized what Jo wanted to do.

"You know Kate? My precious daughter who you hate so much for whatever stupid
reason didn't like fucking your dog! Miranda didn't like it, and neither did
Gordo! I fucking hate you for you what you did to Lizzie!" Kate's eyes
widened as Jo went on a drunken rant. "I don't know, maybe I'm too old to
understand what happened between you and Lizzie, but as best as I can fucking
tell you're too fucking stuck up for your own good! Why can't you two just
fucking get along god damn it!" Kate looked bewildered at Jo who smiled at
her. "But unlike you, Charlie's good, very obedient. All I want you to do is
suck him and fuck him okay?"

Kate nodded acknowledging Jo's wishes and soothed the Mastiff as Jo
released him from the leash. Kate began by slowly and gently petting the dog
whispering nothings to him to get him to calm down. After several minutes of
Kate's gentle touches Charlie laid down on the floor for her. When his tongue
began to hang out and he started to pant Kate took Charlie's sheath in her
hand and began to carefully stroke the small part of his shaft that was
showing. Charlie's cock slowly grew under Kate's continual touches and when
most of the penis was out Kate began to lick the dog penis with her tongue.

The dog's panting became faster and it's ten-inch prick fully escaped from
its prison and hardened between Kate's lips. Jo started to get horny her
pussy lips tingling and wetting themselves as she watched Lizzie's bully bob
her head back and forth fully taking in Charlie's ten-inch shaft. She dropped
her pants and underwear stepping from them and started to finger the outer
edges of her pussy as she made her way behind Kate. Then as Kate's head went
back down fully taking all of Charlie's dick into her mouth Jo stepped on the
back of her neck pinning her head in place. Kate immediately began to gag as
the large dog cock started to prod the back of her throat. She couldn't help
but swallow Charlie's continual flow of precum. Kate could feel the slimy
substance as she digested it and it found it's way to her stomach. Her arms
began to flail and she started to hyperventilate losing what little air was
left in her body. The Mastiff's pre-cum continued to spill into her mouth
regardless and Kate didn't have the means to swallow. Finally when she got
bored of hearing the teen's muffled scream Jo removed her foot and Kate's
head shot up. She spit out the pool of dog cream that was building in her
mouth and trickling down her chin and began to take in big doses of air. Jo
groaned as she slipped her finger into her twat while watching Kate react
to her unpleasant circumstances.

"Get on your hands and knees now and let him fuck you," Jo demanded as she
pulled her damp finger out and licked it.

Kate followed orders and got on all fours. Charlie acted frantic trying to
mount Kate but was unsuccessful. Jo stopped masturbating for a moment so she
could help the dog get into Kate's hole. Kate felt disgusted and humiliated
as Jo helped Charlie get his penis inside of her. She felt worse when Jo
climbed onto the table and began to really dig her fingers into her cunt.

Kate cried as Charlie started to ride her pussy hard growling as he
continually penetrated her. Jo smiled and continued to run her fingers
between her own pussy lips as she watched Kate and the dog fuck. Jo's cunt
started to really wet itself and she pulled her fingers from those lips and
put them between the lips on her face from time to time licking all the good
juices off of them. Kate didn't know it was about to happen, but Jo did and
she laughed out loud as she orgasmed listening to Kate groan loudly as the
Mastiff's knot enlarged itself locking dog and girl into place.

Kate cringed as she felt shot after shot of dog semen shoot into her belly.
She silently cried to herself as she waited for the knot to die down. Jo
smiled broadly and continued to finger her pussy long and hard as pained
expressions crossed Kate's face. Jo removed her fingers and her snatch began
to drip as she orgasmed a second time. She feverishly ran her hand over her
slit and dipped her fingers inside to scoop up her girl cum and eat it. It
was nearly half an hour after he hardened, but Charlie did finally began to
soften and soon Kate was able to crawl out from underneath him.

"How do you feel Kate?" Jo asked smacking her lips licking them clean.

"Please stop... I'm begging you..." Kate pleaded desperately her eyes showing
as much.

"It's almost over," Jo replied as she put her pants and panties back on.
"Charlie stand." Jo smiled as the dog obeyed. "Now lick his asshole." Kate
turned pale and her eyes began to water. "Did you not hear me? I said lick
his asshole."

Crying to herself Kate positioned herself behind Charlie and lifted his tail.
She was taken aback by the odor emanating from the dog's anus, but was too
scared of Jo not to do anything. Timidly she reached her tongue out and
touched the tip of it to Charlie's butthole. The Mastiff growled softly at
the wet touch to his behind. He began to pant again as Kate's tongue began
to flick back and forth across his anus. Kate couldn't believe her eyes as
Charlie's cock hardened again.

"Now suck on his balls you dirty animal slut," Jo chided. She smiled
devilishly as Kate wrapped her lips around the dog's testicles. Charlie
began to whine and thrust forward as the girl sucked on his balls. "Now
take his cock in your hand so he has something fuck."

As Kate began to jerk off the Mastiff while his balls were in her mouth Jo
felt the sudden urge to urinate so she lowered her pants and underwear and
picked the cup that Kate had peed in earlier and began to relieve herself.
When the large forty-four ounce cup filled to the top Jo forced herself to
stop and hold it in. Charlie began to howl again this time wildly thrusting
his penis into Kate's hand. The teenager continued to lick his testicles
and the dog started coming again splashing his semen all over the warehouse

"That's a very good girl," Jo laughed. "We're almost done here, but first you
need to clean up the mess you made. It's not nice to make other people clean
up after you. Lick all of the doggie cum off the floor and swallow it you
filthy whore." Jo smiled watching as Kate moved Charlie to the side and
started to clean his semen off the floor with her tongue.

"How are you feeling? You doing ok?" Kate looked at Jo for a moment fear and
humiliation very evident in her eyes. "You can be honest with me Kate, I have
been with you."

"Please take the piercings out. They hurt and I can feel myself bleeding. I
just want to go home. I swear to god I'll never do anything wrong again."

Jo looked down at Kate's ass where the barbells had pierced it together.
Indeed she was bleeding as the barbells had started to dig into her flesh.
Jo thought about relieving Kate's pain but then thought not yet.

"I'll take them out in a second I promise. Now if you remember you had
Lizzie, Gordo, and Claire take a shit on Miranda after feeding them
laxatives. I'm not all the keen on the idea of scat play, but there is
something just as messy that I'm willing to do. I had a few drinks during
lunch today. Do you like to drink Kate?"


"What happens when you drink too much?"

"Get sick..."


"Throw up..."

"Exactly. Something I ate at lunch today isn't exactly sitting right with me.
That mixed with the alcohol I had is starting to make my stomach turn. Give
me a moment to take care of that and we can be on our way. Why don't you sit
up for a second while I take care of this?"

As Kate pushed herself up Jo stuck her index finger down her throat. She
gagged violently the first time and as she pushed her finger a little further
down she could feel her body acting up. Jo then turned back around to face
Kate and smiled at her; before pushing her finger as far down her throat as
she could. Kate screamed as vomit erupted from Jo's mouth. Chunks of
partially digested food and puddles of bile splashed down on Kate's face and
head coloring her many bland shades of brown, and yellow, and green. Kate
pouted as she wiped the vomit away from her face. Her hair was more of
problem with the food and bile clumping it up. Just as Kate had cleaned her
face as best as one could Jo shoved her finger down her throat again and
hurled. Kate screamed as her head and face were splattered a second time.

"You win Mrs. McGuire... Please stop... This is so grooooooss..."

"Would you like me to help you clean it off? Would you?" Kate nodded her head
yes sobbing. "Well first you need to drink this to wash the dog cum from your
mouth," Jo said handing Kate the cup of urine.

"Please no..." Kate pleaded unsuccessfully.

"Fine, have it your way," Jo replied sighing impatiently moving in front of
Kate's face. Kate screamed covering her face with her hands as Jo started to
pee on her. She stopped after a few seconds to talk to Kate again.

"For the second and last time, if you want me to help you clean up then drink
the cup of urine."

Kate took and cup and slowly started drinking. Jo became impatient as she
took tiny swallows and it dribbled down her chin. She leaned forward pinching
Kate's nose shut and forced the cup into her mouth. Kate frantically began to
swallow the golden liquid as it rushed into her mouth. She coughed spitting
it out as she took to big a swallow and choked on it.

"God damn it Kate! I'm trying to be nice here! Can't you do anything right!"
Jo screamed hysterically at Kate. She took the cup and poured the rest of it
over Kate's head as the girl coughed and wheezed. Kate sat in temporary shock
as Jo then began to start pissing on her again. When it was all said and done
Kate was covered in piss and smelled it, but the chunks of food and vomit
were out of her hair.

While Kate sat and pouted Jo walked to the room where she had filled the
enema bag and used her hands to form a cup to gather water and rinse her
mouth out. She rinsed and spit several times and returned to the warehouse
where she saw Kate returning to the side they were originally in. Jo quickly
went back to other side of the building to retrieve her things and returned.
She packed her things up and put them into her car then did a quick clean up
of the warehouse. She chased Charlie around the warehouse for a few minutes
before catching him and putting him in the car as well. When Jo was done
with everything she stopped and looked at Kate who was standing in the
middle of the warehouse still pouting.

"You ready to go home Kate?"

"Please take the piercings out of my butt. They hurt and I'm bleeding bad
now." Jo looked at Kate's behind and indeed she was bleeding a little more
than she had been earlier, but it wasn't anything to worry about yet.

"I will in a moment Kate. There's one more thing I need to do. Come with
me," Jo said walking Kate back to the cabling that was hanging from the
ceiling. She tied Kate's hands together above her head and retrieved the
leather strap from earlier and bound her ankles together as well.

"What're you going to do to me?"

"I'm only giving you what you deserve," Jo replied as she reached into her
car for her duffel bag

"Oh god no... Please no... PLEASE NO!" Kate screamed fearing what was in the
bag as Jo walked towards her.

"You know Kate there's one thing that I really hate and that's people who do
things without thinking about the consequences and when they get caught they
ask for mercy. I must admit you've been a pretty good sport today, though
you've looked pale for most of the time we've been here. Let's add some
color shall we?"

Jo reached into the duffel bag and removed a ten-inch piece of telephone
line cord. She started by placing the cord under Kate's left tit then wrapped
it around to the top. Jo took the two ends of the cord and began to tie it
like a shoe. However, instead of a bow she tied the cord into a very tight
pinching knot that almost immediately cut off Kate's blood circulation to her
tit. Then Jo took a second line cord out of the bag and tied it exactly the
same way to Kate's right breast. Within minutes Kate's chest turned a deep
dark purple.

"Ooh, I like that," Jo cooed. "Your tits look like two plump plums. Let's see
if we can get some juice from them."

"No! Please stop it! My breasts are going numb!" Kate cried.

Kate's pleas for mercy went unheard as Jo took a pair of tweezers and two
twelve inch knitting needles from the bag. Her eyes bugged and her body
nearly gave out as Jo stretched her left nipple out with the tweezers and
coldly stabbed one of needles through the skin. Kate always had sensitive
nipples and now as Jo stretched the right one and pierced it with the other
needle the pain in her chest now felt ten fold.

"Mrs. McGuire I'm sorry for everything I've done! You're right! I didn't
think and I got caught, but please stop this!"

"Shut up!" Jo growled pinching the base of Kate's right nipple taking the
stuck needle in her hand.

Jo smiled evilly as she began to work the sharp item in and out of teen's
nipple flesh. Kate started to cry out as Jo began to crudely fuck her nipple
with the needle. Mrs. McGuire would from time to time push the needle up and
down making Kate scream just a little bit louder. When Jo wanted Kate to
really scream she pulled the needle back just enough so that the sharp pointy
tip was just inside the nipple and would jam it hard into the flesh. The
blond teen screamed bloody murder all five times Jo did that to her. As Kate
started to bleed on the right side Jo simply smile and switched to the left
side. The teen was now crying like a new born child and in-between sobs she
incoherently asked for a reprieve that just wasn't coming. Jo coldly and
sadistically began to turn the left needle clockwise inching further and
further past Kate's threshold for pain. With each twist of the skin a new
shock of pain jolted Kate's body, the tears from her eyes becoming bigger
and bigger. When Jo reached the point that Kate's left nipple was bleeding
as well and she could tear through it with another twist she held the needle
in place with her right hand took Ms. Sanders' face in her left hand.

"Listen you disgusting little whore," Jo said coldly staring into Kate's
eyes. "If Lizzie had done to you and your friends what you did to them your
mother wouldn't have sat back and taken it either. You do not fuck with my
family, especially my daughter. When everything is all said and done you
will leave Lizzie, Miranda, Gordo, and anyone else they associate with alone.
This ends here and today. Do you understand me?" Kate meekly shook her head
yes. "Good. By the way, you've got some nice juicy plumbs you know that?" Jo
took her pinky finger wiping up a bit of blood from each of Kate's tits then
pushed it to Kate's mouth. "Taste it!" Kate daintily pushed her tongue not
putting forth much effort to taste her own blood. "Taste it god damn it!" Jo
shrieked forcing her finger into Kate's mouth pressing it into her tongue.
"Juicy isn't it?"

Mrs. McGuire then reached back into the bag and pulled out two half-inch
thick bullrings. As Kate gagged and spit she cried out once more as Jo
forced one of the bullrings through her bloodied right nipple and fastened
it. Mrs. McGuire then pushed the second ring through Kate's left bloody
nipple and latched it as well.

Jo got to her knees in front of Kate then pulled out a sewing needle and a
third half-inch thick bullring from the bag. Jo then clasped Kate's clit
with the tweezers and pulled it out. Kate squealed a few seconds later as
the needle left it's mark making a hole. Nearing complete hopelessness and
defeat Kate didn't bother to bite her lip and she didn't cry as Jo forced
the ring through her clit. Dangling in the air Kate stared at the floor as
Jo continued to abuse her.

Her face did turn white though as Jo removed a roll of fishing line from the
bag. Mrs. McGuire noticed this and smiled warmly at Kate as she cut about a
foot and a half of the fishing line off with some miniature scissors dangling
on her keychain.

Jo then tied the fishing line around the ring and the eye of the needle. She
pinched Kate's pussy lips between the tweezers and pulled outward stretching
them. Jo started at the top and Kate cried out as the needled punched through
both lips pulling the line behind it. Then Jo punched the needle back through
Kate's cuntal lips and pulled the fishing line through again. Kate watched in
horror as Jo worked her way down her slit sewing her cuntal lips together.
Kate had a hard time breathing and almost started to hyperventilate again as
Jo slipped the needle through the ring in Kate's clit and cut the line tying
it around the ring.

Jo put her sewing items away and licked Kate's slit up and down tasting skin,
line, and a bit of blood. She stood up looking at Kate and smiled before
locking lips with her. Jo slipped her tongue into Kate's mouth and wrestled
with her tongue swapping spit.

"Kate honey I swear we're almost done here. There's just one last thing I
want to do," Jo said reaching into the bag and removing a Polaroid camera.
"Now look at the camera and say cheese!"

Kate weakly brought her head up and looked at Jo. "Cheese," She slurred as
the camera started flashing and the pictures popped out. Jo then went to
Kate's backside and took several pictures of that. "I'll show these to you
the next you come over to play with Lizzie." Jo stuffed the camera back into
the bag and took a small manila envelope out which she dropped the pictures
into. She shoved the envelope between the sun visor and roof of her car and
returned her attention to Kate.

"Now I can unpierce your ass sweetie." Jo moved to Kate's backside to
unfasten the barbells. When she removed them a surge of blood flowed from
the holes. "I thought this might happen," Jo smirked watching the red
rivers flow. She reached up and freed Kate's hands and feet.

"How... How could you do this to me? You sewed my pussy shut! My tits are
purple and bloody!" Kate cried hysterically.

"You're dirty and you're bleeding. There's no way in hell I'm letting you
get into my trunk like that. There's a river nearby, go bath in it. You have
ten minutes to clean yourself and get as much jewelry off your body as you
can. Might I suggest unknotting the line cord before those plumbs you call
tits go completely numb and need to be amputated?"

As Kate stumbled from the warehouse towards the water Jo made one last check
of the abandoned building. When everything was packed in her car and she was
sure she cleaned up and took everything Jo drove out of the building and
closed the dock door behind her. She placed Kate's clothes on the hood of
her car and watched as the girl bathed herself. Cleaner looking Kate made
her way back to the car and redressed her wet body. Jo rolled down the
window as she walked by.

"You realize we're even now right Kate?"


"Good. Now I'll give you the same warning you seem to like to give to my
daughter. We're even now Kate until the next time you do something to piss
me off. Don't fuck up again and we won't have anymore problems." Jo reached
for her dash and popped the trunk. "Now get in."

* * *

Lizzie would never know of what transpired between her mother and Kate
until her senior year of high school. One day while she was in her mother's
bedroom signing a birthday card she dropped the pen she was using and it
rolled under her mother's dresser drawers. As she was reaching for it she
felt something taped to the underside of the drawers and removed it. Lizzie
would be startled when inside the musty old envelope she found the pictures
her mother took of Kate. She would be shocked by the vulgarness of the
photos, but rather than confront her mother about them Lizzie put them back
into the envelope and put it back where she found it. She didn't like to
think about it or even guess what happened but Lizzie now had pretty good
idea as to what the cause of Kate's extreme personality change was. With
her experiences with Kate and a developing acting bug Lizzie attended an
acting school in hopes of becoming a dramatic actress.

When she got home that fateful day Kate abruptly canceled her birthday party
only saying that she didn't feel well. She refused to let anybody throw her
another one until the following year. The cut on her face she simply
explained away by saying she fell. Kate started dressing ultra-conservatively
wearing long pants and long shirts to hide the welts and cuts on her body
until they were fully healed. She still hung out with the same friends though
she became quiet and introverted. After high school she had an on again off
again relationship with the pornography industry making a handful of amateur
videos. Then one day out of the blue Lizzie showed up at her apartment in
Hollywood. Though she swore she'd never forgive Kate Lizzie was there to
extend her hand in peace and both girls became civil towards each and in the
very least indifferent. It was after that meeting that Kate decided to return
to college and get a business degree.

Miranda would return to school three weeks after her attempted suicide. There
was of course the whispers and nonsense about what happened to her, but with
Lizzie and Gordo as her best friends things slowly began to return to normal
for her. While taking a cooking class in college Miranda found out she had a
knack for making Italian food and would later open a restaurant.

Gordo was racked with guilt up through high school for the things he had done
to Miranda even as she consistently told him it wasn't his fault and that he
did it under much duress from Kate. Like everyone else involved he would
somehow make it through the rest of middle and high school. He would later go
film school before moving to Hollywood with big dreams.

Matt and Lanny would return to their normal routine of going to each other's
houses and being mischievous. They never had a full understanding of the
seriousness of the things they had done to Lizzie since nobody talked about
it nor did they ever have a full scope of what happened. Lizzie's threat to
turn their lives to hell kept them in line and kept them constantly looking
over their shoulders.

Just as she thought the girls on the cheerleading squad would they turned
against Claire and she found herself without a friend. Lizzie, Gordo, and
Miranda forgave her enough that she started to hang with them from time to
time though she was often treated like the redheaded stepchild. After high
school Claire didn't know much other than being pretty and being around
groups of people so she became a flight attendant.

Amy would avoid the fallout from the situation involving Lizzie and Kate
mostly because she was an absolute angel around her parents and in public
and her parents just wouldn't listen to anything Jo had to say. She would
later drop out of college becoming bored with it and moved to Las Vegas
where she set up her own dominatrix brothel. Amy would soon appear in a
handful of adult videos including some with her cousin Kate.

Fred, Tiny, Junior, and Ricky would all be convicted of statutory rape among
other charges once the tape with Miranda surfaced and Claire testified to her
own encounter with them. The three college buddies were immediately expelled
from school and would have to go to school out of state to get their college
degree. Ricky would lose his football scholarship to college and no school
wanted a convicted rapist on their team. Breezing through highschool on his
football ability alone Ricky was academically prepared for college and
dropped out getting work at a friend's auto shop.

Jo loved her family more than anything and it wasn't so much that she loved
Lizzie more than Matt than it was that Lizzie was her only daughter who she
held a special bond with. After she dropped Kate off at her house that day
Jo drove home with a feeling of satisfaction. Yes she was happy that she had
gotten Kate back, but unable to protect Lizzie having to go through the hell
she did ate away at Jo. She was at peace now that things had been made right
and she could look her daughter in the eye now. Jo didn't ever want to have
to go through another day like that again and treat someone that harshly, but
she was prepared to do it all over again if she had to.


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