Lizzie McGuire: Halloween Camping Trip From Hell!!!
by Hamster

Lizzie McGwire was not happy, she had been dragged away from her friends for
a weekend in the woods. Her family, her father and brother Matt especially
had thought that a camping trip on the weekend of Halloween would be cool.
Lizzie didn't. She was going to miss Ethan Craft's Halloween party and that
infuriated her. She had tried to be reasonable and calmly explained to her
mom that she did not want to go on the camping trip that she would prefer to
stay behind for the party.

"You are not staying." Jo McGuire said very firmly. "Your father and brother
are both looking forward to this camping trip and I'm not going to let you
disappoint them."

Lizzie had given her mom an immature little tirade then stormed up to her
room. She had sulked on the road and sulked at the camp site. And her mom had
once again, in Lizzie's opinion, shown her insensitivity by telling Lizzie
that if she was going to bring everyone down she could stay inside the R/V
they had rented. Lizzie got angry and went for a walk.

She had wandered away from her family and was pretty far from their R/V. She
was wearing jean skirt and a yellow t-shirt. She was about to turn back when
a rustling sound came from the trees nearby. Out of the bushes burst a huge
golden furred creature that looked like a cross between a bear and a gorilla.
Lizzie screamed out in fear and panic. Lizzie turned to run but the creature
moved faster than she did. It grabbed her around the waist with one big arm.
He used his other strong arm and sharp claws to rip Lizzie's skirt to shreds.
Lizzie screamed in terror but she was way too far from her family to be
heard. Lizzie was horrified especially when she saw its huge fully erect

Using both hands the beast bent the kicking and struggling girl over. He took
her over to a log and pinned her hands behind her back as she kept kicking
and screaming. He had her upside down and at an angle and had her legs spread
wide. Lizzie felt the beast's too large cock tip press against her virgin
pussy. With an incredible push it drove its cock all the way into her ripping
through her hymen and well into her womb. Her pussy was stretched as far as
it would go, stretched tight against its cock. With several pumps the beast
fucked the helpless screaming girl. Soon it groaned as it pumped its load
into her. The beast pulled Lizzie off of his cock and tossed her to the
ground. It released a deafening victory roar as it beat its chest with its
fists. It's cry of victory drowned out the pained sobs of poor Lizzie who was
bleeding from her battered cunt. The Sasquatch once again picked her up and
this time through her over his shoulder. She began to kick and punch him but
he remained unfazed. The beast began to trudge through the woods.


Elisabeth heard grunting and low growling as the Sasquatch dragged a kicking
and screaming young woman into her cottage. Elisabeth enjoyed the wilderness
and all the Vampire truly needed was someplace that was dark during the day
and some blood. The forest cottage gave her cover and her pet Sasquatch would
drag in some fresh young thing to suck on from time to time. Lizzie was
screaming wildly flailing her arms trying to escape the clutches of the
sasquatch; she hadn't even noticed the hairy beast's master.

"Stop screaming," the Vampire said to the girl before showing her the
vampires' trademark fangs. "Oh yeah, I'm going to have hours of fun with you,
now behave or I'll suck you dry right now. I could eat you or eat you out,
the choice is yours."

The Vampire Elisabeth smiled as her pet Sasquatch lumbered out of the
cottage leaving her and the frightened Lizzie alone. Lizzie was naked
already, something for which the vampire was grateful. It was a real
time-saver. Elisabeth stared at Lizzie's juicy young body lustfully. The
girl's terrified screams as she tried to back away from her only served
to heighten Elisabeth's lust. Lizzie, Elisabeth noted had shapely legs,
plump young tits, and silky blonde hair. Elisabeth approached her
cowering victim gleefully.

"No, please don't hurt me." the girl said desperately.

"Oh don't worry my pet, you will in all likelihood enjoy what I have in
store for you. To a point." Elisabeth said smiling so as to reveal her
pointed fangs.

Elisabeth grappled the girl's legs and with her massive strength forcibly
spread them. Lizzie was still screaming her head off, music to the vampire's
ears. Elisabeth dove between Lizzie's legs; she gently kissed Lizzie's clit
and licked the outer pussy lips. Lizzie was scared and repulsed, but couldn't
suppress the ripples of pleasure Lizzie's ministrations sent through her.
Elisabeth's tongue snaked into Lizzie's pussy, causing the girl exquisite

"No p-please stop" Lizzie moaned feebly.

Two of Elisabeth's fingers slipped into Lizzie pumping her quickly. Lizzie
was in a daze as the vampire fucked her. She lost focus and could only feel
the pleasure that the two fingers working inside her brought. Within no time
at all Lizzie came to an earth shattering orgasm, her girl cum spilling forth
in a flood. Lizzie practically passed out as she collapsed backwards, totally
spent. Elisabeth trailed her cum-soaked fingers up from Lizzie's pussy across
her belly to Lizzie's tits. She pinched the nipple and rolled it between her
fingers. Lizzie moaned softly lost to Elisabeth's skilled ministrations.

"I'm going to have all kinds of fun with you my pet." Elisabeth leaned
forward and sucked hard on the nipple as she massaged the other breast with
her left hand.

"Pleeeease n-no more, it feels sooo goood I...I.." Lizzie said biting on her
lower lip as she felt Elisabeth's skilled fingers enter her again.

Lizzie tried to struggle but she couldn't, she gave in to the pleasure. Her
fear stricken screams where now replaced by orgasmic screams. Elisabeth
fingered her twice. The Vampire then removed her own jeans and flannel shirt.

"Eat me out if you want to live." The Vampire ordered.

The Vamp spread her legs and sat on Lizzie's face. Lizzie tongue fucked the
Vampire inexpertly for all she was worth. She was doing a suitable job and
Lizzie soon found herself cumming like crazy. Elisabeth filled Lizzie's mouth
with cum which Lizzie swallowed. Elisabeth got off of her and laid down next
to Lizzie. Lizzie was tock still as Elisabeth kissed and licked her neck.
Elisabeth sank her fangs into Lizzie and felt the warm life-diving blood fill
her mouth and then flow down her throat to fill her belly. Lizzie struggled,
she tried to push Elisabeth away but the Vampire was too strong. Lizzie
weakened and then her struggled died altogether. Elisabeth stood and wiped
her mouth. The Sasquatch could have what was left.
_ _ _

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