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Lizzie McGuire: Jo's Revenge Part 2
by DCForever

"Hi mom." Called out Lizzie as she entered the kitchen where her mom was
trying out a new recipe.

"Hey sweetheart. How was your day?"

"The best...and I owe it all to you. You are the best, mom." Lizzie set her
books down on the kitchen table and walked over to the stove where her mom
was standing and gave her a long, loving hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Where did that come from?" Trying to act ignorant.

"I think you know, but it is for having a talk with Kate and her mother."

"Oh that."

"Yeah, that. You have no idea what that means for Miranda, Gordo, and
myself. We no longer have to worry about getting picked on all the time.
It's fantastic and it was all you."

"Oh sweetheart, you know I would do anything for you and your friends. If I
didn't, I wouldn't be fulfilling my motherly duties."

"I know mom, but I still felt you deserved a hug."

" you know for future incidents...I love your hugs."

"Ah, mom."

"Sorry. So what happened with Kate? Was she nice to you?"

"Yeah, surprisingly, she was great. I almost didn't see her as the bitch she
really is. She would be a good actress...if anyone would have her. So, what
did you say to her mother to get her off our backs?"

"Now, now, Lizzie...I don't think that is important. What is important is
that I've made you happy and you no longer have to worry about Kate and her
friends messing with you. So hopefully for now on, when I ask how your day
has been, I shouldn't have to hear you say anything bad about Kate or her
friends because they did something or said something to you...or Gordo or

"I hope it lasts, but I have a feeling it won't. I'll surely take what I can
get though. I've got to go upstairs and call Miranda and Gordo and tell them
the great news. Thanks again, mom."

* * *

"Miranda, Gordo, you there?" Lizzie asked as she held the telephone receiver
to her face.

"Here, Lizzie." Answered Gordo, while sitting on his bed.

"Me to, girl. So what's so important it couldn't wait until I at least had a
chance to grab a snack?" Echoed Miranda from her end of the line, while she
flipped through a teen magazine.

"Sorry Miranda, but I just couldn't wait to tell you both the good news. Kate
is no longer." Lizzie was smiling from ear-to-ear.

"What? Did I hear you right?" Asked a slightly disappointed David Gordon.

"Yeah, Lizzie, what do you mean she is no longer? Is she like transferring or
something?" Asked Miranda as her magazine went flying off her bed.

"Well guys, she is still going to be around, but she won't be messing with us
anymore." A smirk crossed the teenage girl's face.

"Okay, how is that possible?" Miranda blurted out over the line, freaking
Lizzie out.

"If you give me time to speak I'll tell you." Miranda apologized.

"Sorry, Liz."

"It's okay, Miranda. My mom, of all people, had a talk with Kate's mother
sometime during the past week and whatever she said has really affected Kate.
That's what we talked about earlier when she pulled me away from you guys.
She said that her and the squad would layoff us for the most part."

"So you're saying there's a chance we could still get picked on?"

"Sure Gordo, but no more than say us picking on each other I would assume.
All I know is my mom is expecting a good Kate report each day, if not I guess
she might have another meeting with Kate's mom. I'm not sure how things went
down, but it's good right?"

"Lizzie, your mom is the coolest mom ever!" Exclaimed and excited Miranda as
she hopped her butt up and down on her mattress.

"Hey girl, don't say it too loudly. I wouldn't want her to hear all these
positives and get a bigger head than she already has."

"So if Kate and friends can't mess with us...does that mean we can't mess
with them to get back for past incidents?"

"Miranda, I'm sure Lizzie is with me on this one when I say we shouldn't
play with fire. If they agree not to bother us then I say we shouldn't bother
them. Right, Lizzie?"

"Gordo is right, Miranda. We shouldn't play with the cheering squad. I might
can find myself to believe Kate because of what we used to have, but the
others could be loose cannons when Kate or one of us aren't around. I say we
leave them be."

"I guess you are both right. Well, I'm starved. I'll call you later. Bye

"Later, Miranda." Miranda's end went dead as Lizzie and Gordo stayed on the

"I should probably go as well, a test to study for tomorrow.
Thanks for telling us the good news. Maybe our luck is changing."

"I sure hope so, Gordo...sure hope so. Have a good night. See you at school

"Yeah, see ya there." Lizzie and Gordo hung up after saying their goodbyes.

* * *

"Jo, what has happened to our daughter?"

"Everything is fine, Sam. She just got some exciting news at school today."

"What news was that? I've don't recall the last time I've seen her in such
good spirits. Matt even gave up first when they were arguing at supper...and
he never gives up."

"Yeah, she held her own pretty good. Normally she backs down, but tonight was
different." Jo felt a warm feeling wash over, knowing what she had done has
brought life back into her loving teenage daughter. "She found out that I had
a talk with Mrs. Sanders and her daughter, Kate."

"How did she find out? I know I sure didn't tell her anything. Is that all
she knows?"

"Yes, honey, that is all she knows. Kate of all people came out and told her
that I had paid a visit to their house. She doesn't know anything about our
arrangement. The girl wasn't that foolish."

"Sooo...what about our arrangement? Is it still a go?"

"Don't worry, you will be rewarded for keeping quiet. See if you can't get
off work a little earlier tomorrow. The sooner the better."

"Are you sure you don't have a problem with me fucking the hell out of that
sexy, teasing bitch?"

"Sure, what loving wife wouldn't have a problem with their husband fucking a
teenage girl as beautiful as Kate, but a promise is a if you
still want a piece of her..."

Sam cut his wife off, showing his obvious excitement. "Oh you know I've
waited a long time for a golden opportunity like this one to come around.
Finally...I'll get to screw my untouchable fantasy. I'll have that
cheerleader so sore that she will be begging me to stop pounding my meat
into her cunt."

"Mmmm...a sight one must see with their own eyes. Flesh pounding flesh...
music to my ears. I'm sure it will be monumental. Oh yeah, I've got some
news that might even lift your spirits up even higher. I made a few positive
changes to mine and Kate's arrangement. Would you care to know what the
changes were?"

"Oh please tell me."

"Pictures, sweetie, pictures galore. We should be getting plenty of pictures
of her and her friends to keep us entertained each night that the arrangement
continues...possibly even longer."

"No way! Damn, my dick is already hard just from thinking about it." Jo
looked down at the tented member.

"Oh my, yes it is. Would you like me to take care of your stiffy?"

"Of course, dear."

"Which would you refer...mouth, cunt, or ass?"

"Oh I love it when you talk dirty."

"I know you do...why do you think I do it? So, what will it be?"

"Hmmm...are those my only choices? Damn decisions are getting harder and
harder. What happened to the breasts, hair, ears, and feet? You know I like

"I just thought since we haven't had traditional sex in a while that maybe
it would be nice to have a normal night of sex and none of the kinky stuff.
I'm getting plenty of that from the Sanders ladies."

"I'm pretty sure I can give you that tonight since you are giving me Kate
tomorrow. And since you want it normal, then I choose the womb. Don't look
so disappointed. I know you really wanted me to choose your ass, but do most
normal couples really fuck each other up the ass?"

"Maybe I should have made myself a little clearer. I meant normal for us,
not by anyone else's standards. You know ass fucking is normal to us."

"Fine, then I want both...your delectable pussy and your round, juicy ass."
Jo McGuire threw the covers off her already naked body and flipped over
onto her stomach. Once in position she reached into their bedside table and
retrieved a six-inch long plastic dildo.

"Would that be separate or both at the same time?"

"Buffet sounds nice."

Sam quickly removed his robe and kneeled down behind his wife's ass. He
grabbed the dildo from his wife's hand and ran it between her legs, lubing
it with his wife's own juices. He then pulled it back and maneuvered it to
the entrance to her rear orifice. As Jo relaxed her muscles, Sam helped
the dildo enter into his wife's skinny, but rounded juicy ass. Sam then
positioned his eight-inch meat shaft against his wife's pink folds. With
his hands and hips working in unison he quickly got his wife off to start
the night's normal earth shattering events.

* * *

"Matt, what do you think you are doing?"

Lizzie had walked out of bedroom on the way to brush her teeth in the
bathroom when she caught her younger brother kneeling down on the floor,
hovering over a large drinking glass. His ear was penned against the glass,
attempting to listen to something from the floor below.

He reacted by lifting his head up in shock. "Nothing." She knew better.

"I'm your sister, Matt...I know you a little better than that. So what do
you think you are doing down there?"

"Fine. I was just trying to listen to mom and dad trying to make us another
brother or sister." She thought it was cute that her brother was talking like
an innocent baby...which she knew he never was...innocent that is.

"Ewww. They are at it again? What happened to old people being too old to do
that sort of thing?"

"Yeah, like that is new. They fuck all the time, sis." Yep, she did know her
brother quite well.

"Don't you think I know that? Their bedroom is only right under mine." She
flinched as if she didn't mean for that to ever come out.

"Hey, that is right. I bet I can hear them a lot easier in there." Matt
struggled to get his feet untangled and stood up, still grasping the glass
container. Lizzie saw her brother's sudden movement and quickly walked back
to the edge of her door, making sure her brother couldn't get passed her.

"Again, ewww, gross." Matt walked over and stood just in front of his older,
just slightly taller sister.

"You're not fooling me, Lizzie. I know you get off listening to mom and dad
fuck like jackrabbits. And don't try and deny it."

Lizzie's hands flew to her waist, making her stance seem much more aggressive
and firm. "Do Not!"

Matt knew it didn't take much to throw his sister off.

"Do too!"



"I Do Not! That is final!" Lizzie huffed as she stood nose-to-nose with her
little brother, each staring daggers at each other. Her eyes were on fire.

"Do too and I have the evidence to prove it. What do you think about that?"
Matt smiled as he saw Lizzie immediately step back, breaking their furious
eye contact.

"Do Not!" She seemed unsure of herself, while Matt seemed to have all the
confidence in the world. She didn't trust Matt, but she also knew he wasn't
a liar.

"I believe a few pairs of dirty panties would prove you wrong." Her mouth
dropped open in silence.

"Matt, you didn't?"

"Oh, but I did, I have, and I will continue to do so. Would you care to see?"
He smiled and turned as if he was about to retreat back to his bedroom.

Lizzie reached out her hand, touching his shoulder and stopping his progress.
"No! Okay, so I get off listening to them. It's not like our rooms are sound
proofed or anything. I've tried not to listen, really, I have, but it isn't
possible. They are too loud." She couldn't read Matt's thoughts and this was
one time she wished she had possessed that ability.

"So how juicy does it get? I know if I was old like dad and in his shoes...I
wouldn't ever let mom leave my sight. God she just looks so do-able."

"Matt! Ewww much. You shouldn't be thinking that way. That is just wrong."

"If you say so. So what about the other part? Give me something to go on.
I've seen your soiled panties. You just don't leave stains like that from

"Just stop mentioning the underwear. Please? It gets juicy at times...and
even juicier at others. It has gotten to the point that I bet I could
describe every minute detail and rib of dad's penis, having not even seen
it before."

"No shit. Damn, that's pretty messed up."

"You don't have to tell me. Mom can get pretty vocal and dirty at climax
time. I know she wouldn't think to kindly of us using those types of words
around her. That mouth of hers...whoa, it can get pretty dirty."

"Damn. Hey, you wouldn't be willing to change rooms with me for a few nights
would you? I could make it worth your while. I'm sure I've got something you
want...or maybe a future promise of something."

"Let me think on it." She walked toward the upstairs bathroom, stopping
before entering. Looking back over her shoulder, "Okay, I've thought about
it. No!"

She laughed and walked on into the room, grabbing her toothpaste and
toothbrush from the cabinet above the vanity sink. Matt trailed behind her,
stopping in the doorway as she put the paste on her brush.


"End of discussion. You're already perverse enough. All I need is for you to
get a nightly schooling of mom and dad's perverseness. Then how do you think
I could live with you? You're bad enough as it is." She gave him a smirk
before she started brushing her teeth. She monitored him through the
reflection in the mirror.

Matt couldn't figure out what to say so he joined his sister by the sink,
reaching for his own toothbrush.

"Pass the toothpaste please."

Lizzie handed him the tube and continued to watch him through her peripheral
vision as he started brushing his own teeth. The lengthy silence brought
about awkwardness between the two siblings. Lizzie finished first, washing
out her mouth and wiping it with a nearby hanging towel. She saw Matt
watching her through the mirror as she finished up her normal nightly routine
and headed back to her bedroom. Matt quickly spit, rinsed, and wiped his
mouth as he rushed up to his sister before she closed her door.

"Come on, sis, there must be something that you want for your room. If you
won't change rooms...will you at least let me sleep in your room?" Matt felt
he might have finally gotten through, as Lizzie stayed quiet for a moment.
"Come on, it would just be for a night or two. You can give me that much.
Can't you?" The silence was murder on the youngest McGuire and Lizzie knew

"Again, let me think about..."

"No, don't think about it, just answer." He was tired of being jerked around.
He wanted a straight answer.

"Wow, you will like die if you don't get this won't you?" She patted the top
of his head with one of her hands.

"You have no idea." He could give her that much.

"Oh, but I think I do. You already have proof that I do." She knew she could
have been mean to her brother, but she couldn't stand the desperate look
painted across his cute face. "Okay, fine, you can sleep in my room for a
few nights. I guess I wouldn't be a good sister if I didn't give you a break
every now and then."

"Thanks, sis." He started to give Lizzie a hug, but pulled back.

"Ewww. If you hug me, the deal is off."

"Momentary lapse in judgment...I promise."

"Whatever." Matt shot a look back up at his sister.

"Hehehe...that sounded so much like Kate."


"Nothing! I didn't say anything. You sound nothing like Kate." He turned for
his room.

"You best be glad that I'm in a good mood." He stopped just inside his room
and turned around.

"So, when can I move in?"

"What...tonight? You want to sleep over tonight? They will be done in no
time. Maybe you should wait until tomorrow night. That way you get the full
realm of what mom and dad can really do."

"Oh, I've heard enough just listening in the hall. Tonight will be just

"Fine, Matt, get changed or whatever you do and come on over."

Matt ran back across the hall and jumped at his sister, landing a peck on
her cheek, before dashing back to his bedroom. Lizzie just blushed at her
brother's rare act of sweetness.

* * *

More than an hour had passed and Matt had yet to return to her bedroom. She
assumed he wasn't coming back for their parent's finale. She reached down
between her sheets and pulled her panties off, not wanting to give her
brother anything else to hold against her. "No more evidence for you, Matt."
She held them in her hand as she pulled her nightshirt over her head and
discarded both pieces of clothing onto the floor.

Settling back into her mattress, Lizzie began playing with herself as she
listened to the loud moans coming from the room beneath her. Minutes into
her self-ministrations, a sudden beam of light flashed in her room as if
her door had been opened and closed. Lizzie stopped her actions immediately
trying to stare into the darkness that consumed her bedroom.

"Who's there? Matt, is that you?"

"Yeah" the youngest McGuire answered, trying to be careful not to stumble or
walk into anything as he made his way toward Lizzie's bed.

"I didn't think you were coming."

"I almost didn't, but when my model airplanes started shaking on my shelf I
knew I still had time. And it sounds like I'm right on time." Matt somehow
made his way to the opposite side of the bed from Lizzie, steering himself
through the dark room.

Lizzie felt the added weight on her bed. She was caught with her pants down
sort of speak...shirt as well and there was nothing she could do without
drawing attention to herself. She laid still and quiet hoping that her
brother didn't notice her state of full undress beneath the covers.

"Lizzie, can I get some covers please?"

She knew a fight for possession of the sheet would probably erupt if she
didn't give in to his request. She reached out and handed him one end of the
very sheet that she was hiding her naked self under. Matt wiggled himself
under the sheet and laid his head back against the mattress.

"Uh Lizzie, would it be okay for us to share your pillow?"

"What, you didn't' bring yours with you?

"I forgot. It's no problem. I can go get it and come back." Lizzie had a way
out of her current predicament, but something stopped her from taking it.

"No, that is okay. I don't have a problem sharing my pillow. Just make sure
you stay on your side of the bed...and the pillow."

"Thanks, sis." Matt turned over toward his sister and reached out to hug her.
His hands found themselves against her bare skin.

"Matt, what do you think you are doing? I said stay on your side." Lizzie
pushed his hands away from her body.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you didn't have on any clothes." Matt returned to
his side of the bed and lay stiff as if he had committed the ultimate sin.
Lizzie lay just as stiff on her side wondering what to say to her obviously
confused brother. She was the oldest sibling. She couldn't just tell her
brother that he could sleep in her room and then get mad that she was naked
and her brother now knew she was naked. It wasn't right.

"No, Matt, I'm sorry. I told you that you could sleep over here. It is my
fault. I didn't think you were coming so I just took my clothes off."

"It's your bedroom, Lizzie. You don't have to explain. I didn't mean to
violate you."

"But you didn't violate me, Matt. You didn't know. For it to be a violation
you would have had to know. Come here, kiddo, and give your big sister a

Throwing caution to the wind along with her sheet, Lizzie sat up, scooted
over and pulled her brother up into her arms. "See Matt, everything is cool.
You okay?"

Matt knew he should answer, but he couldn't bring himself to speak while
his sister's naked breasts pushed into his t-shirt covered chest. His penis
immediately began to grow in size.


Matt extended his arms out and enveloped his sister's body, feeling her naked
exposed skin. Lizzie realized what she had just done as Matt's cold hands
rested against her warm back.

Matt finally found his voice. "I'm okay, Lizzie."

"Good." Hesitating a bit, "You can let go now."

"I know, but I would feel a whole lot better if you would let me touch you a
little lower."

"Uh, Matt, don't push it here. Remember, you are my brother. And you've
already given me that gross image of you, looking like dad, fucking mom. My
feelings still stand."

"Yeah, I know, but no one has to know. It would just be between you and me.
It couldn't be all that gross. You look great in the clothes you wear and I
sure don't feel anything that would take away from that now. Please, just a
little lower?"

"No Matt. I think this hug has lasted long enough."

"Spoil sport." Responded Matt as he let go of his sister's body and relaxed
back on his now bent legs.

If only the two siblings could have seen through the room's darkness, they
would have found themselves staring at each other, neither having relaxed
back under the covers. Lizzie felt the bed move repeatedly as Matt had given
up and tried to settle himself back under the cover. She set her left foot
on the floor beside the bed, feeling the material of her discarded
undergarments beneath her feet. Again, she had an easy way out, but again,
for some unknown reason, decided against putting her clothes back on. She
pulled at the cover until her body was fully covered. Matt stared into space
wondering if she had put anything on through all her moving. He couldn't help
himself. He had to know. Minutes passed as he slowly let his left hand creep
across the covered mattress toward his sister's pristine body.

Lizzie gasps as she felt the return of her brother's cold hands against her
flesh. The touch was gentle and of a curious nature. She shifted in the bed
so her back was to him, causing his hand to briefly leave her flesh. He could
feel her underlying spinal cord and followed it downward until his hand was
resting on her right, upper butt cheek. Lizzie bit her bottom lip as her
brother's coolness mixed with her warmness. The temperature and feel in the
teenage girl's bedroom was just right for any moment.

She allowed Matt's hand to linger for a few minutes before coming to her
senses. "Okay Matt, you got your feel in. Now can we go to sleep." She only
smiled and closed her eyes, as she no longer felt the weight of her brother's
hand against her.

The two McGuire siblings drifted off to sleep listening to their parents'
continued efforts below. They were no longer interested in what was happening
below, but what had just happened with them.

* * *

"So Lizzie, what did you do last night?"

"Nothing. Why?" Lizzie looked at her Latin friend. "Why...what did you do?"
She knew Miranda was holding something back from her.

"Nothing, really. I just made up a small list of sorts."

Lizzie had a feeling she knew where Miranda was going. "No, Miranda. I hope
this list doesn't have anything to do with getting back at Kate and friends."

"Did you really have to ruin my fun?"

"I thought we talked about this."

Gordo walked up behind the two girls. "Talked about what?"

"Oh hi, Gordo. What we talked about last night. Kate."

"Miranda, are you still thinking about exacting some type of revenge scheme?"

"It was just a list. I never said I would use it." Lizzie and Gordo both
stopped walking. A few steps later, Miranda stopped and looked back at her
friends. "Alright. You win. I won't use the list."

"Good. Now very slowly, hand the list over to me. We wouldn't want it to get
in the wrong hands now would we?"

"Here, take it. I've got other copies."


"Okay, so I lied. That is the only copy of the list. You know me...there
isn't a chance in hell that I would copy something over."

"Yeah, we know. Those insignificant letters called grades are proof of that."
Gordo immediately regretted his statement as Miranda's fist hit his closest
shoulder a repeated number of times.

"Stop it you two."

"Yeah you two. And you wonder why no one likes you at this school." Everyone
turned and looked at Kate as she walked up to their group.

"Ah, if it isn't Kate?"

"Wow. And here I thought you weren't smart enough to know how to think." Kate
and Lizzie shared a brief look at each other. "Just kidding, Miranda."

"If you say so. Come on Gordo, lets go somewhere less crowded. See ya in
class, Lizzie."

"Okay. Bye."

"Whew. Thank god those two are gone. It's bad enough that I have to be nice
to you, but it's hell knowing I've also got to be nice to your so-called


"Yeah, sorry." Kate replied in a sarcastic tone of voice.

"I can see this is getting off to a great start."

"Okay so sue me. You've got to give me some leeway. I'm new at this nice

"Like that wasn't obvious enough."

Kate was about to respond when she realized she had forgotten something.
Lizzie assumed the girl was going to fire back, but instead was disappointed.

"I'll be right back. I've got to really go to the restroom."

"Well I was headed that way myself, so we can continue our niceness there.
Sound like fun?"

"A blast." Kate took off toward the ladies restroom, while Lizzie chuckled
at the ridiculousness of the situation and closed her locker. She followed
behind the cheerleader as she entered the restroom.

When Lizzie opened the door, Kate was nowhere in sight, having already
taken up occupancy in one of the stalls. Lizzie found her own empty stall and
locked the door behind her as she set her books down on the floor and started
pulling down her faded, fake rhinestone lined jeans. She could hear Kate
scrambling around in her own stall.

"Are you okay?"

Kate waited to see if anyone else would answer. She didn't want anyone to
know that she talked with students the likes of Lizzie McGuire. No one

"Don't worry. I believe we are alone. That is why you are being so quiet
isn't it?"

"I'm fine. Just feeling a little bloated. You tell anyone and you're a dead,

"Girl, you have got some serious problems. Everyone gets bloated and
everyone, no matter how hard they think they are or how much of a bitch
they seem, has to use the bathroom. You know it's like when someone tells
you we all put our pants on the same way. It's just like that. We all have
problems sometimes and time in the bathroom is sometimes the only way to
make yourself feel better. Our bodies are no different than anyone else's."

"I know. It's just...what do you think you would think if you walked in and
heard a god awful sound and then seconds later see the head cheerleader walk
out the very stall where that sound came from? I know what you would think.
It's the same as when we were in elementary school together. The worst thing
a kid could do in class or during lunch was to pass gas. Everyone laughed and
poked fun. Times haven't changed. Now, instead of poking fun, it is gossip
behind your back, reputation killers."

"Things aren't that bad."

"Oh but they would be if anyone knew I had to walk around with this butt plug
in all day" thought Kate has she stood up off the toilet and reached back to
flush. She pulled her designer pants back up around her waist and reached
back to make sure she couldn't feel an indentation where the plug was rubbing
against her pants. She straightened up her blouse before unlocking the stall
door and walking out.

Lizzie wasn't too far behind her as she exited her stall and walked up,
joining Kate at the restroom's vanity sink. Each girl kept her eye on the
other through the large mirror against the wall. They each washed their
hands and checked their face and makeup.

"Maybe this won't be so bad." Kate said as she started for the door.

"Yeah, maybe not." Lizzie responded as followed behind.

"Ummm, Lizzie, just thought you should know that you've got a intruder on
your heel." Lizzie stopped, looked down, and reached for the piece of toilet
paper hanging from the bottom of her shoe.

"Thanks, Kate."

"Don't mention it. And I do mean it! Don't mention anyone." Kate
opened the door and exited the restroom, leaving Lizzie behind.

"I think that went well" thought both girls as they went their separate ways.

A few minutes later, Lizzie felt a hand rush up against her back. She turned
to see Kate panting.

"Sorry, McGuire. I just remembered what I wanted to tell you earlier."


"Yeah. Just wanted to say you look nice today, especially your hair. It
smells nice too."

"Uhhh, okay."

"Good. I've got to go now."

"Umm, Kate...what is all this about?"

"Nothing. Just trying to be nice to you is all. I am being nice enough aren't

"Yes, you are...maybe even too nice if that is possible. I'm getting this
weird vibe something is going on. Do you like me as in really like me?
Because that sure is what it seems like."

"No. Never. I am totally into only guys."

"Okay, just thought I should ask." Lizzie turned back toward the direction
of her homeroom class.

"You have to do what you have to do." Kate made sure the area was safe before
reaching down and laying her hand against Lizzie's butt. "Nice butt too."

Lizzie jumped at the sudden and strange contact. Kate was rushing back down
the hall before Lizzie could say anything.

"Something is definitely going on with that girl" thought Lizzie as she
reached back and rested her hand where Kate's hand had just left vacant. "It
is nice isn't it?"

She removed her hand before entering the classroom.

To Be Continued in Part 3


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