Lizzie McGuire: Kate Gets Hers (Mmmff, BDSM, enema, nc-cons)
by Jet Hawk ([email protected])

A dark episode of the Lizzie McGuire TV Series. Needless to say, this one
didn't get on the air. It's a tale of revenge, with a somewhat happy ending.
_ _ _

Kate Sanders floated in dreamland. She envisioned Ethan Craft painting her
toenails, then going to the mall to buy her things. The dream made a smile
cross her face. It was to be the last smile for a while. Kate became aware
of her hands being forced into the small of her back. She opened her eyes
to see what was going on, but only saw blackness. She tried to open her
mouth to scream, but a well placed strip of duct tape had eliminated that
option. Kate tried to resist, but found it was useless as her hands and
ankles were bound. Then there was that smell. Was it alcohol? Nail polish
remover? Then everything went black.

When Kate came to, she was standing up, naked, her hands and ankles tied to
beams so that she was spread eagled between two beams. The room must have
been a basement because a tiny window let some sunlight peek in between some
flowers. Kate heard a familiar voice. It was Lizzie telling her to relax, it
was only going to hurt for a second. She felt the coldness of the greased
enema tube as it violated her asshole. She tried to scream, but the duct tape
held firm. Kate felt the lukewarm fluid enter her lower bowels.

"This is for your own good, Kate," Lizzie told her, "It's easier to get
fucked in the ass when you don't have any shit stopping things up".

A long moment later it was over. Lizzie slid the enema tube out. Kate heard a
scraping noise. "That's a bucket," Lizzie said, "Feel free to shit Kate."

A minute later, her bowels cut loose emptying their contents into the bucket.
Kate began to cry from shame.

"Is Kate crying?" Lizzie asked in a taunting voice, "You ain't seen nothing

Several minutes later, Lizzie washed Kate's ass with some cool water. "Just
like old times, huh Kate, me washing up after you? I'm not doing you for you.
It's for my real friend Gordo, and you're about to find out why." When Lizzie
finished, she said "She's all yours Gordo".

Kate heard some bare feet pit patting on the concrete floor. Then some hands
clasped her B cup tits. "Kate, you don't know how long I've waited to fuck
you up the ass," Gordo said, "Well, here it comes Princess."

Kate felt Gordo's dick spreading her ass. She tried to scream and wiggle, but
found it was useless. Gordo's dick felt like it was the biggest thing that
had ever entered her, bigger even than the enema tube. In a minute, Gordo was
pounding her ass with savage thrusts. "You enjoying this Princess, because I
am," Gordo added. A moment later she felt his hot cum splash inside her.
Gordo grunted several times, then backed out of her.

"You're next Tudgeman" Lizzie said.

Tudgeman appeared from behind her. "You know Kate" he said, "I'm the smartest
guy in school, and you're the prettiest. Our children are going to be both
beautiful and smart." He then entered her pussy. "What? No hymen? Kate's not
a virgin? Kate, you bad girl," he said after he had filled her pussy with his
extra long dong. He held her by the hips and thrusted into her.

Kate was crying. This was by far the most humiliating thing she had ever been
through. She considered having a child with Tudgeman and the thought made her
flesh crawl as she was covered with goosebumps. She was exrtra repulsed as
she felt Tudgeman enter her ass with a finger. A moment later, he shot his
load in her. He then withdrew the finger and put it under Kate's nose. "Here,
Kate, smell your asshole." Kate tried turning her head, but he just kept
following her nose with his finger.

"Dad, you're next," Lizzie said.

"Thanks, Lizzie," Sam McGuire said as he replaced Tudgeman. He held Kate's
head in his hands. He stroked her blonde hair. "You know Kate" he began,
"back when you and Lizzie were best friends, my dick would get so hard
everytime you came over for a sleepover, and now here you are. I've been
saving this load of cum for a long time." He then savagely entered her,
pumping her body with a force he hadn't used since his wedding night. "Oh,
Kate," he said, "I want to fill you with my cum."

Sam McGuire's dick was longer and thicker than the two boys who had just
fucked her. She felt herself getting turned on. It was just a little bit at
first, but Kate began meeting his thrusts with her own hips.

"Oh yeah, Kate. Fuck me," he said. "OH KATE!" he shouted as he unloaded into
her. He looked into her eyes. She seemed to be saying something. Sam reached
for the duct tape.

"DON'T, DAD!" Lizzie pleaded as he pulled the tape away.

"Oh God, I'm so turned on, don't leave me like this!" Kate begged.

"You heard her," Lizzie said to the boys.

Gordo resumed his position behind Kate, Tudgeman entered her from the front.

"FUCK ME!" Kate screamed as the two boys began banging her. "OH FUCK YES!"
she screamed as the two dicks worked her. Lizzie walked over and untied Kate.
Tudgeman went to the floor, Kate mounting him while Gordo stayed in her ass.
Sam walked over and inserted his semi hard dick in her mouth. Now like an
animal, Kate grunted and worked both ends, pleasing the man and boys. The
boys then came simoultaneously, but stayed in her. A moment later, they began
fucking her again. Sam loudly came in Kate's mouth. He backed off as Lizzie
stuck her freshly shaved snatch in Kate's face.

"Eat me, bitch!" Lizzie ordered. For the first time, Kate listened to Lizzie
as her tongue worked Lizzie's box. When the boys came a second time, they
backed off of Kate. Kate then concentrated on Lizzie, giving her multiple
orgasms. The boys found the strength to do Kate one more time as Sam jacked
off in Kate's face. When everyone was spent, they went upstairs, still naked,
for refreshments. The night was young, and the boys still had loads in them.
Kate thanked Lizzie for the wake up call. "Anytime, Kate, anytime" Lizzie
said as she gently stroked her Dad's dick.


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