Lizzie McGuire Joins Dad In The Shower (M/F-teen inc con Disney)
By Fister Fifty

Lizzie McGuire could hear water running as she climbed the stairs. The
13-year-old guessed her father was in the shower. Her mother and her
brother were at the mall. Lizzie and her dad were alone.

The tender teen stood at the bathroom door and visualized her dad's cock
as he soaped and stroked it. She had never seen a cock ... except for
babies and in the videos her parents hid in their bedroom. The wanton waif
unsnapped her tight hip-hugging jeans, slipped her hand past the waistband
of her white cotton panties and diddled her little clit.

Lizzie wanted to walk in, drop to her knees, and put her dad's cock in
her mouth. What he would do? Would he be shocked? Would he enjoy it?
Did he know his daughter was horny?

She turned the knob, it was unlocked, hot, wet air floated out as the
door opened. The precocious pixie stood in the doorway, looking at the
moving form behind the frosted glass. Lizzie could see the dark blotch of
hair on his head, another at his groin, and the white rounds of his ass
cheeks. The wannabe fuck bunny tingled with excitement seeing her first
naked man.

The tiny blonde striped her clothes into a heap on the floor. She
unsnapped her new white A-cup bra and her itty-bitty titties popped out.
Lizzie had small, pointy buds that were nowhere near full-grown. Her tits
were creamy white and unblemished, each capped with small pinkish nipple
that stood up pleasingly. Her legs were slim and strong and her hips had
recently widened. She had a flat stomach and lanky arms. Her blonde hair
was shoulder length and accentuated with little braids and dozens of
decorative clips. She had an innocent looking face that hid devilish

She slid open the glass doors and stood there naked and vulnerable.
Lizzie looked at her dad's nude body and focused on his cock.

Sam McGuire didn't say a word, he didn't cringe, he didn't cover
himself; he just started at Lizzie's flawless form. With his eyes he
explored her soft, almost nonexistent teen titties; down past her flat
belly stopping at the almost-hairless honey-blonde snatch nestled between
her lean legs.

Lizzie stared at his growing cock and licked her lips. She took the
soap from his hands and stepped into the shower. The flaxen fawn ran the
bar over her hands then rubbed the suds onto her dad's boner. It jerked at
her touch.

"Let me wash that for you," Lizzie said with a big smile. "Let me wash
your cock."

"Oh, Lizzie," he groaned.

The prick-hungry pixie wrapped her fingers around his dick and could
feel it grow as she stroked the meat into a full-blown erection, throbbing
and hot.

Sam reached out and touched one of the peachy teen's pink nipples. He
ran his wet fingertips around and around and his touch made the boiling
juices dribbled from her clenched cooze. Lizzie closed her eyes enjoying
the thrill as her father played with her pebble-hard buds.

The teen tease soaped her father's balls and lathered his pubic thatch
as he played with first one nip and then the other. Lizzie rinsed away the
soap from Sam's stiff prick and hairy balls. He stood under the spray, his
eyes roaming her unblemished body.

Lizzie knelt, reached up, and touched his dick, using her small hand to
move it around and inspect it from all angles. She really didn't know what
to do; otherwise Sam would have shot his load right then! And he didn't
want that to happen ... not yet at any rate.

The impatient imp leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, licking the
head of his hard cock, tasting his pre-cum. It was salty and sour.

"Lizzie, that feels so good," he wailed in ecstasy. "Suck it, suck my

"Oh, daddy, you're so big! Do you think it will fit?" teased Lizzie.

The novice cocksucker embraced his dick in one petite hand and lowered
her head until her lips engulfed the mushroom head. She sucked the knob
for a minute, running her tongue around and around the rim.

Lizzie had watched the girls in her parents' videos. Many of them tried
to swallow the whole thing but that looked as if it hurt and most of them
choked. Lizzie decided to suckle on the helmet-shaped crown, bobbing her
head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked the shaft with her dainty
fist. Soon her rhythm was perfect; each downstroke of her lips met with an
upstroke of her hand. Her father moaned.

Sucking hard she pulled Sam's hard dick out of her mouth with a loud pop
and licked down the shaft to his hairy balls. Daddy's little girl scooped
his balls into her palm and pressed them against her lips, kissing,
licking, and sucking. Sam could feel his knees weaken as the naughty nymph
played with his nuts.

Lizzie looked into Sam's eyes, she knew from the videos that many men
liked to squirt their "stuff" on a girl's face or breasts, but that seemed
a waste of hard earned "cum".

"Do you want to ... you know ... cum on my face?" she asked.

"How do you know about that?" asked Sam grasping for breath.

"You know ... videos and stuff," she said.

"No, honey, I don't want that," he answered. "Can you swallow?"

Without answering Lizzie moved her mouth back to Sam's cock crown.

Sam was in paradise. His daughter's warm mouth engulfed the head of his
cock and pleasure shivered up his spine. Her tongue darted and flicked
over the nerves in his prickhead. She bobbed her head up and down while
she fondled his balls. He moaned in response. He looked down, her lips
were stretched obscenely around his cockhead, her golden hair was wet from
the shower, and he knew the moment near.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock rhythmically, using her
fingers to stroke the underside of his penis. Her mouth muscles ached and
her cunt was wet. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped as Sam's legs
began to shake. He moaned as he shot hot cum into her mouth. His cock
jerked again and again, and her mouth was filled with the flavor of her
father's salty seed. Lizzie kept her lips tight, trying to get all of his
semen. She swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of his
hot jizz in her mouth.

Lizzie sucked until there was no more cum. She swirled her tongue
around and around the cockhead then released his dick and stood. "Daddy, I
want you inside me. I want to make love to you." Sam paused and looked
down into his daughter's bright eyes. They were at the point of no return
and he felt the slightest bit of hesitation.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, more than I've ever been sure of anything. Fuck me, daddy," she
said. "Put your dick in my cunt. I've wanted you to fuck me for a long

Sam smiled, running his hands over her dripping body. "And I want to
fuck you too baby," he groaned, "but first there's something you should

He knelt before her and spread her legs. His hands slithered up her
inner thighs. Her skin was like warm velvet, soft and supple with youth.

Lizzie moaned with anticipation. She knew about this too from the
videos. It always seemed tenderer when it was girls doing girls but Lizzie
could hardly wait for the touch of her father's tongue.

Sam kissed the ticklish teen's thighs, raising goose bumps as he went.

Lizzie parted her legs into a wide "A"; opening her outer lips,
spreading the tawny peachfuzz, and revealing her pink wet folds. Lizzie's
cooze was gluey with girl grease. Sam rimmed his tongue around her cunt
lips, scarcely touching them, moving his tongue up and down both folds of
her fragile labes. He knew that tongue teasing his young daughter would
make her orgasms wilder, more powerful.

Sam circled his tongue around and around, each pass moving deeper and
deeper. Finally his tongue penetrated her virgin cleft. His tongue brushed
her perfect, unbreached maidenhead.

Lizzie gasped with delight; a small orgasm gripping her body as her
fingers pinched and massaged her taut nipples. The touch of her own
fingers up inside her pussy had never been as satisfying.

Sam gripped her asscheeks as he plunged into her spread-open gash,
tongue fucking her as hard as possible. Sam went deep, flicking and
twisting his tongue, Lizzie's moans becoming screams of delight.

"Oh God daddy, eat me!" she groaned "Oh, fuck yes. EAT ME!"

Cunt juice coated Sam's face and Lizzie's thighs. At last her legs
clenched and she emitted a high pitched half-squeal, half-scream. She
looked down at her father with lusty eyes.

Lizzie lifted one foot, placing it on the edge of the tub, and giving
him better access to her oozing orifice. It wasn't long before her knees
shook and Lizzie began to cum a third time with her father's tongue buried
deep in her cunt.

Sam slowed his spiraling tongue, sparking tiny flames inside Lizzie. He
slid out of her snatch then licked up and down the length of her wet pussy,
lapping the cooze chowder from the insides of her thighs. "That was nice,"
mewed Lizzie.

Sam stood and took Lizzie's hand. Father and daughter stepped out of
the shower, dripping wet, and walked down the hall, leaving watery
footprints in their wake.

"I want it to be in my bed," said a breathless Lizzie. She opened the
door to her room, threw the bedspread on the floor, and stretched out on
her tie-dyed sheets. Sam stood motionless by the vision of his tight
teen's well-lubricated snatch framed by the fuzz of light blonde cunt hair.
His cock hardened as Lizzie's fingers stoked her nether lips.

Sam knelt on the bed and eased himself down onto his daughter's naked
body. He parted her legs and peeled her cuntlips apart. He ran his
fingers up and down the folds of her tiny pussy.

Lizzie realized what he wanted and arched her back. Shamelessly she
spread her legs wide apart, exposing her trickling sex to his whims. She
began to rock her hips. Sam slipped his long, middle finger inside
Lizzie's teen pie and felt his daughter's cunt clamp around his probing
digit. His fingertip pressed against her hymen and he cautiously poked
further. The elastic membrane yielded a little, causing Lizzie to moan,
but Sam was not sure if he heard pleasure or pain.

"I'm a virgin," she whimpered, "pop my cherry, daddy! I saved it for
you. Make your little girl a woman!"

Sam's heart jumped with pride and his hardened cock twitched. His
little girl had her virginity ... and she was giving it to him!

He kissed her fiercely on the mouth then whispered in her ear. "Are you
sure you want to do this, Lizzie?"

"Oh, yes dad! I'm sure!" she whimpered, pressing against him. "I want
you to fuck me!" she said panting into his mouth. "My little pussy is
tight and wet and I want you to be the first to fuck it."

"Gawd, I love you Lizzie," he said as he ran his hands over the smooth,
creamy flesh of her taut tummy and slid his finger back into the honey
blonde thatch. Lizzie whimpered. "Oh, God! Fuck me! I'm so hot! I
need your cock in me!"

Sam bent forward on his knees between her gorgeous thighs. "Ready?" he
asked. When she nodded warily he started pushing into her. He aimed his
throbbing cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward his daughter's petite
pink slit. Lizzie's hand helped guide him.

His throbbing cock sensed the heat of her sopping womanhood. He pressed
harder and Lizzie could feel his hardness prod apart her split peach. The
bulbous tip found its way inside. Slowly Sam slid his stiff dick into her
supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his cockhead pushed aside
the outer walls. Deep in his throat Sam mimed her mild moans as he felt
her tender walls wrap around his hard flesh.

Lizzie was such a tight fit that Sam suddenly was doubtful if she was
fuckable, afraid that her 13-year-old snatch was too small for a man-sized
cock. She sensed his apprehension. "I'm not afraid," Lizzie said kissing
his ear.

"Oh jeeezzus! You're so tight sweetheart," he moaned, feeling the walls
of her little pussy compress around his cock.

"Tighter than Mom?" panted Lizzie.

"Yesss! Fuck, yesss! Much tighter! ... Oh, jessssssuuusss!" groaned

Lizzie smiled. She was a better fuck than her Mom was! Lizzie didn't
care about their betrayal of her mother, the lust was boiling in her brain
and all she wanted was for her father to fuck her!

"Oh, baby! Oh, fuck!" crooned Sam. His dickhead pried into the
entrance but would not penetrate the teen's too-tight twat. He pushed, he
just wasn't going in.

Lizzie didn't want to say anything to change Sam's mind. This was it,
her big moment. She was going to do it, she was going to get fucked and
her father was going to do the fucking!

"Do it, daddy!" she begged, abandoning her childhood. "Fuck me! Fuck
your little girl! I want you to fuck me and cum in inside me!

Sam grunted as the head of his prick slipped between his daughter's
swollen cuntlips. `God, she's tight,' he thought. He pushed again and
this time the whole head went in.

`Wow!' thought Lizzie. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy.
It hurt! But it felt good at the same time. It was better than her
finger, but the size made her pussy ache.

Sam watched as his cock started to cleave into Lizzie's gooey little
snatch. He started sliding back and forth, back and forth, sawing just an
inch into his daughter's cunny. Then, suddenly, he slipped in another

"Oh God," she groaned, "you're in me, you're in me."

Sam pulled his prickhead almost all the way out; it glistened with his
daughter's pussy-juice. Lizzie stretched cuntlips pulled outward clinging
to the thick knob.

Lizzie was rubbing her nipples as her father's cock poked her tiny cunt.
He was barely halfway in when Sam felt the unavoidable barrier. He pushed
a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Lizzie
pleaded into his eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and pain.

"Am I hurting you, baby," Sam asked her kissing her ear.

"No, I'm okay," Lizzie panted. "Fuck me daddy!"

Sam pushed, her hymen stretched ... painfully.

"You're doing it. Oh God, you're doing it!" she groaned.

"It hurts!" she whimpered.

"Should I stop?" he asked.

"No ...

... Yes." She wailed.

"Stop! Stop! STOP!" she screamed.

"Please stop!" she begged. "You're tearing me apart!"

But Lizzie knew it was supposed to tear.

"No, no! Don't stop, keep going."

Sam pushed; Lizzie felt a tearing sensation. She started to bleed.

"Sweetheart," moaned a frustrated Sam, "your cherry won't break."

"Uh, huh," said the dizzy girl. "It will, it will. Fuck me daddy, fuck

Encouraged by her lust Sam lunged forward, lifting Lizzie's ass off the
bed as he impaled her. With one deep thrust he tore open her tiny hymen
and his swollen cock stretched her virgin sex to a new limit.

Lizzie squealed as her hymen broke, followed by a loud moan of pleasure
as her father's cock penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt. She froze, her
eyes bugged out as her father's cockshaft speared her. `Oh, jezzzus! Oh,
shit! Oh, fuck!' flashed through her brain. It hurt like hell! Her
"yelp" of pain was muzzled as she buried her face into Sam's shoulder. She
had never known such agony and such abandon at one time. His dick felt
HUGE as it invaded her tiny quim.

He pulled out and thrust in, pushing deeper with each lunge, tearing the
remnants of her cherry to shreds. After three or four jabs he was buried
to the hilt. She let out a shriek as he filled her up. Lizzie moaned with
pleasure as her vaginal walls molded to the intruding shaft. She lifted
her ass higher off the sheet and pulled him in even deeper. Her body
jerked as he hit her cervix, nothing had ever touched her there. Her
shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans.

As her father began to move in and out of her fresh cleft she closed her
eyes and fell silent. Sam felt her cunt wall quivering around his dick as
he drove all the way in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with her golden
fleece. He withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her with each
thrust. She let out another cry; trying to fuck back as best she could.
Her grasp loosened a little and Sam began to fuck her harder ... in and
out; in and out ... her tight snatch felt so good wrapped around his dick.

When he was all the way in Sam pushed up from his willing daughter and
fondled her slippery peaks. He began thrusting faster and faster and
Lizzie felt herself filled with her father's hard cock. The little
fatherfucker could feel his balls slap against her ass crack as he thrust

"Fuck me, daddy," Lizzie begged. "Fuck me faster!" Sam thrust into his
teenage daughter. She was slick and tight and her inner muscles clenched
around him like an oiled fist. Her cunt clamped his dick so hard it almost

"Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it faster!" she gasped.

"Do you like it?" he grunted, pumping so hard and fast that the bed
shook. "Do you like to be fucked?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes!" she groaned.

Sam began serious fucking, coursing ripples of pleasure over her sexual
center, ripples that grew more frequent and intense. Soon the incestuous
pair was in perfect rhythm. Sam's lunges were met by Lizzie's pelvic
thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on their lustrous flesh. They
didn't notice their hasty hearts or their heavy breathing and Lizzie's room
became a blur.

Lizzie knew this was her moment, she would never know another like it.
Together she and Sam had changed her forever. She felt as if this was the
last minute of her life and she wanted it to go on forever. The randy
young blonde wrapped her legs around her father and pulled him even deeper
inside, terrified of letting him go. She matched his every stroke with one
of her own. Her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged into
the abyss.

Lizzie felt her orgasm build and she knew her dad was going to cum again
... and soon. The supple girl entwined her dad with her legs, her heels
tapping his moving ass. She tilted her pelvis, giving her dad's dick a
different angle of attack. The new position did the trick. Her stomach
jerked and her legs became weak as the ravaged teen felt his hard cock
penetrate a fraction deeper.

The gorgeous little fuck shivered, then moaned, then screamed as she
came, her father's cock impaled deep inside her adolescent cunt. Lizzie
was unaware she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new
emotions shredded her young body in this one flawless instant.

Sam took one pert breast between his slick fingers and twisted. He
torqued the nipple until it burned then moved to the other. The
fresh-fucked-teen shuddered in climax again, slamming her hips upward with
each stroke like a wild thing. Finally he let go of her tits and kissed
her as deeply as he could. She kissed her father back.

Lizzie gasped for breath and sighed as his cock continued sliding in and
out of her. It felt so good to have her big handsome father fucking her
slippery hole.

Suddenly, Lizzie felt something new; it was Sam's cock jerking. He
shouted, "Fuck!" as his erection swelled, his butt muscles tightened, his
balls throbbed, and he ejaculated a load of hot semen into his daughter's
tight, 13-year-old conch

Her pussy already filled with her father's cock, now as flooded with his
boiling seed. Lizzie flawless cunny was so tight that there was no room
for the hot jets of cum burning into her. The pressure of the building
load squeezed the molten seed past the seamless joint where her father's
swollen cock was encircled by the skintight O-ring of her snug, little
fuckhole. With each instroke Sam pumped her full. And with each outstroke
he squirted jism out of her perfect, pink pussy. The adorable blonde could
feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax
down her smooth inner thighs and into her humid ass crack.

Sam held tight to his darling daughter as he spiked her with his dick.
He jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky dick paste
into her. "God, God, God," he moaned as the spasms ran through him even
after he had nothing left to give.

Slowly they stopped moving and Sam collapsed between his
fresh-fucked-fawn's widespread legs. It took several minutes for the
incestuous lovers to focus. Sam rolled over and fell panting beside his

`Jezzzus, what a fuck, what an orgasm!' he thought. Sam had never cum
so much. His inexperienced young 13-year-old daughter had given him the
best fuck of his entire life! He marveled at her limp body, her innocent
face, her budding breasts, her flat stomach, her slim hips, and
yearling-like legs. He stared at the rosy hue of her of spread labes and
watched in awe as the white foam trickled from her tiny slit and dribbled
down the crack of her ass and on to the rumpled sheets.

"What the hell brought all this on, Lizzie?" Sam breathed into her ear.

Lizzie, still not in control of her quivering body, looked into his
eyes. "I've wanted you for a long time, daddy. I just never had the nerve
to tell you." He pulled the tiny teen to him and hugged her.

"Do I do it right?" she asked.

"You were fantastic!" he panted. "Lizzie ... I ... I love you."

"I love you too, daddy," she responded as she gave him a quick kiss.

They returned to the shower and soaped one another clean and rinsed off.
Sam spread Lizzie's legs, letting the stream of water clean her aching,
cum-filled pussy.

When Jo and Matt returned the sheets were in the wash and Lizzie and Sam
were happily solving a jigsaw puzzle at the kitchen table and sharing
secret smiles.

Now, when Mom and Matt are out of the house, they never shower alone.
And the days ahead held more surprises.

The End


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