Hello everyone. Well I am finally writing my very first erotic Lizzie McGuire
story. I know that Hilary Duff is only 16, but she is the hottest piece of
ass for a girl of her age. What guy (or lesbian) of any age would not want
to screw her? I have had many fantasies about her, and this story is one of
them, which is centered around her character Lizzie McGuire on the show by
the same name. This is part #1 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

The show and characters are copyrighted and owned by Disney corporation.

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Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie Does Depraved Porn Part 1
by Adam Smith

The McGuire household is a typical American nuclear family, with Sam McGuire
being the father, and Jo McGuire his wife and mother of two kids. The two
kids are first Matt McGuire who is the youngest, for he is 11 years old.
Then there is the beautiful Lizzie McGuire who is Sam and Jo’s 14 year old
daughter. She has shortest but sexiest perky breast, and she has blue eyes
and shoulder length, semi-long, curly golden blond hair. She is in the 8th
grade, and she is the most gorgeous little girl in her middle school, but
no one would know for she even does not think that she is sexy. Everyone at
school thinks of her as part of the geek crowd, and even Lizzie herself does
not think of herself as that hot. But enough of her school life, lets talk
about the sad McGuire family crisis.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, both Sam and Jo both lost their
jobs at the same time. The economy is not good where they live, and they are
having an extremely hard time finding other jobs. They are so discouraged
because the bills are building up and they have no way to pay them. As a
matter of fact they do not even have enough money to pay the mortgage and
the mortgage company and the bank are threatening to take away their home.
They feel despair for they fear that their little family will be out on the
streets with no where to live. They are trying to keep the facts of their
condition away from Lizzie and Matt, but they know that their mom and dad
are in serious trouble. They are just trying to keep out of their way and
show them they are strong kids for them. Trusting that their mom and dad
will figure out he problem and get back to financial security. Sam and Jo
kept on looking and looking for jobs to get themselves out of dept and back
into financial security, but they were losing the battle. Just when they
thought they hit rock bottom with despair they found a way out of their
financial struggle, but it would come at a cost. It would come at the cost
of the McGuire family delving into the most deepest of sexual depravities.
One where they would engage in everything from incest, scat, and even

This is how it started. Jo McGuire went to a movie and video studio company
applying for a secretarial job. She thought that she had a good chance at
getting it since she was really qualified for it. She went in for an
interview, and interviewed with a guy named Adam Perve, which is short for
pervert. When he saw Jo for the first time his cock got real hard and was
spreading a tent, to which he was trying to conceal. Jo looked gorgeous to
him for she wore a sexy semi-formal businesses suit for the interview and
sexy pair of high heels. She wanted to look very professional to make a good
impression so that she could be guaranteed at getting the job. But all Adam
could think about was how she would be great in the secret business he had
on the side. For you see Adam produced pornographic pictures and videos on
the side. He had to keep his porn business secret and not main stream for
not only did he do legal porn but illegal as well and he did not want the
law to catch up with him. He was into shooting video of real incest, scat,
and even bestiality for how nasty and perverse that sounds. Jo sat down with
Adam to have that interview.

Adam: So Mrs. McGuire what do you think makes you qualified for this
secretarial job?

Jo: Well let me see I have a lot of experience in this field. I am a great
organizer, and plus I have a husband and two kids which makes me a good

Adam: Well I can see from your resume and what you have told me that you are
well qualitative for this job. I have also read your records and it seems
that you and your husband have lost your jobs, and are now in a financial

Jo: Yes that is true. Unfortunately my husband and I lost both our jobs and
the mortgage company and bank are threatening to take away our house. My
kids are staying strong, but I do not know how to tell them that me might be
living on the street.

Adam: This job only pays $30,000 a year. Will this be enough for you to get
out of debt.

Jo: To be honest with you probably not. But times are tight, the economy bad,
so I have to take anything I can get. Plus any little money helps.

Adam: Well I know of other jobs that can pay much more than this one, and
ones that you would be qualified for.

Jo: How much would they pay?

Adam: I think you could earn as low as $100,000 to 1,000,000 a year.

Jo: Where can I go to earn money like that? Mr. Perve with all do respect I
do not think that is possible to find a job that I would be qualified to do
that would earn me that much.

Adam: But there is. I am telling you the truth. Can I tell you a little
secret and you promise never to tell?

Jo: Sure what is it?

Adam: Well I do this managerial job as a front for my real business. My real
business is I am a producer of porn. It is a billion dollar a year business
and I have the money to pay people, like you who are in financial trouble, to
be in porn movies and they get out of dept.

Jo: Wow, who would ever think of a nice man like you being into producing
porn. I promise your secret is safe with me.

Adam: What I am proposing to you is that you let me do some porn pictures of
you and then let me do some porn videos of you and your husband and you will
get the money to get out of debt.

Jo: I do not know. My husband and I are shy and puritanical. We hardly rent
porn yet hardly alone be in one ourselves.

Adam: Oh come on Mrs. McGuire. You will earn a lot of money. It beats this
secretarial job that will not be enough to pay your depts., and plus you and
your husband having sex while we film it beats living out on the street. So
what do you say Mrs. McGuire?

Jo: Ok you are right I will do it. Let me speak with my husband and if he
agrees you can come over to our house and film us. But it will have to be
when our kids are at school.

Adam: No problem, I am looking forward to it.

Jo went home and explained everything to Sam. Sam was very reluctant at first
to except the offer, for fear that some how his kids would be involved, and
eh thought them to young to be involved with sex, yet alone with filming
porn. But Jo reassured Sam that Adam had agreed to only film them when the
kids were at school. Well Jo called Adam back and gave him the green light.

Well one day when both Lizzie and Matt were at school Adam came over with a
small film crew to start their work. The first works were of taking some nude
photos of Jo. He did not take any of Sam for he was not gay, and men for the
most part turned him off. So he was not interested in nude photos of Sam. The
next thing that Sam had Sam and Jo do was film them having sex. It started
out slow until both Sam and Jo felt comfortable with several people watching
and filming them having sex.

They started off with heavy petting and making out. Then they went up oral
sex where Sam ate out Jo and then Jo gave Sam a blow job. Then it progressed
into normal copulation where Sam fucked his wife Jo while they filmed it.
Adam even convinced Jo and Sam to do anal sex, and on film Adam got Sam
rimming Jo’s asshole with his tongue and Sam fucking Jo up her anus with his
big fat cock.

By the time they got done Lizzie and Matt came home from school and Sam and
Jo told them to rap it up for the day and leave since their kids were home.
While they were leaving Adam met Lizzie McGuire for the first time, and he
fell in love with her the moment he saw her. He saw her for the little teen
sex goddess that she was even though no one at her school saw it. Adam knew
from then that he absolutely had to get Lizzie into his films. But he had no
clue how he was going to do it, especially since he knew of her parents
prohibition on involving their kids in a porn flick.

Well Adam came over the next day to film some more porn with Sam and Jo. This
time he was able to convince Sam and Jo to do more perverse sexual acts as
they filmed it. You can believe that Jo and Sam were extremely reluctant at
first and not willing to do the things that Adam wanted them to do. But with
long talks by Adam’s persuasive charm, and plus the fact that he waved about
$500,000 in front of them both Jo and Sam gave in, figuring that they come
this far why not just give in for the day and get it over with then they can
get back to financial security and back to a normal life. So Jo and Sam were
asked to do scat where Jo took a shit on Sam’s face and Sam ate his wife’s
shit as they filmed it.

Then Adam had Jo do bestiality with a dog. They brought in a Great Dane and
had Jo suck the dog’s red hard cock off. Then the dog licked her pussy, and
finally fucked her as she got on her hands and knees with the dog mounting
her and fucking her. When Jo and the dog climaxed they were both stuck, for
the dogs knot was buried in her cunt hole and they had to wait about a half
an hour for the knot to go down in order for Jo to get the dog to pull out
of her.

After the dog pulled out of her Lizzie and Matt were coming home from school
just in time for Sam and Jo to tell them to rap it up for the day since their
kids came home from school. Adam saw Lizzie again, and this time he almost
exploded in his pants, and had to try really hard to conceal before Lizzie
and her parents the tent that he had in his pants from the extreme hard on
he had. He knew he had to figure out a way to convince both Lizzie and her
parents for her to be in some of his porn videos. But how?

He knew in a million years that they would never let their daughter be in a
porn flick, for heaven sakes she was only 14 and he thought that they would
probably rather go broke with no money and be out on the streets with no
home rather than let their sweet 14 year old daughter be corrupted by being
involved with depraved porn and sex acts. Especially the ones that Adam had
Jo and Sam participate in today. So he kind of figured out a way that he
might be able to get them to let her do it. He would have to blackmail them.
But before he did that he would have to have something to blackmail them
with. So each day he came over the McGuire house he secretly, with out Jo or
Sam’s knowledge, put secret cameras all over the house, in order to catch any
of the McGuire family members doing something that he could blackmail them
with. Well one day he got his opportunity and this is what happened.

You see Sam McGuire has had for a long time a major sexual fetish for women
and girls shiny and glossy patent leather dress shoes. Well Lizzie owns a
pair of the sexiest shiny and glossy black patent leather mary-jane shoes,
the kind with buckle and strap, and the kind that a school girl would wear
with her uniform. The shiny shoes had a 1-inch heel giving the feel that she
shoes are meant for a young teenage girl and not a preteen girl. When ever
Lizzie would wear those shoes, her mary-janes would be so glossy that they
would reflect up in the light. Sam would stare at his daughter's shoes for
hours when she wore them and it would give him the most extreme hard on to
the point that he would have to retire to the bathroom and masturbate to
relieve his sexual tension. He would feel guilty sometimes for he feared
that he had incestuous feelings towards his own daughter. But he could not
help having this fetish and he would often fantasies about licking them
while they were on her feet. Well Sam did not ever dare to try that with
his daughter. But what he did do was when no one was around he would sneak
into her room and take her shiny mary-jane shoes out of her shoe closet
(assuming she was not wearing them at the time) and then take them into the
bathroom and masturbate with them. He soon got bolder and then took the
shoes into his bedroom and masturbated with them there, always with the
fear that he took the risk that his wife would come home and catch him in
the act of masturbating with their daughter’s shoes. Soon he got even bolder
and did not bother to take her shoes out of her room but just masturbated
with her shoes while in her room. This was very erotic for him, but again he
knew that he now risked Lizzie coming home early and catching him in the act.
Well that is exactly what just happened.

One day after the secret cameras were installed by Adam, Sam thought
everyone was out of the house, he got horny again thinking about Lizzie’s
shiny mary-janes, especially since yesterday she was wearing them, which got
Sam really horny. Well Sam, as usual, went into Lizzie’s room and started to
masturbate with her shoes. Well Lizzie did come home early and as she was
traveling up to her room she heard noises coming from her room. Curious she
went quietly to find out what it was. Then to the shock of her life she saw
and witnessed her father jerking off to her shiny dress mary-jane patent
leather shoes. Lizzie was not angry at all but was curious about sex,
especially about male sexuality and masturbation. This was even better for
she was witnessing unusual male sexuality of a fetish. Now she knew why she
always was catching her father staring down at her feet and her shiny shoes.

Sam was so involved with what he was doing that he did not notice Lizzie
standing quietly at the door of her room and voyeuristically watching her
father masturbate with her shiny black dress shoes. Lizzie got horny by
watching her father, and she soon put her right hand under her skirt and
pushed her white cotton panties to the side and started to rub her virgin
pussy and clit. She got off as much as her father was, but she had to be
extra quiet for she did not want her father to turn around and discover her

Soon Lizzie reached an orgasm but she put her hand over her mouth so she
would not scream or moan out a climax. Soon after Sam reached an orgasm,
but he was respectful, as he always was masturbating with her shiny shoes,
and he came and made sure that when he shot his sticky white load that it
did to hit her shiny shoes, for he did not want to ruin them. The secret
cameras filmed it all, including Sam masturbating with his daughter’s black
shiny mary-janes and Lizzie standing outside her door secretly watching her
father masturbating and she masturbating herself at that site. This is
exactly what Adam was looking for and now he had the piece of evidence that
would convince Sam and Jo to let Lizzie be in his porn videos.

The next day after Lizzie and Mat were at school Adam and his crew came over
to the McGuire house to film some more porn with Jo and Sam. After they got
done their shoot Adam got up the guts to ask them to let Lizzie be in on
their porn movies, and blackmail them with the tape.

Adam: You know Mr. And Mrs. McGuire your daughter is the cutest and sexiest
little girl around.

Jo & Sam: Yes we know, we are quite proud of our daughter, but we do not tell
her much of the time.

Adam: I would like to have your daughter Lizzie be in some of my porn. I
could take a few pictures of her nude then do some videos with her in it.

Jo & Sam: Absolutely not! She is only a little girl of 14. There is no way I
would let her be corrupted by this perversity. It is one thing we do it, but
quite another if our kids are involved.

Adam: She might be 14 but she is so sexy, and I bet she knows a lot about
sex, even unnatural sex like what I have you guys do.

Jo & Sam: The answer is still no! She is 14 and we do want her to be sexually
innocent until she grows up and gets married. Then she can make the decision
to engage in these perverse sex acts if she wants.

Adam: Would you reconsider if I offered you a $1,000,000 for you to have her
in some of my videos?

Jo & Sam: Absolutely not! We would rather lose all our money, be kicked out
of our home, and live on the streets before we let any of our two kids
participate in perverse sex, yet alone film it for others to see.

Adam: I thought that you might say that. So that is why I brought a little
insurance to guaranty that you would go with my plan to include your daughter
in our porn videos.

Sam and Jo waited anxiously for what Adam had in store for them. So when Adam
brought out the video tape they were curious and worried at the same time.
Adam showed them the video tape of Sam jerking off to his daughter's shiny
patent leather mary-janes and Lizzie catching him and masturbating to the
show. The first reaction was from Jo, for she had the shock of a lifetime and
looked at Sam as if she had just raped their daughter. She hit him and asked
how could he. He explained to his wife at that point all about his secret
fetish, but also explained he had no idea that Lizzie caught him and was
masturbating herself as she watched her father do her shoes. He to had that
look of shock when he found out his daughter caught him and watched him
masturbating herself.

After the shock wore off Jo forgave Sam, for after all it was not like he
went behind her back and screwed their daughter, but she did scold him and
asked him why he did not tell her sooner he had this fetish. She said that
she would have let Sam jerk off to her shoes any time he wanted to as long
as Lizzie did not know about it. She even offered him that she wanted to
watch him herself as he did it and even jerk her husband off with her
daughters shiny patent leather mary-janes.

But before the conversation between Sam and Jo could continue Adam
interrupted and brought them back to the current conversation of having
their daughter Lizzie perform in his porn videos. Both Sam and Jo were
still reluctant and not willing to do it, but this is were Adam blackmailed
them. He threatened Sam and Jo that if they did not let their daughter Lizzie
perform in his videos that he would take the tape and mail copies of it to
all their family members, friends, and potential employers, so as to ruin the
reputations of McGuire family. Plus he offered them again $1,000,000 to let
them film their daughter and take pictures of her.

Both Sam and Jo broke down and finally agreed to let him use their daughter
Lizzie in their porn videos. But they had made Adam make a promise that they
would not use Matt, for they felt he was still to young. Adam agreed easily
for he was not gay but only into little girls like Lizzie, and she is all he
wanted. Sam and Jo were more relaxed after Adam agreed not to use Matt in any
of his videos.

So soon after that day Lizzie and Matt came home and Adam and his film crew
were leaving like usual. This time Lizzie got more curious why they this film
crew would show up while her and her brother were at school and then leave
right as they would come home. After the crew left Lizzie went privately and
asked her parents. Sam and Jo thought that this be the perfect time to
explain to their daughter what they have been doing to get our of financial
debt and to talk to her about her involvement with making porn videos.

Sam & Jo: Well Lizzie you know that your mom and I are in major financial
debt. And I think you are old enough to be mature to know that we might lose
our house. The mortgage company and bank are threatening to take away our
home. We could be living out on the streets.

Lizzie: Oh my I did not know it was that serious mom and dad!

Sam & Jo: Please do not tell your brother.

Lizzie: Don’t worry mom and dad I will not tell him anything.

Sam & Jo: Thanks Lizzie. We are just trying to protect you kids. You mean
everything to us.

Lizzie: So what does these film crew have to do with our families financial

Sam & Jo: Well we were just getting to that. This guy Adam Perve, whom you
met several times on your way home form school, offered the both of us a lot
of money if we would he could take pictures of your mother nude and film us
having sex. Well we agreed and now we have over $500,000 and a start for us
to get out of debt.

Lizzie: Ewww that is so gross and sick mom and dad. I am glad that you guys
now have money to pay off your debts, but could you not have found another

Sam & Jo: No Lizzie this seems top be the only way. Look on the bright side
we are not going to have to move out of our home and live on the streets.

Lizzie: But mom and dad that is so sick to have videos that every one can
watch my mom and dad having sex.

Sam & Jo: That is not the worst of it Lizzie. You see that Adam wants you to
now perform in his videos and take nude picture of you.

Lizzie: Absolutely not mom and dad! I cannot believe we are having this
conversation. You know me, I am a teenage girl and I cannot even let you guys
see me nude yet alone let the world see me. Plus I am a virgin and I never
had sex and I definitely do not want to do it on a video for the first time.

Sam & Jo: Unfortunately Lizzie it just not that easy to refuse his offer. You
see Adam is blackmailing us.

Lizzie: How so?

Sam & Jo: Well Lizzie Adam had secret cameras hidden in our house for weeks,
and he caught us on film. He caught me masturbating to your shiny patent
leather mary-janes, and you masturbating to you watching me.

When Lizzie heard this she was so embarrassed that she was caught and
everyone now knew that she masturbated to her father jerking off to her
shiny shoes. Sam and Jo showed her the video of it and she was even more
embarrassed. Sam and Jo comforted Lizzie explaining to her that it is
normal for people to masturbate, even people like her self, and he also
apologized and explained to her his strange sexual fetish for her shoes,
she forgave him. Sam and Jo explained to her that if she refuses to be in
Adam’s videos that he will make copies of the tape and send it to everyone
that their family knows and potential employers, so it will ruin their
reputations. Lizzie then understood and she reluctantly agreed with her
parents that they had no choice but to give in and perform in Adam's porn
videos. Then Jo called Adam up that night and gave him the green light.

The next day Matt was sent off to school but Lizzie was kept home. Matt
complained as to why he had to go to school but not her. Sam and Jo lied to
their son and told him that Lizzie was sick and needed to stay home. After
he left for school Adam and his crew came over to the McGuire home and then
the action began. They first had a camera man take lot of pictures of Lizzie.
First Lizzie got into it for she was allowed to model her clothes off as she
wore different outfits and model them. Then she was asked to strip nude and
she reluctantly did so. Then they took all sorts of nude pictures of her in
different positions. It started out softcore with just regular nudes, then
it go to more hardcore as they had Lizzie spread her legs in different
positions and get close up shots of her young pussy and young tight puckered
asshole. Lizzie’s vagina had the cutest golden blonde peach fuzz, and even
though that turned Adam on he wanted Lizzie shaved to have her vagina
resemble a little girls vagina. So they had a female crew member who took
Lizzie into the bathroom and shaved her pussy until her vagina was completely
bald and hairless. Then after taking a few more shots with her they were
ready for Lizzie to do live action porn videos.

Sam and Jo had thought that they were going to bring in another 14 or 15 year
old boy for Lizzie to screw on film. But Adam had other more nastier plans,
to which Jo and Sam should have guessed knowing the kind of videos that the
both of them did. But the shock was overwhelming when Sam, Jo, and Lizzie
found out that Adam wanted to shoot a video of father and daughter incest,
and have Sam take away Lizzie’s virginity by busting her cherry.

All three Sam, Jo, and Lizzie immediately protested, but their will was
swayed when Adam threw in there faces again the $1,000,000 and reminded them
of the tape. Finally Sam, Jo, and Lizzie reluctantly gave in and agreed to
Sam performing father and daughter incest with Lizzie. It even secretly
excited Lizzie, since she was so close to her father, and witnessing him
masturbate to her shiny shoes, knowing it was her father who was going to be
her first.


For the shoot they had Sam dress in a black tux with a black tie. For Lizzie
they had her dress in a white frilly satin flower girl dress, with white
stockings, and white satin dress gloves, and of course her shiny and glossy
black patent leather mary-jane shoes. The plot scene goes as this Sam and
Lizzie went to a wedding, where Lizzie was invited as the oldest flower girl
yet. They finally came home from the wedding and Lizzie was sad and her
father questioned and comforted her.

Sam: What is the matter Lizzie, my sweet darling?

Lizzie: I am depressed because I was the flower girl and no guy noticed me.

Sam: Well you are still young, don’t worry your time will come with boys.

Lizzie: But the bride had her groom, and the bridesmaids had their
boyfriends, and I had no one.

Sam: Oh my poor little daughter. What can I do for you?

Lizzie: Hold me daddy.

Sam: You know Lizzie I can be your man. I can be your boyfriend today if you

Lizzie: Do you really mean that daddy?

Sam: Yes I do pumpkin! Only if you want to?

Lizzie: Yes I do want you daddy!

After that Sam puts Lizzie on his lap and then he reached to her face and
starts to kiss her on the lips. The kiss turns out to be one hot passionate
kiss between father and daughter as Sam already felt his cock starting to
grow. Then their kiss turned into a long French kiss as they swirled their
tongues in each others mouth. As this was going on Sam fondled the fabric
of Lizzie’s flower girl dress and then reached down and fondled the slick
glossy leather of her shoes. When the French kiss was finished between the
both of them Sam had Lizzie get up and he sat her down on the couch. Then
Sam knelt down and then lifted up Lizzie’s feet to his face. Then Sam
started to lick Lizzie’s shiny and glossy patent leather mary-janes all
over from head to toe, and even over the shiny strap. When her shiny shoes
were completely covered in his saliva, Sam unzipped his black dress pants
and pulled out his cock, which was sporting a major rock hard on.

Sam then lifted his rock hard cock up to Lizzie’s feet and then he started
to rub his hard cock against the shiny and slick leather of her shoes. This
got Sam overly sexually excited for even though he did this many times with
Lizzie’s shoes before this was the first time he did it while she was wearing
them on her feet. After Sam rubbed both shoes against his major rock hard
cock he began to fuck her shoes. He did this by putting her feet together and
then shoving his rock hard cock in-between her shiny and glossy mary-janes.
And when he did this he pumped his rock hard cock in and out of her shiny
shoes faster and faster until he could not take it any longer and then he
shot his white hot sticky load onto her shiny shoes, completely covering her
mary-janes in white sperm.

Then after that Sam let Lizzie’s feet to the grown, then Adam told Lizzie to
take her father in her mouth and give him a blowjob. Lizzie wasted no time
and then she grabbed her father’s now limp cock and put it into her mouth.
She started out slowly by sucking on the head and licking it, but later went
down on his whole shaft. The feel of his daughter’s hot mouth on his limp
cock made him excited again and he started to get an erection again. The feel
of Lizzie’s hot tongue going up and down on his shaft was all he could take
and he got rock hard again. Soon Sam looked down and all he saw was golden
blond curly hair waving in the air as his daughter’s head bobbed up and down
faster and faster on his rock hard cock.

Soon the feel of Lizzie’s hot mouth and tongue going up and down Sam’s rock
hard cock was all he could take and he was about to cum in her mouth. But
then Adam told him not to but he wanted to see him stray it across her face.
So Sam obeyed and then pulled his rock hard cock out his daughter's mouth as
she was sucking on it, which gave a loud pop. Then he positioned his cock
right in front of her face and then shot out his white hot sticky load all
over Lizzie’s face, creaming her face in his sperm and completely covering
it in white semen. Lizzie wasted no time and she scooped up what she could
and then put it in her mouth, savored it and swallow it.

Adam then instructed Sam to go down on his daughter. Sam wasted no time and
then he sat Lizzie down on the couch and then hiked up her white flower girl
dress. Then he grabbed the elastic band of her white cotton panties and
pulled them off of her. Lizzie sat their holding her own dress up as her
father knelt down and put his face right up to her virgin bald vagina. Sam
sat there getting sexually excited again as he inhaled the smell of his
daughters virgin pussy. Then he stuck out his tongue and ran it up and down
her vulva. This caused a lot of excitement in Lizzie as she started to squirm
a little. Then Sam had Lizzie spread her legs out wide as she sat on the edge
of the bed. Then Sam spread Lizzie’s labia apart and then he began to lick
her and eat her out. Every time his tongue would run over her virgin clit she
would scream from excitement. Then Sam found with his tongue her cunt hole,
which he was prevented from penetrating her with his tongue because of the
hymen. Then Sam continued to eat out his daughter as his tongue ran up and
down her in-between her labia and over her clit faster and faster. Soon
Lizzie was moaning loader and loader and she could not take any more and then
she had an explosive orgasm. She then shot a boat load of her girl cum in her
fathers mouth, which nearly choking him. But he regained himself and drank
down her juices eagerly.

Then Adam told Sam and Lizzie that it was the moment of truth, for he told
them both that it was time for Sam to fuck his daughter. So Sam and Lizzie
got both extremely excited and nervous at the same time. For Sam knew that
he was going to be the one to take away his daughter's virginity and bust
her cherry, and Lizzie knew that this was the first time she was going to
have sex, and it was going to be with her father.

Sam had Lizzie lay on her back on the couch. Then Sam hiked up Lizzie’s dress
again and had her hold it above her waist. Sam then lifted her legs in the
air and spread them out wide. Then Sam went over to his daughter’s face and
had her suck him off a little to get his cock really hard again. When it was
rock hard again he then pulled it out of her mouth and then placed the head
of his rock hard cock at the entrance of her cunt hole, which still had the
hymen protecting it. Then when he got reassurance form Lizzie he stuck the
head of his cock into her cunt hole but could go no further because of the
hymen. Lizzie was in great pain and her father wanted to stop, but Lizzie
reassured her father that he was alright and told him to go on and finish
it and bust her cherry. So Sam then, with a big breath, then with one quick
thrust shoved the entire length of his cock into his daughter’s extremely
tight virgin cunt hole, busting her hymen immediate. This caused more
extreme pain in Lizzie as she screamed with pain, and he felt bad for her
and immediate pulled out of her. When he pulled out of her a lot of blood
came out of her cunt hole as well. Lizzie was nervous that her father had
damaged her, but he reassured her that this was normal for a virgin girl who
just had her cherry popped.

Soon Lizzie was comforted by her father and her pain went away. Adam then
said that they do not have all day and told them to continue. So when Sam
got a reassurance from Lizzie that she was alright and that she was ready
to begin again they both got into the same position. When Sam’s cock was in
position right over her cunt hole he plunged into her. This time it was
more easy without the hymen and Lizzie started to relax and enjoy what her
father was doing to her. Soon Sam started to pump his rock hard cock in and
out of Lizzie’s tight virgin cunt hole faster and faster. The look was
amazing, especially for Jo, as she watched her husband copulate with their
daughter. Soon Sam was fucking his teenage daughter harder and harder, as
his rock hard cock went in and out of her cunt hole faster and faster that
the head of his cock hit her cervix every time he went in.

Soon Lizzie was moaning loader and loader and soon she reached an orgasm.
And when she had climaxed her all ready tight cunt hole squeezed down hard
onto her father's rock hard cock, which caused him extreme pleasure to the
point that he was ready to cum. Adam told him no to cum in her but to pull
out and release on his daughter. Sam did just that, as when Lizzie’s tight
cunt hole released up on his rock hard cock he pulled out of her and then
positioned his cock over her and then shot his white hot sticky load all
over her naked waist, belly, and white satin dress, staining her dress in
his white sticky semen. Then both of them came down off a sexual high and
were a little exhausted. Then they just lie there together on the couch
cuddling together waiting to see what Adam had for them next.

After Adam gave Sam and Lizzie a few minutes to recover from their explosive
father and daughter incest scene he was ready for the next thing for them to
do. Adam told Sam and Lizzie that he wanted Sam to sodomize his daughter and
stick his cock in her asshole. Both Lizzie and Sam protested, partially in
fear that Sam would hurt Lizzie by going into her tiny teenage rectum. But
Adam was persistent and with his smooth talk and reminding them of the
$1,000,000 and the video tape both Sam and Lizzie gave in and were willing
to do anal sex.

Sam had Lizzie kneel on all fours, and her arms and chest over the couch, and
her knees on the floor. Sam then hiked up Lizzie’s dress and had her hold her
dress in place. Then Sam knelt down and with his hands spread Lizzie’s ass
cheeks far apart, only to expose to him her cute puckered tiny extremely
tight asshole. Sam began to rub his fingers all over her anus, and then he
began to rim her asshole, licking his tongue all over that tight puckered
asshole. The smell of her stinky anus was overwhelming, but it turned him on
and did the trick of getting him rock hard again. Soon Sam was running his
tongue faster and faster over her tight puckered asshole, which caused Lizzie
to feel pleasure and then she was squirming a little.

After Sam finished rimming his daughters asshole he then got up while his
daughter stayed in place, and then he went over and got K-jelly and lubed up
his rock hard cock really well. Then figuring that his saliva on her tight
puckered anus was enough for a lubricant for her, he positioned his cock at
the entrance of her tight puckered asshole. Then when Lizzie gave him the
reassurance he began to push his big rock hard cock into the entrance of her
anus and pushed it past her sphincter. When his head was squeezed into her
rectum this caused some pain for Lizzie, and after she screamed and Sam
pulled out of her.

Adam scolded him again and told him to ignore his daughters screams and
cornhole her. Lizzie told her father that she was alright and then he
proceeded again. This time he pushed the head of his rock hard cock in
slowly past her sphincter, while Lizzie was screaming again. He felt the
extremely tightness of her rectum, and it was the tightest thing ever in
his life that he shoved his cock into. He thought that his cock was going
to be crushed and that he was going to split Lizzie in half. But that did
not happen, for between the KY-jelly lubricant on Sam’s rock hard cock,
and Sam’s saliva on her rectum, provided enough lubricant for Sam’s rock
hard cock to sink all the way into Lizzie’s rectum.

Soon after Lizzie was comfortable with having her father’s cock in her tight
rectum Sam started to shove his rock hard cock in and out of her teenage
tight rectum faster and faster. As the pace continued to grow he was fucking
his daughter harder and harder until his cock would hit her colon every time
he thrust into her. This was a beautiful sight to everyone, especially to Jo
as she watched her husband sodomize their daughter.

As Lizzie felt the walls of her rectum being penetrated by her father’s big
rock hard cock she started to feel pleasure. While her father was sodomizing
her she reached down with one hand and began to rub her clit with her fingers
to give herself extra pleasure as her father went faster and faster in and
out of her tight asshole. Lizzie then began to moan loader and loader as she
felt extreme pain and extreme pressure at the same time. Soon she climaxed
and then her anus and sphincter tighten up with the orgasm, which squeezed
down on Sam’s cock really hard making him ready to cum again.

Adam told Sam not to cum in her rectum. Sam was more than willing to comply
and then he pulled out of her right before he released into a climax, with a
big load pop as the head of his cock exited her sphincter. Then Adam told Sam
to shoot his load into her mouth. Sam real quick before he reached orgasm,
put his cock right up to his daughter face. Then Lizzie opened her mouth and
then Sam shot his white hot sticky load into her mouth. Then right after she
savored and swallowed her father’s white hot semen she opened her mouth again
and her father shoved his cock into her mouth and she sucked off the semen
and her very own anal juiced that covered her father’s rock hard cock. Then
they both collapsed together on the couch exhausted as they cuddled in each
others arms and waited for the next nasty think that Adam had planned for

Soon after both Sam and Lizzie recovered and got some strength in them Adam
was ready to take the final shoot of this nasty father and daughter incest
scene. He had Sam and Lizzie do sploshing games, where Lizzie would lay flat
on her back, with her frilly white satin flower girl dress on, and then he
got some chocolate syrup and spread the chocolate syrup all over her dress,
white stockings, and white satin dress gloves.

Soon her dress, stockings, and gloves where not white anymore, but dark black
and gooey from the chocolate syrup. Sam then shoved chocolate syrup up into
Lizzie’s cunt hole and asshole until both of their holes were completely
filled with gooey chocolate syrup. Then Sam fucked his daughter up both
holes, taking turns between her cunt hole and asshole as he slammed his rock
hard cock in both her chocolate syrup drenched holes. When he climaxed he
shot his white hot sticky load again in her mouth, then when he was finished
shooting white hot semen into her mouth she sucked the nasty chocolate syrup
off her fathers’ rock hard cock.

After both Sam and Lizzie were finished their last climax for the day both
father and daughter just lay there kissing and making out as the film crew
wrapped up for the day. Soon Matt was coming home so Sam and Lizzie would
have to clean themselves up before he got home. Lizzie received both a douche
and an enema to clean her vagina and rectum of chocolate syrup, and her black
patent leather mary-janes were given a good polish to make them shine and
glossy again.

To be continued in “Lizzie Does Depraved Porn” (part 2)


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