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Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie Gets Hit On
by DCForever

"Come on Matt, you have to come down for dinner. Mom has been slaving over
the stove for the last 3 hours preparing Thanksgiving dinner. You know...she
fixed your favorite...macaroni and cheese."

The young girl leaned her head against her brother's closed door and listened
for any kind of response, but there was none forth coming.

"Matt, whnt's wrong? This is unlike you. Closing you door and not speaking
to anyone. Are you mad at me...did I do something wrong? That's it isn't're mad at me! I'm sorry if I've hurt you in any way. Not sure what
I did to hurt you, but either way, I'm sorry. Just say something."

The door stayed closed, but the silence had been broken. His sister strained
as hard as she could to hear anything...anything at all. Finally, the
silence had been broken. She could hear her brother crying on the other side
of the door that led into the heart of his kingdom...his home...his messy,
toy filled bedroom.

See Matt McGuire is a young boy, around the age of 10, with light brown hair
and energy to waste. He is always getting into something and running around
and just loaded with energy. His silent, non-talking, black friend, Lanny,
is his best friend and almost spends all his time with Matt. They are what
you would call, best in crime.

Something happened this particular week, because Lanny hadn't been anywhere
within sight of Matt all week. Had they had a fight? Was that the reason
their friendship was slipping? No one was sure what was going on, but Matt's
sister, Lizzie, was determined to get to the bottom of the problem.

Lizzie McGuire, is a beautiful teenage girl, with blonde hair and a pretty
nice sculpted body. For being only 14, she's a knock-out! She always wears
hip and happening clothes and likes to show off bits and pieces of her
body...especially her cute belly button. Lizzie is usually caught hanging
around with her best friends Miranda and David Gordon, Gordo for short. I
guess in a weird since you could say Miranda is the brawn and Gordo is the
brains of the group and well Lizzie...well, she is..she...she's just Lizzie.

Miranda is a around Lizzie's height and is a cute brunette. She is Latino
and a pretty tough cookie. She doesn't seem to back down to anybody...
especially Kate Libby. Since she's been mentioned, you would say Kate is
the girl that every guy wants to date and/or bed and most girls want to be
like. I said most girls, because Lizzie and her friends used to be friends
with the girl when they were younger and she turned her back on them. They
are now each other's enemy.

Oh, sorry, can't forget Gordo. Gordo is an okay looking young man of Jewish
heritage. He is a brainiac nerd. He usually has all the answers, but you
would never know because he doesn't dress half bad and he doesn't flaunt his
knowledge. He is just a normal, very smart kid. Now, back to the story.

"Matt, I hear you crying. I don't care what you say, I'm coming in." Lizzie
hesitated for a moment and upon hearing no protest, she opened Matt's bedroom
door and closed it after she was in his room. "Care to let your big sister
know what's gotten into you as of late? You haven't been your normal self.
Mom and dad are worried...including me."

"You wouldn't understand!"

"Ahh, he speaks. Progress...I like it. Why don't you try me? Does it have
anything to do with Lanny?"

"Yeah and no...its hard to explain." Matt pulled a pillow over his head.

"Hey, stop hiding behind your pillow and talk to me. It can't be that bad.
You and Lanny have had fights in the past and everything worked out for the
better. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding."

"It was, but I did try to kill my locker, but he got in the way. I'm not
too sure it would have mattered to me if I had of hit him...not because of
anything he did, but because of Sally...the new girl."

Matt's words seemed to be confusing his sister. "Let me see if I've got this
much right so far. You started a fight with Lanny because of this new girl,
Sally? Do you like her or do you both like her?"

"Its not like that. I like her alot and I thought she liked me, but I was
wrong...or at least I think I was wrong. She is hard to figure out. One
minute she is teasing me left and right and rubbing her body against mine
and next she is pushing me away. I never thought I would really ever like a
girl, but there is something that just attracts me to Sally. She is a grade
ahead of me, taller, blonde hair, athletic, and somewhat strong. Did I
mention she was a hottie as well? I really like this girl and it seemed she
really likes me...but only when she feels like liking me."

Lizzie sat on Matt's bed trying her hardest not to break out in laughter, but
one look at her brother's face changed all that. She knew he was confused
and hurting and sounded as if he may have lost his best friend over a fickle
older girl.

"Matt, there is nothing wrong with feeling the way you do about this girl.
There is one thing you need to realize about girls, and since I'm one, I
speak from experience. Its this...we, girls, are fickle...very fickle...we
like changing our minds alot. Ever see me shopping...that is the perfect
example. Can't ever make up my mind what I want. Sounds to me that this
Sally girl is just being a normal girl. She isn't quite sure what she wants.
And you said she likes rubbing her body against yours so I would definitely
say she is into you...or at least your body." She lets her eyes travel from
her brother's head to his feet. "Though, I don't see much in the way of a

Matt instantly flipped his wrist, sending his pillow hurling towards his
sister's face. The pillow landed against her face and they both giggled.

"Watch your mouth, Lizzie!"

"That's it! I know what will get your mind off your problems. You just need
to release some tension and anger."

"Anger is part of it, but there's more."

"More? Then go on!"

Matt picked his head up and scooted his body up towards the headboard, where
he placed his back.

"Yeah, there's more. When I told you she liked to rub her body against mine,
I didn't mean just slight innocent touching. She would sometimes take my
hand and pull it under her shirt or place it in her pants or she would run
her chest over my crotch. I liked it...okay...I liked it alot, but so did
she. She was the one that initiated all the touching."

Lizzie looked on with shock. "Ohh, that kind of rubbing. So she wasn't just
a tease...she was a TEASE! So this anger you've built up..."

Matt interrupted his sister. "You've guessed it. Its more like sexual
frustration. It was bad enough when she would just be nice one minute and
mad the next or kiss me one day and refuse to see me the next. That was
hard enough, but then she started to really tease me like when I would get
my books out of my locker, she would accidentally brush her breasts against
my shoulder or touch my butt. At first, I thought the touches were just
accidents, but then they increased and became more frequent and then she let
the touches linger for longer periods of time."

Taking his time to get more comfortable. "Last week, at the pool, she did
the unthinkable. As I was floating back to the top of the water after I came
off the slide, she reached into my swim trunks and grabbed me. It so stunned
me at first, but then I started to like it. As I went from a state of shock
to that of a stiffie, she let go. Its like the moment that I start liking
what she is doing, she turns on me and pushes me away. I just don't get the

"First off, Matt, you are too young to even be thinking of actions like
those. I'm older and have had more boyfriends than you, and I've never
gotten pass first base. Oh, I so shouldn't be telling you this."

"No, please do! I like the idea that we actually have something to talk to
each other about. We are usually fighting or fussing or sending rude remarks
in each other's direction. This is the first time I remember the two of us
actually having an interesting, sit down conversation. Do continue...if you

"Guess you're right, Matt! It is kind of nice to talk to someone besides
Miranda and Gordo for a change. This way I can get a younger perspective on
life and maybe you can get an older perspective. Works for me. Where was I?

"...never gotten pass first base." He couldn't help but snicker.

"Haha...very funny. Okay, so my younger brother has gotten more action that
I. I can deal with it. At least I'm not the one locked in my room, pouting
about a lost friendship and a confused young girl."

Taking a moment to clear her throat, "And I'm not sexually frustrated! I
admit, I would like to have someone that I could cuddle with and have a
asting relationship, but I'm young and have a lot of growing to do. My
time will come. From listening to you, sounds kind of nice to have someone
that at least wants to spend time with you on occassion. But I can see
where her teasing as gotten the better of you. I'm sure I would be just as
frustrated if a guy had been teasing me as Sally has been you. So what does
this have to do with your friend, Lanny?"

"Oh, that part is easy! I wish I hadn't have seen him the other day after
school. Two days ago I think. This being Thanksgiving and Thursday, guess
that would have made it Tuesday. Yeah Tuesday afternoon, yeah that was it.
Sally met me at my locker and told me she had something to show me before
she left for the week. Her family was leaving town for the holidays. She
surprised me when she yannked me into the janitor's closet. Once inside,
she was all over me. After a minute of some kissing and fondling she stepped
back and started removing her clothes. Her body was absolutely amazing, but
of course my eyes didn't move past her breasts."

"You they are doing right now." Lizzie waved her hand in front
of her breasts to break the stare.

Ignoring his sister, he continued. "They seemed to draw all my attention to
them. Not knowing for sure, but looking at your's, I would say you two are
about the same size. After she had undressed, she attacked me again and
fished my penis out of my jeans. Can I talk about this with you?"

"Don't worry, Matt. I've heard the term penis before. After watching
'Varsity Blues', I could give you a few more names for it. You being my
brother and all...kind of makes it ackward, but I can handle it. Go on...
what happened next?"

Lizzie was trying to play the cool cat card, but was starting to fail. She
would never admit it to her brother, but his stories were starting to affect
her. She had first wet her panties when they first started talking, now she
was trying her best to not soak the bed and let her brother see the obvious
wet spot between her legs. Jeans are only so thick. Good thing Matt had
thrown his pillow at her earlier, because the pillow in her lap was the only
thing separating her emittions from his curious and often lingering eyes.

"If you say so, sis! Well, once she had my penis out she knelt down and
starting kissing it all over. So immediately I started playing with her
breasts. Once I touched her, she removed her mouth so I did the one thing
most guys in that situation would do...I removed my hands and watched her
smiling face return her attention to my penis. You wouldn't believe the
sensations that were going through my body. I had never felt anything like
it before. Then out of nowhere, she stopped. I was about to protest when
she straightened up and leaned her body against mine. I'd be stupid if I
said I didn't like feeling her body against mine. She then reached down
between our legs and grabbed my penis and inserted it into her body.

"Now I've heard teachers and some students talk about shooting off, but it
wasn't until that moment did I realize what those words meant. Her warmth
surrounded my penis and it felt wonderful. Neither of us moved...we just
stood there...two bodies inner twined...enjoying the moment. I could feel
the sensation building within me and I was about to explode when she pushed
me back and started reaching for her clothes. She had done it to me again...
this being the worst time of course. I was frustrated, but I didn't say a
word. I figured if I had said something wrong it would have come out and
that would have been the last I saw of her, so no, I kept my mouth shut and
started getting dressed. I did notice that there was a wet spot forming on
her panties as she pulled up her pants. I now knew for sure that she had
gotten herself off, but left me out to dry.

"She left me still dressing in the closet as she left...never said a word...
just dressed and left. My emotions were at an all-time high and they weren't
good emotions either. I felt as if I could hurt her. She had given me the
largest stiffie and then just left. I knew I should have finished the job
off myself, but I was too mad and frustrated that I couldn't bring my hands
to do it.

"A short time afterwards, I saw Lanny waiting for me by my locker. When I
approached him I was extremely mad and needed a release so I hauled off and
punched at my locker with all the force I could. Thing was, Lanny's head was
in the way of my locker door...which had been my target. He ducked just in
time not to meet face-to-face with my enraged fist. Guess he thought I was
mad at him. He just ran off. If I was him, I would be confused and probably
mad at myself.

"I regret that the incident ever happened, but I can't take it back now.
I've called his house a few times yesterday, but no one picked up. He's
either really mad at me or he's just gone with his family for the holidays.
You know, a weird thing did happen to me the minute my hand connected with
my locker...I got harder and shot off. It was needed...alot like now!"
Matt studied his sister's body as it started trembling.

As the last words left Matt's mouth, a moan escaped from his sister's own
lips. "Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh..oh, wwwwoooowwwww!"

"Lizzie! Did you just..."

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed!" The girl threw covered her face with her left hand
and pushed her right hand beneath the pillow. A few seconds later, she
stopped trembling and blushed.

"Don't be! I'm the one re-telling the story and it got to me as well.
Didn't think that it could possibly have the same affect on you, but I guess
it did."

"Yeah, guess so! You have to promise me that this will never leave this
room...promise me!"

"I promise as long as you promise to never tell anyone about my problem with


"And when I mean no one...I mean not even your friends, Miranda and Gordo...

"Yes, I got it. What's said in this room stays in this room!"

"Thanks for listening, sis. It's was nice to get my problem out in the
open." Matt leaned over the bed and wrapped his arms tightly around his
sister...locking in a heart felt brotherly-sisterly hug.

As you know, its sometimes hard to keep your balance on a mattress and both
Matt and Lizzie soon realized this. The two siblings fell onto the bed with
Matt lying on top of her. As he realized the ackwardness of the moment he
started to remove his body from the current situation and doing so saw the
wet spot on his sister's jeans.

"So, Lizzie, I see you REALLY got into my story." Pointing a finger at the
girl's crotch.

"Oh, now I'm really, REALLY embarrassed. You weren't supposed to see that."
She tried to cover her mistake with her hand, but due to the resistance of
Matt's hand it was impossible.

"Don't cover it, Lizzie! Its nice. And to think I caused you to do
something like that. Let me just cherish this moment...please."

"Oh, what the hell. Its not like it can get any worse."

That is what she thought, before the fact that Matt took it upon himself to
reach out and run his fingers over the soakened material.

"No, Matt! Not that! Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh!"

After a another short orgasm she turned to stare her brother down. "Like I
was saying...don't do that...I'm very sensitive after an orgasm." Matt aloud
the information to seek into his mind and immediately wanted to see if she
could do it again.

"No, Matt!! Damn you!" This time, Matt kept rubbing his whole hand between
the intersection of her legs. The jean material got soaked more and more as
his hand pressed harder and harder into the material. His sister couldn't
take the abuse and relaxed on the bed in a state of bliss. She no longer
wanted him to fact she started to encourage him.

"Harder, Matt. Push your hand in harder!" The sensation was great for the
teenage girl, but it soon wasn't enough. She quickly fumbled with the 3
buttons on the front of her jeans. After a few tugs, she had her jeans
unbuttoned and had pushed her panties down as far as she could. Matt saw the
girl's actions and took it as an invite. He quickly moved his hand from the
outside material to the warmth that was radiating from her clenched, bare

Even though his hand was bent backwards, in his current position, he
continued with his rubbing assault. His fingers moved across her folds in
rapid succession. A minute or so later, all movement stopped when they heard
their mom's voice coming from downstairs. Both siblings looked like deer
caught in headlights. They were frozen in time. Lizzie sprawled out on her
brother's unmade bed, with her tight, denim jeans unbuttoned, pink panties
beneath, ballooned upwards by the imprint of a young boy's hand. The moment
passed and both quickly scrambled for their clothes.

"This NEVER leaves this room...right?"

"Right, sis! It never leaves this room...but does that mean that is can't
ever start back in this room?"

A smile came to the teenager's face as she listened to her brother's
question. "No, little brother, it doesn't mean that...we can't finish this
later." The girl brought her sibling into contact with her body as she gave
the young boy a big hug. Now, they were both frustrated because they had
been stopped right when it was getting good and feeling right. Lizzie now
knew what Matt had been dealing with, with Sally.

"Matt, don't worry...I won't leave you like Sally did. And so you trust me,
these are for you. You can give them back next time or just keep them."
Lizzie handed her brother her soaked through panties.

"And these as well." She quickly removed the shirt that she had just put
back on and reached out and brought her brother's lips to her breasts.
Though they weren't huge, they still looked and felt the part. Matt was
shocked, but he wasn't sure why. After what they had just got finished
doing...nothing should have shocked the boy...nothing! He quickly sucked
on her left breast and then her right and then removed his lips. She was
disappointed, but only for a brief second as he raised up and brought his
lips in contact with her own. There was nothing special about the kiss...
tongues stayed in their owner's was just a kiss of good faith
and love.

"Matt, we definitely will have to finish this later, even though my body says

"Yeah, I know the feeling, but right now, we best be getting downstairs or
mom might come looking for us."

"You have a point!"

"I've got more than a point, but we'll have to save that for later."

"Alright, Matt...don't push it"

"Hehehe...don't worry I won' least not until I've got you where I want

"Funny, very funny. Did you forget mom? She's down stairs waiting on us."

"Lizzie! Never knew you felt that way about mom. If you want, she can join
us a little later."

Shaking her head from side-to-side, "Oh brother! You are I
know why you don't keep friends."

"Hey, never mention the word impossible around me. You have no idea what is
impossible...until you give it a try!"

"Enough puns! No more more! Get downstairs
now, or no more Lizzie flesh for you."

"Damn!! And you thought I was bad!"

"Matt, Matt, Matt...I know bad...and when I'm finished with will
too. Man, see what you got me doing it too. Lets just go!"

Mr. and Mrs. McGuire were shocked at how nice their children were getting
along. For once, they were all able to sit down and have a nice, wonderful
meal together. They were all thankful for their time together. The family
spent their Thanksgiving day eating, watching football on tv, tossing the
football around in the back yard, talking with each other and to their
friends. The day was a day of peace, fun, and relaxation.

Darkness filled the sky as everyone said their 'good nights'.

"Night children!" Mrs. McGuire yelled from her bedroom.

"Night mom...Night dad!" The children rang in, in unison. The parents had
no idea they had both been in the same room together.

"Night, Lizzie! This will be one Thanksgiving holiday I'll never forget."

"You're too sweet, Matt! Come here and give your sister a kiss." Matt
closed the distance between his sister's bedroom door and her bed, leaned in
and pressed his lips into her awaiting lips. The kiss lingered for a moment
or two. As Matt slowly backed away, Lizzie, using her tongue, licked all
around her brother's lips one last time and brought her lips to meet his.
"Night, Matt! And sweet dreams!"

"I'm sure they will be sweet, sis...cause without a doubt they will be of
you!" Lizzie started to blush as Matt turned out her bedroom light, closed
the door, and made his way back to his own bedroom.

As with most schools and holidays, the next day, Friday, all students were
still out. Lizzie and her friends took this time to catch a movie and hang
out. She kept to her promise of not devulging her and her brother's secret.
She went on as if nothing had ever happened, but she did seem to have an
extra bounce in her step, which her friends noticed.

"Lizzie, are you okay? You seem to be a bit bouncy."

"I'm fine, Miranda. Actually, I'm more than fine...I'm GrrrREAT."

"Glad to hear it, Liz!"

"Thanks, Gordo. Its nice to feel free from school and parents and to be..."

" such a joyous mood? If I didn't know better I would say you met
someone...or got a little somethin', somethin'!"

"Now, Miranda, what would ever give you an idea like that? Can't a girl
just be happy and enjoy the time with her friends? I had a wonderful day
yesterday with my parents...especially with my brother." The last part was
nothing above a silent whisper.

The talk among the group eventually found its way to the usual teen talk.
Movies, fashion, food, girls, boys, and so on and so on.

The weekend went smoothly for the McGuire family. That Saturday, they spent
the whole day at a travelling amusement park. Still, the siblings didn't
fuss...not once. The older McGuires thought they were in heaven.

Monday approached...sooner than expected. The children returned to the
normal routine of waking up, taking showers, dressing, grabbing a bite to
eat, and getting to school...all before 8am. Though this Monday morning
alotted time for a quick kiss or two before leaving the house.

Sneaking up behind the young boy, "So Matt, how was your holiday? Did you
think about me?"

"Oh, Sally, its you. Guess you could say your name came up once or twice."
Matt didn't seem to have much enthusiasm in his voice.

"Well, I certainly thought about you." Sally brushed her breasts across
the young boy's back. "Can't ya tell? I think I'm falling for you, Matt
McGuire." If those very words wouldn't perk up the young boy, nothing

"You are? I mean, you are!"

"In fact, why don't you come over to my house after school? My parents won't
be home until late. We could always go swimming or..." Batting her eyes.
'...get down and dirty and in the downstairs' den!"

"Either will work for me!"

"Thought you would like that. Meet ya here, your locker, after school. And
Mattie-pooh...don't be late."

The day progressed, more slowly for some. Lizzie couldn't seem to keep her
concentration on her school subjects throughout the day. Matt on the other
hand, had no problems with concentrating. He felt as if he was living a
dream. The girl of his dreams finally professed that she was falling for
him and would more than likely prove that fact later at her house. And
afterwards, his sister would be waiting for him when he got home. He was
living a man's dream in a 10 year old's body.

Walking up to the girl, "Sally, so are you ready?"

"Ready? For what?"

"Well, aren't we still going to your house this afternoon?"

"Oh, right, that! Yeah, I guess we can still go."

"What do you mean by 'you guess'?"

"Some of the girls wanted to come over and go swimming so I told them to come
on. I thought that we could postpone our thing."

"Our Thing!" The young boy couldn't hold his anger back anymore. He erupted
in a yell that some of the students still hanging around school could hear as

"What do you mean 'our thing'? Is that what you think it is...a thing?
Earlier today, you told me that you were falling for me.. And I think I've
be quite obvious in the fact that I share the same feelings towards you.
We've been batting around for a week or so now...first base here, third base
there...strike out one moment, and right when I think a grand slam is going
to leave the park, it falls short of the fence. I'm tired of all this. You
aren't anything more than a...than a...dang just like teasing my

"Kid, cock tease!" Someone yelled down the hall.

"Yeah, what that kid said. You're nothing more than a damn COCK TEASE! Do
I love you...yes I do! Do I want to make love with you...definitley! Is sex
a must...NO, as long as you don't tease the hell out of me."


"Cock tease!"



"Sally Springs?"


Students up and down the hall couldn't believe the conversation coming from
their own. Light chattering started up among the students, but they kept a
deaf ear on the arguing couple.

"Are you finished? I don't know what you expect from me, Matt! I like you
a lot...and maybe love is the better word to express my feelings for you.
I've tried to give you what I thought you wanted. I've let you see me naked.
You've touched about everything there is touch. I've dressed sexy, been
seductive, and made out with you! What more do you want from me? We're
young, we're not adults. I want you to be my first, but give it time...give
me time. I'm not ready to just jump at it as you seem to be."

"I'm sorry, Sally. I had no idea. I just thought since you were initiating
everything...that was doesn't matter. Now I know. It doesn't have
to be this way. I too, want you to be my first. Not sure why. I know we're
young, but somehow I feel connected to you. Ever since your feet graced our
school's sidewalk, I knew you were the one. The one the time I
didn't know. Just had a weird feeling deep down in my gut. But since your
arrival, I've learned a few things about you, and especially about myself and
when I now say you are the one..I mean...the one true girl for me...the girl
I want to ask to be my girlfriend." Yelling to the groups of students
nearby. "You hear that everyone? I'm publically asking Sally Springs to be
my girlfriend!"

"Oh, Mattie-pooh! You are the greatest. And publically...I accept!" Yelling
to the masses. "Did everyone hear that...I have accepted Matt McGuire's
proposal to be his girlfriend!"

The two lovebirds hugged and gave each other a kiss right in there in the

"I suppose we should get over to my house. The girls should be arriving

"Yeah, we wouldn't want the hostess to be late." They grabbed each other's
hand and ran off together.

* * *

Thirty minutes later, Sally ushered the girls through the house and out to
the pool.

"You girls have fun swimming. If you want anything to drink or eat I'm sure
you will find the kitchen stocked full."

"Thanks, Sally." One of the girls shouted out. Another shouted, "Your house
and pool rock!" The tall blonde, Jessie asked, "Aren't you going to be
joining us for a swim?"

"No, girls, not this time. Me and my boyfriend want to spend a some quality
time together before my parents get home. Can you do without me this time?"

"Sure thing, Sal! I didn't know you had a boyfriend. So who's the lucky

"Oh, here he comes now." Matt wraps his arm around the girl's waist as he
admires the 6 bikini clad girls by the pool. "I believe you all know, Matt

"He's your guy? Isn't he a grade under us?"

"Yeah, he is! Girls his age wouldn't know how to handle him...he's years
ahead of the other guys and girls his age. And he's all mine!" A slight
chuckle came from the girl's lips.

"Well then I guess congrats is the proper thing to say. You two do look cute
together. Have fun."

"Yeah, you two kids have fun!" The other 5 girls chimed in.

Sally closed the patio, double glass door as she and Matt headed towards her
upstairs bedroom.

"Do you think the girls will say anything to your parents about me being
here...alone...with you?"

"Them girls...I seriously doubt it. Mom has only met Jessie and they've
already come over at least 3 times since I transferred. Plus, those girls
tend to hang with their own. They won't be any trouble...much less cause
any trouble."

"What did you mean by 'they tend to hand with their own'?"

"Didn't you know? Wow, you're like the third person so far that hasn't
known. Jessie and her friends are lesbos. They only swap tongue with other

"Oh, wow...had no idea. Have they ever, you know..."

"Jessie kissed me the first time she was here and I told her that I had no
problem with her being that way and that I would like to be her friend, but
just not a that way!"

Fighting to hold back a smile. "Did you like it?"

Sally lightly swung her arm at her new boyfriend's arm. "You need to get
those kind of thoughts out of your head."

"Hey, you asked me over. So certains thoughts must have been floating in
your head way before I came over." Staying persistent, "So, did you or did
you not like Jessie's kiss?"

"Damn you, McGuire! Yes, I liked it. It was nice and sweet and so soft.
It can't replace a man's in my opinion, but I can see why some girls like
kissing other girls. I just don't go for things that are really soft."

"Before you kissed her, had you ever at anytime in your life thought what it
would be like to kiss another girl and do other things with another girl?"

"No, not really. I've seen plenty of naked girls and lesbos at my two
previous schools and no, I had never had any feelings or inklings about any
of them. you get turned on by two girls?"

"Never actually seen two girls together, but I sure wouldn't turn away if I
did see it. Before you came along, I had never seen a naked girl."

"Well, did you like what you saw once you did see a naked girl?"

Matt blushed as he responded. "Yeah, it was great."

"Glad you liked it sweetheart. It is okay if I call you that isn't it?"

"What, sweetheart? Yeah, sure. I like it!"

"Good. Then sweetheart, would you like to get undressed and lay with me on
the bed?"

Matt held his response and started shedding his clothes. Before long, he was
down to nothing more than his white, underwear briefs. He climbed on the bed
as Sally started a slow seductive strip tease. The girl still enjoyed the
fact that she could get away with teasing the young boy. The boy, she now
called sweetheart and boyfriend.

A few minutes later, Sally stood naked and joined Matt on her bed. She could
see right away that her strip tease had definitely teased the boy. The boy's
underwear was tented high above his prone body, but Matt wasn't embarrassed.
He knew he didn't have anything to be ashamed of at his age. He was a solid
5.5 inches. Sally reached her hand out and started to pull his briefs down,
but Matt stopped her advances.

"Are you sure, Sally? This way it won't slip inside."

"But I want it inside...again and again and again. I've thought about it and
I want you to be my first. So please, won't you except my cherry today?"

"If you're sure. This is my first time as well, so let me know if I start
hurting you or do something wrong."

"I will!"

Matt took his hand off of the girl's arm and let her proceed with her earlier
actions. He lifted himself slightly off the bed so she could get the
material from beneath his butt. She continued until his briefs landed beside
all the other clothes on the ground. This was the first time that she had
really had the opportunity to get a good look at his penis and the rest of
his young, naked body. In her mind, he was beautiful all over.

She reached her hand out and gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft.
She witnessed the jerk that her fingers had caused and pulled away. Reaching
out and touching it again, she took a few minutes to run her fingers up and
around and back down the pulsing member. The reactions and moans that
escaped Matt's mouth were unexpected, but accepted. The smile on his face
told her what she needed to know. She once again wrapped her fingers around
her boyfriend's shaft and started an up and down motion. Her hand action
was too much for the young boy. His member grew in the girl's hand and soon
after shot a wad of a white substance into the air that landed on her bed
sheets. The girl was mesmerized by what she made him do.

Hesitating for only a moment, she immediately started her up and down pumping
action again. This time she jerk his member higher and lower with each
movement and gripped him tighter. Her actions caused him to scream out in
agony. His screams of pain soon turned to a pleasuring yell.

"Oh shit, Sally! Not so hard. It feels like you are trying to rip it off my

"I just want to see your cock shoot more and watch it shoot higher and
farther." The girl just laughed.

"Fine, but not so're gripping it too

The girl ignored the screams and kept jerking the boy's member harder and
harder until finally it happened. He spurt a wad a good three feet in the
air and she watched it land on her right breast, but there was more than
one wad. The boy kept spurting and spurting and each time Sally's face lit
up more in delight.

"Wow, Matt! Didn't know you had it in ya! Are you okay? Did I hurt you too

"I think I'll be okay once I let it rest."

"If you let it rest, then we can't..."

"No, we can't. It feels like you rubbed it raw. Too sensitive at the

"Oh come on, we have to. You just can't keep me hanging like this...I need
to get off as well."

"So now you know how I felt all those time you left me high and dry."

"Damn it! I have to get myself off."

"Play with yourself. Lizzie says it works for her."

Throwing her head back in shock, "Your sister? You talk to your sister about
sex and stuff?"


"That's kind of weird if you ask me. And I can' get myself off...I've tried.
My fingers just don't do the job. Guess I'll have to find any source to get
me off."

"What other source? There's another source?"

"Well there will be by the time I get down to the pool. Sorry to leave you
like this, Matt, but I need to cum like you wouln't believe."

"Whatever!" Matt threw his head back on the bed in frustration. This time
it wasn't sexual frustration, but it did deal with sex. He was frustrated
that he couldn't help his girl out and that he might could lose her to one of
those lesbos in the pool.

The girls in the pool had been splashing each other when out of nowhere came
Sally jumping into the water with nothing on. Jessie was the first girl to
react and immediately dived under the water and seeked out the girl's pussy.

"What changed your mind, Sally?"

"None of your...ohhh..just do it. You told me you could get any girl off.
Now's your time to prove it!" Jessie quickly led the girl over towards the
pool's steps where she proceeded in driving her fingers up Sally's cunt.

"How bad you want it, Sal? How bad?"

"No games, Jess. I'm not in the mood. Just get me off! Shove those fingers
up my twat. Use your tongue if you have to...just fuck me good. Give me all
you've got!" Jessie couldn't believe the language coming from Sally, but it
turned her on.

"Ahhh...that bad! Well then, lets get to it!" Jessie pulled Sally's legs up
over her own shoulders and took no time in diving head first into the girl's
sweet aroma. The smell was nice, but the touch and taste was even better.
Jessie jabbed her tongue in and out, moving from one location to the next
with each jab. She knew Sally needed a much needed release so she attacked
hard and hit all the sensitive areas. Once she thought the girl was on the
edge of satisfaction, she started sucking on her clit. Sally couldn't take
the builting arrousal in her body and shot a juicy load down Jessie's throat.

By this time, Matt had dressed upstairs and stood within a few steps of the
pool. From there, he watched Jessie give his girlfriend a mind blowing
orgasm. Carnal desire filled the air. The one desire that he couldn't give
to her when she needed it the most. The scene that had enfolded before him
started up the arrousal of his now clothed penis. He stood there watching
his girlfriend, Jessie and the other girls playing amongst themselves and
knew that he wouldn't be able to hold it if he stayed any longer so he dashed
towards the gate and made a b-line for home.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt rushed into his house yelling at the top of his
lungs. "Mom, you home? Mom?" After hearing no immediate response, "Lizzie,
you home? Lizzie!"

"Hey kiddo, where's the fire?"

"In my pants, Lizzie, and you're the fire extinguisher."

Matt flopped down on his teenage sister's bed and threw his pants down as
Lizzie leaned over his body. He was waiting on her fingers, but was
surprised when she brought her lips down over his member. He had heard of
blowjobs before, but never had he thought he would get one from his sister.
Matt was Lizzie's first chance at blowing a guy and she wanted to do it
right. She could see the desperation in her brother's eyes and decided not
to go for the the licking or touching, but to just take as much down her
throat as she could and suck with every ounce of energy she had.

She did just that. It only took a minute of Lizzie's virgin mouth to cause
Matt's cock to explode down her throat. She tried her hardest to swallow all
his juices, but realized she wasn't that good. Some escaped her mouth and
landed in a small puddle on her bedspread. Once she had swallowed everything
she could, she stuck her tongue into his piss hole. He couldn't take the
emmence pain and immediately erupted again, but nothing compared to the

"Are you done, Matt?"

"Yeah, sis...thanks!"

"Don't mention it!"

"Did you like it...the taste I mean?"

"Bit salty, but not much different than my own. You sure had a load pent up
in there. What got you so worked over? Or do I even have to guess?"

"Yeah, it was Sally!"

"What did she do to you this time?"

"Guess it wasn't really her fault this time. I'm part to blame, but those
girls in her pool, they are the ones to really blame."

"Girls in her pool? Okay, I really got to hear this. So spill it already!"

After a few minutes, Matt had told his sister about everything that had
happened at his locker after school, about the girls going over to Sally's
house to use the pool, what he and Sally had done in her room, and what
Jessie, the girls, and Sally were doing in the pool. Sometime during the
story, Lizzie had removed her pants and had moved her hand inside her
panties. Matt watched his sister finger herself while he finished his

Staring down at her moving hand, "So can I assume that you liked my story?"

His sister paid him no attention as her only care in the world at that
particular moment was the sensation her fingers were creating. She came with
a loud scream, "HELL YES!!! Sweet jesus...ahhhhh!"

Matt wasted no time in removing his sister's fingers and discarding her
panties. He had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it, but he
felt the urge and need to shove his face between his sister's now spread
eagled legs. Lizzie didn't know what to think ...hell, she couldn't
think...she was still riding out the peak of her monsterous orgasm. A
peak that Matt would soon drive her to again.

Minutes later, Lizzie screamed out in delight and satisfaction. Matt's face
was covered with his sister's love juices and he just fell over on top of the
girl, spent, tired...drained of all energy. Lizzie saw her juices plastered
across her brother's face and reached her tongue out and started licking his
face clean. As she licked his face, he started moving his body further up
Lizzie's body and before either of them knew it, his member had seeked out
her virgin hole.

She tried to move him off of her body, but she was tired, plus he was too
heavy for the girl. Matt could feel his sister's resistance because
everytime she moved her body and tried to force his body off of hers, his
member sunk deeper and bounced off her inner walls, causing his cock to grow
ever bigger. With panic running throughout the girl's body she somehow found
the strength to quickly roll over. Her quick movement caused Matt to crash
to the floor.

"Matt, I never said you could FUCK ME! Not yet anyways. That's not
something you just rush into...especially with a virgin...even more so when
the virgin is your sister."

"Hey, you aren't the only virgin in this room."

"Let me guess, you're frustrated and from the looks of things you're pretty
stiff down there. So, I'm assuming you want to hit something about now. Am
I right?"

"Kinda! How did you know?"

"I was thinking today about the time you almost his Lanny. Its just
something I figured out about you. When you are frustrated, sexually or not,
you have to get off either by sex or by hitting something. Didn't you say
you shot a load when you hit your locker?"

"Yeah, I did! Wow, you did remember everything I said."

"I remember things that I find interesting. And sex is quite interesting to
me. So I thought out your situation and came up with a solution."

"What's the solution?"

"I thought this out long and hard today. First off, I want you to know that
I absolutely loved what we did together over the holiday, not to mention what
we just did, but it can't go any further than it has. I'm not saying I won't
suck your cock.

"By the way, that is what most people call a stiff penis, not stiffie.

"I have no problem with sucking you off or letting you use your fingers or
tongue on me. Kissing and fondling is encouraged...but I can't let you fuck
me with your cock. Your cock from this day forward, can never enter my
pussy. Oh wait, no, uh huh...don't even think about it. Nor my butt. Do
you understand?"

Matt spoke with a shaky, disappointed voice. "Yeah, I understand, but..."

"No, buts! That is how it has to be."

"Fine! So get on with it."

"Don't be so impatient. I figure on most occasions I can relieve your
frustrations a number of ways, sexually, but its also possible to relieve you
in another way. I know this will seem really weird, but I could become your
human punching bag. Why take risks in hurting yourself by hitting lockers
and walls, when you can hit on your own sister...butt naked or clothed. We
would just have to be in agreement as to when you could hit on me. So, what
do you think?"

"Stupid...ridiculous...bizarre...brilliant. Are you sure about this?"

"For now! I figure we could try and see if it really works or not. I think
I can take your punches...since you punch worse than I do. But if through
punching you can let go of your frustrations and your every day tension, then
I say we go for it."

"Wow, you are the greatest sister. You care more about me getting hurt than
you do about me hurting you. Now that is a true, loving sister. Thanks,
Lizzie. So do you want to try this solution out? My cock still hasn't gone
down any."

"Sure, why not. Mom and dad won't be home for a while. Do you want me
clothed or naked or..."

"...the way you are right now will work fine. You're so much more sexier
when you are semi-clothed."

"Okay then, punch away!"

Matt couldn't believe his sister's last words. For as soon as they left her
mouth his right fist went right after the left side rib cage area. He pulled
back to see if she was okay. Once he verified she was, he threw another
punch and then another.

Matt watched Lizzie's face as each punch landed and he could see her wince
from time to time, but overall see seemed to be getting off on it. He had to
know for sure. As he landed a left cross punch across her right breast, he
thrust two of his fingers up her cunt. She was indeed wet and was getting
off on him hitting her.

He started concentrating on hitting her breasts...starting with one and then
eventually attacking the other. He had worn himself down and Lizzie seemed
to be panting for breathe herself. With one last cleverly placed target,
Matt lowered his right fist and threw a hard uppercut shot which landed
directly between his sister's thighs. The impact caused Lizzie to scream out
in pleasure, which in turn caused Matt to shoot his load all over Lizzie's
smooth, tanned, naked legs. The two siblings collapsed on the floor and
pulled themselves closer to each other.

"So, I guess it worked, huh Matt?"

"Sure did! So, you get off on pain, sis?"

"I do now. Its a long story and I'm too exhausted to even think about it."

"Then just give me the ESPN's Sportscenter."

"In that case, this morning, shower, getting out, fell, landed straddling the
shower door track, had an orgasm on the spot."

"Now that's the kind of highlights Sportcenter needs to have for 'Plays of
the Week'. Who cares about who hit how many homeruns or who beat who. They
need to show you having the most original and unique orgasms. If they did
that...they would have the highest rating for every time slot during the day.
Lizzie, you are something else."

"Thanks, Matt! Now we know my solution works for you...and me. So anytime
you get in a bind with Sally or anyone else, we now have multiple ways to
help you out."

"Lizzie, I have something to tell you. Well, you see, Sally and I officially
became an item today. She's now my girlfriend. Will that change anything
between the two of us?"

"I don't see how you two being a couple could change anything. Its not like
you're going to tell her about us..." Lizzie looked at Matt's face. "...are

"Well since we are now a couple, I feel we should be honest with each other.
So what I'm trying to say is..."

" feel you should tell her about us. I don't think its wise to tell
her, but if you feel you must, then we have to find a way to include her in
our pact. If the knowledge got out about what we are doing a lot of people
would be in trouble so if we get her involved then there is a less chance
that she would let anything leak out. Do you see what I mean?"

"Sure I do! Liz, you think of everything. That thought hadn't even entered
my mind. So how do you think we should get her involved?"

"Well from what I gathered from your story, it obvious that she likes tongues
in her pussy...but..." A smile crept across the girl's face. "...but I
wonder how she feels about having her own tongue in another girl's pussy."

"Say no more! I'm calling her as we speak." Matt grabbed the cordless
telephone from Lizzie' bedside table and quickly dialed his girlfriend's
number. "Sally! Hey sweetie. Girl, you won't believe what I have to tell

The End

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