Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie And the Blue Lagoon Part 9 - Secrets
by Lude ([email protected]) (Mf,Ff,Fm,mm,oral,anal,voy)

After a long day of celebrating their reunion, Jo, Lizzie, Matt, and Gordo
all came to rest huddled together around a fire. In the middle of the night,
Matt awakened to the pleasure of Jo, his mother, passionately tonguing him.
Matt responded to Jo's lust as their tongues interlocked As he continued to
kiss his Mom, a hand reached into his boxers and grasped his cock. Matt felt
his balls being smacked, as his full length was stroked fast and hard. Matt
like being jacked off with such gusto. Their mouth's parted and Jo slip
behind Matt. Matt then felt what he thought were Jo's hands spread his legs
apart. Suddenly he felt something against his anus.

Matt almost panicked until he remembered that his mother had earlier used
Lizzie's strap on cock on his father, Sam, that night. Matt assumed that his
Mom or Lizzie was giving it a try. "What the hell," he thought, "Lizzie and
Miranda did like using it to fuck each. Very tried, Matt just laid there
enraptured and enjoyed the ride.

Meanwhile, in the center of the island, Sam and Miranda were getting to know
each other. Having decided to go for a tropical moonlight stroll, Sam held
Miranda's hand as they went up the rocky path to the top of the island. As
the walked, Sam tired a joke. "If I, a man, were to say something here in the
forest, and you, a women, weren't here to hear it, would I still be wrong?"

Miranda laughed as the path opened up to a small grassy knoll. But he
figured she laughed just to be nice. Sam liked how Miranda was so sweet and
supportive. She was also, very sexy.

At the top of the hill, the view really took on all its grandeur. Below them
the surrounding reef and the deep blue Pacific Ocean stretched out for miles.

"It looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunset, would you like to stay up
here and watch?" Sam pointed to a log they could use as a bench. "Here take a
seat with me." They sat there as the fading light made way to dark purple
velvet. Holding each other, they watched the temporary brilliant glory of the
sunset. Miranda's right hand rested upon his upper thigh, rubbing his leg,
while her thumb brushed against his zipper. Content in the bliss of Miranda
stroking his bulge, Sam simply held her tightly and nibbled on her lovely
neck and ears. As they continued to watch, the first twinkling diamonds and a
full Moon arose in the eastern night sky. He could see her eyes light up.

"I can sure tell you're a city girl."

"Sam, how could you tell?"

"I could see the wonder in your eyes. The beauty of the night sky always
surprises City people when there isn't any pollution getting in the way. And
Miranda, please call me Sam."

Soon he noticed a brilliant `star' that dominated the southern horizon. "Do
you see the bright star over there to the left of the moon?" he asked,
pointing south.

"What," confused, she slid up against me, "is that Venus?"

"Yes, it is," he answered smiling.

"Oh - I love it here. I just didn't know the stars could be so beautiful!"

"Almost as beautiful as you are!"

Miranda gave him a crooked little smile as they fell silent, watching the
night sky. The quiet was only broken by the sound of distant thunder coming
from the north. The jungle behind them blocked their view of the approaching
storm. Then as the darkness deepened, Sam noticed they only cast one, single
shadow in light of the full moon.

"Did you notice our shadows?" he asked.

"Yea, we're only casting one shadow. Isn't it romantic here?" Miranda gave
him a hug, which he returned. Their `spirits' seem to touch as they sat
there, a touch that stays with you - one you don't forget.

"You're so beautiful, Miranda. I could stare into your starry eyes forever."

"Kiss me," she whispered. "Oh, touch me Sam." Then their open mouths met and
tongues explored. Miranda's own tongue circling, she griped him tightly
letting out a sweet moan. He swept his hands down her spine, past her
buttocks, to her thighs. The feel of her dimples teased him as she took his
outstretched hand and moved it to her left breast.

Caressing her skin, he plucked first one nipple then the other. Sam had to
suck in his breath as raging desire filled him. Miranda moaned again,
arching, leaning back like a pagan offering as he closed his lips around her
nipples. Feasting upon her breasts, he suckled each greedily in turn. He
watched her face, observing her reactions, as she cried out his name in a
deep throaty purr, writhing in his arms.

Miranda tingled in response, as wave after wave of pulsing heat engulfed her.
Continuing to feast upon her breasts, he could feel her were nerves dancing.
She throbbed and grew damp between her thighs. Miranda knew her opportunity
had come. So she reached up and wrapped her hand around the bulge of his
solid shaft made and squeezed. Then, after working his zipper, she loosened
his shorts and slid them down with his briefs.

She could feel his blood surging through him as she squeezed him firmly.
Driven to look, she tore her gaze from his eyes and stared at his cock.
"You're so big! So beautiful! You're so thick...and so fully engorged. No,
not fully. Not quite yet." She said chuckling, as she stroked him, at the
same time biting her lip as hot vibrations crashed through her bodies.

Miranda could feel him thickening still, hardening beneath her sliding
fingers as she watched his dusky satin turn duskier. She scraped her nails
up my shaft, and then the smooth pads of her fingers all over and around his
blunt tip. Having already came so quickly earlier, Sam was relieved his cock
was now game for more action as Lizzie took him into her mouth. Just as
lighting struck the island, Sam filled her mouth up with his cum.

Sam then gleefully wrapped his fingers around Miranda's panties, pulling them
down, discovering her oh-so-heavenly dark-brown bush. When he got her panties
all the way down. Miranda kicked them playfully away. With that, Sam knelt
between Miranda's legs. Kissing and caressing her thighs, as his fingers drew
ever closer to the silky patch that partly obscured her slit.

As Sam's fingertips brushed her sensitive lips, Miranda moaned softly and
spread herself even wider. He rubbed his fingers up and down. Soon Miranda's
juices were flowing, as Sam's slipped inside, drawing a deep sigh. Sam bent
further down until his mouth was so close that Miranda could feel Saa's warm
breath. Then, to Miranda's happily surprise, he slipped his tongue inside.
Miranda's luscious pussy tasted so good, so perfect, so sweet. He was
enjoying every second of it. Under Sam's probing tongue, Miranda was soon
bucking and twisting on the ground, her brown hair flailing about. Shouting
incoherently under Sam's tantalizing ministrations, Miranda entangled both
hands the older man's hair and wrapped her legs around his head, trying to
force Matt's tongue deeper into her. Suddenly, her body arched and stiffened,
squeezing against him.


Full of passion, he took advantage of the young girls rapture to drive two of
his fingers deep inside her vagina. Lost in orgasmic bliss and overcome with
the sensations, she was slick from his tongue fucking, Sam knew it was time
to fuck her.

"Hummm!" she moaned, slightly in a daze, "Oooooooohhh. Oh. OH. OHOHOH!"

Miranda wailed in ecstasy as her pussy lips closed around his helmet shaped
crown. Wiggling in delight, her soft warm flesh held the tip of his throbbing
cock. Pressing hard against him, his entire crown plunged into her.

"Oh, Mr. Mc. Oh, Sam. You're in me! Oh, you're in me!"

Confusingly, it felt delicious but painful at the same time. Feeling impaled,
Sam continued to wiggle and hump his fat cock into her. Juices started to
flow out of her and down his shaft. But he was so large, it hurt too much too
much to get more than three or four inches into her pussy. As hard as he
tired, his cock seemed just too big, too painful, to fit more into her.

Now it was Sam's turn to be surprised, as he suddenly pressed deeper into
her. Deeply arosed, Miranda raised her hips to meet his as he plunged into
her steaming hot vagina. Picking up the pace, he enjoyed her tight squeeze
as she met his every thrust. Sam kept driving his rock-hard penis into her
bucking, boiling pussy. Soon Miranda's thighs were wrapped tightly around
his waist.

"This is great!" Miranda exclaimed, her tits heaving up and down. "Oh, Sam,
yes, yes, more! Fuck me, harder!"

Pistoning his hips, sweat poured off Sam's slim body as his balls slapping
wetly against her thighs. Then all at once he saw stars as he felt a surge
building. Her heels were digging into his buttocks, urging him deeper and
deeper. Sam was the first to cum. His orgasm rocked Miranda so hard, her
young body shook again and again with tremors of delight. Sam's powerful
plunging was equally met by Miranda's equally forceful movements. Soon wave
after wave pulsed again through his shaft, blasting into her.

"Miranda I'm ... gaaaahhhh ... I'm ..." was all he could say as a surge of
uncontrollable emotions drained him of all feeling. cum oozed from her sweet
vertical smile as he collapsed upon her. Still bucked up at him, her own
exploding climax launched her into a series of wild gyrations that slowly
quieted down into a warm glow.

Twisting, Miranda bent over and licked and sucked his cock again, cleaning
it off. Catching his breath, Sam put his face between her legs and licked
her pussy. When his tongue slid into her, Miranda's nervous system seemed
to short circuit, causing her to collapse. Then suddenly, Matt's cock began
jerking and shaking. Miranda pulled off just as wave after wave of cum
spouted out his cock. Amazingly, cum oozed from her mouth and running down
Miranda's throat to her chest. But unfortunately, because of the threat of
lighting, they had to go back to the hut. Finding the others gone, they
spent the night together. In the morning, Miranda's vagina and anus were
so sore, that she had trouble walking.

Meanwhile, back by the fire, Matt's rectum took a hard pounding as he was
being given a reach around. He enjoyed it so much that soon he covered his
stomach with cum from a series of orgasmic spasms. Just then Matt noticed
that the person jacking him off needed a shave! To his complete horror, he
felt cum flowing out of his ass and running between his legs! It wasn't his
Mom whom had just got him off. It was Gordo!

"Damn it," Matt shouted out. "Gordo, get your dick out of me!"

"Ok, Ok! Don't get your tits in a flutter," Gordo shouted back. Pulling out
of Matt's anus, the tone of his voice turned soothing. "Besides, I've already
came. You've got a nice ass." Not having let go of Matt's cock, Gordo smiled,
as he told him, "And you've got such a big fat cock!" Making a smacking
sound, Gordo planted a kiss on the tip of Matt's cock.

"Just stay away from me!" Matt whispered.

Trying to claim him down, his Mother spoke, "Don't worry Matt. You're
probably not gay." Jo then bent down and pushed her mouth down his shaft. In
one quick stroke, she licked him off. Then she raised her head. "Honey."

"Matt," Gordo interjected in his own defense, "I watched Jo do Sam's ass
earlier. I just wanted to experiment. I have a feeling that you do to." Gordo
then gave Matt's cock a firm squeeze. Matt's cock was so much bigger than
his. He found his large size and girth simply unbelievable.

"I understand how Gordo feels," Jo spoke, continuing her attempt to claim her
son down. "So, I helped out. You did seem to enjoy yourself." Jo looked down.
As Jo spoke, Gordo had been stroking Matt's cock. "I see, you still are."

Taking in his Mother's words, his anger quickly mellowed. Matt realized he
might have been wrong getting so mad. Gordo had done a very good job of
making him cum, hadn't he? But he didn't want to lower his shields yet.
"Stop jacking me off!" he shouted. This time not so loudly. Matt knew his
resistance was weakening. Even as he shouted, his cock grew fully erect in
Gordo's grasping and stroking fingers.

Continuing to stroke Matt's hard cock, Gordo observed the look of anger
dissipate from Matt's face. He was excited to feel a drop of precum form at
the tip of Matt's cock. Then acting on instinct, Gordo bent down and licked
sweet cum from Matt's cock.

"Stop that!" Matt made one final attempt at denial. "Damn it Gordo, stop
that. You're going to make me cum again!"

"Hummm...can I suck your cock?" Gordo's voice was a whisper, a look of
interested wonder in his eyes. "You're so big, so long, so wide! I want to
know how Jo feels when she sucks your cock!"

"Go a head honey, let him," Jo told him. "You really liked it when he jack
you off."

Trying not to choke, he surprised by how good Gordo's tongue felt, Matt
answered. "Okay, but we can't tell anyone."

Gordo nodded several times, gazing in awe. "Your cock is amazing!" Gordo
kissed him all the way down from my chest to my stomach. Then he yanked off
Matt's boxer, completely exposing his throbbing cock. In erotic ecstasy, Matt
smiled as Gordo twirled his boxers above their heads before throwing them to
the side. After finally omitting to himself that he like Gordo's
ministrations. Matt was further surprised when, he took hold of Gordo's head
and happily helped to push his helmet shaped crown in between his lips. His
cock squirmed and throbbed in Gordo's mouth. Enjoying his ministrations, Matt
showed a smile from ear to ear as he realized Lizzie sucked his cock the very
same way. He would have to hold a contest to find out who gave better
blowjobs, Lizzie or Gordo.

"Hummm!" Matt moaned out as Gordo sucked and tickled the tip of his cock
for a minute. Then, he bathed Matt's whole shaft like he would a big sweet
sucker, running his tongue up and down, side to side. Despite being very
hairy, Gordo sucked and licked Matt's balls.

As Gordo sucked Matt's cock, Jo brought her mouth to Matt's ass. She ran her
tongue inside his cheeks as Gordo wrapped his lips around Matt's crown and
sucked as hard as he could. Using both his hands, he pumped Matt's shaft into
his mouth. "Hummm! Hummm! Hummm!" Gordo moaned again and again as he sucked
Matt dry. He kept his lips wrapped around Matt's cock long after he finished
cumming. His tongue lapped gently and lovingly about the head. Gordo turned
his mouth about Matt's prick like a slow corkscrew as his Mother licked and
squeezed his balls. While Jo hump two fingers into his anus, he panted
harshly, sobbing with delight.

Recovering their breath, Gordo and Jo slid their hands between Matt's legs
and turned him over. Then rubbing up against him, the tip of Gordo's penis
pressed between Matt upper thighs and rub against his ass. With Matt now
lying on his stomach, Jo slid up and wrapped her legs around her sons face.
Matt gleefully feasted upon his mother's pussy as Gordo squeezed both his
butt checks. Gordo wailed in ecstasy as his cock slid into Matt.

Matt moaned in his own delight as Gordo reached around and firmly grasped his
cock. He wiggled as Gordo caressed his cock. Then as Gordo pressed his cock
deeper into his anus, Matt covered the bed under his stomach with cum. He was
so lost in orgasmic bliss that he didn't even wince, almost not realizing
what had just happened. Jo screamed out as well. Forcefully pushed into
Mother's pussy, Matt almost couldn't breath. Gordo took advantage of Matt's
rapture to drive his whole cock in. Pressing hard, he humped his cock into
him. While painfully impaled, at the same time, Gordo's stroking and humping
felt delicious as he felt cum running down his legs.

"Aahhhhhhhh!" Gordo exclaimed, now better lubricated, as he continued to fuck
Matt's anus.

Nearby in the darkness, Jo and Lizzie watched Gordo and Matt pleasured each
other. Standing close together, Jo was filled with desire as she tightly held
her daughter.

"Ever kiss another girl Lizzie?"

Not sure what to say, Lizzie stammered, "Well, Mom, I.........I ...Miranda
and I..."

Understanding her hesitation and hoping to relieve the tension, Jo moved
forward and kissed her daughter on her lips. Enjoying the feeling her
mother's lips, Lizzie was disappointed when her Mother broke the kiss. But
it excited her to see the lust in Jo's eyes. Their eyes locked as Jo then
put her hand on Lizzie's hip with one hand and caressed her blonde hair
with the other. Jo kissed her again, opening her mouth, giving Lizzie her
tongue. Lizzie happily gave her tongue back. While Lizzie had actually
thought about kissing her mother, she was shock to discover that she
actually enjoyed French kissing her.

Mother and daughter joined their tongues together in a bath of saliva as Jo
slid a hand down the front of Lizzie's shirt. Lizzie liked the feeling of
Jo's hand upon her breasts. She softly caressed Lizzie's round firm breasts
as they continued kissing. Lizzie decided to return the favor and proceeded
to unbutton her mother's shirt.

As Jo's white shirt opened, Lizzie saw she wasn't wearing a bra. Her mom's
tits were beautiful. They much bigger than hers, easily a C cup!

Removing her own shirt, Jo exposed her big round breasts. Jo's big brown
nipples were already hard from Lizzie's foreplay. Jo pulled Lizzie to her.

Lizzie felt Jo's tongue, this time on her bellybutton, as her pants were
unbuttoned. Jo smiled as she worked Lizzie's zipper, reveling Lizzie's pretty
white panties.

Jo then told Lizzie, "Honey, take off your shirt."

She did so was told, relieving a lovely lace bra covering Lizzie's wonderful
sweet breasts. Hungrily leaning forward, Jo licked Lizzie's body from her
bellybutton to up between her breasts. She then reached back and unhooked
Lizzie's bra. Her bra falling away, they pressed their breasts together.
Incredibly turned on, Jo panties became very wet.

While Lizzie had only kissed a couple of boys, and her father of course, but
her Mother's kisses were putting them all to shame. As Jo grabbed Lizzie's
tight jeans and yanked them off her, Lizzie wondered if all girls kissed this
good. Her panties now exposed, Jo pushed Lizzie on her back and tenderly
kissed between her smooth inner thighs. Jo planted one soft kiss after
another on her daughter's hot little body.

Lizzie felt so hot, like she would melt at Jo's touch. Jo's soft gentle
kisses made Lizzie so excited she worried about having her orgasm with her
panties still on!! It was wonderful seeing the tender and sensual side of
her mother. Finally, Jo grabbed the waistband of Lizzie's panties, lifting
her cute butt into the air as she pulled her panties off. Suddenly in front
of her was Lizzie's sweet, luscious young pussy. Her slit was covered by
fined golden blonde pubic hair. Deciding to join Lizzie, she stood up and
slid down her pants. Lizzie smiled as Jo's white cotton panties fall away,
revealing a dark blonde forest of pubic hair.

Jo smiled down as she fed Lizzie one of her boobs. Lizzie's tongue made
circles on the hard ice cream cone shaped nipple. She sucked on it hard as
she felt her mom pressing her pussy up against Lizzie's. Lizzie moaned,
feeling the heat from Jo's cunt against hers. Lizzie squirmed as Jo felt
up her small but perky young tits, pinching the nipples.

Enthralled with her daughter's body, Jo started licking around Lizzie's
breasts. First she went between them as she grasped the firm mounds of flesh
with her hands. She kneaded them like bread dough as her tongue licked the
underside of Lizzie's tits. Jo then went lower kissing Lizzie's flat stomach.
Jo went lower still, until she found Lizzie's juicy cunt. Her tongue pushed
out, going up and down licking Lizzie's luscious pussy lips. Jo could already
taste a small sample of her sweet juice. She kept licking up and down. Then
just when Lizzie thought she couldn't take anymore, Jo spread her young
vagina and pressed her tongue inside.

"Ahhhhhhhhh Mom that.that' good.don't stop ohhhhhhhh fuck
yessss! Don't stop!!!!!"

Jo didn't stop. She went on and on. Lizzie's loud moans encouraged her to
munch faster and faster. Then it happened, Lizzie felt her body rocked with
an orgasm. Her back arched as she grabbed her Mother's head pushing her face
into her crotch. Jo didn't need any incentive. She gladly lapped up Lizzie's
tasty pussy juice!

In heaven, Lizzie began to wonder if she should be swearing off boys forever
after the orgasm that her Mom just gave her. Lizzie not only loved her
mother, she adored her. While she hoped one would start calling her `Lezzie.'
One thing was certain. The only thing Lizzie liked better than licking pussy
was sucking her father's big cock!

Licking her lips, Jo got up and kissed Lizzie, letting her taste her own
juices. "Mmmm," Lizzie exclaimed. "I taste good! I wonder, do you taste this

Jo was glad her daughter asked that question. She knew how to respond. Jo
turned around and sat on Lizzie's face. Lizzie joyfully pulled back Jo's
pubic hair and found her clit, giving it a good tonguing. At the same time,
fondling Jo's big tits. Lizzie had never tasted a woman before, but she
learned what to do very quickly. She got Jo really going by nibbling and
tonguing her clit, her pussy squirming over her mouth. Jo rode Lizzie's
tongue to a wild orgasm.

"Ohhh yeah, that's it, Aahhhhhhhh! My sweet little slut, eat my pussy! Ohhhh
yeah mmmmmmmmm!!! Who says we don't spend quality time together anymore!"

Then Lizzie started pinching Jo's big nipples as her licking continued.
Riding her daughter's lust to climax, in no time at all she was cumming like
a gusher all over Lizzie's face. Licking up Jo's cunt juices, Lizzie found
the taste a bit different from hers, but still very nice. Almost as nice as
her father's cum! Nothing was better than that.

Not wanting to stop, they switched in to a hot 69 position. Her face, now
between her teenage daughters smooth firm thighs, she ate her out. Jo found
it wonderful! Tongues and cunts were met in an endless cycle of orgasm after
orgasm till they both collapsed. They continued kissing each other and
caressing each other, both of them lost in the pleasure of lesbian love and
never wanting it to end even though it finally had to. After they got dressed
and they walked holding hands to rejoined the others. When they reached Matt
and Gordo, they gave each other a big wet French kiss. Matt and Gordo were
surprised at what they witnessed. They continued hold hands, as they joined
the boy's sexual play.

In the morning, Matt awoke hungry. His beautiful sister laid next to him,
soundly a sleep. He wasn't surprised that she was sucking on cock again in
her sleep. He stayed still, until Lizzie finished. Cum dripped from his
cock as he removed her warm mouth and got up. Not bothering to put his boxer
shorts back on, he followed the smell of frying fish and pineapple into the
kitchen hunt.

Later, Lizzie and Jo approached as Gordo was licking and sucking Matt cock
again. The girls joined in the sexual play just as Matt took Gordo's cock in
his own mouth. Taking turns with the strap on cock, in a wild orgy, all their
faces glowed with passion. Both boys humped deeply into each other's throats
as their butts took a pounding from the ladies.

Following this `cum-tasic' experience, they all vowed to keep it secret if
they were ever rescue. They didn't realize the irony of the situation,
because as they made their pledge, a U.S. Navy ship came over the horizon.
Their time in paradise was `cumming' to a close.


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