Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 1 - Several Nights To Remember (mf,hand,inc)
by Lude ([email protected])

As an angry ocean tossed about a small lifeboat, Lizzie and Matt McGuire
watched a blood red glow faded from the deep black sky.

"Matt, this is all your fault!" Lizzie gestured with both hands, shaking her
head angrily.

"Lizzie, I didn't cause the ship to sink!" While Matt yelled back, he slid as
far away from her as possible.

"Well, it was your stupid idea to celebrate your fourteenth birthday by
going on a South Pacific cruise." Having gotten a new convertible for her own
sixteenth birthday, Lizzie wasn't as angry as she tried to sound.

"Okay, Okay, but where's Mom and Dad?"

"I don't know," Lizzie answered. Pointing to her right and shouting over the
sea, she added, "But I think there's a island over there. So pull your head
out and help me row." Just then an angry wave crashed upon the boat as they
frantically worked the oars. Nearing the beach, they tired to ride the surf
but the boat overturned, throwing them into the ragging water. With only a
few yards to go, they still frantically splashed ashore and fell exhausted
upon the beach. To their dismay, the island was little more than a small
patch of sand with a few palm trees surrounding a small lagoon of deep blue
water. Huddling together, they felt very alone and afraid. Because the fire
on the boat had spread so quickly, they were still dressed only in their
underwear. Finding comfort and solace in each other's arms, they feel asleep.

Hours later the warmth of the sun awoke them both to secret desires. Dressed
in only panties and a sexy cotton bikini bra, Lizzie's body glistening in the
sun. Feeling the burn of the lust Matt held for his sister, he realized that
being along on this island with Lizzie might not be so bad.

Looking back at him, Lizzie glanced down and noticed the obvious bulge in
her brother's briefs. Despite her beautiful, innocent looks, Lizzie's eyes
smoldered. Suppressing a giggle, she reached out to touch it. Her eyes
widened. "Wow, you're really hard," Lizzie exclaimed. "Does it hurt?"

"It's Okay," Matt answered. "Except it feels kind of tight."

"Tight?" Lizzie asked thoughtfully. "Maybe you should let it out."

Now it was Matt's turn to be surprised. "Let it out?" he squealed. "But...?"

"Aw, please, Matt," Lizzie begged. "I want to see it. Come on. I've seen you

"What? When?"

"Oh, you silly," Lizzie said, nodding as she rolled her eyes. "We've lived in
the same house all these years, haven't you ever stolen a peeked of me?"

"Well," Matt said, shyly. Just last week he'd watched her brush her long
golden blonde hair through his secret spy hole in his room. Despite of all
the pranks he'd pulled on her, he actually thought his sister was very hot.
With cute dimples, deep blue eyes and a bright smile, Lizzie's sex appeal
was obvious, especially when she was dressed in only her panties. Lizzie's
succulent firm breasts, capped by small brown nipples mesmerized Matt. He
liked the smooth curve of her back dropping into her shapely ass and sweet,
supple legs. With their mother's beauty, he took pleasure in how her
womanhood was now bursting forth. His thoughts returning to the present, he
told her, "I bet you've never seen me like this."

"Okay then, let me see it!" Lizzie said, as she reached out and eagerly
wrapped her fingers around his waist.

Matt was a little unnerved by his sister's coming on to him. But he had
nowhere to go. Besides, he really wanted her body. Relented to Lizzie's
pleading, she slipped his underwear aside. Lying on his back, Matt's hard
thick shaft stood straight up. Lizzie looked closely, her warm breath
fluttered at the tip of Matt's penis as she turned her head from side to
side. Matt held her beautiful hair in his hands pressing her head downward
as she made her way into his briefs. Taking baths together as little
children, Lizzie still remembered how she used to play with his little
penis. Things were different now. Rolling her eyes, she had a look of pure
wonder and lust on her angelic face.

"Oooooooohhh, Matt you've grown," she purred. A gleam in her eyes, Lizzie
looked tantalized at his large penis. It was much bigger than her friend
Gordo's. "Can I touch it?"

Matt nodded eagerly.

A shiver shoot through him as her soft fingertips slipped up and down his
stiff shaft. Tracing out the flare of the helmet and the small opening at
the tip, his skin stretched smooth down to the base and the floppy sac.
Matt winced slightly when Lizzie experimentally squeezed one of the hard
organs she felt inside his sac.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"It's Okay," he answered smiling. He couldn't get over how good her touches
felt. Lizzie returned his smile, remembering the first time she'd handled a
man's cock.


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