Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And the Blue Lagoon Part 10 - The Movie
by Lude ([email protected]) (mFF, mf, celeb)

The following chapter is an excerpt from Gordo's diary. (The reader should
take note that names have not been changed because no one is innocent in
this story.)

Dear Diary,
After being rescued from the Island by the U.S. Navy, we received a very
interesting offer by National Geographic and several major Hollywood movie
studios. To take advantage of our sudden international fame, they want to
make a remake of the movie Blue Lagoon. But instead of just Lizzie and Matt,
they wanted us all in the movie. The best part of all is that we get to play
ourselves in it! Loving the idea, everyone quickly agreed to act in the
movie. Lizzie, Miranda and I have the lead roles of course.

Until recent, I had never really paid much attention to the movie Blue
Lagoon. I've read that back in the 1980's, the original movie was very
popular. Featuring Brooke Shields and some body named Christopher Atkins
acted in the roles of children shipwrecked on a lush tropical island,
who grew into burgeoning sexuality and love. Millions of people went to
see this movie at theaters on the rumors that Brooke was in nude scenes!
In the original movie, in all of Brooke's nude scenes a body double was
used and regrettably the nudity was too brief and not worth the ticket
price. The performance by then child star Brooke Shields garnered her a
nomination, too -- for a Razzie Award, which she won. Even less satisfying
was the sequel, 1991's Return to the Blue Lagoon.

Despite the controversy the original movie created, we actually wanted our
remake to be controversial. Not bothering to worry about how the kids
survived on a deserted island, our story is about four teenagers and two
adults that fall in love and, of course, engage in lots of sex. It was our
intention to focus upon the forbidden fruits of sexuality, with four young
teenage girls and boys and two adults diving into sea of physical pleasures.
But with the beautiful Lizzy Jo and Miranda in the movie, there is no need
for the plot to be very complicated. I knew that all of our nude bodies and
lots of erotic sex would keep audiences interested and `erect' during the
entire movie. We weren't going to glue any body's hair down like Brooke
Shield had to.

Needless to say, Lizzy, Miranda and Jo being so very hot and sexy, really
put themselves totally into their roles. It turns out Lizzy and Miranda are
wonderful actresses. They are very convincing in portraying fresh, innocent
young teens, giving their first blowjobs and losing their virginities in
front of the camera! Lizzy is especially good at giving captivating blowjobs.
Starting slowly, she begins gently, softly licking, but ends up relentlessly
cock-sucking. Able to stuff several cocks into her mouth at the same time, it
really comes across to audiences that Lizzy enjoys filling her mouth with hot
sticky cum!

While "The Blue Lagoon" won the 1980 award for best cinematography, we didn't
brother worry about enchanting views of the island itself and the ocean.
Filming the casts sexy nude bodies where all what we concerned ourselves
with. The beauty of sex and the simplicity of erotic sensual desires depicted
in the movie are very stunning. There had been talk about hiring documentary
maker Michael Moore to make the movie. But unfortunately, a knife wielding
drug addict killed Michael Moore during a robbery. Nearby law-abiding
citizens of Southern California could only watch as he was murdered. They
would have come to his aid but couldn't because their guns had been taken

With little concerned about the musical score, we hired the down on their
luck Dixie Chicks. After exploding onto the national country music scene just
a few years ago. Unfortunately for them, their brash, irreverent attitude has
recently angered many audiences. We also hired the Dixie Chicks because Emily
Robison and Martie Maguire agreed to perform in the nude. Emily and Martie
are even taking part in fantasy orgy scenes with Matt and I. Both Emily and
Martie are really excited about being in the movie and have been very eager
to keep practicing the scripted hot sexual intercourse with us! Of course,
Natalie Maines wasn't in the scene because she's really porked out lately.
Since Natalie is from Texas, I'm sure the people of that state would have
been embarrassed to see her fat naked body. But to help keep morale up, every
afternoon and twice on Sundays, Natalie pulls a train with the entire film
crew. Of course, she puts a bag on her head first. She's a real trooper.

Well, I got to go. It's time for the Chapter Three shower scene. I've been
really looking forward to it because both Lizzy and Miranda suck my cock! I
just might have a little trouble with my lines, so we have to keep doing the
scene again and again!

To be continued?


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