Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 2 - Daddy's Girl's/It happened One Night (MFf,Mf,inc,voy,oral)
by Lude ([email protected])

Lizzie smiled at her brother Matt, remembering the first time she held a
man's cock. One night, three years ago, Lizzie had crawled into bed with her
parents. But in the early morning, she was in for a big surprised. Thinking
she was asleep, they starting French kissing and folded each other bodies
under the blankets. Suddenly Sam, her father, slipped their blankets off. He
then pulled his boxers down! On top and with her back towards Lizzie, Jo
didn't seem to notice that Sam penis was close to their daughters face.

Lizzie eyes grew wide as she stared in amazement at his cock. Daddy was huge!
It had to be at least ten inches long and really wide. Sticking straight up
into the air, her father's penis looked like a totem pole. At the base of his
penis was a large ball sack. A forest of course dark hair covered both. A
large helmet shaped crown capped his long smooth shaft, bulging with large
blue veins.

"Sam," Lizzie heard her Mom, whisper, "we can't. Will wake up Lizzie."

"Don't worry, we won't."

Her parent's lips resume their lip lock, as Jo seemed to play with it. Then
she started energetically jacking him off. But in a few minutes, Lizzie
noticed Daddy's waist pivot and his penis tilted towards her. Only inches
from her face, Lizzie stared down into his cock hole. As they passionately
kissed, Jo stroked his cock faster and faster. With her every up stroke,
Jo pushed the tip of his penis up against her mouth! Lizzie's brilliant
blues eyes open and blazing, she saw a white creamy drop at the tip of his
penis. Curious she pushed out her tongue to taste her father. Just then she
looked up.

Lizzie was shocked to discover father looking back at her. As their eyes met
for a brief moment, she noticed his smile grow wide. Not knowing what else to
do, Lizzie smiled back. Just then the tip of Daddy's penis pushed between her
lips. Instinctively Lizzie closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

His penis felt warm and hard brushing between her lips. She got excited and
brought her tongue up and wrapped it around his tip. Gripping him tightly
with her lips, she began to suck on her father cock. It seemed to throb and
shake as it pushed into her mouth again and again. Then suddenly, Lizzie was
surprised when gobs of hot sticky cream fountained out! The thirteen-year-old
beauty was surprised to discover his white creamy fluid tasted nice. Licking
Daddy's penis with her tongue, Lizzie continued to follow instinct and
swallowed and sucked it down. But still shocked by what was happening, Lizzie
stayed still as her mother continued to jack him off into her mouth for
several more minutes. Daddy still smiled as Lizzie continued to suck. Then,
keeping silent, Jo didn't notice Lizzie cover most of her face with a
blanket. But she left her eyes uncovered.

"O God, Sam," Jo, whispered. Then she giggled. "It's a good thing Lizzie such
as sound sleeper." Continuing in a low husky sexy voice, she said, "I didn't
know you were going to put it in her mouth."

"Maybe, we should have waked her?" Sam happily suggested. "Our daughter's
becoming a women. I have a feeling she's ready to learn a few things."

Jo look at him, silently and seemly in disapproval, studying his face
intently. Then she smiled.

He laughed. "Lizzie's got a nice hot tongue."

"She licked your cock?" Lizzie could hear true surprise in her mother's

"Yea, when you jacked me off into her mouth she even sucked on me! It felt
great, especially when she swallowed!"

"O, you're so bad. My mother warned me not to marry you." Then gave him a
half smile. "I bet you'd liked it if our sweet little daughter woke up with
your cock in her mouth!"

"You know it baby. Lizzie's got such great tits and a sweet curvy little ass.
She's so tight and sexy. The last time she wore a bikini, I wanted to fuck
her more than anything!" I couldn't believe how Dad was talking about me. It
shocked me. But at the same time, it made me feel warm all over.

"I understand how you feel, it might be interesting. Maybe we can arrange
something." Her voice tailed off to a low whisper Lizzie couldn't hear. Then
she voice returned to its earlier volume. "Damn, I have go to work!"

"Yea, but were not finished yet," Sam answered. "I want you suck my cock

"Hummm, that's a good idea." Jo responded excitedly. "Time for my breakfast."

Lizzie watched intently as her Mother bent forward and took his hard shaft
into her mouth. As her mom sucked her father's cock, he put his index finger
in Lizzie's mouth. Lizzie surprised herself by happily sucking and licking
it. As she `pleasured' her father's other hand fondled her ass. Still
pretending to be a sleep, Lizzie liked how he made her feel.

After Mom finished sucking his cock, she got up to get ready for work. She
kissed him good bye, "Sweet dreams honey. Have fun." Not bothering to pull
his pajama bottoms back on, he cuddled up with Lizzie. Suddenly he seemed
to fall back to sleep. Lizzie had a feeling that Dad knew she still wasn't
a sleep. With her head tucked into Daddy's midsection, the hot flesh of his
penis felt warm against her face.

Sam's wet cock glistened as another sticky tell tale fluid dripped from his
tip, she rubbed her face and mouth up against it. He had to know she wasn't
a sleep. As she opened her mouth and her tongue darted out, but both father
and daughter to continued to maintain the illusion.

"Hummm!" Lizzie moaned, liking the taste even more. She was further surprised
when, seeming to have a mind of its own, his helmet shaped crown pushed in
between her lips. As it squirmed and throbbed, it felt alive in her mouth.
She sucked and tickled his tip for a minute. Then, copying her mother's handy
work, Lizzie bathed his whole shaft like she would a big sweet sucker,
running her tongue up and down, side to side. Remembering how much he'd liked
Mommy doing it, despite being very hairy, she sucked and licked his balls.
Obviously enjoying her work, Daddy's `sleeping' face showed a smile from ear
to ear.

Remembering how Mom did it earlier, Lizzie wrapped her lips around his crown
again and sucked as hard as she could. Using both her small hands, she pumped
his shaft into her mouth. Liking the taste of his cum, her efforts would be
rewarding ten fold! Lizzie enjoyed it for about five minutes, until she felt
Daddy's cock jerking in her mouth. Lizzie was surprised by how much cum there
was. Feasting, she swallowed and licking what seemed like a super size load
of his cum.

"Hummm! Hummm! Hummm!" she moaned again as her panties became wet.

Reluctant to pull off, Lizzie kept her lips wrapped around his cock long
after he finished cumming. Her tongue lapped gently and lovingly about the
head. She turned her mouth about his prick like a slow corkscrew. While
sobbing with delight, Sam was panting harshly, but his body was still and
relaxed. Desiring more of his cum, she continued sucking. Soon, Daddy's
cock began jerking and shaking again, bring on a rapture of electric
tingles that shook her body. Lizzie had to pull off just as wave after
wave of cum spouted out from his cock.

Amazingly, gobs of cum squirted into her hair and covered her face. Reluctant
to release his cock, she ran her wicked tongue about his precious balls for
a moment or so longer, then lapped her tongue down the length of his shaft.
Licking and sucking his cock again, cleaning it off, Lizzie's nervous system
seemed close to short-circuiting. Already feeling close to collapse, Lizzie
felt his fingers fondling and squeezing her butt checks.

Lizzie recovered her breath just as his hand slid between her legs and one
of his fingers entered her. Lizzie moaned in delight as her pussy lips closed
around his finger. She wiggled as he caressed the soft lips of her vulva.
Pressing hard, another finger plunged into her. While painfully impaled, at
the same time, her father's hand humping into her felt delicious. As he
pressing against her hymen, pussy juice flowed out and down his arm. Full of
passion, he took advantage of his daughter's rapture to drive two of his
fingers deep inside Lizzie's vagina, piercing her thin membrane. Lizzie was
so lost in orgasmic bliss that she didn't even wince, almost not realizing
what had just happened. Overcome by sudden passion, intense pain and new
sensations, Lizzie past out.

Later, Lizzie awoke hungry. Still wearing only panties and tee shirt, she
followed the smell of bacon and eggs into the kitchen.

"Good Morning Daddy." Lizzie glowed.

"Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?" he asked, smiling back. She noticed
he was dressed in nothing but cotton gym shorts. The thin material stretched
tightly around his butt and crotch.

"Hi Lizzie, Mom woke me early. I'm kind of beat."

"Yea, I.. I didn't sleep too well either."

Hugging her with his big strong arms, she felt his long thick shaft grow
against her. As his crown pushed up past the waistband of his shorts, he
noticed what Lizzie was staring at it. Their then eyes met inquisitively.
Both wondering if they should keep up the pretence of secrecy about what
had happened between them. Their eyes stayed lock as Lizzie reached out
and ran her hands across his butt. After squeezing his cheeks, she pulled
his shorts down. Falling to his feet, he stepped out of them.

He didn't move or say a word as Lizzie held his long thick shaft in her
small hands. They both smiled. Then in the clear light of day she got on
her knees. Opening her mouth, she brushed his cock with her tongue.
Wrapping her hands around his ass, she felt his back tense and arch his
head back.

"Hummm," he groaned. "Oh, Lizzie. That feels so good!"

Wrapping his hands in her hair, he helped to press his cock deeply into her
mouth. Enjoying it even more than last night, she worked in almost six or
seven inches. His little flaxen hair daughter lovingly licked, tasted, and
sucked his cock. Her lungs pulled upon him, sending a shock through his body.
As Lizzie's mouth opened wider, her lips began sliding up and down his shaft.
Pistoning into her mouth, he moaned from pleasurable feeling of the warmth
and wetness of her saliva and smoothness of her lips. Her hands reached
around his ass and pulled him in even deeper, her lips forcefully guiding
upon his shaft. Soon Lizzie felt him tickling her throat. Explored deeper,
Lizzie moaned as his crown pushed even into her throat. Soon Daddy's cock
began jerking and shaking as wave after wave of cum spouted out. Filled
with his hard flesh, cum oozed from her mouth, and ran down her throat. Her
father's face glowed with passion as he picked her up and carried her back
to his bedroom.

As Lizzie licked and suck his cock again, he put his own face between her
legs. Her father's face glowed with passion. Running his hands around
Lizzie's smooth soft ass, he hungrily pressed his tongue out to taste her
sweet juices. Thus penetrated, Lizzie gave out soft moans as he worked his
tongue through her slick slit, teasing her erect clit as he did. Both her
hands moved to his head and pressed him deeper into her.

Sam hands then brushed up along her back. He pulled up her little Princess
tee shirt above her small pointed breasts. Withdrawing, he rubbed his penis
against her hard nipples. Lizzie enjoyed how he next squeezed them and rubbed
his cock between the firm flesh of her perky breasts. At the top of each
stroke, Lizzie licked at his crown. Then he moved down to her waist.

As his waist rubbed up against her, she felt the tip of his penis pressed
between her upper thighs and rub against her panties. His hands taking hold
of her bottom, she felt his fingers squeezing both her butt checks. With a
tight little ass, Lizzie's legs were forced apart by her father's large
shaft. Rubbing along her vertical smile, her panties became hot and even

Lizzie wailed in ecstasy as he pulled down her panties and his tip slid in.
She wiggled in delight as her soft lips closed around the helmet shaped
crown of his hot throbbing cock. Pressing hard against her, his entire crown
plunged in. Confusingly, it felt delicious but painful at the same time.
Feeling impaled, Lizzie felt him wiggle and humped his cock into her. Juices
started to flow out of her and down his shaft. He was just too large. As hard
as he tired, his cock was just too wide, too painful, to fit more than his
crown into her pussy. Then several more inches pressed into her, Lizzie's
wailed as her nervous system seemed to short circuit and she fainted again.

Since her `cum-tasic' experience with her father, they had both kept it
secret. Now three years later, she looked down and smiled. "Hummm...can I
kiss it?" Lizzie asked.

Trying not to choke, Matt quickly nodded several times.

Reaching down, bending over as she did so, Matt gazed at Lizzie's amazing
body. Her breasts and her ass were simply unbelievable. Kissing him all the
way down from his chest to his stomach, she yanked off his briefs, completely
exposing his throbbing cock right next to her soft red lips. In erotic
ecstasy, Lizzie twirled his briefs above her head before throwing them to the


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