Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire And The Blue Lagoon
Part 6 - Daddy's Girl's (MFf,inc)
by Lude ([email protected])

Jo moved close to the edge of the hot tub, peering into the water. She
couldn't see much, just the shadowy outlines of their bodies but it was
enough to tell her that both her husband and daughter were naked! Lizzie's
bathing suit was a bright color and would have shown up.

"Honey, what is going on?" she asked, her voice cracking with mixed emotions.
Jo saw the head of his cock just under the surface of the water and Lizzie
was holding it!

"I'm feeling Daddy up," Lizzie cooed softly. "Doesn't Daddy have a nice big

"You ... are? Why?" Unable to continue, Jo's eyes were huge.

In misbelieve about what she had just said. Lizzie went into fits of giggles.
Then not knowing what else to do, she starting stroking the length of her
fathers long shaft, splashing the water as she did so. Lizzie worked her
other hand over his balls and then between his legs along his anus. His
finger still deep inside her clasping, wet pussy lips. Lizzie's delicate
pussy bubbled as he rubbing up and down her slit.

Both females saw his cock beginning to lift as it swelled. A soft mewl came
from Lizzie, her eyes burning with delight, fixed directly upon the head of
his cock. His prick growing, Sam made no effort to conceal it. His balls
tingled deliciously. In a whispery voice, Jo looked down at her husband. See
could see his cock was hard.

"Honey," Jo spoke to Sam, "I can tell you like Lizzie jacking you off."

The pale color lifting form her face, Lizzie gave out a sigh of relief.

"Do you what to join us, mom?" Lizzie asked her mother, who by this time had
her giggles under control.

Jo nodded cheerfully. Her eyes blazing as she peered into the water.

Before Jo knew what was happening her daughter grabbed both her ankles and
jerked her into the water. She yelled just before she went under. When Jo
came up, blowing water, she enjoyed the feel of their hands taking off her
clothes. In surprise, she tried to hang onto her panties.

"Turn loose," Lizzie exclaimed, tugging at them. "If we're naked, you have
to be naked too."

Finally her panties slipped away. Jo felt a small hand curl about her
throbbing breasts, another hand messaging her pussy. Lizzie giggled again.
Sam thought it was a beautiful scene, both his daughter and wife in ecstasy.
He moved his hand toward his daughter, cupping her breasts. He watched in
pleasure as his daughter leaned her mouth into Jo's pussy, kissing it. He
felt his balls fill and tighten up as Lizzie put her tongue in Jo.

As Lizzie tongue pressing between Jo's vulva lips, she managed to stroke
his prick. When Lizzie pulled her mouth off, she turned to her father.
After looking into his shinning eyes for a moment, then she kissed his
cock. Holding his naked ass, she wrapped her lips about his crown.

Holding her husband's precious balls, Jo moved her other hand to Lizzie ass.
Sliding her palm up and down, she met Sam's fingers there. The two adults
looked at each other and laughed.

"No matter where I touch Lizzie," Jo laughed, "I find your hand there."

"Any objections, Lizzie?" Sam asked.

"Oh, no Daddy!"

In the meantime, Lizzie was doing some feeling of her own. Most of her
attention was directed to her father. Full of lust, Jo felt no jealousy.
Standing close behind her, fingering Lizzie's hard nipples, Jo pressed
her bushy cunt against her tight ass, writhing.

As Lizzie continued to suck his cock, over her shoulder, Jo sneaked her
moist, succulent tongue into his mouth. Sam was aware that he was in heaven.

A little later, Lizzie squealed, as she twisting her ass about invitingly.
"Come on, Mom and Dad!" Lizzie seemed to float as she walked back to their
bedroom. Then she laid down and spread her legs. "Come on!"

He was out of the water quickly and Mom's blood seemed to boil as she climbed
out. She knelt at Lizzie's side, placing a hand on one firm, sweet tit as she
watched her husband bring his cock to Lizzie sculptured cunt.

For a moment, Sam teased Lizzie by rubbing the swollen head of his cock up
and down her steamy slit. Lizzie whimpered as she lifted her crotch and
attempted to draw his prick into her pussy. While squeezing her breasts, Jo
moved her hand down until she was touching Lizzie's highly inflamed clitoris.

"Stop teasing her," Jo hissed. "Lizzie wants it, darling. "Shove your cock in
her hot little pussy!"

Jo knew her husband's cock would not hurt their intensely aroused daughter.
Her own fingers and tongue had earlier told her Lizzie wasn't a virgin. She
used two of her fingers to spread the delicate lips of the girl's cunt and
now she sucked in an excited breath as she saw Sam's cock-head began to slide
into Lizzie's pussy.

Lizzie had been holding her breath with anticipation, but now she groaned, a
groan of exquisite ecstasy. Sam's cock stretched her succulent cunt lips as
he pressed more of his prick into her.

"Ohhh! Aahhhhhhhh! Golly ... oh, golly!" Lizzie squealed as her cunt was
stretched around her fathers cock. "It feels so good ... so good ... so
good ... "

Sam thrust his cock fully into Lizzie's steamy cunt. Mom's eyes filmed over
with ecstasy as she saw her husband's cock wrapped by the sweet cunt lips she
had recently sucked and tongue-fucked. The sight was one of the most erotic
she had ever seen!

"Oh baby, fuck her!" Jo mewled. "Fuck her little cunt, Oh, God ... fuck her!"

Lizzie arched her cunt upwards, twisting her hips with his cock buried deeply
into her pussy. "Yes, Daddy!" His balls slapping against her small ass,
Lizzie wailed, clawing at the cushions of the bed. "Fuck me! Oh god, fuck
me!" she moaned in delight.

Sam began to thrust his cock in and out. Jo's eyes, glassy, watched Lizzie's
pink cunt take in her husband's cock. The way those lovely pussy lips sank
inward as he plunged, then held his prick so tightly as he pulled out, made
her own pussy pulsate with intense eagerness. Jo slid her fingers between
them, remembering the feel of her husband's cock as he lunged back and forth
into Lizzie. Leaning over, she began to suck on one of Lizzie's rigid
nipples, her tongue swirling with hot desire.

Lizzie was yelping and gurgling, twisting her small body around. Banging her
cunt up and down, he plunged more vigorously into her. Jo felt tremors going
through Lizzie's naked body. Those rippling shivers told her Lizzie was
having the time of her life.

Lizzie moved a hand underneath her mother and began to squeeze at her full,
spongy breasts. Jo mewled and sucked on the smaller sweet breast in her
mouth. Jo shoved her own hand down under Lizzie's bouncing ass, digging her
fingers between her tight ass cheeks. Then grabbing her husband's naked ass,
Jo's hands moved from one ass to the other. Enflaming ecstasy within herself,
Jo caressed and encouraging them.

"God! God!" Lizzie murmured over and over, her eyes closed to savor the
sensations sparking through her small, naked body. "Golly! It's so good ...
so good! Fuck me, Daddy! Daddy, fuck me!"

Jo left Lizzie tits and watched her husband as he lunging his cock in and out
of Lizzie's hot gripping, young cunt. She was thrilled with the way Lizzie
banged her pussy up and down, grinding almost mindlessly. She was surprised
that Lizzie was fucking so frantically her first time. She didn't know yet
just how hot and erotic Lizzie really was. With Sam between her slim thighs
and Lizzie sprawled back. Jo had a perfect view of his cock running in and
out of her slippery, tight cunt. Suddenly with loud wails of ecstasy, Lizzie
began to churn up and down and Jo actually saw her tight cunt lips flexing as
her daughter climaxed!

"I'm cumming!" Lizzie screamed in ecstasy. "Golly, I'm coming all over the
place! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Oooh, I'm cumming!" Her small body shook
violently, partly from her intense, shattering orgasm and partly due to her
father's powerful plunges. Even the bed was squeaking. With a yelp, Dad
slammed his cock as deep as he could into Lizzie's fiery cunt. Mom quickly
ran her hand between his thighs and grasped his balls, feeling them drawing
up tightly as he squirted his milky cum juice into his daughters extremely
receptive little pussy.

As she knelt, Jo's naked body shook suddenly. She had climaxed just from
watching them fuck. Her eyes rolled about as she gurgled in pleasure, but
continued to grip her husband's balls as he spurted white creamy fluid into
Lizzie's pussy. As he withdrew his cock, wet and slippery from Lizzie's and
his own discharge, Jo could not resist it. She hurriedly shoved her mouth
upon it, taking his prick between her lips. The taste of Lizzie's cunt and
his sperm sent her mind reeling and she experienced another orgasm!

Jo heard Lizzie giggle, as she pulled off of her husband's cock. Lizzie's
eyes shined as she watched Mom. "I've got to try that too," she said.

After Jo gave out a sultry laughed, she said, "You two do what you want while
I get us something to drink."

As Jo turned and walked to the kitchen, she felt their eyes on her large
jiggling breasts and round curvy ass. She swung her naked ass playfully for
them. Jo disappeared for about ten minutes, preparing soft drinks. Placing
tall glasses on a tray, she returned.

Lizzie was on her back again, her legs spread wide. Between them was her
father, his naked ass pumping up and down. Jo could see Sam's cock thrusting
into Lizzie's small clinging pussy, his balls bouncing about. There was a
clutching sensation between her long, creamy thighs as she gave out a loud
squeal of pleasure.

Placing the tray on the table she got to her knees beside them. Lizzie had
lifted her slim legs and wrapped them around her father, his chest against
her burning breasts. Lizzie cooed soft sounds of ecstasy as she ground her
cunt up and down his plunging cock. Again Mom began to fondle her husband's
naked ass while he fucked their daughter. She shoved her other hand under
Lizzie's ass and began to rub lightly upon the hot crack of Lizzie's ass
cheeks. This sent Lizzie into peals of gurgling pleasure and she banged her
ass up and down with frantic motion. She heard her husband grunt with this
added stimulation. As Lizzie's cheeks clenched tightly on her finger, Jo
leaned over and kissed his bouncing ass, running her tongue about the tight,
hot flesh.

Growling with excitement, she moved until she was besides her husband. She
leaned forward. Cupping each of Lizzie's small, firm ass cheeks in her palms,
Jo shoved her face against her husband's ass, running her tongue up and down
the crack as it lifted and lowered.

Sam grunted as his wife's tongue licked up and down the crack of his ass. His
wild fucking increased with a fury of motion. Holding the wiggling cheeks of
Lizzie's ass, Jo licking up and down from his balls to the base of his spine.
Shoving her tongue deeper, she tasted the tight pucker of his asshole.
Feeling her tongue against his asshole inflamed her mind and her cunt almost
convulsed into orgasms then and there. She dug her fingers into Lizzie's
twisting ass, pressing onto her husband's plunging cock.

His balls against Jo's chin, she shoved her face farther into the crack of
his ass. She could hardly breathe now, but that didn't bother her in the
least. The excitement of seeing her husband's cock in her daughter's tight,
hot cunt and Jo's tongue licking about his puckering asshole was all that
mattered. Her own pussy was throbbing and burning as she swirled her tongue
up and down, pressing at his hot asshole. Lizzi's squeals mingling with,
"fuck me, fuck me!" along with Sam's grunts. The way his ass moved up and
down into Jo's face, caused her breasts to jiggle and her nipples to burn
in a tingling sensation. She spread her legs and placed them around his,
pressing her hairy, hot cunt against them. She wiggled and rubbed her pussy
there as she squeezed Lizzi's churning ass and her tongue moving in fiery
ecstasy against his asshole. She could hear Lizzi's hot voice scream that
she was cumming. Jo pulled that sweet ass tighter into her husband's cock,
feeling it grind with complete ecstasy. Lizzi rounded ass became hotter to
touch as Lizzie's cunt erupted in ecstatic orgasm. Jo felt flexing as his
body became stiff. The squeezing of his asshole against her tongue told her
that he was coming in wild thrusts of pleasure, into Lizzie's cunt. Pulling
her face out, Jo sat back on her heels, and said, "That was a hot wild
fuck!" Lifting herself up on her elbows, Lizzie giggled with delight. "I
like it hot. That's the way my pussy feels."

Lizzie took a glass, sipping at it. Jo pulled herself up and sat of edge of
the bed with her knees wide, her eyes shining with pleasure as she looked
at their naked bodies. Sitting up, his breathing somewhat slower, Sam drank
deeply from his glass.

"It's so nice this way." Lizzie said in a lazy voice.

"I wish I'd joined in last year when I watched you two having sex. But I
thought I'd get my ass spanked."

"I thought you were watching." Jo smiled at her. "Your father certainly
wouldn't have mind."

Lizzie stared at her inquisitively, wondering if her mother was being
completely truthful. Hadn't she realized that what happened two years ago,
when she jacked Dad off? "Well, Mom, after you left for work, we did have
a little fun," Lizzie giggled.

"Actually," Sam advised them, "I knew Lizzie was a wake."

"O, I see," Jo said whimsically. "That's why you turned towards Lizzie."

"Mom, didn't you know that you jacked Daddy off into my mouth." Lizzie
presented a wicked smile, "I licked him and then he cummed in my mouth."

"Speaking of tongue," Sam said, "who was licking my ass?"

Jo lifted her eyebrows. "Didn't you like it?"

"Well, of course I did," he said. "But I was so into fucking Lizzie, I
thought I was dreaming."

"That was no dream, honey." Jo laughed lewdly.

"Daddy. I'm next!" Lizzie's laughter mixed with theirs.


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