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Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie McGuire Gets Raped At A Party (f-gang,anal,rape)
by ThePac

Kate Saunders can't wipe the massive smile off her face as her 15th birthday party is turning into one of the best days of her life. Not only are her parents away at a spa for the night but also the fact all her friends were here at her house and her big sister Amy had invited some people from her school. It was the boys that came to her party that Kate really liked as most of them were jocks and played for the football team. The dark haired girl thought she looked stunning with her hair tied back in a ponytail and a nice short pink dress on making her look ever bit glamorous and sexy. Four guys in particular are round her all the time flirting with her and even though Kate knows she won't be doing anything with these guys just having the attention from 4 older guys is sure to gain her a lot of admirers back at school on Monday. In one door open the whole day for Kate falls apart like a broken piggy bank as her nemesis Lizzie McGuire walks in. she has a good mind to kick that goody two shoes out of her party but she sees people being nice to her and the last thing Kate wants to do is cause a scene and look like a spoilt brat at her own party. Lizzie smiles as she walks into Kate's house not because she wants to celebrate the nasty slut's birthday but the fact this is the first time her parents have ever allowed her to go to a party on her own and she is even without her two friends and for Lizzie this is a big step to be here on her own almost like a proper grown up.

She feels like she looks great as well her blonde shoulder length hair hangs down and she knows everyone in the room has eyes on her and when she sees the anger on Kate's face as she walks past makes Lizzie smile showing off her bright white teeth to the crowd of people standing around the table filled with stuff to eat. Lizzie is wearing a white t-shirt with pine trim and it is very tight fitting her growing chest well. Her light blue jeans are also tight and stick to the curves of her legs and ass and are her favorite pair in her entire wardrobe. On her feet are a pair of cute pink stripy socks with bright white trainer complete her whole cute girl look and judging from the long stares she is getting from some of the boys as she walks across Kate's living room means her outfit is working. As Lizzie struts across the room Kate gets madder and madder her face turning red as Lizzie is stealing her thunder own her own birthday. Kate sits down on the third of her staircase and holds her head in her hands when her big sister Amy walks over to her a drink of non-alcoholic punch in her hand.

"Hey little sister why so glum someone not bring the present you wanted," Amy says sitting down next to Kate who lifts her head out of her hands to look at her.

"It's that blonde bitch over there," Kate says with venom pointing her finger at Lizzie who is talking to some of Kate's friends laughing and joking with them, "She stealing my day away from me I spent ages getting ready and little miss girl next door shows up and every forgets I exist."

Amy looks down at her sister and remembers who insure and unconfident she was at Kate's age and now here was her sister on her own birthday being ignored by her own friends. Looking around Amy spots four jocks from her own school staring at Lizzie intently and Amy's eyes spot one of them rubbing the crotch of his jeans pointing at the blonde. Looking down at her own drink then around to the party goes Amy's brain works over time and comes up with the perfect plan.

"Hey Kate how would you like to get of Lizzie, ruin her life and get the attention of the party back on you," Amy says with a smile as her little sister looks up at her with amazement.

"You can do all that?" Kate asks puzzled but intrigued at her sister's plan as she had seen a few of her sister's bright ideas the last one was very memorable when the boy across the road ended up with all his hair shaved off and left running across a park naked on the day of the local fun run.

"Well sis what if I set Lizzie up as entertainment for those four guys over there," Amy says with a smile as she points to the four guys who had flirted with Kate before now with their eyes locked firmly on Lizzie.

"As entertainment what the fuck do you mean," Kate says angry as her sister grand plan seemed dumb and stupid.

"Sexual entertainment you idiot I'm going to let those guys fuck all the cuteness out of little miss goody two shoes," Amy says with a gleam in her eyes as she explains her evil plan to her sister.

Kate sits back and thinks for a second, "But what if Lizzie doesn't ant to fuck them isn't that rape?"

"Yeah Kate that's called rape but if they rape her Lizzie will be utterly embarrassed lose interest in boys for a few years and most importantly gives you back to spotlight," Amy says as she watches Kate's eyes light up.

"That brilliant Amy I could tell people she got fucked and she would deny it hell I could even call her a slut for taking 4 guys at once," Kate giggles with evil pleasure, "Amy I love you you're the best big sister anyone could want."

Amy smiles and hugs her sister back happy to help out her sometimes ignored sibling but she felt so much better killing off her own demons from her past and helping her sister have the best birthday ever. It takes the sister's a few minutes to set up the full plan and it starts when Amy slips some very powerful laxative into a cup filled with punch. Amy then takes a Golden Globe in acting as she gives Lizzie the spiked drink and smiles at the dumb blonde as Kate stands at the downstairs bathroom watches Amy's evil scheme unfold. Amy then walks over to the four older guys checking Lizzie out.

"Hey Paul, Chad, Steve, Kenny enjoying the view," Amy says with a smile as she points at Lizzie who is busy chatting at drinking from the cup Amy had just given her.

"Hi Amy," Paul the football teams star quarter back says worried at Amy's reaction to him and his mates checking out a underage girl at her sister's party.

"She is very cute isn't she," Amy says and all 4 guys nod staring at Lizzie's tight ass as it sways from left to right, "You know she's just a little cock tease she's only here to be a tease and get you guys all hard only to ditch you and go home alone," Amy teases weaving flattery, teasing and pure speculation into her words like a fine artist works with mixing watercolors.

The guys get incensed at the little blonde only here to tease them unlike the dark haired girl who seemed willing to go all the way this girl was only getting them hard for her own enjoyment and all 4 guys are mad at the blonde.

Amy acts looking down at her shoes as all 4 guys faces go bright red with anger and Kenny swears, "Fucking cockteasing slut she's too damm young to be teasing anyone we should teach her a lesson about being a true whore."

Even a inch perfect plan never normally goes as well as this as Amy smiles and motions for all four guys to lean their head in, "You know guys she is here all on her own and she only lives a few blocks away so now pushy parents to pick her up so you have a perfect chance to really teach her some manners you can even use my little sister room no one will go in there today," Amy says spinning and changing the guy's minds as all four of them are very big and strong but collectively have the brain power of a crushed sunflower.

All four guys look at each other and nod with Paul stepping forward looking at Amy, "Your right Amy we have to tease that little slut some respect and I think we should go with my plan of hiding in her kid sister's room and fucking her in there."

As the other three nod Amy finds herself wondering if all men are this easy to twist and manipulate, "Go on guys it's the second room on the left I'll send Lizzie up there in a few minutes and you can have as much fun as you can handle."

Kate watches in amazement as the four guys walk to the stairs with big grins on their faces and even nod at Kate as they go upstairs and to Kate's joy hide out in her own room. What a victory for her she thinks, as the famous and well-liked Lizzie McGuire will have her virginity pumped out of her in her won bedroom. Soon part two of the plan falls into place as Lizzie finishes her drink and soon starts clutching her stomach in pain. Politely getting out of her conversation Lizzie asks where the toilet and when someone points it out to her Lizzie moves quickly over to the door only for Kate to step in her way.

"Move Kate I really need the bathroom," Lizzie says hopping from one foot to the other squeezing her legs together.

"Of course Lizzie no problem the only problem is this one is blocked so you will have to use the upstairs one," Kate says with a big smile matching her sister in brilliant acting performances.

Kate earns herself the Oscar by calling to Lizzie as the blonde runs up the stairs, "Hey Lizzie for what it's worth I'm really glad you came to my birthday party today it really means a lot to me."

Lizzie smiles at the dark haired girl and she beings to think she has played Kate Saunders wrong all these years. Before she can match those thoughts her stomach groans and she quickly charges up the stairs and gets to the bathroom just in time.

Amy walks over to her younger sister and pats her on her shoulder, "That was an amazing lie little sister that's going to make you feel so good when you see Lizzie after those bonehead fuck her."

Amy and Kate walk back into the throngs of party guest while upstairs the four football players have Lizzie go into the bathroom and they are now waiting outside the door for their blonde fuck toy to reappear. Twenty minutes later and a weak legged Lizzie staggers out of the toilet she feels a bit ill and has just spent twenty minutes in the toilet crapping out every meal she had had for the past three weeks. Looking up Lizzie see four guys blocking her way all staring at her in a way Lizzie had never seen before.

"There you go guys bathroom is all yours," Lizzie says trying to push her way though the mountain of men to reach the stairs but the guys don't move and shove her back into the toilet door.

Steve the tallest guy of the bunch steps forward, "Come on Blondie you came to this party all dressed up now why don't you deliver on your outfit's promise and give me a little kiss on the lips."

"Pucker up," says Steve pushing his face forward and Lizzie crosses her arms huffs and pushes her hand into his face and shoves him away, "Fuck off you loser," Lizzie tells him as she makes for the stairs again.

This time the three man wall doesn't just stop her but they pick her petite body off the ground and start to carry her, "Hey dick heads let me go get off," Lizzie cries out flailing her arms and kicking her legs.

The guys ignore her and carry her into a room painted a pale yellow and just from the pictures on the wall Lizzie guesses this is Kate's room. The guys dump her body onto Kate's bed and Lizzie tries to fight her way out of the blue bedcovers and pillows on Kate's bed but it's four on one and the guys are older, fitter and have worked out to make themselves stronger and she is so outmatched. She tries screaming for help but downstairs Amy turns the volume on the stereo drowning out any noise made above the party. Lizzie is still screaming and kicking but one of the guy's slaps her hard across the face instantly making her stop still. For the first time Lizzie properly understands the situation as the guys have her and Lizzie has a pretty good idea of what they might want. Two guys are either side of her pinning her skinny arms to the bed while the jock who tried to get a kiss before is sat on her thighs pinning her legs to the soft mattress. The guy how slapped her is standing over her looking her up and down and then to Lizzie's shock they all start to rub and fell her body. Hands roam under her t-shirt feeling her ribs while the guy on her legs rubs the skin under the waistband of Lizzie's jeans. Lizzie cries and screams as strong unknown hands start rubbing her body making her feel unwell. The guy on her right side even lays his hands on her chest and gives her tiny tits a squeeze making him groan and Lizzie scream out in pain and humiliation. She had done sex education last term but at no point did Mrs. Limber tell them about what happens if you are pinned down by four guys who are touching her erogenous zones.

"Please stop guys please I'm too young to have sex please stop and let me go," Lizzie begs with the guys whose hands really start hurting her as the guy on her legs is now rubbing her crotch hard though her jeans and the two guys pinning her down are now pulling and playing with her small tits.

The guy who slapped her is now taking off his red jumper and peeling off his blue t-shirt to show off his big muscley chest. Lizzie looks at his chest in amazement as his pecks are huge and his stomach is so flat and tanned. Lizzie's brief moment of wonder is cut short when the guy on her right twists her nipple though her top and bra making her squeal loudly bucking her whole body into her captors. The topless guy now removes his shoes and socks and sits on Lizzie's mid section. Though all her fighting and struggling Lizzie's t-shirt has risen past her navel and as a result she can feel the guy's jean clad ass on her skin and it makes her whole body shake. She remembered seeing a word rape that meant forced sex but up till now she had never been sure how someone could refuse sex and now she understood. The guy on front of her has a slightly broken nose but is still quite good looks but he moves his face closer to hers and Lizzie tries pushing her head deep into the mattress trying everything to get away from these men. The guy on top of her is now stroking her face cupping Lizzie's pretty chin touching her soft skin as Lizzie thrusts her tiny body every way possible trying to get this guy off her.

"I do like my woman with a bit of fight in them, Paul says as he leans down grabbing Lizzie's cheeks squeezing the together allowing him to kiss her lips with Lizzie fighting back.

Lizzie struggles and fights but when Paul easily kisses her lips she knows all her fight and struggle will not help her. She goes back to screaming and kicking her legs but the two guys with long brown hair soon grab her flying limbs. Chad and Steve are better built than Paul but that's because they are both defensive ends and are built for sacking quarterbacks so grabbing a little girl's legs and holding her down is easy for them. They have her by her ankles and while Paul sits on her mid section rubbing his fingers against her cheeks Steve and Chad start to pull on the bright white laces of Lizzie's sneakers. Lizzie's mind panics as she can feel the two guys hold her legs and are starting to undo her trainers. She doesn't want to be stripped and she thrusts against Paul desperate to escape. Steve and Chad undo both her shoes and pull them off exposing Lizzie's pink cartoon sock covering her tiny but well formed feet. They now start working on removing Lizzie's socks as Paul once again kisses the blonde who is so scared of the four men surrounding her stripping her and making it very clear they wanted to have sex with her young body. Chad and Steve rip off Lizzie's pink socks and throw them away into the vast space of Kate's room and both big guys stare in wonder at Lizzie's cute red painted toenails. Softly both big men run their fingers across Lizzie's bare soles tickling her feet making her legs jerk and laughs coming from her mouth as Paul plays with her long blonde hair. Even though they had laughed at Jimmy one of the football coaches for having a foot fetish Steve and Chad now understand why he could be attracted to feet as Lizzie's pale feet are so small but perfectly formed. They both rub and play with her feet for a little while before Paul gets off Lizzie and towers over the scared blonde.

"Now you little cock teasing whore you have one last chance either you follow up with all your teasing downstairs or we are going to take your flower anyway," Paul threatens the blonde and tears form in Lizzie's eyes as she is threatened.

"But mister I'm not a cock tease or a whore and I don't wanna have sex with you or your friends," Lizzie sniffs her eyes full of tears as the big men stand over her.

"Bad call Blondie cause now we are going to fuck your skinny white pussy till your screaming like a proper little slut," Paul snarls at her before unbuckling his jeans dropping them and his boxers to the floor and 8 thick inches of cock pop out.

Lizzie has never seen anything so big and scary in her life when her brother was little she had seen his thing and once she had walked in on her Dad in the shower but this has bigger than her Dad's by a few inches. She goes to scream but the slimmer but massively tall wide receiver Kenny wraps with big palm around her mouth muffling her screams. Lizzie tries to get up of Kate's bed but Kenny holds her down digging her petite frame into the mattress crushing her and keeping her in place. Chad and Steve let go of Lizzie's kicking legs and quickly join their captain Paul in removing their clothes exposing their 7 inches cocks to more shocked wide eyed looks from Lizzie. She thinks back to her sex ed class and she knows that somehow those massive penises have to fit into her pussy and Lizzie is so scared that those big things will rip her in half that she stops fighting Kenny and is frozen stiff with fear. As she stops fighting Kenny lets go and quickly removes his clothes his 7 inch throbbing wildly at the sight of a barefoot blonde cock whore scared stiff as she is finally going to get what she deserves. All four jocks are now standing round Lizzie completely naked their pink cock heads pointing at her body and Lizzie's lip starts trembling in fear. She doesn't want to lose her virginity to these four big naked guys who look like they want to have sex with her. 4 erect penises stare at her and Lizzie starts to cry and beg the four guys standing around her not to sleep with her.

"Please guys don't do this my daddy will be here in a few minutes to pick me up and his really big and he will kick all of your asses," Lizzie tries to back and lie her way out of these scary situation.

The four guys all look at each other before they laugh loudly at the little blonde tart trying to stand up for herself. Lizzie sees the laughs and knows she is stuck so she quickly springs off the bed and makes a dash for the door. Paul simply stands in her way and Lizzie hits him at full speed and before she knows where she is the other three grab her and fling her back onto the bed. Steve and Chad are once again on leg duty but this time they sit on her knees freeing their hands to rub up and down on Lizzie's inner thighs. As Lizzie screams Kenny rubs her small tits though her top and Lizzie starts to wail and cry as her body is being molested. Paul's hands move under Lizzie's shirt rubbing her flat tummy making Lizzie cry out as four bigger, taller older guys are grouping her. Downstairs at the party the music is turned up and Kate is dancing away grinding up against some older guys as her friends watch on amazed that any older guy would pay attention to girls as old as them. Big hands rub Lizzie's body sending emotions running though her body and she starts weeping like a new born as she doesn't like this new emotions. They make her feel funny and the fact these guys are forcing this new feelings on her is making her cry. Tears stain her make up as Paul and Kenny pin down her arms with their strong legs and take a hold of her white and pink t-shirt. Like true teammates no words are needed as they both are on the same wavelength as they rip the shirt clean down the middle. Lizzie wants to scream but a pillow is forced over her mouth leaving her loud screams as faint muffles.

"Oh wow Paul look at this bitches tits," Kenny says with a groan his cock flexing as Lizzie little A cups are out in the open held in a tiny white lace bra.

Like his fellow teammate Paul licks his lips at Lizzie's cute little bra hiding her perky tits underneath. They finish tearing off the fabric of her shirt pulling it off her arms and neck and throw the torn material away as Lizzie bellows under the pillow as she feels her top being torn off and her chest out in the open. She doesn't want to be here anymore all that time spent chasing and wanting after boys only to find out this is really want they like and all the want to do is have sex with. Lizzie's sobs are in fear but she feels like it's here fault if she hadn't taken the Kate route and dressed like a girl with no class she would now be a home sitting at her desk with a nice glass of milk rather than pinned down on a bed by four naked guys with her shirt off. Paul and Kenny place and hand each over her tiny bosom and squeeze the soft flesh bringing loud lung filled screams from under the pillow. Lizzie is kicking and rocking her body like a mad woman but the guys have the numbers and the power to keep her body pinned down easily. Kenny the tall skinny kid with a crew cut and his thin brown hair is barely visible on the top of his head is on Lizzie's right hand side playing with one tit while the older, darker haired Paul pulls on her other tit. Lizzie's boobs are being pulled unmercifully like the guys are trying to rip her tiny tits clean off her body. Their finger nails sink into the material of her bra and dig into the soft sensitive skin of her boobs and Lizzie sobs with pain as this big guys are just hurting her body.

"Fuck this Ken lets rip this slut's bra off," Paul barks out before taking a glance back to see Steve and Chad caressing her legs while pulling at the sliver button on her jeans.

Kenny and Paul both let go of her tits and grab the central bit of her bra and with all the power in their big arms pull it forward. The force of them pulling up lifts Lizzie's back of the mattress and she howls in pain as the back of her bra digs forcefully into her skin. A few hard tugs later and one of Lizzie's best bra's is ruined forever as all the straps rip and the bra is yanked clean off her body. Lizzie howls in shame as her tiny bare boobies pop out into the open in front of the two animals mauling her. Once Paul and Kenny see her tiny tits with pink nipples poking up at them they throw away the bra and pounce on Lizzie's tits licking, sucking and biting down on her amazingly soft boobs. Lizzie cries out in screams of agony as her tiny body is pulled, touched and hurt by these four nasty men who are in total control and having there way with her. As the two guys pull and bite on her tits Lizzie feels her tight jeans being pulled down bringing her more pain as the tight denim digs into her legs. Her bright white panties are exposed to Steve and Chad who pull her jeans all they way down getting harder and harder as they expose more and more of Lizzie's amazing legs. Untanned they are a perfect pale shade and look so soft making both Steve's and Chad's dicks throb painfully. Her jeans are pulled off balled up and thrown away into another corner of Kate's room and both defensive ends waste little time rubbing their dicks over her smooth as silk legs.

'God her legs are so soft Steve," Chad moans tilting his head back in pleasure as he rubs his dick up and down Lizzie's thighs.

"Yeah slut should be wearing skirts with legs this fucking good," Paul groans in agreement his own dick leaving a trail of pre cum up Lizzie's inner thighs.

Lizzie sobs into her pillow prison as she can feel two big slimy things moving up her legs and she can feel two more of them poking against her ribs and Lizzie just cries as she is being raped in her enemy's house by four older guys. Paul and Kenny are still treating her tits with the same kind of care as a baggage handler treats luggage as they pull, slap and bite on every pasty white bit of tit flesh their hungry eyes can see. As a result of this Lizzie's once perky white tits are now bruised a bright red and constant stinging pain shoots though Lizzie's tiny frame. Steve and Chad now stare at the last bit of clothing covering Lizzie's pinned down body her bright white panties. They look so virginally and innocent but Chad and Steve aren't buying it for a second. The two guys don't either bother pulling her panties down instead much like Paul and Kenny did with her shirt and bra the two football stars pull at the flimsy material till it rips clean off with a nice loud sound bringing yet more humiliation to Lizzie. The pillow covering her face keeping her quite but still allowing the blonde to breath is soaked in her own tears and Lizzie's pretty face is a blotch unsexy red. Lizzie's pussy is hairless and Steve and Chad admire her untouched pink pussy lips before rubbing their hands on her most pure and sensitive spot making Lizzie scream like a patient in A+E. pain shoots though Lizzie's entire body as these guys use her as a toy not caring if they break or bend anything and Lizzie's lungs are raw and sore from all her sobbing and screaming.

"Stop please stop guys I wanna go home I want my mummy," a pitiful Lizzie wails in utter defeat but the guys are too wrapped up in their own pleasure to hear her cries.

Lizzie's throat feels like sandpaper and she has no more tears left to cry and is left to dry sob into her pillow her entire body racked with pain. As Steve and Chad play with her used pussy Kenny still has his face in between her tiny tits his bright white teeth nicking the flesh giving Lizzie's body a jolt pushing her body up into his. Paul meanwhile is so hard and horny that he can't take it anymore and she slides over to the left of Lizzie and rips the pillow away from her face. Lizzie is hoarse so her screams are light and croaky and the pressure of the guys hurting her and holding her down has left her weak and helpless. All her energy went into fighting but the older guys were too strong and Lizzie sobs as Paul and his big cock leer over her sweaty, sore body. Paul holds his cock with his right hand, his touchdown throwing hand and starts rubbing his cock all over her red, pained face. Lizzie wants to make him stop but her no stop crying and screaming session had left her weak and she couldn't fight back anymore. She didn't want this to happen but as a massive cock head rubs against her nose and down around her lips Lizzie knows she is powerless. Pushing his cock into her lips it just takes a look and a grab of Lizzie's jaw to make the little slut open her mouth allowing him to slip his massive member into his mouth. Lizzie screams into is cock as it fills her entire mouth stretching out her hips and she is in an amazing amount of pain. It feels like he is going to choke her right before her mouth splits open as his giant, thick dick fills Lizzie's cute mouth.

"Huh you like this you little fucking cock tease you like having a big fat cock down your slutty mouth," Paul shouts down at her as he thrusts his thick cock in and out of her painfully sore mouth.

Lizzie shuts her eyes and takes in every little bit of air she can as Paul's mouth acts like a cork in her mouth stopping her from breathing. She wants this to be a dream as she welds her eyes tight shut hoping to wake up in her own bed but no. Her throat and mouth are being fucked by the uncaring Paul while Kenny pulls on her tits like a dog with a chew toy with Steve rubbing and slapping her legs Lizzie wonders if there is any pain on this earth worse than what's she going though right now. There is Chad sucks on 3 of his slightly chubby sausage fingers and shoves them hard into Lizzie's cunt nearly making the blonde pass out from pain. Her whole body shoots forward sending Paul's cock impaling down her throat making him groan.

"Fuck," Paul screams his hands going behind his head as he closes his eyes in pleasure, "This fucking cunt can deep throat."

Lizzie wants to scream but Paul's cock is invading her throat and her only saving grace is the fact Paul is enjoying this and she is breathing though her nose at least making sure she has oxygen running though her body. It hurts like hell having something that big and thick down her throat and Lizzie's body rocks again as Steve adds two of his own fingers into her ultra tight cunt.

"Holy shit boss," Chad says his rather high voice not matching his massive frame, "She's a fucking virgin, this pussy is tighter than a Jewish Banker." [SORRY ALL JEWISH BANKERS]

Paul groans at hearing how tight his newest conquest is and the though of him ramming her tight pussy makes him lose control so Paul quickly pulls out of Lizzie's mouth and shoots a thick wave of cum over her face. No way was Lizzie expecting that as hot, sticky seaman hits her right in the face stinging her eyes and dripping into her sweaty blonde locks. Her entire face is almost covered in this mask of cum and Lizzie's arms are still pinned by Paul and Kenny's legs so she can't even wipe the fowl smelling stuff of her face. Lizzie is so beaten her face soaked in seaman and before she can think another thought her tortured body has another wave of pain sent though them as Chad and Steve push their fingers in and out of her tight cunt. Paul sits down on the edge of the bed limp cock resting against his thigh as he watches his two best friends finger fuck a slutty teasing virgin. Even Kenny stops biting and licking Lizzie's red raw tits and sits back to watch Steve and Chad break in her pussy. Chad and Steve are perfectly in time their fingers plowing into Lizzie's pussy making her cry and moan in agony. Lizzie has no idea where she is or how long this rape has been as all her body knows and fells for all she knows she could have had three orgasms but all her petite body was registering is pain. Chad and Steve use their fingers like the jaws of life as the work their fingers in stretching her cute little pussy open hopefully for one if not all of them to fit there cocks in and fuck the cum soaked blonde. Lizzie's body hovers on black out as pain shoots though her aching pussy to her brain but her mouth feels a few inches wider and her tits are hurting and stinging so much in pain. No one is holding Lizzie down but she is so filled with pain and weak she couldn't get up down even if she tried.

The 4 guys look at her nude sweaty body and once again all of them sporting massive hard dicks as Paul had stroking himself hard in record time wanting the first crack at Lizzie's pussy, "Ok guys time to really fuck this bitch now roll her onto her side," Paul directs his troops.

Chad and Steve remove their fingers from Lizzie's tight pussy both men on the brink as finger fucking her tight pussy had turned them both on so much. Paul gets up but looking at the hardened lust filled looks on his mates faces he sits back down.

"Ok Steve buddy I think you should get up here and get inside that bitches mouth, Ken dude you get first crack at that sweet pussy and Chad man you get her booty," Paul orders like a roman emperor and on cue his three mates roar with delight.

Paul takes a seat on the bed knowing it was good to let his mates fuck the slut he always got first pick of new school cheerleaders so it was only fair to let his buddies break in the young cocktease. Steve easily opens Lizzie's gasping mouth and slides all 7 inches into her mouth and instantly groans at how wet the sluts mouth is. All her salvia is so warm and Steve tilts her head up as she is rolled over onto her side allowing him to fuck her dirty mouth. Chad lies behind her and spreads Lizzie's asscheeks and rubs the tip of his hard cock against her asscrack. Lizzie groans into Steve's cock as her tight ass has a hard cock rubbing against it. Chad holds onto Lizzie's tight ass cheeks squeezing her soft skin and he starts to force his hard cock into her ass. She wants to scream but Steve's cock gags her mouth, as her virgin ass is broken in with Chad's hard-unlubed cock. Inch after inch Chad pushes his dick into Lizzie's ass and it's so tight it's almost crushing Chad's 7-inch cock. As Steve fucks her mouth and Chad slams into her ass and Kenny know lies on the front side of Lizzie aiming his rock hard dick at her virgin pussy. Pushing into Lizzie's tight cunt Kenny groans as her cunt squeezes his cock and he starts bucking his hips. All 3 guys are now fucking Lizzie's nude body making her rock and shake in pain. Steve fucks Lizzie's mouth the top of his cock head slamming into the back of Lizzie's throat making her choke as he pounds her. Chad has a more pained look on his face, as Lizzie's ass is amazingly tight but soon she starts to stretch her booty out. His cock soon starts to fit in better allowing him to thrust in and really fuck Lizzie's ass.

Lizzie is in so much pain as the two hard cocks are pumping into her as Steve slams his big dick in between her soft lips are stretching her ass and pussy out. Lizzie is sweating and hurting her body being used as a fuck toy by the three older guys as Paul watches on with great interest. All three of them fuck her tight body and Kenny really now bucks his hips into Lizzie's hips thrusting his massive cock into her tight pussy. Slamming his hips backwards and forwards Kenny really goes in fucking Lizzie's tight pussy hard. He groans with pleasure as her tight pussy is like a vice on his dick crushing it but giving him enough room to pound the young blonde. Kenny calls out in pleasure as he wraps him arms around her hips powering into her cunt moaning loudly. He loses control and shoots a stream of cum deep into Lizzie's virgin forever marking him are her first fuck. He sprays deep into her pussy staining it with his own cum and stealing her virginity. Sitting back Kenny rubs his sweaty abs and grins with delight as he looks at Lizzie's pussy dripping wet covered with his cum. Steve is also on the edge of cumming and unlike Paul he really wants the little cock tease to swallow his cum and when he sees Kenny blow his load inside her he can fell her resistance dieing. Lizzie feels lots of pain in her crotch and something dripping between her legs and her whole body is shaking in pain. Steve slams his cock into her mouth and his balls tense up before he groans out loud and cums right down Lizzie's throat. The poor blonde is forced to swallow all of Steve's cum and she moans as she is made to drink up all of his seed. She has cum stains around her mouth and is coughing as Steve pulls his limp cock out of her mouth after emptying her balls into Lizzie's mouth.

"Oh god her ass is so fucking tight this really fucking hurts I can't do it anymore," Chad groans pulling out of Lizzie's tight ass holding his cock in pain.

Paul gets up and climbs over to Lizzie's fucked body, "Ok Chad man maybe we should both break in her slutty pussy."

Chad grins and joins his captain as they roll Lizzie from off her side onto her back and spread her legs. Lizzie is beaten and in pain and no longer has any fight left in her body. All she can feel is pain running though her body as Paul and Chad aim there hard cocks at the entrance to her already stretched pussy. Paul pushes inside her cunt first and Chad takes a few goes to push himself inside her pussy. They double penetrate her and start thrusting back and forth bouncing Lizzie across Kate's bed. Slamming two big cocks against her clean pussy walls Paul and Chad fuck Lizzie's freshly broken in pussy and the two guys really go for it. Lizzie starts screaming she just screams and screams pain all over her body every thing she feels brings her more pain as she howls and wails in mortal agony. Thinking quickly Steve picks up a black pair of panties from the floor that must be Kate's and forces them into Lizzie's open mouth silencing the screams. Moaning into the gag Lizzie starts to cry again as her poor pussy is pushed wide open my two massive cock's. Paul and Chad really go for it their cocks pushed together inside of her hitting her once untouched clit bringing shock waves of pain all though Lizzie's growing body. Chad thrusts hard and feels the end coming and turns to Paul who understands the look of pleasure on his team mates face and slides his big cock out of her pussy allowing Chad to have his moment. His hips move in a blur and his groans and moans get louder and louder before Chad loses control and cums deep into Lizzie's pussy. The blonde cries into her gag as the warm liquid fills up her once innocent and unbroken cunt but is now soaked in the seaman of two different men.

Chad falls back onto the bed tired but with a massive smile on his face as Paul rolls a tired Lizzie over onto her front. Lizzie isn't even aware oh what's going on all she can feel is pain and that's all she's thinking about. Wrapping his arms around her hips Paul pulls her lower half up off the bed and gets a bird's eye view of her red and sore asshole.

"Kenny man hand us that cream from the table over there," Paul says pointing at the bottle of face cream on Kate's beauty table.

Kenny throws him the bottle and Paul squirts half the tub into Lizzie's asshole lubing the young girl's ass. Aiming his cock at her tiny hole Paul takes a deep breath before pushing his monster cock into her asshole. The pain rips though Lizzie who screams into her dirty panties gag before finally the pain is too much and the blonde passes out.

"Holy shit this bitch is fucking tight," Paul screams sweat dripping down his forehead as he moves inch after inch of his big dick into her asshole.

Paul gets as much of his cock inside her ass before she starts to thrust into her skin cream lubed ass and loud squelching noises fill the room as the other 3 guys watch on. Paul digs his nails right into Lizzie's asscheeks spreading them out as wide as the young blonde's anatomy will allow and softly her ass starts to loosen. His thrusts become faster, the sounds lower and all of his monster cock now disappears up Lizzie's shit hole. He starts to fuck her hard arms wrapped tightly around her hips holding her lower body in the air allowing him easy access to her asshole. The other 3 are starting to get hard watching the little blonde cock tease getting her butt fucked. Paul's groan and cries go louder and deeper as he pile drives his hard dick into Lizzie's ass knowing she will never forget this day as her ass is busted and every lover she will have after tonight will easily be able to have anal sex with the little slut. The knowledge that he is forever breaking open a little tease so that she could deliver on her teases is the finally straw that sends Paul over the edge of pleasure. He growls like an animal before Paul fires his load deep into Lizzie's anus filling the little slut up with his cum. He removes his dick and stages over to his pile of clothes sitting down on the carpet tired but happy. The other 3 are rock hard again as they watch a mix of skin cream and cum leaking out of Lizzie's once tight asshole. Steve whispers something to the other two who smile and quickly roll Lizzie over onto her back. Kenny, Steve and Chad all stand round Lizzie's naked sweaty body and they jerk their cocks to her hot teasing body. A jerk circle is formed around an out cold Lizzie as the three star football players push hard wanking furiously. They are all moaning and groaning as the sound of skin on skin fills the birthday girl's room.

"MMMMM MMMM MMMMMMM YEAH TAKE THIS YOU FLITHY FUCKING BITCH," Steve groaned before jerking off a few shots of cum all over Lizzie's already cum soaked face giving her an almost white mask covering her pretty face.

"UHHHH UUUUUH HHHHHUUUU YOU LITTLE PRICKTEASE CUNT," Kenny cried out in ecstasy as he sends his second load all over Lizzie's red and sore tits covering her A cups in his hot, sticky jizz.

"HOLY SHIT FUCK YOU LITTLE SLUTTY TART HOPE YOU WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO LITTLE WHORES IN THE REAL WORLD," Chad said before blasting across Lizzie's stomach and chest covering her in cum meaning most of her top half is covered in cum while it leaks like a tap out of her ass and pussy.

All four guys congratulate each other as Amy steps into the room, "Come on guys party's almost over time for you to be going."

Paul gets dressed and points at a sweaty, cum covered Lizzie, "It's alright Amy we were just going we've had all the fun we could have out of that little slut.

Amy steps into the room and sees the cum soaked Lizzie lying on her sister's bed and she can't help but smile as the guys get dress and walk out and she calls back to them, "Hey Paul tell my sister she could come up here and see this."

The four-football player troop downstairs and Amy walks around the bed looking at Lizzie out cold and more or less drowned in cum. Amy can't help but thinking how good the little girl next door looks all naked and covered in cum like a back alley slut.

Kate rushes up the stairs and runs into her own room and stops in shock as she sees Amy standing over Lizzie's white body, "Is she ok," a scared Kate asks.

Amy smiles, "Yeah she's fine her ass and pussy will be sore for a few weeks though and I don't think she will be going near any boys for a few years."

Kate steps closer to her archrival looking at the sticky substance on her skin, "Is that seaman?" she asks her sister.

"Yeah," Amy replies, "That's cum quite a lot of cum really this isn't putting you off sex is it Kate," Amy asks worried about ruining her baby sister's innocence.

"Well I don't think I'll ever be in an orgy but apart from that no sis I'll be fine what about Lizzie though I mean if she tells we are really in the shit," Kate says still a bit put off by the fact a crime had been committed even though it was on Lizzie Kate didn't want to be arrested.

Amy thinks for a second and looks up at her sister, "Hey you still got your birthday present?"

Kate pulls the yellow digital camera she got as a gift while Lizzie was upstairs being raped, "So I guess this is a little bit of whitemail," Kate jokes.

Amy groans, "Sis I'd stick to being the queen bee of school, joke telling isn't your thing."

"Dunno I won't be the spotlight at school any more," Kate says without emotion as she takes pics of Lizzie's cum covered body.

"But Kate being the top girl is all you have ever wanted why would that change?" Amy asks confused and shocked.

"Well Amy when all the guys at school see these pictures there are going to be hanging around Lizzie like flies around shit," Kate says with an evil grin on her face.

Amy smiles at her sister and lets her take the last few pictures before wrapping the blonde up in the cum stained mattress and carrying her outside and take the naked blonde into Amy's car and drive to Lizzie's house. On the way home both Amy and Kate are smiling as they picture the look on Mr. And Mrs. Mc's faces as the look outside to see there own daughter lying on their lawn naked, stinking of alcohol a brilliant idea of Kate's to pour some vodka over her body to make her smell drunk and of course covered in cum. Kate smiled it was her best birthday ever and the next few weeks looked set to be the very best of her young life.



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