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Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie The Lesbian Nympho Part 2
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Everyone in Lizzie McGuire's school a couple of weeks ago would have laughed
at the thought of Lizzie McGuire and Kate the cheerleader being friends. Now
though, they were much more! Lizzie and Kate had become lovers. They both
finally let their lesbian feelings for each other out, and they had no
intentions of hiding it from their classmates at school. On this day Lizzie
walked to cheerleading practice with Kate the two holding hands. When they
reached the gym the two pretty teen girls gave each other a big hug. Then the
other cheerleaders watched in disbelief as they gave each other a french kiss

"See you after practice sweetie." Smiled Lizzie.

Kate smiled and gave Lizzie a sexy wink. "Love you, Lizzie."

"Love you too, Kate."

Kate went to practice, unitimidated by the disbelief in the other
cheerleaders faces. Lizzie walked home with a little extra pep in her step.
She felt so lucky to have a girlfriend as pretty as Kate.

Back at Lizzie's house, Lizzie's mom Jo McGuire was in her basement or as
she liked to call in "The Dungeon." Jo McGuire earned extra money on the side
by being a dominatrix for various clients, unknown to her daughter. On this
day her victim was a Senator from Sacramento named Eileen Stevens. She was a
woman in her mid-forties a bit on the chunky side with red hair and a pale
complexion. Their session began with Jo walking in wearing a black halter top
showing lots of cleavage. She wore black thigh high stockings and knee high
black high heeled stiletto boots. Her blonde hair she wore up like she
normally did, and she wore her usual black rim glasses. What really got the
Senator's attention though, was a 10 inch black strap-on dangling between
Jo's legs.

Senator Stevens' was in her usual black blazer with a white blouse white
stockings with a garter belt and black skirt with modest 3 inch heels. Her
hands were tied above her head and she was stretched so high that she was
barely touching the floor with her feet. A red ball that was tied around her
mouth had her gagged.

Jo had a smile on her face, she loved dominating other women, especially
powerful women like this one. The powerful men were also a cliental of hers
but being a married woman, she enjoyed her opportunities of doing it with
another woman. Jo unzipped the senator's skirt dropping it to the floor,
displaying conservative white panties along with her white garter belt and
stockings. Her blazer was unbuttoned, then her blouse. Jo grabbed the front
clasp on her bra and ripped it apart displaying the Senator's big pale
breasts. Jo grabbed her panties and slid them down and off of her. As her
big butt came into view Jo took out more rope. She tied her legs apart so
that she couldn't push her legs together, for what was about to happen.

Taking out a little whip Jo got behind the Senator and started slapping her
on the ass with the whip. She pulled and strained against the robes, but she
was helpless. Helpless as her pussy was being exposed with her legs apart,
and helpless to it being hit by the whip, and not being able to get her legs
together. Jo went at her mercilessly, which was how she knew the Senator
liked it. Before long the room had the smell of the Senator's orgasm. Jo
took her fingers between her legs and felt her wetness. She smiled a
satisfied smile, now came the part she liked. She untied the Senator and she
was on her knees in front of Jo. She removed the gag from her, and ordered.

"Crawl over here and suck my plastic cock you cunt!"

She did as was ordered and soon Jo was looking down at the chunky red head
giving her fake cock head like it was real. She got great satisfaction seeing
her so submissive and acting like a slut. Before long Jo really got into it,
fucking the Senator's mouth with the strap-on while the senator jammed
fingers in and out of her own pussy. Before long the senator was cumming
again coating her fingers in cum. Jo ordered her to lick her fingers clean,
which she did. Since she had become a client of Jo's, she had learned to love
the taste of her own cum. After that Jo laid down and stroked her black cock.

"Come ride me bitch!"

She climbed aboard Jo and stuck the plastic cock inside her. Jo pulled her
close and kissed her deeply as her hips pumped into her feeling her up with
the 10 inch black cock. Jo felt up the Senator's big tits as she gave her
every inch of her cock. She went deeper and deeper until she had all 10
inches inside her. Jo licked and sucked and bit on the Senator's nipples
until the pleasure was too much and the senator came for a third time.

Jo rolled Eileen Stevens over and got her on her knees. She placed the pussy
lubricated cock against the Senator's ass. Jo grabbed a hold of her short
hair as she slid the black dildo up the red heads ass. She started pounding
her hard her body slapping against her ass cheeks as she slapped her ass
leaving hand prints on her pale ass. The pounding went on her an eternity in
the Senator's mind until at last she came again for the fourth time.

After that Jo slid her strap-on off and then her top, and squatted over
Eileen, her pussy right in the Senators face. Jo smothered her with her pussy
all the while squeezing her own tits as the senator licked away on her
snatch. Jo pulled hard on her nipples as she looked down at the powerful
California Senator between her legs and eating her pussy like a cheap slut.
Before long her own orgasm was released, she ordered the senator not to miss
a drop as her pussy cream covered her face. After the session was finished
she paid Jo $300 for her services.

Over at Miranda's house Miranda and Gordo were discussing the change in
their friend Lizzie, more than anything her lesbian relationship with Kate.

"Maybe she's going through a stage Miranda, and she'll grow out of it." said

"I doubt it, I've never had any type of feelings for another girl before and
even if I ever did I'd never let it be so obvious. I mean I like boys, what
can another girl have to offer me?" asked Miranda.

"I can't answer that question, Miranda. Other than the fact that who wouldn't
want you." he smiled.

"Gordo, are you flirting with me?" asked a flattered Miranda.

"Yes, I am, your a pretty girl Miranda, even prettier than Lizzie, you could
have any guy you wanted."

"Really, you think so? Does that included you, Gordo?"

"Um well........yeah, I'd love to have you...... I mean be your boyfriend."
he quickly corrected himself, he blushed realizing what he unintentionally

Miranda giggled at Gordo's obvious embarrassment. "Well, if you were my
boyfriend Gordo, and believe me your cute enough, you'd have to kiss good,
are you a good kisser Gordo?"

"Well,........would you care to find out?"

Miranda grabbed her hair tie and let her long dark hair fall down past her
shoulders. Gordo couldn't believe it, Miranda looked even hotter with her
hair down. He would say she was like a latina goddess in fact. Miranda put
her arms around Gordo, and his hands went to her waist.

"Yes Gordo lets find out." smiled a turned on Miranda.

The two friends leaned in and began kissing. Soft gentle kisses at first,
then moments later they got more bold, and lips opened and they inserted
their tongues in each others mouths. Now Miranda and Gordo were french
kissing passionately. Miranda slid her hand to Gordo's crotch to find his
cock was rock hard and poking through his jeans. Gordo slid his hands under
Miranda's loose top to her bra-covered breasts. He was shocked that Miranda's
rack was so big. He had never noticed her tits before. Apparently her choice
in clothes had always covered up her obvious bigger than average chest. Gordo
started to lift her top off and to his surprise Miranda helped him lifting
her arms.

Now Miranda was sitting there in front of him in a dark green bra with sexy
lace, her cleavage was visible to him. Miranda then lifted of Gordo's shirt
and kissed his chest. Gordo moaned feeling her lacey silk bra rub against his
chest as she erotically licked his nipples. Miranda then came up and looked
at Gordo in the eyes, lust consumed both of them as Miranda reached back to
unhook her bra. She slowly slid down her bra straps then the cups, revealing
two round light brown breasts with big dark nipples. Gordo leaned in Miranda
pressed his head to her chest as Gordo gave both breasts a tongue bath. He
would suck an entire breast in his mouth, then pull out and tongue the hard
nipple. He repeated this motion over and over while his other hand squeezed
the other tit and pulled on the big nipple.

Gordo slid his hand under Miranda's mini-skirt and rubbed on her
panty-covered pussy. Miranda willingly open her legs giving Gordo the best
access. He rubbed her crotch up and down with his hands as his mouth sucking
on her tits continued to increase. Miranda wondered in her mind why her and
Gordo never done this before, maybe it was because she knew Lizzie had a
crush on him at one time. Either way Lizzie never made a move on him, so it
was her loss. If Lizzie wanted him she should have never gone dyke with that
bitch Kate. Miranda unzipped Gordo's pants and pulled his cock out. It was
the first cock Miranda had ever seen, it was a modest 6 inches but
considering his age and Miranda never seeing another cock to compare it to
it was quite big to her.

Miranda pushed Gordo on to his back and started to tongue the head of his
cock with her tongue as he stroked her long hair. Miranda then began to take
him down in her mouth. Swallowing his shaft she also played with his balls
as she gave her first blowjob so well it seemed like it could be her 100th.
Gordo wondered if Miranda wasn't a virgin the way she knew exactly what to
do to turn him on. Miranda's mouth wrapped tight around Gordo's pole as she
got all of him in her mouth sliding back and forth out of her mouth. Gordo
reached down to get a feel of Miranda's big tits again as he felt the sexy
latina girls mouth swallow his rod. Gordo knew he was gonna cum if this
didn't stop though so as much as he hated to he stopped her.

He pulled her into another hot kiss his hands lifting her skirt and caressing
her tight ass. His hands slid up to the waistband of her panties and he slid
them off. Her green panties went down past her round ass and off her tan legs
exposing her dark pubic hair covered pussy. Gordo wasted no time at sliding
his finger in her pussy as he sucked her neck giving her hickeys as he
fingered her. Miranda kept stroking his rod as he got her pussy even wetter
than before with is fingering.

He pushed her onto her back and pushed his cock at the entrance of her pussy.
Miranda let out a gasp as he slid inside her cunt. Gordo couldn't believe
how good her pussy felt as he started going in and out of her still leaning
forward like a gentleman and kissing her softly as he rammed her pussy.
Miranda put her hands on Gordo's ass as his cock pounded her harder and
harder and faster and faster. Miranda spread her legs as wide as she could
giving him the best target as he drilled all the way into her. She then felt
a rush of pain as her cherry busted with his penetration, she was about to
tell him to stop but didn't wanna be perceived as a tease. She almost
panicked seeing the blood on the floor and the blood on Gordo's cock.

Luckily the pain later ceased and she was feeling pleasure again. Gordo was
glad to find out that Miranda was in fact a virgin, he was worried that she
had done this before and she would know what he was doing wrong if anything.
Instead they were just two good friends losing their virginity together.

"Oh Gordo yessss mmmm that's it deeper deeper... ahhhh yeah oh yes your cock
is so big Gordo yeah make me a woman Gordo that's it ohhhhhhh Gordo!"

Gordo went faster as Miranda's encouragement turned him on more. Soon his
balls were slapping against her ass as he rammed her pussy hard. Miranda
rolled Gordo over and decided she wanted to do the work now. She planted her
feet on the floor and start to pounce up and down on his cock. Gordo looked
up even more turned on at those big boobs of Miranda's bouncing as she rode
his shaft hard. He enjoyed the view of her pussy making his cock disappear
inside of her.

"Oh Miranda yes uhhhh God yes that's it ride me ohh ride me you sexy bitch
yessss God your so good Miranda ohhhh yesss your pussy's so tight so
tight!!!" He exclaimed.

Miranda rode him harder still, both of them wanting to release an orgasm so
badly. Gordo came first firing his hot load up her young pussy, this feeling
inside of her caused Miranda to orgasm also. The two gave each other a tight
embrace on Miranda's bed. "There's no way another woman can top that!" smiled
Miranda. Gordo squeezed his good friend tightly her big knockers pressed up
against his chest as they cuddled together. He brushed her long bangs out of
her face as they kissed passionately once again.

Lizzie McGuire made her way home. Lizzie was on cloud 9 she was a young girl
in love, so what if it was with another girl and people bad mouthed them all
the time at school. She was happy and so was Kate, so who cared about what
everyone thought. She noticed a very nice car parked in the driveway. "Wow,
I hope my parents bought that, I'd love to be taken to school if I was riding
in that." Naturally though, she assume, and was correct, that they had

She made her way inside and saw a beautiful young woman in the kitchen. She
had dark hair and dark maroon color top and tight white stretch pants that
seemed to hug all the curves on her much taller than Lizzie body frame.
Lizzie could see the girls pantylines through her tight pants as the girl
was reaching in the cupboard.

"Um can I help you?"

The young woman turned around and gave Lizzie a smile, the smile was
especially sexy to Lizzie cause this girl had braces. It made her look more
Lizzie's age and not a high school girl.

"Hi you must be Lizzie, I'm Ren, Ren Stevens"

The two exchanged a handshake.

"My mom is the Senator of California and your mom is helping her with her
campaign they're downstairs discussing strategy and stuff like that."

"Oh ok I see." Lizzie found this strange her mom never mentioned anything
like this before.

"So have you been bored here by yourself for long?"

Ren smiled that pretty smile again. "Nah I'm OK, I was hoping you would be
home soon though, after all I don't know how long my mom's gonna be and I was
hoping for someone to keep me company."

"OK well, lets go to my room."

They both made there way up to Lizzie's room. Lizzie could swear she felt
Ren's eyes checking out her butt in her shorts but she dismissed it as her
imagination. They went to Lizzie's room, Lizzie felt a little embarrassed
and worried that Ren was gonna think she was a little girl with all the
stuffed animals in her room. She was quickly reassured when Ren said that
she loved them.

"You've got a Mr. Pooky!! I sleep with one of these!"

"You do?" asked a shocked Lizzie. "No offense Ren but you seem to mature for

"Oh no I have an original Mr. Pooky I've had him since I was 6 years old."

"Wow I never would have imagined, um would you like to look at some pictures
or something?"

Lizzie got out her photo album and showed some of the PICS her family had,
the two looked and laughed at some of the silly photos when Ren noticed her
picture frames.

"Who's this?"

"Oh that's Miranda and Gordo my best friends at least until recently."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that what happened?"

"Well, I started a relationship with somebody and ....well they didn't accept

"That's horrible Lizzie, all because of some guy? If your friends they should
support you as long as your happy."

"Yeah I know Ren but....... this was a different kind of relationship then
I've had before."

"Who's this? You two look happy has she excepted your relationship?"

Ren showed Lizzie a picture frame of her and Kate that was taken last week,
they had their arms around each other and were cheek to cheek.

"Yes, that's Kate, she has accepted my relationship but only because.......
well she's IS my girlfriend."

"Well, so was Miranda though right? I mean only a true friend would support
you, that must be what Kate is..........."

"No, Ren you don't understand." Lizzie cut her off. "When I say that me and
Kate are girlfriends I mean Kate is my .....well she's my lover."

Ren sat there stunned for a moment her mouth open but no words coming out.
"Ohhh I see," she finally said.

"Look I'm sorry, they say I'm a smart girl, but sometimes I'm not so smart."
said Ren.

"Its OK Ren, I kinda surprised myself with this whole relationship,"
responded Lizzie.

"What's it like, you and Kate?' Wondered Ren.

"Well, its really different but, its really great too, there's just something
about another girl, making love to her is such a beautiful thing, its hard to

"Well, if we were best friends Lizzie, nothing would change." smiled Ren.

"Thanks Ren that's sweet of you."

Lizzie gave Ren a hug. Suddenly Ren felt very strange knowing that she was
now hugging a girl who liked other girls. For some reason Ren flashed in her
mind images of how love with another woman would be, most specifically Lizzie
McGuire. As their hugged broke Ren got bold, she kissed Lizzie on the cheek.
Lizzie smiled, she put her hand on Ren's leg.

"You're so sweet" said Lizzie.

Ren felt both good and nervous at this moment. Lizzie was a very happy girl,
while Ren was sexually frustrated with Bobby Deever her boyfriend. Was Ren
missing out on something by not being with another girl? She had to find out,
and the pretty 14 year old in front of her seemed like the best way. Ren
leaned in again and this time kissed Lizzie on the mouth. Again Lizzie smiled
and showed no resistance as her hand slid a bit higher on Ren's leg.

"Show me Lizzie."

"Show you?"

"Yes, show me how beautiful it is with another girl."

"Well Ren I don't know I..."

Ren cut Lizzie off by kissing her on the mouth again. This time the kiss
was more intense. Ren put her hands on Lizzie's hips and slipped Lizzie the
tongue. Lizzie protested at first, but Ren was not wanting to take no for an
answer. After a while Lizzie stopped protesting, Ren was a great kisser, even
better than Kate! She gave in and started making out with Ren. Her hands slid
up and down Ren's leg caressing the tight fabric of her stretch pants as
Ren's hands moved to Lizzie's ass covered by her shorts. Lizzie broke the
kiss, then untucked Ren's shirt and pulled it off her. Ren had a great tan
and her white bra accented her tan nicely.

Lizzie lifted off her own shirt displaying a black bra that was a push-up.
She was into wearing those now cause Kate liked them on her. She could tell
by Ren's eyes that Ren was impressed as well. Lizzie started kissing Ren's
neck, the older girl moaned at her sweet kisses as Lizzie found Ren's bra
clasp and unhooked it. Ren nervously unhooked Lizzie's bra as well. Both were
quite impressed with the others chest, not large tits but just the perfect
size. The two took turns on sucking on each others endowments. Ren's breasts
were a bit more round with darker aureolas. Lizzie's were closer to pink in
color and had more of a cone shape to them, but both were very firm. Then the
two teens were kissing again as they're bare breasts pressed against each
other. Ren continued to squeeze Lizzie sexy little butt as Lizzie caressed
Ren's bare back with her fingertips and kissed Ren passionately. When Ren
broke the kiss it was to help Lizzie out of her shorts. Ren saw that Lizzie's
panties were black like her bra and Lizzie was wearing thong panties too.

Lizzie helped Ren out of her stretch pants to find her plain white cotton
lady's "Hanes Her Way" panties. The two pressed their bodies tightly together
again, only their panties keeping them from being nude. Ren felt the heat
from Lizzie's pussy as the two girls crotches pressed together. Ren squeezed
the young girls ass even harder as she felt that she was gonna explode with
the new sensations going through her body.

Lizzie slid her hands down to Ren's panties.

"Are you sure you want this Ren?" She made sure.

"Yes, Lizzie I want it more than anything."

Lizzie smiled and pulled Ren's panties off throwing them to the floor, and
she started kissing Ren's inner thighs. Ren couldn't contain her moans and
gasps as her body felt like it was on fire. When Lizzie felt Ren was primed
and ready she went to Ren's pussy. Her pussy was nicely trimmed with a dark
triangle of pubic hair above her pussy lips. Lizzie slowly opened Ren up
then slid her tongue inside of her. Ren grabbed the sheets on the bed and
pulled them tightly with her hands as she felt oral sex for the first time.
Lizzie slid her tongue in deeper causing Ren to lift her ass off the bed as
the younger girl brought her to a new plateau of pleasure.

Ren pulled on her own pointed nipples as the young girl went ever so deeper
inside her with her tongue. Ren had masturbated before but a wet tongue was
oh so much different. Ren looked down and smiled her braces smiles at Lizzie
as the young girl looked her in the eyes and ate her out. Before long Ren
was coming, waves of pleasure went through her body as Lizzie's tongue went
deeper and faster inside of Ren. Lizzie was treated to Ren's sweet cum as
she ate her pussy Ren's ass lifted several feet off the bed as she rode her
biggest orgasm until the very end.

After that Ren went to Lizzie's thong, and started to slid it off the younger

"You don't have to do this Ren." assured Lizzie.

"I know, but I want to." insisted Ren.

When Lizzie's thong was off Ren kissed her way down Lizzie's stomach. Lizzie
giggled as Ren tongued her belly button. Then Ren went lower to Lizzie's
pussy. "Mmmm a natural blonde" thought Ren. Ren started to kiss her between
her legs, softly wanting to inhale Lizzie sweet female aroma. When she was
satisfied she opened Lizzie up. Her tongue had little trouble finding
Lizzie's clit and soon Ren Stevens was using her tongue all over Lizzie
McGuire's hot spot.

"Ohhhhhh Ren oh yeah ohhhh fuck that's it oh yeah right ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
yessssssssss there!!!!!!!!"

Ren never knew the sweet aroma could be so intoxicating or that the taste of
another girl would be so sweet. She couldn't get enough as she knelt over the
bed between Lizzie's open legs and ate her out for what seemed an endless
amount of time to Lizzie. Ren sent Lizzie to multiple orgasms as Ren couldn't
get enough.

Lizzie wanted to return the favor to Ren so she asked her to get in a 69.
Ren didn't understand that concept at first but when Lizzie told her to just
swing her legs over her and put her pussy back in Lizzie's face, that was
all she needed to understand. The two did a hot 69 this time Lizzie giving
Ren multiple orgasms. Lizzie was glad she was upstairs otherwise Ren's loud
moans might have been heard in the basement where they're moms were. When
the two were finally spent they collapsed in each others arms.

"That was amazing Lizzie."

"Yes, it was Ren" They kissed again.

"I wonder what's keeping our moms, I mean my God its 5:30." wondered Ren.

"Oh my God its 5:30?" asked Lizzie.

With that Lizzie got up quickly she was supposed to meet her girlfriend Kate
at 5 after cheerleading practice. Lizzie left her bra and panties, she just
slid into her shorts and her top in record time, she kissed Ren on the mouth.

"Gotta go it was great, Ren."

Lizzie ran downstairs, and there was Kate on the verge of walking upstairs
to meet her.

"Lizzie where were you? I waited, for a while but its not like you to be late
so I wondered where you were." said Kate.

"Its nothing sweetie I just got distracted, um come on lets leave." insisted

"Hey Lizzie can I use your shower?" asked Ren.

Kate looked up the stairs to see a pretty girl, she was topless just wearing
white panties.

Kate glared at Lizzie. "Yeah, you got distracted, you know what, fuck you

With that Kate walked out the front door. Ren gave Lizzie a look that said
"I'm sorry."

Lizzie's heart sank, a girl that she was in love with had just caught her
messing around, how was she ever gonna fix this?

The End????


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