This story is fictional, this never happened on the show. Remember this is
fantasy only and not to be taken seriously. If your under 18 then your too
young to read this.

Lizzie McGuire: Lizzie The Lesbian Nympho Part 3 (mf,ff,MF,fff,oral)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Lizzie was upset, her girlfriend Kate had caught her with another girl in her
room, and there was no denying what Lizzie and her were doing when the girl
Kate saw in the room was topless. Kate ran out of Lizzie's house, holding
back the tears as she had her first lesbian relationship go much like her
last boy/girl relationship, with the other one being unfaithful. Kate had run
off and not looked back, she was hurt, sure she had been hurt before, but she
didn't expect Lizzie to cheat on her. That was something a guy would do, she
would have never believed Lizzie would do it.

Still she remembered the girl she saw at the top of the stairs. She was as
gorgeous as Lizzie was, but in a diffrent way. Her beautiful dark hair, her
firm breasts her dark complection, and she was tall with gorgeous long legs.

"My God no wonder Lizzie fucked her, shes prettier than me." She thought.

She went home and was looking through the mail as she saw the light on the
answering machine blinking. She sighed wondering if Lizzie had called her,
she reluctantely pressed the button.

"Kate, its Lizzie. Please don't be mad Kate, I know I have no excuse for
what I did, but look, Ren was wanting to know how beautiful making love
with another girl was. She wanted to know how good it was with you and me
so I showed her. Please Kate baby don't be mad at me. I love you, I miss
you already. I miss your kisses honey, please Kate forgive me, I'll do
anything. (Lizzie cried) P.....please call me!"

Kate could tell Lizzie was sincere, she also knew the mystery girl's name
now, Ren. Kate thought it over, what should she do? She slowly walked over
to Lizzie's house. She stopped halfway there though. "Wait a minute why am I
going to meet her, she should be crawling on her hands and knees to my house
and begging me for forgiveness, the next move should be hers!"

Kate went back home, she spent most of the night staring in space, she missed
Lizzie, but she wasn't willing to forgive her so quickly. She would fall
asleep with tears in her eyes hours later.

* * *

Much like Kate, Lizzie was crying herself to sleep. Ren had left hours ago
apoligizing over and over to Lizzie. Lizzie assured Ren it wasn't her fault,
but that it was in fact Lizzie's own fault. The two had hugged each other
goodbye and Ren gave Lizzie her number in case she needed to talk to someone.
Luckily, tomorrow was Saturday so Lizzie didn't have to face Kate at school,

* * *

Across town Gordo was sneaking into Miranda's back window. Gordo and Miranda
had becomes lovers since Lizzie ran off with Kate. The two let their feelings
known since neither had to worry about Lizzie being left out of their circle.
After all Lizzie wasn't in the equation anymore so why should it matter what
she thought of Gordo and Miranda.

Miranda left her room lights out as she helped him in the room through the
window. Why's it so dark in here?" wondered Gordo.

"You'll see in a minute baby, get by the bed," said Miranda.

After Gordo got by the bed Miranda flicked on the light. Gordo's eyes popped
out of his head as he saw Miranda. Miranda was in a pink bra a matching pink
g-string along with a pink garter belt and stockings. Her gorgeous long dark
hair was down and she was wearing gold hoop earrings. Too say she was looking
hot would be the understatement of the new milenenium. Then she flashed him
a sweet smile and just casually said, "Wanna fuck?"

Gordo quickly pulled off his shirt, then his pants. Miranda grinned at the
sight of him already pitching a tent in his underwear. She wrapped her arms
around him and kissed him passionately. She wasted little time sliding a
hand down his underwear, and stroking his hard cock. They kissed even more
intensly as he felt up her teenage tits through her bra. Convienantly her
bra unhooked in the front and her breasts were revealed to Gordo as she
unclasped it for him. He went to her g-string and slid it down, leaving the
sexy spanish girl in her pink garter belt and stockings, along with high
heels. He slid down and began giving kisses to Miranda's pussy. Miranda
moaned softly as Gordo's tongue slipped inside of her. Gordo licked her slit
up and down as she humped his face with her hairy dark crotch.

Gordo did little stabs with his tongue on Miranda's clit. Causing her to coo
and moan in pleasure. She never thought Gordo's tongue could give her such
pleasure, it was so good, she felt she was about to cum from his incredible
licking job. She grinded her pussy into his face as her orgasm was released
and Gordo's face became coated with her pussy juice. "Oh Gordo oh thats.....
thats it ohhhh Gordo ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck ya!"

He licked it all up finding her cunt juices to be quite tasty. Miranda caught
her breath, then jumped on top of Gordo onto the bed. She slid her pussy onto
his cock and sat down on top of him. He reached up and sucked on her hard
nipples as he enjoyed her doing the work and riding him. Miranda slammed her
sexy latina ass down on him as his cock filled her petite body. Gordo grabbed
her sexy ass, and squeezed on her cheeks and helped her ram his cock down as
the two teens fucked each others brains out. After a while Miranda had her
second orgasm, her girl cream dripped down covering Gordo's balls. Gordo
pulled out and asked Miranda to bend over. She gave a lusty smile knowing he
wanted to fuck her doggystyle.

He slid into her again, he held nothing back wanting to cum so badly in his
spanish girlfriends twat. Next came a big slap on her cute ass as his cock
was in pleasure buried in Miranda sweet abyss. Her dirty talk of "fuck me
stud, make me your latina whore" finally sent him to his orgasm. He rammed
his rod deep in her and exploded inside of her. The feeling of his hot jizm
sent the horny Miranda to a third orgasm as he collapsed on top of her. They
lie there for a while before snuggling up together and kissing each other

"Its funny ya know," said Miranda.

"What is?" Asked Gordo.

"I've know Lizzie since kindergarten, and I should be more upset about her
breaking apart our friendship, but right now, I've never been more happy in
my life. I love you Gordo."

"I love you too Miranda."

They hugged each other tightly. Then Gordo got dressed and left before
Miranda's parents woke up.

* * *

The next morning Kate got up around 6 am, she had a real sleepless night so
she decided to go get some breakfast at the local all night restaraunt. She
got in a booth and ordered some pancakes and coffee. She had learn to enjoy
coffee cause it helped her in staying up late to study for finals. As long
as she had a ton of cream and sugar she was sure to be awake and be guzzling
lots of coffee. Since she just woke up her hair was tied back, after all she
didn't wanna mess with it today. She had on a light blue sweatshirt and a
pair of black shorts. She didn't bother with a bra figuring she'd eat and go
back home. Under her shorts she had on a silky black g-string that she was
gonna wear for Lizzie the previous night. She was about to eat her breakfast
when she saw a familar girl sitting at a table a little ways away.

The girl was wearing a black skirt that went up to her knees, conservative
black buckle shoes, and a light blue v-cut top. Her long dark hair she wore
down, nicely accenting her pretty face. Kate walked over to her table and
sat down across from her.

"So I finally meet the mystery woman from upstairs!" said Kate.

Ren looked up from her book, fear on her face, seeing Lizzie's girlfriend
looking right at her.

"Um hi, I'm Ren....uhhh Ren Stevens."

"It's ok Ren, I'm not mad at you so don't freak out, you weren't the one who
did the cheating, Lizzie was!"

"Kate, look Lizzie cares about you despite what happened, please don't be
mad at her."

"I know why she did cheat, the fact is your very pretty Ren, prettier than
me. Who's to say I could have turned you down."

This had Ren shocked, this beautiful blonde girl found her pretty? Ren
couldn't help but cross her legs as she felt a tingly feeling in her pussy
much like she did with Lizzie the previous day.

"Well thanks, thats really sweet of you to say."

"Well, its true." Kate smiled and placed her hand on Ren's hand.

Ren's heart was racing. Was Kate messing with her, or was she really turned
on by her. Either way Ren was feeling nervous and uncomfortable. There was a
long silence before she looked up at Kate. The corners of Kate's mouth
curled up and she gave Ren a smile. Ren gave her a full smile back exposing
her braces to Kate for the first time. Kate wasn't turned off at all by her
braces, in fact that made Ren look even cutier in her mind. Ren didn't know
what to say next so she excused herself to the bathroom.

Kate watched as Ren left, she eyed those incredible long tan legs in the
loose black skirt. Ren went into the bathroom, she tossed some water on her
face from the sink. She slid a hand under her skirt, and sure enough her
panties were damp. She took a deep breath as she looked in the mirror. "Get
a grip Ren," she told herself. Then heard the door open, it was Kate.

"You ok Ren?"

"Oh yes I'm fine, I just needed to um put.....on some lipstick."

With that Ren reached nervously into her purse and pulled out some lipstick,
and turned her attention to the mirror. Kate got behind Ren and slid her
hands on Ren's silky smooth legs. Then she went up Ren's legs and under her
skirt. Ren froze as Kate rubbed her hands on Ren's pussy outside her white
panties with cute pink hearts. Ren opened her eyes to see Kate's face smiling
at her in the mirror. Ren smiled back, as Kate pushed her fingers hard on
Ren's slit. Kate moved closer to Ren, Ren could feel Kate's breasts pushing
against her back. Kate's hands went to the top of the waistband of Ren's
panties and slowly slid them down to about her knees. Kate got the first wiff
of the older girls feminine essence.

Again Kate found Ren's pussy, this time though it was not covered by her
panties so Kate slowly slid a finger inside of Ren. Ren was so turned on now,
but she was worried, what if someone walked in? No doubt there would be no
way to cover up what they were doing not with her panties at her knees. She
wanted to tell Kate to stop, to tell her they should go somewhere more
private. She didn't though, cause Kate's touch had her so hot she didn't want
her to stop not even for a second. Then Kate did stop, but Ren saw it was
only so Kate could remove her sweater leaving Kate in a sexy black bra. Ren
used this opportunity to slid her own panties all the way off.

Kate turned Ren around and started kissing her. Mouths opened and tongues
intertwined as the two teen girls french kissed as hands roamed all over
each others curves. Kate caressed Ren's sexy ass, as Ren squeezed Kate's
impressive tits. Kate unhooked her bra for Ren, Ren's eyes grew big at
Kate's bare chest. Kate gave her a devilish smile before grabbing Ren by
the head and pushing the older girl into her chest. Ren took a breast in
her mouth and sucked hard on the huge tit. Kate had Ren's skirt lifted and
was once again teasing Ren's clit as Ren was sucking Kate's breasts like a
starving baby. Kate moaned out loud as Ren bite and nibbled on her dark

Kate lifted off Ren's top and Ren quickly unhooked her white cotton bra and
removed it for Kate. Kate took her turn at tongueing Ren's pointed nipples,
before going lower. She kissed Ren's bellybutton, then her face disappeared
under Ren's skirt and her tongue found Ren's sweet pussy. Ren swung one leg
over Kate's shoulder as Kate used her hands to open up Ren's box and do
circles with her tongue on Ren's clit. Ren heard voices outside the door and
suddenly became very scared at the reality of her current situation. She was
being eaten out by another girl in the ladies room, what if that door opened?
She tried to say something but Kate's incredible tongue on her clit forced
only a moan to escape her mouth.

The doorknob started to turn, but luckily it didn't open. Ren breathed a sigh
of relief realizing Kate had locked the door when she came in. Ren squeezed
her breasts and pinched her nipples as she concentrated on how good Kate was
eating her pussy. It wasn't long before Ren came all over Kate's mouth. Kate
sucked up Ren's juices licking her clean. They met in yet another hot kiss
before Ren got on her knees and pulled down Kate's shorts. Ren then pulled
Kate's g-string aside as she buried her face in the sexy blonde's snatch.
Kate smiled as she grinded her crotch into Ren's pretty face. Ren licked and
sucked furiously on Kate's cunt wanting to return to Kate the pleasure she
had recieved moments ago.

A few minutes later Ren was treated to Kates sweet pussy cream which she
found delicious and didn't miss a drop. The two hugged each other tight and
kissed softly before freshining up and walking out together.

"I think I have an idea of how you can get back at Lizzie, and have some fun
in the process Kate," said Ren.

"Ok, I'm game Ren, what you have in mind?"

Ren whispered in Kate's ear.

"Oh, I like that, lets go get what we need."

* * *

Across town Lizzie's mom Jo was on her way to the airport for a much needed
vacation. She was supposed to leave with her husband, but because of his job
he was going to join her later in the Bahamas. Jo was in a light blue sweater
and tight black stretch pants, her blonde hair up as usual. The taxi cab
driver couldn't help but admire the blonde beauty in his backseat. Chatting
with him she found out that Christian had been in the country for 6 months,
he was a black man from Nigeria. He had gotten really turned on by all the
sexy blondes in California. In contrast to the bikini blondes he had seen
though, this woman though was older, closer to his own age in her mid to late

Once at the airport he helped her get her bags out. She thanked him and
reached for her purse and suddenly realized in her haste to get to the
airport she had left it at home. She was so embaressed, she owed him only
about $10 for the fare but she had no cash on her at all. Knowing she was
in a rut and noticing how he had been checking her out she made him a

"Tell you what, I bet I can pay for the fare in other ways."

The look of lust on her face said it all Christian couldn't believe his luck,
they parked in a parking garage and Christian joined her in the backseat. Not
wasting any time, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard black cock.
Jo was shocked, she had heard of black men being hung before, but this man
was over a foot long, and close to three inches in width. Jo took his rod in
her hand as he lifted her top off exposing her powder blue satin bra. He
pushed her face to his cock and Jo immedietly knew what to do.

She started sucking his black thick cock in her mouth as his hand slid down
her tight pants and to her already wet blonde pussy. He pushed his fingers
hard into her cunt as Jo licked his freakishly big black cock up and down.
Her mouth had to be opened wide to get his thick rod in her mouth. Jo had a
hard time keeping up with him as he thrust his hips upwards fucking the sexy
housewifes mouth. Jo went to his balls and started licking them and sucking
them in her mouth as her hand stroked him off. Jo undid her bra exposing her
nice tits to him. He used his free hand to pinch hard on her dark nipples.

Jo stroked his cock up and down with her hand as she started sucking his fat
black cockhead in her mouth. Christian pulled her tight pants down (Jo wasn't
wearing panties) and started furiously finger-fucking Jo's cunt. Jo responded
by going even faster as she sucked off the black man's huge cock. Jo went up
and down on the huge cock, she had sucked her fair share of cock before but
this man was bigger than any of them. Jo moved her ass up and down riding all
three of his thick fingers that were stuffed in her blonde pussy as her mouth
slobbed his knob.

Christian felt his load building up so he began to thrust his rod into Jo's
mouth eager to fill her mouth with his seed. Jo had a hard time breathing as
his long black shaft was cutting off her breathing. She tried her best to
regulate her breathing but he was too long. Then, just when she thought she
would pass out he shot his cum down her throat. Jo gagged, and coughed, but
because he stopped thrusting into her mouth she was able to breath again. Jo
licked his shaft up and down making sure to get all his jism. He kept his
fingering going on her pussy til Jo orgasmed all over his fingers. He licked
his fingers clean loving every drop of her female juices.

"Well you definetly earned your fare Miss, we better get back so you don't
miss your flight."

* * *

Back at home a depressed Lizzie sat in front of the TV eating Ben & Jerry's
chocolate brownie ice cream. She was sitting there in a white t-shirt and
peach color cotton panties. She didn't even bother putting on a bra today,
figuring she wasn't going anywhere with Kate being mad at her. She sat back
bored watching the lame shows on cable that night. Then there was a knock on
the door. She was shocked to see Kate and Ren on the other side of the door.
As far as she knew Ren and Kate had never met each other before.

"Can we come in?" Kate finally said.

"Oh, uh... sure come on in."

After letting them in Kate and Ren sat down. "Ok Lizzie, heres the deal. I'm
willing to forgive you but only if you do whatever I say right here and now."

"Oh Kate, I'll do anything for you baby, you know I love you," replied an
emotional Lizzie.

"That's good. Why don't you start by coming over here and eating Ren's

Lizzie couldn't believe Kate's request. "What? Um I don't know I.........."

"You said anything Lizzie, if you want me back you have to prove it!"
insisted Kate.

Lizzie reluctantly nodded her head and dropped to her knees in front of Ren.
Lizzie slid down Ren's panties and opened Ren's legs as her tongue went to
Ren's pussy. Kate squeezed one of Ren's breasts as Lizzie had her face under
Ren's skirt and was eating her sweet pussy. Kate and Ren started kissing,
their tongues battled for supremacy in each others mouths as Lizzie did her
best to get Ren off with her tongue. Kate slid down her shorts and her
panties and swung her leg over Ren's.

"Don't neglect my pussy Lizzie," insisted Kate.

Lizzie started licking up and down on Kates slit as she fingered Ren's tight
box. Lizzie went back and forth licking both of their pussies as her free
hand played with her own cunt under her peach colored panties. Ren got under
Kate's bra to her big boobs and started feeling her up as the two teens
swapped spit while Lizzie ate both of them out. Kate returned the favor and
unhooked Ren's bra and started sucking on Ren's small but nice tits. Kate
made sucking noises as she gave Ren hickeys on her breasts. Lizzie lifted
her shirt and rubbed her hard nipples against Kate's clit. She fingered
Ren's pussy as she gave Kate a sexy glare. Kate was so hot at seeing Lizzie's
smile, plus Ren biting on her erect nipples that she couldn't help but
release her orgasm. She coated Lizzie's breasts with her sweet girl cream
which Lizzie licked up off her breasts.

After that they pushed Lizzie down on the floor and Ren sat on Lizzie's
face. Kate got between Lizzie's legs and started eating out her pussy. Lizzie
stuck her tongue deep inside Ren's cunt as she opened her legs wide for Kate.
Kate nibbled on Lizzie's clit as Ren rode Lizzie's face and played with
Lizzie's nice breasts. Ren grinded her pussy in Lizzie's face forcing her to
work her tongue harder. Kate ate Lizzie out diving her tongue as deep in her
as it would go and palming her cute ass. The three girls kept at each other
like wild animals.

Ren finally exploded all over Lizzie and she graciously licked up every drop
of her sweet juices. Lizzie also gave in to her desires and came all over
Kate's face. The three teens traded places and brought each other off several
more times before collapsing in a pile of sweat, girl cum and exhaustion.

Kate kissed Lizzie softly, "Your forgiven, hon." Kate said with a smile.
Ren gave them both kisses. "This was great you two but I'm going back to
Sacremento today so I gotta go."

They both gave Ren a hug and she was on her way.

"You two keep in touch, bye."

Kate and Lizzie held hands as they watched Ren leave. Then they went back up
to Lizzie's bedroom. Kate started to get undressed again.

"Come on Lizzie babe, we have to make up for lost time." With that the two
girls got back in bed, and wrapped their arms around each other. Both were
so happy to back together and they hoped they'd never be apart again.


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