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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush 1
by DCForever

"Mom, can I talk to you?"

"Sure sweetheart." patting the top of a nearby barstool, "Have a seat. Can
I get you anything?"

"In second thought, don't worry about it, mom. Its wasn't that important."

"Are you sure, Matt? It sure sounds like something is bothering you."

"Yeah, mom. It's cool. I'll just go and bug Lizzie...I'm sure that'll lift
my spirits. Any idea where I can find her?"

"Try the living room. I think she might be watching television or studying."

"Yeah, right. Knowing her...both. Thanks." He hurried out the kitchen and
threw the foyer and into the living room where he spotted his sister lying on
the couch.

"Lizzie, just the person I was looking for."

"What is it pee-brain?"

"Need your help with something."

"Can't you see that I'm busy? Go bug mom."

"Well, that's part of my problem...I can't. Okay, normally, I bother you for
the fun of it, but that's not one of those times. I could really use some
helpful advice."

Sitting her body up on the couch, "Go on."

"Think we could talk upstairs?"

Pushing the off button on the remote control, Lizzie got up off the couch and
started for the stairs. Turning back towards her brother, "Are you coming?"
Matt was shocked his sister was going along.

"Yeah. Your room or mine?"

"Better use mine. Half the time I can't even find the carpet on your floor.
You really need to clean up sometime."

Rolling his eyes around in a sarcastic manner, "Alright, mom. One problem at
a time."

Matt and Lizzie walked through her bedroom door; Matt proceeded towards
her bed, while Lizzie closed the door. Turning to face her brother, her
eyes locked on the bra her brother was now holding. Rushing over and
snatching the bra from his grasp, "Hello...Privacy?" She turned to put
her undergarment in her clothesbasket, all the while blushing from the

Turning back towards her bed, she walked over and plopped her butt in the
middle of the bed, and positioned herself in an Indian style sitting
position. "So what could be so important that my little brother wants his
big sister's help? Its not the whole puberty thing is it? Mom and dad are
the ones you need for that department."

Rolling his eyes yet again, "I'm curious about relationships. Would you say
that is your department?"

"Relationship? Hmmm...I think I can manage that one on my on. So what do
you want to know? And how come you didn't want to ask mom? She's been quite
a few relationships, before she met dad."

Repeating the question, "Why didn't I ask mom? Well...I just can't."

"Fine by me. So shot, little bro."

Trying his best not to make eye contact, "How do you know? do you
know when your in love?"

Showing off her puppy dogface, "Ah, does my brother have a crush on some
innocent girl? That's so sweet."

"Yeah...maybe...and she's not a girl in my book."

"Older? Interesting. Go on."

"Yeah, she's older. I find her very attractive and I have feelings for her.
Anytime I'm around her my knees start to knock and my palms get wet."

"So this really is serious then? I would definitely say you have feelings
for this person. So have you told her your feelings?"

"No way! Are you crazy? What am I to tell her...I start to shake and get
hard anytime I see you; whether in person or in my dreams? I think not."

"Okay...hold on...what did you just say, Matt?"

"I shake?"

"No, no, no...the other part...the part where you get hard. You left that
part out earlier."

"I guess I should listen to mom and dad more often...think before I speak.
It just came out. I didn't want to bring that part up."

"Its quite alright to-o-o...get hard, while looking at girl. It's a natural
reaction...I guess. I just didn't know you knew anything about 'getting
hard'. That's fine though. I'm a maturing young female and as your older
sister I guess I have certain duties."

"And what would those duties be?"

"To fill in the void left by mom and dad. Well, as I see it, looks like you
have two choices; confront this person and tell her how you feel about her or
live out the rest of your life saying 'what if'."

"I'm already living out the 'what if' scenario, so I guess I should try the
upfront approach."

"Don't get so down, Matt. You don't necessarily have to confront her in
person; letters work pretty good."

"Hey, that's a great idea, Lizzie. Thanks." He reaches over and hugs her
neck. As he starts to pull back, he looks down and catches a glimpse of his
sister's bare nipples; yet from any other angle would be hidden behind her
pink, pullover shirt.

Once he was back on his end of the bed, "Any ideas what I should put in the

"Just tell it like it like her and want to know if she might like
you back."

"Do I have to say who I am?"

"Anonymous writers do add a sense of mystery. I would definitely go
the anonymous route. Going that way, neither party gets too hurt or
embarrassed." Leaning back over to hug his sister again and to catch
another glimpse, "You are the best, sis. Will you help me write...the
first one?"

"Sure, kiddo. No problem. I'll just grab a pencil and some paper." Lizzie
stretches her body over the bed as she pulls open a drawer on her bedside
table. "Got some." The whole time, Matt was thinking 'yeah, me to', as he
once again was allotted an unobstructed view down his sister's shirt.

Gaining confidence from somewhere, "So Lizzie, do you always go without a
bra...or is it just when you're at home?"

Lizzie's head popped up at hearing the question. "Where did that come from?"
Matt quietly leaned over and moved his hand between his sister's shirt and
flesh and back out again. "Hard not to notice." Lizzie blushed from
embarrassment and quickly rose back up to her original sitting position, this
time with pencil and paper in hand.

"Alright, know when I said I was here to fill a void...I didn't
mean that void. I'll be more careful. Maybe I should go put one back on.
Wait a second...why were you looking?"

"Like I said...hard not to look. They were just there. Plus, I've never
seen a pair of naked breasts before. They're not that big, but they are nice

"Okay, I think we need to write this letter and get off this topic. Then you
can go back to your room."

Matt just smiled as his sister leaned over to start writing.

Looking up at her brother, "I'm doing it again aren't I? And look, you're
looking again."

"What's a guy to do?"

Patting the mattress beside her body, "Come over here and sit beside me...
that way you can't peek."

"I didn't have to peek. They were in plain sight."

"Back to the letter, please."

The next day, a female opened a blue envelope addressed to her. She read,

'Hello cutie.
You know me and I know you. I've had a budding crush on
you for like forever, but because of the closeness we once
shared, I was too afraid to let my feelings be known. I
hope I've peaked your interest. More coming soon.'

Matt came walking into his sister's room the same day. "So how did it go?"

"I got scared so I got a friend to deliver it for me."

"I guess that could work as well...if you know for sure she got it."

"She did...he confirmed it. So what should go in the second letter?"

"Well, for such a short letter, we did brainstorm a good bit yesterday. I'm
sure we got something left over from yesterday."

After a few minutes, the two agreed on the contents for the second letter.

'Hi cutie, its me again. I know you've had your fair share of guys, but I
have something they didn't...tough, straight love. I tell it like it is.
You're beautiful.'

Getting a weird feeling, "Matt, do I know this person...this girl...this
older girl...or say older female?"

Avoiding eye contact, he shook his head and quickly retreated from her

* * *

A few minutes later, "Hey mom. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure you can, Lizzie."

"You wouldn't have to have gotten an anonymous letter this afternoon would

"How did you know about that, sweetheart?"

Fighting to keep a straight face and her mind out of the gutter, "Oh, lucky
guess. Heard at school today that a bunch of people had been receiving
anonymous e-mails and letters. Did I happen to get one?"

"No, honey, but I'll let you know if you get one...though I doubt it will be
quite like mine."

"Thanks, mom." Lizzie hugged her mom and took off for her room.

Jo McGuire started thinking while cooking their supper, 'Ah to be that young
again and have all that energy...and pert breasts. I really should have a
talk with her about wearing bras around the house or at least buy her some
newer, tighter tops. I sure wouldn't want Matt or my husband or even her
friends catching a glimpse of those babies. Definitely need to plan a
shopping trip this weekend. Oh dang...too much pepper. Better get a fork
to get some of it out.' Mrs. McGuire thoughts turned back to her cooking.

* * *

Talking to Miranda's mom on the phone, "Hi, Mrs. Sanchez. Would Miranda
happen to be home?" She could hear her best friend's name being hollered
in the background.

"Hang up, mom. I got it. What's up, girl?"

"Got something on my mind and I need to get it out. You game?"

"Fire away."

"Before I tell you what I'm about to tell you, keep in mind that I'm dead
serious so please no lame jokes. I think my brother might have a crush on
my mom."

Spitting her gum, "What? No way. You're pulling my leg...right?"

"I'm no detective, but that is where all the clues are pointing at the
moment. See, he came to me for some advice about relationships...and then
mom said she had received one."

" that's an Entertainment Tonight story if I've ever heard one.
I'm with you Liz...sounds like he very well could have a crush on your mom.
You need more proof though."

"I know. And I think I know how I can get it."

"I can hear those gears cranking in your head over the phone. Are you sure
he actually said that he couldn't talk to your mom?"

"No matter when I asked or how I asked the same question...he gave the same

"And I thought my family was weird."

"Yeah, me too."


"Just kidding, girl. Well, thanks for listening, Miranda. I really needed
to get that off my chest."

"That's what best friends are for. Maybe you should talk to Gordo. I'm sure
he would get a crack out of it."

"Oh no. I'm not going there. I shouldn't have told you, but I had to tell
someone. Thanks again. Talk at ya later." Lizzie hung up the phone.

* * *

The next day, after school, Matt approached his sister, walking on the
sidewalk to their house.

"Hey, sis."

"Oh hey, Matt. So, how did the second letter go?"

"Won't know until later. I got mixed reactions from my informant."

"I see. Well, I think its time we turned up the heat a little on this girl
of yours."

"I'm game...if you think its the right thing to do."

"By now, I'm sure she's asking everyone she comes in contact with about the
origin of the letters. She's been teased, now its time to see if she will
take the hook."

"Lizzie, I love it when you talk 'fishing talk'."

* * *

Back in Lizzie's bedroom, "Whoa, sis. Don't you think asking her to deposit
her bra in a secret place of our determination is a little over the top?"

"You want to know how interested she really is don't you? This way you can
find out first hand...instead of having to rely on a friend."

"Guess you got a point. I got the perfect place. How about we have her
place it in a red bag by the trashcan outside of Miller's Gift Wrap. You
know the one in the mall? I can go by there after school tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me. Okay its done."

* * *

Twenty-eight hours later, Matt burst through his sister's bedroom door.
"Lizzie, it was pi...oh shit." He caught Lizzie in the act of changing her
clothes; her panties were only half way up her legs.

"Get out, Matt!" Rushing over to the boy, trying to push him out of the

"Don't get in a hissing fit, sis. I've seen your boobs, why not the rest?"
Lizzie gave up on her efforts and quickly pulled the rest of her clothes on.

Staring down her brother with fire in her eyes, "This doesn't get
all!" She turned and made her way over to the bed to sit down. "Now what
were you blabbing previously?"

"Oh yeah...right...oh, the was pink. Do you want to see?"

"That's alright, I've seen a bra before."

Blurting out, "Not on you as of late."

"What was that?"

"Facts are facts. You don't wear bras when you're at home. Maybe you should
try it out in public. You would probably have hundreds of boys lining the
sidewalk. I know, if it was allowed, I would be in that line."

"Sick, Matt, but somehow in a sweet way. Well, now you know she's
interested. My job is done."

"Done? But you can't quit on me now. I need to know what makes a female
tick. What gets your blood boiling? What do you like or dislike?"

"Hold on there. You're not talking about me so my likes and dislikes could
be a lot different than this person's."

"Okay then, what would be your answers then? I can then base my letter off
of them. Are you sure you don't want to help anymore?"

"Quite sure and besides, these letters are from you, not me. I'll leave the
others to you, but I'll help out if need be. Deal?"

"Deal! So will you answer already?"

"I would say my likes are music, dancing, singing, hanging with friends..."

Cutting her off, "I don't mean likes, likes...I mean what would you like or
not like in a relationship."

"Oh...hmmmm...well, I'm not exactly sure. Guess I would love good
conversations, holding hands, whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears,
some caressing and fondling, and definitely kissing, without a doubt. My
turn-ons are cars (when I'm older), money, handsome face, body and lips to
die for. Is that what you want...stuff like that?"

"For starters. Anything else...this is great stuff." Matt was writing down
every word that came from his sister's lips."

"That just about covers all the simple stuff and since she went for the bra
move she's probably open for more."

"Such as?"

"Touching...touching and fondling every part of the body."

"What on your body do you touch?"

"Hey, this isn't about me."

"But in a way it is...remember, I'm using your answers in determining how to
write the next part. So in a way, this girl is you."

Hopping off the bed and double-checking to make sure her door is locked and
returning to her previous position, "I can't believe I'm telling you this."
Closing her eyes and getting in the mood, "I like to lay my back on the bed
and get real comfortable. Then I like to start touching my breasts, and my
stomach, my hips, and finally I dip my finger beneath my warm-ups or pants
and make my way to my pussy. It feels nice just letting my fingers glide
through the strands of my light hair...tickles even. Once I've built up the
need and my body becomes tense from the inevitable, I thump my clit over and
over again. Right when I'm about to go over the edge...I stop. I leave
myself wanting. I go wherever after that, knowing that at any minute any
thing could set me off. I get a rush even more when crank myself up right
before supper; just the idea of the family being in the same room as their
horny daughter. I could explode at any moment. I hold and hold and hold
off for as long as I possibly can and then wherever it happens, I find some
place to get myself off...usually with my fingers, but I've used mom's dildo
twice, a pencil and a ruler, both once. The rush is intoxicating."

"Oh my....I had no idea, sis. I just realized you've been shaking since you
started telling me..."

"You could say I've worked myself into a bind. If you'll get out now, I can
go to work."

"Don't mind me...I won't get in your way. Go right on ahead and pleasure
yourself...I'll just beat off right along with you."

"Oh no, sir. Its time for you to leave." Matt quickly snatched out his 6"
cock, letting his sister see it for the first time. "Sorry, sis, but if I
leave now, I'll just beat off in my room while you're doing practically the
same thing in here. That's not right. You said you would help me out.
Just look at it as if its research. We can both learn what its like for the
opposite sex to get off. I'll just sit back and stroke my dick while you
juice up your fingers."

"Will you shut up if I agree?"

"Only if you're bad. I tend to moan out when the right moment hits. So if
watching you doesn't make me reach that moment, then sure, I'll be quiet."

"Well, if that's how you're going to play it...get ready to scream your
head off. Just remember, this is like window-shopping...all show, but no
go. Keep your hands and other objects to yourself. This is in the name of

Lizzie laid down and settled herself on the bed, while Matt stood up, dropped
his jeans and underwear, and retreated back to the bed. Lizzie couldn't help
but to look at her brother's ass. Yes he was young...and young usually meant
tight. As he settled on his end of her bed, he closed his eyes and went
right to work on stroking his meat. Lizzie started her own ministrations;
her fingers diving and retreating from her pussy, but she kept one eye on her
brother. She watched as he brought his hand up to his tongue after every
five or six strokes. He liked to work with a well, greased piston...and work
he did. His fingers engulfed his shaft and vibrantly stroked it up and
down...occasionally giving it a pull here and there. Lizzie couldn't believe
it, but watching her brother was turning her on more than her own doings.
His eyes shot open as a stream of white, gooey cum streaked through the air
and landed on his sister's breasts. He waited for a reaction.

"Ewwww, gross, Matt. I was totally about to...I can't believe you. Now I'll
have to clean up and finish myself off later. I ought to make you lick up
your mess."

"I'm there!" Matt lunged as his sister's prone body and without hesitation
began licking up the mess he had made on his sister's chest. His tongue soon
deviated from its task and started sucking on her nipples.

Lizzie knew she should protest, but his tongue felt way too good...not to
mention the feel of his ass cheeks in her hands. The more his tongue circled
the outline of her small areoles and sucked on her nipples, the harder she
grabbed his ass and pulled his body to hers.

"Oh god, Matt. I'm about to c..."

"Fine! I was just getting started." A pair of startled eyes looked on as
Matt pulled his body away and quickly dressed. "Sorry things got out of
hand, sis. And thanks for the help." He turned, unlocked her door, peaked
around the corner, and quickly made his way to his room.

Lizzie just laid on the bed in a state of confusion. Speaking to herself,
"Why me? He was here. I was almost there...and then I had to open my big

Matt flashed his head back in her room. "Mom says its time for dinner. Bet
I know what you'll be doing after supper. See ya."

Lizzie placed a pillow over her head in frustration. "I am such an idiot.
It's the first time I've been that close to a boy...and I totally blow it.
But Matt is my brother...guess it was a good thing it stopped when it did.
Now if I could only get you to stop." She pulled the pillow from her face
and stared down at the gap between her legs. "You sure did want to fuck
him didn't you...", lightly patting the lips of her folds " did I."

* * *

Minutes later at the dinner table, supper went on as usual...only
difference...Matt knew his sister's wanting desire.

"The food is great, hun. After supper, I need to talk to you about
something. I found a certain letter in our trashcan upstairs that I think
you need to explain."

Lizzie couldn't believe what her father had just said. That was the proof
she had been looking for...or was it. "So mom, what did you do today?"

"Oh not that much. Ran a few errands at the mall. Had to stop by and get a
gift wrapped at Millers and then..."

Lizzie had heard what she needed to hear and knew she had to get out of the
room before she exploded all over the inside of her warm-ups. "May I please
be excused?"

"But you haven't eaten anything."

"I'm really not-t-t...all that hungry."

"You really do need to eat something."

"Yeah, sis. Eating makes the body all good."

"Sweetheart, do you not like the food?"

"I'm sure that's not it, mom. I bet she's just got a craving for something

"Yeah, that's it the bathroom. Be right back." Lizzie took off
for the upstairs bathroom.

"Yeah, me too. I don't think I replaced the toilet paper after I last used
it. She fusses enough as it is." Matt took off after his sister.

Lizzie had just made it to the bathroom and was closing the door, when Matt's
hand intercepted it, closing it once he was in the bathroom as well.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"I figured I would watch since I couldn' know...before...I close my
eyes when know. So, do you have to use it or not?"

"Not with you in here."

"Whatever. Then move aside, because all this talk has gotten me worked up."
Lizzie stepped to the side as Matt brushed by her. He proceeded to lift the
toilet cover and seat as he dropped his pants...once again exposing his
member. Jiggling his body, he grabbed a hold and directed the stream of piss
as it left his penis and poured into the bowl. Lizzie just stood back and
watched as the stream seemed to have no end. She even cracked a smile when
she heard it hitting the toilet water even harder at times. Matt looked back
at his sister as he finished his business. He wasn't shocked to see that she
had a hand down the front of her grey warm-ups.

"I wouldn't let go if I was you...grey shows wet stains very easily."

She realized her brother's point and pushed by him, setting the seat down
before disposing of her warm-ups and squatting down on it. Matt pulled up
his jeans as spurts of piss started entering the bowl.

Smiling at his sister's seated form, "So I guess me watching you is okay?"

She just ignored his comment and concentrated at the task at hand. Realizing
she wasn't paying him any attention, Matt walked over and straddled his
sister's body, immediately capturing her lips with his own. As the trickling
sound ceased, Lizzie whipped her fingers on the back of her brother's shirt
and accepted what fate had given her. She sensed uneasiness in his kissing
so she took over the lead and he followed. When she parted her lips, his
parted as well. Tongue followed tongue, head followed head, as brother and
sister locked themselves into both of their first French kiss.

(To be continued)


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