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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush 2
by DCForever

Returning to the dinner table some twenty minutes later. "What took you two
so long? Matt, doesn't take that long to get toilet paper."

"Oh dad. Lizzie just said she had to use the bathroom as an excuse to talk
with her friends on the phone. I knew I performed the duty
all little brothers around the world perform...I eavesdropped on her

Lizzie kicked her brother's foot under the table. "Ouch! What was that

"What do you think that was for...duhh, eavesdropping. I don't want you
listening in on my calls."

"Why not? It's not like you three talk about anything important. It's
always the same ol' conversation. Actually, its getting pretty boring."
Their parents couldn't hold back their chuckles.

Lizzie turned and stared at her parents. "We're sorry, Lizzie. Why don't
you two finish up your supper and take care of the dishes. Your father and
I are going to the living room to have a 'no children allowed' talk with
each other."

"Oh mom, do we have to do the dishes?"

"Yes you do. And I expect them to be clean and shiny when I check them

The children's parents left them alone, sitting at the dinner table in the

"Now sis, where were we?" Matt starts leaning over the table towards his
sister. "Oh yes, right about here." He puckered his lips and waited for
Lizzie to make her mind.

"Oh what the heck." She too leaned over table until her lips made contact
with her brother's lips. They continued where their previous kiss left off.
They were taking a chance in not getting caught, but it was the danger factor
that was willing on their actions. Their tongues dueled for a minute before
they parted, each finding their way back down to their seats where they
silently finished up their individual suppers.

After dinner, Matt and Lizzie crowded around the kitchen sink.

"I'll wash, dry."

Matt stood on the left side of his sister washing away at the dishes while
she used the other side of the sink to rinse and dry them. When finished
with washing, he realized that Lizzie was still in the midst of her drying.
The soup had made the skin on his fingers to wrinkle. Looking down at his
hands and then over towards his sister, an idea came over him. While Lizzie
busied her tow hands with the drying Matt dipped his hands back in the hot
suds and proceeded to walk behind his sister's body.

She had no idea that Matt was now standing behind her as she finished her
duty. Matt moved his hot, wet, and soaped up hands around either side of
her waist and quickly pushed them down her grey warm-up pants. Lizzie was
caught off guard and did her best not to drop the glass dish that was in
her hands. Her brother's hands both attacked her pussy. She was surprised
at his bold move. She finished drying the glass dish and placed it on the
marble counter top. Her body relaxed and started enjoying the pleasure
her brother was giving her. Once Matt realized she was accepting his
ministrations, he pulled one hand from the front of her pants and scooted
to the side of her body as his hand returned to the backside of her pants.

From his new position he was able to see Lizzie's facial reactions as his
hands pistoned and roamed over her pussy from her front and backside. She
pushed her drying towel in her mouth to cap off the screams of pleasure
that she new was the inevitable.

Minutes later, Matt's hands retreated from their battle of the flesh, coated
in his sister's love juice. He brought one hand up to his lips as he offered
the other to his sister. They both licked their respected hands clean. They
quickly put away the dishes and started for their bedrooms. Upon reaching
the stairway, they could see their parents sitting on the couch making out.
They both smiled. Lizzie started up the stairs while stayed and watched his
mom's tongue move in rhythm with her husband. They were poetry in motion.
He so wanted to be the person on the receiving end of her lips. Moment later
he retreated upstairs to his sister's room.

When he opened her closed door, he just stood in the doorway and watched
as her fingers went to work on her now bare pussy. Her clothes had been
discarded on the floor near here bed. Matt looked down at the grey pants
and saw the resulting marks of his doings. Looking at the material and
then back at his sister...he wasn't sure how she had anything left to drain
from her body. He knew she probably wouldn't object to him joining her,
but he figured she needed some time to herself. He slowly stepped back and
closed the door behind him. She never knew of her brother's presence.

Back in his own room, Matt sat down at his recently cleaned off desk with
pencil and paper in hand. He was preparing to write his first solo letter
to the female of his dreams...the third letter in the series.

Talking to himself, "What should I write? Damn, why did I have to see
mom kissing downstairs? Her breasts just rose and fell on each breathe."
Looking down between his legs. "Did mom and Lizzie get you hard? I

Matt picked up his pencil and began the writing the letter.

'Dear Sweetness,
I can't explain in words the feeling I got when I found
your bra in the red bag. Thanks a million. At least I
know you are at least somewhat curious about me. If I
had to describe myself in only a few words I would say
that I love to have a good time and I love the feel of
a girl's thighs wrapped around my free exploring hands.
It would mean the world to me if the girl's thighs
belonged to you. Well, I don't want to give away too
much. If you are interested in hearing more, then here
is your next assignment. I have recently experienced a
sex act that I could only explain as jackknifing and I
loved it. I would like you to take pictures or make a
small video of you pulling up on your panties as hard
as you can and repeatedly alternating from the front to
the back. I guarantee you can rub your pussy raw and
have an orgasm that would be out of this world. I
should easily be able to see your folds partially
covering the material of your panties as you work it
back and forth.
And to add a bit of danger, place the tape and/or
pictures in an envelope and put it in the church
mailbox on the corner of West and Pine Streets.

Your ever loving and horny dream guy'

After finishing the letter and placing it in the envelope, he ran over and
jumped on his bed. He couldn't wait to see if would get a response. He
turned over with his back to his soft mattress and his hands resting behind
his head and drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Later during the night, Lizzie snuck into his room and watched her brother
sleep as she opened the unsealed envelope and commenced reading her brother's
first love letter. She was quite shocked to learn that it wasn't much of a
love letter. After she finished reading, she placed the letter back in its
envelope and made her way towards her brother's bed. Kneeling beside the bed
she placed her hands on the mattress and rested her head on her hands. She
just watched him sleep...occasionally taking a peek in the direction of his
still hard and very noticeable warm-up covered member. She knew the thoughts
she was having were forbidden, but nonetheless they constantly were drifting
through her mind.

Before leaving his room, she leaned over his sleeping body and rested her
upper and lower lips on the tip of his covered member. She kissed it
goodnight and turned her head to face Matt's.

Whispering softly, "Soon."

* * *

The next morning, Lizzie and her mom were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"So mom, how's everything going?"

"Pretty good I guess. Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing." Lizzie turned her head away from her mother. Jo could see the
look on her daughter's face. It basically said I know something you don't.

"Okay, spill it kiddo. I can see you're up to something."

"Really, its nothing. I saw you and dad making out on the couch last night."
She flashed her mother a wide smile.

Jo closed her eyes in embarrassment. "We weren't making out, making out...
just getting a little close."

"Yo, mom...this is your teenage daughter you are talking to here. If you two
had been any closer, dad could have called crotch his home."

"Elizabeth Brooke McGuire. Where did you learn such...ughhh...I never want
to hear that kind of talk come from your mouth a again. Are we understood?"

"Okay mom. I just thought we were having one of those girl-to-girl talks
that you are always wanting to have with bad. So did you and dad
talk about that letter he found in your bedroom trashcan?"

"Oh we didn't get around to that. Do you...oh my know who sent it...don't you?"

"Hey, what's a girl to do? You won't let me talk about your pussy.." Her
mom's face lit up in anger. " I'm not revealing the source of the dirty
letters you've been receiving."

Jo didn't know what to say back to her daughter at this point. She was mad,
confused, and curious as to what exactly her daughter knew about the letters.

Breaking the subject at hand. "Where is your brother? Why don't you go make
sure that he is up."

Lizzie just looked at her mom in defiance.

Staring back at her daughter. "Lizzie, did I hesitate or stutter? I said
for you to go check on your brother. Now!"

Lizzie snatched her chair back as she got up and headed for the stairway.
She turned back and saw her mom's head resting in her hands. Her sobbing
could be heard by the edge of the stairs. Lizzie turned and raced up the
stairs, but instead of turning towards her brother's room, she turned into
her own room.

On the way up she had an idea pop into her head. And knowing her dad was
gone to work already and her mom was downstairs she thought it to be the
perfect opportunity to set her idea into motion. She quickly stripped her
school clothes from her body and started pleasuring herself. She was in a
hurry so her motions were quicker and harder than usual. Within a minute
she had cum leaking from her reddish tint pussy. She smiled at her
genius-ness and exited her bedroom. Stepping across the hall, Lizzie
proceeded to enter her brother's bedroom, where she closed the door upon
entering. Her suspicions were correct...Matt was still fast a sleep and

Lizzie walked over, crawling on the bed and straddled her brother. She
lowered her cum covered lower love lips towards his face and hovered above
his nose. She could tell that her scented aroma was starting to have its
affect on the poor boy. Looking back over her shoulder she watched as his
tent began to form beneath his covers. Lizzie lowered her lips until her
flesh was lightly caressing the area between his nose and lips. She slowly
spread her juices all over his face before regaining her hovering position.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, "Matt, Mom Said It was Time For Breakfast,
Now Get Up."

Matt's face sprung up only to be met face first by his sister's cum coated
pussy. Lizzie dropped all her weight on her brother's face as she forcefully
fed him her love juices.

"Eat up kiddo...breakfast of champions has nothing on me!" Matt needed no
encouragement...he just let his instincts take over.

* * *

Twenty minutes later, Matt and Lizzie raced down the stairs with book bags in

Upon seeing her children, "Lizzie! I thought I sent you up earlier to get
Matt up and tell him breakfast was ready?"

"I got him up and told him, mom. Guess he didn't have much of an appetite."

Jo looked at her son. "Matt, you sure you don't want anything before

"I'm fine mom. I had a cream-filled snack up in my room." Looking at his
sister, "It should last I think."

"Alright then. You guys be good at school today...and don't have too much

In unison, "We won't mom. We love you. Bye."

Jo watched her children as they made their way to the sidewalk. She could
have sworn that Lizzie walking faster and shacking her ass more than usual
and Matt was lagging behind and looking at his sister's swaying ass. Jo was
sure it had to be her imagination. As she turned to start back through the
door, she saw her daughter stop on the sidewalk and bend over for some
unknown reason. Not being more than twenty or thirty feet away she could
see her daughter's budding perk tits in all their glory. She knew if she
had no trouble seeing them then neither did Matt.

Neither Lizzie nor Matt realized their mom was watching their every movement.
Jo was awarded the sight of seeing Matt lightly pat his sister's breasts when
she stood back up. They both started up the sidewalk, vanishing from their
mom's watchful and extremely shocked eyes.

Jo quickly retreated into the house and slammed the wooden front door shut.
She pounced around the living room for what seemed like a lifetime,
contemplating what she had just seen or wondering if what she saw was really
what she saw. Thoughts were bouncing around in her head as she continuously
circled the living room and couch. Upon feeling dizzy, Jo let her body fall
on the very couch that her and her husband renewed their love for each other.
Now here she was laying on the couch as erotic images of her two children
losing their virginity to each other danced in her head. Soon her head
wasn't the only thing dancing. Her hands moved from her sides and started
playing with the buttons on her light blue sweater-like shirt. As she pulled
open her shirt, she rested her right hand on her left breast...though it
didn't rest for long. She stroked her breasts as if she was stroking her
daughters. For the next hour, Jo McGuire pleasured her body while thinking
perverse thoughts about her two innocent children. Guilt pressed on her
conscious for the rest of the day, but her time passing pleasuring moments
flooded those thoughts whenever they appeared.

* * *

Mid-morning, Lizzie and her friends were standing by her locker. "So
Lizzie...what made you do it?"

"Do what, Miranda?"

Pointing a finger at the girl's chest, "The bra thing. How come you didn't
wear a bra?"

Lizzie looked around before answering. "So you could ogle over them every
time they came into your view. They're just waiting for someone to suck on

"Oh my goodness. What has gotten into you girl? Are you sick?"

"Yeah, I'm sick...sick and tired of waiting for you and Gordo to jump on the
Lizzie Express. Cost is only one breast sucking."

Gordo threw his hand up. "Where do I pay?" Miranda chuckled at Lizzie and
Gordo's obvious humor, but neither shared in the laughing. Lizzie quickly
scanned the locker-lined hallway once more before she reached over and
grabbed Gordo head and led it down the top of her shirt. She smashed her
bare breasts into her other best friend's face. Gordo relished the moment
while Miranda looked on with a wide-eyed expression on her face. Gordo used
his hands to maneuver Lizzie's breasts where he could latch on with his
mouth. He couldn't help but to bite down hard when Lizzie reached for his
grown. She knew he shot his load right there in the school's hallway.

Pulling his head back from inside her now stretched top. "Miranda...are you
sure you can't afford a ticket on the Lizzie Express?" She gave the girl a
wink. Miranda had no idea what had happened to her best friend, but she was
starting to like it.

" breast sucking right?" Lizzie nodded her head. "Fine
about you suck these." Miranda quickly lifted her shirt and pulled down on
her bra; her breasts flew out from their confines. Lizzie didn't think as
she bent over and captured one of the breasts in her mouth. A moment later
she released Miranda's breast, but left a defining hickey that made her
areoles stand out more. As Miranda dropped her shirt back down, Lizzie
sprung up and kissed her friend on the lips and then turned and repeated the
favor to her other best friend.

The three stood in silence until, "So Lizzie...what brought about the

Interrupting the girl quickly making a lie, "I saw dad sucking on mom's
breasts on the couch last night. Having my breasts sucked was all I could
think about last night. And who better to share the experience with than
your best friends.

"Well, it did...I mean, it still does feel kind of nice." Miranda was still
gingerly massaging her breasts hoping she could get the blood circulating

"Wow, Miranda...I had no idea. You've been hiding those babies of yours
pretty good."

"Thanks, Gordo...I think."

"I agree with Gordo, Miranda. They're bigger than I thought. They don't
taste to bad either." She winked at her two friends.

The three soon parted their separate ways as they each headed to their own

* * *

Two nights had passed and Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo were still carrying on
about Lizzie's Express during the phone conversations...if nothing more than
a good cheap laughing session. Lizzie was hanging up the phone when Matt
jumped through the doorway and slammed her door shut; he had a videotape and
an envelope in his hand.

Slightly on the breathless side, "Liz-z-i-e. I got it...she finally...
left... the tape."

Lizzie smiled as she motioned for him to put the tape in her VCR. Once the
tape was ready, Matt walked over and locked her door before join her on the
bed; she sat between his spread legs. The tape started and immediately the
two teens were captured by the video. The person who actually did the
videotaping had darkened the background. The screen was a dark shade of
gray, but the necessary parts of the mystery person was visible...they could
imagine the rest. As the female on the video started rubbing her panties
against her folds and gyrating her hips to counter the direction she was
pulling, Matt slowly started undressing Lizzie from his seated position.
Starting with the shirt and ending with the snaps on her denim jeans, Matt
had full access to most of his sister's pleasure zones. She caressed and
kneaded her breasts while his dream girl continued 'riding the
pony'/jackknifing herself with her panties. It wasn't until she pressed
her panties deep between her folds and started stroking her opening with her
finger, before Matt slid one of his hands down into the depths of Lizzie's
jeans. As normal of late, she hadn't worn any undergarments to school that
day. He slid his hand between he thighs and let his entire hand glide over
her pussy. She was starting to grow more hair, so the more he let his hand
play over the surface of her flesh, the more she wanted to scratch her itch.
When the taped dream girl splashed the upclose camera with her nectar, Matt
pushed two of his fingers through his sister's opening.

Lizzie was enjoying all the attention, but she kept an eye on the screen as
well, hoping to find some concrete evidence to prove who Matt's dream girl
was. Her head shot towards the tv when the camera moved within an inch or
two of the person's pussy. Before the camera lens was covered in cum, Lizzie
was able to make out a heart shaped tattoo with the letters 'JO' written
through it, right above her mound. Lizzie's discovery enticed her emotions
enough to grab her brother's intruding fingers and hand and shove them harder
and deeper into her love channel. After a few fierce pushes, she came all
over both of their hands. She turned her head sideways and kissed his lips;
their tongues didn't hold back.

Matt pulled away from the kiss. "What's wrong, Matt?"

"Nothing...I just want to try something. Spread out and lay down on your
stomach." Lizzie followed his instructions and flopped down on her belly.
Matt fought to remove the rest of her jeans from her slender legs. Once
free, he spread her legs out wide, allowing him room to work.

"What are you doing back there?"

"You'll see." Matt took his cum coated hands and started massaging her
between and around her nice, tight ass cheeks. Lizzie didn't know what to
think, until she felt the cool, wet feel of his tongue gliding across her
backside. Crouching down, he was able to run his tongue from the underside
of her pussy lips up and through her ass cheeks. He circled his tongue
around her small, dark anus, before pulling away, grabbing the tape, and
exiting the room. Lizzie was frustrated and confused...once again left
naked on her bed having to fend for herself. Lizzie was starting to realize
that she was just a pawn in Matt's sick twisted little game...but no one
would ever be able to say again that Elizabeth 'Lizzie' McGuire wasn't a

(To be continued)


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