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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets a Crush Part 3
by DCForever

Downstairs, Jo and her husband were cuddled up on the couch watching a
romantic movie while their children were up in their rooms. All seemed calm
and normal in the McGuire household, but things were far from normal. Matt,
behind a locked door, couldn't hold back from starting work on another letter
to his dream girl. While he steadily wrote and thought up crazy ideas to
challenge his girl, Lizzie was locked away in her own room, dousing the fires
that Matt had set aflame in her loins, only moments before.

As Matt wrote down ideas and catchy phrases he chuckled to himself. He felt
this would be the letter to end the charade...or not. He thought to himself.
"I could end it now...this would be so perfect, but would it work. Should I
build up to a finally? I sure could use Lizzie's help right now, but after
leaving her like I did I'm pretty certain that she is too busy to help me."
In the other room, Matt couldn't have been more correct as Lizzie rolled from
one side of her bed to the other eliciting moans of pleasure into the balled
up panties she had stuffed into her mouth. She had learned to be cautious
in her sexual antics.

* * *

Hours later, Jo walks up the stairs to check on her children before heading
to bed herself. She and Sam had gotten worried that they hadn't heard a peep
out of their normally very loud children since earlier in the night. Coming
to Lizzie's room first, Jo turned the knob and pushed the door into the
darkened room. Lizzie was draped across the bed, laying on her stomach, with
the covers thrown about. Jo walked over and pulled the covers from beneath
her daughter and started to turn her over and settle her in the bed properly
when her eyes caught sight of something hanging from the girl's mouth.
Reaching over in the dark, Jo pulled the object from her daughter's mouth and
quickly realized what it was.

Thinking to herself. "Why would Lizzie have a pair of panties stuffed in her
mouth?" She examined the material more closely and found some wet spots in
the crotch area. "This couldn't be what I think it is?" Lizzie's mom lifted
the soiled panties to her nose and confirmed her suspicion. Her nose also
started gathering the scent that spread throughout the room. "My little girl
has been masturbating." A smile wiped across her face as she once again
looked down at the backside of her daughter's sleeping form. Reaching down
and this time successfully turning her daughter over, Jo was greeted with
another sight. Lizzie still had her right hand down the front of her grey
warm-up pants. "I had no idea, Lizzie. Guess you are growing up more and
more. Does this mean that what I saw between her and Matt the other day
could have been what I thought it was? Nah...she's a bright girl and just
experimenting a little with her body...she would never go as far to
experiment with Matt's body as well. I really need to get a grip and get
these sick ideas out of my head." Pulling her daughter's hand from the front
of her warm-ups, Jo placed the soiled panties in the sleeping girl's hand.
Whisphering in the air, "This will be our little secret." She then pulled
the covers over the body and slowly exited the room.

Walking across the small hallway, Jo tried to open her son's bedroom door,
but was shocked to find it locked. "Now this is uncharacteristic of Matt.
Guess he's growing up in his own rights and needs a little privacy every now
and then. Wait until Sam hears this. He'll be so proud to know that his son
is growing into a young man." Whispering through the closed, locked door.
"Night sweetie." She turned and headed back downstairs where her husband
was waiting on her.

* * *

The next morning, Lizzie woke to find that she was still holding her panties
in her hand. Talking to herself. "That's weird. I remember passing out,
but I don't recall removing my gag." She lifted the soiled panties to her
nose and breath in her sweet odor. Her odor was still there, but she caught
wind of another scent as well...perfume? Getting out of bed and still
carrying on with the conversation between herself. "Did I wear perfume last
night?" Looking into the longated mirror behind her closed bedroom door,
"My warm-ups! I know I still had them on last night." Quickly scanning the
room, "So where are they?" Feeling moisture between her legs, "And why am I
still soaked? Matt!"

Not caring about her state of dress, Lizzie threw open her bedroom door and
walked the few steps to her brother's room. Applying pressure to the door
knob, she realized that for the first time in her life's memory...Matt's
bedroom door was locked. "Guess me surprising the shrimp is out of the
question." Lizzie balled up her hand and lightly tapped on the door, not
wanting to bring attention from her parents downstairs.

Whispering into the door. "Matt! Matt! You awake?" She immediately heard
the sound of someone stirring around behind the door.

Opening the door, Matt's eyes grew in size, not to mention another part
of his body, as he caught sight of his sister in all of her naked glory.
Chuckling, "Now this is what I call a good morning gift." Lizzie stepped
into his room, giving him a quick peck on the lips as she walked by.

"Really didn't think of it that way, but yeah...I guess it would be a nice
gift. Maybe you can return the favor some day." They both chuckled as they
made their way over toward's Matt's bed.

"Hey, Liz, I finished another letter last night. I started to write it..."

Interrupting her brother in mid-stride. "Before we get to the letter, could
I please have my warm-ups back?"

Matt's face started turning all sorts of red and pinkish colors. "Sorry,
sis. I couldn't help it." Standing back up, Matt pushed his sister's
warm-ups down his legs and stepped out of them before handing them back to
her. "I had this awesome dream last night about the letter I wrote and
after I woke up I couldn't get back to sleep. I walked over to see if you
might happen to be awake, but you weren't. I decided to lay down with you,
but then the closer I got to you the hotter I became. And then after I saw
the soil panties in your hand I just couldn't resist tasting your sweet
pussy again. So I fed on your nectar for a while before I started to feel
sleep coming over me. Thinking that I might play a trick on you, I decided
to wear your crotch dampened warm-ups back to bed. I was amazed you never
woke up."

"Yeah, me too. I guess I must have really worn myself out." She gave her
brother an evil stare.

Hanging his head in shame. "Sorry, sis. Next time I'll make sure you've
been satisfied before I leave you...scout's honor. Its just that during our
fooling around last night I got a great idea for the next letter and just had
to get it down on paper before I forgot. Plus, somewhat... it felt powering
to know that I could get you so rauled up...and then just leave you hanging.
It was quite refreshing." Lizzie didn't take to well to her brother's
comment, but deep down she knew there was some truth to what he was saying...
she felt like he did have some power over her.

Lizzie got her warm-ups and departed Matt's room. They both dressed, had a
normal breakfast, and rushed off to another grueling day of school.

* * *

Later in the day, Jo McGuire was walking down the frozen food isle when the
McGuire's postman ran into her.

"Fred, is that you?"

"Oh, hello, Ms. McGuire."

"Just Jo, Fred."

"Jo, it is. Quite a nice day we're having isn't it?"

She was curious to why her postman was in a grocery store while he was
supposed to be delivering mail, "Why yes it is. Fred, do you mind me asking
why you are here? I know its probably personal and all..."

Cutting her off. "Oh, its not like that. I would never do personal shopping
while on duty. I was running my mid-afternoon route and I happened to see
you coming in here so I figured I would bring this letter to you. It was a
late posting so normally I would have to hold it over until in the morning,
but since you're here and I'm here...why not just deliver it right to your

"That's awfully nice of you, Fred. May I see it?"

"Now Jo, would you mind if I asked you a question?"

"No, by all means."

"Well, this is like the fifth blue envelope letter that I've delivered to
you in the last week...I know I shouldn't ask such a question, but are you
cheating on your husband, Sam?" He pulled a blue envelope from his shoulder
bag and handed it over to Jo.

Chuckling, "It's quite okay, Fred. Actually...that's pretty funny. Me...and
someone else...having an affair? You have no idea how much I needed a good
laugh. The letters are responses for people that are able to make it to a
party we're throwing."

"I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I feel ashamed of myself."

"Awe...don' didn't know. And look at the bright side...I got in a
good laugh. Thanks,'re a doll." She leaned over and hugged the
elderly man. They parted their separate ways.

Jo McGuire walked, while pushing her grocery cart, over and leaned her butt
against one of the large freezers on the frozen food aisle. Grabbing the
letter from the cart, she ran one of her long fingernails across the seal
and opened it. She sat right there and read the letter's contents.

'My darling, goodness.
How great it is to write to you again. I'm counting the
dreadfully long days until we are together, sharing a
mutual love making session while my dick is trapped in
your beautiful cunt. I can't get the image of your naked
body out of my head. You have been magnificent to this
point, but the chase and more challenges are still to
come. When and only when I feel you ready, we will share
in a glorious romp in the sack. If you are still curious
as to my identity and you feel like continuing...then read
on. If not...then don't reply to this letter.'

Jo's inner thighs were already starting to get damp from the anticipation of
the challenge(s) that layed ahead. She continued reading the letter, while
grocery shoppers moved about in the store.

' you've decided to venture further. See, that is
what I love about love the chase as much as I.
Your next test is very easy, but quite demanding on your
part. Do you remember the video camera that you used in
our last test? Well, it will be needed once more. You
will need to find a stranger...someone you don't know or
don't recall ever meeting and have them videotape you while
completing the second part of the test. Still want to

Jo hesitated for a moment before continuing.

' are a trooper. Okay, the next part of the test
is demanding yet could be a major turn on for you and for
me. You will be dressing in an extremely tight shirt and a
tight very revealing skirt. Did I mention that you wouldn't
be wearing any undergarments? If not...I have now. You
will wear this outfit while walking or looking around in a
very public place...say the mall for example. You will
continually be flirting with people of all ages...that
includes a lot of bending over, not crossing your legs when
sitting, starting initial contact or interest by touching
others first. One way or the time you leave
this public place of your choosing you will have had at
least six females and 4 guys touch your pussy. But wait...
there's more. The second session will yet again involve no
undergarments, but this time the setting will be a church or
a school and you will be wearing the baggiest, loosest and
preferrably the brightest dress or skirt you own. You have
two days to accomplish this test and the proof will be a
videotape that a stranger of your choice makes. Oh why
not...the stranger must be a guy no older than 18 years of
age and you must videotape you sucking him off or vice-versa
for payment of his services. This will surely make me cream
in my pants.

Til next time, my sweet. The cum is on you.'

Jo's felt a chill run over the skin of her inner thighs as the freezer she
was sitting on started to freeze the wetness coming from her now soaked
through panties. She sat and allowed the freezer to have its way with her
juices. It seemed to be the only way that she could get herself to stop
leaking. The letter from her mystery partner had once again peaked her
curiousity and adventurious, yet hardly ever seen side. Around the town
and community, Jo McGuire was known as a hard working mother of two, who
loved her job and helped out in the community whenever possible. She
volunteered to help with fund raisers and for chaperoning on school and
church field trips. She was a saint and it was this sainthood that was
leading her to partake in tests such as detailed in her current letter
from her mystery partner. She was tired of leading the boring, safe life...
and as a shocker to herself and to anyone else that ever found out...Sam,
her husband, was edging her own to find out who her mystery guy was.

At first, Jo was scared and didn't know how to respond to her first two
letters so she showed them to her husband. Sam didn't know what to think
about the letters at first, but something in the letters changed him. A
side of him that Jo had never known existed came to the forefront and
changed their lives. Since receiving the first letter, Sam and Jo's sex
life has been better than ever and their love for each other has grown.
He even helped her out with her first videotaping session...he ran the

Jo thought to herself. "Sam's been there for this new letter...
I have to do it alone...would Sam want this...main question I want

Jo quickly rushed around the store finishing up her shopping...making sure
to grab everything on her list and then some. As she went from aisle to
aisle she caught herself looking at her fellow shoppers and how they
displayed themselves. She watched closely as they kneeled down, bent over,
or stretched for items above their heads. Not only did she watch them, but
she watched how their actions reflected on their clothing. Lizzie's mom
had no idea that if she really paid attention to other people around her
that she could see alot. The women, young and old, surprised her the most
in what they revealed to others around them when they did the simple things
such as heaving a dogfood bag up and over the outer gate on their shopping
cart. By the time Jo had paid for her groceries and had left the store she
had seen glimpses of three bras, four thong straps, 2 plain panties, a bare
cunt, countless impressions of nipples on the men and women, and one penis
that kept slipping out the front opening of an older man's swimming trunks.

Back in the confines of her car, "Who would have known that shopping at a
grocery store could get me so wet." Holding the letter between her fingers,
"After that experience, these tests don't seem so risque. Hell, there are
probably times that I show off by assets without even knowing it."
Remembering the things she had just witnessed, Jo let her hand creep under
her shirt and bra. She cupped and fondled her breasts for good while before
turning the ignition on and starting for home.

* * *

Later in the evening, back at the house. "So honey, are you going to go
through with it? Cause if you do decide to do it, there is a new kid at
work that I'm sure I could talk into helping you out. He's not bad looking
either...I'm sure you would love him."

"Sam, do you really think I should go through with it? If you say no then I
won't, but if you say yes...I still don't know. So far the challenges have
been safe and I've had you to back me up. This time is different...its me
and the world...more and our town...the town we live in...the
town filled with people that I know and love...the town that would probably
disown me and our children if they found out what I've...we've been doing."

"Jo, it isn't my decision to make. You told me when the letters first
started arriving that this was the perfect chance to explore who you really
were. You said all your life that you had had boundaries or had setup
boundaries and it was time that those boundaries ceased to exist. So you
have to think to not doing this...will that be because of a
boundary that you are not or will not ever be ready to knock down or because
you are just scared what others will think? That's what you have to decide.
The ball is in your court and yours alone."

"Thanks for the help, Sam."

"Hey, that's what loving husbands are for; well, that and for other things."
Sam grabbed his wife's waist and threw her on the bed. He dropped his robe
and pounced on his wife's ready, willing, and naked body. It was the first
time in a long time that Lizzie had been able to hear her parents' love
making while resting in her upstairs bedroom.

Lizzie was resting own her stomach on her bed while replaying the tape that
she stole from Matt's possession. She wanted a closer look at the close-up
scene of Matt's mystery person...a closer look at the heartshaped tattoo.

(To be continued)


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