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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush Part 4
by DCForever

While Jo contemplated about what she do about the latest letter, her
daughter, Lizzie, was upstairs trying to figure out a way to verify that her
mother was indeed her brother's, Matt, dream person/woman.

Thinking a loud. "Let's see...I guess I could come right out and ask mom
if she has a tattoo or could go the route and ask her what she thinks of
tattoos, but then if I'm wrong she might think that I'm interested in one.
What's a girl to do?" Flopping back down on her bed, back first, she exhaled
in frustration. "Think Lizzie, think. How ever I do it...I have to find a
way around her panties. The community pool would be a good idea...but it
doesn't open for a while. Hmmm...I wonder...guess the shower would be the
only other way...unless of course I'm daring enough to take a peek while her
and dad is sleeping. Fat chance on that. The shower it is." Lizzie closed
her eyes and starting think hard on a way to get into her parents' bathroom
without being to obvious. "That's it...I'll just say I need to use the
bathroom. It's worth a try. Have to get mom in the morning. I'll be so
glad when school is out tomorrow...the weekend finally. I wonder what
Miranda and Gordo are up to? Homework I'm sure. Ugghh...I must be the most
pathetic teenager I am having a full conversation...with myself.
How lame can I get? Don't answer that. Ugghhh...I really need to do
something...maybe Matt is up."

Lizzie found enough strength to pull herself off her bed and walk to her
bedroom door, but upon reaching the knob, another idea struck her. Turning
around and flopping back on the bed, she grabbed for her phone and dialed
her friend Miranda's phone number.

"Hello, Ms. Sanchex. May I please speak with Miranda?"

Seconds later, "Hey Lizzie, what's up?"

"You have no idea. I've been locked away in my room for the last half hour
trying to figure out how I can find some evidence as to who Matt's mystery
person is. I think I've finally devised a way, but it will have to wait
until the morning."

"Well, girlfriend, is there anything I can help you with...or did you just
need a willing ear?"

Lizzie was feeling dirty and was hoping her friend would play along. "Now
that you mention it, I could use some help curing an itch between my legs.
No matter how hard or how much I run my fingers over it, stratching it, I
can't seem to make it go away. Any suggestions?"

Miranda didn't know what to think, but remembering back to the scene in the
hall she decided to roll with the punches. "Are you sure you've tried

Lizzie was estatic that Miranda was playing along. " you have a
suggestion or two?"

Miranda smiled into the phone as she ran to her room, locking the door,
before diving head first onto her small day bed. Gathering her composure,
she responded. "I might could think of a few ways you might try to cure
that ...itch of yours. Are you up for it?"

"You say it...I do it. Fair enough?"

"Yep! Sounds as if anything goes. Well first, how are you dressed?"

"I'm wearing my pajama shorts and top."

"Anything else?" As she asked the question, she was fighting with the double
buttons on her own pajama bottoms.

"If you're referring to any undies or"

"Good. Now...take it all off and go throw it into your closet and then come
back to the phone."

Lizzie laid the phone down and quickly threw off her pajama top and bottoms,
threw them into her closet and then raced back to her bed where she picked
the phone back up and placed it to her ear. "Done."

" mentioned that you've been locked in your room. Is the door still
locked? If so...go unlock it now."

Lizzie was starting to see where her friend was taking this little adventure
and she was loving it. She quickly walked over and unlocked her door and
then returned to her bed. "Done."

"Nice. Now, describe to me what you are looking at."

"My room? I don't understand."

"No, silly. When you look at your body...describe to me how it looks."

"Oh. Miranda, are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"I'll never tell." She had just added a bit of mystery to their little game.

"Not much to say...I'm wearing my birthday suit."

"Duhhh. I thought this was what you wanted, Lizzie. Are you going to play
along or not? How does your pussy look and feel like?"

" naughty, naughty girl. Well, as I run my hand over it I can feel
light hairs brushing across my fingers. My hair is about the color of the
hair on my head. It tickles the slower I drag my hand across."

"Now we're talking. Now grab each side of your lips and open them as wide as
you can and try your best to blow air across the opening. Better yet, go
grab your hair dryer from the hall bathroom...and don't bother to cover
yourself up either."

Minute later, Lizzie walked back through her door with the dryer in hand.
Once the door was shut back she returned to her position on the bed and
waited for her friend's next command. "Back."

"Good. Now plug up the dryer and then resume the position you were in
before. Instead of using your own hot air, turn the dryer on to its hottest
setting and slowly move the heated air, coming from the dryer, across the
surface of your folds. By the way, how do they look and feel?"

"They look like lumps of loose flesh that act as a doorway to my innerards.
And before you ask...yes, my flesh is pink on the inside. Damn...this is
getting hot."

"The hotter the better. Guess what?"


"Everytime you shutter...I stroke myself...and so far...I'm getting pretty

"I know the feeling. Oh much longer?"

"Touch your clit and tell me if its anymore sensitive than it usually is."

"Holy Shit!" Lizzie screamed out as she ran her finger over the uncovered
nubbin. "Miranda, I'm flooding my thighs. That was intense."

Furiously rubbing herself, Miranda was close to her own explosion. "I'm
al-l-most-t-t....the-r-e-e-e myself..jus-t-t a lit-t-l-e-e bit-t-t
further-r-r." She continued applying more pressure to her clit as she
rubbed herself harder and harder. "I'm close-e-e."

Opening her daughter's door, and screaming at the top of her lungs. "Miranda
Sanchez, what do you think you are doing?" Ms. Sanchez's yelling was the
last needed ingredient that Miranda needed. Screaming into the phone as
equally as her mother had previous screamed, "Oh My Fucking God!

Miranda's mom rushed over and grabbed the phone from her daughter and slammed
it down on its cradle. She stood over her half naked daughter...not saying a
word. She was speechless...beyond anger and her daughter could slowly see
the rage building up in her, but Miranda still was rubbing the palm of her
hand over her juice flowing pussy.

Mrs. Sanchez had had enough. Her tone of voice expressed anger and
disappointment towards her daughter. "Will you stop doing that?"

"Sorry mom, but I normally would...I just can't." Panting for breath. "I
can't just stop now...I've been needing this for a long time."

Her mom couldn't listen to another word from her daughter's mouth. She
turned and started towards the door. Before exiting, "If you insist on
pleasuring yourself like that...there are some creams and oils at the back
of the hall closet." As she was closing the door behind her, "And keep the
noise to a minimum!" She slammed the door behind her and stood in the hall
resting her head against the door. "My girl is growing up...what am I
going to do? And why Lizzie? Why would my baby girl call out that name
during a moment of esctasy? Miranda has a lot of explaining to do."

Back at the McGuire residence, Lizzie was trying to calm down after the
erotic high she had just given herself, when her younger brother Matt
stepped into her room.

He had heard noise coming from her room so he came to investigate. As he
opened the door, his sister's prone form on the bed became his focal point.
From the doorway, his view consisted of his sister laying naked on her unmade
bed. In one hand was their mutually owned white compact hair dryer and in
the other...well, her other hand wasn't in was buried deep within
her pubic cavern. Her pubic hair and stomach glistened from the juices that
covered her.

Shaking his head, he closed the door before walking over towards the bed.
"Sis, mind if I take a picture of this? Because at this moment your body is
piece of art." He leaned down and sat on the edge of the mattress and just
took in the beauty of his recovering sister. It was obvious to him that she
had just pleasured herself to a satisfying orgasm and looked to be trying to
achieve yet another.

Ever since he and his sister had started fooling around, he never could get
over how perfect and beautiful her body had become. Her outstanding breasts
weren't the largest, but they accented her upper body beautifully. The
nipples topped them off and stood tall. Her flesh created a smooth
curvacious valley as it descended from the tips of her breasts to the
flatness of her tight, toned stomache. Below her stomach was a very light
patch of pubic hair that protected and guarded the fleshy entrance to her
light pink colored tunnel of paradise. But the perfect body didn't stop
there. Long toned and tanned legs flowed from there to her knee caps and
further down to her delicate toes. If that wasn't enough, Matt could stare
at her bare ass for hours at a time without flinching an eye. Her ass was
made up of two small, gloriously, smooth globes of flesh. Lizzie had just
enough meat and curves on her backside to say that she had a beautiful ass
and for Matt to grab onto whenever he felt the urge. That was the beauty
that Matt McGuire was previlidged enough to see everytime he got together
with his older sister, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' McGuire.

Staring up at her brother, "Matt, you are too kind. So what did you want?"

"Actually nothing...that was before I came in here. I heard a noise coming
from behind the door and got curious."

"Well sweet litttle brother, I'm glad you did."

"Me to. So what got you all worked up?"

"Miranda. Ahhh it was great, Matt. Everything she said I did and we both
got off. I got cutoff with her. I think her mother might have caught her."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean you and Miranda...are you two...have you two...
wow...that would be something...can I-"

"Little man, little man, little man...hate to break the news, but no...we
aren't...we haven't...but I sure wouldn't mind it if we did."

"So this was the first time?"

"First time for this sort of thing, but..."

Cutting his sister off with building enthusiasm. "But? You mean there's a
but? Go on! Don't stop now! Continue!"

Lizzie chuckled at her brother's response. "Like I was saying before rudely
being interrupted...'but we did kiss and she let me give her a hickey on one
of her breasts'."

"No way! Are they as nice in the flesh as they look on the outside?"

"Yes way...on both accounts. And since I've told you this much I guess I
should throw in the fact that before me and Miranda...I sort of let Gordo
suck on my breasts."

"Get out of here! Lizzie, you let Gordo...oh my...did he...did you...are
you two..." Lizzie's laughter broke his train of thought.

"Both incidents happened about the same time it's the only time it's
happened, but I wouldn't mind a repeat performance."

"Did you enjoy having your friends do sexual acts on you?"

"I sure didn't not like it! Did you hear me...I said I wouldn't mind trying
it again. And did I happen to mention we were in the hallway at school when
it happened? You just have no idea what kind of erotic rush that was. Just
knowing that at any moment that we could have gotten caught was exhilerating.
I could see the topics of the talkshows now; 'What do 14 Year Olds and School
Hallways have in Common...Breasts Sucking.' That and more on the next Jerry

"Hehehe...that's pretty funny and very dangerous. Kind of like leaving your
door unlocked while you masturbated in the nude?"

Smiling big at her brother, "Yeah...something like that."

"You know what you are ya?"

"No, what?"

"You're nothing more than a teenage teenage slut...and above outrageously gorgeous sister. So is your hand finished down there
yet...I wouldn't mind giving my tongue a wash if you know what I mean?"

"It'll be a while longer. I'm working on a new goal...three!"

"Okay then, I'll just find something else to keep me occupied."

Matt leaned over his sister and planted his lips on hers. Their locked lips
soon parted as their tongues rested upon each other. But rest wasn't what
Matt was wanting. Lizzie stayed still as his tongue started gliding over
her's and his lips started sucking on her bottom lip. He kissed his sister
as she neared another release...a release that he was waiting on. Minutes
passed, tongues dueled, fingers rolled, hands groped, a clit was pressured,
and lips were stroked; in the end, Lizzie achieved her third orgasm.

Her brother wasted no time in breaking the kiss and taking over with his hand
where his sister's left off. He speedily slipped his hand back and forth
through the gooey white mess as he stroked her inner-flesh. A moment later,
Lizzie arched her back as she shot up from the bed. Matt was pinching her
nubbin with his right hand and furiously driving his other hand into her
flesh. The pain and building excitement was too much for the teenage girl
to withstand. She bit down hard on her brother's back in hopes that her
moans would be muted as Matt got her off for the second time in five minutes.
As she settled herself back on the mattress, Matt cupped the surplus supply
of her juices and started dripping and rubbing it into his sister's skin. He
kept dipping from the honey pot and slowly applied it all over her body. He
got the most satisfaction when both of his hands were covered in her cum and
ran them over her forehead, closed eyes, nose, lips, chin, then the neck and
finally ending in the valley between her still budding breasts. An hour
later, he was still hard at work...slowly licking up the last drop of the
juices that had previously covered her body. Matt looked at his sister as
she layed still on her bed, smiling, as if she was experiencing a fantasy
come true.

"Well, sis...did I satisfy you this time?" She could only bring herself to
smile as a tear rolled down the side of her face.

Smiling back, "I guess that would be a yes, huh? hehe." He leaned over and
kissed her nose and then her lips. Whispering only inches above, "You really
are beautiful." He turned his body back towards the foot of the bed and
admired the glistening beauty before him. He knew that he had truly given
his sister the satisfaction that she had been wanting and needing. Quickly
looking back over his shoulder and back again, he saw her smiling with her
eyes still closed. Lowering his head to her thighs he breathed in the
scented aroma of her essence.

He thought, "Yes, she was satisfied, but that doesn't mean I can't keep
satisfying her." He bent his head down and flicked his tongue across her
nub. Leaning closer, he used the same tongue to part her folds and run
along her inner flesh. The rest was history repeating itself.

(To be continued)


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