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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush Part 5
by DCForever

The next morning, Lizzie was awakened by her pesky alarm clock. Reaching
over to hit the off button, she began to stir around. Slowly she allowed her
eyes to adjust to the bright overhead light. As she eyes cleared, she began
surveying the room and finally her bed. It finally registered with her what
had taken place the previous night. She grinned a bright smile while running
her fingers between her sticky bare legs. She remembered Matt going down on
her and then nothing. That would make the light being on a non-questioning
matter. Matt just didn't turn it off when he left her room last night. She
could only rationalize that she must have passed out from all the
ministrating she was receiving.

Looking back at the clock, with clear vision, she remembered why she had set
her clock earlier than usual. Jumping out of bed, Lizzie rushed over to her
dresser and then her closet gathering her school clothes and dashed towards
the hall shower. Ten minutes later, she re-appeared in the hallway. Walking
over to her brother's room, she knocked on the door. As she had grown
accustomed, she could hear noises behind the closed door. "Matt, are you up
yet?" More stirring could be heard. "Matt?"

Matt slung open the door and just stared at his sister. He was shocked to
see she was completely dressed and ready for school. Turning his head back
towards his bed, he read the digits of his clock, and then faced his sister

"Its a little early...don't ya think?"

"I just have something that I need to do this morning...wanted to get a head

"Speaking of head?"

"Is tha all you ever think about anymore? Come just woke up good
and you're already expecting a sexual favor. So expect me to just
drop to my knees and service your tool?" hesitating for a moment. "Okay,
fine. Just go back and jump on your bed and drop your shorts."

Matt ran and jumped on his bed and rid his body of the few clothes he had
worn to bed. Lizzie walked through the open door and followed him to his

"Lizzie, aren't you going to close the door?"

"Not this time. Makes what I'm about to do a whole lot sleazier." Lizzie
knelt down beside the bed and took her brother's member into her mouth on the
way down. Matt's head just relaxed back on his bed as his sister serviced
his ever growing manhood. Couple minutes later, Matt shot his load down his
sister's throat. As he got up to go take a shower, Lizzie planted a quick
kiss on his lips before retreating down the stairs.

The blonde teenager looked at her wrist watch and then waited until she could
hear water running through the pipes in the walls, from both the upstairs and
downstairs bathrooms.

Talking to herself, "Looks like Operation Seek Out Mom is a go." Lizzie
entered her parents' bedroom and walked over to the closed bathroom door.
She banged on it a couple times before turning the knob and entering.

Lizzie's mom had the curtain drawn as she took her morning shower. "Who's

"It's me mom."

"Lizzie, darling...whatever it is...can it wait until I get out?"

"No, mom. I really need to use the bathroom. My pain in the butt brother is
in the shower upstairs and wouldn't hurry up. Please, mom, I don't think I
can hold it much longer."

"Alright sweety."

Lizzie crossed over to the toilet by the shower stall and proceeded in normal
fashion as she sat her bare ass on the toilet seat. "Thanks, Mom."

Jo McGuire pulled the front of the shower curtain back so she could see her
daughter. "You must have really had to go?"

"You just wouldn't believe." Lizzie pushed and strained against the seat in
hopes that she would be able to make herself use the bathroom.

Lizzie's mom continued on with her shower as Lizzie slowly stood up from the
toilet. Waiting until her mom had started washing her hair, Lizzie moved
over and stuck her head in the gap between the shower curtain and the wall.
She first looked up to make sure her mother couldn't see through the suds
rolling down her face and then oddly enough, took her time scanning her
mother's naked body as she made her way towards the upper portion of her
legs. Lizzie froze when she saw the evidence that she had been searching
for. Only a few inches away, from her glaring eyes, was a heartshaped tattoo
with Jo stenciled acrossed it. Her brother's mystery person was indeed their
own mother. She started to pull her head back from the curtain, but stopped
in her tracks when her eyes had deceived her and had ventured down to her
mother's pussy. If any other evidence was needed, she now had it as well.
Her mother's mound was bare except for the puffy lips that protruded out of
the surface. Somehow she managed to pull away and re-settle her butt on the
toilet seat. With the help of a few strokes, the teenager had no problems
releasing her streams into the toilet.

When she finished she rose up and started pulling her pants up at the very
moment her mother threw open the curtain and stepped out of the shower. They
both looked at each other as if they were in a stare down. Jo's eyes broke
the contact as she lowered them to her daughter's pants.

"Lizzie, is there some reason as to why you weren't planning on wearing any
panties to school? Hmmm..." Lizzie was lost for words. She didn't know how
to respond to her mother's question. She was busted and her face showed it.

With a stern voice, "No daughter of mine is going to go to school not wearing
panties. Is that clear? You are wearing a bra aren't you?"

Lizzie hung her head as she tried to pull the pants up her legs. Soon her
bare pussy was covered by denim jean material and out of sight from her mom's
ogling stares.

"Well, Lizzie, what do you have to say for yourself? What are you trying to
do...become like Kate? Do you really want to be like her? I've even heard
you call her a slut is that what the family should start calling
you?" Waiting a few more seconds. "I do believe this is a rarity in this
house...for once you are speechless. Well, while you try to come up with a
good reason as to why you want to dress like a slut, you can march up to your
room and put on some undergarments. That will then give me time to figure
out what kind of punishment is required of my parental status. Now go."
Lizzie took one good, slightly longer than she thought, look at her mother's
completely exposed and dripping wet body before exiting the bathroom. She
rushed upstairs slamming her door closed. Seconds later, her head was buried
beneath a pile of pillows and stuffed animals...tears running down her cheek.

Matt had heard the slamming of the door as he finished getting dressed for
school. Once finished, he let himself into his sister's bedroom. Hearing
sniffling and sobs, he knew something had upset her. Stepping closer towards
the bed, he rested his hand on his sister's denim covered ass and started
caressing it. Laying a top her body, he brought his head close to hers.
"Whatever it is will be okay." He proceeded in planting light
kisses around her ears and neck. Down below, his hand quickly worked its way
into her pants and was kneading her tight anal flesh. Moment later, Lizzie
started showing her gratitude through soft, purring sounds. Whatever had
caused her pain seemed to be in the past as Matt continued pleasing his older

Little did the McGuire children know, but their actions weren't going

Minutes earlier, a guilty Jo McGuire was making her way up the stairs to
apologize for her harshness towards her daughter. Unknowing to her that in
less than a minute, she would find herself standing in Lizzie's open doorway
watching her children fool around on Lizzie's bed.

Presently, Matt's hands and lips were busy kissing and exploring his sister's
laid out body, while his mom clasped a hand over her gaping mouth.

Now that she had caught them in the act, she had confirmed that she hadn't
been imaging things a few mornings back. Knowing she had caught them, what
was she to do? Jo didn't know if she should just start yelling or if she
should just clear her throat and get their attention that way or even if she
should just take a few steps back out of the doorway and go on about her
business as if she had never seen anything. Then there was the fourth option
that seemed to want to cloud her judgement of the whole scene being played
out before her. She could just throw caution to the wind and walk over to
the bed and join her children in what looked to be a great experience.

Neither of her children's bodies were exposed, but as Jo intensely watched,
she imagined their nude bodies moving over the other. Looking down, she saw
that her nipples had begun to harden and could feel that her pussy had sprung
a leak. Watching for a couple seconds longer, she turned and headed back
down the stairs and back into the shower where she replayed what she had just
seen over and over again, while pleasuring herself with her own fingers and

Again, she fought with her conscious level over the fact that it was wrong to
think of her children that way. "Sex is good. There is nothing wrong when
it comes to great sex, so how come thinking about sex between or even with my
children is so awful? What am I doing? This is just wrong. I'm a terrible
mother for thinking like this, but if it is such a bad thing then why can't I
stop touching myself?" Thoughts flooded her head as her son was still
upstairs trying to sooth his older sister's sadness.

Back upstairs in Lizzie bedroom. "Sis, you know you can tell me anything.
I'm here if you need someone to talk to."

Quickly flipping her body over she rested her line of vision on her brother's
eyes. "Just answer me one question. Do you love me?"

"How stupid of a question is that? You're my sister so of course I love

"No, that isn't what I meant. I mean do you love me beyond the bounds of
sibling love?"

"Oh, that kind of love. I really don't know, Lizzie. I mean it hasn't ever
crossed my mind."

"So you're unsure about us? What about mom? Do you love her?"

"Yes, I love our mom. Did you hit your head or something?"

"In a mom and parent way I know you love mom as do I, but do you...I really
don't know how to say this without just blurting it out. Is our mom the one
you've been writing all these letters too? Do you want to have sex with

Matt's massaging motion ceased as he stared down at his sister. "I guess...
yeah, she is. Yes, I want to have sex with our mom. That doesn't mean that I
think more about her than you, but I think it would be a blast. Since you
helped with my first letter it has been hard on me because yes, I've wanted
to have sex with our mom for the longest time, but it's mainly been hard
because of you. Lizzie, you mean a lot to me...and yes, I love you. There,
I said it. Not only do I love the sexual experiments that we've had fun
with, but it was the time spent together just hugging, kissing, and talking
that made me realize that I was falling for you. You may say that I'm too
young to know what I want, but don't. I've thought a lot about this. I want
you sis. As a sex partner, a friend, and a lover. Do I still have a need
and desire to screw mom...hell yes, but my feelings will never change for
you. I heart you, Lizzie McGuire." His fingers now forming the shape of a
heart as he held them against his chest.

Tears just rolled down the older girl's cheeks as she listened to the
confession of her brother's undying love for her. Lifting her arms from her
sides, she embraced her brother in a comforting, loving hug. "I Lizzie...
heart you as well, Matt McGuire." Brother and sister held onto each other
until they heard someone making noise as they ascended the stairs. They both
looked at each other and immediately knew what the other was thinking.

Making sure to make plenty of noise, Jo McGuire neared her daughter's bedroom
door for the second time that morning.

Talking through the door, "Lizzie, are you up yet? If not then get up...and
make sure to get Matt up as well." Lizzie thought her mom's words were
ironic as she currently held her brother's member in her hands stroking it up
and down.

Yelling back in response. "Alright, mom. I'll make sure he gets off...I
mean up real soon." Matt shoved a corner of the bed sheet into his mouth as
he tried to muffle his laughter and groans. They both raised their ears in
the direction of the bedroom door and waited for creaks coming from the first
story floor.

"She's gone."

"Good. Now maybe you can use your mouth to finish off the job instead of
your hand."

"Alright then...drop your pants and hop up here." She patted the space on
the bed beside her.

"You're the best, sis." Matt removed his jeans and underpants and jumped on
the bed. Pulling his body closer into alignment with her own, she lowered
her head and let her brother's elongated firm, flesh slip into her mouth and
slowly down her throat. Up and down she ran her tongue and eventually her
whole mouth as minutes passed by as did her brother's release. Pulling back
away from his shrinking staff, she leaned forward and pressed her lips into
his. Matt didn't care that he was now consuming his own seed...he only cared
that his sister's lips were wanting his own.

Pulling back, "Sorry sis, but we both need to get ready for school."

"Well just so we are clear with each other...don't think that you are
entitled to one or more blowjobs every morning. Cause if you think for one
minute that I don't need to be serviced as well then we are doomed from the

Turning back before stepping across the hall. "Announcing to all that are
concerned...Matt's Piston and Service station will be opening up tomorrow
morning. Come one, come's a service well worth its time. Our
service is our guarantee." He turned back towards the door and exited the
room while his sister buried her head in her sheets in hopes of not breaking
out in a fit of laughter.

* * *

Later in the morning, Miranda and Lizzie are gathered around their mutual
lockers. "So Lizzie what is up with you this morning? You are totally

Phasing in and out of dream land. "Matt is what happened."

"Excuse me, what did you just say? Did you say Matt?"

Breaking out of her phase, "Matt? Did I say Matt? Yeah...Matt. I...I saw
his latest movie last night. That Matt Damon guy is so hunkydory." She was
surprising herself at how fast and easy she was able to correct her previous
slip of the tongue.

"Oh, so what happened to your celeb crush on Matt's friend, Ben Affleck?"

Trying to clear her mind of her brother, "Guess you could say that seen in
the movie 'Bourne Identity.' His naked ass looked so yummy."

Gordo walked up to the two girls. "Did someone say naked? Who was naked...
guy or girl?"

"Lizzie was just informing me of her new celebrity crush."

"Oh I see. So who is it this time? Guess that Ben guy is out of the

"Matt Damon."

"Let me guess... the nude scene in his latest movie caused the change didn't
it...didn't it?"

"Yes, that is what I was just telling Miranda. His ass was very nice and...
well, naked. Ben hasn't proven to me that he can beat it. I haven't seen
his bare ass on the big screen.."

"I don't know about Matt, but the girl he had sex with looked amazing.
Though back to real life, Ben has a small advantage over his buddy Matt.
Her name is J-Lo."

"Oh come on, Gordo. Don't tell me that you like that woman? I don't see
what anyone sees in her. Everytime I hear her name somewhere down the line
her ass is mentioned. I tell you, some people would love her even if she
had a goat's head...just because of her ass."

"Actually Miranda, I don't care anything for her ass. It's her breasts that
mesmerize me. Did you ever see that 'U Turn' movie?"

"No, but I heard about it. Okay I admit she looks good, but her breasts
aren't all that, Gordo. Have you looked at them really hard? Okay, that was
a waste of a good breathe...of course you have. They droop. That is all I'm
going to say."

"They may droop, but that is alright by me...more to be loved."

"Oh you two...give me a break. Gordo, I want you to mentally compare J-Lo to
Miranda here. Go on. No, I'm not crazy, but you may feel that you are. Go
on. And when you are done I don't ever want to hear another thing about J-Lo
this or J-Lo that. I'm quite sure you will be replacing the J girl's name
with Miranda's name. Just look at our friend's ass. Turn around for a
minute, Miranda." Miranda turns her back to her friends.

"See Gordo, there is nothing wrong with her ass. It's young and tight...not
like that older, less tight, and bigger one that Jennifer Lopez is famous
for. Now turn back around." Miranda turned back to her friends awaiting her
friend's next order.

"Oh that turn again, but slower. Look at that figure and profile.
You so can't tell me that Miranda isn't as good looking or as physically
attractive as any other girl...myself included."

"You're right, Lizzie. Miranda does have an amazing body and that
I look closely she is amazingly attractive. Miranda, would you like to go
out on a date sometime?" The question just popped out.

Miranda dropped her head on Lizzie's shoulder as she was shocked by Gordo's
proposal. Raising it back up she smiled at the short, curly darkhaired boy.
"Are you sure?"

"Sure as I've ever been."

"See, Miranda, he does like you. You heard him, sure as he's ever been. And
you know how sure he is about sciences and math. He's a damn genius, so of
course he's sure."

"So what are you two trying to say...that I'm a sure thing? I'm not sure I
want to be like that."

"Oh yeah...right. I bet you are soaked beyond belief by just thinking about
you and Gordo wrapped up in each others' arms."

"Am not."

"Only one way to find out." Lizzie grabbed her two friends and pushed them
through the nearby girl's bathroom door. Once inside, Gordo was pushed
against the door to act as a barrier in case anyone tried to come in and
Miranda was pushed into one of the stalls with Lizzie on her tail. From
his position, Gordo could hear the girls whispering and Miranda was
definitely the louder of the two. Lizzie wasn't going to take no for an
answer as she forced her hand down the front of her friend's pants.
Miranda tried to fight off her hand, but was unsuccessful in her attempts.

She smiled up at the girl as her hand reached its destination. Speaking loud
enough so Gordo could hear. "You are most definitely a sure thing. You are
literally soaked...much like myself." Gorgo thought he was going to pass out
when he heard those words. Lizzie sneakily unlatched the stall door and
quickly pulled both their bodies out of the stall. Miranda tried to stop
their momentum, but Lizzie's reactions were too quick for the latin brunette.
Now in full view of Gordo's piercing and mesmerized eyes, Lizzie quickly
dropped her friend's pants and undergarments and then her own clothing to the
floor. Miranda was frozen in place at her embarrassment.

"So what do you think, Gordo? Well, don't be can't determine who's
more soaked standing by the door."

"But what if someone tries to come in." replied Gordo with a shaky voice.

"Good point. Guess we have to come to you. Come on Miranda...his hands
aren't going to wait all day."

"Why are you doing this? What has gotten into you?"

"Into me? This is from the same girl that talked me through a masturbation
session just a night or so ago? The same girl that shared in a girl-girl
kiss by my locker the other day? Do I need to go on? We are all changing...
some maybe faster than others, but we are all growing and changing and
experiencing new things. Take Gordo here. I heard he kissed Clare the other
day after school?"

Suddenly ignoring her state of embarrassment. "You kissed Clare? The Clare?
The same Clare that is on the cheerleading squad and best friend to Kate
Sanders, Clare? What in God's name gave you the notion to do such a thing?

"Yeah, David, what did cause you to kiss her?"

"It was the same day that we all kissed in the hall. I was still aroused and
it just happened. After you two left I had to run back to the lab to get my
camera and on the way back I literally ran into Clare. She had just finished
with cheerleading practice and was talking with some friends when we both
turned the corner and ran smack into each other. The others waited for her
to release her rage and before I knew it I had my lips pressed to hers. Oh
she screamed and fussed, but the violent vibrations only added to the kiss."

"So it wasn't just a rumor I heard. Wow! Gordo got a cheerleader."

"Not only did I get her, but she lifted her heel off the ground."

Miranda couldn't believe her ears. "She actually raised her heel?"

"Yeah, it just raised up off the ground. I think her friends were shocked
as well, because none of them said a word. When the kiss was broken we both
just bent down to the ground and picked up our fallen possessions. I smiled
at her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before walking off. I guess
her friends must have accepted me because one of the freshman girls pinched
my ass when I passed by her."

"So the ebony princess was speechless?"

"Gordo, please tell me you got a picture. Cause if you did...well, lets just
say it would be a priceless possession."

"I didn't get a picture, Liz and yes, Miranda, I guess I did cause her to
lose her speech."

"Well, you go boy."

"Yeah, congrats Gordo. So, how did her kiss compare to our kiss?"

"You don't have to answer that. Lizzie, everything doesn't have to be a

"I know Miranda. Well, it doesn't really matter, because she only kissed
him...and we both kissed him...and about to let him feel us up." Lizzie
reached back and pushed her friend hard against Gordo's body. She stepped
forward, grabbed Gordo's hand and pushed them down and between the brunette
girl's legs. He immediately felt the soaked naked flesh as Lizzie continued
guiding his hand around their mutual friend's sexpot. Miranda wasn't sure
if she should fight the two bodies off of her body or if she should try and
give a little attention back.

Meanwhile Lizzie realized a change in the girl and removed her hand from atop
of Gordo's. Once released, the blonde girl stepped up standing to the side
of Miranda as she led Gordo's other hand between her own thighs; eliciting a
small moan at the first touch. Miranda watched as her friend started
moaning. Realizing her friend's comfort level, she leaned over and pulled up
Lizzie's tight top, pulling a breast free from her sky blue colored bra, and
slipped a nipple between her lips. Lizzie smiled as she lowered her head
atop of Miranda's head as she delighted in the touch of her two best friends.

Time passed and pleasure rose to an all time high and then flatlined as the
rest of the day proved to be normal and uneventful for the three teenagers.

* * *

Later that night, young Matt McGuire sat on his bed starring back at the
small blue envelope that he held in his hands. With the helps of a nearby
letter opener, he extracted the letter nad begun reading its contents.

'Dear Sweet Mysterious Lover of Mine,
I am deeply sorry to write this letter, but it has to be.
I considered the tasks in your last message, but have
decided to decline. Please do not take this as being a
see you later type letter. It's just the tasks went a
little further than I'm currently willing to go. I just
don't think that I could or should do something that
resembles what I recently informed my daughter that she
couldn't do. If it hadn't been for a particular incident
this morning, I probably would have been at my children's
school today, letting every preverted young girl or boy
catch a glimpse or feel of their first pussy, but the
incident did happen and because of it I can't follow
through with what you had written. Please don't hate me
for declining, but my word is my bond with my children
and I love them very, very much.

So with much thought I am going to deliver to you a huge
surprise that is sure to raise even a dead penis. I just
need a couple days to arrange some things. And yes, the
proof of the planned sexual act will be recorded for your
video watching and collecting pleasure. So please don't
give up on me just yet...because I haven't given up on me.
You have no idea how much you've helped me and how horny
I've been as of late. You may be the medicine to cure me,
but only time will tell. Yes, we will meet soon. If you
are still interested in something between us, then please
keep checking the drop-off location until I deliver. And
mark my word...I will deliver.

Sweet Kisses and Pussy Licking to You,
You Daring Lady in Waiting'

Upon finishing the letter, Matt dropped his head on his pillow and smiled up
at the ceiling. His eyes closed as his hands fell limply off the bed; the
letter drifting to the floor below.

(To be continued)


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