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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush Part 8
by DCForever

Matt McGuire knocked on his sister's closed door before turning the knob and
letting himself in. Once inside, his sister and her best friend, Miranda,
were laying out clothes they had bought earlier in the day, while shopping at
the mall on their day off from school. From the look of the bed and the
number of store bags between the two, he figured they must have bought out
the mall. He walked over and spooked the two girls with his sudden presence.
"Aahhh!" screamed the two girls as Matt appeared out of nowhere. While
Lizzie was trying to regain her composure, she motioned for her brother to
close her door back. He walked back over to the door, closing and locking it
before returning to his sister's side.

Lizzie walked over to the bed, grabbing several articles of clothing. She
held up a bright yellow top and denim faded skirt and turned to her brother,
"So Matt, what do you think of the outfit Miranda helped me pick out? Now I
want you to be honest. I can take it."

Placing his finger over his lips and bracing his chin with the rest of his
hand, he walked up closer examining it thoroughly. "Ahhh...uh huh. Well
lets see...okay, yeah...not bad. Yeah, could you hold it a little higher."
At her brother's request, she lifted the outfit higher up her body.

"What about now?"

"Higher still. It gets better the higher you hold it. Don't look at me like
that...would I lie to you? Before you answer that, just remember...I have
nothing to gain from lying to you this time." Lizzie did as Matt suggested
and raised the outfit even higher in the air.

"Nah, that won't do. Higher still." She raised the top and skirt higher in
the air until she could no longer see her brother. "Perfect."

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely, sis. Anything that hides that hideous face of yours is perfect
in my book." She quickly lowered the garments of clothes and threw them at
him in a fit of rage.

"Matt! I'm going to kill you," screamed the angry teenager as she reached
over re-arming herself with another pile of clothes. Matt held up his arms
in surrender like fashion. Occasionally, Matt liked to still mess with his
sister like he was known for doing...just to keep things on the up and up
for appearance sake. Otherwise, the ones closest to them would see right
through their charade.

"What? What did I do? You asked me for my honest opinion and so I gave it."
Miranda was standing back away from the two siblings chuckling as she thought
Matt had gotten his sister pretty good.

"Those two really could fight over nothing all day and would never get
tired." thought Miranda as she laughed at her best friend. "Come on Lizzie...
you stepped right into that one." Miranda laid her hand on her friend's
shoulder. "Now Matt, seriously, what do you think of the outfit?" He knew
he better be serious this time around.

"It's nice, but who am I to say that nothing Lizzie has isn't nice on her?
Isn't that what you want to hear?" Miranda's eyes shot wide open in shock
as Lizzie just blushed at her brother's kind words.

Having regained her composure and allowing her shock factor to less, "Wow!
You actually said something nice about Lizzie. In addition, you are right...
she does make anything look good. I always try to get that point across to
her, but of course, she never believes me. Maybe now she will now that
someone else thinks the same thing." Looking at her friend, "See Lizzie,
Matt knows good taste when he sees it." At that moment, Lizzie and Matt
raised their heads and caught each other staring at one another. They both
couldn't help but smile knowing that statement was truer than Miranda could
have known.

"Miranda, why don't you show Matt what you bought? I'm sure he would be
completely honest with you as well." Turning to her brother, "Trust me...she
looks great in it."

Miranda nervously looked down at the bags on the bed with her store purchases
in them. Shaking her head from side-to-side, "Nah, I don't think so. I'm
sure he would rather see more of your outfits than mine."

"Oh don't be so modest girl. Go ahead and show him. Hey I know...why don't
you model them for the guy." By this time, Matt was blushing red just at
the thought of having Miranda modeling something for him. From the girl's
nervous reaction, he figured she had to have bought some personal items;
undergarments came to mind.

While Lizzie pulled her friend away from the bed for a brief girl-to-girl
talk, Matt maneuvered closer to the bed. Once he was within reach of the
bags, he reached inside the bag that Miranda had been eyeing earlier.
Pulling his hand back out, he held in his hand a lacy pair of panties with
a tag hanging off of them reading 'Victoria's Secret.' He couldn't hold
back his shock and admiration.

"Whoa momma!" Miranda and Lizzie both quickly turned their heads toward the
bed and caught sight of the garment the boy was holding in his hand.

Before Matt could say another word, Miranda closed the distance between their
bodies, reclaiming possession of the garment. "Matt!" She screamed out, but
only to be silenced by Lizzie's hand a second later.

Whispering into her friend's ear, "I would say whoa could be considered a
valid opinion. Wouldn't you say, Miranda?" She shook her head while staring
at Matt and acting out a strangling motion with her hands. Lizzie released
her grip on the girl.

"He's my only brother so I would prefer that you didn't kill least
until he's like old enough to have me in his will." Matt gave his sister a
serious stare.

"Thanks a lot, sis." He turned his attention to the other girl. "I'm sorry
I peaked into your bags, Miranda." Miranda nodded in acceptance of his
apology. "Since I have already seen one of the things you bought do you
think there is a chance I could see more?" Being the young, immature boy
that he was known to be, he dropped to his knees in front of the brunette and
clasped his hands together, proceeding to beg.

"Please, Miranda. Pretty, pretty please. Pretty, pretty please with honey
and chocolate on top." She cracked at seeing the infamous puppy dog face.

"Fine, you can see them. Just stop with the food references. You're making
me hungry." She grabbed her two bags off the bed and dumped them over Matt's
head. "There...are you happy now?" Matt stayed on his knees smiling as he
picked up undergarment after undergarment from off his body and the
surrounding carpet.

Lizzie's lips rose up in a smile upon seeing her brother's happy expression.
He seemed to be enjoying the act of invading some else's privacy. "Looks
like he is in favor of your choices, Miranda." Lizzie walked over and
lowered herself onto her knees as she started to look more closely at the
garments herself. Miranda soon followed. The three kneeled on the floor
looking at the various articles of clothing.

"So what do you girls it me?" He was holding up a purple lacy see
through bra against his chest.

"Purple is most definitely your color kiddo." Lizzie said before laughing.

"I second that. Hey I got an idea Matt, why don't you try it on and let us
judge how it looks on you?" Matt looked at his sister, noticing she wouldn't
make eye contact as she tried not to laugh any louder than she was already

"Well Lizzie, what do you think?" She just waved off Miranda for thinking up
such a thing. Matt thought the suggestion over for a second and thought of a
brilliant idea himself.

"Okay, I'll do it...but only on one condition." The young boy held a stern
look while he was ready to explode on the inside at just the chance of
Miranda agreeing with his idea.

"What condition would that be?" Lizzie raised her head and looked on with
interest as she awaited her brother's answer to Miranda's question.

"I'll try on any two articles of clothing of your choosing, but you have to
agree to do the same for me."

Lizzie burst out with her response, "Sure, I'll agree to that. Miranda?"

Miranda immediately popped up off the floor and shook her head in a negative

"I don't think so. Sure, maybe if you were like four or five years older."
Miranda turned, walking to the bed and throwing herself onto the mattress.
From her friend's reaction, Lizzie knew that it might be best it Matt left
them alone. She stood up off the floor and reached down grabbing Matt by
the shirt.

"You don't have to pull on my shirt. I get the message. I'm going." He
stood up, handing over the bra in his hand to his sister and looked past his
sister to the girl on the bed. "Sorry if I said anything to offend you,
Miranda." He seemed to truly feel sorry for his sister's friend. He left
the room, leaving the girls to talk amongst themselves. Lizzie closed and
locked the door upon his exit.

Lizzie waited with her back against the door for a moment while watching
Miranda throw her clothes back into the store bags. "You know he didn't mean
anything by what he said, right? You have to admit he would have looked
really ridiculous in your bra and panties."

"Yeah I know he would, but not at the expense of him seeing me looking just
as ridiculous." She turned her attention back to the clothes' bags.

Lizzie closed in on her friend as she talked. "You? There is no way you
would look ridiculous. I know I wouldn't mind seeing what you looked like
with them on. Dare we find out?" Miranda's cheeks were blushing red as
Lizzie stepped within an inch of her body; bringing her lips to the side of
her neck, planting a small sensual kiss along her neckline. Miranda moved
her head from side to side accommodating Lizzie's head movements as she
planted kiss after kiss.

Miranda quickly forgot about Matt as she concentrated all her attention on
her friend's body. Lizzie worked her lips over the brunette's chin before
connecting with the girl's lips. Miranda brought her hands from her side
to rest on Lizzie's hips as she returned her friend's kiss.

* * *

Half-hour later, Lizzie crossed the hall to her brother's bedroom door. She
knocked on her brother's door, giving him the same courtesy that he usually
gave her before entering her room, but the door was locked this time. She
gave the door a few more taps before hearing movement behind the door and
then seeing it swing open. Matt made it halfway back to his desk when he
stopped at the sound of his door closing.

Lizzie closed the door behind her. "Hey Matt, I'm really sorry about before.
I knew where you were going with that question and I was all for it, but I
knew Miranda wouldn't be. I just figured getting you out of there was the
best solution. You aren't mad at me are you? I mean, it's okay if you are,
but I would feel better if you weren't. I wouldn't won't something as small
as this to come between our that there is a lot more
involved now."

"I'm fine, Lizzie. Really I am. I only meant it as a joke. Sure, I would
look if given a chance, but with Miranda or any other girl that is all it
would ever be. My heart is with you...and mom." The last part of course,
never reached his lips.

"Ohhhh...I was with Miranda...we really thought you were being serious. I
thought it would be fun, plus maybe a way to include Miranda in our fun and
games. Guess she will need more work. Oh, do you think you would have a
problem if Miranda decided to stay the night? I mean I don't want there to
be any bad blood between the three of us?" Matt smirked at his sister's

" more blood than usual." He laughed, bringing a smile to Lizzie's
face as well.

"Very funny, shrimp. Oh, if she does stay over that means that you can't
visit me tonight. But hey, we can have fun another time." She blew him a
kiss before reaching for the doorknob. Speaking over her shoulder as she
was turning the knob, "You do know that Miranda thinks something fishy is
going on. I think it's because of how we've been acting. If she can figure
it out then we really better, be careful to make sure that mom doesn't find
out. I would hate to know what mom or dad would do to us if they knew...
anything." Matt slyly smiled a knowing smile as his sister started to open
the door.

Shrugging his shoulders, "I agree...we wouldn't won't that." For a moment,
Matt thought about letting his sister leave the room without saying anything
about her and Miranda, but quickly decided against the nice approach. He
walked over, pressing his hand against the door, causing it to close back
hard. With his hand still against the grain of the wood, he stood right in
front of his taller, golden blonde haired sister. "No visits huh? So, I'm
guessing that you're the only one that gets to have any fun then? That so
isn't fair, Lizzie." Her face was expressing confusion though she had an
idea of where her brother was going with his argument.

"Don't stand there and act like you have no idea what I'm talking about.
I heard you two. The giggling right after I left. Oh, and then the fall
of silence. Not to mention the moaning and squishing noises you two were
making. So Lizzie, who did who...or did you both go solo while watching
each other?" Lizzie closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she knew her
and Miranda hadn't been as quiet as they had initially thought. "Miranda
needs to learn how to shut her mouth,' thought Lizzie as she tried to think
of the best way to deal with Matt.

"Busted, huh? I thought things sounded like they were getting a bit loud
for a little while. I bet you would like to know that I did get her in
that purple number. As I thought she would...she looked sexy as hell. Oh,
you should see her, Matt. She looks fabulous."

Matt still looked somewhat pissed at his sister, but in the meantime was
getting turned on as Lizzie described how Miranda looked in the other room.
He pulled his older sister into his embrace, while leaning her back against
the closed door. "Care to share?" Matt figured he had a fifty-fifty chance
of Lizzie saying yes.

Lizzie smiled at the suggestion and wrapped her arms around his neck as
Matt began licking and kissing away Miranda's juices from his sister's lips.
While caught up in the kiss, he reached his hand between her legs, cupping
her sex through her denim jeans. A soft kneading massage later, he could
feel her moisture building even through the thick denim material.

"So sis...would that be her doing...or mine?" Lizzie lowered and rested her
own hand over her brothers and relished the increased pressure on her mound.

Responding seconds later while experiencing a blissful moment, "Both-h-h...
I-I- thi-i-i-nk."

Matt listened to his sister's sounds of pleasure while ever slowly lowering
his kisses to the tender and highly sensitive spot between her neck and
shoulder. Moans began to escape her lips each time he planted another kiss,
but all was once again silenced as he recaptured her lips. A few lasting
pecks later, he pulled back to catch his breath.

"Thanks for sharing, sis." He smiled in her direction and gave her a wink
before turning toward his bed. Meanwhile, Lizzie was trying to catch her
own breath and slow her heart rate down the best she could.

Finally, she was able to get her question out. "Was it enough, big boy?"
He had already turned his back on her before she asked.

He countered as he turned back around. "Was what enough, Sweet Cakes?" Two
could play at that game. Lizzie didn't know until that very moment that she
kind of liked being called cute and cuddly names.

With her trademark smile gleaming from cheek to cheek, she returned the wink.
"Did big boy get enough...or would you care for a more healthy filling?" Her
tongue slid across her upper and lower lip.

Matt smirked at his sister as he finally caught on. "But I thought she
didn't..." He was cut off.

"What...are you turning down a golden opportunity? If you follow me you
will see that she's just laying on the bed in her undies, soaked to the bone.
So...hunk of stud...what do you say to a little juice? And I so don't mean
the fruity kind."

Matt looked around the room, jerking his head from side to side as if he was
going crazy. "I don't know about this. I mean...what if...."

"Oh come there is even anything to think about. You've been given
an opportunity to see what you wanted to see earlier. Even can
taste her essence right from the source itself. How erotic would it be to
get her off while sucking her off right through her panties? Hell I would
almost pay to see you do it to her. Once she realizes how good you are she
won't say a thing. She'll be puddy in your hands."

Smiling and as energetic as a kid on Christmas morning, "Okay, you've talked
me into it...but you have to be present the whole time."

"Oh like I would leave you alone with her?"

"You also have to suck me off the whole time as well. we have a

She leaned forward and gave her brother a peck on the lips, "I wish all deals
were this sweet." She whispered in his ear as she grabbed his arm and pulled
him toward the door.

The blonde haired temptress knew what she was getting her and her brother
into, but she figured if Miranda was ever going to find out about their
little secret, what could possibly be a better, more satisfying way.

Lizzie stepped across the hall, with her brother in toe, entered her room,
and closed the door once Matt was safely inside.

Matt looked at the prone body laying on his sister's bed and his cock
immediately started stirring in his shorts. Sprawled out on the bed was
his sister's sexy Latin friend, dressed only in her newly purchased
undergarments. He noticed a rather large, dark stain between her legs
causing him to wet his lips. Without any hesitation, he began undressing,
shedding his t-shirt, shorts, and underwear. Once naked, he made his way
over to the foot of the bed and pulled himself up onto the soft mattress.
Delicately, he parted the Latino's legs and leaned in closer, breathing
in the scent that was Miranda's essence.

Matt motioned for his sister to join him on the bed. Quickly shedding her
own clothes, she did just that. Moment later, Lizzie's smooth naked body
crawled up on the bed, briefly snuggling up to her brother. He lifted off
the bed so Lizzie could position herself under his body; her pussy barely
touching her friend's pussy. Matt shook his head in disbelief and smiled
before lowering his head between the two girls' crotches. "What more could
a boy my age want?" thought Matt as he stared at the crotches of two of the
sexiest girls he knew. Only with the addition of his mom and Lizzie's
nemesis, Kate Sanders, could the moment have been more perfect for the eleven
year old. As Matt's tongue made contact with Miranda's soaked panties,
Lizzie was already busy licking along her younger brother's member; steadily
bringing it to an erection.

Matt softly pressed his hands against Miranda's panty covered mound, framing
his point of contact. With a huge grin on his face, he rested his lips
against the moist material and began sucking on the teenager's left over cum.
The girl started to move around and stir in her sleep, but at the time,
neither of the McGuire siblings really cared to notice. Matt's lips pressed
more firmly into the girl's mound taking possession of her excited puffed out
folds. Quick like he reached around and grabbed the top of her legs and
forced his face further against her mound, hoping in his mind that his
actions would eventually awaken the sleeping teenager. And it did.

Looking between her legs, Miranda started to scream out the kid's name in
rage, but instinctively found herself calling out his name for a whole
difference reason as he moved her panties out of the way and flicked his
tongue against the girl's bare, unhooded clit. Matt knew everything was
going to be okay once he realized Miranda had indeed awakened and started
getting into the action, thrusting her hips to meet his attacking tongue
and lips.

Meanwhile, Matt's lower body was involved in its own thrusting action as he
plunged his meaty shaft down his willing sister's throat. Since her first
time, Lizzie had slowly learned the fine art of blowing and masterfully
worked on her brother's cock, bringing him closer and closer to that tasty
and fulfilling moment of explosion.

A moment later, Miranda was slowly fading from her own climatic release as
Matt attempted to lick up her remaining juices while still taking occasional
oral jabs at her clit.

Miranda came down off her high with a flushed and satisfied look on her face.
She tried to sit up in the bed, but the weight of Matt's head kept him buried
in her fine, dark curls. In her attempt to sit up, she noticed for the first
time that the boy's hips were moving in a rapid pace as if he was dry fucking
the bedspread-covered mattress. She was getting hotter; the harder he fucked
the bed, the hotter and more moist she became.

It wasn't until Matt's hips made one last plunge into the bed that Miranda
was able to work her body loose enough to sit up fully, resting her head and
back against the headboard and wall. It was also at that very moment that
she realized her pussy wasn't the only exposed pussy occupying the bed and
Matt's efforts. She watched mesmerized by what she was witnessing, as Matt
was simultaneously licking at his sister's outer folds and playfully rubbing
his fingers against her clit.

Only mere seconds separated the siblings' releases into the other's mouths.
Matt rolled over, bringing Miranda's starring eyes down upon Lizzie's freshly
climaxed body. Miranda still couldn't believe what she had seen and more so
that Lizzie had been able to keep it to herself, knowing how bad a gossiper
the girl was.

Pointing a finger from one to the other, "So you two?"

"Yep. And make three." beamed the kid as patted the top of her
mound, soaking his fingers in her fluids.

"Oh wow. Who would have guessed? And Lizzie I thought you said Matt was
into your mom?" Matt immediately turned toward his sister with a confused
look, accidentally pushing his finger hard into Miranda's sex as he rest
on his side. Miranda quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her
burning pussy lips.

"You told her?" Matt questioned his sister.

"Yeah...until now, I thought she had told me everything." Miranda smiled at
her friend as she rubbed her tender pussy.

"Well...what can I say...a girl has to keep some secrets." responded Lizzie
as she watched her friend fingering her pussy.

"So Lizzie, what else are you hiding from me...your best friend no doubt?"
asked Miranda before bringing her soaked fingers to Lizzie's mouth.

"Nothing. I swear. I'm completely and utterly secreted out." Lizzie
quickly answered before capturing Miranda's juice coated finger between her

Matt sat back watching the two girls feed each other with their own juices;
his erection starting to swell back to it original hardness. "Well I've got
a secret or two." chimed in Matt before being interrupted by the brunette.

"I'll say, Matt." The Latino turned her attention away from her friend.
"That talented mouth of yours is like a secret...a secret weapon that is. does the rest perform?"

"Ask Lizzie or my mom. Either one of them would be experts in that
department." thought Matt before responding. "I don't know. What you say,
Lizzie? How does the rest of me perform?"

"Yeah Liz, how well does he perform?"

"I surely can't complain for what I've experienced. The little dweeb is
packing for his age...and the taste isn't all that bad either." She smirked
at her own answer.

"Well personally...I'm not too interested in the taste or how well it fills
my oral cavities." Lizzie looked at her friend for a moment before she
realized what Miranda had been referring to.

"I'm sure you aren't a virgin anymore with a firecracker like Lizzie on the
job and I'm what do you say, kiddo?"

"Well...I-I...ummm...never..." she interrupted him again.

"Great! Then what are we waiting for?" Miranda stood upon the mattress and
quickly discarded her panties to the floor. Stepping over Matt's body, she
squatted down, grasping a hold of his hardened member. Carefully she guided
his manhood to her opening, slowly descending as his member rested between
her folds.

Lizzie watched her friend's pussy slowly take her younger brother and lover's
cock into its depths. She felt an overwhelming rush of emotion shooting
through her body as guilt and regret flashed before her eyes.

Little did the two girls know, but Matt was fighting an inner battle with
himself as he was having second thoughts about the situation he was in. He
was about to speak up when Miranda lowered her mound around his rod, until
it was rested against his flat body. As if experienced in the art of
fucking, she clinched her cunt muscles, causing an intense amount of pressure
to build up around his member. Matt's penis had never felt anything like what
it was currently experiencing. He felt like the Latino was sucking the life
right out of his manhood.

Before he could make a move, Lizzie made one for him. Reaching her hand
between her friend's thighs, she started a flicked and thumping assault on
the girl's mound. Miranda didn't know what hit her as the quick sharp pains
caused an unexpected and sudden climax. Lizzie was quick on her toes as
she turned over so her back was against the mattress and scooted between
Miranda's outstretched and balancing legs. Lizzie immediately began licking
up her friend's juices and lapping at her clit as Matt carefully lifted
Miranda's body up into the air and removed himself from the erotic threesome.
Picking up his clothes, he quickly dressed and left the girls to their own

Moments later, back in his room, Matt stroked his member as hard as he could
while captivated by his sister's naked pussy frozen on the TV screen, as he
held down the broken pause button on the remote control.

* * *

Later that night, Lizzie snuck across the hall and into her brother's room.
Matt was asleep on his bed, but not for long.

"Matt you awake?" his sister asked as she sat on the edge of his bed.

Matt rolled around a bit before opening his drowsy eyes.

"I am now. Why do you ask?" came a drowsy response.

"I just wanted to say I was sorry about earlier. I don't know what came over
me. Miranda's my best friend in the whole world, but..."

"Hey sis...there are no buts. Do you realize this is the second time you've
come to my room to tell me you were sorry for acting the way you did?" Matt
was more wide-awake now. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Lizzie. I'm
glad you ran interference when you did. I tried to say something myself, but
when I did...she started doing this amazing thing with her pussy and that was
it for me. I had no control of my body at that point. So yeah...I'm glad
you were there when you were. I love you sis more than you will ever know...
and when you are ready...I'll be ready." Lizzie began crying as she wrapped
her arms around Matt, each of them holding the other in a loving embrace.

Pulling back, "And prove just how much I love and respect you...
there is something I want you, something you need to see." Matt
sprang out of bed, seconds later dropping down in front of his TV and his
sister's borrowed VCR. He reached behind the TV and pulled back with a
VHS tape in his hand. He pushed the tape into the opening on the front of
the VCR and hit rewind before grabbing the TV/VCR remote and retreating
back to his bed.

"Here." Patting the empty space on the mattress beside him. "You might
want to get comfortable for this. It's quite erotic."

Lizzie didn't know why Matt was acting so strangely. She heard the VCR stop
rewinding and saw Matt press the play button on the remote. She was tired
and had thought about going back to her room, but after looking down at her
younger brother's outstretched arms, she kicked off her bunny slipper and
slipped into the bed beside him. The covers soon covered their bodies as
the TV screen began illuminating the otherwise dark room.

(To be continued in part 9)


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