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Lizzie McGuire: Matt Gets A Crush Part 9
by DCForever

"Thanks, Miranda. You aren't too bad. I can see why Lizzie likes you so
much as a friend."

Matt McGuire hung up the phone receiver and reclined back in his desk chair.
He had just finished a phone conversation with his older sister's, Lizzie,
best friend, Miranda Sanchez. Matt had phoned her earlier with a problem
hoping that she maybe able to help him out. Miranda knew of the close
relationship that Matt shared with his sister being that she had recently
found herself between the two of their naked bodies in Lizzie's bed. Matt
was ready to take the next step with his sister and that is when Miranda came
into the picture.

Miranda agreed to let the two teenagers use her bedroom for the faithful act.
McGuire house was too active of a house to when or where Jo and Sam McGuire,
Lizzie and Matt's parents, would be around or not. Miranda knew to line up
the event when her mom wouldn't be around. Seeing that some of the Sanchez
family members were in town, she knew there would be a couple different times
that her friends could take advantage of. Miranda later spoke to her mom
about having Lizzie sleepover to keep her company while she was off visiting.
With a slight amount of reluctance, Ms. Sanchez gave in and agreed to let
Lizzie stay over one night as long as her parents didn't have a problem with
their daughter stay over.

Miranda immediately phoned Matt, and not Lizzie, about the time. He agreed
and thanked the kind, Latino girl for her help before following through with
the plan and calling his sister to the phone. A few seconds later, Matt
smirked at his sister as she walked into his room, holding her cordless phone
by her side. Lizzie saw the look and knew her brother was up to something,
but nevertheless took the phone and conversation back to her room. Matt hung
up the phone. He had faith that Miranda would be able to talk his sister into
staying over at her place for one night. If everything went smoothly,
Thursday night would be the night that Matt deflowered his sister. A moment
both siblings have been waiting for.

* * *

The days and nights flew by as Lizzie and Miranda had the apartment all to least that is what Miranda led Lizzie to believe. As the
girls were talking in the living room, the lights slowly began to dim all
on their on.

"Miranda, what just happened to the lights?" Lizzie pulled her legs further
up under her body as she quickly became frightened.

"Oh don't worry...they've been doing that a lot lately. Must be a short or
something. The stereo is usually the next thing to act up. Something it
comes on all by itself. Somehow I believe they effect each other in some

Immediately the stereo came on, playing a slow, soft song that the girls
could easily get into.

"Freaky." admitted Lizzie as she shook her head in bewilderment.

"Weirder things have happened around here before." They both chuckled.

Something down the hall grabbed Lizzie's attention and at the moment the way
she was feeling that wasn't a good thing. Miranda was sure she was going to
dart for the door and never look back, but she didn't move an inch.

"Miranda, I don't want to sound paranoid or anything, but did you see that?"
She pointed at the newly lit candle in the hall. Miranda pivoted on the
couch and looked at the lit candles lining the outer edges of the apartment's

"To steal a phrase...freaky!" Miranda slowly got up and walked over to her
friend. Hand-in-hand, they slowly followed the lighted path being
illuminated by the vanilla scented candles. They stopped at Miranda's closed

"I think maybe you should open the door." Lizzie couldn't believe her friend
was trying to abandon her. Gathering the courage needed, her hand reached
out and turned the knob. Miranda stepped back as Lizzie entered the bedroom.

Looking around the room, various helium balloons covered every square inch
of the ceiling, flower pedals and incense powders laid about, covering the
carpeted floor and candles, stacked upon each other, took over the bedside
tables. Brian McKnight's 'Back at One' began playing over the stereo as a
naked, young body laid across the pulled back sheets on Miranda's bed.

"Matt?" Lizzie's hands flew up to cover her mouth. She was shocked beyond
belief. She looked back over her shoulder at her friend. Miranda smirked
and gave her a wink before closing the door as she headed back toward the
living room.

Lizzie turned back around, now facing the direction of her naked, younger
brother as he supported himself on his elbow.

"Tonight is the night, sis. Tonight you become a woman." Lizzie was
speechless and stiff. Matt climbed off the bed and embraced his sister in
his arms. For the first time in his life he looked his sister dead in the
eye as he stood on the cloth covered drink crates. He had prepared for
everything; nothing would come in between him and Lizzie on their special

Lizzie softened to his touch and kissed him on the lips. Entangled as they
were, they made their way over to the bed, easily falling and bouncing on the
soft mattress below. Their entangled kiss continued as their hands lingered
on each other's hips. The moment was perfect.

Minutes later, they separated as they caught their breath. Lizzie sat up and
started pulling her sparkling white top over her head. Her hair was a mass
of tangled strands when her head reappeared as the garment now rested in her
hand. Matt snickered knowing how much time his sister probably had taken
fixing up her hair, and in one brief movement, it was all for nothing.

"What?" asked a confused Lizzie.

"Your hair."

"What about it?" She reached up and felt her hair. It really was a mess of

"Nothing. Nothing at all." He was mesmerized as he looked at his half-naked
sister; her breasts were covered by a plain, white bra and shadows danced
over the beautiful mounds as the flames flickered about in their candle
holders. Her cleavage looked that much deeper. A lighting effect all the

Matt reached out, running one hand between her breasts. His other hand
shortly joined in as he tried to imitate a massage technique he had learned
about over the net. Lizzie closed her eyes at the soft touch as her
brother's hands moved over the inner and upper portions of her breasts.
She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra clasp. The material fell
forward and down her body as she brought her hands back to her front.

Matt instantly pulled his hands further down, continuing to concentrate on
the inner portions. He increased the pressure even as Lizzie laid her back,
back against the bed. He took up a straddling position over her body as he
kneaded his sister's flesh. Perspiration started consuming both of their
bodies as they each grew in excitement. His hands stretched out and
encompassed the plentiful orbs. The girl couldn't control her moans. They
grew in volume. Miranda chuckled as the sounds penetrated the apartment

Lizzie grabbed her brother's hands, stopping their movement.

"Matt, it's not like I'm not loving what you are doing, but I don't know how
much more I can take." He leant down and responded with a leisurely kiss on
each cheek.

"Maybe you would prefer us to get naked first?" Lizzie smiled and Matt spun
off her body. Lizzie attacked her sequin jeans in rapid abandonment, trying
to rid her body of all clothing.

Matt sat back and watched his sister buck her hips and legs about on the
bed as she quickly worked her jeans down her legs. Her thong stayed in
place, but didn't fare to well as she ripped the material of the skimpy
undergarment. Matt was amazed by her sudden feat of strength.

Pearls of sweat and love juices covered her light haired mound of blonde
goodness. She rested on the bed, creating a scene that of a Greek goddess
waiting to be taken by the likes of a heavenly god. She sexily personified

Matt leaned over her body, lowering himself upon contact.

"Are you ready?"

"More than anything. I truly love you, Matt." He tried an experienced move,
attempted to insert his young manhood into his sister's womanhood without a
guide. They were both nervous and it showed in their uncertainty and jagged
motions. He tried desperately to get everything right and Lizzie saw the
disappointment on his face. She pushed her hand between heir bodies, where
she grasped the head of her brother's penis and guided it to her opening.
She had the option of pulling away, but hesitation wasn't a planned part of
their love making evening.

Once Matt could feel this shaft against his sister's opening, he took over...
look of disappointment wiped away as his hip movements began eliciting moans
from the girl. He remained against her body and only worked his hips and
pelvis against her body. It may not have been the most comfortable position
as Lizzie supported all of her brother's weight, but it wasn't something that
was going to slow the two teenagers down either.

The position was producing the results the two were seeking. Only minutes
passed from their fumbling beginning to their climatic end as their bodily
fluids mixed inside Lizzie's body. The inexperience showed as they both were
panting and gasping for air to re-fill their lungs.

"That was amazing, Matt." Matt lifted his body up in the air and looked down
between his and his sister's bodies. A slight amount of blood was still
coating a portion of his cock as the hardness had yet to die down. He looked
back up to his sister, only to find her looking where he had been looking.

"Did it hurt, sis? I talked with Miranda some. She told me it usually hurt
the first time for a girl, but you didn't scream or seem to be in any pain."

"Lets just say I dealt with it. I know it didn't last a long time, but you
were pretty far into it. Check your back in the morning and then you'll see.
Matt, it did hurt and I did think about stopping, but in the end, more than
anything...a burden has finally been lifted off me. I feel fantastic and
free even. And for that, I owe it all to you." She pulled him into an
embracing and loving hug before settling back on the soft bed, Lizzie's head
resting against her brother's hairless chest.

"So was I okay?" asked Matt with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

"You were fine, Matt, but..."

"But? There is a but?"

"Please don't take it in a negative way. It's just that I feel that with
more experience it will get much better...for both of us. You helped me
and gave me a moment in my life that I'll never forget and you got what you
wanted. I did get what you wanted...right?"

"Without a doubt, sis. It was more than I ever wanted. It felt fantastic
and I feel that I owe it all to you." They both fell silent, each of their
breathing falling into rhythm with the other. Racing heartbeats slowly
returned to normal as the two siblings cuddled in each other's embrace.

Minutes later as they still were cuddled in each other's arms. "Lizzie, can
I ask you a question? Do you think mom knows about us or do you think she is
acting out a fantasy or something?" asked Matt McGuire.

"I don't know for sure. She is our mother and she knows us pretty good.
It's a possibility that she suspects something, but doesn't have the hard
facts to prove it. Why, is the Great Matt worried?"

"No, not worried...just thinking." Lizzie had an idea of what her brother
was thinking about.

"So we finally go all the way and suddenly you're now thinking?" Lizzie
chuckled as she roughed up her brother's spiked hair. "I'm thinking...I know
you're more of a thinker than myself. So what are you thinking about?" She
knew she didn't have to ask. It was obvious.

"Oh nothing really...just thinking how I might seduce mom now. Would you be
interested? She's already had you and unconsciously you came. You've gotten
your groove on with Miranda and I know you've even thought about getting with
Kate from the way you were calling out her name the other night while you
were asleep. So what do you say about adding our mother to your slowly
growing sexual resume?"

"I don't know, Matt. Yeah it sounds exciting, but I'm not sure I could go
through with it. I'm having a hard enough time trying to understand why you
want to bed her so badly in the first place. Wasn't I...I mean, aren't I
enough for you?" Lizzie sat up in her friend, Miranda's, bed and leaned her
back against the headboard as she awaited her brother's response.

"I love you, Lizzie. I always a brother. Yeah, I know I haven't
always shown it, but I've felt it. And love has grown into more
than our sibling relationship and it is the greatest feeling in the world
when you lie next to me." A tear dropped from Lizzie's eyes.

"I love you now sis more than I possibly should, but I can't help it. You've
gotten to me. Tonight was special and I loved every minute of it and when I
get my second wind, I'm going to enjoy it that much more. As I hope you have
and will as well." She nodded her head in agreement.

"With you, it feels right...with mom...well it's forbidden and unimaginable.
You have no idea what it was like having her mouth surrounding my dick as she
blew me last week. A part of that fantasy was fulfilled. Now I want the
whole fantasy, but my fantasy has changed. I can't see me doing this without
you being there...acting on your own desires...whether it is with her or me."
Her tears stopped. She looked at her younger brother as if she wasn't sure
what her answer should be.

"Matt, you do love me, right? I mean you could see us still together in the
future right?"

"Right now, yes I can see that. You are the one for me."

"Me too. I know things could happen down the road and we could fall away from
each other, but love you as well. What if I said I didn't
want you to have sex with our mom...what then?"

"It would hurt and in time I would get over it I guess, and I would try to
never mention it again."

"So you're saying you would give up your all-time fantasy and let go of your
first crush all for me?"

"Well, she wasn't my first crush, but if that is what you would want, yeah,
I would. I would give up the idea."

"That's all the proof I needed. What kind of partner would I be if I made my
loved one miss out on fulfilling a fantasy that so many others have failed at
fulfilling? My answer is yes. It would be my pleasure to seduce our mother
along by your side. So, do you have a plan as to how it should go down?"

"I have a thought or two, but we can talk about it later. Right now, I'd
much rather spend my time concentrating on you." Matt reached up and pulled
his sister back down on the bed, capturing her lips with his own.

* * *

Lizzie and Matt set the weekend as the time for their conquest. Their father
was expected to be away at a conference on Friday and all day Saturday, not
returning until early Sunday morning. The location determined to be the most
advantageous was Lizzie's bedroom. After all, her mother and her brother
have both seduced her there so it was only fair that it be where Matt and her
get their mom back.

The luring clothing was to be tight, skimpy, sexy, and flesh bearing. Lizzie
snuck into her mom's room after getting out of school on Friday. She found
her mother's two vibrators in her bedside table and replaced the batteries
with dead ones.

Meanwhile, Matt searched high and low for any and every battery in the house.
Their plan was to get their mother hot and bothered by their clothing and
actions and then leave her high and dry. They both knew it had worked on
Lizzie earlier in their newfound relationship. Knowing first hand how it
felt, she knew her mother would be willing to do just about anything for a
little release; one's fingers just wouldn't cut it.

Friday night the two siblings set their plan in action as Jo McGuire called
them down for supper. Matt and Lizzie held up on the stairs before entering
the kitchen.

"Are you ready, sis?" Matt questioned his sister.

"As I'll ever be I guess. I can't believe we are going through with this.
I just hope it doesn't come back and haunt us." They smiled at each other
and then pecked each other on the lips. Matt looked down the stairs to
check for their mother before lifting Lizzie's tight pink top and plopping
his mouth over both of her breasts; one at a time. Her nipples were still
hardening as he pulled her top back down.

"Show time." Matt raised his arms in the air and Lizzie grabbed the bottom
of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head and off his arms. Matt then gave
his sister a sly grin before stomping down the rest of the stairs and making
his way into the kitchen.

"Hey Matt, where's your sister?" Asked Jo as she saw her youngest son enter
the kitchen, wearing only his pajama bottoms. Immediately her eyes dropped
and locked onto the bulge hidden by the pajamas. Her body temperature
increased a few degrees as she continued to look at her young, attractive

"I don't know, mom. Am I my sister's keeper? If so, I want to resign."
Matt loved keeping up appearances.

Jo finally looked back up. "Matt, shame on you." Jo looked past Matt toward
the open doorway and yelled out again informing Lizzie supper was ready.

A few seconds later, Lizzie appeared from around the corner. Jo almost
dropped the pot of water she was holding in her hands, as she had to take a
double take at her daughter.

Jo was used to seeing Lizzie's unusual clothing attire, but that didn't mean
that it didn't always have an effect on the woman, like she was having now.
Lizzie was wearing a tight, pink top with the word 'sexy' embroidered on the
front. Her braless breasts pushed out the widespread letters, 's' and 'y'.

Lowering her eyes, she took in her tight, gray sweat shorts that looked to be
a size too small, revealing a camel toe at the apex of her legs. Jo shook
her head and looked up only to catch Lizzie looking back at her.

Lizzie kept her composure and acted as her usual self. "What's for supper,
mom?" Jo was speechless for a moment as she walked over to a nearby counter,
setting the pot of water down. She reached into the cabinet above the
counter and retrieved her lens cleaner. Taking her glasses off, she cleaned

Meanwhile, Lizzie looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Matt before
walking over toward the stove. She opened each pot lid and smelled their
contents. Jo put her newly cleaned glasses back on and started back over
toward the stove. Seeing her daughter's ass cheeks being emphasized by the
tight shorts caused her to hesitate for a moment.

"Say Lizzie, when did you get the new shorts?" Jo knew she had to say

"Oh I picked them up the last time I went out shopping with Miranda. Do you
like them?"

'Like them' weren't quite the words Jo would have liked to use. Suddenly she
felt herself wanting to be daring.

"Would you mind bending over a bit, honey? I want to read what they say on
the back."

Lizzie smiled to herself. "Sure mom." She slowly bent forward, giving her
mother a better view of her ass.

Jo placed her hands on either side of her ass and pulled the material out of
her daughter's ass.

"Sexy Ass." Jo read aloud.

"Well mom, what do you think? It's appropriate wouldn't you say?"

Jo McGuire stammered around for her words. "Yes sweetheart, you have a very
sexy ass...I mean nice butt." She spanked her ass before moving away.

Matt chuckled. "Yeah, I guess it runs in the family." Jo and Lizzie both
blushed as they looked at him and then at each other, where they just smiled.

"Matt, that isn't something you tell your mother. Sons aren't supposed to
make compliments like that." For a brief moment, Matt felt bad for what he
said, but it was only for show.

"Mom, you should be happy." Stated Lizzie as she walked over beside her
mother, placing her right hand in her mother's right, rear jean pocket. The
sudden closeness and touch spooked Jo. She liked her daughter being close.
It just felt right.

"Matt actually gave us both compliments...we should embrace it because it
surely doesn't come all that often; okay...try never." Lizzie looked toward
Matt and smirked. Her mother hinted at a smirk of her own.

Jo hugged her daughter and instinctively lowered her left hand down to
Lizzie's ass; upon touching her she quickly remembered her daughter wasn't
wearing jeans. She looked embarrassed and started to pull her hand away,
but Lizzie reached back and stopped her with her own left hand. With her
mom's hand in hers, she lowered them to the center of her ass.

"You helped make it, don't be ashamed to touch it." Lizzie removed
her right hands from inside her mom's pocket and lowered it down further on
her ass as well.

"See, there's nothing wrong with a little female bonding." Lizzie spoke
before patting her mother's ass and giving her a loving hug.

During their mother-daughter bonding, Matt's presence in the room had been
forgotten, but witnessing what he had just witnessed...he didn't mind one
bit. The scene was heating up and he was just bidding his time. Jo McGuire
blushed a deep color red when she lifted her head from the hug and caught
Matt starring at the two of them as they felt up each other's ass. Jo felt
bad, but didn't remove her hand.

"Oh come here." Said Jo before she realized she had said it.

Matt jumped off the stool he was sitting on and raced over, joining in with
a loving hug. His two-empty hands quickly engulfed the two females' asses.
In that moment, both Lizzie and Matt knew there was a possibility that they
weren't going to need to follow through with the rest of their plan. Things
were moving ahead just fine by themselves. Their mom was more willing and
open to their advances than they ever thought she would be.

Lizzie saw the shock in her mother's eyes and in the heat of the moment,
released her mother's ass, reached up and around her head and pulled her
mother's lips down to her own lips. Her left hand quickly sought out one
of her mother's breasts as Matt squeezed the two females close together.
Jo found her own hands searching amongst Lizzie's body.

Matt stepped back, out of their reach, and quickly shed his pajama bottoms,
leaving him completely naked. He picked his pajamas up and set them on the
kitchen counter. He stood back for a few minutes, watching his older sister
and mother as they pawed at each other's body.

Matt walked over behind his mother, reached out and grasped a hip in each
youthful hand. He could still hear the slurping sounds of the dueling
tongues as he guided his hands to the front buttons of his mother's denim
jeans. Jo was oblivious to everything, but the feel of her daughter's
hands as they groped her older, more mature body and the feel and taste of
her young succulent lips. Her body was afire and she owed it all to her
daughter's advances.

Matt slipped one button through its eye hold and then the second and finally
the third. Pulling the flaps of material away from her body, he felt the
softer material of her underlying panties. His hands started trembling.
Nervousness began to get the best of his young body. His fantasy was within
fingers reach and neither nerves nor anything else was going to get in his

Matt's short, but skillful fingers slowly crawled between the two articles
of clothing, bunching up and tightening the softer material the further down
he proceeded. Moisture soon covered his fingers as his mother's pussy was
indeed on fire; her juices were soaking through the flimsy, cotton

Jo felt heat pressing against her pubs and attempted to find the source, but
Lizzie wasn't willing to let her mother move her head or any other part of
her body if it meant losing contact. She couldn't get enough of her mother's
tongue as the duel for supremacy continued in their mouths.

Matt kneeled down on the linoleum kitchen floor and carefully removed Jo's
jeans. Her soiled panties was the next article to gather around her feet.
Matt looked up between her legs and for the first time, saw her heart shaped
tattoo bearing her name, in person. He ran his hand up her leg and over her
inner thigh, stopping just a few freckles short of her name. He traced out
her name with his finger before lifting his head to the right height and
striking out his tongue, licking across his mother's body art.

The moans coming from above his head grabbed his attention. He looked up
between the two lovers, noticing the differences in their dress. Pulling away
from his mother, Matt turned around and reached for his sister's gray, sweat
shorts. They literally fell from her body as her sweat reacted much like a
lubricant. He pushed a finger up between Lizzie's legs, easily penetrating
her sex. Matt smiled not only because of the sexiness factor of seeing his
mother and sister, that wasn't it as all...he smiled upon
realizing his sister was even wetter than their mother. She was turned on
and loving every second of the experience.

Matt pulled his finger free and turned around, inserting it into his mother's
pussy for the first time. She felt the intrusion and accepted it...needing
it and more. Mixing the two juices, he pulled out and licked the combined
mixture off his finger. The youngest McGuire was ready for the taking of his
mother. The question was...was she ready for him?

He tugged on his sister's leg, letting her know he was ready and together
they worked their mother down onto the kitchen floor. Lizzie finally
released her lip lock, but only to give her mother another set of puffed
out, excited lips to play with as she watched her brother line up his
shaft with his mother's slit. He pushed into her body, missing his target
the first time as the length of his member rubbed across her clit.

It might had been a youthful mistake, but a mistake worth making over and
over again as Jo thrust her pelvis up to meet her son's. Lizzie bent over
her mother's frame and pulled her lips apart; her tongue recreating the
same pelvic thrusts as Lizzie kept her mother's pussy fully exposed. Matt
slid four of his fully erect 6" cock into his mother's pussy and Lizzie's
own pussy paid the price as her mother began feasting on her inner pinkness.

Now Lizzie knew why she subconsciously reacted as she did on the video Matt
had shown her the previous week. Her mother knew how to work her mouth and
tongue. She was a pro; getting her daughter off in record time. The shock
value of her mother's skillfulness easily caused the quick and sudden

Matt energetically pumped his meat in and out as Jo bucked her pelvis to meet
each and every thrust her son threw her way. His full 6" were now driving in
and out of her body, rocking her naked breasts from side-to-side.

The scent of raw, heated sex filled the air. Sweat perspired on each of
their bodies; moans escaping from lips upon lips, flesh smacking against
flesh, mother eating out daughter, son fucking mother, living out a fantasy
in the process, daughter diddling mother as they all three erupted into a
sexually satisfied, naked mass of bodies, lying upon each other for comfort
and support.

Lizzie fell over, off of her mother's body and head, while Matt fell forward
taking his sister's place. Mother and son looked into each other's lust
filled eyes. They kissed.

When everyone's energy was restored, they all retreated to Jo and Sam's
bedroom where they spent the next few hours learning all they could about
each other's bodies, fantasies, and feelings.

* * *

The three went their separate ways after Matt and Lizzie came clean about
their feelings toward each other. After what they had done, Jo knew she
didn't have a foundation to stand on so she did all she could do.

Starring at her childrens' naked bodies, "Matt. Lizzie. You know I love
you both and this is very hard for me to say." Both teenagers gulped in
nervous anticipation. Their mom saw their reaction and smiled before

"This was wrong. What we did tonight was wrong in so many ways. Matt,
having your seed in me is wrong. Yours as well, Lizzie. You know what I
mean. This was just a build up of three people wanting their fantasies
fulfilled. Mine was fulfilled and it was great. What about yours?" Matt
and Lizzie each nodded in agreement. Their fantasies had been fulfilled
as well. More so Matt's fantasy than anyone else's.

"It's done. It's over. I will try my best to refrain from dreaming about you
two the way I have been as of late. It will be hard now that I've actually
experienced you two. You have to also agree to try and do the same. As for
what you've told me...I already suspected something strange was going on
between you two. The thought of you two together is what started up my own
fantasies in the first place, or one of the reasons. If what you two have is
going to work you need to learn to be more discreet with your open pursuits.
Brothers and sisters...especially squabbling siblings don't look at each
other the way you two do or out of nowhere stop most of the arguing and
fighting like you've done. That is a dead give away."

"So mom, does this mean you are giving Matt and me your blessing?" Looking
at her brother, "Can this really be happening?" She mouthed in her brother's

Lizzie's eyes grew wide as she hoped she would hear what she wanted to hear.
She was waiting on pins and needles.

"Be discreet kids. That is all that I ask. Well, that and to be safe. No
more unprotected sex. Do you hear me? Matt, I'll take you to buy some
condoms before your father comes back into town."

"Speaking of dad...what about him?" Matt was vague, but Jo knew what he

"You leave your father to me. I'm quite sure he will be understanding as
well. Your father has a few secrets of his own." Neither child heard their
mother's last words.

"And if he isn't?" Matt and Lizzie each were expressing concern.

"Well if he isn't at first, he will be when I'm finished with him. Like I
said, leave your father to me. Sam will understand."

"Thanks, mom. You're the best."

"Yeah mom, what Lizzie said." They all gathered for a hug. The McGuire
children left their mother's bedroom and headed for their upstairs shower.
Jo plopped back down on her bed thinking of how to break the news to her
husband. It's not like she could just come right out and say, "Sam, I
fucked our children. And by the way, our children have been lovers for
the past month." Or could she.

* * *

Later Saturday evening, Jo McGuire dropped her daughter off at the Gordon's
residence for their monthly sleepover. Gordo and Miranda greeted Lizzie
and her mom at the door. Minutes later, Jo exited the apartment and left,
leaving her daughter in the midst of her friends.

Throughout the night the three teenagers' talked about Lizzie's and Matt's
conquest of their mother and the sibling's love life. Lizzie didn't hold
anything back. She also gave Gordo all the left over and used blue envelopes
and letters that Matt had used in seducing their mother. Jo still didn't
know her mystery lover was her son and after the activities from the previous
night, he decided he didn't want her to know either, so Lizzie was getting
them out of the house for her brother.

Gordo disposed of the letters and envelopes by throwing them in their kitchen
trash bin. The night was definitely eventful for two of the three teenagers.
Lizzie agreed to sleep on the couch and dreamed of her life with her brother
while Gordo and Miranda occupied his bed as they started working on their own
more intimate relationship.

The next morning, Jo McGuire drove her car into the drive leading up to the
Gordon family's apartment building. She walked up the flight of stairs and
knocked on the door to their apartment. Gordo opened the door, while
giggling about something and invited her inside. Once the door was closed,
Gordo turned to the older lady.

"Mrs. McGuire, might I say you look ravishing this morning." Jo blushed at
the kind comment and felt goose bumps run up her arm as Gordo took her by the
hand and led her towards the couch. He had always admired Lizzie's mom and
was always kind and polite.

"I'll tell Lizzie you're here." He left and walked down the hall to his
bedroom. He walked into a loving embrace and kiss from Miranda and
surprisingly, a kiss from Lizzie as well.

As Jo waited for her daughter, she finished off her Styrofoam cup of coffee
she still held in her hands. She got up and walked into the kitchen in
search of a trashcan. She spotted one by the laundry room door. She pulled
the top off the bin to throw the cup away when she spotted something blue
and quite familiar already lying in the container. Curiosity took over as
she reached in and picked up the envelopes and the letters. She opened and
read one.

Oddly enough, the one she read was very similar to the one someone delivered
to her door earlier in the morning. The letter explained that her mystery
lover was thankful for the fun and erotic times they had together and that
his search was over. He had found a great girl that was fun in the sack and
one that he truly felt love for. He said his goodbye.

Later in the morning, Jo was now in the Gordon's apartment reading, for the
second time, the same words or remnants of the same words. A bright light
went off in her head.

"Who would have guessed? Gordo. Lizzie's best friend was my mystery man?"
Thought Jo as she placed the letter and her cup in the trash bin and returned
to her seat in the living room.

Minutes later, Lizzie appeared and the two of them left. They talked a bit
as they headed for the car.

"So honey, did you, Gordo, and Miranda have fun last night?"

"Don't I always?" Lizzie was skipping along side her mother as they walked
to their car.

"What about Miranda and Gordo. Anything new between them?"

"Hmmm, what exactly does my mother know about them two?" Thought Lizzie as
she listened to her mother.

"No. Everything is pretty much the same...well, except it seems Gordo might
have a new girlfriend." Lizzie wasn't about to tell her mom who the girl
was. If she knew it was Miranda, she might not ever get to have another
sleepover again with her best friends.

* * *

Monday was as normal as a Monday could be. Lizzie returned home after school
and spent some time with her brother. Around 6 p.m., Miranda came over to
spend some quality time with both, Matt and Lizzie, but there was no Gordo.

"Say Miranda, where's Gordo? It isn't like him not to come over with you."

"Yeah Mrs. McGuire, it looks like it is just going to be us girls tonight.
Gordo's parents went out of town and he's at home doing homework and
apartment sitting."

"Oh, that's nice. Well, Lizzie is upstairs." Miranda dashed up the stairs.

A few minutes later, Jo stuck her head into Lizzie's upstairs room. "Kids,
I 'm going out for a while. You have fun. I'll be back a little later."
Matt, Lizzie, and Miranda all smiled as they were going to have the house all
to themselves. They all quickly stripped after hearing the front door close

A half hour later, Jo McGuire stood outside the Gordon's apartment. Her
knees were knocking against each other as nerves over took her. Her panties
were soaked as she anticipated what was to come. She brought her hand up to
her face and removed her glasses. She knew she looked sexier without them.
She leaned forward, knocking on the apartment door.

As she heard the inside chain lock being removed, she dropped her beige
overcoat to the floor, bearing her naked and willing body to the young
teenage occupant that now stood in the doorway...eyes wide open...not a
word being spoken.

The End.

(It was fun while it lasted, but like all good has to come to an
end. I hope you all liked the overall story. The ending changed quite a few
times in my head, but I believe the right ending was used. The doors have
been left open.)


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