Lizzie Mcguire: Matt Gets Revenge For His Blue Balls (m+bbf,inc,inter,celeb)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Matt Mcguire was like any other normal boy. However, even though Matt was
only 11, his hormones were already kicking into gear. He recently discovered
jerking off, which now had become a 3 time a day habit. Matt was also able to
shoot a load of cum and had been doing so for over a week now. When it first
happened Matt was completely shocked but having talked to his best friend
Lanny, Matt found out it was quite normal. However to be shooting at 11 years
old was not that normal. Matt was also advanced in the size of his equipment.
Matt had been reading online that the average adult male has a 6 inch cock
and at 11 years old, Matt was over 5 inches long already. While this may seem
like a blessing, since Matt was 11 years old, it was rather embarassing to
have such a long dick, when it got hard, because it is very difficult to
cover up. Also, his underwear was not very comfortable when his dick got
hard, because they were designed for the typle 11 yr old's dick and not for
his adult size equipment.

Additionally, since Matt was just entering puberty, almost anythign could
give Matt an erection, but lately it was his 14 yr old sister Lizzie who was
constantly making Matt hard. It was getting to the point that it was quite
painful for Matt to be around his sister Lizzie and her friend Miranda,
because the two girls constantly wore revealing clothes, that gave Matt an
instant boner. Since Matt often got hard during the day, it was very
difficult to jerk off, because his parents or Lizzie could walk in on him
and Matt did not want that to happen.

Matt was complaining to Lanny about how Lizzie constantly gave him hardons
and how it was getting very difficult to be around her. Lanny agreed by
nodding back to Matt, "You really jerk off every time you leave my house?
Lanny, I should kick your ass for that, but its true, my sister Lizzie is
such a cock tease. I wish there was something we could do to her to teach
her a lesson." Lanny then nodded back to Matt and Matt said, "Your right
Lanny, we should be the ones to teach her a lesson. We should fuck her for
getting us hard all the time and teach her that its not nice to do that to
guys." Then Lanny nodded in agreement. Then Matt said, "Your right Lanny we
should invite some other guys over also to help teach Lizzie a lesson.

Matt and Lanny started to come up with a list of guys to invite over to help
teach Lizzie a lesson. The first guy they came up with was Ethan Craft. They
knew that he would love to join in, cause Lizzie was also flirting with him.
Then Matt decided they should invite some of the other boys Lizzie had gone
out with. This list included Ronnie the paper boy, Larry Tudgeman and the
celebrity Frankie Muniz. Lanny suggested they invite Gordo, but at first Matt
disagreed, thinking that Gordo might not participate cause he was too good of
friends with Lizzie. But then Matt thought about it and realized that Lizzie
made Gordo horny all the time and that he would jump at this chance. Lanny
also tells Matt to invite Ryan, the black boy that Miranda had a crush on.
Then Matt decides to invite one last person, Aaron Carter, who kissed Lizzie
a long time ago as well.

After Matt and Lanny make the list of guys to invite, they start working out
the details of how they are going to get Lizzie. Matt and Lanny come up with
the idea that Matt is going hide in the bathroom, when Lizzie goes to take a
shower. While Lanny lets all the guys in the house and leads them to Lizzies
room. Then Matt will steal all Lizzie's clothes and the towels from the
bathroom, so that Lizzie is forced to go from the bathroom to her bedroom
naked. When Lizzie gets out of the shower, Matt will be videotaping her
running. Matt expects Lizzie to run into her room, where a room full of
teenage boys will be awaiting her. If Lizzie doesn't agree to have some fun,
then Matt will use the video as blackmail against her.

Matt emailed all the guys that night, including the two celebrities, Aaron
Carter and Frankie Muniz. Matt got Frankie's address from Lizzie's address
book, and Matt had Aaron's email address, because the director from the
video shoot thought Matt would make a good stunt double in the future. Matt
got responses from all the guys saying they were coming, including both
celebrities. That would mean there would be 8 guys at the "party." Matt,
Lanny, Ethan, Tudgman, Gordo, Ryan, Ronnie, Aaron and Frankie. The plan
was for the party to occur on Friday night. Lizzie always took a shower
before she went out with Miranda and Gordo. The McGuires were also planning
on going out that night, so it was perfect.

When Friday Night arrived, everything was going according to schedule. The
McGuires left the house right on time. After they left, Matt snuck in the
bathroom and hid, so that hey could video Lizzie showering and then sneak
all the towels and her clothes out of the bathroom. Lanny was ready to the
lead the boys when they arrived up stairs. About 15 minutes after the
McGuires left, Lizzie went upstairs to take her shower. The young 14 year
old girl quickly stripped her clothes, revealing her toned body and large
breasts unknowningly to her little 11 yr old brother Matt. They site of
his naked sister gave him an instant hardon. Matt was first transfixed on
Lizzie's huge chest. However, Matt's gaze soon lowered to Lizzie's hairy
cunt. Matt had never scene a naked woman before, and the site of his sister
naked, nearly caused him to shoot his load. Luckily he was able to control
himself and began filming his naked sister. Lizzied stepped into the shower
though and Matt was unable to continue filming. HOwever, that's when Matt's
plan really got underway. He carefully and quietly removed all the towels
and clothes from the bathroom and placed them in his own room. Then Matt
got in position outside the bathroom to start filming Lizzie as she emerged
naked from the bathroom.

Meanwhile in Lizzie's room sat 8 boys she knew, all of whom were sitting in
anticipation of seeing a naked Lizzie McGuire.

Lizzie shut of the shower and then discovered there were no towels and her
clothes were gone. She knew that Matt must be playing some trick on her. She
hoped that should would be able to get to her room without him or his creepy
little friend Lanny seeing her. However, when Lizzie opened the door and
stepped in the hallway the first thing she saw was her creepy brother Matt
with a videocamara!!!. "Oh no," thought Lizzie, he is filming me. Lizzie
stood there frozen, allowing Matt to continue to tape her.

Then Matt said, "Lizzie why don't you come in my room and we can play some
games, and I'll give you this tape."

Lizzie responded, "No way creep, I'm telling mom and dad and you are so
busted." Then she ran into her room, and shut the door behind her. Then
Lizzie turned around and saw all 8 pairs of eyes gazing at her naked body.
At first Lizzie thought she was seeing things, but as her eyes began to
focus she realized that she knew every boy who was staring at her. First
she saw Matt's creepy friend Lanny. Then she saw her ex-boyfriend Ronnie
and Miranda's ex Ryan. Ew, then she saw Tudgman. Next were two boys she
often dreamt about, Aaron Carter, who kissed Lizzie and Frankie Muniz,
who dated Lizzie. Next to them was her ultimate crush Ethan Craft, and
finally, Lizzie was shocked to see her best friend Gordo. Lizzie didn't
know what to do. All these horny teenage boys staring at her. At that
point, Lizzie remembered that she was naked and that they could see her
entire body. But Lizzie had no way of covering up and no where to go.

Then the next voice Lizzie heard was her brother Matt's. As Matt entered
Lizzie's room he told her, "You constantly give myself and all these guys
blue balls and its time that you do something about it. You are a cock
tease, you walk around in skimpy revealing clothes that give all of us
boners and now its your turn to help us deal with those boners. So here
is the deal, either you will do whatever I want or I will put that video
on the internet and send it out to everyone at your school."

Lizzie wanted to tell Matt to go fuck himself, but she knew that that would
be pointless, cause he would just put the video online and her life would be
ruined. Lizzie figured that all she would have to do is maybe jerk off a few
of these boys, and then it would be over. Matt would not actually make her
have sex with anyone, would he?

Lizzie reluctantly agreed, asking Matt what she would have to do. Matt said,
"Well first of all I want you to come over here and take off my clothes.

Lizzie did as she was told. Matt's body was that of a typical 11 yr old boy,
or so she thought until she had to remove his underwear. Both she and
everyone else in the room was surprised by the boy's early development.

Ethan responded by saying, "McGuire you got a nice sized on there."

Matt just smiled and said, "I know."

Once Matt was naked and Lizzie saw his 5 incher. Matt told her that he wanted
a hand job. So Lizzie carefully put her hands on Matt's dick. It was the
first one she had ever touched. Then Matt asked her "So Lizzie you ever
touched a dick before?" Lizzie told him "no". Then Matt asked if she had ever
been eaten out before and once again she said "no". Matt said not to worry,
cause one of these boys would surely eat her out. Then Matt asked the other
8 guys in the room, how many of them had eaten a chick out before. 3 guys,
Ethan, Frankie and Aaron all said they had eaten a chick out before. Matt
decided to tell Frankie Muniz, that while Lizzie gave him a handjob, Frankie
should start eating her out. Frankie said ok but then asked Matt, "Can I get
a handjob from her next?"

Matt told him sure, but first Lizzie had to give Lanny a hand job now as
well, since he helped plan the whole thing. Lizzie couldn't believe her sick
little brother. Now she had to give both Matt and Lanny handjobs while
Frankie ate her out. Frankie was quite good at licking her pussy and soon
Lizzie began to feel all good inside. Meanwhile she was now jerking Matt with
her right hand, and she saw Lanny stripping revealing a fairly large dick as
well. While not as large as Matt's, Lanny had a good 4 1/2 inches as well,
and Lizzie started to jerk him off with her left hand.

However, Lanny did not have the staying power of Matt and shot his load in
under 2 minutes. Meanwhile Frankie continued to eat Lizzie out, while she
jerked off her brother Matt. Just as Lizzie was starting to get near an
orgasm, she felt Matt's dick begin to twitch and then all the sudden he just
started shooting a huge load of cum, all over her hand and arm. Seeing that
Matt came, Frankie decided it was his turn for a handjob, so he got up from
eating Lizzie out and pulled off his pants. Frankie revealed a respectable
5 1/2 inch cock, and he told Lizzie to jerk him off. Lizzie was very upset
that Frankie did not continue eating her out, but she knew that she had no
control over the situation. As Lizzie grabbed hold of Frankie's cock, Larry
Tudgeman asked Matt what everyone else was allowed to do.

Matt said, "You guys can do whatever you want."

So Tudgeman quickly strips off his clothes revealing his 5 incher and tells
Lizzie to jerk him off as well.

Then Ethan said "I want some head, does she do that?"

Matt responds, "She will do whatever I tell her to."

As Ethan gets ready to move towards Lizzie though Ronnie said to him, "Why do
you get to go first? I want a blow job also."

Aaron Carter pipped in saying, "Me, too!"

Then Matt looked at Lanny who nodded back at him and then Matt said, "Your
right Lanny, whichever of you is the biggest, can get the first blow job,
however I will be taking my sister's cherry."

Lizzie was so disgusted as she heard this. Here she was jerking off Larry
Tudgeman and Frankie Muniz and now the guys were talking about her putting
a dick in her mouth and her own brother was planning to take her virginity.
Frankie had received a few handjobs in his day from fans before, so he was
able to control himself. Meanwhile Tudgman had only jerked off a few times
in his life, and he was not able to hold out for more then a minute before
creaming in Lizzie's hand.

Meanwhile all the other guys in the room were stripping as Matt handed them
rulers to measure themselves, since the biggest guy would get a blow job from
Lizzie. Matt then asked the guys who big they were. Ryan annouced his was 6
inches, Aaron said 7 1/2 inches, Ronnie annouced his 7 1/2 inches as well,
then Gordo embarrassingly said 4 inches, which caused Matt to laugh. However,
Ethan then said his was also 4 inches, which surprised everyone, and made
Gordo feel better. However as Matt looked over at Ethan he realized that
Ethan as very stupid, cause it was clear that Ethan's dick was well over 6
inches in length. However, Matt then realized how stupid Ethan was and said,
"Ethan you measured from the wrong end."

Ethan goes, "Oh, let me do it again, its 8 inches." Then Ethan continues,
"Gordo did you mess up also? Cause no one is really that small are they?"

Then Matt said, "No man, he really is that small just look at it." With that
all the guys were starring at Gordo and his underdeveloped dick.

Ethan then said, "Dude that must suck, your dick is like the size of a little
kids." Gordo was so pissed, yet seeing Lizzie's naked body, jerking off
Frankie, continued to keep his dick rock hard.

Matt then said, "Well Ethan it seems you are the biggest, so you get the
first blow job."

Frankie finally began to shoot his load. Lizzie then noticed all the naked
guys in the room with her. Before today she had never seen a naked boy
before, but now she was in a room with 9 naked guys. Lizzie was surprised at
the differences in sizes the guys had. Ethan was so big and Gordo was so
tiny. Lizzie was also impressed with Aaron Carter's body. He had a 6 pack.
Lizzie noticed how Ethan also had a 6 pack, and Ronnie had a very well formed
upper body. Lizzie also noticed Ryan's body, which was lean, although not
as well built as Aaron's, Ronnie's and Ethans, but it was still pretty lean.
Lizzie then saw Gordo's body, which while not fat, was not anything pleasant
to look at. Lizzie tried to tell the guys that she had enough, but before she
could say anything, Ethan Craft was in front of her and he said, "Lizzie,
suck it for me."

For some reason unknown to Lizzie, she did as she was told and soon she had
4 inches of Ethan's cock in her mouth. Ethan then placed his hands on the
back of Lizzie's head and started pulling Lizzies head back and forth on his
cock. Soon Ethan was face fucking Lizzie rapidly and then all at once Ethan
shot his load down Lizzie's throat. Lizzie had trouble swallowing all it,
and soon some of it was dripping down her face and on her lips and chin.

At this point Matt had started to get hard again. Matt then said to Lizzie,
"Now its time to take that cherry of your sis."

Lizzie tried to get away, but Matt told Lanny and Gordo to grab Lizzie and
hold her. Both of them did as they were told and soon Lizzie was lying naked
on her bed, with her best friend Gordo and Matt's best friend Lanny holding
her down. Then Matt moved closer to Lizzie and got in position to start
fucking her.

As all this was going on, Aaron Carter and Ronnie were discussing why they
were letting Matt decide who got to fuck Lizzie. Then Aaron said to Ronnie
"Why dont we just push him out of the way and fuck her ourselves?"

Then just as Matt's cock started to touch Lizzie's virgin cunt, Aaron and
Ronnie came up to the bed and shoved Matt out of the way. Matt was startled
by this. As he was lying on the floor in pain from the blow he just received,
he watched as Ronnie and Aaron decided to double team his sister. Lizzie was
crying throughout this as Aaron Carter began to fuck Lizzie's virgin cunt.
Aaron was able to get the first couple inches inside of Lizzie and then he
hit her cherry. Having fucked over 20 chicks in his life though, Aaron knew
what he was doing and soon he slammed into Lizzie's pussy riping through her
cherry. Once Aaron broke through Lizzie's cherry, Ronnie joined in from
behind Lizzie and began to enter Lizzie's virgin ass. Lizzie soon realized
what Ronnie was trying to do, but she had no where to go, as she was being
fuck from Aaron at the same time.

Soon the 3 teens were moving together in stride as Aaron and Ronnie fucked
Lizzie in both of her wholes for the next 15 minutes. Lizzie soon realized
that it wasn't as bad as she thought and was starting to get into it. As
the fucking continued, Lizzie began to reach her first orgasm. As Lizzie
began to orgasm, the pulsating from her pussy caused Aaron to cum inside of
her unprotected virgin pussy. Ronnie also began to cum in her ass. As the
three teens recovered, Lizzie saw Ryan come forward and push Aaron out of
the way, as he wanted his turn. Ronnie decided that he wanted Lizzie on top
and told her that he wanted her to do the fucking. Lizzie knew there was no
point of arguing and soon she was on top of the black teen's 6 inch cock,
bouncing up and down on him. Unfortunately for Lizzie, Ryan came rather
quickly and she was unable to achieve another orgasm. However, Frankie
Muniz now decided to fuck Lizzie's cum filled cunt as well. Frankie had
never fucked a girl before, and although Lizzie was rather loose from the
two fuckings she had just received, it still felt good to Frankie, who was
able to last for nearly 10 minutes before shooting a load inside of Lizzie.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Gordo was torn, his dick was telling him to
fuck Lizzie, while his mind was telling him to stop the guys. Instead Gordo
did nothing, as he watched the scenes unfold in front of him. Gordo decided
he wanted to fuck Lizzie as well and started walking towards her cunt,
however Matt cut in front of him, and Gordo was told he could go after Matt.
Lizzie tried to get out of the way, but there was no use, and soon her 11
year old brother was giving her all 5+ inches of his cock. While this was
going on though, Matt's friend Lanny decided that he wanted to fuck Lizzie
from behind. Soon Lizzie was getting double teamed for the second time today.
However this time it was two 11 yr olds doing the fucking. Even though the
boys weren't as big as Aaron and Ronnie, they worked well together and soon
all 3 of them had orgasms.

Now it was Gordo's turn to fuck Lizzie. As Gordo shoved his rather puny dick
inside of Lizzie, she realized that she could barely feel it. Lizzie wanted
to have another orgasm, and there was no way that was going to happen, with
Gordo's puny dick. So Lizzie said to Gordo, "Why don't you let me give you
another handjob or something Gordo, cause I can barely feel you."

Gordo then said, "But you just let Matt and the other guys fuck you, so why
can't I, I am your best friend."

Lizzie responded by saying Gordo, "Now that I am not a virgin any more, I
need a big dick to fill me up, when you are as big as Matt or the other guys,
then you can fuck me, but not now. Now I want a big dick, like Ethan's."

When Ethan heard that, he moved towards Lizzie and said, "Gordo, you heard
the lady, now move out of the way man."

Gordo did as he was told, and moved to the side. Lizzie then took hold of
Gordo's little dick and began to jerk him off. Meanwhile, Ethan started to
fuck Lizzie, with deep, long, hard thrusts, and soon Lizzie began to orgasm
for the 3rd time that night. Gordo was only able to last about 5 minutes,
but Ethan was able to fuck Lizzie for over 1/2 an hour, bringing the young
girl to another orgasm, before finally shooting another load inside of her.

As all the teens were recovering from the action, they heard Miranda open
the door. She called up to Lizzie's room but no one responded. Soon they
heard her coming up the stairs. Matt then said, "Hey guys I have an idea..."


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