Lizzie McGuire: Matt Moves In (bf,inc)
by Jet Hawk ([email protected])

This is the part of the episode that wasn't aired. Needless to say, it was
a really hot experience for the cast and crew to watch. An update, a pipe
bursts in Matt's room causing Matt to move in with his sister Lizzie. By
day three, their father is so sick of the fighting that he takes everything
away from the siblings, leaving them only with sleeping bags.
_ _ _

"Matt, this is all your fault!" Lizzie spat out. "I'm sorry, Lizzie, I didn't
think it would get this far."

"Matt, did you just say you were sorry?"

Matt wiped a tear from his eye. "I miss my things," he said.

"Come here, Matt," Lizzie whispered opening her arms to her brother.

Matt hugged his sister in a loving embrace. He smelled her hair, being
pleased at it's flowerlike aroma and feeling a tingling in his loins that
he hadn't felt before. Lizzie loosened her embrace until the siblings were
face to face. Lizzie saw a look in her brother's eyes that she hadn't seen
before. "What is it matt?" she asked.

Matt leaned in and kissed his sister full on the lips. Lizzie was puzzled as
he hadn't kissed her since he was three.

Lizzie let the kiss go on for about thirty seconds before pulling back
slightly. "What was that for?" Lizzie asked.

"I haven't kissed you in a long time" Matt explained, "Was it OK?"

"You caught me by surprise," Lizzie answered, "kiss me one more time."

This time the kiss lingered longer than thirty seconds, and was followed by
another kiss. The siblings embraced each other. Matt's hands were on Lizzie's
arms. He could feel part of her left breast. Lizzie felt him cop a feel of
her breast and shifted slightly to allow his right hand more access. Matt
moved his thumb, feeling her nipple under the fabric of her nightshirt. The
nipple hardened as Lizzie began breathing more deeply. "Wait" Lizzie said,
breaking the embrace and removing her shirt.

Matt looked at her barely B cup tits. Matt turned his head and leaned in to
kiss her left nipple. Lizzie cupped his head, pulling it closer to her chest.
She directed his free hand to her right tit. She moved his fingers so that he
pinched his nipple slightly. Lizzie layed back, pulling her brother closer to
her. Matt continued to suckle on her. The cameraman moved in closer for a
closeup. He zoomed in on her tit, then scanned to her flushed with color face
before going back. Lizzie grabbed both of Matt's hands, directing them to the
waistband of her pajama bottoms.

She made sure that his fingers were inserted under the waistband, including
her panties. "Matt" she said raising her hips. Matt took the hint sliding the
bottoms and panties down her thighs, past her knees, past her ankles, then
completely off. Lizzie spread her legs, giving Matt an unimpeded view of her
young teen bush. A small V shape of dark hairs pointed directed at her clit.
Matt hadn't seen a girl's pussy before.

He placed his hand unsurely on her, feeling the warmth and moisture between
her legs. He looked at Lizzie who was smiling. Lizzie placed a finger between
her legs. "Matt, look," she said as she slid a finger into herself. "Put your
finger in me," she directed. Matt carefully placed his hand next to hers.

He tentatively placed his finger at her entrance. Lizzie directed his finger
into her. It was wet and warm. Matt was a little confused.

"I want you to put your dick in there, will you do that Matt?"

Matt felt his throat go dry. His hands were shaking as he raised slightly to
take his pajama bottoms off. He gripped his dick and tried clumsily to move
between her legs. Lizzie was smiling. "Don't laugh at me" he said, feeling
nervous about what he was doing.

"I'm not laughing at you Matt, I'm so happy to be sharing your first time
with you."

"Really?" Matt asked.

"Of course" Lizzie said as she shifted slightly and pulled him into her.

Lizzie moaned slightly as he filled her with his four inches. "Did I hurt
you Lizzie?" he asked.

"No, Matt, this is what I sound like, it's ok, keep going." Matt started to
pump her. "Oh Matt" Lizzie moaned, suddenly remembering her parents down the
hall. She bit her lower lip. Matt leaned in and started to suckle on his
sister's chest again. Lizzie caressed his shoulder blades, then back. Matt
suddenly felt a feeling he never felt before as he shot a load into LIzzie.

He was momentarily dizzy. "Oh, Matt!" she moaned, kissing his forehead. Matt
raised his face, kissing her on the lips in a long kiss. "Want to go again?"
she asked. Matt nodded.

He was still in her. This time, he was more sure as he pumped his sister.
Lizzie breathed deeper, moaned more and bit her lip as the pleasure of love
rose in her belly. She began meeting her brother's thrusts with her own hip
thrusts. "UGH" she grunted, getting her first orgasm. She bit her lip so
hard that tears formed in her eyes.

"Are you ok, Lizzie?" Matt asked.

"Yes," she panted, "keep going."

Matt continued his pumping and soon had his second orgasm in LIzzie. The
siblings collapsed together. Lizzie Gently caressed his head with her
fingers. The siblings looked each other in the eyes and smiled. After a
long silent moment Lizzie said "If we don't stop and get dressed, I'll
want to go all night, and we need to sleep, or Mom and Dad will know
we're up to something."

"I hate it when you're right," he agreed with her.

The siblings got dressed, a shit eating grin on their faces. Lizzie made sure
that his head was to her feet as they laid in their sleeping bags, the bags a
foot apart. The siblings were silent for a while.

"Matt, I love you," Lizzie whispered. Matt gently squeezed her foot. "We'll
turn in early tomorrow, and do it more, OK Matt?" Again there was a squeeze
on the foot.

Lizzie turned away placing her hand on her stomach. She knew her brother's
semen was in her. She wondered iof she could get pregnant. She smiled and
drifted off to dreamland.

"Cut, that's a wrap!" the director said.

She was gripping her twat. She looked down, seeing moisture staining her
pants. She looked at the crew. There was some serious tent action going on
in her pants. Hillary sat up.

"You up to it?" the director asked.

"I'm so fucking horny," she answered lifting off her shirt.

The director waved the crew forward. The last she saw of Hillary was a leg
sticking up amidst a sea of naked male bodies. The screams of delight told
her that Hillary was definitely enjoying herself.

She smiled, knowing that next week's episode featured a slumber party. She
made a mental note to get really cute girls as she stood, undressed, and
headed towards Hillary to get some lezzie action. "The show should be called
Lezzie McGuire, oh well," she sighed knowing that next week's crew would be
mostly female. It was going to be good, really good.


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