Setting: One day Matt McGuire was being baby sitted by his sister Lizzie.
Matt was minding his own business watching TV, while Lizzie sat up in her
room. After a while Matt wanted to go see what his sister was doing so he
walked upstairs to check. Matt got to Lizzie room and open the door to be
in shock and see his sister getting dressed she was in her underwear.

Lizzie McGuire: Matt The Pervert (bf,inc,nc-cons)
by Roaddogg5555 ([email protected])

Lizzie: What the fuck! Matt get out you little pervert.

Matt: Sorry, I didn't mean to!

Lizzie: Knock, you freaking fag!

Matt walks out of the door and clothes it behind him.

For the rest of the day Matt couldn't help but think about Lizzie in her
underwear for the rest of the night. Matt was lying in bed a couple of hours
and could feel himself getting Horny thinking about his sister. Matt decided
just to sleep and hope the feeling went a way.

Matt Woke up later that day and went down stairs to eat, while he was eating
Lizzie came down stairs. By this time she has completely forgot about Matt
walking in on her.

Lizzie: Hey you little dork!

Matt (Looking down at the table): Hi.

Lizzie: What no comeback? What is your problem?

Matt: No... nothing. Leave me alone.

Lizzie: Whatever I'm off to school.

Matt's Mom realized Matt didn't say anything back and asked what was wrong.

Matt: Oh I don't know. I guess I don't feel good.

Mom: Well do you want to stay home from school.

Matt: yeah.

Matt went up stairs and went back to his room and took a nap. Matt while he
was a sleep he had a dream of what happen the day before with Lizzie, with
her in her underwear kept replying in his mind. Matt woke up about 2 hours
later and knew he had to touch Lizzie and see her whole body. Matt waited
all day for Lizzie to get home. Lizzie walked in the door and saw Matt
smiling at her.

Lizzie: What the hell! Matt your being weird today.

Matt (with an evil smile): Oh Lizzie I'm fine now.

Lizzie: OOOOOOOOk Matt You feeling alright?

Matt: Yeah I'm fine, but mom told me to tell you that your baby sitting me

Lizzie: Ok, whatever. I'll be in my room.

Lizzie walks up the stairs into her room, Matt follows her up stairs after
a couple of minutes to see what she is doing. Matt looked under door and
couldn't see Lizzie feet so she must have been on her bed. Matt opened the
door and saw Lizzie on her bed sleeping. Matt walks in and was being very
quite. He jumped on the bed and moved down the blanket. Exposing Lizzie in
a tight T-shirt that Sum 41, and tight jeans. Matt reaches over and starts
to squeeze Lizzie's small B cup tits. Lizzie didn't wake up so Matt went a
little farther and reach down to her jeans and started to rub Lizzie still
didn't wake up Matt couldn't believe it. Soon he reaches under Lizzie's
shirt and start to do undo her bra. Finally Lizzie woke up.

Lizzie: What the fuck are you doing to me?

Matt: Nothing Lizzie just having some fun.

Lizzie: Matt your not supposed to do that to me I'm your sister, get off you

Matt: Shut the hell up, bitch!

Matt then covered Lizzie's mouth as he started to unzip her jeans. Matt saw
Lizzie was wearing green cotton panties. He started to rub her pussy and
could feel her getting wet.

Lizzie: Matt please don't we aren't supposed to be doing things.

Matt keeps going and pulls down her panties exposing a shaved pussy. Matt
leaned down a licked her clit.

Lizzie: ohhhhh!

Matt then starts to lick again and started to a finger.

Lizzie: oh my gods, Matt, please keep going!

Lizzie started to like it and allowed matt to keep going forward, she lifted
up her T-shirt and exposed her matching green bra.

Lizzie: Oooooooo yeah fuck Matt keep going.

Matt starts to finger fuck Lizzie's Pussy as fast as he can going faster and

Lizzie: Ohhh My God yes Matt let me suck your dick.

Matt pulled down his pajama pants and took out his 5 inch hard dick. Matt
position himself over Lizzie mouth and set up a 69 position. Matt kept eating
out Lizzie's pussy as Lizzie sucked Matt's dick. Lizzie started to lick the
tip of his dick.

Matt: Ohh Lizzie that feels so good.

Lizzie shoved the rest of the dick in her mouth and started to deep throat
the dick. Matt kept licking Lizzie's clit.

Lizzie: My Oh my god please fuck me!

Matt then got off of Lizzie's Face and position himself to fuck Lizzie's
pussy. Matt slowly started to shove himself into Lizzie's wet pussy. Lizzie
moaned as Matt got his dick inside Lizzie's wet pussy. Matt slowly started
to pump his older sister's tight pussy.

Lizzie: fuck Yeah!

He started to push fast and reached up and started to squeeze her tits.
Lizzie closed her eyes while her virgin Pussy was being stretched by her
younger brother. She couldn't believe she let him do this but was happy
she did. Matt soon couldn't hold it anymore and had to pull out of Lizzie.

Matt: Shit I'm going to cum!

Lizzie: Here let me finish you off.

Matt then shoved his dick in his sister's mouth and Lizzie started to blow
his dick.

Matt: I'm going to cum!

Matt then blows his load down his sister's throat and she swallowed all of it
not spilling a drop.

Lizzie: mmmmmmmm!

Matt: Oh god, Lizzie. That was great.

Lizzie: Yeah but Matt this is a one time deal no more of this.

Matt: Ok deal.

The End


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