This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Lizzie McGuire: McGuire Family Values
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

The feud between Lizzie and Kate was legendary at Hillridge. Everyone knew
about it and everyone had their own tall tales of events that happened
during their time at the school before they graduated and moved on to high
school. The stunts and practical jokes were all of the ordinary kind.
Putting laxatives in each other drinks at lunch, rigging lockers to blow
out confetti and silly string when it was opened, and the golden oldie
toilet papering the other's house.

It was all fun and games until the day of the cheerleader tryouts. One of
the squad members had fallen off a human pyramid during practice and broken
her leg. The cheerleading squad was just weeks away from an important state
championship and needed a replacement desperately. Not expecting to win
because Kate's friend Claire was on the squad Lizzie tried out anyway for
fun. She wasn't much better than Kate, but she was good enough that the
other squad members voted for Lizzie even when Claire tried to bully them
towards picking Kate. Lizzie was shocked to say the least and Kate and
Claire were flat out pissed off. Unbeknownst to Lizzie they hatched a plan
that would forever change her views about family.

* * *

"So did you get the tickets?" Miranda asked excitedly as Lizzie finally
joined her and Gordo at lunch.

"Yes I did," Lizzie answered smiling widely.

"And where are they?"

"Front row!" Lizzie screamed as she handed the tickets to Miranda and they
went crazy.

"Oh my god Lizzie! How'd you get these? They've been sold out for like

"My dad knows somebody at the radio station, and said it's an early birthday

"I don't know what you two see in those guys. They don't play any instruments
and the oldest one is like thirty and he has thirteen year olds screaming for
him," Gordo sighed as continued eating his lunch.

"Gordo the Backstreet Boys are the coolest band ever! They can sing and dance
better than anyone!" Lizzie answered perturbed at Gordo's lack of enthusiasm.

Lizzie was about to make another statement when the public announce system
came on in the cafeteria.

"Elizabeth McGuire, please report to my office immediately!" Mr. Tweedy's
voice roared.

"Holy crap Lizzie what did you? Mr. Tweedy called you Elizabeth and nobody
does that except your parents and that's only when they're upset about
something," Gordo asked as Lizzie got up from the table wondering what this
was about.

"I don't know, but I bet it has something to do with Kate."

"You're still going to call me right?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah, unless something comes up."

Across the cafeteria Kate and Claire smiled and insulted Lizzie as she left
for the principal's office. After several minutes of walking Lizzie reached
Mr. Tweedy's door and knocked on it.

* * *

Labor Day weekend was coming up and Jo and Sam McGuire decided to take Friday
off in addition to the holiday Monday that was coming up in which Matt and
Lizzie were off from school. It was almost noon and they were still naked in
bed having watched tv in the bedroom all morning save for a few minutes to
make breakfast.

"Honey, can you get your shoes for me?" Sam asked as he began to stroke his

Sam was a pretty normal guy in every aspect including sex, but lately it
had become very boring until one night he was surfing the internet and came
across a shoe fetish site. The men section of the site intrigued him. There
were stories and pictures of men licking and masturbating themselves with
shoes and this turned Sam on especially the articles using mary-jane shoes.

He showed Jo the site and she thought it was a wonderful idea and a great way
to spice up their sex life so she bought a pair for herself and Sam to use.
Jo didn't particularly get into the shoe fetish, but if allowing Sam to
insert the shoes into her pussy and anus before or after he used them to jerk
off to, helped get him off then she'd be more than willing to go along. This
particular Friday as she crawled out of bed and walked to the closet to get
her shoes, Jo suddenly had an idea.

"I'll be right back," Jo said before disappearing into the hallway.

"Hurry up then," Sam shouted as he continued to masturbate. "I'm horny as

Several minutes later Jo returned with another pair of shiny patent black
leather mary-jane shoes, except these were much smaller than her own.

"Where you get those?" Sam asked his face lighting up.

"These are Lizzie's shoes. I thought you'd like to try some a little bit

"I do I do. Bring those here."

Jo climbed back into bed and handed the shoes to Sam. He looked at them
closely turning them around in his hands. Sam then ran his tongue down the
side of the left shoe licking it all over. His tongue then swirled all over
the strap and buckle and he then licked the other shoe all over before
inhaling a big whiff of Lizzie's stinky foot odor left behind in them.

"Mmm. Lizzie's feet smell so bad, her shoes smell so good," Sam moaned
reaching the shoes down towards his throbbing cock.

"Here let me get that for you," Jo said taking the shoes from her husband
and slowly jerking him off with Lizzie's black shiny leather mary-jane shoes.

"Oh my god Jo. This turns me on so much." Sam moaned as Jo continued to jerk
him with his daughter's shoes.

"I do agree with you Sam, Lizzie does have nice smelly feet," Jo agreed her
nose inches from Sam's hard-on as she sniffed Lizzie's shoes. "You wish you
could smell Lizzie's feet directly don't you?" Jo teased continuing to stroke
Sam's dick with her daughter's mary-janes.

"Oh shit yes! You know I do!" Sam grunted loudly as his prick throbbed ready
to explode.

"Come on Lizzie's shoes! Come on them!" Jo urged him as she was quickly
running the shiny leather shoes up and down his shaft. "I'll lick your dirty
cum off your daughter's shoes! Just come on them!"

"Jo I'm fixing too." Sam moaned loudly as his penis exploded and his semen
started to spurt out.

Jo aimed Lizzie's shiny patent black leather mary-jane shoes below her
husband's cock and caught each white glob as it fell back down towards Sam.
When Sam squeezed his dick dry Jo licked the little bits of his cum that was
on his member, before turning her attention back towards the shoes. With the
whole toe area of the shoes nearly covered in white Jo enthusiastically
licked her husband's cum off her daughter's shoes.

"Did you like that?" She asked still smacking her lips as she fell to bed
next to Sam.

"Yes I did honey. I enjoyed it very much," Sam smiled.

"Do you really want to smell Lizzie's feet?"

"Very much so."

"Give me some time then. You're birthday is coming up soon, maybe I'll just
raise her allowance or something. I'll be right back. I'm going to polish
Lizzie's shoes so she never knows her daddy's cock was rubbing against them."

"Next time I might stick them in your ass."

"Don't forget my pussy too."

"You're a naughty naughty mommy Jo McGuire."

"I know that," She smiled naughtily leaving the room with the shoes in hand.

Sam turned over in bed and flipped through the channels on tv while he waited
for his wife to return. As he waited the phone rang.

"Can you get that?" Jo shouted from somewhere in the house. "My hands are
covered in polish."

"Sure!" Sam screamed back rolling over and picking up the cordless that was
on a night stand next to the bed. "Hello?"

"Ah good you are home Mr. McGuire. This is Mr. Tweedy from Hillridge and I
have some very unfortunate and disappointing news."

"Oh and what's that?"

"Today I received an anonymous tip that drugs were hidden in a student's
locker here in school and after some searching we found several baggys of
weed in Lizzie's locker. Right now she's sitting in detention and since
she's never caused any major problems and been a good student I've decided
not to turn her over to the police as long as she gets punished at home."

"That's very disappointing news indeed. I don't know what to tell you, but
thank you for letting us handle this ourselves and rest assured Lizzie will
be punished. Mrs. McGuire is out of the room and as soon as I tell her we'll
be on our way to the school. Thank you again for calling us first."

"I'm sorry I ever had to make the call Mr. McGuire."

Sam hung up the phone and started to dress. As he finished up by putting on
his shoes Jo walked into the room.

"Ok the shoes have been polished and put back in Lizzie's closet. Why are you
dressing Sam?"

"Lizzie's been caught with weed in her locker at school and Principal Tweedy
just called to let us know. He's be kind enough not to call the police as
long as we punish her."

"Weed? Are you serious? That's so not like Lizzie."

"I know, but that's what he said happened."

"Alright then, I'll be dressed in a few minutes."

* * *

The McGuire van was silent as it left Hillridge and headed for home. Lizzie
had protested her innocence since the beginning, but nobody wanted to listen.
Worse yet she had been grounded from going to the Backstreet Boys concert
with Miranda. Lizzie decided to make one last ditch effort to get out of

"Mom, dad, please listen to me! This is all Kate's doing! You know how
bad the relationship between us is. She's pissed off because I made the
cheerleading squad and she didn't!"

"You're also quitting the squad," Sam said sternly as he continued driving
without looking up from the road.

"Lizzie how could you? We've taught you to be so much better than that," Jo
sighed disappointed.

"But it wasn't me, it wasn't!" Lizzie pouted on the verge of crying.

"Look even if you're innocent as you claim weed was found in your locker and
the only reason Mr. Tweedy didn't call the police is because he's letting us
punish you instead."

"Alright fine," Lizzie grumbled as the van pulled into the McGuire driveway
and she started to get out. "I'm going to get you Kate! You fucking bitch!"

"Hey Lizzie hold on," Jo said stopping her.

"What is it mom?"

"Get back in and close the door." When the van door was shut Jo leaned over
to her husband and they whispered into each other's ears.

"I think there's a chance Kate probably did do this. She's the jealous type
to do something like this."

"I know that Jo, but all the evidence points at Lizzie so we have to punish

"We'll make her quit the cheerleading squad and she'll be grounded this
weekend and the three weekends after next."

"Why not next weekend?"

"Because the concert's next weekend and you got her tickets for her

"But if she did do it? What's she going to learn by us letting her go the

"You know how you always want to try new stuff? Sexually I mean? Here's your
chance to try them on Lizzie. You can even smell her feet."

"What? Are you serious? What about Matt?"

"He gets a turn with Lizzie too. We all do if she wants to go to that

"This is not going to work."

"Yes it is, trust me. Ok?"


"Hey Lizzie," Jo said turning to face her daughter.

"Yes mom?"

"You're father and I have discussed it and we've decided that you will quit
the cheerleading squad and you will be grounded this weekend and the three
weekends after next but we will allow you to go to the concert with Miranda."

"Oh thank you thank you!" Lizzie chirped happy again.

"On one condition," Sam added.

"What's that?"

"You will spend this weekend with your brother and us and you have to give
into any sexual whim any of us may have."

"What?" Lizzie asked incredulously her eyes popping wide at the shocking

"That's the way it is honey," Jo replied. "If not then there's no concert
and you'll be grounded for the next year and you won't get your driver's
license until you're eighteen."

"But I... I um... But..." Lizzie fumbled for words and couldn't find any.
Rather than have a year's worth of punishment she settled for only a month.
At least she'd still be able to go to the concert. "What'll you do to me?"

"Anything we want," Jo and Sam answered smiling at each other as their lips
locked and their tongues slithered into each other's mouth.

**Saturday Day 1 - Matt**

As Saturday morning rolled around Lizzie slept soundly in her bed having
sweet dreams of hanging out with her friends at the mall and screaming her
head off at the Backstreet Boys. She was quickly brought back to her harsh
reality when she woke up from a heavy weight falling onto her back.

"Ow. What's going on?" Lizzie mumbled still half-asleep as she reached behind
her to feel what was sitting on her.

"Time to get up and play Lizzie," Matt laughed as he climbed off his sister's

"Matt I'm going to kill you!"

"Come on Lizzie it's Saturday. You're grounded remember? You should have told
me you were dealing weed. Lanny's cousin loves to smoke the stuff. You could
have made a fortune off of him."

"I wasn't dealing weed! Kate put it in my locker!"

"Yeah right and how many times have you blamed me for things I didn't do?"

"What do you want?" Lizzie asked sitting up in bed.

"Take off your clothes."

"What? No way!"

"Do it Lizzie! You have to. You agreed to Mom and Dad's deal. If you don't
you'll be grounded for a year!"

"I hate you Matt. I'm gonna get you and Kate back for this," Lizzie scowled
as she reluctantly stripped off her clothes.

"Well if you weren't such a pothead then you wouldn't be in this mess."

"Shut up Matt!"

"Watch it Lizzie or I'll tell mom and dad. Just try me if you don't believe
me. Do you understand?"


"Good, now wait right here and I'll be right back." Matt left Lizzie's room
only to return a few minutes later with a Polaroid camera. "Good now bend
over and show me your ass."

Matt began snapping several shots of Lizzie's butt letting the pictures fall
to the floor. He then instructed her to stick her finger in her butthole and
then in her vagina taking several pictures of each pose. Matt then made
Lizzie stick a finger in her anus and one in her twat and lay down on the
bed. He was smiling as the pictures kept getting snapped.

"Before I forget put these on," Matt said taking Lizzie's shiny patent black
leather mary-jane shoes and white dress ankle socks off her dresser and
handing them to her. Lizzie put them on not sure why her brother wanted her
wearing only her shoes and socks but she didn't want to fight with him and
said nothing. "Now for just one more pose." A look of disgust and humiliation
crossed Lizzie's face as she wrapped her lips around Matt's cock and he took
several more pictures.

"Now get up," Matt ordered.

"What're we going to do now?"

"We're going to join mom and dad for breakfast. They've cooked up a lot of
food for us."

"I can't go downstairs like this!" Lizzie protested.

"You can and you will. You have no say in what happens Lizzie. You'll still
be grounded but this will all be over on Tuesday so deal with it ok?"



"Ok fine Matt."

Lizzie followed her brother downstairs where Sam and Jo were already sitting
at the kitchen table eating breakfast. There was biscuits, gravy, scrambled
eggs, link sausages, and assorted other items on the table.

"Good morning Matt. Good morning Lizzie," the McGuire parents greeted their
kids briefly looking up from the sections of the newspaper they were reading.
They gave no reaction to Lizzie being nude except for the mary-jane shoes
and white ankle socks she wore. Lizzie began to sit down in the chair she
normally did when Matt stopped her.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Sitting down to eat breakfast."

"I didn't say anything about you eating breakfast. I said we're joining Mom
and Dad for breakfast. I'll be eating, but you won't."

"Mom, dad, do something!"

"Sorry Lizzie we can't help you. It's your brother's turn to have you," Sam
replied still reading his paper.

"UH!" Lizzie moaned.

"Please Lizzie stop your griping," Jo said calmly.

"Fine Matt I won't eat then."

"But I will, clear my place and squat on the table with your butt towards

"What the-" Lizzie began, but decided not say anything further since her
parents were of no help.

She moved the plate, silverware, and various dishes of food that had
surrounded the part of the table Matt usually sat at. Lizzie and Matt usually
sat at one end of the table and their parents sat at the other. Now as Lizzie
sat on the table on her knees bent over her face was nearly side by side with
Sam. She looked at her father, but he just sat there still reading the paper
and sipping his coffee. Lizzie yelped when Matt suddenly grabbed her ass and
raised it into the air a bit. What happened next caught her by complete

Matt grabbed the bowel of scrambled eggs and filled Lizzie's ass crack with
them pushing some into her sphincter. When Lizzie's ass was packed nice and
yellow Matt set the bowl down and starting from the top began to lick and
eat the eggs out of it. Lizzie could feel Matt's tongue as they dug the eggs
out of her butt and his teeth occasionally rubbed against her flesh. Suddenly
she felt her brother's tongue disappear even though she still felt egg packed
into the lower part of butt.

"Oh my god no!" Lizzie groaned in disgust as Matt's tongue pushed it's way
into her anus searching for egg. He then began to suck on her asshole and got
even more egg out like that.

Lizzie then became repulsed as Matt began to tongue her tiny asshole even
though it was empty. After a few minutes her brother licked away the rest of
the egg and swallowed it. Lizzie's relief to the end was short lived when
Matt made her turn over onto her back.

"Spread your cunt apart," Matt commanded. Lizzie looked at him in disbelief
and he got irritated. "Spread your cunt apart!" He demanded again.

Not wanting to find out what Matt had in mind next Lizzie closed her eyes as
her fingers opened up her pussy. She went pale and Matt grinned as he started
to pour gravy into her twat. When that was full Matt grabbed two link
sausages and dipped them into his sister's gravy filled pussy. He pulled them
out sucking the gravy off each link then eating them in one bite.

Matt pushed his face between Lizzie's legs and began tonguing at her twat.
Slowly but surely he licked out almost every drop of gravy as Lizzie pouted
and groaned at being used as a breakfast plate. When Matt's tongue
disappeared Lizzie opened her eyes and saw that he was gone. She then began
to get up when she was stopped by her mother.

"I would just stay still Lizzie," Jo warned still reading the paper. "If Matt
says you're not cooperating then we'll have to ground you for a year."

Quietly Lizzie acknowledged her mother's statement and laid back down on the
table. She waited patiently for Matt to return which he did after about ten

"Sorry to keep you waiting Lizzie I wanted some apple juice which was still
in the fridge and then I had to go to the bathroom."

"Are we done yet?"

"Not even close."

"What next?"

Lizzie's eyes widened as Matt answered her question without saying a word.
He dropped his pants and underwear there at the kitchen table and grabbed her
legs. Lizzie became disgusted and sick as Matt's erect penis drew closer and
closer to her pussy until it was at her entrance and he pushed in. Lizzie
couldn't even fathom anything more weird and perverse as her brother fucked
her at breakfast while her parents sat idly by.

Matt was young and a novice which worked out for Lizzie in a way. He slammed
his dick into her cunt like a rabbit in heat unaware of how to make the
experience last. Harder and deeper Matt thrust himself into his sister her
body shaking and her tits bouncing up and down at every turn. He began to
moan loudly as his prick swelled just a wee bit more to its ejaculate size.
Lizzie was happy that her brother was near his climax, but then panic crossed
her face at the thought of being pregnant by him.

"Ok Matt it's time to turn her over," Jo calmly said.

"Thanks for the reminder mom."

"You're welcome."

Lizzie's jaw dropped wide open as she turned onto her stomach. It's as if
this whole thing was planned and the three of them went over everything
together. Lizzie didn't have much more time after that to think when Matt
pushed his dick into her ass. Whether it be in the pussy or anus being
fucked by her brother was gross to Lizzie, but at least some of the gravy
residue from her twat got onto Matt's cock and made penetrating her anus a
bit easier.

Matt's hands and fingernails dug into Lizzie's buttcheeks as his penis slid
in and out of her sphincter. She waiting patiently gripping the edge of the
table as her body shook with each thrust and Matt grunted louder each time.
Finally after several minutes rabid thrusting by Matt his cock exploded
shooting his warm semen into the inner reaches of Lizzie's bowels. Matt
withdrew without a word and as Lizzie started to get up she glanced over at
her father. She was shocked when she saw Sam with his cock out of his pants
quickly stroking it with his free hand.

Sitting up on the table top Lizzie turned around where she was met by her
brother's cock that was sticky and gooey and he wanted it clean. Lizzie took
several quick licks at it and Matt pulled his pants back up.

"You're free to do whatever you want Lizzie including taking a shower, but
you must remain nude for the rest of the day except for the shoes and socks
you currently have on."

Lizzie just decided that it'd be easiest if she just stayed home, but she did
take up the offer for the shower quickly hopping in to rinse the dirtiness
from her body.

* * *

Lizzie was once again awakened from her sleep by Matt as he pushed her off
the couch in front of the living room tv.

"Let's go," Matt said.

"Where are we going?" Lizzie asked rubbing her eyes and clearing her head.

"To the backyard."

"What's outside?"

"Shut up and stop asking questions." Nude and still wearing her shiny black
patent leather mary-jane shoes and white dress ankle socks Lizzie followed
Matt outside to the backyard. There she stopped dead in her tracks.

"What's Lanny's dog doing here?"

"You're going to suck Mickey's dick and let it fuck you."

"No I'm not!"

"Ok fine," Matt said turning to walk back into the house.

"Where are you going Matt?"



"..." Matt kept walking without saying a word.

"Ok ok you win."

"Good, that was easy wasn't it? Now sit down next to the Mickey."

Slowly and extremely uncomfortable with the situation Lizzie sat on the
grass next to the golden retriever. She was now seriously considering
being grounded for a year, but before she put any more thought into it
Matt interrupted her with another command.

"Start stroking it's sheath and when it's penis comes out suck it."

Hesitantly Lizzie reached under the dog barely taking hold of its sheath.
Slowly she began to stroke it back and forth. Mickey was well behaved and sat
there quietly as Lizzie continued to jerk it off. Soon the large red bulbous
cockhead of the dog's penis emerged followed by it's shaft. Matt's eyes lit
up as Lizzie's eyes narrowed.

"Now get on your hands and knees and stay still," Matt ordered as he got
behind the dog. Carefully he helped Mickey mount Lizzie guiding its dick
towards her vaginal opening.

Lizzie's stomach turned into a knot when she felt the dog violate her. Worse
yet she was still a virgin and only because Matt had a small penis was she
still able to have her hymen still intact. That wouldn't last much longer.
Lizzie squirmed and whined as Mickey took his sweet time finding a rhythm
to pump her too. To have the slimy beast cock pushing in and out of her cunt
applying more and more pressure to her cherry disgusted Lizzie. She nearly
threw up from the sickening feeling of Mickey's dog cock busting through her

Delighted by what he saw Matt dropped his pants and sat on the ground in
front of Lizzie. When she saw her brother's dick come into view her stomach
turned again. Matt waited with a devilish smile until Lizzie's lips wrapped
around his prick. Had Lizzie's mouth not been full she would have voiced her
disgust and pain as the golden retriever's cock penetrated her twat several
more times before it's knot swelled up locking their privates together as
it's cum started to flow.

Smiling Matt revelled in Lizzie's uncomfortable position as she continued to
suck him off. From the research he had done earlier in the day Matt knew that
it would be thirty or forty-five minutes before Mickey's knot would deflate
enough for him to dismount Lizzie. Matt soon felt his prick bursting with
energy again and he quickly grabbed the back of Lizzie's head forcing it to
stay on his cock. She began to struggle to get away.

"Lizzie stop, just breath through your nose and you'll be fine."

Lizzie ignored him and her head began to thrash around whipping her tongue
against his shaft. Not wanting to orgasm Matt quickly pulled out of his
sister's mouth and let his excited body calm down. He jerked himself off
for twenty minutes waiting for Mickey to unknot and pull itself out of
Lizzie. When it finally did Matt shoved his hard cock back into his sister's
mouth to slobber on some more. Matt soon felt his penis started to get
excited and he pulled out of Lizzie's mouth again.

He told her to hold clamp her pussy shut with her hand and turn onto her
backside. Lizzie followed his orders not wanting to upset him and watched
as Matt masturbated for a few minutes more before coming. He squatted down
next to her feet and let his cum flow freely as it soaked Lizzie's shoes
and her socks. When he jerked himself clean he pulled his pants back up and
ran into the house quickly returning with a glass.

"Let go of your cunt and let the Mickey's cum fill up the glass," Matt

Lizzie followed his orders and handed him a glass three-quarters full. Matt
squatted next to Lizzie again pouring some of the dog cum onto her already
cum soaked black leather mary-jane shoes though they were no longer shiny.
He then handed her the glass with the rest of Mickey's sperm.

"Drink it Lizzie." Lizzie stared at Matt incredulously but his stance stayed
the same. "Drink it now or I'll tell mom and dad on you."

Slowly Lizzie drank the left over cum and gagged and coughed as she did so.
Mickey's cum was stinky and sour beyond reason. Lizzie only hoped that human
semen didn't taste or smell this bad.

"That's a good girl. I'll tell mom and dad you passed," Matt teased Lizzie
before returning to the house.

Lizzie remained on the backyard grass wheezing and coughing as her body
digested the jizz. Mickey was nearby laying on the grass just having mounted
something and gotten off.

**Sunday Day 2 - Sam**

Sunday morning Lizzie woke up on her own to the chirping sounds of the birds.
She laid in bed motionless for several moments glancing around her room
looking for nothing in particular. Lizzie could hear her father and Matt
talking downstairs. It was Sunday and Lizzie's dad and brother would be busy
watching football all day. Her mother would probably spend more time in the
study working on a book she decided to write several weeks ago and Lizzie
would do homework or play computer games since she was grounded. Or so Lizzie

Stretching as she yawned Lizzie swung her legs over the side of the side of
her bed and set them on the floor. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and got
up to walk to the bathroom to shower when she heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Lizzie asked.

"It's me," Matt answered.

"What do you want Matt?"

"Dad told me to wake you up if you weren't and give these to you. He wants
you to dress in them and in half an hour go to front door and ring the
doorbell pretending you're six. And before you said a single word he said
that if you protested in any way, that he and mom would have to let the
school call the police and report the drugs in your locker. Do you

"Yes," Lizzie sighed reluctantly giving in to her father's request and taking
a number of clothing items from Matt.

As Sam sat down on the couch and turned on the football game Matt joined him
several minutes later.

"Did you give your sister the clothes?"


"Did she protest or say anything?"


"Good," Sam said as the doorbell rang. "She's here. Now run over to Lanny's
and play at his house for awhile."

"But I want to watch!" Matt protested.

"Not today Matt. You can watch next weekend when we have family outing."

"But the concert's next weekend."

"The concert's on Saturday. You're mother and I are taking Friday off and
taking you and Lizzie out of school for the day so we can have an outing

"Oh alright fine," Matt grumbled walking towards the garage to get his bike.

After Sam heard the garage door open and shut and saw Matt peddling down the
road he answered the front door. There Lizzie stood dressed in the clothing
Matt had given her; a frilly white satin flower dress, white stockings, white
satin dress gloves, and the shiny black patent leather mary-jane shoes Jo had
shined a few days earlier but forgot to return to Lizzie's room.

"Hi Lizzie honey, how was your birthday party? Did you have fun?"

"Yes daddy I did! Lots and lots of fun! Chuck E. Cheese is my favoritist
place in the world," Lizzie smiled running into the house hugging Sam. "But
why did I have to wear this dress? All the other kids dressed in regular

"Because Lizzie all young proper ladies dress nice. It shows how much of a
big girl you are. You want people to think you're a big girl don't you?"

"Yes I do daddy."

"That's what I thought. Where's mommy at?"

"She dropped me off and told me to tell you she was going to the store get
something for my feet."

"Speaking of your feet let's go sit down on the couch," Sam said closing the
front door and walking his daughter to the couch. Sam sat down next to Lizzie
and made her turn to her side and set her feet on the couch. "Those are very
lovely shoes you have on," He cooed as he ran his hands over Lizzie's black

Sam's cock started to harden as he fondled his daughter's shoes feeling the
slick shiny leather in his hands. Bending over to smell Lizzie's feet Sam
could still smell the odor of brand new leather since the shoes were rarely
used. Sam could also smell the shoe polish Jo used to clean them a quick
remember of the fun he had already had with the shoes once before.

Lizzie's uneasiness with the role playing quickly turned to curiosity as her
father started to lick her mary-janes. Sam's tongue slid up and down each
shoe from the ankle to the toes. His tongue even traced over the strap and
buckle leaving a trail of saliva behind. Sam slowly brought his head back;
his face covered with a lust induced smile, and unbuckled his daughter's
shoes slowly removing them from her feet. Sam's face then dropped back down
near Lizzie's feet where he removed her stockings and took several deep

"Lizzie honey?"

"Yes daddy?"

"You feet smell so bad right now."

"I know daddy. We we ran around a lot at the party and they sweated."

"Why didn't you wear any socks?"

"Because I didn't have any clean ones and mommy wanted me to wear the
stockings instead."

"Well you look just as cute in them too," Sam replied sliding his tongue
between Lizzie's toes.

"Thank you daddy," Lizzie giggled as the wet appendage of her father worked
its way between all of her toes.

"I'm glad you're such a good girl Lizzie, because I want you to do something

"What do you want me to do father?" As Lizzie played along with her dad
trying to pretend she was six. She found it a bit odd and disturbing
referring to him as daddy as he played with her feet. However, another
side of her said that this was fun and that side she was having a hard
time fighting.

"Stand up in the middle of the living room, pull your panties down, and put
your stockings back on" Sam whispered in a reassuring manner as he stood up
as well and dropped his drawers. Lizzie's eyes bulged when she saw the
nine-inch hardon her father was sporting.

Lizzie knew that this was wrong, knew that yesterday was wrong, but was
starting to enjoy the attention she was getting from her family. Sam sat
down next to where Lizzie stood and when the panties finally emerged from
beneath his daughter's dress Sam slid them off her feet and dropped them
to the floor. He then had her hold up her dress giving him access to her
bare bottom.

Sam moved his head to between Lizzie's legs and opened his mouth. Lizzie
squirmed and accidentally moaned when her father's tongue flicked across
her slit. Sam smiled at his daughter's delight and spread her pussy lips
open with his fingers allowing his tongue access to her inner sanctum.
Lizzie bit her lip to keep from moaning, but it was becoming increasingly
harder each time she felt Sam's tongue slide into her cunt. She hated it,
but she couldn't help but feel turned on as a tongue stimulated her cunt
even if it belong to her own father. Perhaps it was because she adored her
father and had always subconsciously dreamt of this time, but Lizzie's
twat was getting wetter with each moment and she was getting more and more

When Sam saw small droplets of Lizzie's girl cum start to dribble from her
opening he knew it was time. Taking her right shoe he slowly pushed the toe
end of it into his daughter's pussy stretching her opening wider than it
had ever previously stretched. Lizzie squealed in surprise at the sudden
penetration by the large object and looked down at Sam with a questioning
look on her face.

"Shh!" was his only answer as held his finger to his lips.

Lizzie nodded in acknowledgement and watched now in excited curiosity as one
of her shiny black leather mary-jane shoes was pushed nearly three-quarters
of the way into her pussy. With her dress still in hand Lizzie jumped and
squealed again as Sam's tongue slid up and down her ass crack. She had never
had anything come close to her ass let alone stimulate it, but Lizzie
contained herself with an excited nervousness as her father's tongue began
to push into her anus.

She was more at ease with the soft tongue in her sphincter with Matt's prick
in it, but now that she looked back on it it felt kind of nice even if was
her hateful little brother. Lizzie's body continued to tremble with passion
and her pussy continued to wet itself and the shoe. Her momentary haze of
excitement was only broken by her father's voice.

"Lizzie honey, does it feel good to have your shoe in your tiny cunt?" Sam

"I... I don't know." Lizzie whimpered knowing full well what the answer was.

"Does it hurt?"

"No." In fact it turned Lizzie on very much.

"Do you love daddy?"

"Of course I do."

"Well what I'm about to do might hurt a little bit, but I promise it'll feel
good real fast."

"Ok daddy."

Lizzie knew what was coming so she kept quiet for the most part when Sam
plunged the other shoe into her asshole. The black leather mary-jane was
definitely bigger than Matt's dick or Sam's tongue, but Lizzie's father was
right. It did hurt at first having her anus stretched like it was, but with
a little relaxing and reassurance from her father Lizzie was able to calm
down and squash the pain as best she could.

Sam was grinning widely as Lizzie had already began to wet herself with just
the shoe in her twat. Now as he started to pump the mary-janes in and out of
her front and backsides she really began to moan loudly her body tingling all
over. Sam's cock throbbed wildly and precum started to dribble down his shaft
as his daughter moaned with pleasure and a sexual heat burned within her

"Oh god daddy! Please do it harder!" Lizzie begged barely able to contain
herself and keep holding her dress.

Lizzie had had no plans to be framed by Kate nor did she have any plans to
have her father thrust her shiny black leather mary-jane shoes in and out
of her cunt and sphincter. All of that did happen though and as much as she
initially hated it and still did she was beginning to enjoy herself her cunt
soaking her shoe in her cream and small bits of her cum dribbling down her

Lizzie's moans got louder and more intense and Sam's dick ached mightily.
His precum was free flowing down his shaft towards his balls. He was starting
to worry her might come before Lizzie did, but his thoughts were shown to be
wrong. With a howling screech Lizzie orgasmed gushing from her twat so much
so that the shoe slid out on it's own. Her legs were extremely wet and sticky
and there was a puddle on the carpet in the living room.

"That's good girl Lizzie. Didn't that feel nice like I told you it would?"
Sam asked smiling as he picked up the mary-jane shoe off the floor and pulled
the other out of her anus.

"Yes daddy it felt so so good! My cunny felt like it was tingling and on fire
the whole time."

"That's good girl I knew that it would. I've got another idea would you like
to try it?"

"Sure daddy!"

"Go to the fridge and get out the chocolate syrup, ranch dressing, mustard,
and ketchup while I clean your shoes."

Like the little girl she was pretending to be Lizzie ran to the kitchen to
get the things Sam asked for. He was still sitting on the floor in the living
room, but was now licking and sucking his daughter's cum from her shoes. Even
the shoe that had sat in her butt and smelled faintly of shit Sam licked
Lizzie's cream from so he could taste her sweet insides. When Lizzie's shoes
were finally only covered in his saliva Sam got up and walked with them to
the kitchen where his daughter sat at the table with the items he requested.
He sat the shoes down on the edge of the table.

"Good girl Lizzie, you got everything I asked for."

"What are we going to do now?"

"Lay on the table."

"Should I lift my dress up again?"

"Not yet sweetie. Just lay there."

"Ok," Lizzie smiled climbing onto and laying on the kitchen table.

First Sam picked up the bottle of chocolate syrup and opening the cap he
squirted two large brown drops onto the section of stocking that covered
Lizzie's feet. Methodically he massaged the chocolate syrup up and down
his daughter's legs working it into the stockings. Sam felt his cock twitch
some more as the white garment turned brown. He the then rubbed his hands
in Lizzie's hair cleaning them of the leftover residue. Lizzie's hair started
to clump together from the sticky substance. Then Sam picked up the bottle
of Ketchup and squirted it into both of Lizzie's hands. He excitedly rubbed
them together until the gloves turned red as well. Sam instructed Lizzie to
run her hands through her hair which she gladly did. Now her hair was sticky
and clumpy form ketchup and chocolate syrup. Last Sam grabbed the mustard
and squirted it all over the front of Lizzie's dress. When there was a nice
thick layer of yellow on it Sam began to glide his hands up and down his
daughter's body working the condiment into the dress. Several times he found
his hands on Lizzie's breasts which he couldn't help but squeeze. Lizzie
moaned softly each time.

Taking his daughter's face in his hands Sam colored it yellow as he pressed
his lips to hers kissing her sensuously. Lizzie surprised them both by not
only returning the kiss as passionately as he gave but by also slipping her
tongue into his mouth. Sam nearly came when his daughter Frenched him, but
somehow managed to hold back though he knew he might not be so lucky next

"What's going on daddy?" Lizzie asked as Sam stood up. "Are you going to use
the ranch dressing now?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to use the chocolate syrup again. I want you to turn
over and now you can pull up your dress."

"Ok daddy!" Lizzie cheerfully complied.

Lizzie's asshole was still stretched and pulsing from having the shoe stuck
in it and as Sam stared at his daughter's ass as it hung in the air he
licked his lips and stroked his raging cock as he picked up the chocolate
syrup. Aiming it into her rectum Sam gave the bottle a slight squeeze and
the chocolate goo started to flow out into his daughter's rectum. It tickled
Lizzie to have the cold substance fill up her bowels and she giggled and
squirmed as it did so.

Then she heard a loud squishing sound and felt her anus fill again as Sam
plunged his cock deep into it. Harder and harder Sam thrust into Lizzie's
syrup filled ass. Somehow having the thick gooey substance inside of her
as Sam fucked her backside made things feel much more exciting. Lizzie was
getting off on it listening and feeling her ass get pummeled and make farting
like noises with each thrust. Nobody knew until now how excited she could
sexually get into things. Lizzie's moans got increasingly loud and passionate
with each penetration and Sam had one last thing he wanted to do so he pulled
out and ordered his daughter back onto her back.

"Can I lick your cock clean?" Lizzie asked with wide eyes as drops of
chocolate fell one by one from Sam's brown dick.

"Not yet honey, but if you would please spread your little pussy open ok?"

Lizzie complied and her eyes widened with excitement when her father picked
up the bottle of ranch dressing. He removed the lid and placed the opening of
the bottle inside Lizzie's twat. She squirmed and giggled again at the repeat
tickling she felt as the dressing bottle emptied inside of her filling her

With a quiet smile Sam shoved his chocolate syrup covered dick into Lizzie's
ranch dressing filled cunt and started fucking her hard. Globs of white and
brown squirted out with each thrust. The table soon turned a mixture of red,
yellow, and brown as Lizzie picked up the condiment bottles one by one and
squirted them onto her chest, arms, and face. She rubbed the goopy mess all
over her body and face as Sam continued to rock her body thrusting harder
and deeper into her gooey cunt with his gooey dick.

Lizzie was lost within herself as she orgasmed still playing with the
ketchup, mustard, and chocolate syrup that covered her body. Sam on the other
had was busy watching his daughter writhe in the mess as he jerked himself
off with her shoes in his free hand. It was a pussy fart that sent a mixture
of ranch dressing and chocolate syrup flying that finally sent Sam over the
edge and covered Lizzie's shiny black patent leather mary-jane shoes with his

"How was I daddy?" Lizzie asked excitedly as she sat up on the table. "Did I
do a good job turning you on with this gooey mess I made?"

"You sure did honey," Sam cooed his daughter.

"Good! I'm so glad I can be a good girl for you," Lizzie replied happy as she
noticed her shoes in Sam's hands. "Is that your cum on my shoes?"

"Yes it is Lizzie."

"I saw you lick my cream of the shoes so let me lick yours off. It's the
proper thing to do."

"Yes it is," Sam smiled as his daughter hungrily licked her mary-janes clean
of his semen. When her shoes were clean Lizzie looked at Sam's cock and her
eyes widened again.

"Mmm. That looks good."

"Would you like to suck my dick clean Lizzie? Get all the ranch dressing and
chocolate syrup off of it that we both enjoyed having inside your body?"

"I would love to daddy!"

Jo smiled from around the kitchen corner as she watched her daughter lick the
tasty treat off of her father's prick. Perhaps Lizzie's punishment would have
unexpected positive effects.

**Monday Day 3 - Jo**

As Lizzie slept through the night she started to have her first really
intense sexual dreams. They were not dreams of her sleeping with Ethan Craft,
or Gordo, or even Miranda. They were flashbacks the last two days she spent
with Matt and her father. They were of Matt fucking her at the breakfast
table while her mom and dad said nothing. They were of her father fucking her
ranch dressing filled pussy with his chocolate covered prick. In each dream
Lizzie saw herself smile and writhe as she orgasmed. The sickening feeling
she felt from Mickey coming in her was self-induced. Lizzie's dreams told
her everything and the most important thing she learned was that she was
thoroughly enjoying her time with her family. The last thing Lizzie could
remember before waking up was her mother gesturing to "come here" with her

Lizzie yawned as she woke and sat in bed. She reached down to scratch an
itch on her leg and felt something wet instead. Looking down between her
legs Lizzie saw that her panties were soaked and feeling around on her bed
she found a wet spot there as well. She faintly smiled laughing to herself
about it and got up grabbing her robe before heading off into the bathroom
where she took a quick shower. As she started to dress in her bedroom the
phone rang and Lizzie had to run to the kitchen wearing only her bra and
panties to answer it since her parents had taken her phone as part of her


"Hey Lizzie it's Miranda. What's up? Where have you been? It's been two days
since I've heard from you."

"Does anybody at school know anything about why I was called to the
principal's office?"

"No not at all. Nobody has a clue, though Kate seemed really happy until she
found out you weren't being kicked out of school. What's going on?"

"Look I really don't want to say anything, because I'm getting off pretty
easy for the crime I didn't commit, but I'm grounded this weekend, and the
three weekends after next. My parents are letting me go to the concert only
because it's a birthday gift and I also have to quit the cheerleading squad."

"That's cool I suppose that you're not getting punished as severely you
should for whatever it was you didn't do. So I guess I'll see you at school
tomorrow then?"

"Yeah I'll be there. I can't wait for next week though. The concert's so
gonna rock!"

"I know Lizzie! The Backstreet Boys are so hot!"

"Oh before I forget I asked my parents if you could still spend the night and
they said they'd think about it, so I probably won't know until the weekend."

"Ah well that's ok I guess. As long as you still can go is all that matters.
I'll talk to you tomorrow then Lizzie."

"Cya Miranda," Lizzie said hanging up the phone after it went dead on
Miranda's side. Still in her underwear Lizzie start to walk back to her room
to finish dressing when the door leading to the garage opened and Jo stumbled
in carrying a large box and coat hanger with something hidden within a bag.

"Oh good Lizzie you're up."

"Sure mom, what's in the bag?"

"Just some clothes I picked up for you today at the mall."

"The mall? What time is it?" Lizzie asked opening up the box.

"It's almost twelve thirty. You must have had a rough day yesterday..."

"I wouldn't necessarily say that, but I was tired for most of yesterday."

Lizzie smiled as if to say "I knew this would happen." Inside the box were
a pair of black patent leather three inch stiletto high heels, pink silk
stockings, and pink satin gloves. On the coat hanger Lizzie found a pink
formal satin ball gown.

"Please go try everything on. I want to see how you look."

"I'll be right back," Lizzie said as she carried everything in the bathroom
and changed.

When Lizzie returned a few minutes later Jo smiled her pussy tingling at the
cute site her daughter was all dressed up.

"So I guess today's my turn to spend time with you, but why all pink?"

"Well your stilettos are black, but you just look so cute all dressed in
pink. Are you going to put on the heels?"

"They're too big for me to walk in. I kept falling when I tried walking from
the bathroom."

"Hmm... Give me a second and I'll give you a hand with those."

Jo walked into the kitchen and searched through the medicine cabinet for
something. While her mother was busy rummaging through the kitchen Lizzie
used the couch to prop herself up while she put on the stilettos. Jo
returned a few minutes later carrying two pills. She took one and swallowed
it and gave the other to Lizzie.

"What is this?" Lizzie asked swallowing the pill.

"A laxative. Your brother likes dogs, your father likes making messes, and I
like a little something different," Jo said with a smile. "Now try walking
towards me."

Slowly Lizzie placed one foot in front of the other taking each step slowly.
She was less than half a foot away from her mother when she tripped over the
heels. Jo caught Lizzie but not before face stopped near her crotch. Helping
her daughter back up Jo grabbed hold of Lizzie's ass as if to get her to
stand right.

"Stand right Lizzie. If you don't you can't walk right," Jo instructed with
her hands still on her daughter's ass softly squeezing it. Lizzie noticed
this, but didn't mind as much as she might have a few days ago "Now slowly
walk forward. This isn't difficult," Jo said giving Lizzie a nice push on
the butt.

Lizzie managed to walk several feet in the stilettos without looking too
awkward. Jo looked on as her daughter walked around in the heels not so much
impressed by her accomplishment, but more by her body now that she stared at

"Lizzie come here for a second," Jo beckoned.

"What is it mom? I can walk pretty good in these now."

"I know your brother wouldn't say anything, but last night did your father
say anything about your body? How nice it is?"

"No, he really didn't say anything about it at all. We did some role

"Oh that's right he's mentioned that before. I know you don't need to hear
this from me, because all the guys at school want you, or they should if
they don't, but you have a really nice body," Jo whispered mostly to herself
as her hands cupped Lizzie's breasts. "Nice young firm tits and a nice butt

"Thanks mom," Lizzie blushed at the compliment as Jo continued to feel up
her chest, "but the guys at school really don't say much to me. Not when
Kate's around."

"They're just too nervous to talk to you," Jo replied almost in an inaudible
whisper. She hadn't planned on getting with Lizzie this early in the day, but
as Jo looked her young ample bodied daughter up and down she couldn't help

It was one thing to kiss her father because he was male Lizzie weakly
rationalized, but her mother was another story. Like her dreams told her
though Lizzie actually enjoyed this time together and kissed her mother
inserting tongue just like she had done with her father. As mother and
daughter French kissed Jo reached down behind Lizzie and pulled her dress
up giving her buttocks a squeeze with her free hand and running her middle
finger between her buttchecks.

Lizzie was caught off guard by her mother's forwardness, but thought nothing
of it opting to remove her panties and bend over giving Jo access to her ass.
Jo grinned and quickly removed her clothing dropping them to the floor next
to her as her hands explored her daughter's ass. Lizzie's hand quickly shot
between her legs to her clit as her mother started to deeply tongue her ass.
Jo became hot and bothered as she watched Lizzie finger her clit occasionally
slipping her middle finger into her snatch. Lizzie groaned as her mother's
tongue started to poke and prod into her puckered asshole.

"Oh my god. You're licking my asshole just like daddy."

"Mmm. Let's see then if I can eat your pussy like he does too," Jo grinned
helping Lizzie up and leading her to the master bedroom. Lizzie climbed onto
the bed and hiked up her dress spreading her legs. "You're a quick learner
Lizzie. I see you've learned a few things from your father."

"I'm just trying my best to please you mom."

"Let's see if you can do this then," Jo smiled excitedly getting into a
sixty-nine position with Lizzie.

With the cute fuzzy mound in front of her Jo eagerly began licking and
sucking away at Lizzie's young twat. She eagerly enjoyed the pleasant smell
and taste of fresh pussy as her tongue dipped in and out of her daughter's
slit. Lizzie had never looked at her mother this way until now, but now she
couldn't help but notice that for a middle-aged person her mother had a nice
body. Somehow she could tell that her parents had more than an active sex
life as she tongued her mother's cunt. Jo didn't have time to work out much,
but she had a pretty firm ass that Lizzie thoroughly enjoyed squeezing as
her hands surveyed every inch of it.

Lizzie was easily excitable and wet herself quickly. Jo was just like that
when she was her daughter's age and she smiled saying nothing as she lapped
up the growing moisture on Lizzie's cuntal lips. Then just as Jo had done to
her earlier Lizzie brought her mother's ass close to her face and began to
lick her anus. Jo smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and lowered her bottom
closer to her face. Lizzie loved Jo and saw her in a new light now. She was
no longer the nagging worrisome parent she once was, but now Lizzie saw her
as the youthful exciting loving parent she now bedded with.

Much like Sam, Jo had a fetish for shoes as well. When looked down at
Lizzie's feet and saw the shiny black leather stiletto heels she had on Jo
couldn't help but switch modes. She climbed off her daughter ordering her to
stay where she was. Then Jo squatted down at the foot of the bed taking a
shoe in each hand. The shiny gloss of the heels turned Jo on and hungrily she
licked them up and down each side.

Lizzie became excited watching her mother tongue her shoes just like her
father had the day before. Then unexpectedly her cunt start to squirt her
girl cum as she watched her mom start to suck off the heels of the shoes.
Lizzie was taken back to Saturday in her backyard where she sucked Matt's
dick as she watched Jo bob her head back and forth over one of the heels
like she was giving it a blowjob. Jo looked up still blowing the heel and
noticed the gleam shinning on Lizzie's legs.

"You know Lizzie," she smiled, "Your father and I share a lot in common with
our personal lives and one day we hope that you will too." Jo took the black
heels off of Lizzie's feet and took a big whiff of them just like Sam did
the day before. "Your father did say your feet were pretty smelly and he was
right. Now it's your turn to use the shoes."

Jo watched as Lizzie took the heels from her and copied her actions. Lizzie
sucked seductively on the toe of the shoes as her mother looked on. Jo
climbed onto the bed laying next to Lizzie. As her daughter licked her tongue
up and down both sides of the shoe Jo started fingering herself turned on by
the sight. Then Lizzie began to suck on the stiletto hills and Jo's pussy
really began to burn. In her mind she could see Lizzie as she sucked Sam's
cock bobbing her head back and forth. Then she'd swallowed her daddy's cum
when he shot his load in her mouth. Lizzie's twat began to wet again and Jo
decided her mouth had had enough. She took the shiny black leather stiletto
hills from her daughter and rolled her onto her side.

"Here mom let me help you with that," Lizzie offered taking one of the three
inch heells from her mother's grasp.

Lizzie inserted the hill of the shoe into vagina and began pumping it in and
out as her mother did the same to her ass. It wouldn't take long for Lizzie's
body to return to pre-orgasm state as she was being dp'ed by the stiletto
heels. As the heel went deeper and harder into Lizzie's anus Jo noticed that
each time she pulled it out it had more and more shit on it. Then suddenly
the laxative hit her. She pulled the shoe from her daughter's rectum and
turned her back onto her back.

"Lizzie honey here's what the laxatives are for. You've heard of scat right?"

"Yes I have mother." Besides bestiality it was the one aspect of this weekend
she didn't care for either way, but she played long to make her mother happy.

"Good then. You don't have to do anything except what I say." Jo squatted
over Lizzie's face and two long turds slowly inched their way out of her ass.
They smacked Lizzie hard in the face before rolling down and falling on her
chest. "Eat this," Jo said handing her daughter one of the two pieces of

As Lizzie slowly ate the brown log one bite at a time Jo took the second one
and broke it into several pieces placing them on various spots on Lizzie's
chest. She then looked up at her daughter who finished off the entire turd
and had a big brown ring around her lips.

"So how did it taste?" Jo asked as she smashed and ground her leftover shit
into Lizzie's dress.

"It was dirty and stinky, but it tasted a bit like peanut. It wasn't my
favorite thing to eat, but I love you mom and will do anything for you. You
can even wipe your ditty hands in my hair to clean them." Without another
word of encouragement from Lizzie Jo gladly wiped her shit ridden hands in
her daughter's hair turning it from golden blond to brown.

"Now your hair is the same color as your father's," Jo said happily as she
watched Lizzie. Suddenly the look on her daughter's face turned to that of

"Mom, my butt hurts I need to shit too."

"Just hold it Lizzie until I get back."

"I'll try."

Lizzie squeezed her buttcheeks together hard like her mother asked, but it
was hurting more with each passing second. A few minutes later Jo returned
with a bucket and glass and set the bucket on the ground.

"I want you to shit in the bucket then lay back down on the bed."

Lizzie was barely able to make it to the bucket in time before her asshole
blew open spraying liquid and solid feces inside. The butt flapping and
farting noises were loud and something Lizzie had only heard whenever she
had diarrhea. After several minutes of emptying herself out Lizzie finished
and returned to the bed hiking her skirt up once more.

Jo then looked into the bucket and saw she has more than enough shit for what
she wanted to do. Reaching inside she pulled out a medium sized brown log and
walked back to the bed. There Lizzie willingly let her mother insert it into
her pussy stuffing and pushing as needed to get it all inside of her. Jo then
returned to the bucket filling the glass up with the brown liquid and sitting
on the McGuire parents' dresser. She took the other two shit sticks out and
smashed them into Lizzie's already stained dress. With a handful in each hand
Jo smeared the shit all over the stockings and gloves Lizzie wore. Then with
the last bit of shit Jo washed Lizzie's face and hair with it until her
daughter was a human pile of feces.

"I love you," Lizzie and Jo said simultaneously smiling at each other.

They kissed and Jo got a bit of crap on her lip which she quickly licked up
and swallowed. She retrieved the brown filled glass from the dresser drawer
and gave it to Lizzie. Without a word Lizzie readily drank the diarrhea from
the glass. She smiled as she swallowed down the last drop and handed the
empty utensil back to her mother. Suddenly discomfort struck Lizzie again
and without warning she vomitted all over her parents' bed covering it in
her bile and thrown up feces. Jo sat down next to her daughter as she coughed
and regained her composure.

"It's alright Lizzie," Jo reassured her, "Nobody keeps it down first time."

**Friday Day 4 - Family**

Lizzie's week at school went along uneventfully. She of course did not
mention nor even hint at anything that had happened over the weekend. Though
by the time the shortened week neared it's end Lizzie had come to accept the
punishment she was given for the crime she didn't commit. It was a moot point
really, as Lizzie had learned something about family and it's values or about
the McGuire family anyway. She had become as close to her parents as one
could have and she had even come to tolerate Matt and all of his antics.

So as the weekend neared she was saddened by the get togethers she would no
longer have with her parents and brother. How could they do it again? Yes
Lizzie enjoyed the time she spent with her family, but this was a one time
deal where her mom and dad got a rare opportunity to try things they wouldn't
normally have been able to. Wasn't it?

Lizzie was delightfully surprised when she was picked up from school Friday
afternoon during lunch by her parents. Her eyes lit up when she stepped into
the van and saw Matt sitting in the back with a large box and a large purple
party dress with a fold over collar, large puffy sleeves with tight armholes
that rested right above the elbows, and a very open and loose bottom that
easily blew around in the wind hung on one of the van's laundry hooks.

"Where are we going?" Lizzie squealed in delight as she got in the vehicle.

"We're having a family get together, before you go to the concert tomorrow.
This will be the only free time we have to do this for a long time," Sam

"Your cousin Eric agreed to let us use his horse to go riding with on his
ranch, but we're still on a tight schedule so please change now while we
drive out there," Jo added.

Lizzie eagerly changed clothes leaving her panties off as she changed into
the purple dress. Inside the box she found white stockings, shiny and glossy
white patent leather mary-janes, and a large glass. Lizzie handed the glass
to her mother when she finished dressing.

"You look just so adorable honey," Jo babyed Lizzie stroking her ego.
"Doesn't she look nice Matt?"

"Eh, she looks alright."

"I do it for you and dad anyway. Matt's a big dork."

"Now now you two. Let's not fight," Sam scolded. "We've got a good day
planned ahead of us."

Twenty minutes later on the outskirts of town the McGuire's pulled into
Eric's ranch. Eric had several horses but his wasn't the one Sam and Jo were
looking for. Standing by itself in the corner of the field grazing under a
tree they found the horse they were looking for. While they walked with
Lizzie towards the horse Jo and Sam sent Matt to do what he does best.

Once near the horse Jo walked Lizzie to it's underside and showed her what
to do. Jo took hold of the horse's flaccid deflated penis and softly caressed
it kissing it along it's shaft. Lizzie watched in amazement as the animal's
prick started to grow. Jo kept stroking the horse up and down it's long
shaft, but now she began to lick it as well. Lizzie became amazed and turned
on as her mother ran her tongue up and down the horse cock making it grow
larger and larger. The Jo opened her mouth wide and took the bulbous horse
head into her mouth her lips wrapping firmly around the tip of the shaft.
Lizzie reached under her dress and started to finger herself as her mother's
head bobbed back and forth on the horse penis.

"Hey, I'm back," Matt announced with his mother's glass full of insects. "No
fair you started without me!"

"No we haven't. Your mother is just showing Lizzie what to do."

"Oh, ok."

"But since you're back we're can began. Jo, Lizzie! Come here please! We can
start now!"

"What's first?" Lizzie asked as she and her mother joined Sam and Matt.

"Well the three of us got together last weekend and worked on what our little
get together today should be. We all added something to this trip, and Matt's
decided he wants to stuff you with live insects," Jo explained.

"Oh, ok, I guess," Lizzie agreed unemotionally to the odd request.

Jo and Sam pulled up Lizzie's dress and waited as Matt pulled the first few
insects from the glass which were ants. Lizzie spread her pussy open while
Matt held his hand near her cunt. It took a few moments, but the half dozen
or so ants marched their way into Lizzie's slit. Then Matt took four or five
beetles from the glass and since they were bigger he was able to grip them
and push them inside Lizzie. Lastly he had his sister bend over and spread
her ass cheeks apart. With Lizzie's puckered asshole open he dropped several
small worms inside. Lizzie was not an insect fan and it was gross to have
insects crawling around the inside of her anus and pussy, but she made the
best of it wanting to be a team player.

"So how does it feel to have insects crawling around your insides?" Sam

"I don't know. It feels kinda gross and weird, but it's not too bad I guess."

"Now for my part of the outing I decided it was time you learned how too keep
yourself busy on a ranch when there's not much too do," Jo said. "Now do as I
showed you. It's easy."

Lizzie walked back to the horse and climbed back under it this time by
herself. It's cock had deflated down to eight inches which wasn't much
smaller than the size of her dad's prick when it was erect. Lizzie
followed her mother's lead gently stroking the animal's shaft kissing
it at various points along the way. She watched in wide eyed amazement
as the horse cock started growing more rapidly. Eight, ten, twelve
inches the horse grew with no end in sight. Lizzie quickly went to the
next step and wrapped her lips around the cockhead of the horse trying
to bob her tiny head back and forth over the beastly member.

Sam and Jo watched proudly with tears in their eyes as their daughter
expertly sucked off a horse. Matt stood nearby jerking off as he watched
Lizzie. Her eyes started to bulge with each thrust the animal made into her
mouth, but she kept persistent and kept going. When Lizzie looked to be ready
Sam emptied the left over bugs out of Jo's glass and walked to Lizzie and the
horse's side setting the glass down on the ground several feet away.

"Lizzie honey, I know we've said this before, but your mother and I are very
proud of you. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, but right now
I can proudly say you've grown into a real woman. You're getting close to my
part of this so I thought I'd tell you now. First I need you to get on all
fours and stick your beautiful ass into the air. Then hike up your dress."

Lizzie did as she was told and Sam instructed her to slowly back up while
he held the horse's prick in his hand and guided it towards her twat. A
connection was quickly made between human and cock and Sam let go walking

"Now when the horse starts to pound himself into you watch your mother, Matt,
and I. We'll be doing our own thing and I want you to watch us prepare Matt
for the future. Oh and one last thing. When you finally fill with horse semen
and it starts to leak out I want you to clamp your pussy together holding it
in and take the rest of the shots on our face. You'll get around to releasing
the cum into the glass but that's later."

Slowly Sam stripped free of his clothing as he rejoined Jo and Matt who had
found a soft piece of land and were already nude. Matt was enthusiastically
eating his mother's pussy as she encouraged him. First Lizzie and now Matt.
Finally Jo had been able to experience the feeling of their young tongues
licking away at the outside and inside of her twat.

Sam sat down on the grass positioning himself so he could watch Lizzie as the
horse reamed her and received head from Jo at the same time. Matt joined Sam
sitting down next to him so he too could watch Lizzie. Jo began licking her
son's cock as she jerked off Sam. The McGuire males watched Lizzie
enthusiastically as she screamed with every inch the horse jammed into her
cunt. Lizzie didn't know how big it was but even though it felt like it was
two feet long Lizzie never gave in and took the horse all the way into her

Switching between suck and jerking Jo had managed to get her husband and son
fully erect. If she could get this much enjoyment from Lizzie then maybe she
could too with Matt. Jo whispered something into Sam's ear and he nodded his
head in agreement. Lizzie's mouth dropped to ground and she temporarily
forgot about the horse dick being rammed into her pussy when she saw Matt
start to give head to his father.

Matt had masturbated many times before and loved the feel of his penis in his
hand, but always wondered what it felt like in his mouth. Now he knew as his
head slid up and down over Sam's cock his lips applying a nice pressure. Sam
felt his shaft start to throb and knew wasn't the time to teach Matt just
yet. He started to signal for Jo to get Matt of dick, but their activities
were interrupted by Lizzie's earth shattering screams.

Wildly the horse was thrusting into her pussy nearly lifting her off the
ground. Her screams weren't of fear or pain though. They were of orgasm as
her girl cum squirted all over animal's member. The horse whinnied and bucked
several times nearly throwing Lizzie off it's dick as it came. Load after
load of it's semen flowed into Lizzie's belly and she was filling up fast.
Following her dad's instructions she climbed off the horse dick closing
herself shut and turning in time to take six large blasts to the face. The
ocean of horse jizz flowed from her face and down her neck towards the dress
she was wearing. When it was finished the horse trotted around a bit before
taking back to it's place near the tree. Lizzie's party dress was soaked and
stained beyond repair.

Matt returned to sucking his father's cock while watching as Lizzie squirted
the horse cum from her pussy into the glass before taking several drinks to
finish it off. Sam again went to move Matt away saying he wasn't ready, but
his son had other ideas.

"Please let me dad, you went all the way with Lizzie," Matt pleaded bring his
head up long enough to make the statement. Sam looked at Jo who only shrugged
her shoulders.

"Let him if he wants to," She said.

With that it was no longer an issue and Sam sat still on the grass as Matt
bent over his lap and sucked him off. Matt seemed ready at an earlier age
than Lizzie to become an adult so Jo climbed underneath him and took his
tiny prick in her mouth. Lizzie sat down on the grass a few feet from her
family and wiped her face clean with her hand as she watched her brother
suck off her father and her mother suck off her brother.

It took a bit longer for everyone to get off since this wasn't planned and
not something they had all been looking forward to. Lizzie bit her lip to
keep from laughing at Matt's knee-jerk reaction from the size of Sam's first
shot into his mouth. His father's subsequent cumshots nailed him in the face
and Matt temporarily freaked out not being ready. Jo was way more experienced
and easily took Matt's shots into her motuh. She laughed and smiled as she
playfully blew cum bubbles with Matt's cream.

* * *

As the McGuires pulled into their driveway there was newness in the air about
their house. Lizzie had a new understanding and fondness for her parents and
brother and Matt was getting closer to the day when he became a man. Lizzie
finished out her punishment with no problem and thoroughly enjoyed the
concert with Miranda. Kate and Claire were still up to their old ways, but
quickly got frustrated when Lizzie no longer had the reactions they were
accustomed to her having. She had better and more important things to deal


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