Nonstandard Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, furthermore it is a work
of fiction about fictional characters. If you are genuinely capable of
getting upset about this, I suggest you got get help. Now.

Codes: ff, m-mast, first, oral, reluc, voyeur

Lizzie McGuire: Miranda Takes Charge: Part 1
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Lizzie and her friend Miranda Sanchez were in the girl's locker room in their
school. They had just finished helping their mutual friend Gordo film a dance
video as part of a school project which is why they hadn't gotten in trouble
for dancing through the empty hallways and why they were here on a Saturday.

"You know, you were really hot out there," Lizzie said and knew, as soon as
she said it, how wrong that sounded but she felt that Miranda needed to here
it. She'd been having serious self esteem issues recently and not eating.
She'd finally come clean about it to Lizzie and Gordo but they both still

"How hot?" the other girl asked. Lizzie's head had been enshrouded in her
top. Now she finished taking it off and looked at her friend who was already
down to her bra and panties. She had to admit that of the two, Miranda was
definitely the more "mature" looking. Both girls were developing curves but
Miranda's were, well...curvier. While they were both technically B cups it
wasn't hard to tell that Lizzie had only recently crossed over from the A's
while Miranda was starting to edge into C territory.

"Um, very." She could feel her face turning bright red as she said it and
decided to change the subject by turning the tables on her friend.

"Sooo, was *I* hot?" That closed Miranda's mouth so fast Lizzie heard her
teeth click together. In fact her mouth was so closed that her lips had been
sucked inside.

"Well?" Miranda shook her head fiercely.

"I'm not!?!" she said, more hurt than she had thought she would be.

Miranda, evidently having forgotten how to talk, shook her head again, even
more fiercely, then nodded, then in an obvious show of confusion started
moving her head in every possible direction until Lizzie thought that it
might tear off her head and go bouncing around the room.

"Talk, darn it! Don't make me tickle you!"

That brought Miranda to a complete and total stop, her brown eyes wide with
fear. Lizzie knew that she was so ticklish that you didn't even have to touch
her to make her giggle helplessly, making tickling motions in her direction
was enough. Which was exactly what Lizzie proceeded to do. Miranda of course
had no choice but to collapse on the floor giggling. Lizzie then made the
mistake of getting close enough to actually tickle her friends ribs which
gave Miranda the opportunity to reply in kind and soon the two girls were
rolling around the floor wrestling and giggling.

Surprisingly it was "tough girl" Miranda who wound up pinned to the floor
with goody-two-shoes Lizzy on top, her hands holding the other girl's wrists
to the tiled floor, her knees pinning her smooth, dark thighs.

"So am I hot?" Lizzie asked grinning.

"Very," Miranda said, her voice gone husky and staring at Lizzie's face with
an intensity that made the young blond nervous and excited at the same time.
before she could think she found her face lowering towards her friend andtil
their lips were almost touching then stopped herself.

'What am I doing!?!' she thought in a panic then pushed herself off her
friend and stood up. To her surprise Miranda acted as if nothing had
happened. Which it hadn't! Almost. Instead after slowly getting to her
feet she lifted her arm and sniffed exageratedly.

"Huh. I think maybe we should hit the showers before meeting Gordo."

Lizzie hesitated before answering. On the one hand Miranda was right, after
the dance session and their impromptu wrestling match they were both more
than a little ripe. On the other hand being naked in a shower with an equally
naked Miranda was the last thing she wanted right now. Wasn't it?

"Okay," she finally said. "But let's make it quick. Gordo must be wondering
what's keeping us."

* * *

In fact, Gordo wasn't wondering at all. He *had* wondered what had been
keeping them and had come to check on them and almost walked in on their
wrestling match. He knew he should have turned around right away but the
sight of that much half-naked, sweaty girl flesh writhing away on the
floor had paralyzed him, though not enough to keep him from turning on
the camcorder he was carrying and aiming it their way.

Now, as his friends finished disrobing and went into the showers he knew he
should leave not only because it was the right thing to do but because if
the girls caught him they would chop, dice, mince and grill him then eat him
with onion rings. The they'd tell his parents wh would *really* get nasty.
Unfortunately he was an adolescent male which meant that when it came to
girls, especially naked ones showering together, all his thinking was done
by his penis. He moved stiffly, zombielike towards the showers feeling as if
he had a full body erection.

* * *

Lizzie wished her eyes would stay on the wall in front of her, or to her
left or even behind her. Anywhere except to the right where Miranda was. But
that's where they kept going. There was just something about the sight of
streams and beads of water running over her friend's body that drew her eyes
like a magnet. And she knew that when she wasn't watching Miranda that
Miranda was watching her. She could feel the pressure of her eyes. The
thought of it made her nipples harden although she told herself it was the
water pouring on her breasts that did it.

She was so caught up in her thoughts and in trying to stare straight ahead
that she didn't hear the footsteps behind her until soft hands started
rubbing her back.

She spun around and was instantly aware of how close Miranda's naked body
was, especially her breasts, which were almost touching her own.


"I just'd like...some help...with your back," the olive skinned
girl said weakly, her eyes roaming over Lizzie's body with obvious hunger.
Her eyes focused finally on Lizzie's erect, pink nipples. "Would you like
help with your front?" she said in a voice that made Lizzie's skin go all

"I...I..." Whatever she was going to say was stopped by Miranda's open mouth
coming down on hers. Her surrender to the feelings welling up in her was
swift and total. Her hands ran up and down Miranda's back even as the other
girl's lips moved down her neck then back up to her lips. When they broke off
it was only to explore each other's tits with their hands.

In a final gasp of denial Lizzie said, "I'm not...I mean...I don't..." Her
words were made meaningless by the fact that at the same time she was saying
them her hands were stroking and plucking at Miranda's smooth, brown flesh.

"Lizzie, does this feel wrong?" asked Miranda as she pinched a delicate
nipple between her fingers. "or this," as she licked slowly between her
friends developing tits. "Or this?" and with that she made her final
argument by sliding a finger into the petite blond's pussy.

"Unh!" grunted Lizzie as her head snapped buack and her knees buckled sending
her to the floor and Miranda along with her.

They had barely hit the floor when Miranda, who had dreamed of something like
this for over a year now, straddled her friend's adolescent crotch and began
frenziedly rubbing her peach-fuzzed cunt against Lizzie's even more sparsely
furred twat. The other girl's reaction was nearly epileptic as waves of
pleasure, each greater than the last, washed through her.

"Oh fuck, Miranda! fuck me, yes ohhhyessssss!"

When Miranda's own orgasm hit her eyes rolled up in her head, her mouth
dropped open and her tongue drooped out of one corner. Despite the fact
that her friend looked like a mindless idiot Lizzie thought she'd never
seen anything quite so beautiful. When she came out of her climactic
trance the Hispanic nymphet fell forward, barely catching herself on her
forearms before collapsing onto Lizzie.

The two girls stared deeply into each others eyes and then Miranda whispered,
"I love you Lizzie."

Lizzie wasn't sure what she felt but she had to admit that she'd never felt
better, besides she certainly didn't want to hurt her best friend's feelings
so she answered in a not-quite-lie, "I love you too, Miranda."

* * *

During all this time Gordo had been watching from around a corner. Watching,
filming and jerking off with a fervor and urgency he'd never felt before in
his life. He had felt dangerously exposed but he could have been standing
right over his two friends and they wouldn't have noticed even if he'd cum
all over their bodies, which in his imagination he had. Now, having come at
the same time as Miranda, he did up his pants and snuck off, his head filled
with both guilt and lust.


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