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twisted purposes. BWAH-HA-HA!!!

Lizzie McGuire: One Hot Mama Part 1 - Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
by Dr. Blasphemy ([email protected])

It was a hot, sunny, summer Saturday afternoon at the McGuire household.
Jo was all alone while the rest of her family were out together enjoying a
baseball game. She was happy her ever so busy husband Sam finally got some
time away from work to spend time with their children. Going to sporting
events didn't really interest her, so she passed on the offer, which was
all for the best since it finally gave her a chance to have a little "me
time" and relax sunbathing on the patio outside and catch up on her
romantic novels along with giving her husband a nice sexy surprise.

Jo emerged from the house through the sliding patio door into the enclosed
backyard dressed in a very skimpy pink bikini she bored from her young
teen daughter Lizzie, since she didn't own one, along with a big beach towel
and other needed nick nacks. The bikini rode a bit tight in the crotch going
up her crack and forming a nice camel toe, which she would have felt
embarrassed about if anybody actually saw her. She proceeded to place the
towel on the long patio recliner before finally moving to the tanning lotion.
Squeezing out a small amount into her palm she rubbed the liquid into her
pale flesh. Her hands moved all over her body covering her small yet firm
breasts, taut stomach and luscious legs in the protective oil. Now fully
prepared Jo laid back into position and opened up her novel to where she last
left off.

Before long Jo hit a juicy part where the stereotypical stud bedded the sexy,
young, innocent, but just as wanting, damsel. The book was so hot and heavy
her pussy started to tingle in excitement and become damp. Fully engrossed,
her free hand unconsciously moved down slipping into her bikini bottoms to
play with her aroused clit. The more she read on the more she began to mimic
the action inserting two fingers deep into her wet hole thrusting them in and
out. The external stimulation soon became too much for her and she gave up on
reading the novel altogether disguarding it and closed her eyes fantasizing
that she was the one getting ravaged by the long haired, well hung, super
hunk as she fondled her tits freeing them from behind the skimpy material.
Her dark pink, gum drop, erect nipples stood out proud as her digits tweaked
and pulled them.

Jo moaned out softly as she felt her orgasm coming with her now plowing four
fingers into herself. With it just milli-seconds away her body began the
tense for one of the largest explosions of her life when she suddenly heard
a loud "SNAP!" She panicked and immediately covered herself with the towel
and called out, "Who's there?!?"

There was no response.

"I heard you. Come out now or I'm calling the police!"

Slowly from behind a bush Gordo stood up to reveal him holding his ever
present video camera in hand.

Jo was fuming. Not only for the fact that he was being a peeping tom and
filming it, but that she missed out on what could have been the orgasm of a
lifetime. "David Gordon, get your ass over here right now!!!" she roared.

He did as he was commanded and before he knew it she took away the camera
and grabbed him by the ear and led him into the house.

"David, what do you think you're doing filming me?" she spat.

Just like every child that gets busted, he gave out the standard response,
"I don't know."

"Oh, is that so. Maybe you'll have an explanation when I call you parents,"
she countered as she picked up the phone and began dialing.

"Mrs. McGuire, no! Anything, but that! They'll kill me!" he pleaded.

Jo didn't know what it was seeing the cute boy in tears. It could have been
her motherly heart that made her pity him, that made her hang up the phone.
She knew David had to be punished for what he did, but how. Then just like
that, a naughty thought popped into her head causing her to grin. "David,"
she said sternly getting his full attention, "you know I can't let you leave
without properly punishing you, right?" Gordo nodded. "Good, and since you're
not my child for me to spank, not to mention too old for that, I have come up
with something that will hopefully teach you a lesson to never spy on me or
anybody else again. Would you care to guess what it is?"

"Umm... wash all your windows?" Gordo answered weakly wiping his face.

"No," Jo said with a chuckle, since you've already seen me half naked
masturbating, your punishment is to finish me off." She punctuated this by
untying her towel and letting it fall to the floor to give the teen an
unhampered view of her tits.

Gordo stood there mesmerized at the sight before him. "Wh-what?!? How am I
gonna to do that?" he stammered.

"By getting down on your knees and eating me out," she replied back as she
let the bikini bottoms slip down her hips to the pile below exposing her wet,
hairy, blonde pussy. "You've tasted pussy, haven't you."

Gordo shook his head.

"Well, then you're in for a treat." She then inserted two fingers into her
hole to recover them in her juices and held them out to him. "Taste!" she

Gordo complied, opening his mouth and inserting them inside to taste them.

"Taste good?"

Gordo nodded still while his mouth remain full sucking on the older woman's
heavenly nectar.

"Then come and get more," Jo said with a wink.

Jo then walked away with camera in hand and went upstairs. Gordo immediately
followed her as he saw her discard the bikini top on the way up and enter her
bedroom. By the time he caught up with her Jo was already lying on the bed
with the video camera pointing right at him, which caused him to stop in his

"Come on, David, don't get shy on me now," Jo teased. "How about you getting
out of those clothes and join me?"

He hesitated for a second before thinking to himself, -Fuck it!- and quickly
started to strip himself of his clothing attire.

Jo zoomed in with the camera getting a close-up shot on his crotch when he
was down to just his briefs to show off his raging hard-on. She moved her eye
sight away from the LCD screen to make sure what she was seeing was true. To
her delight it was. Little David Gordon was indeed packing. By her estimates
he was well above average reaching about 8 inches, but that wasn't the
topper. An unsure and nervous Gordo finally pulled down his underwear making
her let out a low gasp. Not only was it big, it was also quite thick. -I got
to have me some of that magnificent cock,- she thought lustfully licking her
lips. Spreading her legs high with a playful wide V Jo gave Gordo an
unobstructed view of her pussy before saying, "Ok, David, it's time for your
punishment. Get to licking."

Gordo did as she commanded and got on the bed bringing his head within inches
of his bestfriend's mother's cunt. Never being this close to a woman's pussy
before he was a little apprehensive of burying his face inside her fur lined,
juicy hole. His nostrils flared as his nose was overwhelmed by it's musky
scent. Feeling he still needed a bit a coaxing Jo moved her free hand down
and parted her meaty nether lips inviting the teen's tongue into her silky,
glistening pink.

Being this close to the source he couldn't back out now. Gordo stuck out his
tongue and grazed the surface of the older woman's flesh causing her to coo
and shiver in pleasure. The taste was even better coming straight from the
tap. With all worries aside the boy smothered his mouth over her pussy
licking with renewed exuberance. His unbridled approach made up for his lack
of experience as he went for it like an animal driving Jo wild.

"That's it. Make me cum," she encouraged as she fingered her clit at a
blurring pace.

Gordo's face was covered in the never ending fountain of her cuntal fluids
and to Jo's surprise already felt like she was close to popping. Furthermore
with how the teen went headlong into it, it didn't really seem like she was
chastising him, but rewarding him. So to prolong the action to actually make
it feel as though she was punishing him she pushed his head way mere seconds
away for climaxing.

"Ok, now for phase two. Tongue my asshole while fingering my pussy," she
ordered and she repositioned herself on all fours with ass arched up high
while aiming the camera between her legs as best she could.

"Eww!" Gordo said in reaction. Eating pussy was one thing, but ass was
something completely different.

"Oh, come now! Your mouth was only just an inch away from it a moment ago
and you didn't think much about it then," Jo countered as she wagged her
butt doing her best to entice him.

Gordo couldn't argue around that logic. Reluctantly he brought his face up
between her cheeks and probed the anus while inserting a finger slowly into
her pussy going deep all the way up to the third knuckle before beginning
to piston it in and out. He then stuck out his tongue and did a test lap
across her cornhole. Lucky for Gordo Jo's flowing juices had laced her crack
to somewhat hide the taste of her stink. Tasting nothing gross he pressed
his out stretched tongue into her tight sphincter.

"Oh God, yes! Tongue fuck my ass!" Jo cried out in pleasure before begging,
"More fingers!!! Fill my pussy!"

Gordo did so slowly adding more digits between thrusts until he was finally
shovelling all four fingers inside her making nasty wet squelching sounds. As
his hand pumped into Jo's pussy and tongue roamed her anus, he just couldn't
believe he was really touching the place where his best friend Lizzie
originated. The whole situation was mind blowing and exciting to the point
his cock was aching for attention and would definitely shoot from even the
slightest touch.

Jo was easily being driven over the edge by the boy's dual assault. His hand
thrusts perfectly rubbed against her g-spot as his magic tongue worked over
her asshole taking her closer and closer to total bliss. She repeatedly
began to moan out in pleasure feeling her climax starting to build until her
body finally couldn't take it anymore. Her body spasmed wildly as her juices
erupted from around Gordo's fingers like a geyser squirting all over his
mouth and chest. For a brief second he panicked thinking it was piss and
responded by pulling his hand and face away, but the taste only confirmed it
was only more of her sweet nectar. All he could do was get his camera out of
the danger zone of her squirts before it got damaged and record her rolling
around on the bed like a cat high on the nip.

For almost a minute Jo's body convulsed before it finally ended it's joyride.
Coming back to her senses she looked at Gordo and said, "David, you were
fantastic. Much better than I was expecting. Are you sure you've never been
with a girl before?"

"Yes," he responded.

Jo could see that his cock was still rock hard and mostlikely hurting begging
for release. "Since you've taken your punishment so well, it would be cruel
of me to leave you in your present condition. Let me give you some relief,"
she said moving from off the bed to perch herself kneeling on the floor in
between the sitting Gordo's legs.

She grabbed a hold of his thick prick, which was burning hot to the touch,
at the base not quite being able to wrap her fingers completely around it.
Jo decided to punish him a bit more by only licking his big beautiful cock
giving it a nice tongue bath causing him to gasp from the feeling. She
then lifted back his tool to work on his large, but still hairless, balls
juggling them before finally sucking one and then the other past her lips
into her wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around each orb like a snake trying
to wrap it's body around it's prey.

Popping his nuts out she moved on to the main course and inhaled his cock
all the way to the back of her throat in one slick motion. Her lips wrapped
around it's girth stretching them wide. Jo's head proceeded to bob up and
down using full powerful strokes going from tip to as much as she could
stuff in her mouth. Then if that wasn't enough for poor Gordo, she moved
her hand away from the base of his cock and force fed the last few inches
it was blocking down her throat to rest her nose against his pelvis. She
held it there for about a minute looking up at him and into the camera while
massaging his prick with her neck muscles before releasing it with a deep

"David, fuck my mouth!" Jo commanded as she got back up on the bed and into
position with her laying on her back with her head hanging off the edge.

Gordo kneeled before her and aimed his cock at her oral opening before he
insert it balls deep in one swift motion. Placing the camera on her chest
pointed toward him he pawed Jo's tits in each hand for stability squeezing
them as she in turn used her's to latch onto his butt cheeks. He pounded
her mouth seeing her bulging neck accommodate his mass as his balls
repeatedly slapped her face. Drool uncontrollably poured out from Jo's
lips from Gordo's rhythmic motions giving herself a dripping salival mask.

"I'm about to shoot!" Gordo warned still working away.

Jo immediately made him withdraw from her mouth. Wiping away the excess
slobber off her face she said, "Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your spunk."
Still facing upside down she grabbed the teen's slick wet cock and began to
jerk him off, which gave him time to pick up the camera and point it at her
head. Within seconds his prick erupted with volley after volley of jizz into
Jo's already waiting wide open mouth white washing the back of her throat
with his hot chunky seed. With Gordo being so backed up he easily filled her
mouth full with cum forcing her to swallow it in one big gulp.

As his last few spurts landed on her cheek and chin, Jo let go of her grip
from his now receding cock. She then with a smile got up and kissed Gordo
full on the lips and sticking her tongue into his mouth and felt something
slimy pour into it. His eye opened wide when he figured out what it was. She
fed him his own cum! Feeling sick he pulled away from her and gagged at the
horrible prank. The look of disgust on his face was priceless, so Jo couldn't
help but laugh as she licked her cum covered fingers.

to be continued...


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