Setting: Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo were eating lunch on Friday planning for
what to do for the weekend.

Lizzie McGuire: Poker Night Fun Part 1 (mmfff)
by RoadDogg ([email protected])

Miranda: Lizzie what should we do this weekend I don't want to stay home.

Lizzie: I don't know you guys want to go to the movies, and then the mall.

Gordo and Miranda: NOOOO!

Lizzie: Calm down guys what is wrong with doing that.

Gordo: We do it every weekend; I'm so bored of doing this.

Miranda: Yeah Liz think about something else to do.

Lizzie: I don't really know Gordo do you have any ideas.

Gordo: Well my dad plays poker sometimes we could do that for fun.

Girls Huddle together and whisper to each other.

Lizzie: ok Gordo will do it, let's play at my house my parents and Matt are
going to be out so we won't be bugged.

Gordo: Great what time.

Lizzie: 7:30 guys ok.

Gordo and Miranda: Ok that's cool.

* * *

Later in the day Lizzie and Miranda were walking down the hall and talking
about Saturday night when they bumped into Ethan Craft. Ethan Craft is not
the sharpest axe in the shed, but Lizzie and Miranda both would do anything
to fuck him.

Ethan: Hey Ladies.

Lizzie: Hi Ethan, what's up?

Ethan: Nothing just going to class, what about you?

Miranda: Nothing talking about what Gordo and we are doing.

Ethan: What you guys going to do.

Lizzie: Eere going to play poker.

Miranda: Yeah Ethan you want to come.

Ethan: Sure can I bring a friend.

Lizzie is think its going to be another cute guy so she say yes.

* * *

The next day Lizzie parents left and Matt was gone too, so Lizzie set up a
table, and some chip and got some soda. Around 7:30 Gordo and Miranda showed
up, and Ethan soon followed with a surprise. The door bell rings and Gordo
opens the door.

Ethan: Hey Gordon where's the ladies?

Lizzie: Were in here Ethan, I thought you were bringing a friend.

Ethan: Oh she will be here soon.

Miranda: She, It's a girl?

Ethan: Yeah is that a problem guys.

Lizzie and Miranda: Nah just thought it was going to be a guy.

The door bell rings.

Ethan: That must be her; we can finally get this game started.

Lizzie opens the door and gets shock of a life time when it was Kate Saunders
at the door. Kate was Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda friend until she got boobs
and started hanging with the popular crowd.

Kate: Out of my way McGuire. Kate runs into Lizzie shoulders.

Lizzie: Kate why are you here.

Kate: Ethan invited me.

Lizzie: Fine come in and let's get started.

After everyone sat in and played a few hands they realized there not all rich
and don't have a lot of Money for 15 year olds with out jobs.

Gordo: Anyone bored besides me, we don't have a lot of money we need some
higher stakes.

Kate: Yeah McGuire, me and Ethan are going leave if this doesn't get better.

Ethan: Hey what that thing that happens when you think of something?

Miranda: An idea?

Ethan: Yeah that's it, I know what we can do how about we play some strip
poker ladies?

Gordo: Yeah that would really raise the stakes.

Lizzie and Miranda both have a shocked look on there face.

Kate: I'll play. I don't care.

Lizzie is thinking to herself and decides it could be her only chance to see
Ethan naked.

Lizzie: Ok I'm in, what about you Miranda.

Miranda didn't want to be left out and was put on the spot so she says yes.

Gordo: Ok lowest loses, deal guys?

Everyone: Deal.

Ethan deals out the cards and everyone looks at there cards, and after that
Miranda lost the first hand.

Ethan: Ok Miranda lets see what you got.

As Miranda removes her red tank top, exposing a baby blue bra. Miranda's face
started to get red, Ethan and Gordo both have there eyes locked on her 36C

Lizzie: Ok let's keep going, I will deal. As Lizzie deals and this hand Gordo
got the bad hand, the girls look waiting to see something other than some
boobs, Gordo says alright as he removes his t-shirt.

Kate: Ok McGuire let me deal.

As she hands out the cards; her eyes start to get locked on Gordo with out
his shirt on, she start to get a little wet. This hand Kate lost, Kate stood
up and yelled.

Kate: Fuck I don't want to get naked; you people don't deserve to see my
beautiful body.

Lizzie: No you agree so just do it damn sometimes you are such a bitch.

Kate: Fine, I will only because Ethan is here.

After this she unzipped her Jean mini Skirt and slid it down to expose her
green yhong, after this she sat down not to give everyone one a view.

Next hand Lizzie lost and she removed her Jeans showing her white cotton
panties, by now both guys are rock hard.

Next hand Ethan lost removing his shirt showing a six pack, Lizzie and
Miranda look at each other giggling. Kate licks her lips.

The next hand Lizzie lost, she then lift here white t-shirt showing her white

Ethan: Lizzie looking good.

Lizzie (blushing): Thanks Ethan.

Next hand Ethan lost, He takes off his jeans down to his boxers.

Lizzie (laughing): Looking good there Ethan.

Ethan: Thanks.

Now all of the girls were starting to get wet hoping they will get to see
Ethan's dick.

Next hand Gordo lost, he removed his jeans and was down to his boxers.

Lizzie (seeing Gordo's boner): Hey Gordo are you a little excited.

Gordo just laughs it off.

Next hand Lizzie lost, Lizzie: guys do I really got to do this.

Kate: Yeah bitch take off some clothes.

Lizzie: Fine, as she reaches back and unsnaps her bra exposing her small but
very nice tits.

Ethan: Damn Lizzie nice tits. How big are you?

Lizzie: 36B.

Ethan (as Lizzie tries to cover up): Sweet!

The next hand Kate loses.

Kate: Damnit, as she lift up her shirt showing her 36D tits covered by a red

The next hand Miranda lost taking off her jeans showing her red g-sting.

Miranda: Guys should we go any farther?

Kate: Why you afraid of them seeing you naked, do you have a dick down there
or something.

Miranda: Fuck you Kate! If I win, you should have to do something.

Kate: Like what slut? Same here if I win you will have to streak through the

Miranda: Fine. If I win you will have to have sex with Larry, the biggest
geek in school.

Kate: Fine.

As the game went on finally Lizzie lost having to get naked exposing her
shaved pussy, and round ass.

Ethan: Hell yeah Lizzie, you are fucking hot.

Lizzie: Thanks.

Kate: Wait until you see me Ethan.

Next Hand Miranda lost.

Kate: Let see your tits there Miranda.

Miranda slowly unhooked her bra exposing her great tits, with her hard dark

Ethan: Miranda who knew you had such great tits.

Miranda (as she giggles.): Thanks.

The next hand Gordo lost, he had to take off his boxers and show his rock
hard, 6 inch cock to everyone.

Miranda: Gordo you're good size you should be so nervous, as she smiles at

The next hand Kate lost as she did she removed her thong exposing a brown
bush of hair over her pussy.

Lizzie: Kate forget to trim down there lately.

Kate: Shut up McGuire.

The next hand Kate Lost again.

Kate: No I can't lose I want a do over.

Miranda (laughing): You lost. Lets she those tits, Kate.

Kate slowly unhooked her bra and put them under the table so no one could see

Ethan: Kate don't be such a cheater, damn.

The next hand was the deciding hand as Ethan lost; all three girls were
happen they finally get to see what Ethan was packing. Ethan removes his
boxers showing his 7 1/2 inch hard cock. All of the girls were excited to
see Ethan naked, the one thing they been dreaming about forever.

Lizzie: Ethan looking hot.

Ethan: You like?

Lizzie: Yeah, and Gordo, too!

Gordo (blushes): Thank you Lizzie, you're not bad yourself.

Lizzie (laughing at the same time): Thanks!

Miranda: Ha, I won. Looks like Kate got some nerd to fuck.

Kate: Shut up I wasn't serious.

Ethan: Kate a deal is a deal, you got to do it, or should I say him.

Everyone laughs but Kate.

Kate: Fine I will tomorrow, damn you guys suck.

Lizzie: Don't you think you will be sucking.

Everyone laughs, but Kate again.

Kate: Fuck you McGuire!

Kate stands up and goes over to Lizzie showing everyone her tits, and pushes
her in the back.

Lizzie: What the fuck. I didn't make the bet, it's your fault.

Kate then puts Lizzie in a head lock, Kate's tit is rubbing up against
Lizzie's face as Lizzie gets up and tries to get lose. Ethan grabs Lizzie to
break it up and Gordo does the same with Kate. Both girls were ready to kill
each other, but both noticed the guys dicks were rubbing up against them
making them horny.

Lizzie (as she puts her hand on Ethan's rock hard cock): Ethan come here.

Ethan: Ok.

Kate: Gordo come here let's fuck.

Gordo: wha...?

He is cut off as Kate sticks her tongue into mouth and Gordo starts to kiss
her back. Meanwhile Lizzie is on her knees stroking Ethan's dick.

Ethan: Oh yeah Lizzie, that's the right thing to do. Keep going.

Lizzie (as she strokes faster): You like that?

Miranda sits in her seat shocked at her friends fucking in front of her face.

Lizzie starts to take Ethan big dick into her mouth, as Gordo starts to suck
on Kate's massive tits, Kate moans and starts to rub her cunt.

Miranda gets up and walks over to Lizzie and Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, baby!

Miranda starts to suck on Ethan's nuts, as Lizzie switches to his head.

Kate then pushes Gordo down to her cunt.

Kate: Eat me out.

Gordo goes down and adds a finger into Kate's cunt before, he sticks he
tongue deep into Kate's pussy. Kate moans. Meanwhile, Ethan gets up and
positions Lizzie to bend over and he slowly slides his cock in too Lizzie's
tight pussy. Lizzie moans as she is penetrated. Ethan slowly starts to fuck
Lizzie's pussy as she moans. Miranda sits in front of Lizzie and starts to
play with her cunt watching her best friend get fucked. Meanwhile Kate tells
Gordo to lay on the floor. Kate slowly starts to position Gordo dick into
her pussy as she starts to fuck it.

Kate: YEAAAAH, Fuck yeah!

Lizzie: OMG, Harder Ethan!

Ethan starts to pound Lizzie's pussy harder, and he reaches forward to play
with Lizzie's tits.

Lizzie: OMG Ethan fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm going to cum!

Kate: Gordo Fuck yeah harder.

Lizzie: I'm Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!

Ethan then pulled out of Lizzie as Lizzie passed out and had Miranda finish
him off.

Ethan: Miranda suck me off.

Miranda grabs his cock and starts to deep throat.

Gordo: Kate I'm about to cum!

Kate then jumps off of Gordo cock and stars to lick up and down the sides.

Gordo: Yeah that's it!

Kate then starts to deep throat cock as well.

Ethan: ahh shit I'm cumming!

Ethan than blows his load all over Miranda's face, and both of them sit there
and rest.

Gordo (as he blows hot sticky cum down Kate's throat): Ohhhhh shit!

Gordo and Kate cuddle after.

They all later get dressed before Lizzie's parents comes home.

Ethan: Kate don't forget your deal to fuck Larry.

Kate: Fine I will tomorrow.



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