Lizzie McGuire: Poker Night Fun Part 2 (mf)
by RoadDogg ([email protected])

After a long game of strip poker and some sex, Kate had to complete a bet
that she made with Miranda. The bet was if she lost she had to fuck the
school nerd Larry Tudgeman.

The setting is the next Monday at school after Ethan and Gordo said she was
supposed to do it the night before.

Ethan: So Kate did you finish the bet.

Kate: Fuck no! Why Should I? it was a bet.

Gordo: Kate, come on! That's bullshit. Why are you backing out? I'm sure you
would make Miranda do the streak if she lost.

Kate: Yeah so, I still really don't' want to do it.

Ethan: Kate you made the bet you should just do it.

Gordo: Yeah Kate you made it.

Kate: Fine, God you two suck.

Later that day after school Kate saw Larry sitting outside on the school's
lunch tables picking his nose.

Kate: I can't believe I have to do this.

Kate walks up to Tudgeman, and says "Hi."

Larry: Hey Kate, why you talking to me? Did I do something?

Kate (trying to flirt): Not yet.

Larry: Well what do you want Kate?

Kate: umm I don't' know Larry.

Larry (confused): OK, well why did you come over here?

Kate: umm well I wanted to know if you could help me find something.

Larry: Yeah I guess. What?

Kate (thinking): Earring.

Larry: Fine where is it?

Kate: I think somewhere in the janitor's closet.

Larry: Ok, well lets fly.

Kate: UHHHH yeah.

Kate and Larry move towards the janitor's closet, and Larry doesn't see

Larry: Kate, I don't see no earring.

Kate: Well, look in the closet someone might of kicked it in there.

Larry (still confused): okkkkk whatever you say.

Larry open the door and starts to look with Kate. Kate slammed the door shut
while Larry was looking.

Larry: Wow what was that?

Kate: I guess someone locked us in here.

10 minutes later Larry couldn't get the door open and didn't know what to do.

Larry: Damn I wish I knew we were going to be stuck in here I would of
brought my Dungeons and Dragons game.

Kate thinks to herself what a dork I can't believe I have to do this.

Kate: So what you want to do to pass time?

Larry: I don't know.

Kate: Well come here.

Larry: I don't know.

Kate: Well why don't you do this?

Kate grabs Larry's hand and starts to stroke Larry's finger.

Larry (as his voice cracks): Kate what are you doing?

Kate: You baby.

Kate starts to kiss Larry, and slides in her tongue as Larry is in complete
utter shock never being kissed before and now being kissed by one of the
hottest girls in the school. Larry finally reacts kissing her back, and
sliding his hand up and down Kate's back. Larry breaks the Kiss to start to
suck on Kate's neck. Kate stars to rub Larry's dick through his pants. Larry
then starts to unzipped his pants while sucking on Kate's Neck, and pulls out
his hard 5 inch dick. Kate start's to stroke it. Kate pushes Larry off her
neck and gets on her knee's and starts to stroke Larry's cock. Then starts to
lick up and down Larry's 5 inch member.

Larry couldn't believe that he was getting his dick sucked by the hands down
hottest girl in school. Kate licks the head as Larry leans back against the
wall. Kate's head starts bobbing her had up and down on Larry's cock. Larry
starts putting his hand threw Kate's hair. Kate then lifted her head off of
Larry and removes her skirt and thong and told Larry to finish her off. Larry
then slides in his dick and starts to slowly fuck Kate. Larry is shocked
never thinking he a had a chance in hell of ever fucking Kate, while Kate's
is starting to get turned on but still wish she wasn't fucking the biggest
loser in the world.

Kate: Fuck yeah Larry faster and harder.

After Kate yelling at him Larry starts to go faster, and slammed her pussy
harder and harder.

Kate: Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Larry starts to speed up more and more and reaches up and starts to squeeze
Kate's tits through her shirt.

Kate: Yeah ohh shit I about to cum.

Larry starts to fuck her harder, slamming her pussy trying to savor the
moment, knowing it could never happen again.

Kate: Ohhh shit! I'm almost there, Fuccccccccck yeah!!!

Larry starts to slam her pussy as hard as he can, and as fast as I can.

Kate: Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I'm

As Kate's pussy juices exit her body. Larry pulls out of her pussy and Kate
finish off Larry and starts to deep throat Larry cock.

Larry: I'm cummmmmmmming!

As Larry blows his hot load down Kate's throat. After that Kate and Larry get
dressed and walk out after all of that Larry completely forgot the door was
locked by Kate. They both left and Kate wanted Larry to know it was a one
time deal.

Kate: Look Larry this was just a one time thing. Don't even spread rumors or
I will kill you.

Larry: Ok chill! I won't.

Later that day Kate ran into Ethan, Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda.

Ethan: Hey Kate did you do it.

Kate: Yeah I did. Ok I fucked him.

All of them laugh saying "You laid the biggest dork in school."

Kate: Fuck you guys, and she walks of.



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