Lizzie McGuire: The Education of Lizzie McGuire And Friends Part 2 (Mg,oral)
by Lude ([email protected])

As Sam spoke about Lizzie's best friend, his mind drifted. While Sam had
gotten to know Miranda very well over the years, he couldn't get out of his
mind a question she had shocked him with three summers earlier. It happened
after he found out she was having some sort of trouble with her `little' boy
friend. Miranda had surprised him with her problem while he was driving she
home alone.

Even though at the time he was having a lot of difficulties at work and was
feeling very down in the mouth, Sam asked if he could help. He couldn't
believe it possible of sweat little eleven-year old Miranda when, with a
mischievous look put her index finger in her mouth. Then she asked him, "Mr.
McGuire, why do guys like blowjobs? They sound kind of gross."

"What?" Shocked, but perking up, he asked her, "They're actually very nice."

Sitting adjacent on the seat, Miranda seemed nervous. See looked like she
wanted to say something.

Noticing her hesitation, he decided to try a joke. "What, does some one want
you to suck his cock?" Now noticeably embarrassed, Miranda still didn't
answer him.

Sam was going to laugh and tell her not to worry about it. But as he finished
talking little Miranda showed a smile as she... put her hand between his
legs! Sam almost wrecked the car as Miranda worked his zipper, reached into
his pants and pulled out his cock. Her pretty brown eyes grew huge as held
his love toy. While Sam was busy driving, Miranda got busy stroking his big

"Ohhh yeah Miranda, that's it. Stroke my cock.. Aahhhhh! How'd you learn how
to give just good head?" Sam called out.

He almost drove into a building when Miranda quickly bent down and started
kissing his cock. Pressing her lips against his tip, Miranda's tongue shyly
probed out and licked around his crown! Unable to help himself, Sam smiled
as he let this very young girl practice her amazing oral skills.

"Oh Miranda, yes...yes," Sam said as he rode waves of ecstasy, trying not to
wreck the car. Before he knew it the head of his shaft was between Miranda
sweet round lips and she was sucking madly on his cock. Her tongue seemed to
dance upon Sam's shaft as her warm mouth welcome him. Soon, Miranda had four
or five inches in her mouth and her tongue was sliding up and down as her
lips pressed against his engorged cock. Her lips stretched around his shaft,
Miranda could hardly fit it into her mouth.

It felt wonderful. Miranda was so young and beautiful, so forbidden. He
didn't want her to stop. Raising the steering wheel to give her more room,
Miranda's head started bobbing up and down his shaft. Raising his butt, she
pulled off his shorts, as his free hand pushed her mouth farther down his

Miranda then grabbed his right hand and placed in side her sweater, just as
Sam pulled over along a dark street. He bent down and sucked on. While his
hands moving down to caress her little titties, Miranda continued to feast
upon his dick. He started fondling her little breasts and hard nipples,
needing her soft flesh.

Pulling off her own panties, Miranda offered too tempting of a target that
his mouth couldn't resist. Pressing his tongue into her steamy little pussy,
she rolled over as Sam wrapped her legs around his head. Working his tongue
inside her little slit, Sam ate her out lustfully. Her juicy orgasm tasted
wonderful, covering Sam's face. As his cock drove deeper into her and he
could feel it press against her throat. Miranda's tongue continued to
pleasure him as she did her best to suck on it. Her lips seemed to burn
into his shaft. While he was worried that she wasn't ready for what came
next, he didn't pulled out as he began to cum. He watched her try to work
her throat and swallow, but his volume and intensity of sperm really
surprised Miranda. Unable to keep up, she pulled off coughing and choking
as Sam finished blowing his load all over her preteen face and shoulders.

Licking her lips she pulled up. Miranda smiled as she bent forward and kissed
him. Even though she rubbed cum over his face, it was the sweetness, kindest
kiss he'd ever had. It couldn't have gone on for longer than ten minutes. But
it felt like hours.

"Miranda, thank you," he told her, "that was wonderful. I feel much better."

She smiled back. "Good, you seemed so sad. I wanted to cheer you up." She
padded his cock and gave me a knowing smile. "Let me know if you're ever need
cheering up again." Then she said, "Give me a call when you're older, okay.
We can try this again."

Sam remembered how Miranda's facial expression seemed beyond her years. After
his daughter's young friend had sucked his cock, neither Miranda nor he had
ever talked about it, but he never got it out of my mind.

The next time seemed to happen by accident when Miranda was twelve. It was
Sam's birthday and he was in the bathroom. He had just finished taking a link
when she accidentally walked in. Sam had turned toward the sudden nose of the
door and stood there with his cock hanging out when she came in. They both
froze this time as...his cock grew. Miranda seemed fixated by it wondrous
change in size as she reached out and grasped his cock and began stroking
him. Then she got on her knees in front of him and pulled his pants down.

Whispering, "Happy birthday." Miranda grasped his butt as she gave him a
very nice present. This time, she took his whole orgasm in her mouth! He
wanted to pick Miranda up and carry her to my bed, but because of the party,
he couldn't. But on each following birthday they always had another accident.
It was better than Christmas.


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