Lizzie McGuire: The Education of Lizzie McGuire And Friends Part 3 (ff,voy)
by Lude ([email protected])

Fourteen-year old Lizzie McGuire had been wondering a lot about the change
in the relationship with her father, Sam McGuire, and her best friend,
Miranda. Over the last few years, Lizzie, Miranda and Sam had spent a lot
of time together. Whether going boating, to the movies, to amusement parks,
swimming, and especially shopping, Lizzie had grown very close to her Dad.

At the mall, there's a Fredrick's of Hollywood that they had to walk past to
get to the girl's favorite stores. This summer, Miranda had started stopping
to browse in front of it. She had even become so bold as to point and
whispered in Sam's hear, "If you buy me that, I'll wear them for you." He'd
been happy to take her up on her suggestion.

Sam liked how Miranda, Lizzie's best friend, always had a smile for him. He
thought she was a very sweet girl. Very pretty, Miranda was smooth and tanned
flawlessly, and her legs seemed to go on and on all the way up to her sweet
curvy ass. Sam found her dreaming eyes and a cute dewy look very sexy. While
Lizzie's titties are bigger, Miranda's were nicely shaped and very firm. He
often dreamed of ravishing both girls' sweet breasts. For her part, Lizzie
had noticed that Miranda liked to feel her father up and even whisper in to
his hear, "Is that real?"

Sam would often joke back. "Hummm, do you want to find out?"

While he tried to hided it, it was impossible to over look that Sam was very
well endowed. Actually finding it exciting, this summer he'd taken to wearing
a little thong swimwear around them. Sam noticed that both Lizzie and Miranda
liked to rub suntan loan on his body.

Last Saturday, wearing a new lacy blue teddy, Miranda had sat for a long time
in Sam's lap playing computer games. Lizzie couldn't have missed Miranda
feeling her father up, as he rubbed her little ass in his hands and humped
his erection between her legs that were pressed together. Miranda had gotten
so wet that her juices ran down on him.

Miranda started tickling him and for a while Sam defended myself. But then as
they went, their hands got closer and closer to forbidden areas. At the peak
of their contest, Miranda reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock.
Grasping his balls and squeezing his shaft, Miranda stroked up and down Sam's
long cock. To Lizzie's complete surprised, Miranda then bent down and
starting sucking him off right in front of her.

The look of bliss on his face added to Miranda's ecstasy as she pulled
herself up and kissed him. After finishing, Sam quickly pulled his thong back
on. Miranda seemed to think it was funny that Lizzie just sat across the room
from them, pretending to read a book, but when he'd cummed, their eyes met.
She wouldn't omit at the time, but it was troubling that her best friend had
a crush on her father. Lizzie seemed sad and lonely. It almost felt like she
was jealous. She liked to sit in his lap too and rub her cute buns on his

While things may have been getting out of hand, at the time it seemed like we
were having innocent enough fun. Being a virgin and curious, she was just
interested about human physiology. Lizzie didn't think she really desired her
father sexually like Miranda did. She told herself that any way. So Lizzie
could find out how `big' her father was, Miranda helped Lizzie come up with a
plan to get her father naked.

They put their plan to action when went swimming last Saturday. Everything
had seemed innocently enough until Miranda daringly asked, "Is it ok for us
to sunbath topless?

With look of happy miss belief, Sam stuttered out, "S...ure."

Sam was going to go in side, until she asked, "Do mind if I take off my
clothes out here."

With soft delicate features and rosy cheeks, Miranda has a glowing smile that
is surrounded by fine shoulder length auburn hair. Sam thought she has the
face of an angle, a very sexy angle. If she wanted to sun herself in only her
Birthday suit, that was fine with him. Watching from his chair, Sam smiled,
aroused mentally and physically by taboo thoughts.

While only fourteen, Miranda was wearing a very tight short blue dress that
hardly contained wonderful firm breasts, a curvy little ass, and her toned
dancers legs. He appreciated how delicate and beautiful she was, especially
since her dress was so short that he could see a bit of her white thong!

Miranda couldn't take her clothes off fast enough. Sam watched eagerly as her
perfect young form was displayed in all its glory. She began by unbuttoned
her top and let it fall away. Miranda then removed her bra and panties slowly
and then tossed the silky garments right in front of him. Startled, he
watched as her lovely small breasts jiggled slightly with her movements.
Then, as she rocked her hips, the skirt around Miranda's waist loosened and
fell as she rocked her hips. Her tight young ass was flawless as it continued
to sway right in front of him! When Sam's grazed fell upon her succulent
tanned breasts and her brunette curl covered vertical smile, he felt that
Helen of Troy would have been a dog in comparison.

"You girls are witches, devious, seductive witches," Sam exclaimed, as
Miranda stood there naked looking at him for a moment. Enjoying his
compliment, both Lizzie and her eyes flared, giving him sweet feline
smiles. At almost forty, being with these little naked teenage girls was
very exciting for him.

Sam's pleasure increased when Miranda bent towards him and dangled her tasty
breasts, pointing at his thong.

"Hey, it's not fair that I've taken something off and you haven't!"

"Hummm, she's got a point." Lizzie added, her face a mask. Lizzie took a deep
breath. Her heart was racing, her palms sweaty, she couldn't remember the
last time she'd been this nervous. The soft folds of her light blue bikini
rose with the swell of her breasts. Lizzie took a second breath as Miranda
unhooked her swimsuit.

"Here we go," Lizzie whispered nervously into Miranda's ear.

As her top fell away, Miranda filled her hands with Lizzie's creamy titties,
giving her hard pink nipples a squeeze. Then Lizzie and Miranda's lips
pressed together, their tongues met as Sam watched in lustful wonder.

A warm glow radiated outward, filling both of them with excitement. Lizzie
soon discovered that Miranda was a great kisser. Their lips pressed together
as their tongues met. No, words passed between them, only short breaths
escaped their lips. There was no need for words, not when they could feel
each other's thoughts. Lizzie like how Miranda's warm lips and hot tongue
felt against hers. Offering her neck, Miranda licked it gently and then
started sucking on it. As her neck was covered with kisses, Lizzie shuddered
as Miranda slid a finger inside of her slit.

"But." Sam tried to speak but was unable to even think of a retort. His
attention was drawn to Lizzie's glowing face as Miranda began to suckle on
her breasts. Squeezing her ass, Miranda began to hump her index finger into
Lizzie's cunt, sliding it in and out, as she polished and nibbling on
Lizzie's firm sweet titties.

As Lizzie felt her juices coming to a boil, Miranda told her, "I want to
feel her yummy tongue slurping on my clit. Lizzie.I want you to kiss my
pussy now."

Lizzie nodded. Feeling a little nervousness, she said, "I hope you like it."
Lizzie grabbed both of Miranda's tits in her hands and squeezed them. "My
have you grown lately!"

Lizzie started slowly, enjoying the taboo taste of her tongue robbing over
Miranda's clit. Really getting into it, she sped up her tongue action.
Lizzie's breathing was so fast and hard that it felt like her whole body was
going into spasms. Then Lizzie stuffed a second finger into Miranda sloppy,
wet hole, she continued to lick her cunt clean. They lost track of the number
of their orgasms. When she finished, Lizzie laid down on the ground next to
Miranda. Then she asked. "What do you want?"

Miranda answered Lizzie with a question, "Do you still have your vibrator in
your purse?" Scrutinizing Sam's hungry glare, Miranda then said with a wicked
smile, "I think your Dad wants to watch us first play with ourselves."

"I don't leave home without it."

Lizzie then jump up and went and got her purse. When Lizzie came back with
not one but two vibrators and some lube, she gave Miranda a kiss.

As their lips parted, Miranda made another request. "Wouldn't you like to
help me?"

"Sure, if you want me to."

Miranda took one of the vibrators and lubed up the ribs on its shaft. Lizzie
then slid up next to her as Miranda stuck it inside of her own pussy. Taking
it from her hold, Lizzie slowly started sliding it in and out of Miranda's
little wet pussy, turning it slowly as she went.

Feeling the wonder of it all, Miranda began humping the other vibrator into
Lizzie's little pink cunt. Sam could see it felt good, from the look of
ecstasy. Soon Miranda pulled the vibrator out and as said to Lizzie, "I'm
ready for you now."

Feeling her own wonder, she spread her nicely tanned legs wide. Surrounded
by fine blonde fuzz, Miranda's clitoris stuck straight out. After licking
her finger, Lizzie pressed it into Miranda's warm pussy as she began licking
her friend's tits.

Feeling the anticipation of orgasm, Miranda omitted countless moans as she
pushed Lizzie's head down between her legs. Lizzie drew Miranda's clit up
in front of mouth and start slurping slowly. She kept a finger in Miranda's
pussy and wiggled it around. Lizzie plunged her tongue in and many times as
Miranda put her own tongue into Lizzie's tight wet slit.

Practically dripping with pussy juice, Lizzie pushed deeper and deeper into
Miranda's tight little cunt. Lapping her pussy with care, Lizzie lifted
Miranda ass off the floor to cover her face. Miranda came in a loud wail as
Lizzie sucked on her pussy and used her fingers to help get her off.

Soon their mouths meeting again, Lizzie forced her tongue down Miranda
throat as Miranda continued to come for another minute. As Lizzie ate her
out, Miranda got into a six-nine and pressing out her tongue, licked out
Lizzie's honey filled snatch.

Sam continued to watch in completed and utter wanton wonder.


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