Lizzie McGuire: The Education Of Lizzie McGuire And Friends Part 4 (Mff,inc)
by Lude ([email protected])

After Miranda and Lizzie put on their sexy show, they both turned to Sam and
continued their plan of seduction.

"Oh, you silly." exclaimed Lizzie. "Don't you think when went skinny-dipping
at the river I didn't peek around the bushes? Haven't you peeked at us?" she

"Well, a couple of times," Sam answered. "But ... well, you've never seen my
cock hard like it is right now, I bet."

"Well, then, it's high time. Come on, let us see your cock!" Miranda said
shyly, pulling her mouth from Lizzie's sweet nipples.

"Hummm, you've got a point," Sam replied.

"Come on Daddy, I want to see." Lizzie pleaded.

Miranda crouched down. She grasped the waistband of his thong and tugged
them down over his hips. Wide-eyed, like little moons, Miranda's bottom lip
dropped in surprise as Sam's cock popped out and bounced out and hit her in
the forehead. A smile shot across her face. When his thong fell to his feet,
he kicked it up to up Lizzie, who caught it and cradled it against her face.

Lizzie laughed as she said, "So do you Daddy." She then sat back a little,
admiring the view.

Daggling before their lips, their eyes burned into his shaft. Sitting down
next to him, they got an eye full of his engorged shaft as they talked about
long, wide, hard things, trying to get his goat. Then he wolfishly watched
them while Miranda and Lizzie rubbed lotion on their sweet uncovered breasts.
While the thought of forbidden fruit of his daughter really excited him, he
figured he better try to focus solely upon Miranda.

Sweeping his hands across the soft skin of Miranda's breasts, her nipples
teasing his outstretched fingers. She griped him tightly, giving out a
little moan. Then arching, Miranda leaned back like a pagan offering in an
old silent movie. Sam lowered his lips and feasted upon her breasts, kissing
greedily as she swooned in his arms. Then kneeling down besides Miranda, he
massaged her soft back and neck as his shaft daggled before her eyes.

Sam put one of her small hands upon his cock. Her fingers gently touched his
privates, exploring the long, thick shaft with its throbbing purplish head
and the hanging sack below. She could feel his blood surging as she squeezed
firmly. Lizzie's eyes stayed locked as Miranda began stroking her father's
ten-inch shaft.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly upon Miranda's. Then they
kissed again, this time longer. Miranda's lips seemed to exude sexuality as
the sunlight reflecting off the water bathed her form in brazen gold. As
they kissed and Miranda jacked his shaft, Lizzie's eyes grew to the size of
silver dollars. Then bending towards her, Sam grasped Miranda's firm pointed
titties and started rubbing his cock between them.

"OH!" he gasped, "that's sooooo good!"

As Sam titty fucking her, Miranda grabbed hold of his butt to help drive his
strokes higher and higher, closer and closer to her mouth. Her tongue darting
out, he chocked in joy when she captured the telltale drop of fluid from his
flesh. He held still while she licked up and down along his shaft, bathing
his cock with her tongue. After pausing to give him an evil smile, Miranda
swallowed up his balls and sucked on them as she continued stroking his
shaft. But noting how Lizzie kept starring at her father's shaft, Miranda put
a hand on Lizzie's neck and titled her head down.

Lizzie felt herself consumed by her need to have him inside her. On all of
the nights she had fantasized about being her father's lover, she had never
really believed they could come true.

Lizzie's eyes stayed locked on her father cock as Sam also bent forward till
his tip touched her mouth. Miranda began stroking him, pushing his throbbing
cock up and down along Lizzie's full red lips.

"Oh, Lizzie," Miranda whispered. "Your Dad's a horse! You should suck his

Rubbing his throbbing cock side to side along her warm wet mouth and face,
he whispered hopefully, "Lizzie.go ahead.suck my cock?"

She nodded her head. Embracing his pulsating cock with both her petite hands,
Lizzie lowered her head and gave it a kiss. She then ran her tongue around
her lips as she moaned.

"Hummm! Oh, Daddy," Lizzie whispered. "You've got such a big beautiful, tasty
penis!" her voice, reflecting her glowing smile, bright blue eyes, and sexy

With a twinkle in her eye, Lizzie leaned forward and her tongue shyly probed
out and licked around his crown! Then Lizzie gave it a little kiss as she
shyly probed out, rubbing her tongue into his cock hole and slurping up her
father's pre-cum. Kneeling before hem, Lizzie flexed to the beat of desire,
her flawless form was smooth and supple. In a dream-like haze she continued,
growing even deeper, transfixing upon the other's pleasure. Lizzie's voice,
her mischievous eyes, and her well-formed body ravished him. Both submitting,
both guiding, their private tempest heighten even more. Together they became
special, greater than before.

Sam's manhood seemed to burn a fire that only Lizzie mouth could cool. Their
breathing became more and more frantic as they reached a fever point as her
tongue began to slowly circle around his crown. Before Sam knew it, his young
daughter took his crown between her lips. He could feel her lower lip
trembling, which might have been both nervousness and desire as she sucked on
his thick knob for the first time. With a popping sound Lizzie pulled off to
take a breath, then she showed a wicked smile and fell upon him again. Then a
shiver racked him as Lizzie painted his manhood with her tongue, her hands
moved up and down his thighs. Lizzie wrapped her lips around his aroused
shaft as brutal tremors racked his body.

`This is great!' Sam thought. Then he told her. "Yes, that's it, let it in."

Little by little she opened her mouth and let more of it in. I felt the warm
wetness of her saliva on my burgeoning head and the smooth sweetness of her
tongue dancing around me. Soon her lips parted wider and slid down once
around my crown. Sam was in paradise as his beautiful daughter's warm mouth
engulfed the head of his cock, sending shivers of pleasure up his spine.
Backing up, her tongue ran along his cock, before her warm moist mouth
welcomed more than half of his shaft in. Lizzie's small mouth started to run
along his shaft as her cheeks were drawn in. He felt her suck like a baby
would a bottle, getting him even more excited.

He heard her both purr and moan as Lizzie let out a little squealing sound,

Lizzie's warm mouth worked back and forth along the top of his cock and her
tongue twirled lovingly around each and every contour. She sucked the knob
for a minute, running her tongue around and around the rim. As her forbidden
lips burned onto his shaft, working up and down, Lizzie's sucking took his
breath away and Sam's excitement grew. He moved his hand to Lizzie curvy
little ass and started stroking between her legs. Her pussy felt hot and wet.
He thought about bending down, grasped up her sweat little ass and wrapping
her legs around his face, but her wonderful sucking took his breath away.

For what felt like hours, but what couldn't have been more than five minutes,
Lizzie's head bobbing up and down as she feasted upon her father's cock. In
time with her lips, as her fingers wonderfully stroked and fondled his shaft
and balls, Sam's wrapped his left hand around her head to speed and deepen
her efforts.

As his daughter pleasured him, he put his hand on Miranda's butt and started
stroking between her legs. Her pussy felt hot and wet as a finger slip under
her bikini. Miranda then twisted, as she pulled off her bottoms. Miranda's
slender thighs flexed, as she wrapping her legs around his face. She was so
small in his arms as he pressed his tongue into her pussy.

Sam fondled Lizzie's sweet butt as he stroked her hair and pulled her head
towards him. Her lips parted wide as his cock first entered four or five
inches. While Lizzie played with his nuts, he could feel her tongue brush
upon him. With her tightly wrapped lips bobbing up and down his shaft, she
started to forcefully suck very hard, as he pushed her lips most of the way
down his ten-inch shaft.

She was so good at sucking cock. It was like she was born to do it. Realizing
that his daughter was beautiful, sexy, and could suck a golf ball though a
garden hose, he smiled! Holding her head, I pressed his cock deeper into her
mouth. He could see her throat continue to work and my excitement increased
as more of my cock slid in. Soon his cock pressed down into her throat! A
natural cocksucker, Sam was relieved when she didn't gag. Continuing to bob
her head up and down rhythmically, Lizzie used her fingers to stroke the
underside of her father's penis. Her mouth muscles ached and she could feel
that her pussy getting wet. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped as Sam's
legs began to shake.

Enjoying Lizzie's mouth, he ran his hands over the smooth, creamy flesh of
her taut stomach and slid a finger into her juicy honey blonde thatch.
Lizzie's felt warm and wet as index finger enter her tight pussy. Lizzie's
hot body spasmed as he rubbed her pussy and finger fucking her.

"OOOO...MY GOD!" Miranda shouted out as she covered Sam's face with her
love juices. His lust at a fever pitch, Sam felt his erection swelled, butt
muscles tightened, and his balls throbbed.

Full of lust, Sam joyfully moaned, "Oh my pretty baby." Brushing her hair
back off her face, he looked into her sky blue eyes as the precious moment
came. The room seemed to fill with light and Lizzie's eyes grew into little
moons as his cock jerked and explosively spraying into her mouth, filling
her mouth with his hot milky chum. Sam felt Lizzie swallow as she continued
to suck his hard penis. He began to think that this wasn't her first time.

"Fuck! Fuck en Yes! My little sex kitten, swallow it down!" Sam shouted as
he excitedly pulled out of her mouth to give her a `facial.'

He kept his cockhead aimed at Lizzie's face as more hot semen blasted out.
Sam held his lovely teenage daughter's head still as he hosed, like a milk
cannon, squirt after squirt of stick white cum that splashed across her
face. A wash in her father's white spray, cum got into her eyes, it dripped
from her nose and mouth, and hung from her hair and chin.

"Jeeezzus, what a fuckin' orgasm!" Sam shouted out.

Watching from above. "Hummm, vanilla!" Miranda joyfully exclaimed, bring on
a laughed. "Wow! Oh Wow! Do me next," she pleaded.

Miranda's moans increased in volume as violent spasms wracked her body. She
felt a stirring begin deep inside her and all her muscles contracted at once.
Holding Sam head tightly, she went weak in the knees and fell down upon him.

"Oh, yessss, oh, yessss, oh, that's so GOOOOOOD! Unnnnnnnhhhh!" She exclaimed
as Sam's mouth was filled and his face was covered with her hot juicy flow.

Sam really hopped his daughter would deep throat entire shaft, but instead,
she suddenly, despite her white coat, blushed dark red, got up, and went in
side. Still excited, it was nice that Miranda's mouth was there to finish
him off. Miranda was another piece of fruit that drove Sam crazy.

Miranda whistled a wolf call at him when he cuddled up with her. Using a
little girl voice she told him, "You've got nice piece of meat swinging
there, Mister!"

Sam's seemed to float as they kissed each other slowly. Picking her up, he
wrapped her legs around his waist. With her back press against the build
wall, he fucked Miranda madly as he fantasized of Lizzie.


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