Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 1 (f-mast,voy)
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Today was a very big day for Lizzie McGuire. It was finally her graduation
day and that meant good-bye to Hillridge Junior High School! With several
hours left before the big event, Lizzie was taking off her clothes in her
bedroom. Singing along with the radio, she was blissfully unaware of the
evil about to be unleashed upon her.

Only a room away, Matt McGuire, Lizzie's little brother and official
Tormentor, was putting his latest and most diabolical plan into action. He'd
already mounted a small digital video camera inside of his radio-controlled
Dodge Charger. To complete the final step, he slipped the videotape labeled
Lizzie Blackmail # 1 into his video-machine and hit record.

"Some say monster," he whispered to himself with an evil chuckle. "I say

A few moments later, fourteen-year-old Lizzie heard a thump on her bedroom
door. Dressed in only her bra and panties, she immediately stopped singing
and cracked the door. As Lizzie hesitatingly looked out in zoomed Matt's
remote control car.

"Matt!" she shouted angrily. Upset with what she though was a stupid pranks,
Lizzie slammed the door and trapping the car inside. "Say good-bye to your
little friend!" she yelled.

Little did Lizzie know, but she was doing exactly what Matt wanted her to do.
Despite of all the pranks he'd pulled on her, he was watching her right now
on his computer screen. Like most males that knew her, Matt thought his
sister was very hot.

Thinking she was totally alone, Lizzie began singing into her hairbrush
`microphone' as she finished taking off her underwear. With her long golden
blonde hair, cute dimples, deep blue eyes and bright smile, Lizzy's sex
appeal was obvious. Now dressed in only her panties, Lizzy's succulent yet
firm breasts capped by small brown nipples mesmerized her younger brother.
He liked the smooth curve of Lizzie's back that dropped into her shapely
ass and sweet, supple legs. Even more desirable than his mother, Matt took
pleasure in observing her flourishing womanhood every chance he could.

As Lizzie applied her makeup, she did a little dance across the floor. Matt
didn't think that his sister had a good set of `jugs' .quite the opposite.
Lizzie had a great set. Unfortunately, his sister was just too shy to let
anybody see them. But if Lizzie won't come to mountain, the mountain will
come to Lizzie,' he chuckled, thinking to himself. "Lizzie, say hello to me
owning your sexy body for eternity," he thought out loud to himself.

Quickly she painted her toenails, polished her fingernails, applied
lip-gloss, checked it out, and then wiped it off. It was so not her color.
When Lizzie finished her makeup, her heavenly ass was both totally and
clearly recorded for posterity.

To Matt's surprise, Lizzie began rooting through her closet for an early
graduation present their mom had given her. When she found her very special
gift, Matt was amazed to see what it was. Pushing the crotch of her panties
aside, Lizzie inserted it, a slim pink vibrator, into her vagina. Lost in
sensual exhilaration and pleasure, soon Lizzie, and her brother's, breathing
rose to a tempest. As her hand glistened from the girl juice that ran down
her legs, Lizzie began to twist and squirm her bottom across the bed. She
slid closer to its edge and fully into the eye of the camera, her legs spread
wide. Lizzie's blooming womanhood was clearly in focus as she humped the
vibrator in and out of her slit. But just then, disaster came swiftly. She
fell from the bed, landed hard on the floor. Squealed and thumbing, Lizzie
pulled the widow drapes down with her. Landing on the floor, Lizzie burned
with humiliation, she just laid there, her head covered by the drapes. In
secret, her humiliation was only just tolerable, at least at the time she
thought it was.

After taking the time to satisfy her needs, Lizzie hurriedly pulled her
soaking panties back up to cover her warm juicy pussy. Almost immediately
after dressing herself, Lizzie heard a knock on her door.

"Who is it?"

"Hi honey, it's me," Lizzie heard her father voice come through the through
the door. "Can I come in?"

In his own room, Matt watched with complete and total satisfaction. Nodding
his head, slowly and seriously he rose to his feet. He wished he could shout
from the rooftops, `I going to win the Academy Award!'


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