Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 2
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Alone with Lizzie McGuire in her room, Sam McGuire tried to look past her
blossoming womanhood and into his daughter's shinning eyes. He smiled and
said, "Honey, I'm so proud. Just yesterday you were in you've
graduated junior high. You're so growing up. Tomorrow you're going to Rome
for two weeks all by yourself. Without me.or your Mom." With her top three
buttons undone, Sam McGuire couldn't help but stare at her firm breasts
and hard nipples that jutted out against her thin cotton shirt. As her
father spoke, his right hand slid down along her side and gave her little
curvy bottom a soft fatherly pat. Then filling both his hands, he grasped
her sweet butt cheeks. Hugging him tightly back, Lizzie playfully rolled
her eyes.

Sitting in his lap, Lizzie could feel a tingling in her juicy snatch as she
felt her father's cock grow hard and long. She felt a tingle in her juicy
snatch, enjoyed how her father had lately been `accidentally' touching her
body. Sometimes going so far as to tickling and squeezing her ass or even
feeling up her breasts. The precocious pixie remembered how she'd been doing
some of feeling her own lately, especially when she sat in his lap and
Daddy's hard-on would rub up against her. Then as she brought a hand down to
fondle his stomach just above the bulge in his pants Lizzie answered his
question. "That's just about the best combination of words and action you
can make, Daddy."

Just then, her father brought his hands up to her shoulders. "Lizzie," he
said, his eyes full of love, "this is a big day." Mr. McGuire cleared his
throat. "As William Shakespeare once wrote, "Be not afraid of greatness.
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust
in...thrust upon them."

"Um, thanks, Dad, but I'm just trying to get through the commencement
ceremony," Lizzie replied. "Greatness can wait until this is over."

"Okay, Lizzie, but since you're leaving for Rome tomorrow, we need to have a
talk. I want to discuss the.birds and bees with you."

"Sure Dad, what do you what to know?" As she spoke, Lizzie glanced down at
the `bulge' in her father's pants then licked her lips.

"Lizzie, kidding aside, I want to make sure you know that even in this day
and age, its okay to wait until you're older."

"Wait to do what, Daddy." Lizzie loved playing the innocent little girl with
her father. Even though she really wasn't all that innocent, it always turned
her father on.

"You know."

"No, what do I know?"

"Sex!" He suddenly divulge, seeming embarrassed to even say the word.

"Daddy, to tell you the truth. I've haven't done anything yet," Lizzie said,
not quite truthfully of course.

"What, you're still kidding me, right?" Lizzie shook her head. "You mean
you've've never?"

"No Daddy. Never."

"Really! You've never even had oral sex, even with you're.friends?"

"I'd been too embarrassed too. I guess I've been too shy to learn how. I've
never even seen a hard cock before."

"Oh come now, you saw me naked well enough when I took you and Miranda skinny
dipping last month? When your friend got a good feel, I guess it was too bad
you didn't join her."

Noticing the worried look that suddenly crossed her face, he said, "And at
breakfast this morning, I know very well that my bathrobe came open because
you untied it. But don't worry, honey. It's okay to be curious. And it was
fun letting you get a peak."

"Okay," she answered, "I've never had sex with anyone then. And playing
with Matt's little pecker doesn't count. When we were little and took baths
together, it used to be fun playing with his boner. But now the little
bastard is always trying to blackmail me into sleeping with him, or shower
together, or even sucking his dick."

Sam laughed. "Well, you know our family likes to save water." But after his
dismal attempt at humor, Sam looked surprised and elated at her. "Matt's just
a growing boy, trying to come to grips with his masculinity. Hell Lizzie,
you're so hot I have to jack off.some times when I think about you. Hummm,"
he paused, seemingly lost in thought for a moment," but seriously honey buns,
oral sex is something that every girl should know how to do. And it's best to
learn from someone older, more experience."

As Sam's remark tailed off, Lizzie turned to face him. The look of
astonishment and on excitement on her face surpassing even his.

"I agree with your school giving out rubbers," he cautioned, "so you kids
won't have unprotected sex. It is perfectly natural for a girl your age to
be performing hand jobs and even blowjobs. It's probably something you'd
really enjoy doing. And as pretty and sexy as you are, there isn't a man
alive who wouldn't enjoy you sucking his cock. I certainly would love for
you to ..."

"Yes...Daddy, I certainly would like to learn how." Lizzie was surprised to
notice that she was gazing between her father's legs again and licking her

His face turning red, Sam cast his eyes downward. "Maybe.we shouldn't...I
don't know if." Because he'd been studying intently and were her eyes were
focused, Sam could see that Lizzie needed his help to cross an important
threshold of her growth into womanhood. Sam let his eyes wander over her
lithe form. Her nipples were very erect and her chest was heaving to the
rapid beat of her heart. By the time he was done admiring her supple body,
her nipples weren't the only things that were standing at attention.

Sam's examination was interrupted by another question. "Shouldn't what
Daddy?" As Lizzie spoke, she reached around his waist to grasp his butt,
hugging him closer to her. At the same time, her eyes lit up when her hand
slid a little close to the bulge in his pants.

"What I mean honey." with a astonished look he told her, "I've got some
movies that perhaps you should watch."

"Oh...go on!" Lizzie said very interested.

"Well ...umm ... I can.. They'll teach you a lot about oral sex. What boys
and girls like." He spoke nervously and kissed her lightly on her head as he
felt his manhood tingling, uncertain as how to quench his desires.

Lizzie smiled into his eyes as she said. "Let's watch them together, Daddy."

A little later, Lizzie laid wrapped in her father's arms as the second skin
flick, Britney Does Everybody, came to an end. With her dainty arm draped
across his stomach and her other hand around his `bulge,' Sam looked down at
her and smiled. He'd noticed that Lizzie's hand had moved slowly down as she
watched the last movie and instinctively began rubbing his boner. She showed
a lustful smile as her father softly squeezed one of her tits. Her nipples
were rock hard and aching, when he then gently pushed her onto her back and
raised himself above her. Gently caressed her cheek with his right hand, he
leaned down and kissed her as she continued to squeezed his erection though
his pants.

She sighed as see fondled her father's hard dick that even when it was limp,
dwarfed her brother's when it was erect. A look of astonishment seemed to be
chiseled upon her smiling face as her father put another tape, Emmanuel Does
the Oral Office into the machine and hit play. 1

"How could Shania Twain take three cocks at the same time?" Lizzie smiled
down at her place of origin that was throbbing in her hand. "I didn't know
people could do such things to each other?"

"Yeah, amazing isn't Lizzie? Trust me, you'll love sex, especially getting
your pussy ate out and sucking cock." He smiled at her as she began rubbing
her hand up and down her erection.

Overcome by Lizzie's touch, Sam pressed his lips to hers softly and gently
worked his tongue inside her mouth. He held her face as Lizzie kissed back
and their tongues danced with each other. Both father and daughter moaned
with pleasure and approval as they spent a timeless period wantonly fondling
each another's bodies. Suddenly he stopped and sat up abruptly. Sam removed
his hands, slightly embarrassed at having lost self-control. But still he
happily puckering his lips and moaned as Lizzie immediately unhooked his
belt. After she pulled it off, Lizzie unzipped his pants. At her first
triumphant contact, her hands closed convulsively around his shaft and nuts.
She felt him jerk in response, sending an electric shock and tremor through
him. Lizzie squealed in surprise when her action brought her father's cock
towering to its full ten inches of hard life.

"Oh my God!" Her mind flooded with raw sexual impulses, Lizzie gasped at the
massive shaft of his fatherly cock that appeared before her eyes. She was
holding in her hands the largest cock she could have ever imagined on boy or
man, or maybe even a horse. With a mischievous smile, Lizzie quickly added,
"It's beautiful, Daddy. Mom says you're a real stud. I hear her scream all
the time when you fuck her with your cock, Daddy."

"Ummm." Sam said, smiling back. "Lizzie, you giving me head feels so good...
but I like making women scream out in pleasure the most."

"Yeah, Mom says you know how to please a lady."

It was then that the prick-hungry pixie wrapped her fingers around his dick
and almost violently began to she stroke her father's meat into a full-blow
erection, throbbing and hot, with big bulging blue veins. But when she
started to pull his pants off, he took her hands in his trembling fingers
to stop her. "Take it a little slower, my cock hungry little slut. It'll be
much more enjoyable."

Showing no emotion now, she nodded her head. Lizzie could feel warmth
spreading inside of her as she moaned quietly into his ear. Her voice fully
of desire, she whispered. "Please, Daddy, let me play with your cock? I want
to make you...feel good." Breathing heavily, Lizzie looked into his eyes as
she gave him a tender, loving kiss. Then she resumed stroking her father's
cock a little slower this time, as they did a little more light petting and

"You've really never have held.touched a man's cock before?" he asked.

Lizzie shook her head as she said. "I bet you'd like me to take care of
yours, wouldn't you?"

Sam nodded vigorously back. "Yes, I loved for you to jack me off, honey?" he
answered trying to sound calm, carefully enunciating each word.

"Sure," Lizzie whispered, "but first, Daddy, I want you to.I want you to play
with yourself for me?"

Noting the thrill and lust in her voice, Sam looked down at his daughter as
a thunderbolt seemed to go through his body. "Okay, "he said, and started to
rub his cock. Lizzie watched keenly as Sam stroked his cock like he had never
had done before. Lizzie intently starred at his waist as she finished taking
off his pants. He stopped masturbating when she brushed her fingers a side
and took over. At the same time, he kissed Lizzie's ear and neck as he
unbuttoned her shirt. On the television, they continued to watch Shania Twain
leaned over the President's desk, getting butt fucked as Chelsea Clinton ate
her out.

"Daddy, you're hairy. And you're so big!" she squealed in
surprise as smiled up at him. Lizzie seemed pleasantly surprised that her
father was very, very well endowed. "Daddy...Dad do like it when I touch

Sam out her off by giving her a kiss on her open mouth that probably would
never foster a father of the year nomination. Lizzie placed her arms around
his neck and moaned happily into his mouth. They could have laid there for
hours tasting her sweet lips, but unfortunately the necessity of breathing
finally halted their kiss.briefly. After taking quick breaths, they again
became lost in each other's arms. Lizzie kissed back now unhesitant about
moving her fingers around her father's long hard cock. While they caught
their breaths again, the film continued.

Lizzie rolled her father's cock around in her hand experimentally. Pleased
with the effect of just that little touch, she ran her index finger around
the crown of his penis, and then dragged it slowly down the underside until
she was at his aching balls. Still tugging at his penis with her right hand,
she cupped his balls with her left and sucked one into her mouth. Coping
what she just seen on the screen, holding his shaft in her hands, Lizzie
flicked out her tongue and licked his left nut. Lizzie did that to the other
one and then went back to the first. Then she briefly released his cock and
pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, revealing her
firm, young breasts.

Sam was more than pleased to see that she was braless. His daughter's breasts
were image of angelic beauty as he massaged and squeeze them both. Bending
forward her filled his mouth with her titties. It was just after he suckled
on both her hot nipples and he was just beginning to titty-fuck her when...he
exclaimed, "Oh, My God, Gaaaahhhh!"

Lizzie's face was right in front of his rigid member when he couldn't
contain himself. He stiffened as his muscles and scrotum tensed. Just then
an eruption rocketed out of him. Overcome with excitement, like a fire hose,
he sprayed out a thick rope of sperm that splattered upon Lizzie beautiful
face. Mystified, her eyes as wide as silver dollars, Lizzie gamely opened her
mouth, and watched in complete fascination as her father's second and third
ropes of cum hosed her down.

"Your cum's spurting all over me!" Lizzie exclaimed as she caught as much her
loving father's explosion in her mouth as she did on her forehead, chin, neck
and hair, leaving her drenched with his creamy cum.

"Wow, I did that! Lizzie exclaimed. Sperm dripped from noise and mouth like
hot wax. "I didn't know there be so much? It was just like in the movie." She
then gave his cock a big wet kiss.

Rubbing several of her cum cover fingers together, Lizzie gave him a
surprised and shy, innocent look. For the briefest of moments Sam thought
she wasn't going to continue. Then to his happily relief, her fingers wrapped
around his cock again and started quickly running up and down along his
deflated shaft as the movie continued to play on.

As they both watched a particularly wild and lustful blowjob, Sam scoped up
some of his white milky fluid from her face, and thrust his wet fingers into
Lizzie mouth. To his delete, she sucked and licked his cum covered fingers.
After cleaning her face off, he resumed fondling her erect nipples while her
hips squirmed in his other hand.

Lizzie eagerly tugging and stroking her father's swelling penis while they
resumed watching very naughty things on the television. As she worked his
cock, Sam eagerly sucked and licked her well-formed, and very tasty firm
breasts again. Then he slipped a hand inside Lizzie's tight panties and
rubbed a finger along her warm, wet slit. His manhood now fully erect, he
asked, "Do you like me touching your pussy?"

Lizzie nodded vigorously. "Hummm.I really like how you're touching me,
Daddy," she said. Her took on a glow eyes glow. "Wow! It's so big again,
and so soon!" she exclaimed as she looked at the result of her handy-work.
"That's really nice, I love how your cock feels in my hands. And it's
getting so hard again!"

"I'll cum again," he told her, "if you stroke me harder up and down. Take my
whole shaft and my balls in your hands and really work it." As she starting
moving her fingers even faster up and down, squeezing his shaft, he continued
to tutor her in oral sex.

"That's good. You're doing fine."

Lizzie happily obeyed his prompting and soon her hands were flying up and
down his ten-inch cock. "Hummm." she said, smiling eagerly. After lying still
for a second as if she were pondering something, Lizzie pick up one of his
fingers and took it her mouth. Lizzie sucked his whole finger in her mouth
and humped it into her mouth several times. Then Lizzie licked it as she
slowly continued to stroke his now fully erect staff. She asked, "How do you
give." She laughed. "I mean, tell me how to give a blow job, Daddy?"

He coughed nervously as he tried to think of what to say. "Well ...honey ...
its kind of like when you drink a really thick milkshake.or lick a big
Popsicle. You take it in your mouth, wrapped your lips and roll your tongue
around it while you suck really hard on it.'s best when you take my
cock down into your throat."

A short time passed which seemed like an eternity to him. Then to his relief,
Lizzie smiled, and said in her most innocent little girlish voice, "Sounds
nice. Can I suck.can I suck your cock, pretty please, Daddy?" With the last
five words, Lizzie added a pouty half, pleading smile.

"Yes...sure honey." He managed to mumble out the words. Instead of saying,
`FUCK YES!' which was what he was really thinking.

She marshaled her strength and resolve. In a matter-of-factly way to him,
using her sexiest mature voice, she said. "All right, Daddy, tell me what to

At this point he felt his raging lust rising to the surface and fought
furiously to keep it under control as he tired to instruct his daughter in
a slow and logical manner. "Well, honey, put as much of my cock in your mouth
as you can. Caress it with your lips and your tongue. But be careful with
your teeth, it's really sensitive to that."

"Our last name isn't Bobbit is it?" Lizzie joked, but only Lizzie laughed at
her own remark. She then nodded to show she understood and bent over his body
and put her lips on the head of his huge cock.

Placing her hands on the insides of his thighs, she gently urged him to
spread his legs. At first she was shy, and just brushed it with her mouth.
Slowly, with lips pursed, her tongue playing with the slit in the head of
his prick. Next, she parted her lips, letting the head slide barely inside.
Lizzie's tongue flicked over the end, tasting the pre-cum that dripped from
the end. Then suddenly, Lizzie felt his hands on the back of her head. She
heard a gasp that escaped from her father's lips as he pulled her towards
him, and her lips engulfed all of his mushroom head. She sucked the knob
for a minute, running her tongue around and around the rim, lapping up his
precum. Little by little she opened her mouth to let more of it in. He felt
the wetness of her saliva on his burgeoning head and the smooth sweetness of
her lips as they danced around him. Lizzie embraced his dick in one petite
hand and lowered her head until several more inches of his throbbing manhood
slid in. The wonderful feeling of Lizzie pleasuring him made him moan
joyfully again and again, and almost made him lose control of teaching his
daughter in the fine art of cock sucking. Hoping to long afterwards reap
the rewards of her training, he shook himself out of his reverie and said,
"That's good, honey. You're sucking my cock, feels really nice."

Lizzie tried to speak without taking him out of her mouth, "Th...nks...

He liked the feel of the vibrations of her voice on his cock. "What did you
say, honey? I couldn't understand you?"

She pulled back and laughed, looking up at him, "I said, thanks, Daddy. Is
there anything else you would like me to do?"

"Well," he said, "what your doing is really nice, but it is even better when
you move your mouth and hands up and down together."

Lizzie thought for a second and then said, "You mean like this?" With her
left hand she grabbed the base of his massive cock, then she put her mouth
down almost entirely over it. As Lizzie tightened the grip of her gums and
he could feel her round and delicious tongue on his thick organ. Slowly, but
deliberately, she began to pump, up and down his cock, her mouth and hands
working in tandem.

He almost couldn't hold his second orgasm back as he felt her taking control.
He could tell she was enjoying it too because Lizzie moaned with pleasure
like someone enjoying the taste of a thick juicy beefsteak.

Loving all her attention, as he stroked her body, to further encourage her he
added, "That's my good girl! My sweet little cocksucker, that feels so good!
But make sure you keep using your tongue and.suck really hard. Oh that's
better. That feels really nice."

Up and down, up and down, like a girl possessed, Lizzie's head became a blur
as she voraciously sucked on Sam's big love tool. The fact that it was her
own Father's cock she was sucking drover her wild with lust. That she was
committing incest caused her body to quiver and pulse even more with
excitement. She had to have her father's cock in her, all of it. As Lizzie
had previously watched on the video, she tried to swallow his whole thing.
But because Sam was so large, he completely filled her throat and she started
choking. So Lizzie backup to suckle on his helmet-shaped crown, bobbing her
head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked the shaft with her dainty
fists. With her father's encouragement, soon her rhythm was perfect again.
Each down stroke of her lips met with an upstroke of her hand. Her father
moaned again and again.

Sucking hard she pulled his hard dick out of her mouth with a loud pop and
licked down the shaft to his hairy balls. Then Lizzie scooped his balls into
her palm and pressed them against her lips, kissing, licking, and sucking.
He could feel his knees weaken as the naughty nymph played with her father's
nuts. Then Lizzie looked into his eyes. She knew from the video that men
seemed to like to spraying their cum on girls faces and breasts, but that
seemed a waste of more hard earned prize.

"Daddy, do you want to ... you know ... cum on my tits this time?"
she asked.

Shaking his head, he answered, "No, honey, we'll do that later. What I want
is...I want you to swallow?"

Lizzie eagerly grinned. Then, without answering Lizzie almost threw her mouth
back down. Soon, her nose was pressed into her father's stomach as she flexed
her throat muscles around his cock sending wonderful shivers up and down his
body. She held him there for a few moments, her eyes closed. Then Lizzie took
a deep breath as she withdrew. Immediately she began to suck her father's
dick again, in wanton earnest. Up and down. Up and down. Lizzie locked eyes
with his again, and gave him a look that would bring her father to down to
his knees.

After Lizzie took yet another breath, Sam was again in paradise as his
daughter's warm mouth re-engulfed the head of his cock, sending more shivers
of pleasure up his spine. Her tongue darted and flicked over the nerves in
his cockhead. She bobbed her head up and down while she fondled his balls,
and he moaned again in response. When he looked down and saw Lizzie's lips
were stretched obscenely around his cock. Her golden hair draping down on
his stomach, he knew the moment was near. Almost totally gone, Sam's universe
had shrunk down to his penis and Lizzie's wonderful mouth and a pair of hands
gripping and tugging and playing with it. The only thing he wanted more than
an orgasm was to prolong as long as possible his daughter's most pleasurable
cock sucking. Every movement of Lizzie' s tongue was a pleasurable shock to
his system. Every tug pulled him closer to the edge. Every time her adorable
blue eyes looked into his, he wanted to freeze time and look back at her
forever. But he felt like his balls were going to explode at any moment.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock rhythmically, using her fingers
to stroke the underside of his penis. Her mouth muscles ached and her cunt
became wet. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped as his legs began to
shake. Lizzie had his cock most of the way in her mouth and its tip was
tickling her throat as she gave him his second orgasm.

Moments later, he shook as the floodgates opened and mouthful after mouthful
of steamy cum stormed out. As his cock jerked again and again, her mouth was
filled with her father's salty seed. Lizzie kept her lips tight, trying to
get all of his semen. She tried to swallow each spurt, loving her first taste
and sensation of hot cum in her mouth and throat. Still, some of it flowed
out and trickled down her chin and on to his legs. Then Lizzie stopped
sucking and held the head of her father's cock inside her throat again for a
long moment.

She choked and then swallowed, as more still trickled from the corners of her
mouth. Lizzie swallowed again. Sam watched his daughter's head bobbing as she
went down on him, his hand gently pushing down. Lizzie gave his penis the
same treatment she had seen in one of the videos and soon he finished hurling
his load down her throat, going directly into her stomach. She hardly even
tasted the last of her father's favorable seed. Then she sunk all the way
down and deep throated him completely.

"Huummmm!" Her father shouted. "Oh - Yea baby. I think you should join the
navy, because you certainly like semen!"

"Daddy, don't be silly. It's your cum I want."

"That's fine with me. Now finishing drinking all my cum, my little sexy toy."

Lizzie resumed playing with her father's penis, rubbing, licking and sucking,
keeping it deep into her mouth. Lizzie swirled her tongue around and around
his cock head and sucked until he had not no more cum to give her.

"Hummm." Sam smiled. "Lizzie, for your first time, you're quite a good cock

Lizzie smiled wickedly back, knowing she wasn't being honest with him.
Noticing a string of cum clung between her mouth and her father's manhood,
she bent down to lick up all of his sperm that had escaped her mouth. "I
want lots of lesions, Daddy. I want to be your little cock hungry slut!"

Sam then rolled onto his side and faced her. He let his eyes wander over her
smooth, curvy form. He could feel that Lizzie's panties were soaking wet as
they clung tightly to her pussy. When he looked up, he saw that her nipples
were very erect. By the time Sam was done admiring his daughter's supple
body, her nipples weren't the only things that were standing at attention
again. They inched closer together and Lizzie instinctively reached down to
stroke his cock as he softly squeezed one of her enticing breasts. He then
gently pushed her onto her back and raised himself above her. While gently
caressed her cheek with his right hand, Sam leaned down and kissed her.

It was simple and loving, at first. Lizzie wrapped her arms around his neck
as she opened her mouth to receive his tongue. Sam explored her mouth as
Lizzie's tongue pressed back agley. Their two hungry tongues tangled back
and forth until Sam relented and let her tongue slip inside his mouth. At
the same time, his hand drifted down towards her virginity and he began to
rub her through her panties as she withdrew a little and began to suck on
his tongue. Breathing heavily, she then looked into his eyes and gave him
another tender, loving kiss. He returned it gratefully, Sam's body slowly
beginning to relax, even though his penis was still hard.

She then released his dick, as she said, "Daddy, I want you inside me. I want
you to fuck me." He paused and looked down into his daughter's bright eyes.
They were at other point of no return and she felt his hesitation.

"Are you sure?" he asked. He almost laughed when he notice a bead of cum drip
from her hair and hang down to her left nipple.

"Yes, more than I've ever been sure of anything. Fuck me, daddy," she
whispered. Then switching to a silly imitation of Vietnamese hore voice, she
said, "I've wanted you to fuck my little virgin pussy for a long time."

"But we really should wait until your older," he told her.

Lizzie looked up at him with a pouty, disappointed face. "Daddy, if you're
worried, why don't you put on a rubber. They give them to us at school. I can
get my purse," Lizzie offered, as she resumed stroking his cock.

"You are such a demanding little brat, you know that?" said Sam as he made
his way down to Lizzie's trimmed blonde bush. Kneeling in front of her, he
pulled her slim body down and spread her legs.

"Wrong, I'm a cute and sexy demanding little brat," said Lizzie with an
adorable grin.

Sam let her stew for along moment before he said, "But there is something
else I really want to do to you. And I know you'll really like it."

He then knelt before Lizzie and spread her legs. She giggled as his hands
slithered up her inner thighs. Her skin was like warm velvet, soft and supple
with youth. Lizzie moaned with anticipation. She could hardly wait for the
touch of her father's tongue. He kissed her ticklish, smooth teen's thighs,
raising goose bumps as he went.

Inhaling Lizzie's musky scent, Sam grinning wolfishly. "Mmmm," said Sam. Yes
you are. And your pussy is so sexy, so sexy, too."

"Okay. Then lick it!" she demanded. "I'm so wet. I wet for you, Daddy! Lick
my pussy."

Indeed she was. Sam's mouth salivated as he saw tiny droplets of Lizzie's
womanly secretions glistening on her labia. Swabbed his tongue up and down
her pussy, he collected each drop, getting a gratifying moan from Lizzie.
Thus encouraged, Sam slipped a finger inside, as he gave Lizzie's aching
love button a kiss.

Lizzie parted her legs into a wide "A"; opening her outer lips, spreading
the fine golden blonde curls and revealing her pink wet folds. Lizzie pussy
was soaking with her juices, as he rimmed his tongue around her cunt lips,
scarcely touching the folds of her fragile lips. He knew that tongue teasing
his young daughter would make her orgasms wilder, more powerful. He then
flattened his tongue as wide as it would go, and gave her pussy a luxurious
tonguing from bottom to top. Lizzie moaned as he did that, and he began to
lick her outer lips, alternating sides as he probed for her sensitive spots.
He slipped another finger inside and slowly fucked her with it.

"Ooh, Daddy! I want more." She paused for only a moment before uttering.
"Please! Give me more." She begged as she squeezed and stroked his cock while
pushing his head down with the other hand.

Her father quickly complied as he twisted his fingers around and hooked them,
looking for her elusive g-spot. He didn't really notice anything different
about her reaction, she was still moaning and sighing contentedly, her left
hand holding his head in place. Not that he was going to leave until he got
a face full of her cum. Her clitoris certainly took notice of his actions
and was definitely ready for some TLC as Lizzie was beginning to fidget and
squirm. She had a light sheen of sweat on her body, and there was a hint of
desperation in her eyes. He gave her pussy one last lick, and then gently
squeezed the area around her clit, making her jump and giggle a little.

He continued to circle his tongue around and around, each pass moving deeper
and deeper. Finally his tongue penetrated her virgin cleft, and his tongue
brushed against her perfect, never violated maidenhood.

Lizzie gasped with delight as orgasm after orgasm gripping her body, while
she pinched and massaged her taut nipples. The touch of her own fingers up
inside her pussy had never been as satisfying as her father's tongue.

Sam stopped for a moment. "Who's the demanding little cunt now?" he said

Lizzie sat up and practically smothered Sam with her pussy. "I am! Now
finish your little cunt, Daddy!" said Lizzie as she gyrated her hips about
his mouth.

"All right you horny slut. You want it hard and fast? You got it!" Sam
immediately increased his speed. Lizzie shrieked her approval, gripped his
head and shoulders as he plunged into her spread-open gash, tongue fucking
her as hard as possible. He went deep, flicking and twisting his tongue.
Lizzie's moans becoming screams of delight.

"Oh God daddy, eat me!" She groaned, "Oh, fucken yes. EAT MY CUNT! I'm your
whore," Lizzie exclaimed. While she continued to moan, her cunt juices
coated his face as well as her own thighs. Then at last, her muscles clenched
and she emitted a high-pitched half-squeal, half-scream. Afterwards, she
looked up at her father with happy, lusty eyes.

Lizzie then lifted one foot, placing it over his shoulder, giving him better
access to her oozing orifice. It wasn't long before her knees shook and she
began to cum a third time, with her father's tongue buried deep in her cunt.

He slowed his spiraling tongue, sparking tiny flames inside Lizzie. He slid
out of her snatch then licked up and down the length of her wet pussy,
lapping the cum chowder from the insides of her thighs. "This is fantastic!"
mewed Lizzie.

Next, Sam wrapped his lips around her clit and gave it a quick little suck.
In response, his daughter almost bucked him off the bed.

"OH MY GOD!" she squealed. "Oh god, please don't do that again." The lust her
voice betrayed her words. So her father sucked it again, even harder. She
thrashed back even harder and then wrapped her legs tightly around his head.
"Oh god. You are not going to do that again."

"So yummmmy, what do you think?" he mumbled while trapped by her legs in a
rather desirable prison.

"Ohhhh," she was still clearly enjoying his efforts. "What did you say?" Then
he sucked it again as hard as he could. She cried out and released his head.
Sam then said, "I said, 'Huummmm! Sensitive!"

But instead of responding to his taught verbally, she swiftly sat up,
frantically grabbed him by the back of his the neck, and pulled his mouth
back into her pussy and she said, "You can't stop until finish your meal!"

`Sure, what ever you say,' he thought, `I'll finish you off.' He licked his
fingers, and stuck them back inside her sopping vagina, as he continued to
fuck her clitoris with his tongue.

Afterward her fifth orgasm, he had to wash his hair several times to get all
of her cum out. This all seemed to be part of the game they were playing.
After Lizzie helped to wash down his whole body, he knelt in front of her and
ate out her sweet wet pussy again. Lizzie had never been licked out before
like this and she wrapped her legs around his neck to pull his face into her
as hard as she could.

Cumming again, she shouted out, "OOOH GOOOODDD! Daddy! I'm your sex toy! I'm
your slut! Your fucken whore!"

Lizzie loved her father now more than ever, both as a parent and as her
lover. Five more times Sam brought her to climax, finally, Lizzie had all she
could take and rolled on her side in a fetal position. She lay there for a
few minutes, while Sam let her catch her breath. Then without further comment
she pushed him from lying on his side to his back and proceeded to climb on
top of his chest, positioning herself so she could easily reach his cock with
her hands and mouth, and placing her soaking wet pussy directly in his face.
Using her newly found skills in fellatio she proceeded to suck on his dick as
he feasted on her succulent young pussy. This time there wasn't any hesitance
on her part, she knew what she wanted and how to make it happen.

Turning her eyes to his, she said, "O - Daddy, I want you to eat my pussy all
the time!"

Later, in still more orgasmic heaven, his face became covered again with her
juices as he tongued out her pulsating womanhood, until... Jo McGuire, his
wife, walked in on them. Having gotten off work early, she'd hoped to
surprise them. But upon hearing both their shouts of pleasure, she was the
one who was surprised when she discovered her husband in bed with her
fourteen-year old daughter. While Lizzie's throbbing legs were wrapped around
his head as Sam ate out her juicy pussy and his cock was deep inside of her

"Sam, I know we agreed that you would talk to our daughter about sex. But
honey, I didn't know you where going to give her lessons without me!" So now
it was Lizzie who was surprised when, instead of hitting the roof, her mother
looked happily down at her. Then reaching down, Jo began stroking Sam's cock
into Lizzie's mouth.

After her father's next orgasm filled her mouth, Jo said, "His cum taste good
doesn't it. Now swallow it down, your father likes that."

After giving Lizzie a long French kiss, Jo added with a happy smirk, "Well,
I guess I'm leave you two alone and go see what Matt is doing." Jo added with
a chuckle. "Remember, we have to leave soon for Lizzie's graduation."

After the door closed behind her, Lizzie straddled his chest and leaned down,
her sticky little vagina rubbing against his body. "Daddy, I'm not a baby any
more. I'm fourteen years old. I can handle this. Now, are you goanna fuck me
now or not?"

Shaking his head, Sam could only scrunch up his face and smile at her in
disbelieve at what would have been his good fortune if she had just been a
little older. His resistance weakened as he looked into his child's wide,
beautiful blue eyes.

Seemingly in defeat, Lizzie turned around on the bed and was about to get
up. But instead, she got on all fours, with her back to him. Needing no more
encouragement, he grabbed her shapely young buttocks and spread them. He
toyed with her by holding the tip his thick cock just inside of her spasming
pussy and watching her sweet ass begin to wiggle and push back for more.
Knowing he could go no farther, Sam then positioned his cockhead between her
gorgeous buns. Nuzzling it in against her tiny anus, Lizzie let out a low
whimper when he buried it couple of inches. Soon her tiny hole yielded under
the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and shot his hips forward. His thick
cockhead popped deep up her virgin asshole as he drove up her Hershey
highway. Throwing gentleness to the wind, he shoved Lizzie butt down on his
cock. Her asshole gave, and half of his shaft disappeared into his child.

"Ooooooo, it hurts!" she moaned. "But GOD, that feels so . . . oh, GOOD!"

Lizzie was wild with lust. Close to the edge yet again, she couldn't get
enough of the wonderfully feeling of getting fucked up the ass by her
father's massive dick. Still she shrieked in pain at the sudden invasion
of her virgin anus, but nothing could stop her horny father from forcing
open her incredibly tight anus as he wantonly tried to bury his long thick
cock to the hilt.

Sam heard none of Lizzie's reaction. His mind was occupied by the fact that
his cock was being squeezed like a vice inside Lizzie's rectum. She couldn't
help herself from wiggling back against him, wanting more of his oversized
intruder buried up deep inside of her. Lizzie shut her eyes and gritted her
teeth as she tried to get used to being fucked in the ass. Her rectum
forcibly stretched wide open. Then shoving forward, Sam finally buryed all
ten long thick inches to the hilt into her tightly clenching asshole. After
a few minutes she let out a low moan as he rammed his big cock home in one
searing stroke, burying it to the hilt again.

Sam began to pump in and out, pushing back and forth on his shaft. She never
stopped making noises that bounced in volume as he fucked her. Sam marveled
at the way his beautiful daughter wiggled and pushed her gorgeous butt back
to meet his deep hard thrusts as he fucked her like a sex machine. She worked
her hips and milked his thick cock for all she was worth as he took her to
fuck heaven.

Powering it to her, soon her cries turned into those of joy and unbridled
lust. He was pumping her with long deep strokes now. Fucking his daughter's
glove tight asshole with the stamina of a bull servicing his herd. She
screamed in joy as even more intense orgasms consumed her and she began to
really hump her beautiful ass back to meet her father's hungry loins. She
whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he pumped her.
His hands moving down her body to squeeze her sweat breasts as he sodomized
his beautiful daughter slowly, deeply and thoroughly. Eventually he felt the
need to cum begin to tingle deep in his balls again.

"OHHHHHHHH LIZZIE," he moaned. "I'm getting close." He reached down with one
hand and fingered her tight clit, doubling the sensations she was feeling.

"I'm going to cum too!" she yelled out.

"Aaaaaah, Aaaaaah, Aaaaaah, AAAaaaaaAAA . . .!"

Soon his cum running down her between her butt cheeks and down her legs.
Continuing on, Sam thought his brain would explode as he butt-fuck the most
beautiful creature to ever walk the face of the earth! He kept screwing her
even though his balls were dry, pressing his body hard against hers. Lizzie
smiled even though her anus really hurt.

"Fuck me... fuck my pussy... Ohhh..." Lizzie moaned as her father kept
increasing his thrusts into her. His balls were covered with his daughter's
juices as he slapped against her pussy, making more and more noise as he
increased his speed.

About ten minutes later, he finally pulled out his cock. It was completely
rubbed very sore from Lizzie tight little butt. But forgetting his early
hesitation, with a wolfish grin, he wrapped his fingers around her firm
little ass and put her on her back. Then he grabbed his dick and began
rubbing his helmeted tip up and down along her squishy little slit.

Covered in sweet, Lizzie's blood boiled. "YES, DADDY! Fuck me, she exclaimed.
"I'm your little private whore. I want you to do me and mom every night,

He took his time to rub it around on her clit and rub the length of her crack
to make her purr and moan. Loving how she responded. Sam continued to rub his
cock against her. She became wetter and slicker the more he persisted and he
finally placed the tip of his dick against the opening to her love hole. Sam
moved it ever so slowly up and down, exploring the opening. Then he very
gently worked the velvety tip of his prick into Lizzie's tight warm moist

He pressed harder and Lizzie could feel his hardness prod apart her split
peach as his bulbous tip found its way inside. As Lizzie's cunt lips parted,
Sam felt them envelop his cock head. Slowly he slid his stiff dick into her
supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his cockhead pushed aside
the outer walls. Deep in his throat he mimed his daughter's mild moans as he
felt her tender walls wrap around his hard flesh. After three or four inches,
he could feel the tip of his cock putting pressure against her hymen as her
hot pulsing lips closed snuggly around the entire tip of his pulsing manhood.

Sam could not believe the sensation that he experienced through his dick
that was tightly clamped in Lizzie's hot moist hole. The head of his cock
was ready to explode yet again as Sam felt warmth and wetness like he'd
never experience before. He could feel how incredibly tight her lips
clenched the end of his thick shaft, as he smelled the unmistakable musty
aroma of a young girls excited virgin pussy.

Sam clamped his hand around his dick with all his strength to keep his cock
from breaking her fragile maidenhood. Pushing inside, he rocked back and
forth several inches. The sensation of humping the tip of his hard raging
cock into his innocent young daughter was incredible. The friction from the
walls of Lizzie's tight soft wet virgin pussy was incredibly intense.

"Ooh, Daddy! It hurts...but I want more." She paused for only a moment before
uttering. "Please! Give me more." She begged as she squeezed and stroked his
ass and one of his nipples. "PLEASE, FUCK ME! PUT IT ALL IN!"

"Oh! You're so tight sweetheart," he moaned, feeling the walls of her little
pussy compress around the end of his cock.

"Tighter than Mom?" panted Lizzie.

"Yessss! Fuck, yessss! Much tighter! ... Oh, God!" he groaned.

Lizzie smiled, happy in knowing she was a better fuck than her Mom was!
Lizzie didn't bother to worry about her mother as lust boiled in her brain.
Mom could take her turn later. All she wanted was for her father to fuck

For his part, Sam would never be able to describe the wonderful, mind-blowing
sensation of the tip of his cock pushing against the elastic barrier of
Lizzie's maidenhood. He pushed forward ever so gently and it would respond by
every so softly pushing back.

"Yes, Daddy!" she squealed with delight." Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Daddy!
Harder! Hurt me, Daddy! Fill me up. I want to feel you're cum in me! Fuck me
like a whore!" Lizzie felt her own orgasm build and she knew her dad was
going to cum again ... and soon. The supple girl entwined her father with her
legs. Lizzie's heels tapped his ass, trying to force him to pop her cherry.

Soon she came again and her hot pussy juices ran down the crack of her ass
and down his shaft, covering his balls. Sam kept pumping her as he leaned
forward and laid over her. Quickly probing just his cock head into her for
a few minutes, he saw an expression of pain and pleasure on her smiling
face. She smiled and said in her sweetest little girl voice, "OHHH Daddy,
I'm so glad it's you popping my cherry."

Surrounded by the warmth of Lizzie's young cunt, her pussy lips stretched
taunt around his big cockhead, filling her completely. The heat, the wetness,
the tightness of her pussy totally stimulating every nerve ending in his
cockhead was bringing him to the edge yet again. All this pleasure, plus the
fact that his beautiful daughter was giving herself to him, was overwhelming
his mind and senses. Both father and daughter let out a cry as she felt her
hymen about to break. But fighting for control, his mind won out. Knowing
deep in his heart that he shouldn't break her cherry, Sam didn't go any
deeper. Soon their bodies seemed locked as one while his body stiffened as
his third orgasm came! When Sam finished, he slowly pulled his cock-head from
Lizzie's glove tight opening. Her cunt-lips tried to cling to his thick knob,
while his cock glistened with Lizzie's cunt juice as his cum bobbled out,
covering her pussy and stomach.

Sam smiled, running his hands over her hot, sweating body. "I really do want
to fuck you baby," he groaned. "It's just you're still too young to lose your

Lizzie shook her head. "Daddy, don't stop. Shove your big beautiful cock in
me, please! Fuck me! Daddy, make me a women. Make me your fucken slut!"

He could only shake his head, as Lizzie eagerly gave him another blowjob.
With her tight firm round butt lay propped up, Sam buried his index finger
completely buried in her warm tight ass. Then relaxing, Sam leaned back and
folded his arms behind his head as his daughter's lips slid up and down his

In the next room, Matt heard a knocked on his door. "Hi honey, it's me," He
heard his mother say through the door. "Can I come in? There's something I
what to talk to you about." Before answering, Matt showed an evil smile as
he put a fresh blackmail tape into his video recorder.


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