Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 4 (exhib)
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Followed by Matt and Mr. and Mrs. McGuire, Lizzie walked slowly and carefully
into the auditorium. It took very precise movements to stay balanced on her
stilt-like shoes.

Lizzie looked around the school auditorium. Everyone was there. Lizzie's
classmates, their parents, family, and friends, the entire faculty, and the
school staff. The last thing he she wanted to do was a trip in front of them
all. She was determined not to do anything today that would cause public

After her parents kissed her, Lizzie joined the huge group of graduates.
Would she ever find her friends? Just then, she spotted Gordo. Good old
Gordo. He was smart and funny, and he was Lizzy's best guy friend in the
world. "Do I look Okay?" she asked when she reached him.

"Lizzie, you should ask Miranda that question," Gordo said.

"But she's in Mexico City!" Lizzie protested.

Gordo sighed. "Yeah, you look much hotter in your black robes than all the
other girls," he replied meaning to sound sarcastically, but the sensual tone
of his voice implied something much more.

Lizzie nodded. Still worried that he might notice her secret, to ease her
mind, she began running through the events of the day. "Okay, good, we walked
to the principal. Take the diploma with my left hand, shake with my right
hand. Smile and wave. Go back to my seat. And it's `Later, junior high,' and
we're on the class trip to Rome. Nothing can rattle me.' She nodded to
herself, feeling the wind blowing her robe up between her legs.

"Oh... My God!"

Lizzie whirled around to find Kate Sanders gawking at her. Noticing that
Lizzie didn't have any panty lines, Kate reached down to pull up her gown.
"Lizzie, are you wearing a thong?" She showed an evil little smile, as she
spoke. Lizzie tried to stop her hand, but was too late.

"Only you would think that you could hide that you're not wearing any
panties on you flat little ass!" Kate said. To prove her point, she pulled
up Lizzie's robe to briefly relieve Lizzie's naked, but actually quite curvy
ass. At that very moment, the marching band stopped playing, and every member
of the audience heard the following word: "Lizzie McGuire, you're a slut!"

"Maybe I am being kind of slutty, but at least I don't fuck anything with a
pulse! You're just as pathetic!" Lizzie shouted back with the first comeback
that popped into her head. But she still had the awful feeling that her
embarrassment was written all over her face, so it was a good thing she
didn't know that Matt was capturing it all on his video camera.

"Thanks for noticing," she muttered to Kate before Gordo dragged her away.
"Doesn't she have anything better to do than make me feel bad?" she moaned.
"We used to be best friends."

"Yeah, but, that was before she became popular," Gordo told her. "You're a
living reminder that she was once a geek, so she does everything in her power
to destroy you."

Lizzie looked around her. "Well, that's all about to change," she said with
determination. "By the end of today, we are high school students. I get to
hit the RESET button on my life."

"McGuire!" barked a familiar voice.

Lizzie turned around to find Mr. Escobar, the school's drama teacher,
towering over her. He smelled funny, sort of like the spicy cookies her
grandmother made every Christmas.

"Hey, Mr. Escobar. Nice aftershave," she said.

Mr. Escobar ignored the comment. "Margaret Chan either had Ebola or a really
bad cold," he said sharply. "You're delivering the class president's speech."

"WHAT?!" Every nerve in Lizzie's body screamed in terror. "Wh-what about the
vice president?" she stammered.

"He's not graduating," Mr. Escobar informed her flatly. "The secretary
treasurer in next in line. I want you to deliver your speech with as much
pride and commitment as Margaret Chan would have done, even though you're
no Margaret Chan." He began herding her toward the podium as the band began
to play again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Margaret Chan!" said a booming voice. "Check that,
Lezzy McGuire!"

With all eyes on her, Lizzie walked very carefully to the podium and gazed
out over the crowd. Everybody fell silent and stared back at her, waiting.
And waiting.

Lizzie tapped the microphone, hoping maybe it was turned off. No such luck...
one little tap, and a noise like all the fingernails in the world scratching
a blackboard shrieked through the auditorium. Everybody jumped.

Lizzie gulped, hearing Kate's words echo through her mind. Oh, My God.

"Margaret Chan couldn't be with us tonight, so I will be taking her place,"
Lizzie said, managing a smile. Did she just say that? Hey, good beginning!
"Well, not that anyone could really do that," she found herself adding.
Nobody laughed, so she plunged ahead. "I think we all agree that junior
high was filled with embarrassing, awkward, and sometimes even downright
humiliating moments. Right?" Complete silence continued. "Me neither."

Oh, why couldn't a bolt of lighting just strike her now and end the torment?
But then Lizzie caught sight of Gordo. He mimed drinking a glass of water.
Good idea!

"I think Margaret would want me to drink some water now," Lizzie said. She
retreated to a table with glasses of water on it near the back of the stage.
Good old Gordo! Maybe if she drank really slowly, a brilliant idea would come
to her and she'd give the greatest speech in Hillridge Junior High history!

Nope. Instead of finding inspiration, Lizzie McGuire found humiliation. As
she darted for the water, Kate put her foot down on the end of Lizzie's gown
as she walked past. Her gown pulled away, Lizzie's completely naked bottom
half was relieved to every one attending the graduation.

In desperation, Lizzie searched for something to cover herself with.
Fortunately, she found something. Unfortunately, it was the stage curtain.
In a horrifying reenactment of her disastrous bedroom gig that morning,
Lizzie hit the floor like a bag of grain, pulling the entire stage curtain
down with her, covering herself, the faculty who were sitting on the stage,
and the entire school band. But this time, everyone could see her bare
shapely ass closely Lizzie had shaved the fine blonde hairs
covering the little vertical smile between her legs!

While Lizzie thought that things couldn't have gone any worse, little did
our heroine know what was still in store for her!


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