Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 6 (no sex)
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

The story of our heroine now returns to the airport, where Lizzie, about to
depart, was forced into sucking Matt's cock again.

Even though Lizzie actually enjoyed sucking his cock, she didn't want him
to know that she really didn't mind. Especially now, since Lizzie in an
intriguing, yet incestuous way, looked forward to her homecoming. By the
time she had to pull free from sucking both her father and her brother's
rock hard cocks and say good-bye to everybody, she was swept into the wave
of students heading excitedly to Flight SM#1.

Just then, the blare of a horn cut all conversation short, and the little
crowd parted to make way for a golf cart driven by an airport employee and
carrying one very special passenger. Her long blonde hair was meticulously
coiffed and held in place by a flaming red headband. Nicely filling out a
Flair Ise sweater, she wore matching black leather mini shirt and hip boots.
When the cart came to a stop and the woman stepped out to join the group.
It was clear to Lizzie that this woman was no shrinking violet.

Gordo spotted Lizzie and her family and came over. "That's Miss
Dominatrixmeyer," he explained. "She's going to be our high school principal
for the next four years. If you're on her good side, it's a one-way ticket
to an Ivy League school."

"What if you're on her bad side?" Matt asked.

A janitor with a mop and wringer pushed past them, heading for the men's
room. "Excuse me, people!" he said. "I need to mop up some puke!"

Gordo pointed at him.

"You end up that guy?" Matt asked.

"He'll mop up what's left of you," Gordo said seriously.

Studying Miss Dominatrixmeyer, Lizzie somehow felt dominated by her. She was
carrying what looked like a heavy black pointer with steel spikes on one end.
Geez, Lizzie had to wonder, what kind of woman was she? Perhaps, part
principal and part pit bull. The woman radiated confidence and control as
parents shouted at her. She was unlike any other women Lizzie had ever known.
Well, besides for Kate, Lizzie realized. All the students who were going on
the Rome class trip were gathering around Miss Dominatrixmeyer.

"Can you make sure there's no garlic or soy products in anything my Brittany
puts near her mouth?" asked one mother.

"Luke has tennis elbow," said a father. "Could someone carry his luggage?"

"Make sure little Steven takes his crabs medication," asked another.

On and on the parents prattle until Miss Dominatrixmeyer had heard enough.
She pulled out a megaphone. "Attention, parents!" she shouted. "SHUT YOUR

That stopped the chatter. Lizzie wasn't sure if she should laugh or run away
now, while she still could. But at the same time, Lizzie could feel a burning
fascination grow deep inside of her, as she grew moist between her legs.

"I am on a mission to drag your progeny to thirty-one historically
significant Roman landmarks in two weeks," she said. "When these back-talking
miscreants return to you, they will have dipped their panties into a lake of
culture before assuming their destiny folding shirts at the outlet malls,
taking orders at the drive through or giving lap dances at strip clubs."

Nobody said a word. Except for Matt. "She seems nice," he said with a
satirical scowl.

Miss Dominatrixmeyer cast her laser-like scrutiny on Lizzie and the
students around her. "Many...actually, most of your classmates opted for a
thirty-six-hour bus ride to Waterslide Wonderland and a week of decadent
frivolity and debauchery at the Water Wonder Motor Inn were there probably
filming the next Girls Gone Wild movie." Her voice dripped sarcasm. "But
you, who are not bastard-breading trailer trash, will get to experience the
delights of La Citta Eterna."

Everyone stared, uncomprehending.

"Rome...the Eternal City," Miss Dominatrixmeyer explained. Then she
exclaimed, as if to herself. "Did none of this brood of ass licking children
read the info packet?"

All the students scrambled to open their packets. Gordo leaned close to
Lizzie. "Watch and learn," he whispered to her, raising his hand. "Miss
Dominatrixmeyer, I just want to let you know that I'm looking forward to
this exciting and both academically enriching trip."

Their future principal narrowed the full force of her gaze on Gordo. Lizzie
realized that her best friend had put his balls in a nutcracker. Gordo had
seriously stepped in it.

"Name?" Miss Dominatrixmeyer barked at Gordo in utter contempt.

"David Gordon."

Miss Dominatrixmeyer scribbled on a little pad. "David Gordon, sneaky
brownnoser with hidden agenda, cute ass...needs my special attention."

Gordo blanched. "But..."

"Do I detect a bit of attitude. Hummm..." she showed a wicked smile. "Bring
your little ass to my room tonight to receive punishment. In the morning,
will see if you're still looking forward to this trip, little man!"


Smack! Miss Dominatrixmeyer cutting him off with a crack of her pointer
across his face. Gordo was left speechless, his hands grasping his bloody

"Now all of you, embark on the plane NOW!" roared Miss Dominatrixmeyer.
"STAT! LET'S MOVIE!" Everyone moved.

Lizzie wasn't sure exactly what happened after that. As her mother tearfully
babbling away, her father and brother pawed at her. As a parting gesturing
of sorts, Lizzie took Matt's right index finger and inserted inside of her
pussy. She let him poke her one last.good time. Then she told him, "I know
what you'll being dreaming of. See you later LITTLE brother!"

Both her parents laughed. "Good one Lizzie, put the little dip-shit in his
place," Sam happily called out.

They Lizzie stood in line to board their flight. "Hey," said a voice in
Lizzie's ear. Ethan Craft draped one arm across Gordo's shoulders and the
other reached down to Lizzie's ass. "We're going to the land where they
invented spaghetti, pizza and Sophia Lorena!" Ethan smiled when he realized
that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Both Gordo and Lizzie looked on in horror when Ethan said. "Did you check out
Miss Dominatrixmeyer? Gordo, that bitch, kind-a fucked you up, didn't...?"
Smack! He'd realized too late who was right behind him.

"Ouch! What the...! Stop hitting." Ethan cried out!

Smack! Smack! Smack! "Come with me little boy." Smack! Smack! "Time for your
first private lesson concerning the proper way to address your superiors in
pubic." With one hand clenched around the back of Ethan's neck and the other
in his pants between his legs, Miss. Dominatrixmeyer dragged him to the first
class section of the plane and slammed the door behind them.

Lizzie couldn't hold back a grin. While Ethan might need a good kick in the
balls, the best part of the trip still was that Kate, and all her cocaine
addicted friends who'd be ragging on her for messing up graduation, went to
Waterslide Wonderland!

That happy thought suddenly burst into flames as another voice said, "How
many Lizzies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" It was Kate. "I don't
know," she answered herself merrily, "but it only takes one to fuck up a

Fourteen hours later, Lizzie, Gordo, and all their other classmates trudged
out of the plane and entered Rome's Fiumicino Airport. Lizzie hoped she
didn't look as bad as she felt, because she felt like shit. The first two
hours in the plane had been a lot of fun! The high point of the flight had
to have been the wet t-shirt contest!

All the girls had entered of course. But instead of water pistols, the boys
got to lick them down with their tongues. Every one on the plane must have
licked Lizzie's t-shirt including, to her surprise, Miss Dominatrixmeyer who
was judging the contest! Lizzie had thought she had a good chance of winning,
until Kate stripped off her shirt and let Miss Dominatrixmeyer suck on her
bare nipples, as people howled! But after a good start, the rest of the trip
had made her feel like a lemon in a juice press. "Did we have seats, or did
we fly in the hull of a slaveship?" she asked Gordo, wondering why her tongue
felt like a wadded-up sock.

In reply, Gordo sniffed his armpit and rubbed his crouch. "Eww. Hold your
noise if you come near me."

Gordo still had a big smile painted on his face. He'd had it since he
received his own punished from Miss Dominatrixmeyer during the night. Lizzie
had also noticed that Ethan, despite his shit-eaten grin, walked like his
balls had been threw a meat grinder.

"Like anyone would ever," Kate chirped.

Lizzie gawked at her ex-best friend in disbelief. How did Kate do it? She
looked perfect. Kate looked pristine and as energetic as ever. "That's not
the outfit she wore on the plane," Lizzie whispered to Gordo. But how did
she do it? Her carry-on bag was microscopic! But what if.Kate had been in
first class hadn't she?

Kate strutted past Lizzie like a peacock. "People who haven't traveled...

Gordo surprised Lizzie, when he next said, "Kate. Go fuck off!"

Kate face grew storming, but Gordo raised his hand threatening to hit her if
she said anything. To Lizzie's greater astonishment, Kate retreated, without
say a word. Lizzie smiled, impressed by Gordo's boldness. She felt herself
grow wet between the legs again.

Half an hour later, everybody was packed in a yellow tour bus that swept
through the streets of Rome. The late afternoon sun shone brightly on the
beautiful city, but Lizzie couldn't focus on anything. Despite the fact
that she'd had little to do during the flight except sleep, she still felt
totally exhausted. And what time was it, anyway? Shouldn't it be dark out?

The bus stopped, and everybody filed out. Acting like tired sheep after a
long day's graze, the students followed Miss Dominatrixmeyer into the lobby
of a small, but completely charming hotel and, at her signal, gathered

"Welcome to the Hotel Cambini, you unfit scum," said Miss Dominatrixmeyer.
She continued to talk as she took a quick head count. "Lest you think there
are more of you and less of me and therefore you will be able to pull
anything over me, think again." Miss Dominatrixmeyer padded her right side
to where she was packing a very large .44 Magnum Desert Eagle Automatic.
The gun shined of chrome and was in a black leather holster, of course.

"In addition," Miss Dominatrixmeyer continued, "to my being smarter, faster,
and better armed.I have enlisted help." She indicated a short man with a dark
mustache, wearing a wide smile, who stood attentively nearby. "The assistant
manager of this hotel, Gigolo Averni, was a commander in the Italian navy and
is as on top of his game as I am on mine. Gigolo, feel free to brief my
students on security procedures here at the hotel."

"We serve dikes and bitches at five," Gigolo said in a heavy Italian accent.

Lizzie shook her head. Huh? Trying to puzzle it out.

Miss Dominatrixmeyer cried, "They'll serve drinks and sandwiches at five."
The women paused for a moment, a look of fury on her face. Then she shouted,
"Room assignments!"

Gordo and Ethan were paired up. Then she turned to Lizzie. "Lizzie McGuire,
seeing how Margaret Chan and Miranda Stanches were unable to make the trip,
you'll be rooming with..."

KATE?! Lizzie couldn't believe her rotten luck when Miss Dominatrixmeyer
announced her sentence. But shortly thereafter, as Kate claimed the bed by
the window in the room the two girls were forced to share, the horrible
reality was undeniable.

"Lizzie," said Kate brightly, "seeing as we're roomies now and we're going
to have to spend a lot of time together, I want you to know that I understand
that you want to put all that really em-bare-assing stuff behind you and just
move on and have a fresh start."

Lizzie continued to stare at Kate, but now she felt less horror and more
curiosity. "You do?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yes," said Kate. "I understand your dream. It's a big dream. It's a huge
dream. And you can't do it alone. In fact, I don't think you can do it at
all." Putting her hand on Lizzie waist, Kate smiled sadly and contemptibly.
"Let it go."

Lizzie felt her cheeks go red and wondered how the universe could be so
cruel, so often and to her. But Lizzie noticed, she grew wet between her
legs again, that she liked the feel of Kate's fingers on her bare skin.


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