Lizzie McGuire:
The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of Lizzie McGuire Movie Part 7
Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay
Adapted by Lude ([email protected])

Having Kate as a roommate really darken Lizzie's day, but good old Gordo
came to her rescue. That evening, he took Lizzie up a flight of stairs he'd
investigated earlier. Lizzie climbed step after step and suddenly found
herself greeted by a thousand twinkling lights. The stairs led them to the
rooftop of the hotel.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Gordo asked her.

"Wow," Lizzie replied. "So cool." And it was. The wonder and splendor of Rome
spread out below her, glittering with lights, basking in the amber glow of
twilight. She decided to make a resolution. "You know something? I'm not
going to let Kate Sanders get to me. In fact, promise me something."

"Anything," Gordo said. "Anything at all!"

"Promise me we'll have adventures. This is our chance to start do
anything we want to do. Anything you want me to do."

Gordo seemed to like that idea. He cocked his head, smiling. "Yeah, I know.
Adventures. You're right. You and me. Deal. I need to, because when I get
home I'm supposed to go to chemistry camp." He saw the look on Lizzie's face.
"I kid you not."

"You know what's really frightening?" Lizzie asked him. "I think my mom
signed me up for that, too." Feeling the chemistry between them, she looked
out at the amazing scene before her and smiled. They might never have such
an opportunity again.

Laying down of the roof, she heard Gordo say, "How about we give something
else a try?" Knowing full well he could stare all day at the view of her
sexy body, prefect skin, and gorgeous smile. Gordo handed her a liter bottle
of Vodka. "We better get puss.busy!" In a little later, an empty bottle laid
next to them.

Taking her eyes from the city and turning around, Lizzie happened to look
between Gordo's legs. She was surprised to notice that the bulge in his pants
was very large. Feeling a sudden onrush of passion, Lizzie realized that she
just had to hold his thick, huge cock in her hands. Just like she'd done to
her father yesterday. Lizzie hungrily wanted to wrap her fingers around his
big dick, and to feel it grow as she stroked his meat into a full-blown
erection. Then she wanted to feel his cock, throbbing and hot, in her mouth.
The young teenager grew wet between her legs, again.

Standing above her, Gordo found it impossible to miss Lizzie spreading her
luscious legs wide. Gordo then saw something that made him freeze. His eyes
were glued to the closely shaved, blonde bush that was hid under Lizzie's
thin...very thin, lace panties. Smiling at the stunned young man, Lizzie
asked, "Like anything you see down there?"

Gordo could only nodded his head to her question as Lizzie began rubbing her
fingers along the insides of her legs. Slack-jawed, Gordo practically drooled
on himself, he had never seen such an erotic sight.

Her face glowed with an almost innocent looking that hid devilish desires.
Lizzie hands then slithered up her inner thighs, the touch of her skin felt
like warm velvet, soft and supple with youth. Parted her legs into a wide
"A", Lizzie pulled opened her outer lips, spreading the tawny blonde-curls,
and partially revealing her pink wet folds. Then beginning her own
ministrations, she pushed one of her fingers past the thin material covering
her womanhood, guiding it between the lips of her beautiful pussy.

Basking in the sight of Lizzie's exposed young, jailbait flesh, Gordo had
moved close to get a better view. He had always wanted Lizzie to come on to
him, but this was beyond all hope.

Clasping a hand around the bugle in his pants, Gordo stroked himself as
Lizzie continued to fondle her pussy. Gordo knew exactly when she found her
most sensitive spot, as she seemed to jump and gasp all of a sudden. Lizzie
concentrated less on his member as she drew her attention to the growing
feeling in her own groin. Her breathing grew shorter and quicker, and her
hips began a slow, rhythmic thrust against her hand. Gordo sat in wonder as
he watched the beautiful fourteen-year-old alternately plunged her fingers
into her own ass and pussy, working her way to climax.

Lizzie soon gasped with delight. As a small orgasm gripping her body, Lizzie
pinched and massaged her taut nipples. Enjoying Gordo close presence, cunt
juice oozed from Lizzie's orifice and coated her hand and thighs. At last her
legs clenched and she emitted a high-pitched half-squeal. Lizzie realized
what he wanted and arched her back. Shamelessly, she spread her legs even
wider apart, exposing her trickling sex utterly to his eager eyes. Then she
pulled her panties aside, leaving herself bare before him.

Gordo stood motionless, captured by the vision of the Lizzie's
well-lubricated, tight teenage snatch, outlined by the fuzz of her light
blonde cunt hair. Even though his hand had stopped, Gordo's cock swelled as
Lizzie's continued to stoke herself.

Lizzie then looked up at her friend with lusty eyes. This time it was her
turn for her eyes to widen as she ended up staring at his erection that was
right in her face. Realizing that the touch of her own fingers wasn't as
satisfying as a big, hard cock. Lizzie decided to take another risk. She
raised her hand and ran her soaked finger along his lips. Staring up at his
raised crotch, after licking her lips, she told him, "Gordo. You've always
been such a good friend to me. Call it...a thank you present."

"Hummm, I like it too," she said as Lizzie withdrew her fingers from his
mouth sucked and licked them herself, her tongue licking between and around
her fingers, looking for every last bit.

Suddenly, completely unable to resist her own illicit desires, she reached
up between Gordo's legs. Quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, Lizzie
pulled down the front of his underwear and his thick hard shaft popped out
of its hiding place and hit her in the forehead.

It was one of the most amazing things she had ever seen in her life. Gordo's
cock stood at attention of a full eight inches long. Her wide blue eyes grew
wide as she took in the sight of her cum filled prize. Lizzie was actually
amazed. Gordo's cock was almost as large as her father's.

"Gordo, Hummm. I didn't you know you had another surprise for me." She gazed
down, drawing her lips together and whistled. "A big surprise, at that!" Long
and wide, it was a nice cock, she thought, very nice for a boy his age!

Lizzie smiled as she reached out to touch him. She continued to stare at
his engorged cock, licking her lips. The young flaxen fawn then rubbed her
fingers along Gordo's boner. It jerked at her touch. Taking him in both her
hands, Gordo sprouted a happy riotous look as she gave him several hard
strokes, then she removed one hand to fondle his ball sack below.

"Oh, Lizzie! That feels so good!"

The prick-hungry young girl then wrapped her fingers around Gordo's cock.
Lizzie could feel it swell even more as she stroked his meat into a
full-blown erection, throbbing and hot. Lizzie knelt, reached up, and
touched his dick again, using her small hands to move it around and inspect
it from all angles. Fireworks went off before Gordo's eyes when the
licentious imp then leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, licking the
head of his hard cock and tasting his pre-cum.

"Hummm, Gordo, you really...taste really nice. Kind of salty and meaty and
not too sweet."

"Oh, Lizzzzie, that feels so good," he wailed in ecstasy. Gordo feared his
brain was about to meltdown! The most beautiful creature to ever walk the
face of the earth had just licked his cock!

"Oh, Gordo, you're so big! Do you think it will fit?" teased Lizzie. She
knew full well that it would fit. Her father was actually a little bigger,
but it felt like the right thing to say at the time.

The semi-novice cocksucker brandished an evil-half smile as she embraced his
dick in one petite hand and lowered her head until her lips engulfed Gordo's
mushroom head. With her left hand she grabbed the base of his massive cock,
Lizzie put her mouth down almost entirely over it. She tightened the grip of
her gums and Gordo could feel her flat and delicious tongue against the side
of his thick organ. Then Lizzie sucked the knob for a minute, running her
tongue around and around the rim.

He shouted out, "Oh God! Suck it! Lizzie, you beautiful, sexy girl, suck my
cock! I wanted you to suck my cock for ever!"

Her lips slid down past the bulbous head of his manhood and sucked furiously,
her hands pumping whatever bit of cock that couldn't fit in her mouth. Gordo
groaned at the sight and feel of this lovely angel's mouth and tongue. He
wrapped his hands around her head as Lizzie suckled on his helmet-shaped
crown, bobbing her head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked Gordo's
shaft with her delicate fists. Soon her rhythm was perfect. Each down stroke
of Lizzie's soft red lips met with an upstroke of her hand. Her best friend
moaned. Then moaned again.

"Oh God, Lizzie, don't stop! Never stop!"

Sucking hard she pulled Gordo's hard dick out of her mouth with a loud pop
and licked down the shaft to his hairy balls. Lizzie then scooped them into
her palms and pressed them against her lips, kissing, licking, and sucking.
Gordo could feel his knees weaken as the wicked fourteen-year-old girl played
with his nuts.

Lizzie rapidly bobbed her head up and down rhythmically, at the same time
using her fingers to stroke the underside of his penis. Faster and faster
she sucked and pumped. Gordo's legs began to shake. Lizzie's own moans
became quick gasps as her dance on Gordo's cock became more frenzied. He
felt his balls rise up into his body and his shaft swell. He grabbed
Lizzie's head and drew it down on his shaft as they both became awash in
their respective orgasms. Lizzie's body jerking and spasming as Gordo's
sperm prepared to burst forth.

"Aahhhhhhhh!" He moaned as his cock finally let loose its first load of hot
cum, filling Lizzie's mouth, spilling out the sides. In surprise, Lizzie
pulled away, coughing, as his cock jerked again and again and several streams
of cum slapped her in the face and hair. But acting quickly, she took Gordo
back in as he convulsed the last few times. Her mouth was completely filled
with the flavor of his hot, creamy seed. Lizzie now kept her lips tight,
trying to get all of his semen. The beautiful blonde swallowed each spurt,
loving the taste and the sensation of his milky sperm in her mouth and going
down her throat.

Gordo could only stand there, repeating, "Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy...SH!"

Lizzie sucked until she got all of it and Gordo had no more to give. She
swirled her tongue around and around the cockhead then released his dick. As
cum dripped from Lizzie's mouth, nose, chin, forehead, and hair, she smiled
up at him. Then she worked her tongue and fingers around to clean off her
face. When she was done she licked her fingers clean. "Like I said, kind of
salty, but you taste nice," she said. "How was it? Did you like me sucking
your cock?"

Completely blow away by the lusty sight, Gordo could only nodded his head.

After Lizzie spoke, she bent forward and swallowed up his now deflated cock.
Gordo enjoyed the feel her tongue playing, as she sucked him hard again.

"This is a wonderful start of joyous adventure!" Gordo shouted out as Lizzie
deep throated him, finally able to talk. "O, Wow! Lizzie, this is just like
a movie.I've wanted to cum in your mouth for so long!" While Gordo seemed
mystified by what had happen, like any boy his age, of course he wanted more.

Lizzie continued to press Gordo's cock down into her throat, again and again.
All along she played with his stiff prick and hairy balls. Meanwhile, Gordo
reached out and unbuttoned her shirt. The wonderful swell and shape were
beyond description as he cupped her large, firm breasts with his hands,
caressing them through the fabric of her white bra. When Lizzie had to take
a breather, she thrust her chest outwards, offering them to him. After her
shirt fell from her shoulders, Lizzie's satiny lace bra went next. He had a
look of astonishment when he held her beautiful mounds of flesh in his hands.

Lizzie closed her eyes enjoying the thrill of him playing with puffy,
extended pink nipples and firm perfectly round titties. Gordo happily took
his time, stroking, caressing and kissing them. Then he filled both his hands
with her bare ass and happily suckled on both Lizzie's wonderful breasts in
turn, making her squeal with delight. He loved the milky, yet strawberry
taste of her nipples. Lizzie realized what he wanted next, and arched her

Shamelessly, Lizzie spread her legs wide apart, exposing herself completely
to Gordo's needs. Then she began to rock her hips. Gordo slipped his long,
middle finger inside Lizzie's teen pie and felt her cunt clamp around his
probing digit. His fingertip pressed against her hymen as he cautiously
poked further. The elastic membrane yielded a little, causing Lizzie to moan,
but Gordo was not sure if he heard pleasure or pain. Then bending down, he
licked up her juices, probing his tongue into her virgin cum-chowder.

Kneeling in front of her, his eyes roaming her unblemished body, he told her,
"Lizzie, I want to." Gordo paused and looked down into her bright eyes. "I
want to make love to you."

He slid the tip of cock between the folds of her labia, rubbing up and down
along the wet lips of Lizzie's vulva's and into the narrow slit. She gasped
softly, biting her lip, as she stared happily into Gordo's eyes.

"Oh, Gordo!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me!"


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